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Title: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Walter on April 17, 2017, 01:13:29 PM
Training Room, Beacon, 7 AM.

Reginald stands in the entrance to the room, yawning. His hair is a slight mess this morning, and there are bags under the walking penis's eyes. For months now he's had to not be a total dick to every person he's met. It's been somewhat draining and he still slips up plenty of times. Today, Silica's said he'll finally learn some kind of lesson. A lesson in humility.

Just as the asshole was prepared to turn around and leave, seeing that his assistant wasn't present, a heeled kick-shove from behind made him stumble forward and fall face-first onto the floor.

"Gah! How dare you-" He begun, trying to get back up on his feet while tripping over his cape in his current groggy state.

"Shut up and listen up, you fuckin' pansy. Today you're gonna learn how to be less of a little bitch. To do this, you're gonna fight. And not with your stupid ass gun. It's either gonna be with your daggers or with your fists. You'll probably get your ass handed to you either way, so buckle the fuck up." As Silica said all this, she moved into the room, taking a seat on a nearby bench, crossing one leg over the other.

Reggie finally made it up on his two legs, blinking slowly. "...What?"

"You'll be challenging whoever comes through that door next to a fight, whether you want to our not. And lose the damn cape already. With that, the woman produced a magazine, seemingly no longer paying the slightest bit of attention to her 'master'. Meanwhile the disowned brat simply stared at the entrance, swallowing the saliva which had started to collect at the back of his throat. This was not going to be fun, was it?
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [LIMITED, 1/4]
Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 17, 2017, 05:10:34 PM
Akel couldn't help but laugh at what she just saw, she heard it all with her ears and found the kick to the floor made it all the funnier. 'This could be fun', she thought, he couldn't of been anything other then a first year. So she grabbed herbweapon from her thigh and rested it on her shoulder,still in it's storage form as she spoke.

"I guess I'll be your opponent then, your majesty.". She did a somewhat correct bow, upon hearing that he wasn't the nicest she wadn't going to give him the full respect that she would normally give to other students.
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [LIMITED, 2/4]
Post by: Siuwa on April 18, 2017, 08:32:45 AM
They never show up for anything other than classes... Catalina sighed, walking outside of the training room to find some sparring dolls to punch with. Better, he heard something about a fight and hurried to the doors.
Seeing the opponent spot already filled, a flash of disappointment was shown on his face but then he decided he wants to join regardless.
Count me in if you can, FFA, 1v1s, I'm okay with either.
Then he studied his soon to be opponent closer. Catalina doesn't know about them, he's eager to however. There is a rumors about the boy being a brat, but you only know after interacting...
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [LIMITED, 2/4]
Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 18, 2017, 08:53:33 AM
(My mental image of the training room is basically a gymnasium. If that's wrong to the point this doesn't make sense I'll change the post.)

Being up early to hit the fish markets Calen was already breathing heavily from his own workout because he didn't want to return to his room and disturb his sleeping team when Reginald and Silica starting having their spat. Tempted to start his road work to avoid the second hand embarrassment Calen quickly decided to stay after hearing the trainer's lesson plan and people started filling in.  'What about those of us already inside?'  Calen called out as he walked back for his weapon.

This could be fun, I haven't had a proper fight since initiation and it would be nice to feel my blood really pumping again.   Calen grimaced slightly as he reached down for his weapon. There is another way to get your blood pumping like this, having three loves is fine but you have to make time for all of them otherwise dancing just feels left out.

Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [LIMITED, 2/4]
Post by: nathan67003 on April 18, 2017, 09:16:33 AM
Anna was on her way to train a bit. She'd thought to have a bit of practice, especially since she was 1) ordered by her team leader 2) stayed more or less cooped up inside over 96% of her free time. As she approached, she could start to make out several voices - about 3, 4 by the looks of it. Well, not the looks, but you get the idea.

She walked into the large training room - almost a hall, by the amount of echo that was happening. She turned on her semblance's second stage, finding a total of 5 people at this rather early hour. Welp. So much for a quick, private training session. Of these people, 2 of them appeared to be of the female persuasion, one seemingly far older than Anna herself. By at least ten years. Which is massive. Though the violet hair was kinda neat. Speaking of purple shades, a boy with overly flashy clothes and a seemingly a negligible difference in age was just done getting scowled by the aforementioned woman, before the third person - a smaller girl with what can only be described as a 'messy' mass of hair - pretty much invited him to a sparring match. She wasn't too sure, she hadn't really been paying attention to the words up to now.

The other 2 people were a guy she saw in the Vytal tourney, who ended up being the second person to get injured by the guy named 'Nathan', and... one of her teammates.

Aaaaalright. Time to get training. She turned away from the occupied area and headed towards a small range, planning to practice throwing with minimal semblance use. At this point, having gotten a pretty clear view of her surroundings, Anna stopped the continuous use of her semblance and started pulsing it, because a death headache wasn't in her agenda that day.
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Walter on April 18, 2017, 09:26:31 AM
"Y'know what? That's not too bad of an idea. A 1v1v1...v1 sounds fantastic. Feel free to concentrate your efforts on that pompous shitstain if you wish, though." Silica commented, setting her magazine aside and leaning back in her seat, ready to observe the fight.

"Hey, I never agreed to this, you know!" The little dicksneeze complained.

"Yeah, tough shit, you're doing it. Take a stance or whatever." Silica said, watching as another girl entered the room. More people here to observe as Reggie gets his ass handed to him on a plate is always welcome.

Reggie scoffed at that, and threw off his cape. Had he not spent a minute fumbling with it earlier, it might have seemed somewhat dramatic. The boy also took his rifle off and stored it aside, producing his two daggers. He can totally hold his own with them. Of course he could, he was Reginald Royale! These peasants were nothing compared to him!

Yeah, right.
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 18, 2017, 09:36:25 AM
Akel place Blood Ignition in her left hand, the scythe foldinf to its full lenght as she rested it in line with her shoulders, tilting the weapon to the right and to the left a bit, ready to swing it to either side to defend. She probably should of taken off her jacket... and probably should of tied up her hair, but oh well. She'd just have to keep that in mind.

"Ready to kiss the dirt?" Her question camr off as casual, her small smile appearing on her lips as she wanted to see if McPrick would make the first move.
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Siuwa on April 18, 2017, 09:48:28 AM
With Take That! being held with both hands off his back Catalina starts concentrating- oh. One thing.
Care to shake hands? He reached his hands out waiting for someone to shake it.
Meanwhile in his mind he thinks about his possible moves on the three of them.
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 18, 2017, 10:19:06 AM
Calen covered his mouth to contain a chuckle brought about from Siliac and Reginald's continued argument. His mind whizzing with possibilities behind their relationship. This Reginald clearly comes from money  surely he could find a more personable trainer, or perhaps she really is that good.

Calen doesn't let his mind wander too much as he turns his eyes to examine who Reginald was fighting using the opportunity to gain an upper hand in any fight they would be apart of in the future.

Calen was so lost in thought that he almost missed Anna entering the room and settle down with some target practice. He thought about checking in on her but decided against it. She's pretty perceptive, if she wanted to talk she would have said something. Instead Calen turns his attention back to the unfolding fight, leaning on his glaive to give his weak knee a break.
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: nathan67003 on April 18, 2017, 10:28:20 AM
Anna took out a knife and activated her semblance's third stage. She took a deep breath, let it out and threw the small metal object, landing it right in the middle of the bullseye. Alright, sweet. Now for the hard part.

She pulsed her semblance's 3rd stage right before throwing a second one, landing on the edge of the bullseye.

That was expected.
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Walter on April 18, 2017, 10:42:47 AM
Reginald might have been worried, but not worried enough not to be a snarky bitch. "Hah! Like you would scare me. I've wiped the floor with filth like you numerous times!" He spits out, before looking towards his other opponents, specifically the one offering a hand.

"I'll be shaking your hand after your defeat," he says like the turdsmeckle he is. He weighs his daggers in his hands. He internally curses himself for not having brought any dust along with him. That'd probably be a bit of a help.

Now, while he had just acted tough towards his female opponent, he was really most worried about her scythe. The other two opponents had smaller weapons, at least somewhat, and the sledgehammer, while heavy, seemed like it at least wouldn't be that fast. He could dodge that, he thought. The scythe... Fuck, how was he gonna counter that?

Reggie, trying not to look as frightened as he was, readied his blades. He wasn't going to strike first. Pussy.
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 18, 2017, 10:55:51 AM
"McPrick is mine." Akel said straight up, she kind of declared it at the beginning so wlshe had rights. She pushed down on the right side of her scythe, bringing the scythe blade low to the floor as she sprinted towards her target and going going into a sideway flip just before reaching her target, the scythe heading straight for his chest and whether it hit or not she would of stopped when she touched the ground and bring her scythe low to the ground to smash him with the other end of her scythe.
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Siuwa on April 18, 2017, 11:08:39 AM
Cat wanted to say that's ok too but shut up as he saw the first move of the match.
Before the girl with white hair could move too far away he activated his semblance to extend his aura field to trip her, while running in to smash on her back regardless if the trip succeeded or not, and trying to keep an eye on the other boy.
So the rumors are kinda right... But no one deserves to be ganged up on in a battle royale.
(I believe there is a thing about letting to recipient decides the damage taken so not including damage value?) (Trip: Maybe she take some fall damage? Hammer: 8%)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 18, 2017, 05:56:28 PM
With Akel charging and Reginald and Cat quickly running after her Calen is content to stand off the the side for the initial barrages. Digging the blade of glaive further into the ground as he leaned harder on it as he continued to watch the fight unfold. The purple one has spunk but that doesn't seem to translate to actions, standing still with daggers? Seems like a good way to get knocked down.

Calen quickly lost his smile when he saw a coloured blur extend out from Cat. OK that's something to look out for, knocking me off my balance puts a pretty big dent in my style, let's see how scythe girl handles it.
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Viventium Umbra on April 18, 2017, 08:43:20 PM
(I believe there is a thing about letting to recipient decides the damage taken so not including damage value?)

(Actually, last I checked, the person dealing the damage chooses how much he/she deals. The recipient can talk to the attacker if they think it's unfair, and a particularly heated disagreement can be settled by a mod, but for the most part, the owner of a character knows his/her capabilities the best. Or you could have a fight without defined aura damage values. Either works.)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Walter on April 19, 2017, 09:04:45 AM
 "McPrick!? How dare you!" He called out before readying himself to either dodge or get hit upon his opponent's charge. However, his other foe doing his attack gave him a chance. One shot, one opportunity.

He instinctively grabbed for his rifle... Which wasn't there, but he was already charging. Oh sweet mother of fuck, he'll have to attack with his daggers.

The dickweasel lunged towards Akel just as Cat used his semblance. He was going for two very simple stabs, which left him quite open, but should so some work with the fact that both his own speed and Akel's were involved.

(Two stabby-stabs, both at 8% aura damage)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 19, 2017, 09:22:54 AM
Akel looked back, seeing a blur and Catalina she changed her attack pattern and slammed her scythe into the ground. As she  lifted herself up she let go of her scyhe and activated her semblance, without a weapon to act as a catalyst she sent liquid blade spikes flying from her body in every direction (4% per hit). The spikes flew from her body to McPrick and then grabbed the scythe close to the base of the blade and yanked it out and planted her feet. And used the handle of the scythe for the tendril to collide into.
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Siuwa on April 19, 2017, 09:52:29 AM
Wow that is powerful... Catalina thought as he very barely sidesteppeded into the gaps of those spikes and still got scratched losing some of the speed built up. Also witnessing the obvious charge response from the boy, but why is he grabbing something that isn't there? Ohthatmeanshisdaggersisnthisprimaryweapon.
He jumped up forwards, holding his hammer near its head side and poked the sharp handle towards the stomach of the girl that pulled off the omnidirectional strike in order to skewer (but not through obviously) her in the air, also spraying the fire dust in the chamber. Can't dodge in the air now can you?
Aura: 94%
Stab: 5%, flamethrowing: 15%
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 19, 2017, 04:58:37 PM
Calen's eyes quickly widened as he saw Akels AoE attack and quickly dashed around with his own semblance intercepting those flying toward Anna and Silica with his own body.  'Can we try to keep this between us ladies and gentlemen?' Calen called out as he loosened his tie and the top buttons of his shirt. He was smiling and his tone seemed good mannered but the smile never touched his eyes and his voice had a hard edge to it.

Collapsing his glaive into it's sword form Calen then charged into the fray aiming for Akel. Leaping into the air Calen re-extended his weapon for a light stab using the rapidly shifting weapon to confound his foe.

Shifting Stab 5%

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 92%(Taking two of Akel's liquid weapons.
                               Fatigue: 90%(Two applications of his own semblance)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Walter on April 20, 2017, 06:00:22 AM
Sir Fuckshit's teeth instinctively clenched as he put his arms in front of his face to block the incoming projectiles, three of them striking him directly. Dam it! Guess that confirms her as the biggest threat here. Luckily this bitch just alienated everyone else with that move. Reggie smirked behind his block, opening it up for another strike.

Meanwhile Silica's eyes turned an orange tint. "What the shit?! Keep your damn fight under control or I'll kick your ass!" The woman shouted at the long-haired scythe user.

Reggie, meanwhile, used this as his chance. The hammer user was trying to attack from below, clearly, and the chick's scythe was below her. And so, Reggie did all he could figure he could do at this point. He pounced at said weapon.

He wasn't aiming to attack the girl, no - his daggers were aimed to form a cross shape over her scythe's blade, locking it in place. He knew this left him vulnerable, but if the hammer guy's attack connects and she loses her weapon...

[Aura: 88%]
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 20, 2017, 06:24:24 AM
Akel had to let go of her scythe, but she also grabbed the handle of the Ninjatō and used her other arm to take the impact of the hammer. Clenching her teeth as the hammer slammed against her arm, she didn't expect the fire though. Without defense against flames she screamed as the flames engulfed her, she then got slammed into the ground by Calen's strike from above. She slammed into the floor and bounced before she got herself onto her feet. Her hair and eyes now a blood red from her semblance activation earlier. She grabbed several throwing knifes and held them in her left hand. She wanted to yell at Silicia but decided against that due to the three enemies that she was up against.

[Aura: 72%]
- Direct attacks 25%
- Hit against the floor 3%
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Post by: Siuwa on April 20, 2017, 06:51:18 AM
Good, Catalina thought as a series of strike landed on who he thought is the biggest threat, but now the place of it is reconsidered as he saw the super speed by what presumably is a semblance move from the non-(prick according to the girl) boy.
Not wanting the probably much more powerful woman join the fight, he turned to the boy with a trainer again, now interpreting the trainer's advice as 'that boy is powerful enough to fight all of you'.
Transforming his hammer to sniper, no, more like rifle form he fired 5 of his weak bullets at the boy's foot where he can't block because of the short reach of the dagger while keeping just enough distance to take advantage of the reach of his weapon.
(Aura: 94%)
(Bullets: 3% each)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 20, 2017, 07:25:51 AM
Still in the air as fire erupted from Catalina's hammer Calen's smile returned. OK this is going to be fun. Using his successful strike against Akel to keep him airborne he then slams his glaive down viciously on Catalina as he was lining up his shots. 'There are a few of us here Master...?' Calen taunted, letting the silence ask the question. 'Maybe you should get some distance before using your weapon's ranged mode?'

Landing about a few meters to Catalina's left slightly in front of the brawl Calen collapses his glaive back into it's sword form, gave it a few swings before adopting a defensive stance. The space gave him time to think about the fight as it was unfolding. OK both Miss Scythe and Master Hammer have some serious moves, but this young fellow seems totally out of their league.

Slam 7%

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 92%(No Change)
                               Fatigue: 90%(No Change)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Walter on April 20, 2017, 08:02:57 AM
Silica did not think Reggie could win against all three people. She didn't think he'd win against anyone in this room, and she didn't want him to. So, when the snotty cuntsmear of a human being started hopping from one leg to the other after getting shot at, she just broke out laughing.

 Fuck! These daggers are worthless in this situation! If I could just get my gun... Reggie thought, but he realized his gun was too far away. Once his little hop dance was over, however, he had a brilliant idea.

He quickly sheathed both his daggers, grabbing the scythe which was still standing in front of him. Right now, it seemed like hammer guy and speedster over here were both preoccupied, which meant that on top of having the edge, he could fight this other bitch with irony! Brilliant planning right there, Reggie!

...Except for when he lifted the scythe, he quickly stumbled back and let the blade fall to the floor again. Jesus Christ, who weighted this thing?

He took a breath, however, and charged at the scythe chick with her own scythe, going for a wide, 360 swing which threw himself off balance because he's kind of not very smart.


Swing: 10% aura damage
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 20, 2017, 08:28:11 AM
Akel was glad that they started fighting amongst eachother. It was a real relief from the gang up that she had just been hit with. However her sigh of relief was cut short when she saw Reggie touch her scythe. The very same scythe that her mother used. What was worse was that he planned on using it against her. Nonetheless she knew the scythe better then anyone alive, she knew every careful little detail about it. Akel moved her ninjato to a forward grip, as she saw the wide swing coming from a mile away. An obvious move for someone who doesn't know the weapon. So as he swung wide she ducked under the handle. She grabbed the handle of the scythe near the blade and jumped. The position she was in allowed her to extend her leg and deliver a brutal kick with her heel to his face. To which she followed through with planting her other heel into his face. Which she used to kick off of him with herself gripping onto her scythe with her right hand, her left still holding the ninjato, hoping that the jackass would let go, wanting to pry it from his hands as fast as possible.

Heel smash = 6% each. If you think it's too much tell me.

[Aura 73%]
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Siuwa on April 20, 2017, 08:50:22 AM
Cat only noticed the attack for him when the question is asked. Lucky to have moved away when positioning against the boy before, he turned his attention again to the boy with the glaive.
Playing the distance game he did during the tournament against Nathan he fired from a safe distance at bursts of 5 at a time emptying the clip. Then he'll have to either try to get a truce to call in the ammo box or go up close.
(Aura: 94%)
(Shots: 3% per round, 15 total)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 20, 2017, 04:53:47 PM
Seeing the gun raised against him Calen reached to his back and threw two knives at Catalina before ducking to the right and managing to put Akel and Reginald between most of the volley. Then as Akel went for her knee smash Calen slipped under her and Reginald with his semblance to get at Catalina.

Extending his sword out into it's glaive form for the reach Calen stabbed hard at Catalina. 'Silent type, OK that's fine. I'm Calen, young Master,it is nice to make your acquaintance.' Calen continued his taunting as he again collapsed his glaive into it's sword form. Now with his back to Akel and Reginald Calen's grin grew even wider as he began his elaborate footwork preparing to unleash all his tricks.

Knives 3%
Super Speed Stab 8%

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 80%(Four bullets)
                               Fatigue: 85%(One semblance use)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Walter on April 21, 2017, 07:14:38 AM
 "What kind of bloody idiot designed this weapon!?" Reggie shouted moments before getting kicked in the face and several bullets struck his side from another opponent's volley, making him wince in pain. One of his hands, however, remained on the weapon, while the other pulled back to grab his own dagger. He grabbed it, the little cat turd of a human being believing he could get some stabs in on the girl's leg, but instead he got his face kicked in again. And now that really did it.

Just as the second strike landed, his face twisted in actual anger now, as gust of wind began flowing around him. Akel would likely feel this.
Reginald's grip on the scythe was lower than Akel's now, and if the girl would pull with both her arms it'd easily slip out. As it were, he lunged forward, kicking off the end of the scythe, forcing it down both with his own weight and the winds surrounding him. He went for a quick succession of slashes with the one dagger he had in his hand. The attacks were simple, yes, but he was hoping that forcing down the weapon would throw his opponent off-balance, hopefully towards him and his attack.

[AURA: 58%]

(3 slashes, all 3 at 5%)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 21, 2017, 07:57:55 AM
Akel get nailed by four of the bullets right after she was finishing her flip. She took a step back and only got more angry when his comment about the weapon went through her head. She got hit by of his strikes as she slipped her right foot underneath the scythe and kicked it up. Her leg getting nicked by the second strike and the third missed her. As her flip finished she went low, similar to a low roundhouse kick except she grabbed her scythe by the end of the handle. Spinning and having the scythe's dust dial turn to lightning. Sending electricity arcing through the blade as she slammed it into his ribs.

[Aura 57%]

Scythe strike 11% plus mild electrical spasm with a direct hit.
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Post by: Siuwa on April 21, 2017, 08:35:00 AM
My opponents in the tourney are both silent. It disrupt my breathing anyways. Name's Catalina, nice- Cata responded as he deflect the throwing knives away before getting stabbed inright on the face. Using the force from the hit and adding a jump to fly backwards he used his semblance to extend a boot to 'step' on Calen and extending on the other leg to kick him on the chin.
Landing on his back Cat rolled aside and got up preparing to face the glaive again.
(Aura: 86%)
(Step: 6% kick: 8%)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 21, 2017, 09:04:38 AM
Recognising the same shimmer from before Calen managed deflect the first boot but rolling forward he walked straight into the second landing now squarely in the middle of his face. Shaking his head a few times to refocus himself Calen grasped his sword in both hands and planned his next move.

Feinting twice he darted close delivering three quick strikes before dancing away. 'So you were in the tourney, I wasn't around for it. How did you do Master Catalina?' Calen continued distracting Catalina, trying to force a misstep or opening. As long as he has his weapon in it's range form I'll press my advantage, the hammer should be easy enough to dodge but the fire would be another story all together.

Three quick strikes 6% each

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 72%(Kick)
                               Fatigue: 85%(No Change)
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Post by: Walter on April 21, 2017, 09:40:49 AM
Despite Reggie's best efforts, Akel had regained her main weapon. Crap. This put the pisswank at a greater disadvantage once more. He had, by now, taken note of the other fight currently happening next to theirs. This scythe bitch was a bit rough - agile, large but swift weapon, seemingly pissed the hell off - and he needed an out.

His other foes, meanwhile... The hammer guy was tough, yes. Likely his next biggest threat. And yet, he seemed to be a ranged combatant with a somewhat slow melee weapon. Reggie thought he could take them.

These thoughts were cut short as Reggie was jabbed and electrocuted in the chest. Reggie screamed out and allowed himself to be flung back by the attack, panting. His head darted up, the gusts of wind picking up. He snarled, and... Ran towards the other fight.

Right now he was hoping to cut in on this fight, and making Akel fight Calen while he took Catalina. That was the plan, at least. He charged the two head-on, dealing a slash to both of them and then pulling back to be prepared to block.

[AURA: 47%]

Both slashes at 5%.
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 21, 2017, 09:51:55 AM
With the successful syrike Akel was able to put a smile on her face, satisfied with her scythe in her hands again and not in his. She put the ninjato back into the bottom of the handle with a click and placed her throwing knifes back on her belt. As much as she thought that joining the fight would be fun, she backed off. Letting their attention focus on each other and away from her, hopefully wih them having weaker aura then herself so she would have the advantage. None the less she placed her scythe on her shoulders again, tilting it side to side to give some momentum to allow her to act should one of them come to her, like she did in the beginning. Carefully observing her monochrome enemies for any signs of gun fire so she would be able to block should she need to.

[Aura 57%]
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Siuwa on April 21, 2017, 10:38:45 AM
Catalina put down his sniper, but not before he changed it back to hammer form. He didn't react to the fake moves, having his own plan.
Well, Nathan beat me in a very close match in round 2, and it was really thrilling. I hope we have something on that league again today.
He saw his opponent move in another sudden speed burst, and stood still and focused.
The first strike was dodged with a side hop to the right taking Cat by surprise but he grabbed on Calen's wrist pushing that arm away on the next taking another bit of damage. Meanwhile, a wall just enough to cave Calen in made of Cat's own aura field erected, going around him on the left. He moved in and punched the adversary three times in the stomach, then he noticed the quick footsteps towards them.
He glanced and saw a charging boy and a resting scythe. He poked him with a spike again using his semblance before he is in the daggers' attack range.But using so much of his semblance at such a close timespan gave him slight headache, even if that's nothing he can't cope with and it's fainting away already, it still made the charging boy goes unnoticed and got hit with full edge of the slash.
(Aura: 72%, two sword slashes and one dagger slash)
(Punches: 5% each)
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Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 21, 2017, 03:44:33 PM
Tensing as Catalina swapped back to the hammer Calen was surprised when Catalina dropped his weapon but the latter didn't slow down still making the attack and as such getting locked in the grapple. The three punches got a wince out of him which would shut him up for a while as he struggled against the hold. That wasn't until Reginald got his attack in that Calen had his opportunity. Still in the grab Calen himself grabbed one of Catalina's legs to put him off balance then rocked all three of them into Reginald.

Calen then tries to roll out, using the momentum to break Catalina's hold. If successful Calen will spend a few moments straightening out his suit and giving Akel a slight bow before leaping towards her. 'We've seemed to have swapped partners Miss. Hope there is no inconvenience.' Calen remarked his voice not doing much to hide the pain he is in as he set up again in a defensive stance.

Crash 8% to both

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 57%(Three Punches)
                               Fatigue: 80%(One Semblance use)
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Post by: Walter on April 22, 2017, 02:48:55 AM
Reggie had pulled back after his strike, and as the two seemed to tumble at him, he hopped back to avoid getting smooshed. The walking dickcicle wasted no time in attacking again, seeing his plan come to fruition quite nicely. He went for a a stab-and-slash combo, actually keeping one dagger back to at least have a chance at deflecting any oncoming attack.

The winds surrounding him had settled by now, though his accidental use of his semblance had left him a bit winded. Yeah, I said winded.

[AURA: 47%]

(Stab at 8%, slash at 5%)
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Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 22, 2017, 05:31:36 AM
"There is none at all." Akel flipped her scythe into her hands. Holding the scythe end at her left side while she ran in him. She stopped just a bit after her weapon entered hitting range. Doing a sharp turn, aiming low to hit his feet and throw him off balance, but that wasn't her main attack, without breaking speed she spun around very fast and slammed the scythe into the ground at his feet, fire spewed forth from the center in a 2 meter radius. Except the fire went straight past Akel, avoiding her getting hit with the fire altogether and remaining safe from the AoE attack while Calen would be well within range unless he was able to move out

[Aura 57%]
[Trip = 1%]
[Attack = 13%]
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Post by: Siuwa on April 22, 2017, 05:57:47 AM
Cat suddenly found himself in a dangerous position. If the struggle continues the daggers will be allowed to simply wail on him endlessly. So he have to release from the struggle and hop back, grabbing back his hammer. But it was interrupted by being grabbed on the leg and flung on the said daggers. Catalina took some time to regain his balance, but he find himself helplessly scrambling in front of the purple haired boy. All he can do is hop off again hoping he can take advantage of the reach soon.
(Aura: 64%)
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Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 22, 2017, 06:44:37 AM
'Predictable.' Calen taunted seeing the wide arc of the weapon and having plenty of time to avoid the attack thanks to his semblance. Rocketing in for a savage strike at the girl's jugular then leaping back off with a heavy two foot stomp on her chest.

'With all due respect young miss you aren't going to hit anyon....' Calen began before flames erupted from around the scythe. Another application of his semblance allowed him to escape some of the damage but the attack still left his ghostly pale skin a deep red. A flamethrower, they both have flamethrowers. I'm surprised all three don't have flamethrowers. Calen thought to himself sardonically.

'You should try not to be so reliant on your crutches little girl, you never know when they will fail you.' Calen rasped, his throat still dry from the heat. Leaning his weight forward Calen took up a fair more aggressive stance. OK I've seen what these clowns can do, time to finish this.

Slash 7%
Stomp 3%

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 50%(Taking half the inferno)
                               Fatigue: 70%(Two semblance uses)
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Post by: Walter on April 22, 2017, 11:37:50 AM
Reginald's opponent seemed to be a bit thrown off by all the attacks, and scrambling to get back up on his feet. This little cumblot was not gonna be chivalrous about it, and attacked again right away.

"Take this!" He yelled out as he went for a kick at his foe and an upwards slash, closing any distance between the two, since he knew his opponent had the range advantage here.

[AURA: 47%]

(Kick is 4%, slash is 6%)

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Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 23, 2017, 06:58:35 AM
Akel rubbed her throat at the attack against her.

Akel placed the scythe into her hands. Holding a solid stance and having the left dust dial stay on fire and ice on the right dial. Calen was starting to get on her nerves a bit, that cocky attitude of his would definitely be his downfall one day. But for now she had to concentrate, predict his moves, keep him off his feet.

Mist started to come off of her scythe and with a sudden slam she smashed it into the ground, sending mist around the whole arena. She pulled on the back of her scythe and pulled out the ninjato. Leaving the scythe in place and deciding that the ninjato would serve her better.

[Aura 47%]
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Post by: Siuwa on April 23, 2017, 07:25:41 AM
Catalina can only walk backwards and tries to keep the distance. He responded to the kick with... Nothing. He can only watch as he got kicked. Stumbling back he tilted his head back slightly to avoid the slash.
Ok time to strike back. To vent his very slight frustration of getting smacked around for a little bit he swung his hammer a little bit harder and propel his swings with the rest of the flame dust to hopefully make sure it hits. Hyah!
(Aura: 60%)
(Swing: 18%)
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Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 23, 2017, 07:55:30 AM
'Hiding is beneath you dear' Calen taunted as mist began to fill the air. 'But try not to hit the bystanders with this attack.' Calen grinned as Akel swapped her scythe for a short sword, at least compared to his own. Although he would probably have better luck against the scythe, the romance of sword fighting had never died for him and Calen was thrilled that now the smallest mistake could spell disaster.

Dancing forward hopefully before the mist got too thick Calen feinted high before striking low taking full advantage of his superior reach. For the first time in the fight Calen was starting to build up tempo, dashing around might please the crowd(all two of them) but here one on one, slowly wearing the target down, is where Calen shines.

Strike 8%

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 50%(No Change)
                               Fatigue: 70%(No Change)
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Post by: Walter on April 23, 2017, 09:37:11 AM
By this point, Silica had gone back to reading her magazine and not really giving that big of a shit about the fight. Talk about a tough crowd.

Reggie grinned a bit at his kick connecting, but knew he was in trouble as soon as his opponent dodged the slash. The moment was over. The boy moved his dagger to block the attack, but his weapon and hand were both thrown back, the former being flung away and landing on the floor with a a 'clink'. Lord Cocksnort had not expected that hammer to be so quick, though it seemed like the boy had used dust for it. Can't be much of that left, if any.

And so, Reggie kept his attack up despite the pain and lack of weapon. He roared out a battlecry only he could ever understand and went for a a straight jab at his foe's jaw with his fist, mostly as a distraction, while his dagger moved in to stab him from the side.

[AURA: 38%]

(Jab is 4%, stab is 8%)
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Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 23, 2017, 11:41:05 PM
Akel did not this opportunity go to waste. As he saw him go for her she acted without hesitation. Her temporarily red eyes and hair burst back to the blood red indicating another use of her semblance. She sent the condensed aura straight towards him. The lenght of the physical blade didn't matter, only the direction as her semblance wpuld be more then able to close the distance. Her target was within range and that was all that mattered. Her free hand went towards her belt, crushing one of the fire foci to enhance her semblance.

Condensed aura launched from just behind her, following the exact same path as her attack, straight towards her target's centre. Shortly followed by the condensed aura the aura burst into flames. Only doing little damage to herself

[Aura: 43%] denying attack before he can get close enough. 4% from fire used in foci.

[Damage %17]  [Fire 8%]
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Post by: Siuwa on April 24, 2017, 12:01:31 AM
Cat breathed out and smiled as he saw his big attack connect and his opponent lost one of his weapons.
He kept up his attempt at kiting and reacted to the jab with another hops backwards getting scratched by the side dagger attack. He changed his way of holding his weapon now with the head facing inwards. He tried a simple stab to the throat with the sharp muzzle.
Then Catalina took a glance to the other battle and wondering how much that semblance concentrated can do.
(Aura: 56%)
(Stab: 6%)
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Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 24, 2017, 12:37:55 AM
Rightly proud of his reflexes Calen was only barely to deflect the first attack with his own sword. The projectile slammed into his shoulder but Calen knew worse to come. Seeing the flames Calen stood his ground as the inferno spread around him. Pausing for half a moment as he allowed the pain to focus before unleashing a storm of heavy two handed strikes at his opponent, even using the inferno to disguise some of his movements.

Unlike before Calen doesn't dance backwards and continues to presses on determined to finish this fight as quickly as possible regardless of the outcome.

Heavy Strikes 3x9%

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 33%(Half the Concentrated Aura attack+fire)
                               Fatigue: 70%(No Change)
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Post by: Walter on April 24, 2017, 09:12:27 AM
Reggie's attack hadn't entirely succeeded, but he continued to press his attack. He knew retaliation was coming, and it was coming hard, but he wasn't gonna retreat. It would only put him at a disadvantage due to his weapon's length. Instead, the boy went low.

Reggie figured the boy was going for a stab when he changed his grasp on the weapon. He had little time to react, so he went for what he thought was reasonable - he ducked low, letting the blade graze his back, while going for a hard stab at his foe's gut, wielding the dagger with both hands. He put a lot more force into this attack than he had with his previous ones, meanwhile activating his semblance so that his opponent's weapon would likely be pushed upwards by a flow of air. Not enough to disarm him, but at least it was something.

[AURA: 35%]

(Stab is 10%)
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Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 24, 2017, 09:41:23 AM
Akel worked her opponents latge attacks against him, they were easy to see ahead and she took advantagr of this. Her agility and flow worked better like this. She pressed her advantage in this situation, she went low and ducked under the first strike and used her ninjato to direct the second strike into the ground.

She went behind his back and while going for a stab, extended the lenght of the ninjato to add a bit of extra power to her strike while pressing the palm of her free hand against the bottom of the handle for more force behind the stab. Whether the strike made contact or not she kicked off of him to push him forward and her away to break line of sight using the fog.

(I'm thinking his strikes are at a similar speed to Jaune in the end of volume 4. Similar height between hin and Calen and the transformed state bring roughly the sword lenght. (I think))

P.S. Happy to discuss if you think this is unfair.

[Aura 43%]

[Stab 7% + Kick 3%]
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Post by: Siuwa on April 24, 2017, 11:23:30 AM
Catalina almost panicked when his weapon was pushed up. Unable to parry the attack he did the exact opposite of what he did before.
Stood still was Cat when he unleashed another barrage of semblance move. Spikes flew out from him. A total of six, two going for the front, one at each side and one going over for behind, homes on this boy.
Yet another use of his semblance instantly summoned the headache back, this time stronger, making his vision field contract, his head shaking from the pain. But aside from that, he tries not to show that he is pushing his limits.
(Aura: 56%, will deduct the damage if Reggie still went through the attack)
(Spikes: 5% each)
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Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 24, 2017, 03:45:52 PM
Grining as he saw Akel duck the first strike Calen attempted to exploit the advantage. Extending the haft of his glaive as the weapon passed over her for a stunning strike on the back of her head. Calen then continued his storm of heavy attacks.

'So do you want me to stop when I wear out your aura or do you think you deserve a scar for your troubles' Calen rasped menacingly

Head hilt hit 2%
Heavy strikes 3x9%

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 33%(no change as attacks counted)
                               Fatigue: 65%(no change)

I think you missed this line 'even using the inferno to disguise some of his movements.' as such the attacks shouldn't be easy to see and this isn't a fighting game so heavy attacks aren't any slower they just have more force behind them. But you don't need to change anything not all gambits are supposed to pay off and it might still work out.
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Post by: Walter on April 25, 2017, 05:06:08 AM
Reggie was not backing off. At this point, the pompous dipshit had actually heated up, the spikes striking his sides not stopping him from driving the dagger into his opponent. He was not finished, though.

Wincing just slightly from the pain, he pulled the blade up to meet his opponent's chin while keeping his push going, intending to either slice his opponent's face with his dagger or force them on the ground, where Reggie would have a clear advantage with his dagger. Reginald had gotten more used to his blades during this fight, now using them similarly to how he'd use the bayonet on his rifle. That is, straight charge followed by lots of stabbing.

[AURA: 25%]

(Reggie went through with the 10% stab, now going for an 8% slash. Shove does no damage.)
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Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 25, 2017, 05:29:02 AM
As soon as Akel received the hit from the back of the head she backed off, stumbling away for a few steps before running off into the mist, not wanting to extend the fight any longer she backed off before the other strikes could hit her. She quickly got out of Calen's range. She quickly grabbed 4 throwing knifes from her belt and threw that at him all at once before he disappeared from her view as she exited the mist.

[Aura 41%] Hilt strike

[throwing knifes 4% per knife]
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Post by: Siuwa on April 25, 2017, 05:54:46 AM
Catalina groaned at the stab, and guessed he have enough aura to fight whoever is left standing at the other fight. So he caught the wrist waving the dagger and pushing back against his shoulder with his other hand, one leg of his rooting against the ground behind him and the other raising to knee his opponent in the stomach.
The headache is slowly being recovered from, his vision now contracting less and his head stopped shaking.
(Aura: 46%)
(Knee: 7%)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 25, 2017, 06:41:05 AM
Calen rocketed after Akel before she had thrown her knives. Launching himself low and horizontal with his semblance Calen is still forced to take a knife to keep his trajectory but he retaliates with a savage blow to her knees as he flies past. Now landing in front of Akel, Calen continues his onslaught of attacks hoping to gradually grind the huntress in training down.

'You can't escape me little girl. Surely you have never won a fight by running away. You have won a fight before right?' Calen continued his taunting. The mist was doing a lot for helping his voice recover but it still lacked the smooth overtones it had previously.

Secret speedy strike 12%
Continued Onslaught 9%

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 29%(one dagger)
                               Fatigue: 60%(one semblance use)
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Post by: Walter on April 25, 2017, 09:25:54 AM
 "I won't lose to you, peasant!" Reggie shouted out just as his dagger hand was grabbed. The walking skid mark's other, empty hand was ready for action.

When he realized his opponent was going for a kick, which had enough of a windup for him to realize it, Reginald, rather than blocking or simply dodging it, kept his push going. He grabbed his foe's leg with his free hand and pulled it up and to his side. By this point, with Cat on one leg, it would be less of a push and more of a fall, with Reggie on the top. Reggie's own knee was raised now, intended to slam on his opponent's other leg to pin it down.

[AURA: 25%]

(Leg slam is 4% aura damage)
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Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 25, 2017, 10:18:22 AM
Thankfully Akel was looking where she was throwing her knifes, which did allow her to see the incoming Calen along the ground. His low strike allowed her to jump over his low strike that was aimed for her knees. As Calen started his onslaught again she placed her free hand against the blade of her ninjato. Blocking the attacks with her aura taking a bit off due to directly taking the force through her ninjato.

A brilliant idea came to mind. He was within range of her semblance. So she smalled her ninjato against his blade. Shoving his blade and her ninjato away and gaining as close as possible to him. The limited distance of her omnidirectional attack hopefully would of shut his mouth up. So she let her semblance at him. The spikes limited (1-2m) distance only had Calen within its range to actually hit. But luckily she was just about pressing up against his chest.

[Aura=38%] 3% for aura bracing against attacks.

[Damage 4% per spike. Same as before] All spikes hit at once so he can't die from the semblance.

P.S. If you think this ain't fair just DM/PM me. It works with her aggressive fighting style and situation which she is currently in.
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Post by: Siuwa on April 25, 2017, 11:04:34 AM
"Hmph! It'll be the peasant who you think so lowly about who beat you up fair and square! Eat this!-" He is somewhat angry about this insult to his family. Even though he has a disregard for the so-called "social hierarchy", he still represent his family at the huntsman front.
But Cata can only put up a suitable "oh crap" reaction when his leg is grabbed. Indeed he tumbled as this disrespectful adversary tried to make him.
Now with him on the ground he is at a more than little bit of disadvantage. Especially so when one of his legs was pinned down. Not forgoing his hand with the dagger his other hand also retaliated.
Punching him on his throat rapidly three times Cat tried to get up by all means. The most obvious one is straight up defeating him. So that's what he's trying to do.
Meanwhile he can finally open his eyes completely normally, but the headache is still staying.
(Aura: 42%)
(Punches: 6% each, three strikes)
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Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 25, 2017, 05:52:23 PM
As Akel forces their swords away Calen orientates the hilt of his soon to be glaive for another extend retract hilt strike before rushing backwards with his semblance for a follow up when Akel's semblance shot out. The added distance allowed Calen to thread himself over the volley with another application of his semblance 

His first strike appeared to be going diagonally up from Akel's left waist to right shoulder but it was another feint and Calen actually delivered another extend retract hilt strike aiming for Akel's head. Calen then spun in for two lighting fast strikes; a slash of Akel's right side followed by a stab aimed at her gut.

Calen then dances back maintaining a delicate balance of enough distance to avoid further spike barrages while not losing his opponent in the fog.

hilt strikes 2x2%
slash 5%
stab 6%

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 29%(no change)
                               Fatigue: 50%(two semblance uses)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Walter on April 26, 2017, 09:09:06 AM
Reggie's move had succeeded, at the very least, but now he had one problem: Attacking from here on. His other arm moved to pin down his opponent's open arm, instead ending up having to block the oncoming punches. He purposefully activated his semblance, sending gusts of wind all around him and likely right in his opponent's face to throw him off.

With his elbow now lifted, Barney the dinosaur's gayer cousin decided to elbow-slam his foe in the chest. He might lose at this point, but he wasn't going to let this one win, damn it!

Silica, meanwhile, had put down her magazine and was watching the fights with amusement. It seemed like the other one was more like a show and all, while the one between Cat and Reggie was... Special.

[AURA: 25%]

(Elbow slam is 5%)
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Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 26, 2017, 09:54:44 AM
Akel wasn't really pleased with Calen dodging her semblance. His semblance did really start to annoy her and she didn't want to extend the fight any longer. That was a last ditch attempt, it shouldn't of failed but his semblance was just a load of instant dodge to her. Akel moved backwards at the sign of the disgonal strike and didn't stop moving back. She was disarmed, she wasn't going to engage him unless she was able to lock him in place. Which lied within her scythe, she knew the direction was straight back, she just needed to know the exact distance.

So she grabbed 8 knifes from her belt. 4 in each hand and launched them all at him. Creating an X pattern towards him as she vanished within the slowly dissipating mist. She grabbed another 8 and launched them in a horizontal arc. The mist making them almost incredibly hard to see until they got close to him. In which case she thought that he would rely on his semblance, he had to be getting tired from using his speed semblance often. Otherwise he would of been using it way more.

She was suprised that her scythe was a lot closer then she though, she put her left side against the blade of the scythe in hope that he would attack from that direction. But she also kept herself low, listening for footsteps as she made herself a harder target to hit.

[Aura= 36%] First hilt strike
[4% per knife. Same as before]
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Siuwa on April 26, 2017, 10:36:12 AM
Cat is slightly dizzy when being blew by the wind, but nothing compared to his headache.
Coughing when hit by the elbow against his chest, Cat decided to use his semblance one last time to end this once and for all.
Three cylinders fired from point blank range while they are focused on the struggle of the hands and such.
The headache instantly amplified threefold upon using his semblance, reaching a head-cracking level, his head trembling, vision contracting, and now he is also getting nauseous. Catalina even let out an audible groan.
(Aura: 37%)
(Cylinder shapes: 5% each)
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Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 26, 2017, 08:56:52 PM
Although he was starting to breathe heavily Calen knew he couldn't leave up his assault even as his limbs started to voice their doubts. Silencing himself Calen followed Akel as she backed off in matching step for step and continuing to rain down a rapid series of light blows. Taking advantage of her disarmed state Calen focused on harder to dodge stabs as he pressed forward. Seeing Akel reach for what he assumed was another weapon he focused on the arm, trying to prevent it from straightening and as such robbing any power from the throw.

Seeing the scythe before Akel Calen launched forward, arms wide aim at her gut using both his speed from his semblance to crash tackle into Akel; hooking her legs, then spearing the girl onto her own weapon. 'Careful where you leave that thing little girl, it could hurt some one.' Calen laughed as he stood back up and brushed himself off.

Light stabs 2x5%
Focused arm attack 6%
Crash tackle on to scythe 8%

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 25%(Handful of barely thrown daggers)
                               Fatigue: 45%(one semblance uses)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Walter on April 28, 2017, 06:58:43 AM
Reggie was done for. He didn't have any chance of blocking the attacks, both is arms preoccupied... But this fuckboy was going out in style. When the cylinders crashed into him, he yelped slightly in pain, barely noting his opponent's own groan.

But, as his opponent's grip loosened, the already-defeated Reginald was finally able bring his dagger down. It wouldn't be enough to take Cat out, but at this point he just wanted to make sure someone other than him won. With a yell of frustration and a gust of wind, the boy brought his dagger down.

Meanwhile back on the bench, Silica clicked her tongue. "You fuckin' lost, nerd."

[AURA: 10%]


(Stab: 8%)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 28, 2017, 10:08:17 AM
Akel had to move swiftly, she had to start flipping, first she went into backflips, following with a side roll and just randomizing her movements, trying to keep him guessing about what she would be going into. She didn't have much room so she had to make the most of it to try and keep his attacks away. Unfortunately not all of them went by without harm, only touching her sides but not getting the full hit.

Needless to say Akel wanted the fight to be done. Her sudden break came in the form her legs being grabbed. Without a moment of hesitation she leaned forward using her hips and activated her semblance, this was her last charge, she had to make it count, which was why point blank, him hugging her legs. Perfect opportunity to seal the fight. Her semblance activated and the same blood red spikes shoot out from her. Practically finishing the fight. And also one of them knocking against her weapon, shoving it out of the ground and pushing it out of harms way. If only by a few centimeters.

[Aura 29%] nips from the close calls of the stabs.

[Per spike 6% 12 spikes] She is pressed up right against her, so the spikes stab and keep going until the minimal distance is reached.
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Siuwa on April 28, 2017, 10:37:54 AM
Cat let out a sigh of relief as he saw his opponent got hit by the shapes. What he didn't expect is that he went for one last big 'screw you' to Catalina before truly going out. As he uselessly tried to tilt his head aside he got the full slash of the dagger.
Pushing back his anger and urge to shove the boy aside he remembered something. He extended his hand while still lying on the ground. "Care to shake hands?" This is the best comeback he can come up with. Now he can rest before getting into his next fight. And it's really helpful. At least the nausea is becoming lighter.
(Aura: 29%)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Kingnoname1 on April 28, 2017, 09:35:55 PM
Calen was grinning wildly as his tackle hit home, Finally after almost this entire spar I got her cleanly. Cleanly wasn't quite right as he soon noticed the tell tale signs of Akel's semblance activating and spikes forming around him. Not to give up his position Calen activated his semblance another time to pummel Akel even harder into her scythe as well as getting himself out of the brunt of his opponent's semblance.

Calen was exhausted but he had drilled this take down since early childhood and moved quickly despite the demands of his limbs. Straddling Akel's chest Calen pins her her forearms under his lower legs and holds her head still with his knees while driving his daggers to his opponent's undefended face. 'You didn't answer before little girl scar or no scar, you might think the loser doesn't deserve one but I'm in a giving mood.' Calen growled menacingly. The fog had yet to fully clear so the two of them where hidden from sight for now but it also meant that Calen didn't know Reginald had already been eliminated.

Super speed smash 6%(New tackle damage)+8%(Previous tackle damage)
Face stabs 3x5%

Also can you add the damage from the head hilt smash two posts ago or at least explain how you dodge it.

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 19%(One spike was too close to dodge)
                               Fatigue: 40%(one semblance uses)
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: Walter on April 29, 2017, 02:31:37 AM
Reginald flopped to his side, rolling with a groan and slowly pushing himself up on all fours.

 "I said... I'd shake your hand after you've been defeated, did I not?" The dickweasel said through clenched teeth before getting up on his feet shakily. He then looked over at Silica for a moment, before stumbling over to collect hit cape, dagger and rifle, then went over to take a seat on a different bench.
Title: Re: Rustled Feathers [4/4 FULL]
Post by: EdgeyReyes on April 29, 2017, 03:22:45 AM
Akel's aura broke with the final stab, the knife pressed against her skin stopped her from speaking, partly because she had no desire for any sort of scar to appear on her face. She did, however glare daggers at him. With an intent pretty much on the level of 'I'll stab you if you don't get off of me'
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Post by: Siuwa on April 29, 2017, 04:36:37 AM
We will see about that. Cat grinned wildly at his opponent's reaction. Through the mist Cat cannot see anything, but he walked towards it slowly after picking up his hammer and trying to be silent so that he can just walk up behind his new opponent and end this with one big swing. This is a little stressful. The headache is slowly relieving again, the nausea gone, but his head is still trembling.
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Rolling off Akel with an audible thump Calen still couldn't believe his crash tackle worked. Getting slowly to his feet Calen offered his hand to help Akel up. 'Not very talkative are you? You fought very well, perhaps next time we won't have to drag those two clowns around' Calen tried to smile but it came out more as a grimace.

Picking his sword back up Calen kept two of his knives in his right hand and limped out of the fog. Exaggerating his already heavy breathing to hopefully lull this next attacker into a false sense of security Calen made a fair bit of noise on his way out.

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Reggie looked at the two remaining combatants for a moment. Sword guy had beaten scythe bitch, which he was quite pleased with, but... He could tell that sword guy was not doing so hot.

"Hey! The hammer guy is at a disadvantage in hand-to-hand range, but watch out for his semblance!" Reginald shouted to the other fighter. Sure, he had lost, but damn it, he did not want that smug hammer bastard to win. Yes, Reginald was the one judging someone for seeming smug here.

Silica, meanwhile, switched her crossed legs and gave a short wave to the other defeated combatant. "That was some good shit right there, girl! Should've kicked Reggie in the crotch, though."
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Akel accepted the hand from Calen, picking up the scythe with a strong pull brining it out with a strong pull, her aura had broke, so to avoid running into the enemy she turned the disks to kinetic. Slamming it onto the ground and letting the mist disperse, the weapon folded and she let it fold and placed it onto her thigh. "Yeah, maybe next time." She smiled at him, keeping it very brief before moving off to the side. She looked over to the direction where her sword and throwing knifes laid.

"Oh believe me, it was very tempting." Was the only thing she said, she took a seat and rubbed the spot where the knife laid against her cheek just before.
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This is one of the things that sets Catalina off a lot, spilling information for others. Well, except in the cases where it's of a matter of safety... Still, he knew better than to lash out on him. Instead he have to figure a new plan. Semblance again? Maybe, but he'll almost definitely faint for it. How about that.
Having a plan in his mind Cat continued to walk up to Calen. He prepared to get into melee range to execute it.
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As the fog started to clear Calen caught sight of Catalina. Figured it would be hammer guy, he has some kind of telekinetic push so this should be interesting. Nodding at Reginald for his advice Calen still inwardly cursed that weakness. So much for holding him at range, oh well I've dealt with worse. Calen muttered under his breath as he tried to rub some feeling back into his arms.

Whistling to get Catalina's attention Calen then threw his two knives before extending his sword into it's glaive form and took up a defensive stance. 'I guess it's only right that we are left, we need something to make up for our faces' Calen's smile was mostly convincing this time although his laugh was clearly a bit forced.

Throwing knives 2x3%

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Reggie scoffed at Silica's comment and Akel's response, crossing his arms and simply watching the fight as he put his cape back on.

Meanwhile his assistant had produced a pad and seemed to be taking some notes. Reginald didn't actually do as badly as she had expected - or, rather, hoped - so she was now trying to figure out what did the little shitbag suck at more than close combat. Probably dealing with women, or people in general.

She glanced at the long-haired girl one more. "Oh, I'm Silica, by the way."
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"Akeldama Blood-Heart, though everyone just calls me 'Akel'." She cut herself up from her introduction, getting off the bench and standing next to McDickle. She put out her left hand to shake his, they both lost so mutual status or something of another. Though she was smiling she had another reason for the handshake. "We both lost, so you want to shake or are you too high and mighty for, what was it you called me again?" Akel purposely stopped talking there, hoping for a response and a handshake just to serve some much needed stress relief.
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Catalina kept silence this time. He can't afford to speak to disrupt his breath. This will be intense.
Running forward and taking two throwing knifes he jumped, forwards, waving his hands, legs and hammer as wide as possible to hopefully hit a part of Calen. This has to be it.
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Not expecting such a wild attack Catalina's fist slipped through Calen's guard landing straight on his jaw, dazing him. Stepping to the side for some space Calen let out three slow sweeping strikes meant to maintain space as much as to do damage.

Shaking his head a few times to try to clear his head Calen started to work hard to get his breathing back under control. He hits hard and I don't want to risk making an opening myself. If I can just keep holding on I should be able to exploit a mistake. Calen thought to himself as he tried to focus on the task at hand.

3x4% slow sweeping strikes

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Reginald snorted at the sight of the ridiculous attack his former foe had just used upon the other fighter. How utterly undignified. At this point, however, he was distracted by the scythe user offering a handshake. Silica wasn't even watching the fight anymore, much more curious on what's going to be happening here.

The little shitsleeve stared at the hand for a moment, then looked up at the girl, then back to the hand. He then decided to shake it, though he did not stand up for it. "I'll have you know it's a privilege for someone like you to be able to shake my hand."
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"Oh really? Akel said plainly, almost monotone, not wasting even a milisecond she placed her leg behind Reggie's. Shoving her left hand into his chest and forcing him onto the floor, her heel slamming into his chest as his aura shattered. Her scythe unfolded and slammed the weapons head against the floor beside his neck, the weapon only floating just above his neck. She then moved her right foot and slammed it against his nuts. Kneeling on his chest and using the handle of the scythe to keep herself completely stable.

"If you ever insult this weapon again, I will make you pay for it. Understood? Go ahead, I dare you to cry to daddy, how his own son, despite training to be a hunter, can't take one little hit towards himself without his aura." Akel leaned slightly back, applying more pressure where it would hurt the most. She looked into his eyes, her still blood red eyes staring at his own, almost soul piercing glare.
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Cat got his hit in, and thought this is over. So his is surprised when he got swept. This is odd. But Cat was distracted when a large thump sound was heard. Then he witnessed in full what happened to that poor boy. And the nut shot is here again. That's it, he's interrupting.
Almost raging Catalina sprinted towards the brutal girl, completely ignoring his fight on hand, kicking her slightly below the shoulders with a round kick, with forces a little bit more than necessary to move her away from from the boy, but shouldn't be enough to do any permanent harm.
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Calen looked in shock and amusement as Catalina ran off to interrupt Akel and Reggies growing fight. That amusement quickly turned to distress he saw Catalina go for a kick against Calen's previous and now undefended opponent. 'Her aura is down and he's got that woman right there. Calen called out as he slowly limped after his opponent, his legs not letting him pick up any real speed and Calen didn't he fully trust them to hold him up if he used his semblance again.

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"What are you-" Reggie was unable to finish his thought when he was slammed into the floor. The twatmunch felt his aura shatter, something he certainly wasn't expecting.

He yelped as his family jewels were hurt, clenching his teeth and closing his eyes in pain. He was going to scream, to ask her to stop, but upon the mention of his father, he popped his eyes open, now glaring back at the girl through his pain.

"I won't... Cry for you, wench!" He spat out defiantly (though a bit high-pitched), just as the scythe wielder was kicked off of him. Instinctively, he went to cup his hands around what's most precious to him, rotating himself so that he would be on his knees, notably hunched over.

"You're... The one who's going to pay for that." He muttered, coughing. 

By this point, Silica had pulled out G-12, aiming it at Akel. "Alright, I know how fun it might be to beat the shit out of that snotbag, but I'll have to stop you there. My boss won't be too happy if something serious happens to the prick." She said, not realizing her own pun.
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Slammed into the nearby wall, Akel straight away placed her hand against the back of her head, after a few short moments which felt a lot longer to her, the temporary redhead pulled her hand away, glad to see that her hand was still the same grey that she was all to familiar with and not the red that was all too vivid with her mostly monochrome view upon the world. She shook her head slightly, she appeared unfocused for a few moments before she focused on the G-12 pointed at her.

"You don't have to point that gun at me, plus my aura shielding is down. Just having it pointed is more than a simple threat in my current condition." She said, while rubbing where she was kicked by Catalina. "That's going to hurt for a while. Also McPrick, there is at least one person at this school, staff or student that would have a healing semblance. You just have to swallow your dignity to ask them for help." Akel smiled at Reggie, her now slightly orange eyes casually glared at Reggie before looking towards where the battle royale had taken place previously, she had to squint to identify the knifes locations but had a much easier time seeing her sword due to the red handle.
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Cat regretted his kick a little bit, but alas, it's too late before he sent her flying to the wall. He was so relieved to see her hand after touching the back of her head confirms that nothing more serious than a temporary headache happened/would happen to the sliver haired girl. All he can do is give a simple sorry to her. Then he added, "But seriously, no nut shots. That is the very idea of exploiting sexual difference. I'll never tolerate that."
Now with that done and his anger rescinding, he felt the physical tire coming at him. Using his hammer to support him standing he turned to Calen once more.
"I thought you aura is down to red judging by how much your aura is flickering. You still want to continue?"
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'I disagree young master. We are at a combat school and we shouldn't give up any advantage. Surely you don't think the monsters or killers we are training to fight are going to give us any sympathy. Calen interrupted, pausing slightly before continuing. 'Yes let's continue, It'd be good practice for the field. Keep going until it's all gone'

Calen sounded almost confident even though his glaive felt like it weighed hundred times more than it normally did as swung the weapon around trying to loosen his muscles.

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Reginald, still hunched over, essentially snarled at Akel, his current state not allowing for a much better comeback. Silica sighed, holstering her weapon and looking at the other two who still had their auras up.

"Hey, maybe you two ought to give it a rest. I mean, I'm sure as hell not taking responsibility if either of you gets injured. I don't work here or nothing." She then looked towards her 'master'. "You need an ice pack or something, dipshit?"

 "I would... Appreciate... it."
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"Oh look, the dipshit is using his manners. How cute. Now if only he could do this all the time." Akel was going to milk this for every little bit that she could. She knew that there would definitely be a punishment later from one of the teachers. Akel still rubbing the point of impact from the kick stood up and grabbed her scythe near the end of the handle and let it fold up before she placed it on the bench and sat down again.

"May I have two packs of ice? Being slammed into a wall with a kick isn't pleasent... If you want to. I'll just get some for myself if you don't want to get any for me. I've probably caused you some trouble because of this."  Akel took off her sleeveless jacket and undid her vests, not really feeling the need to wear it and did intend to take it off before the fight.
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I mean, no, they won't, but the monsters won't deliberately attack there and I won't fight dangerous criminals face to face. The sniper isn't here for the looks. Well once I get some real sniper rounds, that is. Catalina is completely unaware of what he could be facing from the faculty.

He did seriously consider Silica's suggestion. He called back his memory from the tournament facing Nathan again. While he didn't consider that traumatic, screaming in pain infront of the world is at least a little bit embarrassing. Is it worth it? ...probably worth it. So Cat ignored Silica's advice and steadied himself for the fight, breathing noticeably, and held his hammer in place in front of him, taking a defensive stance.
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Taking a few steps to the left so Catalina is not pinned in front of the rest of their little group Calen threw another two knives before advancing slowly. 'I appreciate your concern miss but we are huntsmen-in-training, what could possibly go wrong? Calen replied giving Silica a slightly sympathetic grin

Stopping around eight to nine meters away at the very tip of his range Calen managed to get some reasonable speed behind the thrust even as his legs started to shake.

Throwing Knives 2x3%
Stab 5%

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 14%(No Change)
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"You might end up getting your balls crushed, for a start. Suit yourself. She said to the fighters, then nodded to Akel. "Eh, sure. Wasn't really gonna bring him the ice, but might as well." She said and walked out.

Reginald, meanwhile, had managed to get himself on a bench, grimacing. He occasionally throws Akel an angry look, though he also tries to distract himself by watching the fight. He's not rooting for anyone at this point. The little shit is hoping everyone gets injured at this point.
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"Thank you" Akel spoke softly, she laid her back against the wall that the bench was placed against. 'Please don't step on my knifes... or my sword' were the prominent thoughts when they would be continuing their fight. Akel really didn't bother making eye contact with Reggie. Only throwing a very quick glance his way before glancing to the fight. Mainly because that was the only source of entertainment right now.
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Maintaining his posture Cat walked slowly. Then Silica spoke again and he hesitated again. Will really nothing go wrong? Or will Cat become a second Nathan? Or Gray? That's scary.
When Cat refocused himself he is already close to reaching Calen with a swing. So he did just that. The hammer steadily arced from the left of Cat to its mark, opening the match again.
He also threw a glance at the surroundings to make sure they are nowhere near Akel's sword or throwing knifes. He saw what happened to whoever touched her scythe and so much as said one bad thing about it.
Oh, and the conveniently overwhelmed headache is coming back. At least it's no longer head shattering and no other effect occurred.
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'There is some ice in my pack on the wall, green and black and it's inside the cooler' Calen called out as Catalina approached him. He saw the swing coming but his legs just wouldn't respond so instead of dodging he blocked the haft of the hammer with the haft his glaive. Avoiding the head of the weapon Calen's body still shock as the force of the blow washed over him.

Barely holding the block Calen managed a clumsy step to his right and gave way to the blow as he moved his body out of the way. In the same motion managed a respectable thrust, using Catalina's superior strength to push Calen's weapon toward's his opponents face.

Stab 7%

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 8%(Smashed)
                               Fatigue: 40%(No Change)
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"Roger roger." Silica said, whistling as she wandered over to the pack and got the ice! She took three ice packs, closed the bag up again and then returned to the two losers.

She threw one ice pack into Reggie's face, then handed the other two to Akel before taking a seat again, crossing her right leg over her left. Reginald scoffed once more, then proceeded to gently place the ice on little Reggie. He released a sigh as he did so, looking up to see sword guy in a bad shape with his aura.
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"Thank you," was the only reply Akel had, first she placed one on her knee, feeling where the exact point of impact was through her hair, after feeling it she moved some of her hair away and placed the ice pack at that area. Grabbing the other ice pack that currently resided on her knee and put it through her silver turtleneck from below and pressed her left arm against the ice pack to keep it in place. 'This isn't comfortable' were the first thoughts that came to mind as she tried adjusting herself slightly to try and get comfortable.
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Cat's reaction is just as sluggish as Calen's. He sliently cursed that just not enough time of rest that let all his tire come but not go.
Catalina tried to duck below the incoming glaive but his knees bent just too much and knelt instead and his forehead recieved a glancing blow.
Cat tried to plunge the hammerhead, still in the kneeling position, into his opponent's stomach. Then he went for a headbutt, jumping with all of his body flying forward.
He also noticed how unacceptably they are performing at this rate. Come on, Catalina, remember your mountain days, where you just have to keep moving to survive!
(Aura: 17%)
(Hammer plunge: 5%, Headbutt: 3%)
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Calen had fought himself into submission before but the feeling of helplessness as his body fails to respond never got any easier to accept. Seeing Catalina just as worn down as he was gave Calen hope however and when he saw his opponent go for a headbutt he took it on his knee shooting towards Catalina with a pretty pathetic burst of his semblance. Crashing into the ground behind Catalina when his legs gave way, Calen used the blade of his glaive to give him purchase to rise but even then only made it to crouching position.

Knee to the face 4%

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 5%(Headbutt)
                               Fatigue: 35%(One Semblance use)
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Silica had produced her scroll, now just humming to herself as she went through various social networks, not a care in the world.

Reginald, meanwhile, had realized that the hammer guy was probably going to win at this point. He cursed under his breath and shakily got up on his two feet, still holding the ice pack to his junk. He started to waddle towards the door, not wanting to deal with that smug bastard's face. Please let the halls be (not) empty...
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"Have fun getting back." Akel casually said as she saw Reginald getting up. Akel would of probably done the same thing, but the matter of her knifes and sword were still on the ground of the sparring area. So she just had to wait, just a bit more hopefully.
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Catalina saw this move coming, figuratively and literally. And yet he could never have dodged it. Taking the knee to his face Cat somehow found himself infront of Calen. He turned around facing his opponent and did nothing. He is gathering strength. Whoever gathers enough strength for a burst of attack takes this.
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'You know I have some fresh salmon, now without ice so I could whip up something for everyone after this? It would be the least I could do after letting me join in. Calen asked taking advantage of the respite to get to stand up and prepare for the next round of fighting.

The thought of food had gotten some feeling back into Calen so he managed to step forward, collapse his glaive into a sword and go on the offensive. Opening with a simple stab followed by a slash on Catalina's right followed again by a same side feint. Calen's arms and body were doing the lion share of the work as his legs remained irresponsibly unresponsive. For his final attack Calen leaned backed and looked like he was going for a flick stab but at the last moment extended his sword into it's glaive form for a more solid hit.

stab 4%
slash 3%
fade away stab 5%

Calen's Battle data: Aura: 5%(No Change)
                               Fatigue: 35%(No Change)
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"Oh, salmon? I like fish. Try not to die, either of ya, tho." Silica said, briefly glancing up from her scroll. She was quickly engrossed once more by a selfie posted by her boss, though. Not Reginald. her actual boss.

Reggie, meanwhile, stopped at the door, turning his head to Akel and scowled.  "This will not be the last you hear of me, wench!" He said, before continuing his hobble out through the door. What a loser.
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Akel didn't bother with responding to Reggie, it was a waste of breath to even talk with the pompous brat. 'of course it ain't, we are in the same school.' was her mental response. Honestly, could he be anymore of an ass.
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Cat took the blade's stab and slash still trying to gather for attack. When he saw Calen move to the side again, he thinks that's it.
Bursting forward with as much as he can Cat forgone his hammer once again going on his fists. He launched several punches to the shoulder but made sure he is ready to stop once he saw his opponent's aura breaking. He got him.
(Aura: 6%)
(Punches: 5x4%)
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Weaving Calen managed to evade the first two punches as he faded away but the third hit home and the forth stopped just above his sternum. Breathing out a small sign of relief Calen collapses to his knees as his aura shatters but thankfully takes no physical damage. 'Well fought  young master.' Calen chokes out bitterly. 'I concede.'

With a few moments on his knees and with his eyes closed Calen managed to push down those childish feelings and re-centre himself at least for now. Stumbling to his feet Calen looked around, noted that Reginald had left turned to Silica. 'I hope we provided adequate challange for your .... companion.' Calen started hesitantly. 'So how many was that for food?
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"Hey, you kicked his ass. That's about the level of training I was hoping for." Silica responded, pocketing her scroll. "Could definitely go for some food, though. Forcing that dickweed to get up early meant I couldn't have breakfast this mornin'.".

Saying that, she placed her palm in front of her mouth, yawning. "About time Reggie grows a pair, tho. Granted, that growth may have just been physically hindered." She gave an off-hand fingergun towards Akel, her other hand lowering from her mouth.
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"Oh, that actually reminded me, Silica, why is that sorry excuse for a human being even trying to become a hunter? He thinks of himself as superior, probably was given constant praise as a child, am I right?" She was basing her opinions off of nothing but from what she had seen and his behaviour. Calling her filth, the constant ideal that he was above everyone else. It did fit into the rich spoilt stereotype.

Grabbing the ice pack from the back of her head, and instead choosing to hold it against her face, just for the nice feeling of the cold ice against her skin. "Food for four, if i'm not mistaken. I'm not mistaken, right?" Tilting her head slightly and looking towards Silica to confirm her previous statement.
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Cat laid on the ground upon hearing his opponent concede, letting a long sigh of relief and relax. Thought of food gave him the energy to sit back up, and now he's wondering along with Akel why he became a huntsman in training. By the way, he didn't know the name of the boy who left yet. "What's his name? I want to shake his hand." As Catalina extended his hand once again hoping someone shakes it.
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'Which means unless we find someone more interesting you are welcome to join young miss.' Calen joked, giving Akel a small smile before shaking Catalina's hand. 'I didn't catch his name either but I'm Calen, Calen Shrike.'

Taking out his scroll Calen called his locker, which he used as additional food storage, to the grassy area outside the training room. 'Feel free to wait here and rest up, I won't be long.' Calen remarked as he walked off managing some semblance of his normal dancers grace as he temporarily departed.

Grabbing the fish and some fresh bread from his pack Calen muttered ideas to himself as what to prepare while walking out. Deciding on salad maybe with some potatoes, capers and a few other bits and pieces Calen then unfolded his workstation from his locker and started preparing the meal.
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"His name's Reggie. Well, it's Reginald, but he hates being called Reggie. Yea, he's a rich piece of shit, but I don't know where his father went wrong. His dad's a good man. A great one, really. And, well, according to what he's told me, the little fucker got the shit kicked out of him one day so then he decided he wanted to prove himself as tough. As you can see, it's going great." Silica explained, giving a nod to Akel upon the offer of food.

She sighed, crossing her arms. "I don't know about you, hammer guy, but I personally wouldn't count on 'shaking his hand'. Putting aside the fact that I wouldn't want to touch him outside of punching him in the face, he thinks of himself way too highly to do something like that unless you can produce a wad of cash to impress him."
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"Well at least it's a comfort to know that his dickery doesn't run in the family. I kind of would like to meet his dad, he seems like a really nice person." Akel stood up, grabbing the other pack of ice from where she was kicked, grabbing the other pack of ice which was helping prevent the bruise just under her arm.

"I think i'll just rest here for a little bit" Akel moved her scythe to the ground, underneath the bench, laying against the bench and moving her jacket where her head would soon rest upon.
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Oh, so that's his last name.

"He promised to shake it before the fight tho." This is the first time in a long time Cat tried to humiliate someone. He actually feels pretty superior. It also feels a little bit wrong though.

"Yeah, at least there's a good motive right here. Pass my word of 'good luck' to him."
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(Just skip Calen's post he'll be outside cooking and back in time for the next post)
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"Oh, yeah, his dad's fuckin' awesome. Not sure why he had me assigned to the little shit, but the guy's pretty damn cool otherwise." She smirked at Cat and gave a thumbs up. "Always a fan of people calling out his bullshit. And don't know how great that motivation really is. Sometimes I feel like it would've been better if the little shitstain just stayed at home and kept... Not contributing to society in any way. Not like he does that now."

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"Oh, Silica, this may seem like an odd question but, I've gotta ask: Are you a huntress? I know it sounds like a stupid question but huntresses and hunters don't normally work under someone, well there is Atlas. But besides the point, are you a huntress?" Akel slided the hair that normally stuck to the right side of her face behind her ear. Showing both of her now golden eyes which showed that typical casual soul staring look without meaning.
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Akel's question is actually pretty interesting. He just assumed Silica is his trainer, but now she will verify this assumption. He can also smell the salmon cooking. Hmm.

Cat raised his own question. "Will he drop his attitude towards someone? Maybe his father and who else?"
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With very little actual cooking involved as the fish was already smoked, just some fire dust to crisp and heat up the potatoes Calen came back in reasonably quickly. Carrying the four plates on a platter Calen walked around to each member of their impromptu brunch handing them their dish as well as cutlery.

Smiling as the conversation had began in his absence Calen was going to contribute before realising that he didn't know everyone's names. 'Sorry but I didn't catch everyone's names' Calen interjected into a break in the conversation.

 Fish salad  (
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"I'm Silica." She said to Calen as she graciously accepted her food plate, before turning to the other two once more. She smirked a bit.

"Nah, I'm not a huntress. My dad didn't want me to have anything to do with fighting. I'm an assistant to the Royale family, the one that dickweed belongs to." She explained, stabbing her fork into a piece of fish. "Well, depends on what you mean by 'his attitude'. He's always a pompous prick, but the one thing he respects is power. Well, power and money. If he thinks you're 'his equal', or superior, he'll become a sleazy shit."
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"thank you. I'm Akel, full name is Akeldama Blood-Heart" the silver-haired girl mumbled. Quickly sitting up at the smell of food, she thought that the fish was actually going to be cooked, but judging by the time it took it meant that it was probably prepared beforehand. Nevertheless, she took a bite out of it, enjoying the food with a quiet hum.

"So if I best him in some honor duel or something. He'll respect me? Or will he just scoff and look the other way?
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Ah. So we misunderstood. Cat thought as he opened his mouth wide and put a piece of salmon into his mouth and tasted it carefully. Mmm. Isn't as good as raw salmon, but tasty in its own right.
Hopefully. And I bet we need to beat him by a much larger margin than I just did.
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'Dust trade right? I remember hearing the Royale name before in the news. I can't really talk critically about another's arrogance but I understand your distaste of your charge Miss Silica.' Calen smiled awkwardly, he was uncomfortable discussing someone who wasn't present but understood that Reginald had caused quite the stir.

'So I'm Mistrali, is anyone else from overseas? I must say I've been really enjoying Vale for my time here but I'm sure I haven't seen everything.' Calen began trying to drag to topic away from, in his view, unpolite gossip.

Calen was happy about how the meal was going down though. A few other run ins with students around school had made him wary about fish dishes but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Only after everyone else had started did Calen start eating himself, slowly and clearly savouring each bite.
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"Well... it's hard to say. That bastard has weird standards for  who he respects. I've never seen him respect someone who just beat him. He doesn't actually respect me, and I come from a pretty well-off family myself. He sees me as an underling, even though I regularly kick his ass." She explained, then took another bite of salmon. She was quite a big fan of fish, actually.

She then turned to Calen, somewhat glad the topic of conversation had finally shifted from Reginald. "I'm originally from Atlas, yeah. Been all over, though. Every place has it's own charm."
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"Oh, he's truly weird." Akel took another bite as Calen's question was asked, swalling the piece of potato that was in her mouth before answering.

"I'm Valian, born and raised here. While I don't know the city off the back of my hand I do know a fair bit. What's Mistral like, I've always wanted to go there but never had the chance. Is it really beautiful as I've heard. Oh, just remembered!" Akel said quickly, the thought of food earlier had distracted her, but she still had her throwing knifes and sword on the ground. She quickly placed her plate down and went to retrieve her gear that was previously used in the sparring session.
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"Yeah yeah, we've just experienced that." Commented Catalina as he scooped a bunch of salad into his mouth and started chewing on it.

"I'm Valish too. The commenter of Vytal festival tournament says Mountain Glenn settlement is destroyed like a decade ago, but my entire life disproves it. Like, where does he even get his information?" Cat peeked at Akel as she went collecting her weapons. He wasn't really thinking anything, he just sort of... Watched.
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'Well I've actually never been to Mistral itself, the city I mean, only around to south and east coasts of the continent. But it is beautiful, similar to Vale's Forever Fall forest with lots of red, yellows and even some blues all contrasting against the usual forest green. It's a place you could get lost for years in.' Calen replied, struggling to contain a burst of laughter during the last sentence. 'I'd help you Miss Blood-Heart but I don't think I can move my legs at the moment, just leave my knives on the ground. I'll collect them later.'

The Mountain Glenn comment caught Calen off guard. Few people talked about the catastrophe and although he had heard about missions to the surrounding areas he had never managed to get much of the the students who returned. 'Well people always like putting things into neat categories, if something lingers it makes it harder to remember. So instead we often just think that when times started to get worse making that where they all ended. Forgetting that people have a very tenacious grip on what they call their own.' Calen continued giving a small shrug before quickly adding. 'But don't feel like you have to go into much detail, losing ones home is never easy'

Calen laughed when he heard Silica's reply. 'I would have never guessed that there were so many Atleasians were in Beacon, I guess no one likes the cold. If you have been all over then surely you must have some stories, I'm sure we would all like to hear them if you are willing to tell them.'
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"You're... From Mountain Glenn?" Silica asked, genuinely surprised by this. She briefly looked towards Calen again, though, shrugging. "Well, most of it really ain't worth telling. Lots of good people in the world, lots of assholes. The one exciting thing to really happen would've been during my stay in Mistral. 's where I met Reginald's father. Dude was awesome."
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Akel had picked up most of her knifes and sword relatively quickly. She placed all of the ones that she had collected onto her belt, all except one. It was at the corner of the arena, sliding over during the battle and laid there, abondoned and unseen through the eyes of the mostly monochrome visiom of Akel.

It's colour on a black to white scale matched that of the floor, which was what made it exceedingly difficult for her to spot while it was fairly obvious in the eyes of her company. She stood near the centre of the arena, trying to spot it but failing with the limitations of her monochrome vision.
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Cat noticed that Akel haven't picked the last knife up in a long time. He looked at Akel and pointed in the direction of the last knife.

"Well, no one really knows what caused the first grimm invasion. And my family have a base that's much more secure than the city but it's slowly being overran too. I plan to go back there one day if it's still standing."
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''No one knows' is kinda the whole thing with Grimm. You go to places like this to learn only to find out it's almost all religious or philosophical posturing. But do you remember what your parents were studying over there Master Catalina? I have only heard scant details about the expansion attempt. Mistral has had a few but none ended so suddenly.' Calen continued, he was curious but knew pushing too hard would get him nowhere if his read was correct.

'Feeling a bit dazed Miss Blood-Heart?' Calen asked slowly getting to his feet in case Akel was actually unwell.
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"Vicious cycle with the grimm, isn't it? They get attracted by negative emotions, destroy the place, causing more negative emotions. " Silica comments, then chomps on another piece of fish.

"I do think the whole expansion thing is stupid. It seems like pointlessly risking peoples' lives."
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"Not dazed, just a bit... ah, there it is!" Akel was finally able to spot the last missing knife. She should really just do the entire handle red. That'd be this problem solved. Picking up the last knife and placing it on the final spot on her belt. The 25 throwing knifes seating neatly, evenly spaced between and looking like decorations on the belt.

"Well our population is growing, the more humans and faunas there are will mean the more total humanoid people live on Remnant. That would eventually call for expansion, but I do think they should build the defences before actually expanding the buildings." Akel let the blade of her sword fold into its shortened form and placing it back into her scythe.
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Cat turned back to his food once he saw the girl went to her weapon. After he is finished with the salad he responded.

Yep that's the reason. But you need to house the defense personnel too. Or they could choose a better place to colonize... Actually why Don't we expand the Valish cities instead?

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'Well you can't feasibly build everywhere and we need resources from outside the cities and homes to house those who harvest that and their families.' Calen pointed out. This isn't the topic he would choose but I suppose it would do. 'Like most of our missions will be outside the city walls even if most of the people are inside. Of course settlements need defences but those need time to be built and people to build them who intern need housing and defending while they a building the defences for the housing...' Calen is quiet for a moment as he could feel himself blathering on. 'In one of the management courses we discussed the concept of 'Wicked Problems,' issues which are nigh impossible to solve as we simply don't know the requirements meaning we don't know; how much defences are enough, how effective natural boundaries are, how efficient or protect-able supply routes are until they come under attack which is often too late.

Now on his feet and with some food in his belly Calen was feeling a bit better so he set his half-eaten plate down and started doing stretches to stop too much lactic acid building up. He still had a lot planned today, including finding something knew for his team for lunch. 
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While everyone else had spoken, Silica had been downing her food, so she was nearly done with her plate when she spoke up once more.

" I think it'd made sense to just expand the city of Vale out. Y'know, build out into the forest right next to the wall and such. You'll get more land bit by bit, and if anything happens you kind of have all your forces right in place to help. Hell, builders could just stay in the city." She said. "I get that you need outposts for trade and all that, but to risk so many lives just for profit... It ain't right. Gotta be better ways to get people supplies, too."
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Listening to the conversation move on, Akel didn't really know how she could contribute to the conversation, so she just opted to listen to what the others were saying.
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"And the ecological argument of deforestation arrives!" Said Catalina half jokingly.

"Mostly trade are done in air as far as I know. I do get that a safe land trade would be a huge boon to economy, money and supply stability and all that stuff, so I wouldn't call that just for profit. Well there are space elevators in those scifis. but we can't even get to space and stay there for any meaningful time, let alone anything else."
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'Humanitarian not ecological, we are at war after all. Remarked Calen giving a slightly teasing smile of his own.

He was surprised to hear that trade was done largely air in Vale so Calen took some time formulating his response. 'Honestly I had never heard of large-scale trade through air travel so perhaps it's better here but in the larger kingdoms like Mistral that simply isn't feasible. You've got millions of people out there going about their daily lives and you can't organise an air drop every time someone wants to put up a shed. Hell even Vale has a substantial dockyard and a whole series of towns further in land along rivers. I could imagine finished products maybe or emergency supplies but not raw materials, the waste would be enormous.' Calen argued as he pressed his hand against his head trying to loosen up his traps.

Rotating his shoulders Calen turned to Silica. 'Something not having an obvious solution doesn't mean we'll stop trying to find one. Noticing that Silica had mostly finished he grinned widely before continuing. 'Good?' Calen asked referring to the food.
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Silica had now finished all of her food, giving Calen a thumbs up. "Yea, that hit the spot real good. Thanks a bunch."

The woman then stretched out her arms. "Think I should probably check on sir dipshit and let his dad know what's up, though. Been nice chatting with some relatively normal people for once." She stood up, and gave a short wave as she headed out. "See y'all later."

And with that, the assistant to the Royale family had left the scene.
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"Please don't make me seem horrible! He deserved it! Have a good one" Akel said as she watched Silica leave. "So, what do we do now?"
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"I wasn't even sure actually. Might very well be wrong."Cat needs to check this on his scroll when he's back.

"Well, I know what to do for myself. Dunno about tho."He knows what to do: finally getting some legit sniper ammo.
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Having completed his stretches Calen turned to the remaining students checked if they had finished their meals, if so he would take their plates away and picks up his own knives.

'Again that was well fought but I really must be going' Calen said as he limps away from the other students and taking out his scroll. 'But like I said, it was fun so if either of you ever need a punching bag just give me a yell.'

By the time Calen has walked out of the room he has sent both students his scroll number through the academies student email system.