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Crouched and repaired behind his arms, which were joined in front of his head and torso. Mogan was tempted to goad Jima again with some remark about the poor efficacy of her shotgun, but considering he hadn't managed to land a solid hit yet, he didn't feel he had the needed edge.
The metal pellets pinged on his heavy armor like raindrops and doing, unfortunately for him, quite more damage than he expected. He had just blocked a point-blank blast with one hand before, it was clear that even if the cone was larger this time, he just had to use both arms to block.
After the second shower of pellets, ended he could only hope that his bluff would pay off. 

"It should be clear to her at this point that the shotgun is useless against me unless she can fire it past my defenses. And that is just not going to happen unless she takes some serious risks."

Mogan thought while rising to his full height and starting to walk sideways, maintaining a constant distance from his teammate, ready to react to an eventual attack on her part.

"I mean, she can't expect me to do all the work and keep attacking head-on when I've nothing to gain from it, right?"

He then suddenly moved his left arm, sending the whip to crack towards Jima's head, only to stop it halfway, bringing it back and lashing it out again towards her right leg: a feint. 
Again the whip stopped halfway and was brought back and redirected, this time toward the other leg (at the height of the knee) and for real.
Mogan wasn't afraid of the possibility of Jima catching the whip, both because of its speed and because she very well knew it could be electrified at any moment. His only objective was prompting her to attack or alternatively score some light hits that could apply his semblance and then capitalize on it.   
All the while his right arm was aimed at her, the threat of the cannon always present.

Combat log:
whiplash 3%

Initial Aura: 91%
Double shotgun blast: -16% (halved by the armor, last 1% has his own countdown)
Final aura: 83%

In the split second that took Shoko-La's brain to register that her bullet had been intercepted mid-air, all she could think was a simple: "Oh. That's some nice skill you have there."
There was no time to marvel at the feat though, because Amane's gun continued to move, and so had to do Shoko if she didn't want to be riddled with bullets. She immediately got on the defensive, slightly bending her knees and moving her hands while following the blonde's aim. The assassin interposed the flank of her right-hand gun to block the first shot, then used the right-hand one to block the second and the third and dodged the shot aimed at her head. Having decided to suddenly move her head that way though caused her next move to be slightly delayed. So when her left hand came up to follow her opponent's gun, Shoko realized she would not manage to defend in time. So her body twisted to the right and backward in an instinctual attempt to dodge.
A frustrated hiss of pain escaped her pursed lips when the bullet impacted her side. A clean hit. She hadn't managed to move enough to dodge it even partially. But at least she hadn't been staggered as she would have been if she had been hit in a stationary position and in a more central point.
A detached recess of her mind pointed out to her that she could have fired a propulsion dust-round to give herself the push needed to dodge in time. She had miscalculated.
As things were she instead continued her current movement: both her guns now aimed at Amane while offering her a smaller target (now she was positioned sideways, her left shoulder towards the girl) and slightly crouched. A position ideal to sprint. 

"Two can play at this game, dear."

And sprint she did, giving herself a powerful push towards the girl while firing simoultaneosly with both guns (she took care not to step on the water on the floor: slipping would have been embarassing). Four shots in total, two water ones, aimed at Amane's right side (just under the ribcage) and then at the right shoulder, and two ice ones the mirrored the first two on the left. Dodging in either direction would probably result in being hit by at least one bullet, but it really didn't matter: Shoko-La's intent wasn't really to land a hit anyway. She wanted to close the distance. Of course, Amane would not permit that so easily, either by backpedaling or by trying to stop her advance by showering her with bullets while standing sideways to dodge all four of her shots at once.
It wouldn't have mattered: she was ready to take advantage of each scenario. She could be way more slippery and agile than most, and no better way to prove it that by dancing around the enemy.

Combat log:
4 out of 5 attacks defended

4 shots fired, 4% each, plus dust effects on hit

Aura: 96%
Stamina: 98%
Right-hand gun 4/6 water - 6/6 propulsion
Left-hand gun 4/6 ice - 6/6 propulsion

"Really? No answer? I was asking for your benefit but... I guess you're okay with me doing whatever I want, then.   Ah, to be so young again! You're trying to act like the serious huntress all work and no fun, aren't you? Come on! This is a friendly spar! No reason to be so standoffish."

Oh well, if she wanted to fight with a weapon disadvantage then more power to her. For all Shoko knew, her opponent might have had an overpowered semblance that she could rely on.
As things were, though, Shoko's plan was pretty simple: use one of her guns to block or deflect the bullets that she couldn't dodge while using her other gun to punish the disparity in weaponry.
So she began to walk towards the blond girl. There was no rush, and against a gun, she knew better than to charge forward without caution. Sure she could tank some bullets, but why waste aura?
Her intention was to get close enough to make it a hand to hand fight, where her own prowess and a superior number of weapons could grant her the biggest advantage. It wouldn't have been fun to have a sniping contest in such an open space even if the girl had some ace up her sleeve. Shoko doubted it could be anything able to bring her down with one hit and she wasn't so green to fall twice for the same trick.
As for ammunition, the gun in her right hand was equipped with water and propulsion dust, while the left one with propulsion and ice dust. She had, of course, all kinds of dust magazines in various belts, the main one around her waist and one for each thigh.
She didn't think she would need them though. 

She had, of course, stopped spinning her guns since she had started walking. Now the left one was angles sideways before her, parallel to her chest, clearly meant to protect from incoming attacks, while the other was aimed at Amane.

"Since you're not the talkative kind, shall we begin and let our guns speak for us?"

She could barely keep her face straight while delivering such a silly line. No doubt the girl before her wouldn't realize the it was a mockery of her seriousness, but Shoko didn't really care: her humor was for her own amusement, after all.
She stopped at a couple of meters, and with a light smile that only slightly curved her lips, she fired the first shot.
It was such a telegraphed shot that if it managed to hit, Shoko herself would be embarrassed for her opponent. Originally the gun had been aimed at Amane's chest, but just before pulling the trigger, Shoko had lowered the aim in order to fire a water dust ammo at the girl's left thigh.
Contrary to popular belief, water ammo packed quite a punch and could drench the target after causing a nasty bruise on the point of impact.

Shoko-La's Aura: 100%

Combat log:
One water dust ammo shot: I'd say 5% it if its?

OOC: On the topic of ammunition, we should agree on the capacity of the guns. Six shots? Nine? Twelve?

Everywhere Else / Re: The Tangled Web We Weave [SerAnad] (CLOSED)
« on: June 29, 2018, 05:57:11 AM »
The surprises kept piling up... First a call to her own scroll, then an unusual job request from Mistral, and now even a substantial amount of hush-money and an encrypted calling program that, at least for her "tech-guy", would be very hard to breach even for an Atlesian hacker.
Shoko-La was sprawled on one of her couches, a drink in one hand and her feet still pleasantly warm from the massage she had received by the professional that had left her current apartment just a couple minutes before.

"What was his name...? Browny? Bronze? Something similar... I Should call him again sometimes."

And yet she was unable to let go plagued slight frown that had plagued her face for the last fourteen hours (well, six if we exclude eight hours of sleep).
Her gut was telling her that for some reason this job would be more trouble than it was worth, and that was even before knowing the details. On the other hand, the benefits were clear: she was dealing with someone influential, with serious resources, willing to pay a lot of lien and that could probably secure her a foothold in Mistral should she manage to satisfy the customer.
What did Shoko had to lose, anyway? It was the thrill she sought, and all the comforts that being filthy rich entailed.

"A new kingdom, a mysterious employer, probably a dangerous and high profile target, a lot of lien as payment. I wouldn't also mind a change of scenery. I could spend some time in Mistral... they have the best entertainment there."

Anyway, there was no harm in at least listening to the job description.
Shoko's hand lazily picked up her business scroll from a nearby glass table and put her drink down after one last sip. It was a classic mix of Vacuan fruits, no alcohol: she couldn't have her mind clouded while discussing business.

"The lady requests an audience... As pretentious as one can expect from the Mistral high society? Am I going to have to deal with some stuck-up noblewoman that wants her husband dead so she can shag her lovers in the "big house" and not in a motel?"

That thought made her laugh.

It was an unlikely possibility, but you never knew.
Her finger hovered above the encrypted program's icon for a couple more seconds. Should she disguise her voice again? No, that probably wasn't necessary. Shoko-La started the call. The moment someone finally answered, she introduced herself in the usual manner she used in these situations.

"This is Bitter speaking. I'm told you have something to discuss with me."

Her tone was serious and plain. The first impression was important in this line of work, even if what really mattered were the results.

It sure is nice to plan such a complicated attack just to have your opponent dodge out of the way, effectively making all that thought a wasted effort. Well maybe not a wasted effort, because it's still useful for future reference, but the end result is still disappointing. From Mogan's point of view, Jima had taken a big risk in dodging the way she did because there was a possibility he could have adjusted his aim and fired anyway, hitting her during the evasive maneuver, but it had worked, so Mogan really had no reason to complain.
The idea of tripping him and using the shotgun on him also wasn't all bad. In truth, Jima was trying to do her best with the tools at her disposal while probably trying use advantage of what she knew of his semblance. Using the shotgun on him was a very good move because while hitting him with a lot of circular pellets at once would not trigger his semblance in any significant way (because each individual impact would reset the counter and only the final one to make contact would have the chance to have a proper countdown), it would prevent him from knowing where said last pellet was and so he couldn't plan accordingly.

Alas the distance between them wasn't quite enough to give the cone of the shotgun-blast the space it needed to become too wide to be blockable, especially given the fact that Jima had opted for a point-blank shot. In her shoes, Mogan would have waited at least a couple of moment more before firing, and in so doing forcing the opponent to try and defend himself from a wider blast. A thing that Mogan could have done by bringing both his arm together before his face and torso. That would have protected him from the shotgun but would have left him unable to counterattack because both his arms would have been occupied. As it was, however, a using a gun point-blank against a heavily armored opponent wasn't exactly the best idea, and you'll soon see why.

The moment Jima began to move to his left while firing the grappling hook, Mogan's mind threw his carefully laid trap out of the window and reformulated his plan of action. Jima was right in thinking that he couldn't stop his sprint with such a short notice, but then again he didn't need to. If she wanted him to trip against her grappling hook's cable, all he had to do to avoid it was to jump. And that's exactly what Mogan did, but not before reacting to the new circumstances. 
He twisted his head and torso sideways while in midair towards Jima's new position and her shotgun's muzzle pointed at him, and with his head and torso, he moved both his arms too.
Even if Jima hadn't said a word (a fact that annoyed him a bit, given his previous speech), Mogan didn't need to hear her voice to know what had crossed her mind while pulling the trigger. So in his mind, he gave his own retort, underlined by a vicious smirk.

"I don't need to."     

His left arm extended itself towards Jima's shotgun's muzzle, with the hand open and the fingers united in the universal hand gesture that meant "stop". When Jima fired, Mogan's left hand was only a few centimeters away from the muzzle, and all of the pellets from the shotgun impacted harmlessly against his armored hand. Sure he had felt the impact, but it wasn't much, given the express defensive purpose of his armored arms.
Having had to keep his hand in such a way, Mogan couldn't fire his grappling hook at Jima, but once again he had other arrows in his quiver...
While his left hand handled the defense, his right arm handled the offense.
Mogan's right arm was as well aimed at Jima, but the hand was closed in a fist so that the cannon would have a direct line of sight of the target. The moment Mogan heard the roar of Jima's shotgun, he silenced it with the roar of his own heavy equipment. It was a good thing that the spar was still in his early stages: an ordinary cannon shot was not exactly a light hit, but when fully enhanced by his semblance it became something capable of wiping out a huge chunk of aura from someone. So, on one hand, Mogan hoped his shot would hit its mark, on the other, he really hoped that in such case Jima would be able to stop the countdown at least before it reached five seconds.

But enough digression! Let's get back to the action. Last time we checked Morgan's position, he had made to jump over Jima's cable while defending and counter attacking. But what then? Well, he would, of course, land on the other side, turning to face Jima and observe the consequences of his most recent actions and, whatever he had managed to hit Jima or not, he would move back a couple of meters and deploy his whip.
There was no reason to use it yet. The message was clear: between the cannon and the whip he had the range advantage and could just bring her down safely with those, and now he knew he had to watch out for the grappling hook and the shotgun, so it would be hard to hit him with those if he kept his distance. It was clear at this point that Jima probably didn't want to attack him directly anymore (wise choice) and planned of letting him attack in order to create the right circumstances for counter attacking and take advantage of Mogan's own semblance against him. She didn't have much choice: after all, she was outgunned, outsemblanced, and possibly outmatched on skill, technique, and experience. But even knowing that, Mogan couldn't just abandon all of his advantages just to play fair, could he? Hadn't Jima asked him not to go easy on her? So he would force her to take the initiative unless she wanted to be whipped into submission... now that would be quite a nice show. A kinky one, no doubt, but who was he to judge? 

Attack log:
Cannon shot: I'd say at least 15% for the normal one, but even if Jima takes the hit we will have wait to see how much time the semblance has to charge before we can assign a definitive damage value.

Mogan's combat stats:
Aura: 91%
Absorbing the shotgun blast with the armored hand: -2%
The last pellet has applied a countdown that, if brought to ten seconds, will probably shave at least another 2% of aura. 
In other circumstances, I would not have considered any damage taken, but blocking a point-blank shotgun blast with one hand, even with a heavily armored one, without any backlash seemed a bit much.

AMA Section / Re: Designing Characters
« on: June 23, 2018, 12:15:40 PM »
Before I made my characters starting from an image or a pre-existing character and reinvented it, giving a new personality and backstory that I thought could fit the original design. They never were very original though, even if fun to use.
After two or three characters made this way I shifted to starting from a core concept, or a goal that the character had to have. From there I created a backstory and consequently the rest.

With Rwby, given that the semblance is a manifestation of the soul and, consequently, of the personality and motivation of the character, I decided to start from the personality of the character. Once I decide on the personality I try to find some kind of semblance that his coherent with that. For example, Mogan is afraid of responsibilities and tries to delay and postpone his work, is secretly very insecure and afraid of failure. So his semblance is a gamble that increases the consequences of his actions and forces him to take risks if he wants to use it.

I regarded the student with a considering glance, evaluating her on my personal threat scale. For starters, it surprised me to see her using just one gun. No aspiring hunter or huntress could possibly use just one plain pistol as the main weapon. Mechashifting pocket-knives that turned into rocket launchers? Sure. Plain old guns, not so much. Against even a regular Grimm, a single gun didn't do enough damage fast enough and became dangerously useless against the bigger ones unless you were able to consistently hit the eyes of the monster.
But maybe she is exceptionally good with a gun, what do I know? She could have a semblance that increases accuracy or let her control the path of her bullets... that would be convenient. Or I'm just annoyed because not only I'm fighting a first-year student, but she is also heavily outgunned. Of course, I won't use my semblance, but maybe I should use only two guns?

"Say, lass, are you really going to fight with just that one pistol?"

I asked while opening my jacket and revealing four double-barreled guns. I grabbed two of them and secured them to the back of my custom-made combat boots. Each one had two magazine equipped: one of propulsion dust and one of elemental dust (the right one with lightning and the other with water).

"Oh well, it's not really my business. If you're confident you'll be able to fight back I can use all four guns, but I've no problem with using just one or two to make this a more interesting training. What do you say?" 

The other two guns twirled in my hands, skillfully handled in a display that would not have been out of place in a cowboy-themed fair. 

Spoiler: ShowHide

I'll ask for forgiveness in advance. If there is anything you wish to clarify let me know!

After Jima had released him from her grappling hook and delivered such a passionate speech, mimicking his own mocking gesture, no less, there was only one thing Mogan could do.
He started to laugh but regained his composure soon after and closed his laugh by smashing his right fist into his open waiting left hand, all while keeping both arms parallel to the ground, in a gesture that universally meant that he was ready to fight seriously. 
All that was left on his scarred face was only the most obnoxious cocky grin imaginable. His eyes, meanwhile, kept scanning Jima critically, examining her stance that was so full of openings that he had trouble deciding how to best approach it. It was like going to a restaurant with a 20 pages menu.

"I'm glad you noticed! I kind of have to strategize, given my careful approach to combat. As for the talk... as a matter of fact, I not only did notice the unusual amount of words we have exchanged, but I'm sorry to say that those have been part of the fight too. I mean... I literally cannot believe that worked. My Oum, Jima! Didn't I just tell you not to trust me? And yet you threw away the only advantage you had gained from your first surprise attack just because I fed you some half-truths!? Sure, in my opinion, you could have used the element of surprise better, but you still got what you wanted, no? You could have used the grappling hook to limit my movements and influence my choices, yanking it at any moment to create openings. Sure, that could work both ways, but with the aid of the retracting mechanism, you could have exerted more power than me without giving me any warning and/or time to react in the best possible way. That said, considering that this is a form of training and that the Vytal tournament is approaching, I hope you'll remember whatever you're learning today, as will I. So I hope you won't regret asking me to "beat you to a bloody pulp", when you'll be in one of the infirmary beds, looking at the ceiling and revaluating your life choices."

His semblance had finished warming up, so he now had to be careful. Being hit hard could spell disaster, but he was confident that landing even one hit on Jima could bring a chain reaction that would leave her unable to react. With a series of mechanical sounds, the armor on his right arm rearranged itself into a cannon with a muzzle at both extremities, while from his left forearm the hidden blade emerged, extending itself over his hand to extend his reach.   
So Mogan did what he could do best: bamboozle, distract and confound his opponent, blinding him (or her, in this case) to the real menace. He had revealed all his aces at once, sure, but what he had gained was an opponent that had no way of knowing what Mogan would use and in what way and that had to be on the lookout for each and every weapon in his arsenal.
What better way to deal with a semblance that "enhanced" the senses? Give Jima too much to worry about and she wouldn't be able to keep track of everything. Or at least that was the theory he wanted to put to the test.

Mogan dashed forward: no need for subtlety or elusive maneuvers when your opponent literally had detached senses. 
Three things happened during the aforementioned sprint.

The first was that Mogan's right hand was kept open with the palm towards the ground, the cannon aimed squarely at Jima's chest. Said right arm was extended protectively before his body, the hand approximatively at the height of Mogan's stomach. It's purpose, besides using the cannon at the right moment, was to intercept Jima's mace (or grappling hook) when it inevitably would be used to strike him. The moment that the mace moved up to strike and not to defend would be the right time to fire basically point-blank the cannon at an unprotected target. If instead, the mace came up to defend head and torso against the incoming assault, the cannon would work wonderfully as a potential threat too dangerous to ignore, and that would leave open areas for the other two weapons that Mogan had deployed. And he could fire a shot anyway just to bring her teammate the pain she so clearly wanted inflicted upon herself.

The second was that Mogan's grappling hook fired again from his left hand, this time aimed at the upper thigh beside which dangled Jima's mace. An easy enough place to defend with the mace, a much harder one to move out of the way without upsetting one's balance unless the dodge was flawless. After all, Mogan knew that Jima knew that he could electrify the hook/whip, so she would not risk being hit directly by it (because he could and would electrify it if it managed to hit the intended target). She could try to kick it or stomp on it, but with the other threats coming could she really afford such a time-consuming and opening-creating maneuver? Raising that leg would surely impede the movements of the mace, wouldn't it? Anyway Mogan didn't care, because the third thing that happened was that he thrust his left arm, the hand angled sideways in order to have the palm pointing away from the rest of Jima's form, forward in a stabbing motion aiming at the shoulder opposite to the one at which the grappling hood had been aimed at the start of the dash.

All these moves would leave him with his left arm stretched above his right one, in a perfect position to defend against a counterattack by crossing his arms before him, or by bringing the right arm low to block kicks or the mace.

The best case scenario for Mogan, and conversely the worst for Jima, was that she would use the mace to defend against the hook, and only then bring it up to try and stop the blade. At that point he would have fired with the cannon, likely hitting her in the chest. But even if she managed to bring up the mace in time that would not matter, because the cannon shot would surely push the mace with enough force for it to hit her chest anyway because of the recoil, leaving the way open for the blade, no? Well... not exactly. Because you forgot that Mogan's semblance is now active.
That means that if Jima's thigh is hit by the hook, she has one countdown on her, while if she uses the mace the countdown will be on the mace. Keep this in mind because it will be relevant later.
Nothing happens at first in any case, so Jima can bring the mace up to attack or defend without problems. Let's say she tries to put the mace between herself and the cannon as any sane person would when following one own instinct of autopreservation, at this point the cannon shot hits either her directly or the cannon. If the hook has hit her before, and the cannon hits her now, then the effect of the hook will appear (likely making her stumble because of the sudden impact and subsequent pain) and a new countdown will be applied on her, only for it to be activated once the blade hits its mark. If this sequence of events happens as described here, once the blade makes contact Jima will feel the impact of the cannon and the countdown for the blade strike will be applied to her.

But what if she manages to intercept the cannon shot with the mace? The grappling hook doesn't make enough difference to influence the mass of the mace and is only useful as a distraction and to make Jima waste precious instants. Well, in this case, a countdown is applied on the mace, but nothing happens and so the mace can continue its travel to block the blade.
At this point, various things can happen.
1) Jima intercepts the blade before it strikes her, intending to damage it in some way, and in so doing activates a countdown on the aforementioned blade without stopping the countdown on her mace.
2)  Jima intercepts the blade before it strikes her, without intending to damage it but only to protect herself, and no counter is applied to the blade.
3) Jima thinks she will manage to intercept the blade, only for said blade to violate all the rules and move abruptly and quickly horizontally towards the other side of her body in what can be considered for all intent and purposes a slash and no longer a thrust, evading the mace and applying a new countdown. It would look like someone had pushed the blade laterally by applying a sudden force. And that is exactly the case: do you remember Mogan's gesture before his last speech? He sure does, and his internal clock, honed by countless fights, practice, and experiences (some less successful than others etched into Mogan's skin) is very precise.

"Be careful what you wish for... punk."

Attack log: I've no idea where to start. So I'm going to take the cowards way out and leave it all to you.   ;D

Mogan combat stats:
Aura: 93%

3rd Year 1v1:Mogan Treehouse

Spoiler: ShowHide

I guess we can try to make it work. If necessary we can specify the timing inside the five seconds.

What to do, what to do? On one hand, Mogan was in a perfect spot to press his advantage. Close quarter fights were his comfort zone, after all, and Jima was effectively trapped, forced to abandon her mace or to keep him close and suffer the consequences.
On the other hand, this was a spar, and it wasn't Mogan's intention to win at all cost... ok it was his intention to win, but not in such an unsatisfactory manner! After all the situation they were in had stemmed from the mistake that had been Jima's first move.
So Mogan resolved to try and "reset" the fight. He hadn't expected Jima to be able to dodge his surprise attack, especially not from such a short distance, but was nonetheless ready for her countermove. Not an optimal countermove, in his opinion, as he was easily able to interpone the back of his left hand between Jima's boot and his stomach. He grunted in pain as the impact, even if dulled by his armor, traveled up his arm. Sure he had to release the grip on her mace to defend himself, but that was fine for more than one reason.
The first reason was that his whip was still partially coiled around his left wrist, and all he had to do to punish Jima's kick was to activate the lightning dust it was equipped with. He wasn't sure that would be able to shock her through the boot, but it was still better than taking a direct hit. Of course, Mogan had also activated the rewind mechanism for the whip/grappling hook.
The second reason was that he didn't need both hands to interfere with Jima's ability to swing her mace. But that wasn't important, given the fact that he released the grip with his right hand too. Why do that? Nothing Jima had done had forced him to let go of the mace, but as said before, continuing to fight an opponent that had been for all intent and purposes basically disarmed, wasn't the objective of the spar.
The third reason was that he used the force of Jima's kick to jump back and regain some distance (a couple of meters give or take). His right hand was still connected to the mace's grappling hook, but as he had proved before, that didn't give Jima much of an advantage. 

"They must be sticker tattoos if you are afraid they can be damaged by a scratch through clothes and aura! Don't worry, I'll buy you a children snack that has one of those as a surprise after I win."

Mogan teased with a cheeky smile,
Yeah, pretty arrogant, but honestly he felt his chances of losing were pretty low. Jima didn't have an offensive semblance and on top of that her weapon was slower and easier to dodge or grab than, say, a sword. For Jima, Mogan was one of the worst matchups. 

"I get that you hoped to score a heavy hit with that first move of yours, but from what I've seen you didn't have a plan B or a way to keep up the pressure if the first attack failed, am I wrong? Your mace is a heavy and powerful weapon but you need to have the range advantage over me to make it shine, so I don't understand why you choose to bet everything in the first exchange. If I hadn't let go of your mace I could have just stood there and kept hitting you with my left hand, that i remind you has also a hidden blade, and you would have been forced to let go of your weapon sooner rather than later."   

Mogan made a brief pause to show the hidden blade on his left arm. It was obvious that if he had remained close, he could have cut her to ribbons or stabbed her at any moment and she wouldn't have had her weapon available to defend herself.

"The grappling hook was a nice surprise, but using it to open the fight isn't a waste of opportunity? I don't want to sound lecturing, but given that your weapon doesn't look complex you should try to exploit its secrets to turn the tables on your opponent when he least expects it or when he thinks he has the upper hand, no?"

Another pause to let his words sink in before the final proposition.

"So how about you free me from your grappling hook and we start again?"

The offer was a good one. After all the grappling hook wasn't much more than a nuisance. Sure it limited Mogan's ability to dodge around, but he didn't need it if he could just grab the mace or step inside her guard.

"And this time we get a bit more serious..."

He thought, feeling the familiar sensation of his semblance slowly activating. He had wished to activate it when he had seen Jima trying to kick him, so hopefully, it would already be active for their next clash.

Attack log:
Lightnin whip: steel isn't the greatest electricity conductor, but it still works. That said I had no idea of what kind of damage such a short shock could cause. Let's say 2%?

Mogan Combat log:
Aura 93%
Absorbing the impact from the kick through the armored hand: -3%

I'd love to participate!

Spoiler: ShowHide

Honestly, I don't think that this fight will be that slow paced. Considering it will probably be a mid-close ranged fight. And besides Mogan semblance doesn't have to reach 10 seconds to work. The consequences of an impact start ramping up immediately, so for example, after 2.5 seconds they will be 1.5 stronger than the originals. Anyway, if we discover that the five seconds rule isn't practical or can't be applied for timing reason we can just change it.   

The moment Jima pointed the lower tip of her mace towards him, Mogan realized that he was going to soon discover one of the hidden features of the weapon. With a loud click, something shot out of Jima's mace, angrily buzzing towards him and approaching in very fast.
When in doubt: deflect it.
Mogan was fairly confident in the defensive capabilities of both his armored arms, but Take was definitely the one that was more oriented towards defense, so his instinctual answer to Jima's first move was to try to use Take to intercept the incoming projectile by retracting his left hand and bringing forth his right one.   
Only that he didn't manage to deflect anything. Jima's grappling hook, as per design, simply wrapped itself around his right forearm that had helpfully put itself in the way.

"Ah, a grappling hook. Makes sense."

He had just the time to form this thought before his opponent used the rope connecting them to abruptly pull him towards her. Unfortunately for Jima, Mogan hadn't learned to fight the day before, and instead of falling on his face and be dragged on the floor like a fish, he used the force kindly offered by his teammate to roll forward. This move brought him in a crouching position just before Jima. Being yanked had hurt a bit, but he was ready when her spiked mace fell towards his head.  Honestly, Mogan wasn't sure of what Jima's wanted to obtain with this move. Sure, she had undoubtedly put him in a less than advantageous position, but also placed him in a perfect spot to turn the table on her.
And so Mogan did the only logical thing anyone in his position, said position being that of someone whose head was being threatened by a big spiked hunk of metal, could do: prevent the aforementioned piece of metal from making contact. That objective he achieved by grabbing the neck of the mace with both hands.
He buckled under the force of the impact, falling on his right knee, but in return, his right hand, right under the head of the mace, clicked audibly when he augmented his grip with the mechanical features of his weapon.
At this point, Mogan could have tried to disarm Jima, but he knew he couldn't exert much force from his current position. What he could do was bring her to his level: her mace would lose much of his power if she couldn't swing it properly, after all.
And so his left hand also clicked, and from it shot out his own grappling hook, aimed squarely at the middle of the sternum.
His aim, besides taking a chunk of her aura, was to use this distraction to stand up and in so doing find himself right in front of Jima, with both hands gripping her weapon to prevent her from swinging it. He didn't think she would abandon her weapon... but then again she didn't really need to. After all, even if all went according to his plan, she would find herself in the perfect position to deliver the most devastation blow know to mankind. Mogan could only hope that Jima would not stoop so low as to hit below the belt.

Attack log:
Grappling hook impact: I don't know. I guess we can compare it to a gunshot, given the short distance, but what damage it does depends on where Jima gets hit (if she even gets hit). A direct hit to the head I think should take at least 15 to 20% (20% being the worst case scenario: the eye or the throat), but other than that I think 10% max should be okay for a direct hit to the chest (the one described), stomach, shoulders or arms. A scratch between 2 and 5%, depending on the softness of the interested area.   

Mogan combat log:
Aura: 96%
Grappling hook yank -2
Absorbing the impact from the mace -2

Plot Zone / Re: Friendly Fights
« on: June 16, 2018, 04:09:33 AM »
There we go Moth!  ;D

I'm always willing to fight, but as I said before I don't have the time to keep up with more than two threads (three if we count another I'm already part of). But once I finish with Moth or Inexaustive you're next on the list! Pick  whoever you want to fight, I don't have preferences.

OOC: Given that Mogan's semblance is time-based, I'd thank you if you could specify the timing of Jima's actions so we don't get confused and make mistakes.

"So, Jima, are you sure you want me to use my semblance?"

Mogan asked her teammate while entering one of Beacon's training halls, already wearing his combat gear. 

"You saw the damage it can do... "

This was the first sparring match he would have with one of his new teammates, and to be honest he was a bit worried. Not only because of his semblance (after all the chances of causing permanent damage, if he was careful, were reasonably low), but because during a fight he tended to show his competitive spirit and could come across as quite arrogant and smug. 

"But I can understand your reasoning. I too, as a general rule, try to fight without using my semblance and so have to adapt to opponents who are free to use their semblances. Take Suntalia, for example! Ahh... must be nice to have an easy and powerful semblance like hers."

Mogan reached the center of the stage and shrugged to loose up his shoulders.

"One last piece of advice, before we start: I'm a liar, so don't trust me."

He then fell into a fighting stance. He positioned sideways, slightly hunched like a coiled spring, offering a smaller target. With his left leg forward and his right arm close to his chest ready to deliver a full force punch, with the aid of Take, of course. His left arm, which was instead covered by Give (the one with the concealed blade and the whip), was before him. His left hand was open, with the palm facing upwards.

Spoiler: ShowHide

With a confident smirk, he gestured with his left hand, inviting her to get close and daring her to attack.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Plot Zone / Re: Friendly Fights
« on: June 15, 2018, 07:04:30 PM »
Here we go Inexhaustive! I have no idea of the type of terrain, so feel free to add anything you want. It is my first PvP, so I'm not quite sure about how to handle the detail. Should I add a list of Shoko's equipment or we don't need to count bullets?

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