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Beacon Academy / Re: Dumb Mistakes and Dumber Misadventures [Private]
« on: June 09, 2018, 03:28:40 PM »
A bright red burned across Mithra's face as her red eyes widened in shock. "D-date??" She squeeked and quickly shook her had as Jotar let out a deep hearty laugh. "Calm down Mithra, it's just a joke." With a sly grin he watched her hide her face against the table. With a pat to the back of her head he returned his gaze to Juno. "I like you kid. First one's on the house today. I'll even throw in a little something for the good laugh." Mithra lifted up her head, a sad pout covering her face. "You guys are so mean..." Her normally perky ears drooped low as she clutched her bag to her chest. The sad scene was somewhat ruined by her immense sized, looking like an overgrown child. With a wave of his hand Jotar smiled at her "I'm sorry I'm sorry Mithra. I just like to have fun with my favorite customer once in awhile." The tigress' ears perked up once again. "I'm your favorite?" Being favored was unusual for her. While she was always noticed, people were usually too scared of her size, or her ability to constantly break things on accident, to ever really like her that much.The old Faunus rested a hand on her large shoulder, even a large man such as himself being comically undersized compared to her. "Of course! It was your endorsement that saved my business after all! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't thanks to you." A warm, genuine smile quickly crept across Mithra's face. It wasn't often she got this real sense of joy from being around other people. Before the other Faunus could say a word he was suddenly crushed in arms the size of his head. "I'd never want anything to happen to this place!I love it!" Jotar couldn't hlp but laugh as he managed to pry the Tigress of of him. Whenever she was happy Mithra's joy was almost infectious. "Allright allright. I gotta go get your drinks don't I?" He quickly brushed off his apron after escaping from the iron death hug that was Mithra before looking at Juno with a grin. "Be nice to her okay? She may be a bit rough around the edges but she's nothing but a sweetheart." With those last words he gave a quick bow and returned to the kitchen

MiA Characters / Re: Aqua Phoenix
« on: December 19, 2017, 12:31:48 PM »
Alright. Listen. I could go into a whole big song and dance again. But I won't. The simple long and short of it is this. You've been warned about your attitude numerous times. You've gotten more warnings than even most of our other members have in the past. Your constant refusal to listen to half our staff, combined with your combative attitude have managed to piss off almost the entire staff. This is your final warning. Take it or leave it.

Beacon Academy / Re: Dumb Mistakes and Dumber Misadventures [Private]
« on: December 10, 2017, 02:55:08 AM »
An older faunus with large thing ears standing straight up from his head smiled as the boy walked in with Mithra.  "Ah hello Mithra." With a warm smile ho looked over to Juno, quickly looking over the young hunter. "A new friend Mithra? In that case why don't two of you take that booth over in the corner. I'll be with you in just a minute." Mithra smiled and waved back at him, "Thanks Mr. Vera! I'll be at my usual seat!" Mithra smiled down at Juno and quickly led him to the back of the store. Somewhat hidden behind the large bookcases, was a booth packed into the corner of the store. Mithra slid down into the seat against the wall, a soft warm smile  as she looked out the window."I love the view of the ocean from here. That beautiful sparkling water against that big blue sky. It always makes me happy to see it. Resting her head in her hand, she continued to stare dreamily out the window for a few moments. "Oh!" Mithra suddenly snapped out of her daydreaming and quickly returned her attention to Juno. "S-sorry! I can space out sometimes..."

About a minute later the man Mithra called "Mr. Vera walked over to them, a pad of paper in hand. "I haven't seen you this happy in awhile Mithra." With a sly smile he motioned over to Juno. "Is this the lucky guy then?" A torrent of red rushed over Mithra's shocked face, barely managing to sputter out, "N-No! He's my friend!" Mr. Vera let out a small chuckle and put his hand on her shoulder. "You're still far to easy to tease." The Faunus girl said nothing, only giving a small pout in response. Mr. Vera let out a small groan and rubbed the back of his head. "Aww come on. Don't give me that face....ALright fine fine. I'll give you the regular, on the house.
With Mithra seemingly appeased, he turned to Juno. "Welcome to the store young man,
 I'm the Owner, Mr. Vera. But you can just call me Jotar. So what can I get for you?"

RPG Discussion / Re: Seig's Writing Seminars: Arc Nullification
« on: December 05, 2017, 05:00:41 AM »
A character trying to get back to their former selves is an arc in and of itself. If that is the characters motivation. Then it is absolutely fine.

RPG Discussion / Seig's Writing Seminars: Arc Nullification
« on: December 05, 2017, 02:01:16 AM »
      Hello everyone! If you don't know who I am yet. My name is Seig and I'm one of the Character Creation mods here. I've been a member here for coming on 3 years now, and have been roleplaying as a whole for another decade on top of that. So while I'm not a professional writer by any means, I have quite a bit of experience under my belt. So I wanted to do something with that knowledge to help the community.

       I'm starting a ((hopefully)) weekly discussion I'm calling "Seig's Writing Seminars" in order teach people about some of the lesser known pitfalls and troubles one can run into when writing a fictional Character or event. These will all be open discussions, so not only are questions welcome, they are encouraged. The point of these discussions is to to help us all grow as writers, myself included. Keep in mind that this is all drawn from my personal experiences and education. You may not feel the same way about a topic as I do, and that's ok! Tell me why you disagree. All opinions are welcome. Now, with that all said, let us dive into our first topic.

Arc Nullification

       The first question is, of course, what is arc nullification? Arc nullification is when an event or plot point changes a character in a way that undoes their previous character arc, either setting them back where they started or even just making the actions of said arc meaningless. It is honestly a very common pit to fall into. I have done it before as well. Most often than not, arc nullification occurs when a character goes through a second traumatic event. It is very easy to have the character relapse into exactly what they were after their first traumatic episode. If you've done this that's alright. It doesn't make your character bad. Just as maybe borrowing a cliche or two doesn't ruin a character.

       The next question then is, "How do I avoid arc nullification? Should my character not go through multiple tragedies?" Of course not, there is no need to limit yourself out of fear. The simple answer is to keep track of how your character has changed across their lives. I'm going to use our previous example as a guide to show what I mean. Let's take our PC here and give him a quick backstory.

      When he was a young boy he saw his best friend be murdered by Grimm because of a mistake he made. This caused him to have a crippling fear of being in charge of anyone's safety. It also makes it hard for him to get close to people. However after his first few years at Beacon, he gains friends that bring him his self confidence once again. Then our second tragedy strikes. One of his teammates is killed by a poor decision he made. Once again our PC is thrust into his worst fears. However, because of the time he spent with people at Beacon, and anyone else he has interacted with. He doesnt react exactly like he did last time. Now he shuts himself off from the group, helping them on missions where he can, but still refusing to take any form of leadership, even for a moment. But he stills tries to maintain those relationships he made. He still tries to keep close to these people. He is still scarred and damaged by the event. Yet he is still changed enough by his experiences, that instead of shunning the world as he did the first time, he would still try to have those relationships with his teammates. Even if they are a more distant one. His experiences between those two events changed the way that he deals with his personal tragedy. That is the secret to avoiding arc nullification. Just think about what your character has gone through that would shape their reactions differently than the way they would have in an earlier time of their life. Even a small change will form a stronger, more well defined character.

      Alright everyone! That brings us to the end of the first Seig's Writing Seminar. As I said before. Please feel free to add your questions or comments and I will be happy to answer any of them! I hope this helped you and I will see you next week! ((If i don't get lazy again))

Approved Characters / Re: Imber Mordred
« on: December 04, 2017, 03:01:29 AM »
To start this off. I want you to know I defended you at first. I told people to back off of you in staff chat and give you another chance. Maybe you were just stressed out. But you continue to insult and fight. The last straw for me was how you insulted not just us, but every member on the site with your little rant about how you can't trust anyone to live up to your standards. So now I'm going to give you exactly what you wanted. High standards. I am going to review you with every ounce of scrutiny I can physically muster.

Congratulations. You've managed to piss everyone off enough to gain what we lovingly refer to as a Vox Review. Something we only give out to the worst of the worst. So without further ado. Let's start this shit.


Alright. Name is kinda stupid. But nothing bad. Same with the age and occupation. But I'd honestly be surprised if even you managed to fuck that up somehow.

Standing six foot tall, Imber Mordred sets quite the imposing figure. This is only enhanced by his seemingly ever present 'resting bitch face', as some might call it.

6 feet is intimidating to you? This is RWBY. Have you seen the guys in this show? 6 feet is not that far off from average in the real show. We have people walking around Beacon that would dwarf your supposedly intimidating badass. Hell, I'm a chick and I'm still taller than him. But oh we still have far more to dissect.

Unlike most of the younger hunters, Imber does not dress in flamboyant, over the top outfits,

That took almost no time at all. Even in your profile you can't help but be a judgmental dickbag. Have you bothered to read anything here? Or are you so high and mighty you just assume everyone acts how you think they will? We have dozens of characters that dress in practical clothing. Many even wear armor. You're not some special renegade for not wearing a power rangers costume.

instead preferring simple yet practical designs. A pair of dark grey denim trousers and a white button-up shirt, covered with a black trench coat and combat boots to complete the set make up his normal wardrobe.

I'd call you a moron for this if Janus hadn't already ripped you a new one. So I'll spare you a second round.

His skin is flawless, pale white and marred only by the ever present five o'clock shadow that seems to haunt his features. His hair, cut short is a dark brown, almost black in most lighting, offset rather dramatically by his bright, almost neon green eyes.

Neon green is a new one. So at least I'll give you that. And as much as I would love to dig into your flawless skin. Aura unfortunately covers your ass on that one. I'vealready spent this much energy on this stupid review and we're only finished with appearance. Lord help me. Onto the history!

In a world where Villages are swept aside as easily as footprints in the sand, Imber was raised to be strong, independent and hopefully, capable of defending his home.

I can already tell this character is going to be a bundle of non edgy originality.

It was for that reason he chose to be a Hunter. However, the day he left on the Bullhead from his Village, Kuroyuri, his old home was wiped out. He could only watch on helplessly as the smoke rose from the ruins in the distance.

This distanced him from others for the beginning of his first year, until his team managed to get him to open up a little, to them, at least. Most of the other students assumed the reason for his lack of socialising was due to arrogance, given his prowess in Combat Classes and high grades in most other classes

That's just wonderful. He can join all the other genius misunderstood loners of Beacon. I hear they have weekly meetups! You have to bring your own razor blades though.

By the end of his first year, he had finally started to talk to other students further than a curtious, yet empty greeting, and simple hollow pleasantries.

Character development. Good. Something I don't have to bitch about. Let's see if it continues.

During the holidays, Imber remained in Vale, no longer having a home to return to. He, like most students who had no place else to go, remained in a hotel, taking a part time job.

Beacon is a full time boarding school. Many people who attend don't have families. It wouldn't just dump them into the street when time comes. If your character wants to move out during that period, fine. But don't make such a giant choice for every single person on the site.

. The first round was over rather quickly, with the opposing team having the misfortune to only be first years. After that, however, Imber found a strange satisfaction in rather public fight, the thrill of the victory and applause washing over him, and their team progressed to the semi-finals, before finally being taken out by another team from Beacon.

But shitty writing aside, at least he enjoys something. Even if it is the tired old "loner loves fighting" cliche.

After their defeat, the group of four soon became a group of eight, becoming fast friends with the team that had all but wiped the floor with them

I bet these will be important long lasting characters. Right? RIIIIIGHT?

The third year passed quickly, almost too quickly for the now 21 year old, who found himself ending up in a relationship with his partner. Apparently not uncommon, given the constant close proximity the team would share. Their romance developed slowly over the year, the two staying together for most every activity.

Cute. Another character I bet will last a long time.

Come the fourth year, Imber felt completely at home amongst his team, and the four made a pact on their final year to stick together, often going on missions and taking holidays together, meeting at least once a month to catch up whenever missions kept them apart.

Wow! A finished character arc! I'm honestly impressed! He grew up and became a well mannered functioning adu-

Alas, the life of a Hunter is filled with peril. The best, the worst, and those with bad luck generally have a short life expectancy. His partner was the former of the lot, and never returned from a solo mission not a year later.

Of course! Why have a meaningful relationship with another character when you can kill them off for easy conflict? But hey. At least I get to use the phrase Arc Nullification. I don't get to do that enough. For fucking real. She died for even less of a reason than King "I'm just a fakeout character" Cold. I mean my god. She wasn't even around long enough to have a name! But I fucking digress. I could spend way more time on this but I honestly don't want to waste the effort.

Like most Hunters that lost their partners while not in a time of crisis, Imber was 'benched' until he was deemed 'fit for duty' once more. A process of a therapist talking about his feelings, loss and recovery. The vast majority of which the young man ignored. The rest of his team moved in with him during that time, sticking together and recovering together. None of them left for missions until Imber was cleared for duty the following year.

So what you really want me to believe, is that this guy is so fucking important. They would rather do absolutely nothing for an entire fucking year, ignoring missions that risked the lives of innocent people, just so they can make this fuckhead feel better. He is a fucking hunter! If he can't handle death he shouldn't even have his license! The actual fucking teenagers in the show handle death better than this guy! And boy howdy. isn't it great that Vale suddenly has a hunter regulatory agency? That thing that only Atlas is seen to have? STOP MAKING FUCKING CHOICES FOR THE WORLD ITSELF!

Since then, he has been leaving on missions every other week, clearing out Grimm infestations and reclaiming vital locations, such as farms and mines that were unlucky enough to attract Grimm attention, but lucky enough to not be completely overrun.

So he's been doing his job?

His free time was spent in bars, or on the cliffs of Beacon, looking out over the Emerald Forest fondly, reminiscing over old times, though he still has never returned to the ruins of Kuroyuri, finding it too painful to go through that loss a second time.

I'm not even doing this one. This is beneath me. If you are really so experienced you should know what is wrong with this. You know what you did.

And thank fucking Christ that is history done with! I just love seeing any semblance of character development getting thrown out the window for manufactured conflict! I'm only two sections in and I already want to relapse into alcoholism. But the show must continue on....unfortunately. Just let me prepare before we dive into this "Personality"

Much like his name might suggest, (Imber being the Latin word for a rainstorm or a raincloud)

general demeanor is rather gloomy, tending to see the worst outcomes to any given situation.

Seriously. Why would anyone want to interact with this dude? You do realize the entire point of this site is to interact with other people. No one is going to want to hang around a pessimistic emo 27 year old. ((Author's note: This is a tip for your real life too!))

Though that pessimism, as most would attest, is one of the reasons he has yet to face a challenge he cannot overcome. That isn't to say that he never loses a fight, just that he is better prepared for whatever might come.

Being a downer piece of shit does not give you superhuman planning abilities. And did you forget this is Shounen/Shoujo? Optimism and the desire to always fight for a better tomorrow is the entire cornerstone of this show! But whatever. Let me get through this edgy shit before I start cutting myself by proximity.

Imber could also be described as versatile, cunning, and certainly not afraid to play dirty to win. Should he find himself outnumbered or outmatched, no amount of dirt throwing or groin kicking is below him. Some would call him dishonourable, he would disagree, stating that it is called survival, and his opponent a fool for allowing him to use such tactics.

More standard edgelord shit. Check it off the list!

Outside of combat, in is every day life, he is generally seen, when not on missions, at the local watering hole, either with old friends from his time at Beacon, or enjoying the downtime alone.

You really love your run on sentences dude. And that's really what this character is. A single run on sentence of every single standard loner cliche you can think of. I seriously expected more from someone who spoke so highly of himself. BUT WHATEVER! WEAPON TIME!

Imber is somewhat a master at manipulating his Aura through the use of his Semblance, capable of moulding it to his will. This is not without it's downsides, however, with the act of even constructing a firing orb taking vast amounts of concentration, and coming with the obvious downside of him literally shooting his Aura to take down an enemy, making it, in most cases, not worth it.

Oh look! Aura constructs! I've never seen those before! Nope! Not a once.

is skill at Aura Manipulation, however, somewhat offsets this major downside to his fighting style, albeit, is rather useless in combat in itself. He can force his Aura out of his body and into other containers, provided they are capable of storing such a powerful energy form

I don't care what you say. You are never being allowed to have both the crystals and the weapons. No chance. Give up. We've discussed this as an entire staff. Take the fucking loss. I'm not having this fucking conversation again.

In combat, Imber relies on his Aura and Aura Crystals, using Aura Manipulation to create a verity of weaponry to fight with, though he generally uses an Auric Bastard Sword (Or a Hand and a Half Sword) he is capable of creating almost any simple (non-Mechashift) weaponry. He is also capable of firing Aura Balls, though this is, generally, inefficient. For this reason, he prefers to close the distance and engage in close quarters combat, generally taking a more aggressive stance and seeking to control the flow of battle.

Depressed loner? Check. Aggressive melee style? Check. Can also do ranged but just not as good? Check. Can't even claim to be surprised at his point.

While he could use almost any form of Dust with his Auric Weaponry, many would be impractical. For example, Fire Dust with a Sword would quickly turn on him, scorching his own hands while doing little other than singe his opponents eyebrows.

Everyone else seems to handle it fine. Also. Aura. Protects from burns dude.

And you know what? I could pick apart the rest of the dust functions. But I am absolutely fucking done with you. And your shit. I wanted to help you fit in here. But at every turn you chose to be an elitist dickhead and fight us all. And you really want me to be honest?

You aren't even that good of a writer!

Most of your supposed "English Conversational Skills" are not even flowery language. It's just extra words that mean nothing. The written equivalent of white noise. And yet you have the gall to assume everyone else is below you. I want this place to be open to everyone. I want to help people bring the best out of themselves. But you, you would hurt that. You honestly would just hurt others experiences. For no other reason than you feel like you're better than them. So you know what? I'm done. This review is over.

Approved Characters / Re: Imber Mordred
« on: December 04, 2017, 03:01:04 AM »
This was written by Staff Member Janus. Specifically for you

Boy. Ya dun goofed.
So, first off, let me point out that the above conclusions were pulled from a drawn out collaborative effort by the majority of the Staff on site. We approached it with a pretty fair, level tone, despite some of us wanting to take more severe actions. Your callous disregard and desperate clinging to your own ego has done little more than aggravate us. As experienced as you are, I can assure you the team here is collectively, if not individually, more.
We have a published Sci-Fi Writer for an Admin.
For degrees, we have a biologist, a Medical Science, and a Masters in Business.
For age, some of us are closing in on our 30s, if not already there.
For life, we’ve got students, retailers, food service, and me.
My name is Janus. I’m the resident military buff and gun enthusiast. Generally I offer opinions on things like combat semblance, history, and *especially* weapons. I spent time in the Marines, including a fun trip to Afghanistan.
Now, I’m not telling you this to toot my own horn, or the rest of the mod team. I just want you to understand that we don’t hate you. Most of us could give two shits about you. At this point, you’re largely beneath us. I’m pointing this out so you can understand why we’re telling you things.
Trench Coats are practical in trenches, hence the name. They’re bulky, heavy, and extremely poor from a tactical standpoint. Protip: Pockets suck. They conceal very little, particularly against critters like the Grimm, but they’re not particularly useful against people, either. With the right fabric, maybe they could break up the silhouette enough to disrupt people’s aim, but I doubt it. They’re hot as shit, too. Essentially useless in anything other than a very limited environment beyond trying to look cool.
You don’t get to make sweeping generalizations, not as new and unproven as you are. Taking two students out of the dozens seen and trying to apply a “small amount of logical reasoning” is idiotic. Your sample size is abysmally small, even drawing from the show. Right now, with the last census by Vision, 61.5% of characters have both parents surviving, which does give most of those characters a home to go to.
Now, you even admitted that attractiveness is a subjective term. Being a Hunter does not directly make someone more attractive, it just makes them more fit. Given that scars are shown to remain, as with Weiss, it can be safely assumed that it’s pretty easy for them to have, oh, I don’t know, acne scars, razor nicks, etc. Complexion, skin texture, skin color, facial structure, the list of physical attributes beyond build and skin go on. Even build can be subjective. Most of the characters we’ve seen are in pretty decent shape, I’ll give, but we do see some reedy characters like Neon Katt, portly Port, or stacked Yang. A lot of these can throw people off. I’m not a fan of short chicks, myself. Doesn’t matter how fit they are.
We’re not expecting a full new character sheet for the partner. A name would be nice. The gender was indeterminate until your response. That’s poor writing. If she’s so important, then there should be at least a name and some personality to her.
Again, generalizations and assumptions. This is breaching worldbuild levels of influence. We’ve yet to see exactly what influence the academies have in the show. Trying to establish a political, economic, or other system is not our intention. If it’s clarified in the show, we may make some changes, until then, keep your opinions on what the Headmasters or Councils will do to yourself. As a sidenote, you’re somewhat correct about how the Military handles problematic servicemembers, but the issue here is that Hunters aren’t part of a military, hence the big issue with Atlas recruiting Huntsmen into the military.
I’ve no doubt that the rest of the team felt something when the unnamed partner up and vanished. That being said, they’re supposed to be devoted to a higher cause than just their team. If they’re willing to drop what they’re doing to take care of their mopey buddy, they need to reevaluate the reasons they became Hunters to begin with. Crippled is a massive stretch, when talking about Jaune and Ruby. Neither of them lost much of their effectiveness, with Ruby becoming even more so in the aftermath. As significant as her loss was, as keenly felt as it still is on the show, all of the characters remain focused on their tasks. They’re also still all students, not graduates, which makes Imbers team’s actions even more nonsensical.
Here’s where I get really salty. We intend to work with people on developing characters or Worldbuilds or whatever. That being said, shit’s pretty difficult. It becomes less enjoyable, however, when dealing with people who have shitty attitudes. You have one of those. Your arrogance has been noted. Your reactions to criticism and input from staff has been noted. Had you approached this reasonably, we’d probably be willing to discuss more with you, but at this point, we’re not playing nice. We’re not banning you, yet, but keep this shit up and yet will be a lot sooner than you’d expect.
Change the fucking semblance. This isn’t a negotiation, or a debate, or whatever. Drop the healing, or drop the crystals. One or the other.
And drop the fucking attitude.
Now enjoy the response from our Irish, Sociopathic Bulldog.

Beacon Academy / Re: Dumb Mistakes and Dumber Misadventures [Private]
« on: November 25, 2017, 06:04:09 AM »
Mithra laughed nervously, she wasn't really used to being in charge of...well anything really. "Well...If you don't mind theres this really neat little coffee near the shipping docks. I usually go there to relax." Her voice was filled with innocence as she excitedly tried to convince him. "They make everything by hand! Oh and they have their homemade hot chocolate too! Oh!" She suddenly reached into her bag and pulled out a book, her excitement growing as words seemed to pour out of her mouth. "They do this really cool thing, where you can borrow a book from them! And if you read the whole thing and bring it back they give you a free cup! I just finished this one so we can use that for your hot chocolate!" She reached out to grab him again, but stopped herself at the last second. She didn't want to hurt him. Even so that didn't change her excited tone. "Cmon! Follow me!" He didn't even have a chance to respond before she hurried off.

After a good 20 minute run they arrived at the edge of town. There was a small sign hanging out front of one of the buildings, showing a rather cartoonish looking faunus holding a steaming cup of coffee. Underneath, in simple painted lettering read "Cozy Caracal Coffee." Mithra happily held open the door for Juno. "You'll love it! I promise."

The Vale Region / Re: "Pretend You Like Me." [Closed]
« on: November 25, 2017, 05:31:02 AM »
Aaaaaaand here comes the awkward silence. God damnit I never know what to do with these. I mean we're both eating so I guess I can nothing." With that decided, Mira continued to enjoy her burger. Being a hunter did have it's perks, the constant extreme exercise made weight gain almost an impossibility, so she never really felt bad about having her snacks every now and again. She chased down another bite with a swig of her drink, her lack of table manners already apparent. She wasn't obnoxious as much as she simply had no need for formalities. Whatever was the quickest way to get her food inside of her, she took. After a few minutes, the silence grew too unbearable. So she ended up going with the first thing that popped into her head.

Leaning up against the back of the booth, Mira stretched her arms before looking at her new partner. "So, I'm curious. You've had a bit to spend with our new teammates. What are your thoughts on them? I'm curious what you make of Mithra especially." Returning his posture to a more relaxed one, she rested her elbow on the table with her chin resting in her palm. Her purple eyes looked up at Lyssa expectantly

Beacon Academy / Re: Dumb Mistakes and Dumber Misadventures [Private]
« on: September 11, 2017, 10:31:31 PM »
Mithra perked up at his words, the fluffy ears on her head twitching in excitement. Maybe it was too early to say this but she was happy to make another friend! In her excitement she pulled the boy into a big hug, his aura being the only thing stopping his ribs from cracking. "Don't worry about it! It's my treat!" Without waiting for a response, she grabbed his arm and ran out of the shooting range. Of course she realized that they were stll on the grounds and her excitement was short lived.

"So ummm...Juno. Where do you want to go? I'm not picky at all. And I did drag you into my whole mess." She shifted nervously again before realizing she still had a grip on his arm."Oh!

I'll throw Mithra in there! I've always wanted to be in one of these

Beacon Academy / Re: Dumb Mistakes and Dumber Misadventures [Private]
« on: September 09, 2017, 08:07:55 PM »
Mithra smiled and shook the boy's hand. She couldn't help but feel a little awkward when she saw him stare at her show of strength. "Oh well um. This is nothing. It's 150 pounds. A bit heavier when it's completely filled with dust." She gave a small grin down at him as she continued. "I'm pretty impressed you carried it so far. You have to be pretty strong huh?" Before she could continue she saw a bunch of the other students murmuring around her. Was she going to get in trouble? She never got detention before! She needed to get out f here fast. She began looking around nervously before settling her eyes on Juno.

"Hey ummm. Would you mind helping me get out of here? It looks a let less incriminating if I'm with someone else....We could go get coffee or something?" All her previous Bravdo was gone, leaving a nervous girl shifting around her weight between her legs. She could still feel people staring at her. Even though she was used to the feeling she still hated it. "I know I'm asking a lot but I would really aprecciate it.."

The Vale Region / Re: "Pretend You Like Me." [Closed]
« on: September 07, 2017, 02:03:30 AM »
Mita waited patiently as Lyssa explained all her problems with the idea. It honestly was all things she had thought about before. She had spent many a long night alone in the grounds arguing with her reflection about it.  She didn't want to be around Lyssa. She didn't want to be around Noir. She really didn't even want to be around Mithra. All she really wanted was to be left alone with her weapons and tools. Hell. She didn't even want to be a huntress to begin with. She wanted to be a weaponsmith. So then why did she even join? She always told herself it was to get easy access to materials and workshops but...she wasn't sure anymore. Either way her train of thought would have to be resumed later. She was in a conversation after all. "Guilty as charged....Sorry for shooting you with a point blank mortar." The apology wasn't entirely genuine, but it wasn't mocking either. And it was probably the best Lyssa was going to get out of her.

As joking as she was, Mira's expression changed when the other woman brought up their issues. All of a sudden the old pain began to flare up. It was long gone. But she could never forget it. Instinctively she clutched her burned arm in her hand, her fingers digging tightly into the bandages wrapped tightly around her wrist. "Yeah....We both have our damages don't we..." Fortunately she was saved from any questioning by the waitress returning with their food. The young Faunus let out a sigh of relief before taking her food with a thank you. She immediately took a bite and lost herself in the rich flavors of her burger. Stress eating wasn't exactly healthy. But damn did it feel good. 

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Mira shook her head in response. "I'm not doing this out of any desire to become friends or whatever. I doubt that would go well if I ordered you." Her train of thought was interrupted by their waitress returned with their drinks. Mira took a long sip of her root beer, gathering her thoughts on how to approach this without setting the other girl off. Honestly Mira herself would get pissed off if someone told her what she was about to say. The faunus shifted a bit, pulling her pocketbook back before she spoke up again. "You've known my sister long enough to figure out that she isn't going to have a problem bonding with anyone...Like. Ever. Mira rested her chin in the palm of her hand, memories of her sister's overly friendly personality filling her mind. "She is basically a sentient hug. And No offense to Noir. But he seems like he'll take whatever friends he can get." With a sigh Mira began to absentmindedly twirl the straw in her glass. "That leaves us."

Mira looked back at Lyssa, deciding to stop beating around the bush. "Let's face it. When it comes to teamwork. We are the weak links here." Hopefully by including herself in that frankly insulting statement, it would lessen Lyssa's anger. "It doesn't matter if we get along with the other two if we keep fighting. Like I said before. We don't need ot be friends. Honestly I don't care if you even like me by the time we're done. But we should at least be able to be around one another without attempts at bodily harm and/or murder."

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Mira relaxed again as Lyssa allowed the topic to change. She waved over a waitress and placed her order. A root beer with burger covered in all the meat she could find. She let her teammate place her order as well before she pulled a notebook out of her pocket.  She placed it on the table and began to flip through. As the pages turned, quick glimpses of complex blueprints and plans were visible. Eventually she stopped on a page and showed her plans to Lyssa. "So. I have plans. Plans you aren't going to like."

She took a moment to let Lyssa read over it before continuing.  "In our team we will have two sets of partners we will perform our daily training with. One Melee fighter. And one ranged. Unfortunately. Mithra and I already know eachother to a T. So I had to pair her with Noir. And you can see where this is going can't you?" She took a moment to crack her neck, wanting to at least be comfortable if Lyssa blew up at her. "Doesn't give me any pleasure to say that not only will we be on a team together. We are going to be partners. In both training and in combat."

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