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Title: The Lonely Road [Shard INC] [Closed]
Post by: Glow on January 04, 2017, 12:28:13 PM
Each of the accepted participants received a replying message.

'To whom it may concern,

Thank you for your offer in protecting the shipment taking place three days from now. After careful consideration, you were selected to assist in the transport of the supplies to Treehollow, a town outside of the main city walls with several day's travel to the location. The preferred deadline for the shipment is three days, but as long as it arrives at its destination payment will still be granted.

You will be working with a group of Shard Incorporated-employed guards, five in number, who will be manning an armoured jeep in front of the truck, which will be driven by two direct employees of the company's Vale Division. Please attempt to avoid any confrontation if possible.

The transport will stop every night for several hours, allowing for four to six hours sleep. Return transport will be provided the day after arrival at Treehollow.

You will be paid double average wage for each day of travel, with a bonus offered of several hundred lien if the transport arrives on time; we hope this will encourage further cooperation with the company as we extend our hands out to up-and-coming hunters and huntresses to form a long-lasting working relationship.

Your team is made up as follows:
- Michael Vaktar, first year.
- Juno Vert, first year.
- Revya Vermillion, second year.
- Running Brook Sienna, fourth year.

As such, Running Brook Sienna is given operational command. The convoy will be starting from a warehouse just within the walls of Vale, coordinates enclosed within this message.

Our thanks,

Shard Incorporated.'

1 attachment: warehouse24.cor


The warehouse was located in a somewhat run-down area; while at first consideration this may have appeared odd, it provided the company with an inconspicuous area to temporarily store outgoing shipments before their convoys began. While traffic was relatively thick in the area, there was far fewer pedestrians; after all, it was a rather industrial location, with row after row of offices and storage areas. Access to the building, rather than entry through the main entrance, was provided by a staircase leading up to a side-door that allowed for pedestrian access.

Inside the building itself was a vaguely comfortable lounge area, consisting of two beaten-down sofas and a small TV currently being flipped from a rewatch of the Vytal Festival to a cooking show as two of the employed soldiers fought over their preferred channels. the other two looked on in amusement, in between teasing the more timid employee of the company.

Their leader, a surprisingly thin man wearing what could only be described as a cowboy hat and a clean-shaven face, was leaning against a wall at the corner of the room, talking in hushed tones to the company's representative as they waited for the hunters and huntresses to arrive. Said representative was wearing the company's staple uniform, consisting of a cut-off lab coat, underneath a lightly armoured coat to provide some semblance of protection from any threats, with his physical features not visible from the door itself. The men were generally all rather plain looking, main differences being in their facial structure rather than their uniforms or their size.

The door, left unlocked, awaited any of the students to enter.


(OOC: Thank you all for joining the thread! Most of the details can probably be gained from the passages above, but feel free to introduce your characters to each other as you meet up and head into the warehouse itself. Post order will be decided simply by whoever posts first, going up to all 4 people then followed by a response message from myself. If you wish for any other details, simply put it ooc in your posts or PM me if you need it to decide on a course of action! Have fun, and happy hunting!)
Title: Re: The Lonely Road [Shard INC] [Closed]
Post by: ecksdeeeXD on January 06, 2017, 12:39:05 AM
Brook walked down the street, barely running into any people though the constant stream of cars rolling by did keep her company. "Where is this place? It should be riiiiiiight.... here." She said, finally walking up to the old looking warehouse. Stepping inside, she looked around before finding the office, knocking and opening the door. "Shard incorporated, right?" She said to the two employees arguing over the remote, seeing them first before the two talking in the corner. The woman was dressed rather informally, wearing her usual attire, save for a purple shirt underneath the jacket ( She had on her weapon, slung low on her hips, resting on her butt, and backpack that had the bare essentials. Clothes, a small container of cooking ware, some rations, and her scroll plus a power bank. Girl can't have her scroll die now, could she?
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Post by: Mikelobmike on January 06, 2017, 02:24:54 AM
'Shard Incorporated. I should have figured I would see them outside of Atlas. Especially considering my father's work here.' he thought, his car being driven to the warehouse by his family's pilot. While Shard Incorporated and the Vaktar Corporation have never exactly been opposed to each other, Shard does tend to clog the system of imports and exports from Atlas more than most other companies. With the Vaktar Corporation being a smaller company, they tended to be lower in priority for inter-kingdom shipping.

The car pulled in front of the warehouse, Michael stepping out just before his locker lands a few feet away from him. He would bid his pilot farewell and step into his armor before grabbing his shield and recalling his locker. He was fairly easily heard as he walked into the warehouse.

Michael opened the door to the warehouse, stepping inside without saying a word. He walked up to the man wearing the Shard Industries uniform. "Michael Vaktar, checking in." he said, towering over both figures. He was not trying to be intimidating at all, he just was taking his time to make sure he did not say anything stupid.
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Post by: arcus_gray on January 07, 2017, 04:24:10 AM
After Michael had arrived a loud screech could be heard as Revya. Who had been usong the warehouse carpark to ride Ladybug around in a way he couldn't on the road came to a quick stop as his scroll vibrated in his pocket indicating that it was time to go in. Stepping off the bike and  noticong the side door Rev went straight up the steps not realising he had neglected to remove his helmet.
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Post by: Rush on January 07, 2017, 05:18:12 PM
He was late. Of course he was late. Ever since Caja had been released from the infirmary, Juno had to help her with her daily routine. It really was a pity what had happened to the girl, and the fact that she voiced the thought of leaving Beacon was yet another point of contention. She was safe at Beacon, and leaving could put her right back into danger. Especially since she couldn't fight back...

A light sigh escaped his lips as he made his way through the open warehouse doors, a light pack over his shoulder. Samuel had mentioned something about a "Shard Inc." having developed his prosthetics. Their being Atlas based piqued some interest, but their connection to Samuel was more important. Besides, he needed something productive to do. Dwelling on Caja's condition and the destruction of the ANUBIS suit would get him nowhere.

The trio of students that were to be his teammates definitely seemed interesting. Michael was a familiar, if slightly unwelcome face, given their last encounter, but the others were new. Clearing his throat to announce his presence, Juno took a spot beside the giant as Phi materialized, sitting on his shoulder. "Juno Vert, checking in."
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Post by: Glow on January 09, 2017, 12:34:20 AM
The group of hired guns give a glance over at the group as they find their ways in, before their attention is quickly drawn back to their various activities. Apparently, they're not unused to the more eccentric appearances of hunters and huntresses.

On the other hand, the lead from Shard Incorporated looks away from his previous conversational partner, taking in the quartet in front of him for a moment before smiling. "Ah, the rest of the group has arrived! Welcome! Yes, yes, this is the place that was described in the message." The man holds his hand out in an invitation for a handshake. "It is a pleasure to meet so many up-and-coming hunters and huntresses at once!" He states, giving any of the students who wanted one a handshake before patting the man next to him on the back. "However, outside of questions about the items and location itself, you will probably be more interested in talking to my associate here."

The man in the odd cowboy hat looks at the group, giving a chuckle. "Wow, quite the group we got 'ere, eh? Well, you all look relatively capable. If you'd like to join me at the map over here, I'll give ya a quick briefing on how we gonna go about this mission together. Which wanna you lot in command?" The man beckons the group towards the center table of the room, where a more old-fashioned map is splayed out over the top.
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Post by: ecksdeeeXD on January 12, 2017, 07:49:07 AM
Brook turned to look as each of the rest of her "team" arrived. Huh, younger years. Man, did I look like that three years ago? She thought to herself, putting her hands on her hips. As they were greeted, she gave a curt nod and listened closely. A few years of experience taught her that briefings were usually important. "We're Beacon. We're always capable." Brook beamed proudly, flashing the man in the cowboy hat a wide toothy grin as she walked over to the table, standing beside him to look down at the map. "And I'm the highest year which means I'm in charge," She said, turning to look at the lower years, "That alright with you guys? Or do any of you wanna take point?" She asked. It was always easier to follow anyways but if anything out of hand DID happen, she'd step up.
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Post by: Mikelobmike on January 12, 2017, 09:32:56 PM
Michael looked to the rest of his compatriots as they entered, gaining a slight smirk as he saw Juno. He took the opportunity to shake the representative's hand, his grip practiced and professional. As the group gathered around the table, he took a place in between the man in the cowboy hat and the woman who was apparently leading all of them.  "That is fine by me. You lead, I'll follow." he said, giving the girl a nod of approval.
Title: Re: The Lonely Road [Shard INC] [Closed]
Post by: arcus_gray on January 13, 2017, 11:27:23 AM
Revya accepted the handshake and gave a nod when asked if he was ok with being lead by the highest year student. "the brief put you in charge as well. I'm fine with it."
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Post by: Rush on January 16, 2017, 09:26:25 PM
"I have no issues. You would likely have the most experience in the field out of all of us." Juno remarked, shaking the representative's hand once he had given his two chits. A light smile crossed his lips as Phi waved at the representative, only for the young man to turn his gaze back toward the giant. Sure, they had gotten off on absolutely terrible terms, but it wasn't unfeasible that they could get along. They kinda had to, anyway, for the sake of successfully completing the mission.

Ah, they'd cross that bridge when they got to it. For now, they just needed more information about what they were up against.
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Post by: Glow on January 19, 2017, 03:05:30 AM
The scientist looked back at the AI with curiosity evident in his eyes, giving a slightly stunned wave back. While the small exchange too place, the more combat-orientated man of the two gave a nod at the small exchange. "Well, sounds like you gon' done decided that, then. Well, over here then." Opening up the slightly weathered parchment, a map of Vale and the surrounding areas was displayed across the table. Fumbling in his pocket for a second, the man brought out a few pins, humming for a moment before spotting what he was looking for and putting two pins into the map; one in Vale itself and one further out.

"Well, 'ere's our starting point and our end goal. Estimate's about two to three days with the latter being the deadline; any longer n' that and our pay gets docked, so let's try avoid that eh?" He states, with a grin on his face. "We'll be stoppin' about twice on the way, three at most, for maybe four to six hours at a time for rest. You'll have plenty of time to recharge once this 'ere operation is over at the town itself. It'll be up to you what you lot want to travel on; there's a tad bit of space in the jeep and some on the truck; basically whether you want to be cramped with people or with cargo. If you got your own vehicles and they got enough fuel, feel free to add 'em - the truck'll be making enough of a ruckus that another car or two would really make a big impact in what we attractin' in terms of bandits, but the trail's rough so maybe avoid anything you don't wanna see dented, eh?" Hearing the volume of the other soldiers rising up, he turns his head to face them and barks out "You lot, keep it quiet, you'll have time for that lot on the road!" Met with a couple of sheepish grins, he lets his own expression turn into one and shakes his head, apparently used to the behavior.

"Well, now that all the political stuff's all gone and done, nice to meet ya all. My name's Willow, and those pack of grunts over there are my little squad. We got hired along with you lot, so let's try to get all along nicely, yea?"

The representative takes the moment to step forward. "Well, uh, I suppose we should get going soon! After all, time is of the essence. The truck is nearly ready, so I suppose all you need to do is make sure you're all fully prepared, and, well, we'll be off!"
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Post by: ecksdeeeXD on January 24, 2017, 08:07:02 AM
Hearing him call her over, Brooke walked to stand next to the man with the map, eyeing it curiously. Who used paper maps and pins nowadays? I mean, he had a scroll, right? "Two or three days, huh? Guess it's good I packed a change of clothes." She mumbled softly to herself as she listened, not really speaking to anyone but simply thinking out loud. "Well, I doubt the whole team will need to be at full attention for the entire ride between pit stops. Those not on guard duty can rest to keep their strength up." She said, letting her team hear the plan even as they were being briefed.

As Willow addressed his men, Brook gave a low chuckle that shook her shoulders. "We should be just fine. Keep your guys in line and I'll do the same with my team. Should be back home soon enough~" She said, turning to look at the rest of the Beacon students. "Alright, big and important questions first...." She paused for dramatic effect. "Who wants to ride the truck and who wants the jeep? And... am I really the only chick round here?"
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Post by: Mikelobmike on January 27, 2017, 03:44:16 PM
Michael remained at attention during the briefing, setting his massive shield down in front of him. The plan seemed simple enough, and bandits usually weren't prepared enough to take down nearly a dozen people. It sounded like a cakewalk.

"I think it would be best if I stayed in the truck. My armor's heavy, and it could throw off the balance of the jeep on unstable roads. As for your other question, blame the other female students for not signing up, ma'am." he said, addressing the fourth year.
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Post by: arcus_gray on January 30, 2017, 07:50:13 PM
Revya still had his helmet on. At this point that was likely a good tjing since it masked his smile at being told other vehicles could be added to the haul and then widened when it was evident he had not been mistaken for a girl like so many times before.  "I have my own vehicle. Enlugg fuel for it too."
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Post by: Rush on February 01, 2017, 10:16:48 PM
Juno gave little more than a shrug at the stunned scientist. An AI of Phi's caliber would do as she did, and so long as said actions didn't get them in trouble, he was fine with it. She was close to a person, after all, and a very curious one at that. It was of little surprise to him that Phi got closer to the map, taking a seat at the edge of the table, as though she were memorizing the layout. The AI's gaze snapped toward Brooke when the fourth year questioned if she was the only female on the team, however, breaking her concentration on the map to internally debate whether or not she should speak up.

Before Phi could tell off the young woman, Juno stepped in. "Phi and I can take the jeep. Makes navigation a lot easier on all of us." he stated, placing a hand next to the hardlight form of the AI. He didn't need anyone starting a fight, and so long as he could keep the peace, he was golden.
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Post by: Glow on February 01, 2017, 11:33:45 PM
"Oy, you group of maniacs, geddup!" Willow shouts as the representative started to talk, causing him to wince. Lowering the volume a bit, the leader berates his men and starts getting them to shift towards the vehicles while the representative sighs. "Sorry about him, he's a bit loud but... he's a good man, helped us out of some tight straights already. Anyways, the, uh, plan sounds fine to me, Miss Sienna. Either way, feel free to board your chosen vehicle with the men, or in your case Mr Vermillion, bring your vehicle out the front, and we'll get going. If you three will follow me over then..."

The men take their positions, three of the men hopping into the jeep as one shouts 'shotgun!', making the other two grumble loudly. Two flop, somewhat defeated, onto the back seats while the other hops into the front seat, leaving a few seats in the backseat with the two or a trip on the jeep itself. The last man heads into the truck's side seat, and the scientist climbs into the back of the truck, sitting among the crated merchandise. The truck is sizable, and the jeep is fairly well armored with two rows of seats behind the front. Willow slides into the driver seat, flicking the engine into gear as people start getting ready for the journey.
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Post by: ecksdeeeXD on February 02, 2017, 11:09:30 PM
Brook nodded thoughtfully, hearing the logic behind their choice of vehicle and agreeing with an affirmative. "Mhm." to each team member that replied. "Alright then, Revya, go get whatever it is you're riding. Just make sure to stick close to the caravan and don't wander off." She instructed the one member of the team that would be on their own on the journey. "You two," She addressed the AI and her companion, "Keep an eye on the men in the jeep. Keep them safe and make sure we're all headed in the right direction. Call out on your scrolls if something's off.". Brook pat Revya on the shoulder before finally moving to look up at Mike. "And you, big guy? You're with me... and if you ever call me ma'am again, I'm gonna have to make you drop and give me two hundred." She laughed, punching him 'lightly' on the chest with the side of her closed fist. True he was much larger than her but her faunus strength gave her enough force to feel unusually strong for a girl her size and build... which honestly was muscular enough as is. "I ain't your boss, Mike. Now, move it!" She yelled, getting pumped up and shaking her fists hanging at her sides like a boxer would as she walked to the vehicles, hopping up lithely into the back of the truck.
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Post by: Mikelobmike on February 03, 2017, 12:54:35 AM
Michael felt the thud of her fist hitting his breastplate. He just looked down at the spot where her hand hit, pausing for a brief second. "Chalk it up to force of habit. Better to be overly formal than disrespectful." he said, following Brook toward the truck. He did not exactly share the same enthusiasm as her. He was just here to help, not for the excitement.
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Post by: arcus_gray on February 07, 2017, 10:30:47 PM
Revya gave a wide smile though it remained obscured from view. He then nodded to Brook and dashed back out the door he came in excitedly before revving could be heard as he put Ladybug in gear and drove around to the other side at speeds that were likely too fast to be safe for an area he was unfamiliar with. He did find where he was supposed to be quickly and sat on his bike for a moment looking over the vehicles. Coming up with improvements in his head.
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Post by: Rush on February 08, 2017, 01:15:03 PM
The Atlesian was quick to give a nod and move for the jeep, drawing his rifle before taking a seat in the back. The trip shouldn't be that difficult, so long as nothing kept them off course. If they wound up outside of CCT range, keeping route could be tricky, still doable.

"We should have taken the truck. I don't like open air vehicular travel, it messes with my form." the AI stated, huffing as she crossed her arms.

"We'll be fine. Besides, a little fresh air never hurt." he replied with a light smile. They should be fine, four training hunters and a couple of Mercs protecting a group of corporates. There wasn't much they couldn't deal with, in theory.
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Post by: Glow on February 12, 2017, 02:21:55 AM
"Right then, let's bloody well get movin' already!" With the command barked out, the convoy headed out through the opened warehouse, and set down for what was a long journey ahead.


It had been around a day after the journey's start that the convoy had parked itself in a small clearing. The forest around was fairly thick, but thankfully the bright sunlight provided a good measure of vision into the plantlife all around. Willow had been firm on the convoy going through the night and resting at day while they had the luxury of doing so, despite the troubles it could bring to sleep; after all, it was much easier to spot trouble when you could actually see it coming.

 There was a small camp set up, tents and sleeping bags dotted around, with a few people on watch; most of the group were awake by now, barring the more fragile representative and his aide, as the convoy was set to pack up again in an hour or so to start moving again. Barring a few wandering Beowolves, there hadn't been particularly much to write home about so far - the convoy had passed unharmed so far, with the only action being a few gunshots as the Grimm foolhardy and inexperienced enough to know the danger had taken their luck and fell short. Willow was walking around the tents, making sure all of his men were up, while the students had been set to look over the perimeter - fully awake or not - while everyone else was dragged back to their positions. All in all, it had been a peaceful, if slightly boring trip so far.


Hunger. Scent. Curiosity. Prey? A bone-white tongue darted out, briefly tasting the air before returning into the inky blackness it came from. It's keen eyes roamed from its position in the dense undergrowth, slowly glancing around its claimed territory. Something had disturbed it from its rest, and that something was oh so tempting, so bright, so easily snuffed out.

Light barks echoed around it, and it felt annoyance - they should know better. A snapping of jaws and a whimper later, the barks quickly moved away, in the direction of the scent. Always wiser to sense the danger first. It would get it's hunt either way.
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Post by: ecksdeeeXD on February 16, 2017, 05:11:20 AM
If I ever get my hands on Willow's neck, I don't think I'll let go. Brook thought, well, yelled in her head. She was exhausted from a whole night of travel and the truck barely afforded much sleep. Too rumbly and shaky. That plus there wasn't an excess of space in the truck bed. Still, she was glad to get to stretch her legs and breath the fresh air for a while, even if she WAS tired. Right now, she was standing on a tree branch ten feet off the ground, staff holstered behind her with a hand against the trunk to support herself. From up there, her faunus eyes scounted the area, looking for tracks of curious grimm or maybe even wild animals.

"Foul mood in the camp's not gonna do us any favor when it comes to grimm." She tsk'd, looking around at her team, spread out around the clearing perimeter. Looking at the closest student, about fifty feet away and below her, she called out. "See anything, Juno?!"
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Post by: Mikelobmike on February 16, 2017, 10:21:46 AM
The one benefit of travelling in such heavy armor is that you can sleep wherever you like. Everywhere is padded. Subsequently, Michael was not incredibly tired when it came to keeping watch. With seemingly nothing out there, he was rather relaxed as he was leaning against a tree on the opposite side of the clearing to Juno and Brook. I was expecting a little more to do, but at least it is rather serene out here. he thought, taking a second to drink in the calm atmosphere.
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Post by: Rush on February 23, 2017, 10:33:53 AM
The suspension on the jeep was ass. The lack of a roof turned out to make the situation a bit more than ass, and his position as navigator left the young man devoid of sleep. Sure, he got a powernap here and there, but damn, did the flat back in Vale sound great right about now. Nevertheless, he remained attentive, his rifle in hand as he scoped out the perimeter.

Did he see anything? Not really. Low light was never good for humans. Nevertheless, he and Phi did have a remedy. It only took a flick of his hand to construct a disk, the bright green light of the construct beneath his fingertips illuminating the area around him. The young man squinted into the brush, his gun handy as he edged closer. He could have sworn he saw something in the underbrush, though whether it was just the lack of sleep getting to him or not remained to be seen. Nevertheless, he remained wary as he visually scanned the area, slowly striding backward toward the camp.
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(Permission given by arcus to skip)

Finally rousing the men, all still half-asleep, Willow gave a cheery grin. "Right, you bunch of slackers, you're lettin' our esteemed help outperform you by miles! Get'n with your jobs, you bunch of lazy asses." He exclaimed, pushing one particularly reluctant soldier into the storage tent to grab his weapon. Taking a deep breath, he glanced around the campsite, giving a thumbs up at any of the hunters who looked over at him, and headed over to their designated head, Brook.

"So, gal, you see anythin' rustling around the place?" The man questioned, squinting to try and see the huntress in the early morning shade.


Faint sounds slowly grew louder, before becoming silent again, the only noises being faint shuffling of the campsite members and the swaying of bushes to the light breeze. Everything appeared calm-

A twig snapped loudly, followed by an unusual movement of undergrowth at an angle from the first. There was a moment, and then another, suspense drawing on as Willow slowly drew his revolver, motioning to his men. Too much noise and the ever-so-thin silence could be broken. All they needed to do was-

"M-morning, everyone!"

Barking and howling suddenly broke out as the source of the sound yelped loudly, fleeing back into his tent as Beowolves broke out of their hiding spots, running towards the camp.
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Post by: ecksdeeeXD on February 28, 2017, 08:56:24 AM
Brook noticed the commotion and looked over her shoulder, chuckling lightly at Willow yelling at his men again. Why did it seem like non-huntsmen soldiers were always so... inefficient. Like grunts from a video game that the ten year old hero beats up. Meh, probably just biased towards huntresses anyway. As the man approached, Brook was silently thankful that she deemed to wear pants rather than a skirt, looking down at Willow from her perch atop the tree branch.

"Nothing, so far, though you can never be sure with grimm. They like to sneak up on ya in hordes." She said, looking up at the sky to check for nevermore before continuing her conversation. "Well, sky's clear. I guess that means land's the only-" She froze, drawing her staff at the same time that Willow drew his gun. "Guys. We have trouble." She said calmly into her scroll's earpiece as the silence was broken and the grimm attacked.

"Dammit! This is what you get for yelling at your men, Willow!" Brook bellowed at the man below her, extending her staff and leaning forwards, staying stiff as a board and falling headfirst, landing with the butt of her staff straight into a beowolf's spine, slamming it into the earth.
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Post by: Mikelobmike on March 04, 2017, 10:58:16 PM
The yelling did not do much to get Michael's attention. Just a man using his authority to yell at his grunts whenever possible. Unsurprising, if a little annoying. What got Michael's attention was the commotion caused by the beowolves. He took a firm grasp of his shield and moved from the tree, looking back toward the camp. Cursing under his breath, he sprinted back toward the rest of the group from the other side of the clearing, his frame keeping him slower than the other students.
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Post by: arcus_gray on March 05, 2017, 12:04:10 AM
Revya had been on the other end of the perimeter to the other students leaning against Ladybug. Once he heard the Beowolves entering the camp his passive form sprung into action. In 5 seconds he had gotten to his feet and gotten onto Ladybug. One second later the engine was roaring and the blade of Scarlet Slicer was in his hand. Then with a short revving of the engine the bike took off. Revya drove about the camp woth his sword swinging at any Beowolves he passed.
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Post by: Rush on March 10, 2017, 07:57:05 PM
So. As it turned out, Juno wasn't crazy.

He was just unlucky.

As he strode back to camp, some moron had made enough of a ruckus to spook whatever had been lurking through the underbrush. As it turned out, in his attempt at scouting, the young man narrowly avoided a pack of hidden Beowolves. "Fils de pute..." he muttered under his breath as he trained his rifle on the nearest target, loosing three searing hot energy rounds into the beast's midsection... Only to continue firing until it had collapsed, its body riddled in holes and burns.

"More targets approaching from the south side. Set up a firing line around everything important."
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Post by: Glow on March 10, 2017, 08:20:21 PM
"I'll 'ave you know that-" Willow curses, having to quickly dodge out of the way of the falling huntress as she guillotined one beowolf, following up with a short burst of rounds from his firearm at another target. "...that we refer to such as 'helpful motivation'!" The man finishes, the fire-dust bullets impacting on a beowolf and causing flames to flicker over its body, driving it backwards. Taking a second to breathe, he takes aim with the wide-barreled sidearm at the oncoming rush of Grimm before letting loose.


A bit to the east, several beowolves, taken by surprise from the sudden interruption of their attack are quickly dispatched from the mounted charge or the blunt force of the cycle itself, yelping in pain as the high-speed hunter moves through the outskirts of the camp. However, not letting the same movement take them by surprise on the way-back, several instead try leaping at the cycle or any threats as they pass by.

This results in several jumping face-first at Michael's shield as he charges forward.


Several of the soldiers finally hastened enough by the urgency of the situation move out of their tents, halting for a moment in surprise as Juno rapidly takes out the nearest enemy. The three men look at each other for a few moments. Hearing Juno's command, they awkwardly glance for their usual source of instruction, before returning to their prior formation of awkward shuffling. There's a brief pause.

"He... sounds like he knows what he's doing." one of them states, receiving two startled stares at the break in their contemplation, before another shrugs. Drawing their weapons, they move up to the hunter as more lurking foes emerge from the trees.
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"I prefer the more gentle motherly motivation, but to each her own." Brook replied as the fight started to get real. Hearing Juno bark orders on her comms, Brook had to speak up. "Juno, i'm in charge here, remember?" She said, hoping the rest of the team was listening while she slammed her staff against a beowolf's neck, extending the blades to chop off another's leg before ending it with a stab to the back, keeping more at bay with the flamethrower function. "Not a bad idea but not the best. Grimm don't go for material things. Set a firing line around each other. At least four men, " She paused, ducking under a claw swipe, reeling back before giving an uppercut that crushed  a beowolf's chest, pushing it back, "in a circle. Then move towards the center into one group! Revya, help out Michael!"
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Michael charged forward, the sound of beowolves smacking against the front of his shield hitting a nice rhythm as he went. Slowing down and digging the spike on his shield into the ground, Michael pointed his arm toward the mass of beowolves behind him and unleashed a torrent of fire dust, suddenly lighting up the dark area. "I'm starting to think this whole 'setting up a massive perimeter' plan may have a few holes in it!" he said, hoping the humor would distract from the fact that he was not in a good position and getting encircled quickly. It did not.
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The first Beowolf to leap at Revya was met with a blade through it's throat. However as Revya moved his blade back to remove the beast another leaping strike connected and sent Revya sprawling from his bike and to the ground. Fortunately right at Michael's feet meaning he had technically done what he was told.
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Juno cringed as Brooke snapped back at him, rolling his eyes as he gunned down a second Beowolf. Taking a moment to glance over at Phi, who had somehow managed to keep a relaxed sitting posture on his shoulder, Juno covered his mic and barked back toward the soldiers around him. "You heard the lady, focus your defenses on each other. Focus down targets for the kill." he advised before releasing his mic and returning to the task at hand, only to get tackled by one of the aforementioned wolves, knocking him to the ground and forcing him to lose his grip on his gun. Juno had few options as the wolf leapt into the air, descending down on him as the young man constructed a disk beneath his left hand... Only for the wolf to decide to pin Juno's arm into the ground and roar in his face, it's rancid breath and spittle prompting Juno to turn his head.

Juno was well aware of his predicament, glaring up at the beast out of the side of his eye as it reared back one of it's powerful clawed hands. Seeing this action, Juno let out an agitated sigh, almost as if he was resigning to his fate... Only for his purple aura to flare, it's presence enveloping him as the claws came down. Juno was struck in the stomach, but the pain was muted, and the young man showed no reaction, save for ramming his head into the beast's skull, prompting it to howl in pain and release him. With this opportunity, Juno rolled back and got to his feet, bringing both hands to his right hip, his left closed in a fist and his right open. As the enraged wolf charged, a cluster of green hexagonal constructs began to form around Juno's hands, forming a hilt where his fist and palm met. When the wolf leapt, Juno swung, the blade of his construct broadsword materializing as his hands separated, cleaving the wolf in half.

With his immediate foe dispatched, Juno glanced back at the soldiers and strode toward his gun, well aware that there was more fighting to be done.
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Following the huntress as she smashed through the nearby Grimm with her staff, Willow took his own pot-shots at any trying to crawl up behind the pair, the bark of his revolver ringing out. "Well, lady, you seem to-" The mercenary paused, jumping back from a too close-for-comfort claw swipe. Cursing quietly, he let out a breath he wasn't aware he was holding as the offending foe was quickly set alight by some mechanism in Brook's weapon. "...have an idea of what to do, so lead the way." He finished, taking the short pause in conflict to reload the chamber of his sidearm. It looked like they'd made a small pathway to the rest, but beowolves were still jumping out of the undergrowth with vigor.


Shying away from the swathe of flames, Reyva's rough landing was covered for by Michael as the nearby beasts backed up, growling and slowly trying to surround the two hunters-in-training. They watched the pair intently, waiting for a sudden movement for the fight to re-ignite.


"Alright, alright! Calm down, hotshot." A gruff voice replied, the soldier in question and the others joining up and taking the route that would likely have the highest chance of survival; following the person trained specifically in killing the current enemy. Assault rifles letting out brief streams of bullets at the monsters trying to nip at the heels of Juno while he was already fighting an enemy, they slowly moved up behind him as the group tried to reform.

"Few holes? Only thing that needs holes here are these Grimm!" Another replied to Michael, a tint of amusement marring his voice despite their current situation. The group had fought Grimm before; it was an occupational hazard in their line of work, just not one that they particularly favoured. There was a reason that people went through five or so years of training before being officially recognised, after all.


The wave of Grimm seemed neverending at first, but on closer look there were less appearing; it was just the number of them already in the camp making it difficult to see how many new ones were stepping up to the challenge. Behind the latest group, two larger wolves with far more spine-like growths on their backs walked into the camp, nipping at each other with short growls before turning to face the fight itself, heading towards the foes up ahead.
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Brook looked around and cleared the area around her, letting her staff slide down through her fingers so she could grip the end of it, as awkward as it was to hold the mace part of her weapon. Holding on tightly, she spun the entire length over her head in a wide swooping arc, clobbering grimm to give herself some breathing room. "I'm a huntress," She replied to her impromptu partner letting him lead the way back closer to the group as she walked backwards, holding her staff close to her body to use it like a flame thrower, spraying fire in a long slow back and forth motion in front of her to burn up the grass as well as any grimm hiding in it. "That's what I'm supposed to do. How are your men doing?" She asked him, glancing at her own team to check on them.

Michael and Revya seemed to be doing ok, for the most part. "Michael, defense. Revya, offense." She said into her comms as she made her way back to the other soldiers along with Willow. "Work together. Block left, slash right." Brook instructed, hoping the two would work well in tandem now that Revya didn't have the bike.

"Dammit!" She cursed under her breath seeing the two alphas show up. Ducking under a claw and spinning to knock the wind (and the ribs) out of a beowolf, she hopped back to stand side by side with Willow. "Get a group of men protected. Have them in the center by the truck and have them give me fire support on the grimm I'm not fighting." She said, putting her finger to her earpiece yet again. "Alpha beowolves. Work your way towards them and help me when you get there." She said, looking out at the sea of grass dotted with wolves, jogging over to Juno. Standing her staff on the ground, the two wing blades on the bottom folded out, she put her heel by the base of the blade that wasn't sharp, extending her hand to him while she aimed the barrel of her staff down into the ground to hopefully propel them towards the two alpha beowolves. "C'mon, I'll give you a lift."
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Michael stumbled a bit as Revya came to a stop at his feet. After a quick scan of the horde around them, he slammed his shield into the ground on the other side of Revya, covering him as he got back up. Using the implanted shield to flip the lever on his gauntlet, he blindly started firing ice dust in a circle around the duo. "Gotcha covered. Do some damage." Michael said quickly, continuing his torrent of ice.
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Revya responded with a simple nod to Michael before the ice started flying. Crap. I can't cut up the grimm without risking getting hit by my own side. Oh well. Plan B [/b] With that thought in mind Revya raised his sword above his head before reversing his grip so that the blade ran down his back in between his mechanical wings. The wings then clung to the sword and as Revya pulled it away the handle of the blade extended forming a scythe. Instead of swinging the scythe however Revya rammed it into the ground and begun pulling the trigger sending out blasts of kinetic dust into the ground sending shrapnel flying out towards the Grimm.
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Juno was quick to grab his rifle as the alphas crashed through the underbrush, his rifle trained on the larger beasts as he opened fire. He was well aware that his foe was far more intelligent and powerful than a standard beowolf, and was therefore a threat that should not be taken lightly. Juno's watchful eyes scanned over the alpha beowolves, anticipating their movements as he flicked his wrist, a single disk materializing underneath his hand. Had Brook not launched herself next to him, Juno would have thrown the disk as a test shot, in order to determine how thick the creature's natural armor was. Of course, this was not the case, and he let the weapon disappear into non-existence. Taking a moment to consider her offer, Juno cracked his knuckles, nodding as a green hardlight gauntlet took shape over his arm. After holstering the rifle, the young man nodded, gripping her arm and staring down one of the alphas. "Throw a fastball. At the very least, it should knock it on its ass."
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"They'll be alright. Been 'n worse situations than this'n." The gruff voice replied, listening to the radio chatter as he let the people who were hired for this do their jobs. Better to save the ammo if they needed it rather than fire a few meaningless shots now. Watching as the nearby beowolves backed off from the flames or were burnt away, he barked through Brook's command to the rest of the men into the comms, before firing another quick volley of shots to cover the woman as she made her way towards the larger Grimm. "Ain't paid enough for this shit..."


The shield blocking a few snapping jaws as some of the less experienced Grimm tried to take advantage of Reyva's downed state, the following blast of ice dust from the tall hunter froze the unlucky monsters up close and forced the others to back off as more were shot down by the icicles and rocks launched by the kinetic attack. A few more tried to break the line, but kept being pushed back by the combined defense, and eventually they backed off to the edges of the confrontation.


Growling and flinching as a volley of bullets hit its armoured back, the two alphas quickly stopped their fighting, jumping to the side and glaring at the origin of the shots. They had a covering of bones going down each of their legs, ending in elongated claws, and a number of spikes mirrored on each side of their spines, though some of the bullets had inflicted light wounds to the side of one where the spikes hadn't covered. Showing more cooperation than most of the other beowolves' mindless leaping, the two rejoined, prowling next to each other in a way that it was almost hard to tell which inky black body part belonged to which.
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Brook nodded at Juno's suggestion, tilting her staff towards the two beasts, shifting the tip into jet form, charging up the shot with a low hum that reverberated along the shaft into her and Juno's hands. Waiting for him to step on the dull part of her staff's blade, she watched as Willow fired a volley at the grimm, noting how tough their hide was. At least they could scratch it with bullets but it seemed something heftier would be needed for this job. "Hold on tight and get off when we get close.
 Can't swing this thing if you're standing on it." She chuckled, reaching over with her foot to tap at his heel, putting it closer to the shaft and away from the bladed edge of the eagle's wing. "Hope you can put weight on that hardlight cause that armor's thick. Watch each other's back, ok? We take em one at a time. Don't split our effort" She nodded at him, finger on the trigger before depressing the button.

SHOOM Brook's staff shook the earth as she and Juno took off, her grip steady on the weapon. Not too tight. Not too loose. Sailing through the air, Brook took note of the battlefield from a bird's eye view ( Looks like they were doing a decent job so far. Better not jinx it She thought to herself, rapping a finger against a little wooden bracelet she wore. That counted as knocking on wood, right? Flying through the air, she adjusted their trajectory downwards, gaining speedas they approached the alpha beowolves. "Aim high, Juno! She yelled at him over the wind rushing passed their ears as she shook him off midflight, trusting him to land properly after striking. Falling to the ground flat on two feet, cracking soil and sending clumps up into a spray around her ankles, she used her momentum and swung the weighted end of her staff, hoping to break through the Beowolf's armor at the kneef joint, or at the very least, cripple it for now.
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Once the horde of beowolves started to back away from the two of them, Michael eased up on his barrage of ice. He pulled his shield from the ground and stood on his guard. "So, I'm figuring you can do a lot more damage than I can,
 so if you don't mind taking point. I'll watch your back." he said, adjusting the grip on his shield.
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Revya gave Michael a nod before re-angling his weapon behind him and pulling the trigger firing himself forward towards the retreating beowolve's firing repeatedly and twisting his scythe around to cut them to ribbons if they got too close.
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Juno held on for dear life as he was rocketed into the air, only to be quickly thrown down by Brooke. Had they not planned for this, he would have found himself flat on his ass, and in perfect condition to be served to the beowolves. However, since this was not the case, Juno reangled himself, reared his fist back, and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as his aura flared about him. With his semblance up, he was immobile for a full second, but that wasn't a concern with his trajectory or time of landing. His second of vulnerability passed, and gravity left him just above one of the Alphas, and quickly closing. A mighty yell ripped its way from his throat as he threw his punch, hoping to drive his fist through the Alpha's skull and crush its body with his own.
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The immediate foes around Revya were shot down, and the others chose wisely to back off further, retreating towards the pack leaders in a group, trying to cut off the two from getting to their allies. A few stray wolves tried to move in closer, taking their chances against the two hunters despite how many of their kind they had just taken down in an effort to hold them off.


The rather loud booming sound coupled with the previous fire left the two smarter Grimm aware of where the two had quickly gone two; and neither were they quite stupid enough to take the immediate attacks to the face. Breaking apart from each other a small distance, avoiding the powerful but straight-lined attack of Juno that left a crater where it hit, they both moved back in an effort to avoid the rubble. Brook had slightly more luck: the greater range of her weapon clipped one of the two, leaving a large cut across the beast's hide. Yowling in annoyance and pain, they moved back together, now slightly more distinguishable by the ghastly red mark on the side of one. They seemed to be reassessing their opponents carefully.
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"Don't ease up! Jump!" Brook called out, waiting for her impromptu partner to get his feet off the ground for her to launch him again by pushing on his heels with her staff. Sending Juno soaring towards the one she'd already hurt. It would be good to switch up attack order though and Brook dashed forwards with her semblance. A flurry of eagle feathers flew forwards, passing around and over Juno's soaring body, and re-materializing as the girl, her hands and staff poised like a baseball batter, standing at the beast's injured side -away from its partner- with her muscles tense and coiled like a spring about to let go . Howling, she swung, aiming to impale the bladed eagle wing of her staff in between the injured beowolf's limbs.
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Michael spent his efforts trying to keep an open area for Revya to fall back to if he got cornered. He fired more fire dust, catching a bit of the grass on fire. Upon seeing the beowolves beginning to regroup, Michael was understandably concerned. "We need to get back. Like, right now!" he yelled towards Revya.
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Hearing the shouting from Michael pulled Revya's attention from the fighting he was already doing to the overall situation. "Got it. I'll clear a path. With that said the to of Revya's scythe came to rest on the ground and Revya stepped onto it. With a pull of the trigger Revya and his weapon shot into the air. Re-angling himself and firing again propelled him towards the Beowolfs moving to cut him and Michael off. Landing between two of the such creatures Revya swung his scythe to position the blade hooking behind one before he simply let go of his weapon. He twisted his body to turn and face the wolf behind him whilst his finger brushed the trigger causing the kinetic dust to fire again and throw the scythe again. the blade ripping through the Beowolf Revya was facing away from and the pommel shooting into the chest of the one he had turned to face.
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Juno was quick to leap into the air once the order was called, balancing himself as he was launched into the Beowolf. Rearing his hand back, Juno flicked his wrist, his hand becoming enveloped in small green hexagonal figures before solidifying into a massive gauntlet. The second he was close enough to hit, Juno threw his fist forward, only to open his palm and attempt to grab the Beowolf's chest, attempting to force the beast into the ground.

[Slots Active: 1; Charging: 0; Standby: 4]
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The sudden movement left the two beowolves trying to move away from the flurry of motion, trying to cover one another. As the staff strike came in from one side, the beast ducked down, attempting to move out the way, but still taking a glancing blow that raked into the tough bone, getting somewhat jammed into it. However, it doesn't manage to dodge the following slam from the giant glowing hand, being pushed into the ground with a yowl. Its partner growls, trying to take advantage of the two temporarily motionless hunters, leaping over the other alpha and trying to bite down onto Juno's shoulder, then barrel into Brook.


The constant flames keep the beowolves away from Michael, forming a natural barrier against them. If natural counted as shredded and ignited fire dust lining the ground like napalm, burning any of them that tried to push their luck away. Reyva's more aggressive movements quickly dispatch the nearby Grimm, but they keep trying to move together and back, trying to block their passage to the Alphas, growling and waiting till the hunters moved before making any response.
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Brook felt her muscles reel and her shoulders shudder as her blade lodged into beowolf bone, hand shock blistering pain into her palms. The brunette grunted, attempting to yank it free but sadly, it was lodged in deep, barely a few inches of blade left not embedded in the grimm. The slam from Juno quickly lurched her staff from her grip too.  "Dammit." She cursed under her breath, hissing through clenched teeth. Resigning herself to hand to hand for the moment until that grimm decided to let go of her weapon, Brook reached down to her belt, sliding her hands expertly into their sleeves. Sliding her gloves on all the way to her elbows, Brook was forced to rip her belt loops on her pants, sparing no time to tighten her gloves while the enemy was so close. Brook looked over as the beowolf fell before the other rolled into her. "Hey, get off!, ass hat" She yelled, exploding into a flurry of lavender feathers out from underneath the grimm and rematerializing a few feet over it, roaring as she fell to drive her fist into her attacker's neck with her exceptional faunus strength, complemented by the force of gravity.
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It was a simple enough strategy. Reyva clears a path, Michael burns everything that is not in that direction. Michael continued to keep the barrier of fire up against the grimm that were too close. Unfortunately, keeping up with that meant that he could not move nearly as quickly as Reyva could clear the path. He struggled to keep up, and almost fell a few times in an attempt to essentially sprint backwards.
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Whilst dancing around the Beowolves with his scythe swinging Revya noticed Michael's struggle to keep up with him and ceased his advance for a moment taking a step back towards Michael as he continued swinging. Trying to allow the boy to catch up before pushing forward at a slower pace. Unfortunately being slower moving left him open with his scythe form active.  "Can you buy me a few seconds!" He shouted to his partner.
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Juno kept his weight on the grounded Beowulf, pressing the hardlight palm on the beast's ribcage as his fingers tightened around its torso. However, he hadn't accounted for the second Alpha, leaving him to only duck as the beast sailed above him, losing his ground as Brook materialized above the uninjured Alpha... and forcing him to surrender ground and leverage. He wouldn't be able to maintain his hold on the wolf, so he planted a foot on the beast's chest and shoving off as the hardlight gauntlet dispersed, sending himself sailing back. Quick to ensure a safe landing, however, Juno flicked his wrist twice, causing two disks to materialize stacked under his hand before lobbing them forward, both of which traveled in separate arcing paths toward the injured Alpha.
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There was a firm crunch as Brook's fist jammed straight through one bit the armour didn't cover; it's neck. It wouldn't have been able to move its head, otherwise, and these were still just beowolves. The beast let out a light whining sound, choking out before going limp, dissipating. The other alpha was knocked back harshly by Juno, being hit further by the twin blades, and fell into a heap for a second before shakily getting to its feet. It stared hatefully at the duo for a moment, before noticing the approaching Reyva and Michael along with the loss of its co-alpha, letting out a pained-sounding howl to the pack before attempting to half-limp half-run out of the clearing.

The rest of the beowolves stood stock still for a second, a few quickly being cut down by the hunters or shot by some of the soldiers, before following quickly after the alpha, exiting the clearing in a flurry of action before leaving it stock-still, the last gunshots ringing before falling silent again.

"...well, that was a bit of a fucking mess." Willow eloquently commented.
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"Oh!" Brook grunted slightly as she felt her fist make contact, almost doing a one handed hand stand on the grimm's nape before it dissipated. Instincts kicking in, she tucked forwards, rolling off the ground onto her feet. Standing tall, Brook glanced around. The fight seemed to be turning in their favor. "Hey, where do you think you're going with that?!" She bellowed at the fleeing and injured alpha, her weapon still lodged firmly in its bone, hurriedly catching up to it in a blur of semblance feathers. The girl materialized right in front of the retreating alpha, looking it in the eyes as she sent her fist towards its nose, loosing a guttural roar, before rolling to yank her weapon free, leaving the beast to die or flee as it saw fit. No use chasing, grimm always had a tendency to come back anyway.

Walking back towards the others, staff resting against one shoulder like a rifle, Brook nodded at willow. "Tell me about it." She said before turning to look at the rest of her teammates, "You guys alright?"
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The moment the grimm had begun to run away Revya had run over to where ladybug had wound up and was inspecting the damage from his crash. "Bastards scratched the paint. Everything else seems fine."
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It was fortunate that the beowolves cleared out when they did. Michael walked back to the group with a bit of an awkward limp. Nothing was broken, but his boot was snagged in his armor. He walked over and sat near the rest of the group. "I guess that was only moderately embarrassing." he said, smacking his leg in an attempt to get his boot unstuck
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The final alpha struggled against the pull, before the removal of the weapon from its body caused it to shudder and collapse onto the ground. There was a last few blasts of gunfire from the soldiers, before a cheer slowly went around the other members of the expedition as the Grimm ran from the campsite, the non-combat members poking their heads out and checking if it was safe before cautiously walking out.

"Right, right. Well, good work everyone. Gather round!" The mercenary captain shouted out, grumbling for a moment before pulling out a smaller version of the map they had in the truck. He didn't waste time, apparently - surprisingly calm and no-nonsense with the situation, even for a merc. "I'm thinking after that, we take a quick break - probably got a little breathing room after that - then try to get out of this area quick a' we can. After that ruckus, probably ain't a good idea to stick around. Sound 'bout right?" By the tone of his voice, it wasn't so much asking a question as asking for confirmation from Brook, before turning back to the rest of them. "And really - good work. For such a sudden attack, y'all moved quick into action. Keep forgetting you lot really are suited to this stuff even this early on. Thanks for the help. Any of you need a bit of supplies there? Painkillers?" As he talked, the others slowly made their way back around the camp, grabbing stuff to put in the convoy so they'd be able to move quickly when they had to go.
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Brook folded her weapon into its carry form as she walked back, taking off one of her gloves and holding it in the other hand as she wiped some sweat off her brow. "Well none of us are dead so I guess that's a win for team humans." She cheered with a dull chuckle, frankly too tired to put more than that into a celebration. Seeing Michael hobble into his seat, she walked over to offer some assistance. "Here, lemme help." Brook said, reaching down in one gloved hand and gripping the boot tight, holding it steady to help Michael pull his foot out as she listened to Willow's pep talk.  A few minutes rest would do the entire group good.

"It's all part of the job." She beamed up at Willow, kneeling beside Michael, "It's what we train for. The weapons aren't just for show." She said as she yanked opposite to Michael's pulling at his leg, trying to free it from the metal boot, "I think I'm good. Just some water, I guess. Aura kinda keeps you good for the most part."
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((At this point, the thread's kind of died, but honestly the main chunk of it has been completed anyways. I thought I'd at least write up what the resolution was for the thread so the next one could start up.

There was miscellaneous plans for a few more encounters, and sightings of a large lizard-like Grimm, though that would be more building tension before they finally got to the village without incident; possibly another Grimm fight, but it was dragging on a little already.

Once arriving at the village, they'd be offered to go out and explore, wind down from the trip for a while as supplies were unloaded. If someone went to follow and watch the supplies, they'd notice that it wasn't just food, defenses and replacement limbs; some of the crates had still experimental equipment in them, such as weapons and variant limb replacements. These were offered to the village to better defend themselves in exchange for acting as the human tests for the devices; while technically legal, the rest of the supplies wouldn't have been received without agreeing for this part supposedly (though the Shard Inc representatives would deny knowledge of this - and possibly actually not know, being in somewhat low positions in the company) and it was hard for the village to refuse any type of defenses, being quite out of the way.

After this, the caravan would head back, light enough now to avoid most issues and get back safely.

Thanks for taking part!))