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Title: Clothes make the Huntress [VLPS]
Post by: willow_lark on March 31, 2017, 05:42:31 PM
"I for one, am quite happy to be off the floor!" Sona says with a plop as she falls backwards on the bed in Team VLPS's new dorm room. Her arms spread out, she stares up at the ceiling of the room. "Definitely more spacious than the last place I was staying." She says. She kicks her legs straight up in the air, swinging them down and to her feet.

Sona has only two bags. A worn backpack with a faded denim color blue back panel and the rest of the bag in a tannish fabric. It's made of canvas and the padding in the straps has long been worn down. She sets this bag aside and opens her second bag. A large black rolling suitcase that looks almost new.
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Post by: nathan67003 on March 31, 2017, 05:44:52 PM
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Post by: MissyMidna on April 01, 2017, 12:30:45 AM
Vidalia sits quite in her bed playing one of her fighting games on her scroll. After yesterday's incident, she was feeling uncounterable with her team, although Patchy and Lynae didn't seem to be phased by Vidi killing someone, Sona apparently did. Hearing the faunus' remark about the door beds being better than the floor sounded odd. Why would someone sleep on the floor? It didn't occur to Vidalia that not everyone had the privilege to sleep on a bed. She stared at Sona for a moment then back down at the screen in front of her.

"I suppose they are okay," Vidi says softly. 

Vidalia didn't bother to do her hair in her basic ponytails rather, she put it in a tight bun with a big black bow at the top. Taking advantage of Shade's lenient school dress code Vidalia had brought most of her skirts and dresses from home, and many of her petticoats. It was rare to ever see her wear shorts or even pants unless it was to bed or the day particularly called for shorts. Unsure whether or not they would even go out today, she dressed in a black fluffy skirt with a dark green dress shirt with ruffled cuffs and a simple black bow around her neck. Her shoes were not her typical combat shoes, they were her black platform heels that are not ideally meant for running, still, that never stops Vidalia. In all, the way Vidi dresses herself people would think that she was a living doll.
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Post by: Flooberoid on April 01, 2017, 04:29:20 PM
Patchouli had packed light in terms of personal supplies, only bringing with her a handful of things from her many hobbies. These were neatly packed into a canvas tote bag slung over her right shoulder: A sketchbook with pencils of varying hardness and a number of erasers; some needles, thread, and yarn for both sewing and crochet; a high-end portable gaming system and its associated charger; and a few recent paperback novels. However, this was not to say she packed light in general. Only that school supplies took precedence.

Patchouli burst through the door, pushing a dolly with a large box that tended to force its way through anywhere it went. "When is Shade going to install a friggin elevator, honestly... catch up to the times, you lazy-" She grumbled under her breath. She stopped upon looking up and seeing the others in the room. "Oh, hi girls. Brought us some study materials... and a lamp." She claimed the bed on the far right side (from the perspective of the door) of the room, next to Vidalia's, and flopped down on it.

Patchouli was wearing an outfit identical to what she had worn the previous day. It was difficult and expensive to find clothes that could accommodate her quills, often needing to be custom tailored, so she didn't own much variety.
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Post by: CptSteel on April 02, 2017, 10:17:10 AM
"Hello, Patchy. That's nice of you." Lynae said from her bed. She was sitting on her bed, with her legs crossed and eyes closed. A light blue glow was emanating from the girl extending out from her, as much as it would if she were in a fight. This was the technique her father taught her to train aura; concentrate it at 100% and flex it like a muscle.  With a sigh, the aura faded away and Lynae got up, stretching her actual muscles, now.

Lynae didn't have a lot of stuff to unpack, so she had that done already. She only had some sets of clothes, recently bought historical fighting manuals and spare dust and polish for Bolla Ballerino.

Lynae had thrown on some casual clothes; black jeans, boots and a blouse and she had her hair tied up in a ponytail. As she finished stretching she sat down and watched Vidalia play her game.
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Post by: willow_lark on April 02, 2017, 07:53:03 PM
Sona begins to pull boxes from the case she's unpacking. First being a brand new scroll, still in the box, in the white on black color scheme. It's followed by an unopened standard issue dust weaponry maintenance kit. The kit is in a crate resembling a military ammo box, with a child lock latch. Next comes a small wooden box that can cheaply bought at a craft store. She pops it open quickly, revealing thread and needles before closing it again after affirming it's all in place. Then comes yet another box, this one a clearly labeled first aid kit. It's beaten up and clearly old, yet stuffed to the brim with supplies.

Boxes placed on the bed, she flips a stray lock of hair over her shoulder and goes back into the case. Clearly already at the bottom, she pulls a single black shirt, much like the tank top she has been wearing, and a pair of worn out jeans. She looks at her wardrobe skeptically with a flick of her ears, then places the two items inside.

She returns to the case and hesitates for a moment. She sighs visibly and goes back into the case. Out comes a few very strange outfits, including a maid outfit clearly used at a cafe in town, a barista uniform, a formal waitress's outfit not out of place behind a bar counter, and a dress cut far too short to be practical. Sona's lips are pursed and eyes are closed as she looks up from her handful of random outfits and turns to the wardrobe once again. The sheepishness on her face is no less apparent.

She gathers up her remaining affects quickly, socks and other such small things. Nothing else comes from the case as she closes it, still trying to avoid eye contact after her prior trip to the wardrobe.
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Post by: Flooberoid on April 04, 2017, 01:23:53 PM
Patchouli lay face down on the bed with a content, childlike smile just poking out the side. "Let me tell you, this is the best..." her muffled voice said. "A short time to relax after a long couple of days..." She knew there was more that needed to be done, but it felt good just to be moving into the dorms. She had come a long way for this privilege, and the bed felt all that much softer when stuffed with her team's accomplishments. After a few seconds of taking it all in, she rolled over onto her side to face her teammates. "So... classes start for real on Monday. We've got the rest of the afternoon and tomorrow until then. How do you girls plan to spend it?" She casually emphasized the you to imply that she had something in mind, but really her own plans were vague at best.
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Post by: CptSteel on April 06, 2017, 12:15:57 PM
"If I'm being honest, I don't know. Maybe we could have a day out? Just the four of us!" Lynae suggested at the idea of a break. Maybe they could go for a meal or perhaps--"We could go shopping!" Lynae said, cutting off her own thoughts. "I could use some new clothes." Lynae reflected on how little sets of clothes she actually had.
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Post by: willow_lark on April 08, 2017, 01:29:35 PM
The furrowed look at her meager possessions relaxes as conversation drags on. Sona places the boxes she removed from her case on the desk, looking at them with a debating glance. Rolling her shoulders she instead picks up her backpack lightly and places it the wardrobe as well. Clothes don't even fill a fourth of the width the furniture provides.

She pauses as she sees her own appearance in the door mirror. Her black tank top is stained with sand, dirt, and a few other questionable colors that bring back less than pleasant memories for the faunus. The brown skirt she wears is torn in places from rolling and dodging. In some cases, the cuts are even from her own weapons where they're mounted on her belt. Her brows furrow as she notes even her socks are frayed beyond repair. She turns and starts to check different angles in the mirror, though she already knew what she'd see.

"Shopping... Might be a good idea." she says through pursed lips. "At this point it might not even count as a frivolous spend... though I suppose I could just have the one..." She continues a bit quieter.
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Post by: MissyMidna on April 08, 2017, 03:55:18 PM
Vidalia stops paying attention to her game once the idea of going shopping is brought up. She really didn't need anything but it would be a bonding experience between them so for this time she is okay with joining them.

"I don't see why not?" Vidi says."This will be a good way to learn what the city is like right?"
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Post by: Flooberoid on April 08, 2017, 04:25:25 PM
Patchouli's eyes lit up as the team almost in unison agreed upon just what she had had in mind. In fact, eerily enough, they had stated all of her reasons, too; she needed to expand her wardrobe, she wanted to get to know the team better, and she needed to get a better understanding of this city as a whole. In her astonishment, Patchouli could only say, "Yes, let's do that!"
Title: Re: Clothes make the Huntress [VLPS]
Post by: willow_lark on April 10, 2017, 04:20:11 PM
Sona pulls the tattered shirt over her head and starts to change into the only other normal outfit she has, the black t shirt and faded jeans.

"Are any of you from Vacuo City?" She asks, looking towards the others through the mirror in front of her. "That would help." She adds.
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Post by: CptSteel on April 10, 2017, 04:31:00 PM
"Nah, ahm just ah smahll town girlie, pardner." Lynae says to Sona with a smile.

She had never really gotten out to the city that much. Even if she had the time, why would she want to? Well, there's a first time for everything, so why not have her first time in the city be with her friends?
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Post by: MissyMidna on April 11, 2017, 12:35:22 PM
"I am from here," Vidalia says shyly hiding her face behind her scroll.

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Post by: Flooberoid on April 13, 2017, 09:04:11 PM
Patchouli sighed with relief when Vidalia spoke up before her. It would be endlessly embarrassing to have to admit that she was from the city and still had no idea how to get around. "Sounds like we've got our guide then. Assuming that's okay with you, Vidi." She smiled gently, sincerely hoping that Vidalia would go along with it.
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Post by: MissyMidna on April 15, 2017, 03:23:12 PM
"I'm okay with that. This is my home. Just tell me where you all want to go." Vidi said still shying away from making eye contact with Sona. She shoved her scroll in her skirt pocket.

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Sona flips her long hair from the back of her shirt, letting the golden locks flow down to the center of her back. She gives herself another look in the mirror, marginally happier with the change of clothes.

"That makes half of us then. I know Vacuo city..." Sona says, turning around. A wry expression crosses her features as if she was surprised by her own statement. "Well, there are more places in the Academy I haven't been than in the city itself."

Sona stops at her desk and unboxes the scroll on the desk. She taps the screen on momentarily, but rather than set up the new devices she clicks it closed and places it her back pocket. "I can't say I've much experience with clothes like yours Vidalia." Sona says with a smile, her eyes locked on her new teammate. "I'd definitely defer to you on this one."
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Post by: MissyMidna on April 20, 2017, 04:51:18 PM
Vidi continued to avoid eye contact with Sona. She kept her gaze at the folds in her skirt. "I suppose it's not for everyone," she answers almost like a whisper. She tries to hide her eyes behind her bangs but they aren't long enough to that yet. She wanted to badly to pull out her game again and act as if she is in her own little world.

"Uh, hey Patchy. Umm," Vidi began but couldn't seem to make out an actual sentence. "Could we at least get going? Being here is boring me to death."

Very quickly did Vidi's tone change. The girl wasn't to keen on staying in one place for too long, she gets bored so easily since she stepped foot into the school.
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Post by: Flooberoid on April 20, 2017, 07:43:29 PM
Patchouli tilted her head to the side and suppressed a frown at Vidalia. She knew what must be on the girl's mind, but... dealing with it was another story. She peered over at Lynae, trying to make eye contact, then back to Vidalia. "Um... Yeah, let's head out." She stood up with a bit of a struggle, feeling the tension in her teammates trying to pull her back down.

"Ah, here's an idea..." Though she spoke as softly as usual, her eyes visibly lit up as the thought popped into her head. "Since we've got two possible guides here, why don't we tour in pairs? We can cover more ground and meet up over lunch... then decide where to go from there?" Really she just wanted a chance to separate Sona and Vidalia and talk to them individually before making them talk again, but the situation really was in her favor on that front. She desperately hoped that Lynae would catch on to her plan.
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Post by: CptSteel on April 21, 2017, 09:22:18 AM
"Yeah, that makes sense, Patchy. What pairs, though? Partners? So me and Sona and Patchy and Vidi." Lynae hopped up off her bed with a smile. "Let's get our things and get out of here!" She exclaimed enthusiastically, putting on Bolla Ballerino in their bracelet form. To a regular person these deadly weapons would just look like an interesting fashion choice.

"As team leader; I wanna buy lunch, if that's okay with you lot."
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"Alright, partners it is." Sona says as she falls in step with her partner. "As long as we go around together after lunch." She adds. She lightly pushes the door closed behind her and Lynae. She looks intently at the Lynae's back for a second, the corner of her mouth twisting slightly. She then rolls her shoulders with an inaudible sigh and thumbs her right digit into her pocket, stepping a bit faster to walk next the team leader. She merely smiles as she takes her place beside Lynae.


Despite the trademark heat of Vacuo's sun the streets are full of people. Shoppers like Sona and Lynae dart from store to store, children run between their parents legs as the parents gossip among themselves, and sweaty workers push carts of sandstone bricks around for the renovation at the end of the block. Sona brushes her long hair off the back of her neck, rubbing it slightly. Her eyes sweep over the street more than the shop windows on the buildings as they pass them.

A teenage boy runs in Sona's direction, laughing and running from his two friends. Sona steps out of his path before he was anywhere near close enough to bump into her, her eyes following them as they continue their chase.

"Were you looking for anything in particular Lynae?" Sona asks. She does so more passively than usual, none of the large smiles or blinking eyes. Her eyes, when she pulls them from the street to look at her partner, are no less interested. More relaxed might describe it, were one to compare before and after. Though at the same time her shoulders are rolled up and back; rigid with her hands held behind her back.
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Vidi is relieved to know that she and Patchy would be together. The short girl led Patchy to her favoirte shopping center just at the far end of the city. This is where Vidi is the most familiar since she grew up here. Walking up and down the streets buying cupcakes with her grandfather after a training session. She turned to look at patchy with a big smile. The shopping center was like an outdoor mall with shops full of clothes of every style, at least eight different restaurants providing different foods across Remnant, three Dust shops, an armory filled with every type of bullet known to Remnant and a fountain right in front of Vidalia's favorite clothing store.

"We can find but literally anything here, although the Dust shops are kind of overpriced," Vidi tells Patchy. "So where did you want to start?"
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"Aside from some clothes that fit comfortably, nah not really. And what about you, Sona?" Sona's partner replied with a big smile.

While Lynae had a fair amount of money, her father being a retired Huntsman plus her quite simple life, Lynae never really spent her money that much. It wasn't that she disliked fashion and clothes or anything, it was just one simple reason. She never had anyone to spend her time with. Yes, she loved her sisters but they were never her 'friends'. Lynae had never had a friend. Perhaps that is why she was so excited to finally have friends that she could rely on to be there, and why she was happy to go out shopping.

 There is a first time for everything, after all.
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Sona hums. "I certainly need a new combat outfit. Anything else would depend I suppose." Sona reaches into her back pocket and pulls out the scroll she stashed there before. She looks around quickly, and angles their walk to a outdoor newspaper stand off to the side of the road. The stand must be popular, given it's shelves are empty and no one is manning it. Still, it serves nicely to take the two girls out of the flow of people.

"Sorry, I need to get this thing working, can't really avoid it any longer." Sona says. She leans against the wall and opens the scroll to it's setup prompt. "My stipend from the Academy was setup on my scroll account." she explains.
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"Eheheh..." Patchouli nervously gazed at the multitude of stores carrying dangerous weapons for sale. Just who was allowed to buy these things? Either way, she had no interest in that kind of store on a relaxing day off. "How about we just start with... clothes? I assume you have a place you recommend?"
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Post by: MissyMidna on May 01, 2017, 03:30:27 PM
"Oh, I do actually. It's a bit far but worth it." Vidi says to her teammate. "Follow me!"

Vidi took her to the store in front of the fountain. The store was full of gothic style dresses of all colors, skirts with an assortment of petticoats, and a large selection of shoes. As soon as Vidi walked in the works smiled greeting her as if they were friends. She dragged Patchy around the store showing her all the area's which may spark her interest. It is noted that Vidalia was talking way too much, often babbling about her fondest memories.

"Am I talking too much?" She giggled.
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Post by: Flooberoid on May 01, 2017, 06:09:11 PM
"Too much...? No, uh, I mean..." a frazzled Patchouli lied. There was nothing about this situation that wasn't "too much." The outfits especially. "This... certainly seems like a place to add 'variety' to my wardrobe..." Thinking about it that way, she couldn't really justify complaining. This was what she asked for. She supposed she might as well let Vidi drag her around until she ran out of energy. That would happen eventually, right?

Patchouli was becoming increasingly less sure of that assumption.
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Post by: CptSteel on May 06, 2017, 08:53:41 AM
"Do what you have to." Lynae smiles at her partner. "So, after you get that set up, are there any places in particular you think we should go?" She asks while taking in the sights of the cityscape.
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Post by: willow_lark on May 06, 2017, 08:46:02 PM
Sona frowns at her scroll. She taps at the screen rapidly, trying to get the fingerprint scanner to recognize her index finger.

"Well, I know of a lot of places by name or reputation. I haven't shopped in most of them though." she says absently. The scroll flashes and her fingerprint is recognized. Sona rolls her shoulders and leans back against the stand.

"I've only seen a few of your outfits in the last few days, but you seem to like Huntress fashion right? Clothes made for combat and individuality if I remember the tagline right. We could start with that." she continues without looking up. Her hair frames her face as she leans forward over the scroll. A few more taps on the scroll and she brushes her hair to the side, turning slighly to look at Lynae. Her eyes are questioning, looking for a respond if not in words, in mannerism.
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Post by: MissyMidna on May 06, 2017, 11:09:54 PM
Vidalia's smile faded quickly along with her excitement. Why did she think this would be easy? Then again she has never socialized with one person for this long before so maybe she should tone it down. Vidi took a breath, she smiled and tried again. It was all in her head that she couldn't make friends. I can do this. I can do this.

"I, mmm, I use to practically live here. In this district." Vidi began. Her eyes drift to the clothes on the rack. "It's pretty here, at least I think so." She pulls out a basic black skirt for herself and drapes it over her free arm. "Do you think Sona doesn't like me because I am...strange?"
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Post by: Flooberoid on May 16, 2017, 04:38:11 PM
"Strange? Patchouli giggled softly. "Vidi, there's not one person at Shade who isn't 'strange' in one way or another. You can't expect to get along with everyone day one. I... think we just need a chance to adapt to each other's quirks, you know?" At least that's how these things seemed to play out in books and movies. But if that's all she had to go on, should she really be trying to give advice?

Realizing she wasn't doing what she had technically come to do, Patchouli quickly started shuffling through various random articles of clothing, feigning interest as her face turned faintly red. It only got redder as she found herself holding the gaudiest and frilliest dress she had ever seen. What is this place, the morgue of all good taste?!