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The Vale Region / Re: The Seven Stances of the Sword [CLOSED]
« on: September 04, 2019, 04:50:19 PM »
The people around Alfyn and the Beacon students immediately scatter as the acrobat begins hurtling over the top of their heads like a rubber bouncy ball, with some of them instinctively half-drawing weapons at the shots confirming Camelia's suspicions that the crowd was made up of more than a few Hunters. As Toast bounced all over the place, his shots drew the attention of more and more spectators, many of which were cheering and clapping at the sudden performance. Despite the audience and noise, Toast's attention doesn't falter, and he lands gracefully on the floor to loud applause from the now fairly large crowd. Some even toss coins his way, clearly pleased with his performance.

Over the din of hands clapping, Alfyn's laugh booms loudly over the noise. "Hafta' admit that ain't wha' ah expected when ah told ya to 'tell me what ya can do', but as the sayin' goes it's better ta speak wit' actions over words, ey?" The tour guide chuckles, resuming his path forward as the crowd parts to let the group past. "Next time ya wanna pull a stunt of that caliber, gimme a heads-up. Dun think firin' pistols into a crowd's gonna go as well each time ya do it.". Saying that loud enough that other people could hear them, Alfyn glanced around apologetically as if saying a silent "sorry" for his charge's behaviour.

"Anyway, after that showstopper from Baguette 'ere, figure I can't be too surprised at much else. Ya got anythin' ya wanna show us, miss, or ya the silent type a' gal?"

Beacon Academy / Re: Meet and Beat [Team CASA][Closed]
« on: August 29, 2019, 06:34:55 AM »
Still in shock and confusion over what she just saw, Jocelyn reached one slightly shaking hand into her first aid pack, the other hand tightly grasping the body of Hyacinth, eventually withdrawing a Electric Dust crystal used to power the mini-defibrillator she had stored in the same pack. Rather than throw it at Azure or use it as a weapon, Jocelyn instead channeled her Aura through the Dust crystal - which with no outlet for the current to go through, just discharged the shock through herself for a few seconds. If her teammates weren't occupied, maybe they could see her body crackle and convulse from the voltage.

Whimpering from the pain, Jocelyn staggered backwards and just barely caught herself by using Hyacinth as a pole for support, but the shock had its intended effect - the images in her mind had cleared away, only leaving her slightly numb. Now free to snipe away since Azure had kindly decided to leave the healer alone, she unloaded her entire magazine on Azure as more of cover fire rather than precision sniping.

Jocelyn's Combat Log:
  ● Aura: [████████--] 91% (6% from electric shock)
  ● 0/7 bullets in mag (6 shots of 4% each at Azure, poorly aimed)

The Vale Region / Re: The Seven Stances of the Sword [CLOSED]
« on: August 23, 2019, 05:58:04 PM »
"Shade, huh? I been ther' befor', an' tha' explains th' goggles an' bandanna, huh?" Alfyn grins, unfazed by the two student's rejections to top their equipment off. "Can't say it's th' most hospitabl' of places, but th' heat ther' makes this 'ere climb seem a casual jaunt. Ya should 'ave absolutely no problemo with this on' then, Croissant." He grins and turns to walk off the platform, waving one hand as to beckon the students to follow.

The town of Sleipnir, while fairly impressive when viewed from above, was nothing out of the ordinary on terra firma. All of the houses basically had the same color scheme and possibly layout, so nothing really stood out or would catch either student's eye. What was strange was the number of people on the streets, far more than would be expected from a village this size, let alone this far from any other major civilisation. Not only that, but the students' Aura detection would sense unlocked Auras like them. Lots of Aura users. Not at the level of a combat academy, but once again, far more than the usual number of Hunters that would be situated in remote villages.

"Ya'll in for th' long haul 'ere, so ah figure it's best to get ta know ya better. Anythin' ya wanna tell ol' Alfyn or each other, b'fore we start stabbin' ourselves in a fight all accidental? Dunno 'bout ya but ah don't feel like dyin' ta teamkill." the tour guide remarks in his strong, rough accent, seemingly oblivious of the masses of people.

After checking the first dozen or so obstacles that could potentially conceal some sort of threat or a clue of what the silence indicated, Setsuna gave up on checking every nook and cranny, instead choosing to just walk in silence around the town eventually leading to some sort of trail. The sound of their footwear thudding off the floor gave way to flowing water on rocks which was oddly welcome as it was something other than silence and was naturally generated. Because of said silence, the duo were able to hear it from further than they normally would.

"Sure, Teddy." Setsuna replied, leading the way down the trail to the river. As expected there was basically nothing different that separated it from another river, no clues or anything that would help fix the tower. Dropping to his knees Setsuna leant forward to cup some water in his palms and splashed it on his face, hoping the refreshing sensation would help him refocus.

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
« on: July 08, 2019, 01:30:07 AM »
Rachel gave the fight her attention for a few more seconds, facial expression emotionless, before she rose to her feet abruptly. "Please excuse me, Kepler, there's something that I need to take care of." she murmured just loud enough for Hart and the woman next to him to hear, then headed toward the far side of the room, motioning for Mordred to follow suit. Once there she turned so her back was facing the rest of the people in the room, then addressed the adult in a quiet whisper. "Cover's blown. Kepler over there said as much." Rachel stated matter-of-factly. "Something else about losing his fighter - the one fighting right now -  to the guy with the cat faunus group over gambling. Er, Geralt, his name was. Also, Kepler mentioned something going on in the back, you think he knows what we're doing?"

AMA Section / Re: Boba/Bubble Tea Challenge
« on: July 05, 2019, 06:57:15 PM »
Sometimes thinking outside the box helps.

Rachel, Jocelyn, and Lunae all succeed with varying levels of success. Tina barely fails and becomes disappointed for the rest of the day. Tieren is able to flex long enough to drain the cup in 3 seconds. Ferus and Emile have no difficulty whatsoever. The remainder of the boys are absent.

AMA Section / Boba/Bubble Tea Challenge
« on: July 02, 2019, 05:42:18 PM »
Your character attempts the boba/bubble tea challenge. What happens? (Irrelevant of gender)

The Vale Region / Re: The Seven Stances of the Sword [CLOSED]
« on: June 22, 2019, 03:24:31 AM »
Before either student could make any moves to venture off into the town or toward the mountain, they were interrupted first by the sound of boots clanging on metal, then a young man clad in light, short-sleeve waterproofs and hoisting a hefty backpack walking directly up to them. "So ya lot be the group from Beacon, then?" the man asked, his rough accent paired with a toothy grin. "Th' name's Alfyn, an' I'm ya guide up that mountain over yonder; been hired by Beacon to keep an eye on ya."

Giving the pair a cursory look-over, his gaze fell upon Camilla's body, resulting in a raised eyebrow and a guffaw. "Y'all Beacon students nuts sometimes. Think climbin' a mountain's th' same as ya mornin' strolls around a track? That armor's only goin' to weigh ya down where we're goin', lass, and that coat? Take a page outta his book," he pointed at Toast's attire, "Red long-sleeved vest ain't gon' be my first pick, but least sleeves can be rolled up. White pants might git dirty but th' heat's more bearabl' that way. Def' not like them black trousers of yours. Best hope ya got a heat tolerance."

"Anyway," Alfyn continued, spinning around to face the mountain, "If ya be wantin' anythin' to add to them rucksacks o' yours, this 'ere town o' Sleipnir's ya last pit stop. 'Onestly, I'd 'ppreciate if ya did - helps th' economy 'ere." The last bit was said like a sheepish child asking his parents for money to buy candy. "There be plenty o' regular necessities 'ere, but chances are if ya dun 'ave somethin' on ya here trip, I've got it." If either student cared enough to give Alfyn's backpack another look, they would realise it was nearly double the size of their own, with plenty of pockets seemingly stuffed to the seams. "Might as well give it a look, aye? Go on, I'll wait 'ere."

Plot Zone / Re: The Seven Stances of the Sword
« on: June 19, 2019, 02:10:54 PM »
Thread's up! For the two that didn't get their chance this time, if you're still keen on doing something I might be able to work out a plan to ensure you're not left out. Drop me any ideas or suggestions in Discord if so!

The Vale Region / The Seven Stances of the Sword [CLOSED]
« on: June 19, 2019, 02:05:51 PM »

The objectives of this class is to improve your swordsmanship on a level beyond what Beacon's staff normally offer to students, as well as a practical test of survival. You will be ascending a mountain near the town of Sleipnir, where your teacher for this class will be waiting near the peak. This class is expected to take 3-5 days, including the ascension and teaching period itself; as such, students are required to bring with them sufficient food, water, and other necessities as the student deems fit, to be procured by themselves. If a student is for any reason unable to procure their own supplies, Beacon will provide one 50L climbing backpack with enough food to last 5 days on 3 meals per day, a 2L water bottle, cooking stove, fuel, tent, sleeping bag and mat. In addition, Beacon will provide each student with one distress beacon, to be used in case of emergency. Doing so, however, will result in an immediate end to the class and return to Beacon.

 -- Sent to Camelia Sol and Wabul Paka --

As the first rays of the morning sun peeked over the looming mountain providing shade to the small town nestled at its base, the same light flashed off the hull of a Bullhead beginning its descent to the town below. Considering its remote location and distance from any major settlements, Sleipnir was fairly large and it showed. Tall wooden walls protecting the circle of houses and stores within could clearly be seen even at the Bullhead's current height, as well as a shining, crystal-clear lake situated just a minute's walk from the town walls. Even at this time, the lake's jetties were active with fishermen either returning with their catch or just pushing off for their day's work.

As the Bullhead dropped ever closer to Sleipnir's designated landing zone within its walls, the pilot thumbed a button, sending a fairly loud buzz echoing around the interior as a means to wake the two students within. For once, Beacon had spared one of their more comfortable transports in lieu of the fact the flight was an overnight one, complete with reclining seats that doubled as decent beds - for a Bullhead, at least. "We'll be landing soon," the pilot spoke into his intercom. "Make sure you've got everything with you - don't want to accidentally leave food or your tent on your trip." A few nearby heads turned toward the landing pad in curiosity as the Bullhead touched down in a blast of wind, curious to see the passengers within. As the doors opened and fresh air blasted the student's faces within, their pilot added "I'll be here for 6 days, maximum. If you're not back by then, I'll be activating your distress beacons remotely so I can go find you."

Tina always has her Scroll with a T*itch app so she has an excuse not to converse with strangers and watch her favourite games being played.

Jocelyn always has her large first-aid kit stuffed full of medical equipment.

Yu has his net and trident, broken up into its short components. It's basically an exoskeleton with how he stores it around his body.

Rachel has Katniss. No animals =/= no aura constructs.

Emile has a gilded locket with a picture of his family inside.

The Vale Region / Re: Dangerous Dealing 'twixt Dusk and Dawn [closed]
« on: June 16, 2019, 05:25:48 PM »
Ah, the universal icebreaker. Graham rolled his eyes at the question but inwardly was glad of the conversation, if only because it meant that Gram was feeling comfortable enough to ask questions of him. Slipping his headphones off one ear as not to be rude, he responded "Vale, and our family have been here for quite a while." Twisting his body under the umbrella, he pointed at a fairly tall building off in the distance. "When I'm not boarding in Beacon, I stay there most of the time." He didn't mention that his family owned the entire building, nor had he been back ever since he'd modified his sword, but what Gram didn't know wouldn't kill him.

Anyway, after his thoughts on what was a completely overused way to start a conversation, the next automatic response would be "How about you?" The words came out before Graham could stop them, and were it not for the fact that it would probably have made the situation awkward again, he would have facepalmed. Way to sound like a walking cliche machine...

Plot Zone / The Seven Stances of the Sword
« on: June 16, 2019, 09:52:55 AM »
Within the hallowed halls of Beacon Academy, many a class is held that allows Hunters-in-training to hone their skills, improve their techniques or simply gain experience by fighting one another in a controlled environment. Some are more sought after than most, but the status quo has not changed for a long while - always the same classes held by the same group of teachers.

Until recently.

The official story is the same as shown on all the class boards, open to all years - that a new class has opened, only applicable to Hunters learning the art of the sword, and only two students at that. The only factor that would raise an eye is the location; not held in Beacon, but rather in the far east mountain ranges of Vale, on the coasts facing Mistral's borders. The class is labeled as a school excursion, and is expected to take more than a few days, certainly less than a week. The stories that spread among the students are anything but ordinary, however - that the teacher is none other than Olberic Emeriss, previous Vytal Festival champion and world-class swordsman who, after years of service as a well-known Huntsman, abruptly faded from the public spotlight. Many a aspiring Hunter has sought him out, to learn from one of the best, but to no avail; yet, according to Beacon's class boards, there the name was, clear for all to see.

This experience would be once in a lifetime - invaluable time spent apprenticing under a master of his craft, and even possibly learning the fundamentals of one of his seven legendary swordsmanship techniques that secured him the victory in his Vytal Festival championship and brought fame and fortune to the Hunter. But, as the class description pointedly states, the goal is not so easily obtained. To even begin their class, the two participants must ascend the reportedly Grimm-infested mountain where, near the top, the legendary swordsman awaits his potential pupils.

Class is about to begin...

  • Camelia Sol
  • Wabul "Toast" Paka

With the plot side out of the way, let's get into details...

This plot is designed to give students character development in terms of combat (because that's almost all we do here anyway), so it doesn't matter which academy or year your student comes from, so long as they wield a sword. Elsewise, what you should expect in terms of development is a general improvement in the fundamentals of combat with a sword, as well as your character learning some advanced techniques using Aura as the basis.

Potentially, if the student is skilled / willing to put in effort and it shows, they may get to learn the basics of what would be considered a move only a Huntsman could learn - a personal move, in other words. However, considering that it is far beyond the levels of what a student studying at the academies would be able to pull off, the student would not be able to use the move immediately. A first year might be able to use a far inferior version in two years practice, while a fourth year with more experience in Aura control might be able to do the same with only one.

The thread is intended to span across a few days, including the mountain ascension and the training at the mountain's peak, so this hopefully should be a action-filled, entertaining plot that ends up benefitting the participants.

Keeping it limited to two people that I'll pick depending on how they'll suit the thread both to keep the plot going, but if there's interest, I might open another similar thread for two more.

AMA Section / Re: Let's try this again...(AMCA)
« on: June 15, 2019, 06:34:13 AM »
I'm currently working on a fairly long plot that's based around character development - specifically combat skills - which I think doesn't come up often enough. Apart from initiation threads, there haven't been many threads focused on helping characters improve their combat potential, so I'm hoping this will somewhat plug the gap.

Otherwise, probably get my students into longer-lasting teams / use my non-students more often, I suppose.

The Vale Region / Re: Dangerous Dealing 'twixt Dusk and Dawn [closed]
« on: June 10, 2019, 07:42:02 AM »
Wrinkling his nose at the smell but making no attempt to move away from the 2nd year, Graham waves off his partner's stress nonchalantly. "Long as you don't break down when it matters most, it ain't my call to judge people. Take your time, we're not going anywhere till you feel more comfortable about this." Thumbing his scroll, Graham slipped his headphones on and started listening to some of his preferred music, though not so loud so as to drown out any input from Gram. He didn't want to seem cold, but at the same time it wasn't like he could really help with Gram's problems right now.

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