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Title: The More You Know!
Post by: Dr. Gustave on November 16, 2016, 01:18:26 AM
This thread will be for things the Worldbuilding staff deem not large enough to warrant a full WB profile or things that the general mod staff does not have time to make a full profile for, but aren't important enough to DEMAND a full profile. In addition, this thread will be used similarly to the World of Remnant episodes, acting as a platform to let out some info, known or unknown, about the site and Remnant.
Title: Re: The More You Know!
Post by: Uncouth T-Rex on December 01, 2016, 11:29:53 PM
The Winter Festival Has Begun!

Just like every other year Old Vale has once again ceased to be her usual sleepy self and in the colder months of the year become a hub of joy, warmth, and bustling activity! As the chill of Winter sets in the streets of this well-to-do, elegant neighborhood are lined with all manner of vendors, selling everything from baked goods and hot cocoa to holiday gifts for your friends and loved ones. The cobbled or gravel streets may be icy and slick with snow, and the wind may sting the toes and bite the nose, but here everything is merry and bright! Take a walk through buildings from a simpler time, now decorated with bells, lights, tinsel, garland, and everywhere you look, beautiful red bows. Lend an ear to the carolers strolling the streets, or even join in the songs of peace, mercy, and love yourself. Some of the district's more wealthy residents, not least among them the Rosenrots and Vandals, have taken to hosting regular Holiday Balls for the pleasure of all who can attend, either in their own mansions or in attractive public venues. Whatever your business is in Vale this year, take some time to stop by and bask in the welcoming spirit of the Holidays.
Title: The Inquisition
Post by: Dr. Gustave on December 09, 2017, 03:57:22 AM
"The Inquisition, a name that is becoming known on more and more common on the lips of the Valish." The steady voiced narrator spoke as an image showed a woman clad in reds and whites clashing her two gunswords against the weight of a dust boosted warhammer held by a man wearing what appeared to an armored black and gold duster appeared on the screen. The woman, clearly on the defensive, has her back to the camera and is standing over cracked asphalt on a street in Vale. The man, on the other hand, is clearly yelling in frustration, joy, or some mix of the two, a golden ringed eye symbol is stitched along the right arm of his duster.

"Although the organization has a foothold in Vale and Mistral, their origins lie in the sands of Vacuo. It wasn't long after the Academies had been set up around the world that some students began to abuse the knowledge and power they were given, turning to banditry or murder for easy lien. It was one particular event in Vacuo in which two ex-hunters, both members of rival bandit clans, started a fight in a bazaar within the city limits, ending in the deaths of eight bystanders and severe structural damage to surrounding buildings as well as the death of one of the hunters and near-fatal injury of the other."

The screen changed to an image of newspaper clipping with a picture of the aftermath. The scene showed the remnants of a bazaar, the broken wood of stalls littered the streets, their colorful banners laying limp on the ground, and several shallow craters in the ground as well as a large cracked hole in a tall building to the right. A crowd was gathered around the scene and only kept back by other hunters that had rushed to the scene.

"This had been the last straw in a line of other minor events that had been slowly plunging the hunters into a bad light in Vacuo. Due to the kingdom's lack of many of the strict laws the other kingdoms have, it was not hard for these hunters to get away with murder, even if they didn't have aura, powerful weapons, and semblances. It was because of this lawlessness that a resident professor at Shade Academy, Ixtelo Nahualli, recruited the help of several of her old students and began to form what would eventually become known as The Inquisition."

The scene changed to an old photo of an old, dark-skinned woman standing alongside several smiling hunters and huntresses.

"It was slow going at first, with Vacuo's general populous being against the implementation of an official group for the matter, but they soon rose in popularity as rogue hunters and huntresses were removed from the streets one by one."

The scene changed once more to another newspaper clipping, this one with the large headline of "Inquisition Founder Ixtelo Nahualli Found Dead At Home"

"It wasn't long after the founding of The Inquisition that the founder died in her bed of natural causes, unfortunately. One of the younger members quickly took charge, A Vacuan by the name of Rotem Collins. Collins quickly reformed the Inquisition from a group of mostly aimless, but successful, vigilantes into a team of coordinated hunters, information specialists, and a team of leadership."

The scene transitioned to a slow slideshow of photos of a multitude of hunters, each in a team of two or more, squaring off against other hunters. As the slideshow progresses, the quality of the photos increases, eventually transitioning into the high-quality photos and videos of today.

"Over the many years since Collins took the head of the Inquisition, obtaining the rank of Grand Inquisitor, the Inquisition has transformed into the organization we know today. The administration handles much of the logistics, financing, and PR. Information specialists handling the gathering and distribution of info on the organization's marks including informing Inquisitors, sending in informants, and obtaining records from Academies. Finally, the Inquisitors handle the dirty work themselves. These "Hunter-Killers" are usually organized into teams of two, although they have been known to form teams of up to six for large threats. These teams are made of a full Inquisitor and an apprentice, a hunter or huntress who wishes to join the Inquisition. Through their missions, the Inquisitor will teach the apprentice on techniques to combat fellow hunters before eventually graduating them to full inquisitors. The two will often stay on the same team until one needs to be the mentor to a new apprentice."

The screen changed to an image the world of Remnant, a bright light highlighted over Vacuo.

"Until ten years ago, The Inquisition has been an exclusive organization to Vacuo, adding some law to the lawless."

A light appeared over Mistral.

"With the near total breach of Mistral ten years ago, leading to the loss of residential and agricultural districts, the lowlives of the city grew bolder, striking harder, faster, and causing more and more collateral damage in the wake of the tragedy. It was during the recovery that the Inquisition stepped in and sent over many Inquisitors to the city in order to help protect their citizens against ex-hunters who had been taking advantage of the situation. Even as the city is recovering to this very day, the Inquisition helps in quelling the shadier parts of the kingdom."

A third light appeared over Vale.

"In recent years, and more so in the last few months, the White Fang's presence has grown significantly in Vale. Many of the higher-ups of the organization have been realized to have hunting experience, causing the Inquisition to offer to help with the problems in Vale, limited as they may be. Unlike with Vacuo and Mistral, however, the public in Vale has shown more backlash to the foreign organization stepping in to deal with their problems. Not as much as much as Atlas, however. Without having even requested to run missions in the kingdom, the Atlesian council banned the organization from official business within their borders or with their criminals. This has caused many political blocks to the Inquisition's system, including not being able to track a hunter if they cross into Atlas' borders."

The image changed to a bulletin board showing listings for marks.

"At the end of the day, Inquisitors aren't so different from normal Hunters at the end of the day, their prey just happens to be the latter. They accept jobs for capturing hunters or killing them if they are deemed too dangerous to apprehend, often accepting them from a listing on a modified version of the Hunters Den or being directly handed the missions by the organization's information specialists."