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The Vale Region / Re: At the mountains Summit
« on: January 14, 2019, 06:40:14 AM »
Although the pilot chuckled slightly Samís reaction mirrored much of Cameliaís in bewildered annoyance although the experienced huntsman managed to hide it reasonably well. íThere will likely be a little more to it than that Wabul but hopefully for all our sakes I hope the end result is the same. We need Falcon Haven secure if we are going to have a solid base here. But if there arenít any questions Iíll leave you all to it, I have other debriefs that I have run so I wish you all the best of luck.í Sam Copper remarked before terminating their call. The bullhead quickly flew away, a little higher than before with itís lighter load making the ride look a lot smoother.

Illuminated by Ladybugís headlights it was clear that despite these shafts hadnít been in use for a while and the lights were playing up they were well made. Cut almost completely square with regular wooden supports showing little or no signs of rot or decay. Slowly going further and further up the shaft curved around itself until it would eventually reach Falcon Haven. It would make dragging Ladybug around difficult unless Revya rode it which would cause problems with noise and additional flammable materials.

The group started to find a fair few offshoots to different parts of the mining system. All of them carved out in the same high quality in craftsmanship and regular breaks to ensure the stability of the entire system. All of them except for one. Harshly carved out with a drill made this tunnel more circular than square and there was a complete absence of any wooden supports. More worryingly there was the sound of mining and heavy machinery coming from further down the tunnel.

If the impromptu group of hunters in training decides to check out this noise it wouldnít take long before they could hear voices intermingled with all the sounds of industry. Luckily with all the excess noise going around, it would only require a moderate amount of stealth to sneak up on them and get within a reasonable distance of the group. There looked like there were two miners working heavy machinery and other four loading up mining carts The workers were all singing a song and working in time to the beat of the words. It was well timed which suggested this being a regular activity. If the group decided that they had to at least check in with Falcon Watch and begin their mission as soon as possible before diverting their attention there was an elevator a fair distance along the main mining shaft. It would bring the group to Falcon Watch quickly although from the look of it the noise could easily be heard over the mining machines.

The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
« on: January 09, 2019, 05:03:29 PM »
íThe main objective is to find and isolate the Dustsmith but yes if you are able to disarm and remain unnoticed it would be beneficial to future missions. Of course, if you are capable of capturing the Dustsmith here and now we wonít need future missions.í Sam Copper responds coldly. íYour line to me is encrypted but no encryption is perfect and even the existence of an encrypted communication line could cause suspicion so I would recommend keeping your calls back to base to a minimum. Now, unfortunately, there are other briefings I need to run so best of luck out there and keep your eyes peeled. The Dustsmith is a dangerous threat so donít be cautious about bringing in backup.í With that Samís voice cuts out leaving only the dull droning of the car and the occasional tune hummed by the driver.

íThere are some thick robes in one of the cases back there, might be a bit uncomfortable in the heat but they actually do a lot to keep the hot air from reaching you as well as protecting you from sunburn. Honestly, itís the sunburn that would dehydrate you more than sweat as well as it will also keep the sun off your armour Aurelia.í The driver pointed out as she turned around to face the other members of their impromtu team, Aurelia could immediately recognize her. Saffron was wearing a dark blue saree as well as a fair amount of gold jewellery but rather than her normal fire dust fractals to deal will Atlasís cold there was light blue frost dust to deal with the heat. íSo Iíve ran into Aurelia before and although Iíve read both of your files itís still polite to introduce yourself, My name is Saffron nice to meet everyone, what is everyone else's name?í Saffron remarked as she turned back around to keep her eyes on the road. It was still reasonably open but there was no reason to take unnecessary risks and it allowed her to turn towards the smoking wreckage.

If Siu did end up sending one of her dragons out to scout the surroundings the dragon would find small pockets of Grimm in a pretty wide radius around the vehicle but they seemed to be keeping their distance for now. When it gets closer to the source of the smoke that isnít the case any more. A caravan, former caravan more precisely had been completely guttered by the creatures of Grimm with some still stalking around the ruined and burnt out shells trying to force their way inside. The remaining Grimm forces numbered around a couple dozen and donít look like they would put up a considerable threat to the huntsmen. Saffron does her best to accelerate towards wreck caravan unless one of the other members of their impromptu team says anything but it still looks like they would be a couple of minutes away.

íSo, whatís the plan?í Saffron asked. Normally a leader of her own team Saffron would normally be expected to come up with the plan but she was unexpectedly happy that obligation was no longer hers. With two far more experienced hunters, Saffron would be comfortable letting them take the lead even if it only looked like one of them just woke up. Obviously, she wanted to help anyone she could but her Atlas training had encouraged her to look at the bigger picture, they needed infomation. It would do more good than saving a few lives but it was going to be a difficult topic to bring up given Atlasís negative reputation and Saffron didnít want to add to it. For now, she kept her opinions to herself and focused on the road. The shrubbery and trees were getting more sparse leading to a mostly open forest plain.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: January 08, 2019, 07:29:10 AM »
íI saw someone take out a small Nevermore with a firework, itís not much but its something. And Iím sure itís only the truly great patients that end up in worse shape than when they first lay down on the operating table. Even a ninja doctor couldnít keep you safe from yourselfí Calen continued to tease Kisha lightheartedly. The combination of Kishaís earnestness, absentmindedness and seriousness made her an amusing target for such taunts although she had proven herself to be more than what the gaunt boy expected so he didnít push too hard. íHonestly I think people are too quick to give up on anger, it can be a powerful motivating force if you know how to control it but I agree in most cases it is a waste of energy. Cutting someone else off from your life can often feel like you are punishing yourself as much as them.í Calen responded his expression darkening. Calen very much didnít hold grudges for the same reason that Kisha mentions but he still hated and he still remembered. It might be a fine line fair play or retribution are never in Calenís mind.

Luckily his sisters were a happier topic and only small hints of Calen previous dark mood hid in the corners of his smiling face. íI have nine siblings and Iím the youngest by around seven years, the baby of the family and I canít imagine life without them. We lived in a small town and were one of the families responsible for its defence so my parents were often out on patrol so they basically raised me. Although any flaws in my person are entirely my doing. In my experience, a big sister is like a mother who isnít under as many obligations to keep you safe, least of all from themselves. It can end up being a bit rough and tumble when you are all training to be hunters but they are less of the imposing impossible challenges than older brothers are and instead try to eke out every little bit of potential you have. That doesnít mean it was easy but I wouldnít have traded it away for anything.í Calen responded happily looking dreamingly off into the distance.

After a short pause Calen turned back to face Kisha. íIf you would like to go another round it is your turn but if you are simply curious about something, feel free to ask. Iíll promise I wonít lie Ö too much. Although likewise, Iím curious about being an only child. It must have been lonely at times?í Calen asked cocking his head to the side as if the different perspective would give him a more detailed view on Kisha. Itís an odd habit that he had picked up from one of his brothers and only really served to make Calen look even more overconfident than he did already.

Although everyone knows this is just for completeness sake. Riven concedes.

Kaliot concedes.

Character Creation / Re: Azurblau "Corazon" Glasregen
« on: January 05, 2019, 05:44:28 PM »
I feel obligated again to say school aged characters will get more use on the site but then again if this what you want that shouldn't stop you. You could always make something else later. Regardless this character has come along way and yoy did a good job sticking with it. +1.

Monster concedes.

Monster concedes

Mike concedes.

The Vale Region / Hunt across the Savannah
« on: January 04, 2019, 01:33:10 AM »
As the team makes their way to their destination in a durable but hardly flashy four-wheel drive a briefing plays through their scrolls. It is read by reasonably well known Mistrali Huntsman, Sam Copper, who has more or less been given charge over the extended operation to find the Dustsmith. Sam has been trailing the Dustsmith for years now and has a considerable well of experience for the matter. He stays on the line for any questions.

++++++++++++íWe think we have the Dustsmith penned in an area of several thousands of square miles. Itís smaller than was it could have been but itís still a lot of ground to cover and it will need to be done subtly. The area you will be operating in is full of thick rolling savannah grasslands, hardy trees hardier people. They donít like outsiders who havenít proven themselves but that rage is somewhat justified, itís hard to defend against Grimm in these areas so they keep their communities small hoping to slip unnoticed by the roving packs. When that fails, as it often does, they can only rely on each other. Semi-nomadic these groups slowly make their way around the savannah eking out a living and meeting up with them would be a good start. It might be worth keeping your true goals hidden, for now, pretend to be from one of the other groups instead. As well as the whole issues with outsiders I mentioned before this is a time-sensitive mission and although it may be difficult to ignore pleas for help we should try to treat the disease, not the symptoms.

As I was saying there is a large Grimm presence in the area, nothing that should trouble you guys too much but it is always worth being on the lookout for. But more importantly, of course, is the Dustsmith themselves, a confrontation is not unlikely but they are unlikely to be alone, fanatics they have recruited or constructs they have made are going to be dangerous to go up against and you are authorised for lethal force, Iíll deal with any fallout. It is also possible that the Dustsmith has gifted weapons to these tribes in return for favours, itís imperative that these weapons are destroyed as quickly as possible, if they fall into the wrong hands there is no telling what damage they could do. I know it may seem unfair to strip these people of their weapons but they are far more likely to make them a target for far more organised threats than the Grimm.í+++++++++++++

The large but consistent hills are eaten up quickly by the four-wheel drive ensuring a relatively smooth ride. Early in the morning, the heat hadnít picked up too much but it would become very oppressive and little relief was in sight with not a single cloud in the sky. There didnít look like there was any life on the planes but the occasional rustle in bushes and pairs of red eyes glowing from the trees warned of the danger that lay just beneath the surface. To emphasise this not far in the distance a thick smoke cloud started rising, wrong time of day for a bonfire and even then the thick black smoke wouldnít come from any kind of wood.

The smoke was drifting from somewhere within the search area and although itís unlikely for the Dustsmith to remain behind even if they where there at all there still might be clues or something to make the teams disguise more convincing. Further in the distance more plumes of smoke came into view, as it became increasing clear that the situation was worse than expect and was rapidly getting worse.

The Vale Region / At the mountains Summit
« on: January 03, 2019, 05:20:33 AM »
As the team flies to their destination a briefing plays through their scrolls. It is read by reasonably well known Mistrali Huntsman, Sam Copper, who has more or less been given charge over the extended operation to find the Dustsmith. Sam has been trailing the Dustsmith for years now and has a considerable well of experience for the matter. He stays on the line for any questions.

++++++++++++íOver the past three days four Faunus members of the Falcon Haven community have died under mysterious circumstances. Falcon Haven, like many dust mines, has a long negative history in regards to Human-Faunus relations and as such in a of impartiality the towns ruling council has asked for Hunters to help them deal with the situation. With no full Hunters available as they are busy chasing the Dustsmith of securing towns against more immediate threats. There is a fear that even if the attacks are not race related, which they do appear to be, the White Fang, who are becoming more and more active in the region since the Dustsmithís arrival, might use this situation to rally more to their banner. As such it is of critical import that this situation is resolved as quickly as possible, Falcon Haven is simply too critical a base to let it fall into disarray when it is needed most.

The dangers facing you are likely to be considerable. The despair these murders has caused as well as the bad memories they cause to resurface has attracted a great number of Grimm to the mountain. As it stands few if any land-based Grimm have made a serious attempt to gain entry to Falcon Haven but itís aerial guns have been firing two days straight to keep the Nevermores, Griffins and Lancers at bay. This is why you wonít be able to land in Falcon Haven itself and must make your way up through the mining shafts. The wildlife isnít going to be a threat but there is always the possibility of freeholders taking advantage of some of the mostly tapped veins far from the repercussions of Falcon Haven. And past all this is the possible murderer, to make their attacks now just as the Dustsmith is handing out weapons seems too much to be a coincidence so even if they arenít trained fighters they shouldnít be approached lightly. If they exist that is. The medical staff and policing force of Falcon Haven should serve as powerful allies regardless and they can shore up any investigative flaws you have.í+++++++++++++

The Bullhead had been flying close to the ground for the last ten minutes as she made her final approach to Falcon Haven. It was a bumpy ride as the pilot had to navigate the rocky outcrops and temperate forests of their environment, Atlesian by her uniform but she didnít look like any specialist the collected Huntsmen-and-Huntresses-in-Training had seen before and she didnít offer a name. The reason for this extra danger was clear to anyone looking out the windows, a black shapeless swarm hang heavy around Falcon Haven, Nevermores but too far away to see in any detail,  and the wreckages of airships all around them who had flow too high into the Grimm flock.

Regardless the team made good time and quickly reached the mining shaft they were entering from, around fifty meters above the ground and the Bullhead hovered close enough to make it an easy jump. Up ahead was mostly darkness and a steep climb, miners hadnít gone this low since the airbase had been constructed which meant the lights although still in place had most of their wiring damage by the mountains various native inhabitants. The flickering lights would probably end up being more of a nuisance than benefit as it stopped peoples eyes adjusting to the dark.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: January 03, 2019, 04:16:40 AM »
íTruly? All about those new experiences but not fireworks, although I guess getting stabbed in the eye is a new experience but to clarify itís not one I hope to experience. No scar though must have healed well and I hope they have gotten better at doctoring. Or you have gotten better at staying still as the patient.í Calen joked. He was honestly surprised that it wasnít fireworks but then again Calen knows more than anyone else that everyone has their complexes. Although the stabbing story sounded like there could be something more underneath but then again all sorts of crazy stuff happened with kids. Not that Calen had much of a childhood but it was what he had heard.
íIt seems neither of us are particularly good at this game. I have plenty of sisters, four in total. My family have a large property, a lake, forest and a mansion almost the size half the size of Beacon. But they are overprotective, no combat school, no outside friends didnít take a step outside until I was 15. Always thought I came across as a little bit sheltered but I suppose I should take it as a compliment you donít think so.í Calen responded happily, at least both Kisha and himself failed their first exchange. And last exchange it may seem as Kisha didnít give another two lies and on truth.

By now Calen had been resting for long enough to have recovered some of his strength and stood up moving towards the mast to get control back over the boat. There wasnít any immediate danger but in the same vein as his dislike of surprises, Calen always prefered to be in control. íBut I take it you arenít the type to hold a grudge?í Calen asked referring to the accident which left Kisha with a wound above her eye.

Plot Zone / Re: Lets put together some threads.
« on: January 02, 2019, 07:26:11 AM »
OK got the first few teams sorted out, there are more spots available if people are interested although I must confess disliking the Ďchoosing one out of my half dozen charactersí approach. Too stressful.

At the mountainís summit

The large town of Falcon Haven is one of the largest bastions of civilisation in the region. Carved high into one of the largest mountains in Remnant means it is safe from most Grimm attacks as well as giving access to the rich veins of dust which can be found all throughout their mountain home. All of these factors make Falcon Haven a perfect base to expand civilisation back to the region but a string of murders had sent the town into a craze. A swarm of Nevermores have descended around the peak, currently kept at bay by the townís defence system but the swarm is growing. Obviously, access from the air is too dangerous so the team of Huntsman and Huntresses would have to access Falcon Haven from within the mountainís base and itís labyrinthine mining shafts before solving the string of murders

Team: Dawn Mae, Wabul Paka, Revya Vermillio, Camelia Sol

Hunt upon the savannah

As the various teams of Huntsman and Huntresses work to secure bases of operations it is critical to deny those same benefits to the Dustsmith. Weapons in this dangerous time can make one a powerful ally even enough to ignore said ally may be the cause of such dangerous times. If the Dustsmith is able to captivate enough people into there own cult of personality or make contact with the other paramilitary organisations operating in the region they will become even harder to root out. Compounding this is making sure their weapons are found and disposed of and those who have traded for them are brought to justice.

Team: Siu Ceong, Aurelia Lumen, Cerulean Steel

Threads will probably go up tomorrow. If you have any questions or comments don't feel afraid to either DM me or simply post them below.

WiP Characters / Re: Pervinca "Corazon" Piovere
« on: January 01, 2019, 01:00:17 AM »
Yea Pervinca seems fine although doesn't his semblance being activated through physical contact mean that the umbrella doesn't work?

Plot Zone / Lets put together some threads.
« on: December 30, 2018, 08:31:44 AM »
I know everyone is probably feeling a bit slow from the post-Christmas glut but I thought it might be fun to put together some threads if people are looking for something to do over the break/in general.

OK so Iím going to try this large plot thing again, it didnít work great last time but I like to think Iíve learnt a few things since then. The general idea is that a large area between the Kingdoms of Vacuo and Vale has become destabilised by a reckless arms dealer resulting in both an increased Grimm presence and the resurfacing of old local grudges as well as obviously the all the problems the weapons and their creator is making. This sandbox means there is going to be a series of interlinked problems for people to solve and how said problems are solved and who remains standing after will impact how the area recovers ...or doesnít I guess. The idea is to have investigations as well as good old-fashioned Grimm slaying so hopefully, there will be something to pique everyoneís interest. Regardless, what follows below is a private broadcast sent to those who are interested in participate, I know how wonderfully coincidental.

+++++++++++++++++++ĎFor the first time in recent memory, the rogue agent known only as the Dustsmith has left Mistral and has been reported wandering the wilderness between Vale and Vacuo leaving chaos and devastation in their wake. Phenomenally powerful weapons are finding themselves into several pairs of hands, few good and none earned without causing some pretty catastrophic shifts in the local political sphere. With such change comes fear and with fear comes the Grimm who only exacerbate this instability. Not officially under the purview of either Vacuo or Vale, Hunters and Huntresses are the only hope for those caught in this wave of chaos and several have already been dispatched, none have been heard of again.

Although approaching and dealing with the Dustsmith is far beyond the capacity of even most fully trained huntsmen and huntresses there are still hundreds of people in danger and the professionals are going to need help to protect everyone. As such those in training have been sent out to deal with minor, comparatively, issues or even searching for the Dustsmith while more experienced forces deal with the insanitiesí core.

The first stage will be to reestablish strong centralised defensive positions around the major towns in the area. Many are struggling greatly with the recent flood of refugees, diminished supplies and general negativity which constantly draws Grimm in higher and higher numbers making them unreliable bases at best. Once outposts in the region have been established more control will be able to be asserted crippling the Dustsmithís ability to move unmolested and likewise reduce his weapon trade.í++++++++++++++++++++

But yea if people are interested in taking part of these threads please sound off below.

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