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Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« on: September 25, 2018, 11:31:08 PM »
Saffron's smile faulted slightly as Azure tried to give her some encouragement. 'Sorry, just a bit of self-deprecating humour, nothing you need to worry about.' Saffron lied, lied poorly in fact. Immediately breaking eye contact and running her left hand through her hair. The last thing Saffron wanted to be was a source of pity and although that wasn't what Azure was trying to be the Atlas student internalised most assurances as coming from a place of contempt or at least disappointment. Saffron did brighten up considerably when the conversation turned to her 12 string but there remained some degree of hesitation. 'Twice the strings, twice the skill, twice the pleasure, twice the pain. My father always said that but it's not quite true of course, if you can play six you can play twelve but just as there are some adjustments you need to make not unlike swapping from acoustic to electric. But those adjustments can be hard to make when going from six to twelve, my first instrument was a twelve string so I didn't have that problem.' Saffron explained chuckling away as she mentioned her family's antics.

Nodding along as Azure continued to talk Saffron raised an eyebrow when the punk rocker implied she used her guitar in combat and handed it to her. 'You fight with her? That's ...impressive commitment, it's always interesting to see what other people turn into their weapons. I once thought my boomerangs would be one of the more unusual weapons but the more I travel the more pedestrian they seem. So how do you fight with it? Does it spit fire? Could serve double duty as pyrotechnics and Grimm deterrent.' Saffron asked struggling to hold in her laughter as she looked over the weapon. There was no malice in it but she wanted to make sure she wasn't perceived as rude however the image of Azure leaping into a pack of Beowulfs, strumming her guitar as it spat out flames was hard to ignore.

Finding a switch Saffron pressed it revealing some rather menacing looking axe blades which took the Atlas student by surprise. Looking up rather sheepishly at Azure Saffron gave a silent apology before handing the weapon back, axe blades resheathed. 'Or axe blades, axes are cool.....So you've tried your hand at electric and twelve string, have you tried another instrument? And don't worry I won't go running to the papers.' Saffron teased. She would never do that of course, Azure must be under a fair bit of scrutiny being an Atlas-based Faunus punk musician and Saffron wouldn't want to add to that. In fact, that could explain why she went to Beacon in the first place.

'Yea I was admiring the flowers when I was walking past. Kirkka Scarlet has clearly put in a lot of work here.' Saffron responded naming Beacon's groundskeeper. 'Well if you haven't had a class yet, what are you looking forward to? The first years can be a rowdy bunch but I guess that means you will fit right in given time.' Saffron continued looking closer Azure getting her guitar at 14 five years ago puts her at 19, a little old for the first year courses and then there was that mention of 'schools,' all together that did imply some troubled upbringing. Unfortunately, that was far too common on Remnant, particularly among the Faunus. 'If there is anything I can do to help, don't be afraid to ask. Atlas and Beacon do have their differences but it's mostly the same course matter so if you need advice there or just a simple sparing partner I would be happy to help.

Managing to slip past the middle bridge before Shiroe's attack Calen was nevertheless domed by one of Reginald's wild shots. Managing to duck under the remaining fire Calen was still put on the back foot by the volley. Understanding that he needs to quickly go on the offensive if they were going to have a chance here Calen recovered quickly and kept moving. Luckily just as Calen's own coughing gave away his position, Reginald's shots revealed his. Using his semblance Calen blitzed along the ice to where he heard the shots originate, delivering a savage slash with his glaive aimed at Reginald's legs as he glided past. Fighting on even terms even with Setsuna at his back would be a difficult proposition so Calen was instead trying to do his best to whittle down the opposition before it came to an open brawl.

After Calen's attack, his momentum carried him back into the fog, hopefully out of sight of any retaliatory range attacks. Calen had to get as much advantage as he could out of the fog otherwise his sickness would magnify his already significant weakness to range attacks. Continuing to circle Reginald Calen let out a series of loud whistles, if his position was already going to be revealed by his coughing he might as well control when it was revealed somewhat.

The whistle signified to Setsuna as well as his opponents where he was but it would also become a crutch, meaning that when the whistling stops they would hopefully be even more disorientated. The only flaw of this strategy was Shiroe, Calen still hadn't seen anything of the unknown in this fight and although calling it worrying for him would be inaccurate it annoyed Calen greatly. As someone who always wanted to be in control, the fog was becoming as much a curse as it was a blessing, denying him information just as it denied his opponents.

Combat Data

Aura: 85%, -5% from Reginald's shots
Semblance: 95%, -5% from vanishing fog strike
Status: Sick, -1% to damage

Attacks: 9% Vanishing fog strike at Reginald.

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« on: September 24, 2018, 09:38:16 AM »
Saffron did need to catch herself once the Azure started to tone down the song, she was expecting a bit more flourish at the end but the more conventional ending was fine too, brought the focus more on the song rather than the instruments. Hearing her impromptu duettist get to her feet Saffron quickly cast her eyes towards Azure as the punk rocker came around, giving the younger student a wide smile. There was a little twinge in the other girl’s reaction but Saffron quickly discarded it, could just be muscle strain for sitting down for so long. ’That is far too much a compliment I’m afraid, I am no musician. Half as much skill as a novice but twice the confidence of a professional, I’m glad you were willing to put up with me.’ Saffron responded, making light of her own shortcomings both as a joke and a defense mechanism. By any real definition, Saffron was a musician, quite a talented one at that, but years of rejection from the Atlas bands had made her severely underestimate her abilities.

’I was given this one...two...three, epp I’m getting old, years ago. I, in turn, lent it to a friend for a year, don’t think they used it much. So two years, on and off, but I’ve had my baby for much longer, an old 12 string and most of the movements carry over.’ Saffron explained slightly cocking her head. The longer the conversation went with Azure the more Saffron was sure she had seen the punk rocker before. She had, of course, Atlas Faunus musicians were an uncommon phenomenon so Saffron had gone pretty out of her way to see one of Azure’s performances. Unfortunately like most Saffron consumed music on a purely audio level and although she had some of Azure’s music on her player she still couldn’t immediately recognise the singer. Probably says something about the world’s relationship with musicians in general. Saffron thought to herself bitterly but decided to take the risk anyway, if she was wrong she could always just never return to save herself the embarrassment.

’You are that punk rocker, right? Azure Blair? A pleasure to meet you in person, I went to a few of your shows. They were very impressive…. Manners, right sorry, I’m Saffron, Saffron de Cortez.’ Saffron introduced herself getting to her feet and extending her hand. Not exactly the ‘coolest’ greeting but it didn’t look like Azure would deal with a salute any better and Saffron always found waving awkward, she never knew what to do with her other hand. ’Well what about you, how long have you been playing that bad girl?’ Saffron asked her eyes focusing dropping down to the other instrument. It was a far more impressive specimen than Saffron’s rather simplistic bass. Although, she takes as much effort as she can maintaining her instruments Saffron’s habit of lending them out to those who show interest does tend to leave them a little rough around the edges.

Despite being older, even if only a few months, and with all the physical advantages that come with that Saffron couldn’t help but be a little overwhelmed. Succumbing to a bad habit she had gotten into; taking out her travel mirror, pretending to touch up her makeup while actually simply giving herself a few moments to compose herself. It worked most of the time but it was still a crutch which wasn’t very respected in the militarised halls of Atlas. ’So I take it you decided to join Beacon, I don’t blame you the weather is nicer and … well yeah… but how are you finding it so far?’ Saffron asked not quite being able to even indirectly bring up her countrymen racism even if both Faunus very much understood the issue.

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« on: September 23, 2018, 01:12:49 AM »
The Vytal festival had sparked a fair bit of wanderlust in Saffron, not to the same extent as her father but the Atlas student had still been taking every opportunity to travel around the world of Remnant. Atlas dignitaries or industrials always often did prefer the supposed professionalism of Atlas students as such it was easy enough to find work despite her quills. This wasn’t one of those days, however, a favour for a favour passed through a few hands had let her stay at Beacon for a few days to rest up after a particularly difficult mission. She was desperately missing her team but if her most recent missions and the Vytal festival had taught her anything it was the importance of self-sufficiency, something she notably lacked.

Curse my supportive family. Saffron jokingly thought to herself as she walked around the school grounds. Beacon was very different compared to Atlas, a lot of older architecture compared to Atlas’s utilitarian campuses did grant the place a lot of charm but significantly less protection from the weather or organised layout. Luckily the first point wasn’t an issue as Saffron was if anything too hot under her Atlas uniform, it seemed appropriate to represent her school despite if not because of it’s negative reputation. The second point was more of an issue but luckily Saffron had nowhere she needed to be, she would have more than enough time to check out the academies library and teaching staff. She had heard good things about the professor Budonoki Sophos, a Faunus teacher was a rare thing particularly one as well respected and combat able as Sophos, his recent Vytal festival performance proving the latter.

Saffron was still in no rush, however, finding herself in the school’s main gardens. Atlas had flora of course, but it was strictly utilitarian, grown for food or to teach wilderness survival courses all kept in massive underground greenhouses. Nothing compared to the impressive floral displays the Beacon groundskeeper had put together. A warm vibe and the faint playing of guitar music completed the mood which Saffron was more than happy to let herself get caught up in. It was tempting to take a flower or two, they surely wouldn’t be missed but it seemed insensitive, denying others the sight of its simple splendor. ’What had mother said about love being leaving the rose.’ Saffron muttered to herself, her defenses very much laid bare.

Finally Saffron caught sight of the originator of the music, sitting on the opposite side of a large tree over on the grass. A little idea popped into her head as Saffron pulled out her scroll, tapping away to summon her loaned locker, and landing it hopefully far enough away to not be too disruptive. Saffron then took out a bass guitar and walked back over to tree Azure was leaning up against. Sitting down on the opposite side to the younger student Saffron started playing along, it was a reasonably well-known song so she slotted in quite quickly with Azure’s playing. Slapping the body of the bass to make up for the lack of drums Saffron happily followed along Azure as the song continued. It was presumptuous of Saffron to join in like she did without asking but it felt like a shame to interrupt the music, so why not add to it?

Character Editing / Re: Azure Blair
« on: September 19, 2018, 06:10:24 AM »
Another mod will have a look first but yea once they approve it we will move it into approved characters but you can rp right after the second approval.

Character Editing / Re: Azure Blair
« on: September 18, 2018, 11:13:19 PM »
You answered it perfectly, +1.

Character Editing / Re: Azure Blair
« on: September 18, 2018, 09:02:02 PM »
The changes to the history are good but I would you to be a little more specific about Azure's strengths and weaknesses. How is she good with her battle axe? Is she fast? Is she strong? Does she have good combat awareness?  etc etc, if you are having trouble describing stuff feel free to ask. You might know these specifics but those playing with you will need a little more detail.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: September 18, 2018, 08:22:56 PM »
Calen did always like to be watched. It was a strange contradiction of always wanting to be the centre of attention but never wanting anyone to know anything about him. It’s one of the reasons why dance so appealed to him, on stage he wasn’t Calen Shrike son of mass murderers or Calen Shrike up and coming huntsman, he was simply the dancer and that dance was all that mattered. As such he felt very comfortable under Kisha’s gaze and in turn studied his fellow student out of the corner of his eye. ’Anything eatable honestly, but hoping for some mackerel or some blue. But let’s see what the sea gives us. And it’s a pleasure to meet you Miss Miles, my name is Calen.’ Calen responds pleasantly.

’So what brings you down to the pier? Although it may be awkward, silence is a perfectly acceptable answer, I can be quiet.’ Calen joked as he started to slowly reel in his first baited cast. He did seem to be getting any bits but he would never attract catch worth fish with a still lure so he would have to keep everything moving. Or at least that is what the book said. As Calen set up for another cast he took a deep breath of the sea air into his lungs, he had never spent much time by the sea but enjoyed it now he was at Beacon. Although some might consider the raw power of the sea to be humbling Calen saw it instead as vast wilderness which had been harnessed and enslaved by man.

 ’So, what type of music were you listening to? I used to be quite the audiophile but I don’t have the time to take in many albums outside of when I’m training.’ Calen asked gesturing at Kisha’s earphones as the line flew back out into the sea. For something that played such a significant part in his life, Calen did very rarely actually listen to music, instead using the beat or rhythm to direct his movement, resulting in a pretty wide collection much to the dismay of his teammates.

Character Editing / Re: Azure Blair
« on: September 18, 2018, 06:43:58 PM »
Adding on to what Moth has pointed out I have a few issues with the history. Becoming a Mercenary at the age of 15 is a bit of a stretch so that has to be removed also Atlas is established as being quite racist which I personally feel should be touched on in the history regarding foster care and music career. If you don't what to that's fine but I would suggest at least thinking about your character's opinion on the near slave-like state some Faunus live in, the White Fang and so on.

But other than that it is a very well put together profile, well done.

Character Editing / Re: Azure Blair
« on: September 18, 2018, 01:00:57 AM »
And don't worry about you not being able to expand the spoiler out, that issue should be fixed soon and we can still see what's behind it by editing the post

As the escape pod continued bobbing along the water the Kotick starting tightening their circling, occasionally brushing up against the craft as if looking for a reaction or an opening. The Grimm knew DALT and Cornell were inside but the fear the huntsmen and huntresses in training and pirate were feeling was much more controlled than they were used to, and it made them cautious. This prey wasn’t like others they had stalked in the wake of the behemoth below but that trepidation was quickly running out, bumps became scratches, biting into the thick metal plating deeper and deeper each time resulting in horrific screeches as the plating started to give way. The pod was mostly stationary, however, without a pilot, the craft couldn’t navigate all the debris as well as the circling Grimm.

A burst of static came through the pod’s communication system, someone somewhere was trying to get into contact with them but the interference from the still raging storm made it difficult to get a clear signal. ’Alpha…. Romeo….. Theta…..Zulu….ond.’ Was all of the transmission those in the pod could make out, it sounded something like the Atlas confirmation code, used when broadcasting on open channels to ensure both the listener and receiver was friendly although it was too broken to be certain the confirmation code was accurate. There was also something about the voice that even through all the distortion and the static would sound slightly familiar to the still conscious members of DALT.

Speaking of the unconscious members of DALT, Dorian was still unresponsive but that did mean he started flying around the confined pod once the strikes from the Kotick got more and more intense. Without his aura to protect him the blunt force impacts where already causing a fair amount of blood to start seeping out of small scrapes. This wasn’t including the awkwardness of a mostly unconscious person fall into your lap when you a busy trying not to die.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: September 13, 2018, 07:01:10 PM »
Calen’s insistence on only eating the food he cooks himself can end up being quite an expensive endeavour. Calen’s medical poultices keep him with enough supplied with lien to survive particularly now he had gotten a bit of a name for himself as a Huntsman-in-Training but all the high-end clothing and weapon maintenance products add up. As dusk started to settle around the harbour Calen decided to try his hand at a bit of fishing, it was supposed to be the best time to do so or at least that was what his father said. As the sun dips below the horizon the air cools faster than the water which in turn leeches more warmth out of the air, which makes the fish hungry. As well as making the water more attractive. Calen mused to himself as he made Kisha out on the jetty.

Leaping down off the cliff above Calen flew down at a blitzing speed and would have gone crashing through the wooden jetty if it wasn’t for his semblance which cancelled out his downward momentum. Straightening out his black suit and green tie Calen then goes out to set up his fishing equipment, bait, the rod and a bucket of water to keep the fish fresh. ’Good evening young Miss, hope I’m not being too disruptive.’ Calen calls out to Kisha, he was now close enough to recognise her as a student as well as having earphones in. Which may mean his greeting would be missed but it would be impolite not to.

Regardless of Kisha’s reaction Calen started throwing out some practice casts, testing where the rocks are, where the drops are or other bits of debris could snag the fishing line. Food for the small fish would be growing around the rocks and sunken would which although not what Calen was looking for but would attract those he was. This meant that Calen would need to get his casts close to these rocks but not close enough the line would get trapped, it was more difficult than Calen was expecting but after a few casts he had found a few good spots. Now confident Calen started using bait to actually start fishing.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: September 11, 2018, 06:38:50 PM »
Calen sighed, breathing hard knowing that he would have to use his semblance twice again to reclaim his knife as it sailed through the now empty air as Catalina had shot the target first, effectively losing him the game. Breathing very hard as he returned Calen was about to introduce Catalina, Prism and Smokey to each other before he was caught rather off guard by Prism’s outburst. If you can’t win, ensure no one else can either. Calen thought to himself echoing a lesson his mother had taught him a long time ago, one which permeated much of Calen’s actions.

’Now who is bringing up their fantasies Prism? But by and large I agree with you, violence shouldn’t be restricted to self-defense, you’ll always be at a disadvantage that way. But it’s meaningless to concern yourself with small-minded racists and ignore the institutions that protect them and encourage them, there will always be bigots just like there are sexist and homophobic people now but without legal actionable power, they will just be noise. as I'm sure you have experienced in your personal life.’ Calen responded simply.

Calen leaned back against the wall, trying in vain to get his breath back. ’Anyway introductions, the person you are pointing your glaive towards is Master Catalina Glenn, the person doing the pointing is Miss Prism Skylark and over here we have Master Smokey Emberstone. But yes a simple game one asks a question then launches the target while the other fires at the target, unable to move until having answered the question. First one to miss three times loses, speaking of which you just cost me my third miss Master Catalina so what is your prize Prism?’ Calen continued as jovially as the exhausted boy could manage. The game had been fun, Calen had learned a lot about his fellows and planted several false seeds in their minds in return, some truths had come out as well but overall Calen thought he had won the informational aspect of the game. Still Calen was happy to continue the questions but the rules of the game had to be obeyed, otherwise, there was no point to these proceedings.

Continuing to slowly back off towards the nearby hidden dust crystals Saffron was completely caught off guard by Justice's weapon striking at her from behind. The force of the blow caused the Faunus's guard to drop leaving her exposed for Justice’s follow up kick. Managing to get her semblance up in time Saffron was never the less sent tumbling backward a couple meters before she steadied herself again. Rolling on to her feet Saffron tried to subtly swap her hatchets around, taking the loaded ones in hand getting ready for the climax she could feel was rapidly approaching.

Justice was too far away to risk using her last set of shells given his speed, Saffron knew her opponent wouldn’t give her another opportunity to reload again so this was going to be her last chance. Feeling the absorbed energy course through her body Saffron’s quills bristled as the anticipation grew. Spending a few precious moments to ensure a solid base cost Saffron any chance for a counter attack and the coalescing soft brown aura around her legs made clear her next move.

Dropping her arms to her side Saffron sacrificed defense for speed as she set up in a sprinter’s start. She might have to endure another one or two of Justice’s vicious attacks but after that, she would have her opening to end this.

Aura: 49%(-9% from the blade, -9/3% from the kick)
Semblance: 56% 6% Stored
General disposition: Focused and determined


Hatchet 1: Stored on Saffron's belt. In Hatchet Form.
Hatchet 2: Stored on Saffron's belt. In Hatchet Form.
Hatchet 3: Left Hand. In Hatchet Form.
Hatchet 4: Right Hand. In Hatchet Form.

Calen sneezed loudly as he and his teammate walked down out into the stadium followed by an equally loud sigh as the gaunt boy became aware of their stadium terrain. ’Just my luck I suppose.’ Calen remarked his tone lowed by both a blocked nose and a rather genuinely dejected outlook. Their first fight hadn’t exactly been easy but they had finally made it to the finals, to the big stage and no one would see them. If Calen was spiritual he would see it has karmic punishment for all his wrongdoing but instead the gaunt boy was simply looking forward to the next Faunus he can bully. Calen had a run in with Reginald before but they didn’t exchange much and Calen had his hands full with a certain succubus to pay the other boy much mind. Shiroe was a complete unknown however so Calen was still on his guard for whatever the other students may throw at him.

The thick fog both provided Calen and Setsuna a powerful advantage but also compounded Calen’s ill health, the damp heavy air playing havoc with the gaunt boy’s mucus-filled lungs. ’It looks like outmaneuvering could be a good strategy this time around, I’m afraid I don’t have much information on these two, other than Master Reginald is a lot like myself without my redeeming qualities.’ Calen offered his voice still heavy and punctuated with small coughs. Surveying the terrain around them Calen started to slowly move from tree to tree, doing a very good job at staying visibly hidden has he approached the halfway point of the field. Unfortunately, he did a significantly less competent job at hiding himself audibly, and his semi-regular coughing could be heard across the entire stadium.

It was going to be an uphill battle but that only meant information was going to be more important than ever. This combined with Calen’s ability to disappear into the fog if attacked gave him the confidence to range ahead with saying a word to his leader. He’d make sure Setsuna was there for the actual encounter however, the fog may have robbed Calen of the main audience but there are still three people he could show off to and he wasn’t going to let it get much less than that.

Status: Sick: Starting at 90% aura and -1% to damage done, I’ll calculate it.

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