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Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« on: December 15, 2018, 07:27:59 AM »
Now the semblance volume is only reduced by creation of constructs.

Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« on: December 14, 2018, 05:03:05 AM »
Just did.

Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« on: December 07, 2018, 07:07:55 AM »
Changed reserve to 5000 cubic meters and changed regeneration to when he had a 2 hours or longer rest.

Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« on: November 30, 2018, 09:26:40 AM »
Added themes.
Retconned Aura color for visibility.
Semblance overhauled:
He didn't actually name his Semblance, but people around gave it the nickname 'Aurashift' and he picked it up. The semblance is an extension of his Aura that manifests exclusively as up to two long wires, one in each hand of Catalina. They originate from his palm and is as flexible as real steel cables.

The length and thickness of the wires work on a volume reserve. He has exactly 1000 cubic centimeters of it at any time, formed into at most two wires of arbitrary thickness as he sees fit, but they have to be Prisms when completely straight. That means technically blanket-like objects is not out of the question. He regenerates 10 cubic centimeters of the wires per second and consumes one-tenth of the volume he his currently using per second. Therefore the maximum sustainable volume of wires he can use at any given time is 100 cubic centimeters.

The Semblance-created wires can do whatever a mundane steel wire does including conducting electricity, be tied into knots, round people up and such, but is made of protective Aura. Like protective Aura, they take damage when hit or otherwise come into harm and unlike weapon Aura, they can be harmed and eventually destroyed given enough damage. Specifically they will take 10% of Catalina's Aura equivalent before disintergrating and is fully functional until that.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: November 29, 2018, 05:02:02 AM »
Cat doesn't know the full story of Prism's encounters before he showed up, but it would be rude not to accept that explanation. "I understand. I am at least partially at fault after all."

Cat nods to Prism simply stating the obvious solution of 'why not both'. "So, large-scale international social engineering. Diplomatic pressure from the top down and education from the bottom up. On a personal level. refuse purchasing 'blood Dust' and contact your local representative. Join protests and write a blog, or at least share one on the internet. Sometimes it takes just one viral social campaign to change the entire society on the views towards a subject."

Catalina silently inhales as he failed to simply join the game and put the Faunus thing to be a side discussion, but he argues his points nonetheless. "No, you’ve mistaken the conclusion. The Faunus Rights Revolution is fought for equality, not supremacy or extermination. Meaning, after the dust is settled and the rights enforced, you are still going back home, meeting the same people you did before the fighting, sometimes even people you once pointed your gun towards. Dehuman- depersonalization is a strategy favored by war propaganda throughout history, but all it does is let people fight harder, not reconcile their differences and admit where they have done wrong, which was the actual goal back then. If the target is to coexist peacefully and fairly with who you are fighting, then it follows that how the other party feels should be taken into consideration on the peace table. This is also the reason why the 'collateral damage' by 'overly enthusiastic soldiers' is an unacceptable endeavor even in a war of conquest and chemical and biological warfare in no circumstances whatsoever: the aim is to defeat the combatants to achieve gains, not to inflict mass suffering; that would be an absolute atrocity both in humanitarian and utilitarian terms. Therefore allow me to reiterate what I said, that even in an open rebellion such as the Faunus Rights Revolution the feeling of the party you are fighting against is important. For one it can allow the belligerents to reach peace more easily because it is more likely to be acceptable when it's understood that's it's not personal and for another, it avoids leftover tension and resentment when the war is over. Therefore, fight if you have to, but treat your enemies like they are someone you fight because you have to, not some sort of monster that you just throw aside,"

Catalina’s expression turned stern, “And I’m sure you never did this, but never compare a person to the Creatures of-” Cat wanted to finish the sentence but realized what he meant probably goes without saying.

Then he deflates again, “Sorry, but I probably have strawmanned you there. I shouldn’t have implied that you thought the slavers as inhuman.

The Vale Region / Re: A coincidental befriending[Closed]
« on: November 28, 2018, 08:52:26 AM »
Cat listened carefully and let out a sigh when she refused to talk more about the thing that started the conversation in the first place. "Sure. Let's talk about our team. No, wait, my team rarely gets together... How about life in Beacon? Are there any secret chill places you go to that you can share? I know a place where I am pretty well left alone, and some other place for cheap Dust, and more importantly use Faunus labor ethically. Nothing like the half-slavery the SDC puts them into."

Catalina appears thoughtful for a moment as he finds another topic he's interested in. "In fact, let's go deeper on that! How do you think Faunus racism is caused, how are those ideas spread, and how can it be eliminated? Personally, I have a few ideas that I've bounced off of other humans and Faunus, so I'd like to gather more points of view."

Cat's grab is slipping after spending all those struggles to get her, and the Semblance burst is the last straw breaking Ayaka away from Cat.

Still in midair and continuing to drift towards the river, helped by the decreased weight and a push, he successfully landed on the other side of the river and is seeing Ayaka rushing at him already. It's not that likely she'd fall for it but he hoped she would just cross the river normally, essentially giving him an easy win. It's not easy to get her too fall for it, but he did run a few scenarios in his mind using his limited time and temporarily limited brain power.

Time is running out quickly and he decided on one of the tactics, hoping he didn't miss something obvious that make his plan fall apart like the house back there. Regardless, Cat took out the rest of his Dust and concentrated for a big use of his semblance, although he still walks around to intercept wherever Ayaka is using to cross the river.

Combat stats:
Aura: 67.33(repeating)% (-2.66% from burst; Damage adjusted for lower Aura)
Ammo for Take That!: 15/20 shots of piercing rounds loaded/1 magazine of piercing rounds/1 magazine of explosive rounds/5 shocking rounds/5 heating rounds/5 freezing round
Dust: 0% Fire/100% Earth/25% Lightning/100% Ice
Semblance: 52%

Intercepting Ayaka, Concentrating for Semblance

The Vale Region / Re: A coincidental befriending[Closed]
« on: November 22, 2018, 07:44:54 PM »
Catalina took some time to gather himself and recall before answering.

"Signal has great teachers. One of them is always barely sober but is so impressive when we get to see her skill just once. She's plain cool but usually isn't too good at teaching... How about this one. One time she hid a Grimm and told us whoever lands the killing blow on it gets bouns marks. It was a Beowolf and much of us infought over it. I sniped it."

"But that's all I got. Your turn. Is your teacher eccentric?"

Catalina already foresaw what was coming as soon as Ayaka twisted her leg. Pathetic. In a street brawl between normal people that might be rather effective, as many important nerves and blood vessels pass through the crotch, but against someone with their Aura unlocked all it would do is hurt more. But Cat also has that one negated, as the knee slams in between his legs she would find it stops right before hitting anything important, no doubt the doing of his immensely versatile Semblance. Said Semblance is also to choke Ayaka with the tube that originally went to fight against the wires, wrapping it around her neck and sending some more current to her.

Ayaka continuing to struggle is impressive considering her body should be twitching all over, but Cat continues to latch on her as if he is a barnacle and she is the untreated hull of a ship. The jump is impressive and sure did a number on the ground she's standing on but didn't touch Cat, but he admitted it could very well shake himself off if he didn't nullify the impact of the knee to the crotch. But as it is he remained and took another second to reposition his rifle so as to not accidentally shoot himself then pulled the trigger again.

While in the air Cat also look at the surroundings to find a good spot to land that can turn the tide off the battle to his favor even more. And there actually is one, in the form of the river. Pushing the limit of micromanagement with his mind and starting to suffer from headaches that were only exhaustion mere moments ago, a pair of gliding wings manifested from the Sharpshooter's back, directing the two of them towards the flowing creek where electric shock can be much more damaging.

Combat stats:
Aura: 70% (-3% from recoil recoil removed due to lower power, -10% from knee; Damage adjusted for lower Aura)
Ammo for Take That!: 15/20 shots of piercing rounds loaded/1 magazine of piercing rounds/1 magazine of explosive rounds/5 shocking rounds/5 heating rounds/5 freezing round
Dust: 0% Fire/100% Earth/25% Lightning/100% Ice
Semblance: 55%

Choke: potential deprivation of air
Contact with electrified Aura: 5% -> 7% per second due to increased contact
Sniper shot: 9%x1

Edit: Add the impact of lower than average Aura and decreased piercing rounds damage

The Vale Region / Re: A coincidental befriending[Closed]
« on: November 20, 2018, 09:04:07 AM »
Judging from her reaction, Cat really has overestimated himself when making that comment. He thought being in the 16s rounds means that he would have some recognition. Apparently not, not even from people who are supposed to encounter him in a match. That reminds him; he should probably watch the fights in round 2 as well.

"A lasso is fairly useful though. I suggest you train to have finer control over it and a longer range. It can increase your aptitude in multiple fields, including offense, defense, and mobility. Training your strength is still a step in the right direction nonetheless, allowing you to actually pull off the maneuvers instead of as you said, pulling yourself towards doom. As for my design philosophy, it is a hammer because at the time of it's conception heavy hits are favored over several small ones, and I asked for the holes in it because flamethrower makes for a decent AoE and gives a thrust that offsets it's generally low attack speed. It's the same deal with the sniper form in that it produces hard, somewhat slow attacks. My idea of using it is to either snipe you down from a hidden position or shove the gun in your face and perform gun katas."

Gotcha. Here's where the fun begins. Catalina triumphantly thought to himself. Ayaka's body feels neither warm or comfortable, but that's because 1)Aura and 2)She's constantly struggling. Plus, we're talking about constraining an enemy as the context here, it's not like Cat is embracing his lover or something.

Seeing Ayaka has shot out the wires to wrap it around Cat is no less than ideal, because that makes rounding her up so much more efficient. All Cat needs to do is take it from her hand. So Cat just reached out with his Semblance and struggled against her hand delivering the choke. Then in his toolbox, the lightning Dust is uncapped and it's content infused into his field of Aura, including that thing that was sent to confront Ayaka's threatening hand. They provide a constant electric shock to hopefully weaken Ayaka's resistance.

Using this chance, Cat draws some more upon his Semblance by using it to hold his rifle, pointed it at Ayaka's back and pulled the trigger. Hopefully, this would hit because using his Semblance as hands allow the recoil to damage itself a bit, and the strain on his mind is already manifesting in the form of heavier breathing.

Combat stats:
Aura: 83% (-3% from recoil)
Ammo for Take That!: 15/20 shots of piercing rounds loaded/1 magazine of piercing rounds/1 magazine of explosive rounds/5 shocking rounds/5 heating rounds/5 freezing round
Dust: 0% Fire/100% Earth/25% Lightning/100% Ice
Semblance: 65%

The hug is now imbued with lightning Dust dealing 5% damage per second of contact.
Sniper shot: 15%x1

The Vale Region / Re: A coincidental befriending[Closed]
« on: November 18, 2018, 12:19:24 AM »
"Maybe you could double check that fight. I made sure I did before talking with you. Anyways, Catalina. Call me Cat. And yes, Beacon. Although who apart from Aca isn't..." Cat smiles when replying.

"Anyways, I wanted to comment on your weapon. Hammer/sniper hybrid? Because that's my loadout as well, but the hammer isn't pointy and the sniper is semi-automatic. What is your idea behind it? Honestly, my Semblance is versatile enough that I never had to change my weapon around it. I just use it as a supplement to my melee. How do you what does your semblance help, in melee or in sniping?" Cat first offered some information in hopes of getting intelligence in return. However, he did not asked those questions out of any strategic planning or desire to gain an advantage, but genuine interest from similarity.

The Vale Region / A coincidental befriending[Closed]
« on: November 16, 2018, 09:12:23 AM »
Catalina grabs his food tray and proceeds towards one of the tables. He can hear people whispering. Whispering about him, his perfect match against poor Michael. It's not all positive; It's merely a sniper staring down a relatively slow-moving tank, after all. That being said it did nothing to deduct from the fact that Cat just accomplished one of the great feats in the Vytal Festival tournament, although not as impressive as winning the entire thing.

From his seat he a girl catches his eyes. Not because he finds her attractive, em, especially attractive, but because he recognized her as one of the other competitors. What does she use? A lever-action sniper and a hammer. Interesting, isn't that mostly the same as Take That!? What's her Semblance? Lassos, I could make one of those. In fact, doesn't she just had their match? Yeah, she won, 92% to... oh. Blair forfeited. What was our team leader thinking? Wait, didn't I... Yes. Yes, yes I did. That's incredible. How can we be so similar without meeting once?

Now that he gets intrigued, and seeing her not having a seat, Catalina waved his hand signaling her to sit with him.

Beacon Academy / Re: Company and Combat [Closed - Azure Blair]
« on: November 15, 2018, 09:21:02 AM »
More successful blocks. Not only that, but she also saw the spikes... well, at least his semblance still has many other uses that remain unused. On the bright side, it clearly achieved an intimidating effect, hopefully making her more cautious when making attacks.
When he saw Azure's attack he tried to pull the same trick as he did before, pulling up her right leg and preparing to step on it as soon as the axe hits his left leg, which bent a bit to soften the blow. But Azure doesn't seem to be one to fall for the same trick twice, as she instead just pulled back and tries to poke him with the headstock which Cat thankfully managed to deflect bu swinging upwards after being brought down in an attempt to block the swing at his knee. And to retaliate, he went along with the upward momentum for a strike at her chin. And since she already found out about this one aspect of his semblance, he with the restraint gone sent another two at her eyes at the same time, hoping to interfere with her ability to dodge either of the attacks.

Combat stats:
Aura: 52%
Ammo for Take That!: 17/20 shots of piercing rounds loaded/1 magazine of piercing rounds/1 magazine of explosive rounds/5 shocking rounds/5 heating rounds/5 freezing round
Dust: 85% Fire/100% Earth/100% Lightning/100% Ice
Semblance: 94%

Swing: 6%
Semblance: 3%x2

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