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Beacon Academy / Re: Blind Leading Blind [CLOSED]
« on: July 06, 2019, 01:48:56 PM »
Anna was sat in a comfy chair, a pile of books on the table besides her and another one in hand. Her left hand hovered over it as she read, occasionally flipping a page. Truly, some good relaxation time.

At some point, she heard some footsteps pass by. This, while an uncommon occurrence, was by no means rare. What was rare, though, was the music accompanying them. If it wasn't for the slightly muffled nature of the sound, she could've sworn they were just playing music on their scroll's speaker. Displeased, she stopped reading and turned her head towards the source a little to find out what in the world was wrong with them.

The steps (and music) headed to a nearby bookshelf, where some light shuffling was heard. Oh, so they were picking up some books. Not really minding that, Anna went back to her book. The steps passed in front of her again and headed off. Not very far, though - they stopped near what was, from what Anna remembered, another bookshelf. Books were set down and other picked up.

This repeated at least 3 times before Anna gave up on reading entirely, inserting her bookmark before putting the book on the top of her pile. Using her semblance's second stage, she looked for the culprit from her seat.

Putting Ergia back in its place on his harness on the way, Nathan arrived at the arena entirely looking forward to both observing and participating. Upon arrival, he was guided into the arena and allowed to unceremoniously plop down on a seat. He'd arrived a bit late but this place was still good.

Looking at the stage, a Faunus - clearly - walked in. He remembered seeing her around earlier, but she hadn't exactly been an attraction at the time. Now that he looked closer, though, he saw that she was very undoubtedly endowed with some prosthetics. The glowing eye behind the hair, the metal plate that's seemingly integrated into the soul somehow, it almost screamed cyborg. No idea what the things on her shoulders were, though. He was excited to find out.

Teams / Re: Team List
« on: July 06, 2019, 11:40:33 AM »
Beacon 1st year

DASE | Days

AMA Section / Re: Boba/Bubble Tea Challenge
« on: July 03, 2019, 09:53:31 AM »
The what challenge?

Huh. The guy... managed to catch it. Gods, that must've singed a bunch, judging by the faint wisp of smoke. Still, her opponent may well be more sociable than Camelia had initially thought, nodding in acknowledgement of her... attack? Taunt? Whatever it was.

What she expected even less than basic civility, though, was for the pebble to get sent back at anything close to a similar speed. She barely managed to get her head behind her shield out of reflex before the stone bounced off Orion with enough force that she felt the impact. Okay, what the hell was that? HOW did he do that?

As her eyes got back just above the edge of her rampart, an explosion blasted off from where the enemy was. Her eyes zipped to the incoming motion, but too late to be of any use. As she attempted to prop herself to take the blow, the aforementioned blow landed, sending her cartwheeling a few meters backwards. The fact that Orion was in a concave shape instead of a shield's usual convex helped channel the blow and momentum towards herself, if anything.

For an instant, Camelia just lay on her back, mildly stunned, before coming back to her senses and getting back on her feet with a quick spin, gaining a foot or so of distance. All she had to do now was get him in Orion's area of effect and fire.

[Aura: 100]
[Orion: Secondary form, full on all types]
[Semblance: 94.8%]

Despite how utterly oppressing the abnormal silence felt to Anna, she abided by her leader's word, agreeing to the plan with a nod. With a brisk pace, she got out of the room and made her way downstairs and out of the door - as much as the window would be an excellent shortcut, the current situation did not make her feel like jumping from the second floor.

Turning as she exited the ex-home, she clearly heard Calen mutter resentful cooking-oriented remarks. When she was finally caught up with him, she made sure to let her thoughts be known. "You know damn well none of us could've made anything that good with what we have on hand." It wasn't an aggressive tone of voice, despite the choice of words. A frank and honest tone, really.

Wait, this wasn't what Set had set them out to do. They were supposed to fix the tower somehow. "Say, up to where did you inspect the wiring? If we can just pulse the radio tower itself, we can send morse code without needing any sort of control mechanism short of an on/off switch."

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: June 30, 2019, 06:28:39 PM »
"Mmm. Lack of references can indeed make things harder, but I'd still prefer to do all I can. If I can even make it hurt a bit less, it's worthwhile to me." Now that Anna thought about it, those chains were part of her, huh? Not just some simple prosthetics, judging by how she spoke of them.

Gently laying all of her things down near the wall to her right, Anna then got back up and faced back the Faunus, eyes slightly open - staring at nonexistent details on the floor. "Could you try and use them like you normally do?", she very nicely asked as her semblance revved into high gear.

Everywhere Else / Re: Movie Night [Closed]
« on: June 26, 2019, 03:04:30 PM »
Helena's smile widened (if possible) when Diana handed over her own scroll, unlocked and everything. Taking it with her left hand and picking up the one on the table with her right, she was listening to her until the sentence trailed off, staring with a worried look on her face at something. Helena turned as well, her brow furrowed in mild confusion. It only got worse once she caught sight of it, too...

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: June 26, 2019, 02:40:36 PM »
After waiting patiently for the faunus to feel like talking about it, Anna FINALLY took the time to move the hair out of her face, revealing a slightly worried frown above her closed eyes. "Oh, really? I'm sorry, I didn't know, I don't watch the Tourney... But, um, would you let me try and help a bit?" Realizing that she still hadn't given her name or anything, she changed gears. "I'm Anna, by the way, Anna Fall. My semblance allows me to see." Taking a deep breath to shake off any anxiety that could've been building up, she marched on.

"By arms, did you mean your chains?"

Nathan intently listened to the man speak, holding back a mild curse when NDAs came into play. But from what he was hearing, something like... spider limbs? More limbs on the back? Limbs that could extend, possibly violently? It could grant him positively ludicrous mobility and reach as well as pack more of a punch than normal... Oh wait, the match was starting? Damn! Time to wrap up.

Without losing the excitement in his eyes, he said "Alright but here's my idea real quick: extra limbs on the back that can stretch several meters and have a lotta power to them and/or arms that have the same properties so I can throw someone a punch from six plus metres away. Anyway, this was fun! Thanks for your time!" With that, he nabbed Ergia and took off towards the small arena he'd seen earlier in a quick jog. Maybe he'd have the time to converse more afterwards... Hopefully.

After waiting a bit more, Camelia witnessed her opponent lose patience before she did, strolling directly into her line of sight. And stare right at her. Then he proceeded to walk closer - but not close enough to be within reach of Orion - and halt, tapping his foot.

Oh, so you wanted to taunt, huh? Well, two could play at this game. Reaching back and onto the ground, Camelia scoured the surface with her hand in the hopes of finding - ah, exactly what she wanted. A pebble barely large enough to be called such. Resuming her previous stance, she let the rock - now surrounded by a dark purple glow - float gently upwards with her semblance. Once it reached just above the shield, another glow combined with the first one and, two seconds later, the stone flew forth towards the man standing opposite the arena. She took the opportunity to switch Orion to secondary mode at the same time, hoping the taunt would also work as a distraction.

(Pebble: 1%, 3% if somehow nails an eye)

[Aura: 100]
[Orion: Full on all types]
[Semblance: 94.8%]

The Vale Region / Re: The Seven Stances of the Sword [CLOSED]
« on: June 26, 2019, 01:59:08 PM »
Camelia smiled as Toast spoke, amused by his mild floundering. "You can call me Cammie. And about that, I was wondering how we'-" Stopping herself mid-sentence as the deafened sound of boots on metal was heard, she turned to the source.

A man, not much older than either of the students, walked up to them and informed them about his current role. Odd, since she hadn't received anything pertaining to being escorted in any way... Better to not bring it up, though, but she would keep it in mind. Speaking of keeping in mind, she was pretty sure that if she curled up, she could fit in the man's - Alfyn's - backpack with some room to spare.

The rest of his speech was a bit less pleasant for Camelia, considering it was basically one long, somewhat blunt criticism on her choice of attire. Firstly, that armour was what she fought with and she was quite used to its weight, as heavy as it might be. As long as she went slow and steady, she didn't foresee exhaustion problems. As for the coat, she'd heard that mountains can get rather cold compared to their low-altitude surroundings. Combined with the forest they were going to be walking through and the shade that implied, a coat seemed justified. After showing some slight confusion, she concluded that she did have no experience in the field of mountain climbing and therefore decided to believe the man.

As for adding to the back(front)packs... Showing a nice, warm smile, she said to Alfyn "Personally, I've come here with everything I needed already packed, so I don't feel like visiting the town at this moment. However, once we get back down, my pack will be almost completely empty and I wouldn't mind doing some shopping to stock back up!"

The Vale Region / Re: The Seven Stances of the Sword [CLOSED]
« on: June 21, 2019, 05:46:17 PM »
Camelia had removed all her armour, weapons and everything else not including normal clothing and was dozing off in her seat reclined to the 'that's just a bed' position. This did, however, mean that a big pile of chrolsfmon was sitting on the floor next to her, almost dwarfing the large bag besides them.

Speaking of bag, Camelia had prepared thoroughly. The backpack was filled to the brim with easily preserved foods like pemmican and water alongside a (suspendible) tent, some anti-bug spray, a bottle of sunscreen and a sleeping bag, as well as minimalist climbing equipment (just in case). The distress beacon was at the very bottom with all its possible buttons taped down. No misfires allowed!

At the buzz, Camelia more or less jolted awake. Popping upright, she hastily made her seat follow suit before getting up and putting on her coat, followed by all the layers of her armour, all the while listening to the pilot's words. When Orion was slotted on her back, she slipped the backpack onto her front - like wearing a backpack, but the wrong way around. It wasn't really that bad considering Orion's weight compensated rather well. She finished by buckling the waist strap and was ready to head out. Turning back towards their driver as the door opened, she cheerfully said "Understood, sir! Have a pleasant week!" before strolling onto the pad.

Looking around a bit, Camelia quickly determined her objective's location - Mount Sleipnir, as ominous as that sounded, was clearly visible almost right next to her - and pondered on how to go about it. Of course, she should head out right away. No point in dallying around, after all. However, how about the climb? Could the other student and herself share the burden, taking turns standing watch?

Wishing to determine the validity of such thinking, she turned back around towards the other non-pilot person present, politely waiting for their own train of thought to finish.

Plot Zone / Re: The Seven Stances of the Sword
« on: June 16, 2019, 11:03:17 AM »
I'mma shove Camelia in here. Even then, not sure is it counts since she doesn't exactly use swords normally...

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: June 16, 2019, 11:00:52 AM »
Anna listened intently at the girl's voice as she responded. "Maybe it absorbs sounds like when you want to amplify them but instead of containing them in a defined region, it just translates the sound directly to your head?" Truth be told, Anna knew nothing about how it was supposed to work. Sure, it had some similarities to her own semblance, but that was only some similarities...

The girl's short pause made Anna reflexively pulse her own semblance to see what was going on - was she just thinking or something else? Turns out, she was staring into the distance, which, while not exactly common for people in deep thought, wasn't exactly uncommon, either. "...Something wrong?"

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