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"No questions?" He asked the empty Bullhead after the last student had jumped, shortly before chuckling to himself, and stepping out of the open door. He levelled his body, taking a deep breath as he plummeted towards the ground, then held out his hands, forming two handles of Aura which then rose up above him. Just a few seconds after he jumped, he was holding onto his own Hand Glider, circling around the area and taking in a proper, birds-eye view of the scenery. After a few seconds, he gave a sharp whistle to the ground, then waved with one hand before quickly grabbing the bar once more, turning to head towards the bar. Naturally he'd move a lot faster, so instead of taking a straight line, he instead moved in zig-zags to keep an eye on the kids as well as keep a track of the few small Grimm clusters he could see in the area. One of them, a small pack of Beowolves, already moving in on the group.

MiA Characters / Re: Aqua Phoenix
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Uh, what?

You're temp banning me for explaining my character? And saying I was being a cunt about explaining my character? I'm just doing exactly as I was asked. I've been asked to explain things more clearly and more accurately, so I spell things out when asked to.

And sarcasm isn't being a cunt. It's a reasonable reaction where the alternative would be complete mockery.

So, please. Do explain how I'm being a cunt in explaining how my character works.

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Pretty sure missiles fired from close range move faster than cars. Also, shortly before that, highway scene. Team RWBY casually jumping up falling rubble to safety, leaping from brick to brick. plenty of other examples of super human reaction times and speed. So yes. a chain moving towards you if you walk into a trap is not inescapable.

Illusions don't blow up in your face when you toe punt them, and you can't kick off them to give yourself a boost. You can't get your weapon stuck in them, either.

Yes, Sun had an impact. Minimalist. Barely more than a distraction. Pretty much everyone/thing he's used it against has shrugged them off pretty quickly, if they've even been bothered at all. Illya was the only one to be phased, and that's because it was 4v1 and the clones bull rushed her. Then she got back up a few seconds later.

The cooldown is him having to remark targets. As well as it tiring him out the more he uses it. Add onto the the natural tiredness of lugging around a shield bigger than he is...

No, it is not "literally once" Yang is not the only Character in RWBY to be harmed through her Aura. She is the only person to have been PERMANENTLY injured. Yes. Well done. You managed to pick up on one tiny thing that would not have been an overly large deal, and was thrown in specifically to explain what the disease was, to which I decided to elaborate just how it could affect him, never once stating that it would become life threatening. Yes. And if you can feel pain through Aura, that means energy, specifically, kinetic energy, can pass through Aura. This means that kinetic energy, in laymans terms, vibrations, can ripple through the body. When these vibrations interact with the human body, depending on the intensity, several things can happen. For example, blood vessels popping, skin ripping, bone cracking and muscles tearing. We can reach the conclusion that this is possible given, as you yourself stated, pain is felt through aura, which means, naturally, your nerves are receiving stimuli from the blows. The only form of stimuli they would be receiving, however,would be kinetic.

Yes, you are right. He would feel things changing on his fists. However given the fact that he doesn't feel pain, and in the middle of a fight his hands (which, keep in mind, are pretty much always carrying this giant shield) would likely be numb, either from the lack of blood from carrying the shield, to the natural numbness that occurs when you punch something repeatedly. Now, do me a favour. Punch something. It doesn't matter what. your own arm, a wall, door, a friend who's annoying you right now. When you do. That is all Imber would feel. The contact. He wouldn't register the splitting pain of a bone breaking, or a knuckle popping out of place. He wouldn't feel it if you dislocated his shoulder. Sure, he'd be able to jump back and push it back in to regain movement without flinching and that certainly is a plus, but that doesn't make it anwhere near a good thing. Short term? Possibly. Long term? Not in a long shot.

Yes. I have. I've listed several. The fact he is shit with literally everything other than holding a portable wall(literally what he called his Shield Bulwark means "A defensive wall"). The fact he literally can't tell if something is wrong with his own body without visually confirming it. And the fact he can invoke Newton's Third Law upon himself by not realising just how strong he is. Then there's the fact that his shield weighs more than he does. Exhaustion. Constantly. The fact that he's probably going to be covered in sweat after any length of time walking with a portable wall. Not life threatening, sure. But certainly irritating to anyone with nerves. Which he does have. Just not pain receptors.

I do have a sound understanding. Though considering the things I've had to explain out, in detail before (such as how Newtons Third Law would affect the human body, using evidence from the show as proof of how it is in effect in RWBY) as well as you asking me to explain everything as simply as possible, I decided it was best to keep it to a bare minimum, given no one is really going to be interested in how he produces less tears and is at a greater disposition towards infections. Do you want to know all about his exact mutations, how he got them, and the exact scientific jargon that would describe his condition perfectly but explain very little of value?

With some things, it's easier to give a proper explanation. With others, it's best to keep it simple. Medical ailments are generally of the latter.

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But, yes. I know. I meant that she was deleted when I previously uploaded her, before she was uploaded for approval. As per the edits, Janus suggested that it may have simply been a glitch. Which, if something was happening around the time that someone was tinkering with the site, is completely understandable.

It isn't so much Auto hitting, as it is firing a homing missile (Using missiles in the form of a projectile weapon. It simply seeks out it's target and ensnares them, doing no damage whatsoever, and if the target can figure out that chains rapidly approaching them is a bad thing, they would render it effectively useless by outrunning it (something which has been shown to be possible. The only case where I would consider it auto-hitting is if they were literally right on top of Aqua when he set his Anchor Point and got marked there and then. But, even then. If you're literally sitting on the barrel of a shotgun, you can't really call someone a modder for just bulling the trigger and blowing your prostate into your brain now, can you? (Enjoy that lovely graphic, by the way)

I have also been toying with the idea of keeping the length/durability spread out across ALL chains. So if there's 4 chains, each 50 Feet long, each one would only have to pull against it as if it were a 200 foot chain. Though, once one break free, the others would be left with the strength of the remainder.

As per their Aura Constructs, the Summons and Clones are rather unique, as Weiss' are for direct combat purposes. Wukong and Blake (though they both vanish upon being struck or, in Blake's case, activate a Dust effect.) both use theirs for distraction and/or evasion.

Aqua uses his for neither, simply to restrict movement. Natural/fixed terrain, such as floors and trees, walls and doors and the like, would pose a barrier, but something like an Ice Wall erected with Dust would be ignored.

There's also a time limit on it, of five minutes, with the chains getting weaker by the minute. After 5 minutes (or once they break free), the chain completely vanishes, requiring Aqua to re-mark his target and reactivate the chains.

As per Aura, it isn't perfect. In the show, we see people with their Aura active feel pain, and even take physical damage. Jaune, for example, takes a few punches from Cardin which leaves him with a black eye. He then later looks at his Aura reading and it shows he's taken a significant Aura loss, BUT he still has his aura. Unless you wish to hypothesise that the bright flash of light was his Semblance, and it chunks him 20% (give or take) of his Aura to use it once (which the writers have confirmed, that was NOT his Semblance) then it would stand to reason that Aura is not a perfect defence and can, with great force, be overcome without breaking it down first.

Further, though less extreme proof of this, is how people are being knocked around and feeling pain. Pyrrha, for example, makes several pained gasps when she takes blows from Cinder. Jaune from Cardin, Cardin from when he punched Jaune in the face, (we see him shaking his hand like he seriously hurt something), Ren when Nucklave bitch slaps him into a wall, Jaune when he takes several stones to the face and groin (possibly out of place comedic relief, but still another example) Yang and Mercury during their 1v1. They moth make hisses and grunts of pain (even before Yang smashes his Aura to bits). Ruby, when she falls into Roman's operation and is KO'ed for a short while. The list goes on and on, but I think you get the picture. If he punches something hard enough, something that doesn't yield... Newton's Third Law takes place. For every action, there is an equal reaction. (and before you say there isn't that much realism in RWBY... Nora's Grenade Jump proves otherwise. Other examples, I'm sure, but that's the most memorable. Just cutting this one off at the pass. Too many in the fandom decide that RWBY isn't set on Earth, in our universe, so Basic, Fundamental Physics don't apply.)

The chewing through his lips and tongue is still a valid concern, however Aura does not protect the body 24/7. It may provide cover overall after being unlocked, but Pyrrha and Ozpin both state that it must be activated in order to be of any serious use. Pyrrha, just before unlocking Jaune's Aura. And Ozpin, when Oscar complains about his Aura not automatically protecting him. It seems to function like muscle. An experienced fighter will know exactly where and when to tense and relax to minimise damage from punches, but if you're just chilling in your room, absently staring at the ceiling, you're not exactly anticipating someone stabbing you in the cheek.Though the healing effect of Aura would, no doubt, slowly get to work healing him, but he'd have to register the cut itself to send his Aura there, like flexing a specific muscle. It's not the best analogy, but it's the closest I could find that fits how the show has (barely) explained Aura.

The only up-side to Analgesia is a double sided sword. He can't feel pain. Yeah, it's great for a tank. He could stand there all day and not feel a thing. Except maybe a little bored, then wet when he starts bleeding.

Unless he's got a sword sticking in him that he hasn't noticed yet and doesn't realise that he probably needs to back off and get help. Or if he's just gone and broken his wrist because he punched too hard, or because he was pushed and tripped.

The only other "strength" he has is his upper body and lower back strength from carrying a shield that is 6"6 tall, 5" wide and four inches thick. Not sure exactly how heavy that would be. Would have to do research on military grade metal, their weight per volume, then figure it all out. Purely because I want "Whosoever holds this shield, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Aqua." written on it, then pull a Thor and just drop it on someone and walk off. xD

MiA Characters / Re: Aqua Phoenix
« on: December 18, 2017, 07:37:09 AM »
Either a mod think's they're the fucking shit, or this site is bugged to high hell and back. First, Ember vanishes from CC, then over three hours of work on Aqua vanishes.

I'll give you the long and short of it, since I can't be fucked changing everything (again) right now.

Details: Aura chains, Cost, dependant on usage. Range, 200 feet total, can be split between 4 chains (so can trap 4 people/objects with 50 feet of chain each, or 1 with 200 feet of chain) Chain moves at approximately the same speed as a car (50-60 MPH) it can miss, but it's homing, following the "Marks" Imber leaves on a target. It it's intercepted, it'll go right through whatever blocked it. It's basically a ghost chain. It cannot be destroyed, it's essentially invincible.


The further away from the centre of the Zone, the easier it is to escape. 200 Feet away, and freeing oneself is as simple as giving it a good tug, provided Huntsman level strength. It has the same resistance as any other concrete bound metal chain. Closer you get, more force is required to pull free from it. Can't touch the chains themselves, though. Because Aura.

As per Combat Behaviour... There were plenty of weaknesses.

First and foremost, Analgesia. Constantly having to hold back his physical strikes for fear of breaking his own body (The phrase not knowing ones own strength is certainly apt with him.) Literally not registering any pain. At all. He have his arm torn off and not notice until he tries to slug someone with it, and even then, he wouldn't feel it. So, there's that. To top it all off, he sucks with pretty much every weapon, and is only passable in hand to hand because of his brute strength because his shield is oversized and heavy as fuck.

And, rage disease was a typo. I did fix it before it got nuked. It's supposed to be rare disease. As per what it is-- It's a complete insensitivity to pain. People who have the disease can live long and happy lives, but they can never feel pain (though there are apparently some drugs that allow them to feel pain) though they can still feel other stimuli, such as someone patting their shoulder. Though, to them, that would feel much the same as someone stabbing their shoulder. Both a blessing and a curse, since it's highly likely for them to accidentally chew through their own lips, tongue, accidentally cause damage to the ears and eyes, along with lean on things that are sharp/hot without realising, or even take a bad fall and crack their head in two but not realise until the neighbours start screaming something about zombies.

I have plenty of experience with character creation, thank you very much. This one was sabotaged by someone fucking me about, or someone not doing the coding properly. And, I'll take this moment to remind you that just because I do things differently from this one site out of literal millions of sites, doesn't mean I am inexperienced. It means I have had DIFFERENT experiences.

Also, note-- I have two characters up. Yes. But I've only gotten... What? 3, 4 posts into the singular roleplay I have on this site. Creating characters alone does not make me any more experienced in the workings of the site.

Approved Characters / Re: Ember Riochu
« on: December 17, 2017, 10:23:07 AM »
+1, approved but ill leave it here if you want to change it for a little bit.

Nah, I'm happy with it the way she is. Time to get Aqua in then I can actually use Ember. xD

MiA Characters / Aqua Phoenix
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Name: Aqua Phoenix

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Human Male

Occupation: Hunter-in-Training, Beacon Academy

Appearance: Aqua, a young hunter, something that is obvious to all who glance at him. Everything about him all but screams 'Hunter' from the way he walks, to the muscles on his arms, legs and chest, to his constant awareness, his cyan eyes tracking and flicking to and from any sudden movement. He, like his partner, wears rather obscenely coloured clothing, generally donning blue jeans and a cyan button-up T-shirt, which goes rather well with his florescent blue hair.

History: As a child of two hunters, Aqua grew up around Hunter families, though the thought of becoming a hunter himself was rather outlandish to the young boy. It wasn't until he heard his childhood friend, and crush's declaration that she would be the strongest huntress in the world that he ever began to consider it was possible for him to become a Hunter. After witnessing her gruelling training, and how she endured it without complaint, his mind was made. He asked his parents to train him, alongside his friend, so that they could protect each other. His parents happily obliged, and several years later, he found himself as her partner in more ways than one.

Personality: Aqua is a rather withdrawn character, preferring to keep to himself and his small circle of friends. Of course, he has no issue with interacting with others, just that is isn't something he would go out of his way to do. For this reason, most of his interactions are forced, with his partner all but pushing him at others, something which he bears good-naturedly, smiling and generally getting along with all but the most repulsive of people.

Aura and Semblance: Aqua's Aura manifests as a pale purple glow, and when his Semblance is in use, his body seems to shimmer with it. His Semblance itself is rather simple, though it has three parts to it. Activation, Marking and Trapping. The First stage is initiated simply by deploying his shield and slamming it into the ground, creating a centre to his zone. The second is striking an opponent with his shield, leaving a 'mark' on them. Finally, at his command, Aura chains will shoot out from the centre point, locking onto, and wrapping around the marked target, allowing them to go as far as they have from the centre, but no further.

Combat Behaviour: In combat, Aqua prefers to get up close and personal, engaging the enemy, or multiple, and keep their attention on him, relying on a strong defence while his team picks them off. He uses his weapon, The Bulwark, to bash at his foes, using the edges and front of the the massive shield to catch his foes off guard while they're still reeling from any ineffectual blows. He is especially suited to this role, thanks to his rage disease, congenital analgesia, a strong insensitivity to pain. Though this can be both a blessing and a curse.


Name: The Bulwark

Primary Form: In it's primary form, The Bulwark is a heavy tower shield, one capable of covering his entire body, and another person behind him. Simple, yet effective. The solid plate metal is three inches thick and curved in such a way to better allow him to deflect strikes that would otherwise break him should he block them directly. The base of his shield eventually curves off into a sharp point, enabling him to slam it into the ground, or another Person/Grimm with ease.

Secondary Form: The secondary form of The Bulwark is a much smaller version, one that can shrink down to a more reasonable, compact size. In this form, it still takes up about half the size of his torso, but he can more easily carry it on his back.

Dust Functions: It's a shield. It doesn't use Dust.

History: The Bulwark came into creation as his partner and himself were discussing strategies for battle. Aqua never really excelled at any fighting styles, no matter what weapons he used. A sword never felt right, an axe was too cumbersome, a mace left too much possibility for overextending, so instead, he decided to take up a more protective role, opting to instead build something that could keep himself, and his loved ones safe from harm, while still being effective enough to keep an opponents attention on him, with some assistance from his Semblance, of course.

WiP Characters / Dentist
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Age: 17

Species and Gender: Human Male

Occupation: First year Huntsman in Training at Beacon.

Appearance: DENTIST



Aura and Semblance: [NAME]'s Aura takes on a crimson glow, one that almost constantly coats his weapons when in use. His Semblance is simple, in theory. It's use, however, is much more complex.

[NAME]'s Semblance allows him to manipulate any object he is touching, to an extent. He can use it to move wheels without spinning them, turn on a toaster without pushing any buttons, or as he normally does, control his Bloody Carnage to a much more accurate degree. One could liken it to a zero-range telekinesis, which were it not for his choice of weaponry, would be all but useless. Unless he decided to use a gun without a trigger, that is.

This Semblance, however, only works on inanimate objects, and he must have a basic understanding of how to operate it, and it's function to control it properly. For example, he could activate a microwave by holding a hand on top of it and considering the buttons he would have to press to start it, or he could open a bottle or can of beer just by considering the motions required to do so. He could not, however, take control of a Bullhead without it ending up in a fiery crater 10 feet from where it took off.



Name: Bloody Carnage

Primary Form: DENTIST DENTIST uses wires of Razor Floss that he stores within his gloves. These wires can lash out at targets, slicing at and/or through them to great effect. With careful precision, and use of his Semblance, he can manipulate all ten wires at once, allowing him to create intricate patterns for both offence and defence.

Secondary Form: Sample Text

Tertiary Form: Sample Text

Dust Functions: Sample Text

History: Sample Text

WiP Characters / Re: Satoshi Bei-Fong
« on: December 12, 2017, 04:50:31 PM »
Only have to worried about MIA in character creation proper.

Ah, alright. Gotchya. Thanks!

WiP Characters / Re: Aqua Phoenix
« on: December 12, 2017, 05:32:20 AM »
Not MIA, just waiting for other characters to be approved.

WiP Characters / Re: Satoshi Bei-Fong
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Not MIA, just waiting for other characters to be approved.

Listening to the lot of them talk, Imber stood by the open door, holding onto the outside of the Bullhead for some level of support. Once they were done, he gave a small nod to each of them. "Alright. In case you've forgotten, I am Imber Mordred. Been a hunter for five years. I've lived this long by knowing when to fight, and when to back down. As I said, I'll be staying out of your hair, for the most part. That said, if I step in, I expect you all to listen to me. This isn't a casual stroll through the Emerald Forest, when the most danger you're in is getting bored of fighting Beowolves, or the more uncommon Deathstalker. I'm leaving Rory in charge until I need to step in." He gave a small nod to the young boy. He made the decision on the spot, but of out the lot of them, a defence specialist felt like the best choice. Time would tell if that proved to be the case.

After a brief pause, Imber pulled his scroll out, then held it against his left wrist. A second later, two bands of pale golden Aura appeared at the top and the bottom of his device, looping around his wrist and holding it in place. He pushed a few buttons and a second later, a map showed on the screen. He closed his eyes, concentrating on the image, then knelt down, touching a hand to the floor and letting his Semblance recreate the image, with a few minor alterations. A slightly raised area with a raised "forest" to the East, a meadow marked "plains" in every other direction. A small X marked "DZ" and a house shaped structure titled "Huntsman's Retreat. It all spread out from his fingertips, taking the same light gold glow as his Aura.

"This, here, is where we'll be dropping off. Half a mile from our primary objective. There is a path that runs from that point down south, away from Vale and towards other settlements. The Huntsman's Retreat is along the way, and what Intel has been gathered so far suggests that the Grimm in that area have been aggravated somehow. Normally, we wouldn't care. But this is going be be a problem for travellers and traders alike. So we have a  Search and Destroy mission." He paused for second, letting that sink in, before tapping the forest just to the side of The Retreat. "All of this is uncharted territory. That doesn't mean we haven't been through it, only that it changes so often there are no real, comprehensive maps of it. I've been through it a few times, and it's pretty rough. Larger Grimm have little respect for nature, so it's not too uncommon to see trees falling and changing the course of rivers. Rivers which will be no doubt overflowing thanks to the rain the past few days. We may have to go into the forest, but recon will have to be performed before that. Going in blind will just get us killed."

He kept his hand on the map for a few more seconds, then pulled it off, letting the map vanish into nothingness. "When we land, we make a beeline towards the target, set up shop and then plan our next move. The Huntsman's Retreat was built to survive a Grimm Incursion. Something this small will barely scratch the place. For any of the more studious among you, you'll have noticed no public records of blueprints. That doesn't matter. It's set out the same as any inn. Five rooms up stairs, another three in the basement, and a large open area for the bar. There's also a bunker below the basement, with a tunnel leading just outside the walls of Vale. If things go tits up, that's our escape plan. Everyone clear?"

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Yeah. It's indefinitely. But, as said, that leaves her blind in the eye she's using to see the location. She could, theoretically keep one eye on her parents house and watch them go about their lives from the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to sleep. As for range, infinite, but as said, she has to be able to visualise it properly something that she has seen herself. So while she could move her eye closer and closer to her target to "increase" the distance she could see, it's also basically just like moving her real eye. It's still affected by things like darkness. And the void of space is pretty dark.

WiP Characters / Aster Phoenix
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Name: Aster Phoenix

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Hawk Faunus male.

Symbol:  An astral Phoenix rising from a regular Phoenix, surrounded by blue flames.

Occupation: Beacon Huntsman-In-Training

Appearance: Aster Phoenix is six foot four with a rather lithe build, weighing only 140 Lbs, with several burn marks across his body. Most notably, however, is the one that curls up from his neck, around his jawbone to his right ear, shaped exactly like a wing tip. His eyes are different colours, a genetic mutation called Iridis Hetrochromia. His particular mutation leaves him with his left eye blue, and his right eye a vivid red. Behind him, tucked under his clothing, he hides two enormous wings, spanning 9.5 feet in total. Two giant, encompassing blankets of soft Down, each feather a slightly different shade of red, matching his hair colour perfectly.

History: Aster grew up as the 'black sheep' of the family. Not least of which was to do with his wings. In a family of Humans, his mother was suspected of cheating on his father, despite the lack of Hawk Faunus' in their area, or the fact that she frequently denied ever being with another man. Over time, though, that label moved from being because he was born, to because he excelled. The Phoenix family was never a family of overachievers. But for Aster, high grades and ruthless efficacy were his 'average'. This then quickly turned to arrogance and pride, with a heavy dose of over confidence.

Only one thing ever eluded him during his time at Signal. His Semblance. No matter how hard he tried, he could never get it to work. Or even give himself a hint of what it was. After he reached his Fourth year, he gave up on trying to find it. Others had made it much further than he without one, so he was determined to do the same. He taught himself the basics in Dust Weaving, and ancient and outdated, yet still useful, art. At first, he considered it a waste of time. But, when you preferred Hand to Hand Combat like he did, not having to worry about being disarmed was a blessing. And the only limits set were those of your own body. Something that could be taught to accept more.

After learning the basics, he saught more advanced training elsewhere. The teachers of Signal were willing to allow him time, given his grades, and the fact that he still completed any and all coursework and had it handed in not two days after it was set. After finding and learning from the Dust Weaver, he tried his own hand, weaving a shirt with just a few lines of Fire Dust interwoven into the fabric. Not a second after putting it on and feeling it with his Aura, something inside of him changed.

His world exploded into colours, and his wings felt... Alive. For the first time in years, they felt as though they had a mind of their own. It wasn't until he looked around and saw himself on the floor that he realised what he'd done. He gave a celebratory laugh, then began to look around, taking in the world through his new eyes. Then he felt it. Agony like never before, shooting through his neck and face and right wing tip. When he looked back, it was to see his wing had caught fire. A mistake in the Fire Dust weaving that he hadn't noticed. By the time he had managed to return to his body, his face was scarred permanently. A constant reminder of his arrogance.

Personality: Aster, before his Semblance, was arrogant, cocky, head strong and proud. After, however, he changed. He rose to a higher level. He became much more forgiving, kind and compassionate. He was more willing to learn from and listen to others, and even took the time to help show others some things, instead of his previous remarks of "Figure it out yourself."

Aura and Semblance: Aster's Aura is a bloody orange colour, much like the setting sun, and his Semblance, without using Dust, takes on that very same colour. His Semblance itself is to leave his mortal body behind and see the world as it truly is, unbound by conventional laws. This my no means he understands it. But it shows him something bigger than himself. It shows him Aura, those with, those without, and those who will seek to destroy what they can never possess. He cannot interact with anything while outside his body, merely observe. When outside his body, the young man takes on the form of a ghost, looking exactly the same as he does within his body, only as a pale, weightless and intangible mass of Aura. In which case, the varying effects can had different effects, ranging from becoming a floating pillar of flames (Fire), draining the heat from the area, freezing the surroundings (Ice), being able to shoot static bolts and interfere with electronics, such as changing the channel on a TV (Lightning) and finally, being able to move things with his mind, such as toppling a bookcase, sending the books flying around a room, or even throwing a discarded sword (Gravity).

While he is still highly unskilled in the use of his Semblance, having had it for less than a year, he only capable of moving 100 metres away from his body in any direction before he starts to 'fade', losing parts of himself to maintain the connection to his body. He has no clue what will happen if he goes any further, so he doesn't dare risk it. While he is using his Semblance, he cannot move his own body, leaving his essentially defenceless. Moreover, anything that happens to his physical body also happens to his Astral Body.

Combat Behaviour: In combat, Aster takes a passive stance, awaiting his opponent to strike first, then striking in return. While he is capable of using a verity of weapons, he finds his hands, feet and wings to be more than enough for most all situations. However, in a world where anyone he fights will either be at least twice his size and five times his muscle mass, or have weaponry capable of decimating a forest, he also uses Dust Woven clothes. Given the volatility of Dust, such things are almost unheard of, though since he lacks any real weaponry, the only way to use it, aside from punching someone with a Dust crystal, would be to wear it.

He uses several forms of Dust when fighting, Fire, Ice, Wind, Gravity and Lightning being his main Dust of choice. While Fire Ice and Lightning are fairly straight forward, using them to enhance his strikes, a combination of Gravity Dust and Wind Dust allows him to, with the aid of his wings, take flight. Though flying while in combat is rather impractical, as he has not had much experience with such, he is capable of using brief bursts of Gravity and Wind Dust to allow him to soar over an enemies head to strike from behind while they're caught off guard, or to escape from an unwinnable battle.

While using his Semblance, however, his Dust Woven Clothing is used much differently. In order to leave his body, a small portion of his Aura must remain behind. This allows him to, through the connection to his body, activate his Dust, granting his Astral Projection special effects. He also takes on the form of whichever Dust he is using. A flaming, frozen, static or dark ghost with Fire, Ice, Lightning and Gravity respectfully.


Name: Dust Woven Clothing

Dust Functions: With the Dust Woven through just about any type of Clothing, Aster is capable of many feats, though most are fairly simplistic in nature. As a staple, all of his clothing has Wind and Gravity Dust woven through the back, joining with the base of his Wings to allow him brief moments of flight during combat, or the ability to gain some height. Through the front and down his arms, he generally has Fire Dust and Lightning Dust, allowing him to deliver stronger, Dust Infused strikes. His trousers mostly possess Ice and Wind Dust, to allow him to leave Icy fields or freeze his opponents, or deliver a stronger knock-back with his kicks.

History: After years of never discovering his Semblance, Aster opted to not forge a weapon of his own that would compliment his Semblance, feeling that doing such would only set him behind others who had plenty of experience with their own weaponry. Unfortunately, by that point, he was already well behind others in every aspect aside from Hand to Hand combat. While the use of knuckle dusters or such weaponry was considered, he didn't like the practical applications of such as much as he did the use of Nature's Wrath.

His history with Dust Weaving is short, but after several mistakes, and one life-changing one, he has learned to be extra careful with Dust Weaving, now never so much as considering wearing a set until he has gone over it time and time again, to the point of paranoia.  After all, just one thread out of place burned half of his face and a wing. He dreaded to imagine what would have happened if his mistake was just slightly larger.

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Name: Ember Riochu

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Human Female

Occupation: Huntress in Training, Beacon Academy.

Appearance: Ember is a young woman in her late teens, though at a glace, one would generally assume she is older, given her rather curvaceous figure, something which she clearly makes no attempts to hide, wearing a tight, form-fitting red and black dress, one that covers her modesty, but leaves little to the imagination, covering her legs and back fully, but leaving her shoulders down completely bare. Her hair is a dark crimson, matched by her red eyes and equally as red lips, the only make-up she ever bothers to wear.

History: Ember grew up in Vale, a child raised in a Hunters Family, and as such, grew up around other Huntsmen children. Over time, the young, impressionable girl grew to idolise these great men and women, wanting to grow up to be just like them. Her parents begrudgingly allowed her to do so, giving her the training that she asked for. It was not pleasant to say the least. They were brutal, relentless, and almost abusive in the methodical routine Ember was put through. But the young girl endured it all with a smile. After a few months of training, one of her friends, another Hunters child, decided to join her, having also wanted to follow in his parents footsteps.

Over time, through both their parents training and their time at Signal, the two finally managed to get a position at Beacon and, having heard stories about past initiations from their parents, devised a way to 'cheat' to ensure they were on the same team. During her second year at Signal, Ember discovered her Semblance, which she would later use to great effect for many different things be they pranks, or more serious Huntress tasks.

Personality: Ember is somewhat a prankster, something her Semblance assists with a great deal. She is mischievous, shameless, and the perpetrator of many a practical joke, ranging from a bucket of water above a door, to swapping salt and sugar around, or even making toffee apples. Though substituting the apple for an onion. One should always be careful when accepting food from Ember for this reason alone. Being a natural flirt, she is generally pretty open with those she trusts, which provided her partner is alright with them, is just about everyone.

Around those her partner doesn't approve of, she is generally friendly, in a stand-offish way. Maintaining a civil demeanour, but never involving them in anything more than a general greeting. Those that her partner does not like, or those that have personally upset or offended her, however, experience much more cruel and vindictive jokes, for example, the bucket of water would become a bucket of dye.

Aura and Semblance: Ember's Aura manifests as a pale purple glow, while use of her semblance causes the sclera of her eyes to turn a pale purple. Her Semblance itself, however, she calls "Farseer", an apt name as it allows her to see across great distances, provided she can properly picture the place, or the person she wishes to see, in question. This does, however, come with the loss of vision from one eye for the duration.

Upon activation, she can see her target indefinitely. But, as said, that leaves her blind in the eye she's using to see the location. She could, theoretically keep one eye on her parents house and watch them go about their lives from the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to sleep. She has no effective range, but as said, she has to be able to visualise it properly; something that she has seen herself. So while she could move her eye closer and closer to her target to "increase" the distance she could see, it's also basically just like moving her real eye. It's still affected by things like darkness and walls.

When using Farseer, Ember sees things exactly as she would, were she there herself. Smoke, fire and anything else that could obscure her vision would act just the same as if it were her physical eye. However, the 'eye' can only move as much as a normal eye, sans a head to allow extra range. While she could 'move' it, by ending and re-enabling the Semblance, doing this in quick succession, or too many times in a short period can lead to heavy migraines that can impair her vision, as well as being a real pain to deal with.

Nothing from her physical body (such as clothing) affects her Semblance. Being blindfolded or submerged in complete darkness would not change how her Semblance sees things. That being said, if she were to suffer permanent damage to her eyes (for example, having them gouged out) she would be unable to use her Semblance due to being unable to meet the "cost", so to speak.

As with most Semblances, a loss of control, or significant enough distraction would end her Semblance. Were she to fall asleep, be knocked unconscious, or suffer a painful enough wound, her Semblance would end instantly.

Combat Behaviour:  Ember, while highly proficient in the use of long range weaponry, such as her High Impact Sniper Rifle, named Far Cutter, is extremely weak in Hand to Hand Combat. Her martial skills are, severely lacking, as well as any significant muscle mass, meaning that, for Ember, any kind of Brute Force solution is a Fools Gambit. That being said, she is not entirely useless in both those areas and, against someone unsuspecting, could turn the tides in her favour; though she generally relies on her opponents never seeing her in the first place.

Her primary strategy is to remain as far away as humanly possible, keeping only within range of Far Cutter, which is a considerable range longer than most, given her Semblance allows her to make shots many others would consider impossible, even without the use of a Scope. This allows her to pull off shots, as well as maintaining a perfect awareness of her surroundings, with the only downside being that her body is completely blind.

Failing that, while she has trained in many weapons, Ember Riochu has taken a liking to the Spear. Keeping in line with her preference to keep people who want to kill her as far away as humanly possible, she will use the Spear Form of Far Cutter to stab, jab and slash to Zone her opponent out, preferably pushing them back towards her partner so they can ensnare them, letting her finish the job. Within a team, she generally prefers to use her advantage of both range, and an bird's eye view to direct the team, making tactical decisions on the fly.

Naturally, such tactics, when fighting alone or against the Grimm, who do not fear the pointy end, are all but useless, and as such, she will attempt to maim or otherwise injure the target, retreat to a safe distance, then line up a shot before it can catch up to her.

When it comes to using Dust, Far Cutter, in it's  Sniper Form, can be loaded with any kind of Dust. However, for the sake of not spending all of her money, she generally limits herself to three different types. Fire. Ice. And Gravity.

Each type of Dust, in powder form, would be mixed into the .50 Calibur rounds that she makes herself, with varying quantities for different situations. For example, if she were to take part in a Sparing Match, (Tempting though it may be at times) Ember would not use a fully loaded Gravity Dust bullet against  fellow hunter in training, saving those for the Grimm, both for the sake of saving money, and not breaking Rib-cages.


Name: Far Cutter

Primary Form: In it's primary form, Far Cutter is a High Impact Sniper, capable of firing a verity of Dust and regular ammunition to great effect.

Secondary Form: With Far Cutter's secondary form, it becomes a spear, allowing her to keep her distance, even in close quarters

Dust Functions: Far Cutter can be loaded with most any type of Dust, however Ember will primarily use Fire, which ignites soft targets on impact, Gravity, which has more stopping power, and Ice Dust, which can freeze over the impact area.

History: Far Cutter was the Weapon that Ember Built in her third year, after learning how to use her Semblance. Since she can, with the use of her Semblance, see much further than any normal Human or Faunus, she makes a great Sniper, and so Far Cutter came into existence.

It was not without it's flaws, naturally. The original concept included laser guided bullets to better pull off those almost impossible shots, and the ability to Mechashift into a more rapid design, but at her partners suggestion, she relented and left Far Cutter as a simple Bolt Action Sniper Rifle.

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