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Teams / Looking for 1st Year Beacon students (4/4) [CLOSED]
« on: August 20, 2017, 12:46:55 PM »
Looking for two to fill our ranks

Current Members:

Eva Anders

Liliana Blossom

Anton Ua Duibhne

Teams / Need 1st year students for a team [4/4] [CLOSED]
« on: November 26, 2016, 02:09:47 AM »
Seeing as how me and jj are the last two members active in Team CAFR, we need two new people.

Approved Characters / Duncan 'Napalm' Sandoval
« on: October 08, 2016, 03:09:31 PM »

Name: Duncan 'Napalm' Sandoval

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Male Rat Faunas (tail)

Symbol: Flaming winged skull with a bomb in its mouth

Occupation: Former Anarchist Explosives Manufacturer/ First Year student at Beacon

Appearance: Duncan stands around 5'11 and weights in at 145 lbs., his physique being that of a track and field athlete. He has burn scars on 85% of his upper body from all of the flammable substances he used to work around. His attire consists of a black hoodie under a grey denim vest, red shirt with the periodic symbol for Phosphorus, black cargo pants,and black lace-up boots. He is almost always with a backpack full of mason jars, rags, and electronic devices strapped to him.

History: Duncan was born in Atlas in the middle class of the kingdom. He grew up in a family who used to be a group of anarchists generations ago, but was dragged into a resurgence of the family business by a cousin from the extended family on his fathers side. They wanted freedom from the presence of the military in the government, as they saw that the old government was better than what was rising. He showed promise as a chemist, mostly as he was taught by his mother who was an expert in her field and wanted him to follow in her footsteps, He didn't know much of his father as he died in prison when Duncan was 4. He was soon caught by the task force that was assigned to squash the anarchists before it turned into full on rebellion. While in police custody he was given a choice, to put his skills to good use or spend his life like his father. He took his freedom with one condition, that he go to combat school in Vytal. The agreement was made and he was given a full pardon after he turned in all members, who were then imprisoned with no communication to the outside world. He and his mother moved to Vale, where he was enrolled into Signal. While enrolled at Signal, his techniques became more refined as he was given advanced supplies and training. He was able to graduate from Signal with no incidents and was able to enroll into Beacon.

Personality: Duncan spent his life being the tool of someone else, so he is cautious to trust others, but will open up to people when given the chance. He is hard-working and meticulous, but he will take the time to hear someone out if what he is doing is wrong. While what he does maybe wrong in some way he will protect the ones he does come to care for with the last fiber of his being

Aura and Semblance: Duncan's Aura is a burning orange-red and is so prominent that he looks like he himself is on fire. His semblance augments the naturally producing oils his body makes and changes it to be near the composition of napalm. Due to his aura, the 'napalm' doesn't stick to his skin but will still act like napalm. The only down side is that he can only use it for 5 minutes or else it will have an adverse affect on his body. (Skin becoming cracked and oozing for an example)

Combat Behavior: Duncan relies on Guerrilla Tactics and improvisation to get things done. His hand-to-hand consists of mostly street fights so he will fight dirty to win at times. He will also use moves that can be seen on pro wrestling but with full impact when fighting humans or faunas. (EX. Using the Kinikku Buster full force on concrete) He will even go as far as using 2x4's, chairs, even fluorescent lighting tubes to his advantage.  He can become reckless at times during combat, even go as far as unknowingly pack too much into one explosive and be caught in the blast radius.


Name: Sol

Primary Form: This weapon's primary form takes the shape of a semi-auto rifle chambered in .308 with a barrel measuring around 20". It has a medium range Telescopic sight plus canted iron sights so he can use it for CQB and for long range. He mostly uses explosive and Incendiary rounds
Spoiler: ShowHide

History: He made this weapon with urban and open combat in mind as he decided to mill the parts himself while at Signal due to him having no trust in the firearms manufacturers that he was going to order the parts from.

Name: Mars' Legacy

Primary Form: Mar's Legacy is a two handed longsword measuring around 40" from the tip of the blade to the pommel. The blade measures around 35.5" long, 3" wide, and 1/8" thick.
Spoiler: ShowHide

History: This weapon is the symbol of Duncan throwing away all that the had done wrong in the past. He put every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears into making this sword, even going so far as to make his own steel to forge the blade.

Teams / Looking for a new 4th. [Team CAFR]
« on: September 30, 2016, 06:22:53 PM »
We in Team CAFR are looking for a new fourth member as we lost them during the move.

AMA Section / AMCAA
« on: September 28, 2016, 02:52:43 AM »
Well here we are.

"I don't see why we have to do this"

"I agree it just doesn't make sense."

"Says the one who questions almost everything."

"It might seem fun. Just as long as the questions are within reason."

"Well I have no problem with it just as long as we at least be honest. I mean seriously whats the worst that can happen?"

Tychus started moving towards the ruins. He made sure to keep a lookout in case more Grimm decide to attack.

Edit: Please delete this page. 3/4 of the team hasn't responded.

Beacon Academy / A Gem Among Lost Hope [Team CAFR] [CLOSED - Initiation]
« on: September 14, 2016, 10:08:16 PM »
Conner looked at the two who boarded the airship and checked his gas mask. "What made you want to join this life?

Beacon Academy / Teenagers being teenagers [OPEN]
« on: September 12, 2016, 06:01:05 PM »
Minos got on the bus and handed Tychus his masks. Tychus looked at him and back down. As Minos got off the bus a yawn could be heard next to Tychus as a girl was waking up. They looked at each other and the girl gave Tychus a smile as she leaned on him. "Hey boss. Hows everything?" "Other than being embarrassed by the usual suspects, pretty good. Here's hoping that the concert goes over well Harriet."

The Vale Region / Keeping Up With Home [OPEN]
« on: September 12, 2016, 01:43:00 AM »
Inside an old music store you could hear the sounds of a hammer as Tychus is fixing up an old display shelf. His hair in a ponytail so it wouldn't get in his face as he worked. "I can't believe that Dad let this thing fall apart. Then again it is kind of my fault to begin with. I let my school work get in the way of the shop, but I know he understands that its not that simple." His outfit was only slightly different in a way that his jackets are tied around his waist and he changed his shirt to be a white sleeveless t-shirt with his symbol emblazoned on it. If one were to look they would see the multitude of scars that line his arms, with the exception of his wrists because he decided to wear checkerboard pattern sweatbands on both of them.

Approved Characters / Avaline Anders
« on: September 11, 2016, 05:45:37 PM »

Name: Avaline Anders

Age: 19

Race and Gender Female Snow Fox Faunas (ears and tail)

Symbol: Broken scepter piercing a snake on her sleeve

Occupation: Sanctum Graduate/Medic/Student (Beacon 1st year)

Appearance: Avaline stands at 5'5" with short shaggy snow white hair and violet eyes. She has two major scars on her body, one being across her chest diagonally, while the other is diagonally across her face. She is outfitted with cybernetics replacing all her limbs that are high density hollowed core to keep her fast and strong. Her clothing is all crimson and white, as she wears a medic jacket, skinny jeans, tank top, and running shoes. She always has her big red medical bag on her back at all times.

History: Avaline is the twin sister of Eva Anders. She lived with her sister Atlas, along with her were their childhood friends, the Dragovic twins. She lost her limbs due to the Car bomb that claimed the life of Conner's and Damien's mother while they were all together with their parents permission. She was in such bad condition that they had to work fast to amputate both her arms and legs, as the shrapnel had cut major vessels  in her circulatory system, and replace them with cybernetic enhancements. After she and her sister had extensive therapy to help them get over the trauma, their family moved to Mistral and enrolled her at Sanctum. Through her studies she has an extensive medical knowledge as well as combat skills. She enrolled at Beacon, for one part to watch her sister, and to have the old group back together.

Personality: She cares for the people she treats, but doesn't care for the people she hurts. Her anger will build if someone takes advantage of her (i.e. someone getting treated only to just get injured). She cares for people who are close to her and will have a priority to tend to them first.

Combat Behavior: Her augmented speed makes her a harder target to hit. She has advanced training in medical and assault tactics. She will do what ever it takes to make sure that those she treats get back up. Her determination helps her with getting people back on the field to fight. Knowing that she is a medic she makes sure to keep herself away from a large enemy force. Due to her status and clothing, she is always the first to get targeted. Her cybernetics may make her faster, but she has to worry about them eventually bending and bowing. If she were to rush in, she would need someone who is willing to back her up. She is more of a fighter than a healer which causes her to get in trouble more than anyone.

Semblance: Hydra's Essence: For a short time her aura will slowly heal all of her most fatal wounds by using her blood. She cant keep her semblance up for long or else her body will shut down due to exsanguination. The longest time that she can keep up her semblance is 7 minutes. If she cant completely heal her wounds by the time her semblance wears off, she must use her own supplies to tend to herself.


Name: Asclepius's Guidance

Primary Form: Guidance's primary form is that of a semi-auto shotgun with a detachable beta drum magazine chambered in 20 gauge shotgun shells.

Secondary Form: Guidance can shift into an SMG with a helical magazine that basically helps her get anyone who gets too far for her shotgun. She can rush to them and hit them where it hurts.

Tertiary Form: Guidance's third form is that of a high caliber pistol that she uses while treating either herself or her teammates.

History: Avaline made this weapon with her skill set in mind as she knows that the role of the combat medic is to protect the ones that need to be treated

Approved Characters / Eva Anders (Re-submission)
« on: September 11, 2016, 03:41:57 PM »

Name: Eva Anders

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Female Snow Fox Faunas (Ears and Tail)

Symbol: Broken symbol for mercury emblazoned on the back of her jackets

Occupation: First Year Beacon Student, Heavy Weapons and Demolitions Expert

Appearance: Eva stands around 6'2". She has hair as white as snow that goes down to the middle of her back, which she keeps in a pony tail most of the time. She has multiple scarring all over 85% of her body. She also has multiple cybernetic implants. Her left arm from above the elbow, whole right leg, and upper left half of her head, including eye. The facial cybernetics are clean not crude as she insisted on keeping her original beauty intact, despite the state she was in pre-surgery. Her left ear is gone and the iris of her cybernetic eye is a beautiful gold, but the color can change depending on her mental state. Her natural eye color is violet, to which sometimes she matches with her left eye with a color contact lens. She mostly wears black flak jackets with bandoleers attached, black tank tops, red tattered cargo pants, and black Chuck Taylors. Her left arm has smaller arms that pop out of the sides to help her either defuse a bomb quicker or help set up the bomb she plans to use.

History: She, her sister, and the Dragovic twins were the oldest of childhood friends and grew up together back home. Everything was going well until the day that Conner and Damien's mother died from a car bomb. Unfortunately Eva was closest to the explosion when it was triggered. She was comatose for over a month while she was operated to remove the shrapnel and outfitted with her cybernetics, some of the shrapnel having to be removed carefully from her frontal lobe. The following years were tough as she had to have multiple visits to a psychiatric counselor and months of physical therapy, to be better adjusted after having damage to her frontal lobe, after which her family moved to Mistral after it was completed. She was able to enroll at Sanctum and was able to graduate in the top 20 of her class. After graduating from Sanctum, she found out that Conner and Damien enrolled at Beacon from their father and decided to enroll there as well.

Personality: Eva's personality differs from kind and gentile, to full on psychotic, to somber. With her hair trigger emotions, its always best to stay a safe distance away unless it is someone who she has know for years. Also she doesn't mind when people stare at her, she minds when they start talking shit about her race, friends, or make fun of her because of her looks.

Aura and Semblance: Snowfall Plating: By using her bluish-white aura she can freeze the air surrounding her, forming a sort of ice armor around her. The time and aura usage varies depending on how much of her body she wants covered. Her semblance fully enveloping her would last around 5 minutes, while just her using her semblance for a single body part can last her 10 minutes (i.e. enveloping her fists or legs to increase the force of her unarmed combat)

Combat Behavior: She is trustworthy, respectful, and will fight to the bitter end for her friends/teammates. Her skills at using explosives and heavy weapons help her come up with unorthodox ways of taking out the enemy, but her weapons and explosive materials can weigh her down significantly, forcing her to choose sometimes whether to pack lightly or choose one of her specialties only. Her psychological state can sometimes affect those around her in negative ways, even becoming unhinged to an extent. Her fighting style is a mixture of mixed martial arts with pure instinct, with some gunplay. When she gets in close she will use whatever she can to make sure that her opponent is disposed of for the betterment of the team.


Name: Wit's End

Primary Form: The weapon takes the form of a bulky looking military plasma rifle with a futuristic look.

Secondary Form: Her weapons secondary form takes the shape of a pump action grenade launcher that can launch various types of ammo. She mostly uses this in conjunction with beanbag rounds when stealth is required.

Tertiary Form: The final form is that of an automatic shotgun, to which she mainly uses incendiary rounds when firing. This form is her go to when she has to plant the explosives behind enemy lines.

Dust Functions: Eva utilizes Dust crystals and canisters for her weapons primary form. She can also use grenade rounds with Dust mixed in to provide an extra boom

History: After looking through many weapons designs that she had made on her scroll, Eva decided on this combination. Her decision came from her ideal "Combustion in all shapes and sizes".

Approved Characters / Damien Sokolov (Re-submission)
« on: September 11, 2016, 03:32:46 PM »

Name: Damien Sokolov

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: Winged Sword crossing a Lever-Action Rifle

Occupation: 1st year Student at Beacon, robotics and cybernetics expert 

Appearance:  Damien stands around 5'7" with swept back black/blue hair kept by a bandanna, has blue left eye black/brown right eye, a nimble build ideal for a sniper. He has a cybernetic left arm with a recoil dampener in the shoulder and left cybernetic leg with an ammo compartment, both that he crafted himself. He normally wears a blue hoodie with a grey tee that has crosshairs over the center of the chest, faded black cargo shorts and worn black combat boots.

History: Like his brother, Damien is originally a citizen from Atlas, but his family decided to move to Vale after his father retired from the military.  After he got his limbs from an attempt on his fathers life involving a car bomb that killed his mother, the slow descending spiral of his family almost being destroyed, and his father retiring and moving them to Vytal he and his brother were enrolled at Signal to where he graduated alongside his brother. Damien kept his mother's maiden name to honor her memory. Damien enrolled so he would keep an eye on Conner and, to what he didn't know, come out of his shell. He saw that he became proficient in long range combat with his close range techniques being secondary. Unbeknownst to his brother though, Damien has developed a sort of sadistic streak while in Signal.

Personality: Damien's personality can be summed up to being caring and understanding.  He cares deeply for people he becomes close to and even more so for his brother, to the point where will put his life on the line for him. He also has a sadistic side to him to a point where if he just wounds a creature, he will go out of his way to make sure that they die painfully.

Aura and Semblance: Falcons Reach: When activated his vision goes beyond perfect to the point of seeing across 800 yards with variable zoom like a telescopic sight. While activated his aura forms two blue crosshairs over his left eye. Due to the impact it has on his eyes and his aura he can only leave it on for about 4 minutes or risk serious damage to his eyesight.

Combat Behavior: Damien is a meticulous fighter. He makes sure that every hit counts. He respects everyone and will fight to keep their respect and will help anyone who is in trouble. His vision is near perfect, which makes him a near perfect spotter/sniper. He is also trained in military tactics like his brother but he paid a little more attention to the long range tactics in general. He is also has strong second in command state of mind when put to the challenge. As his body type suggests he cant take much damage to the length that he may have someone stay behind to defend his position. If encountered close range he may panic to the point of rapid firing his rifle. Also due to his semblance's after-effects his vision becomes temporarily blurred in his left eye, which affects his depth perception and can leave him as an open target for Grimm and human/faunus attack. He can sometimes get too into his work and take a long time to kill one due to his sadistic streak. Since Rage is incomplete, the dust crystals become unstable after 15 minutes and he has to get rid of it before it goes off


Name: Falcon's Fury

Primary Form: Fury takes the form of a lever action rifle chambered in .44-40 WIN with a 20" blued barrel, weathered stock, elevating rear flip up sight, and tight rifling. It can hold 7 in the tube + 1 in the chamber.
Dust Functions: Depending on the type of dust rounds his shot can have different effects.
Fire Dust: Standard incendiary rounds for anti-personnel
Ice Dust: Can be purposed for anti-light armor
Electric Dust: Purposed for robotics and people with cybernetics
Wind: Purposed for longer range shots and to make sure your shot hits.

History: Damien machined this weapon himself from the bare materials while at Signal. He was able to make it to where it ran as smooth as a gas-recoil operated weapon. The Dust ammo he was able to utilize a mixture of Dust crystals milled into form with a Dust/gunpowder mixture (wind Dust rounds only)

Name: Falcon's Rage

Primary Form: Falcon's Rage is a hardlight energy saber. When fully extended, the weapon measures 4' 7.4" with the blade measuring about 37". It has a crude look to it and looks like a jury rigged pile of scrap but only Damien knows its true purpose

History: Damien made this weapon as an experiment to make a better light source at first but after some tinkering with the electronics, emitters, finding a decent power source, and many trial and error tests, he was able to make it into an actual weapon. He was only able to perfect it to his standards after he graduated from Signal. While the weapon may still be a prototype that he made from scratch, it's combat functions are up to par with a skillfully crafted blade. It can take hits from other blades and can even take rounds of various calibers, from pistol to rifle rounds. After the firearms tests, he checked to see the results. He had expected that the bullets would dissolve as they punched through the blade but instead saw that the majority of the rounds deflected, one of them even got cut in two.

Name: Falcon's Revenge

Primary Form: Revenge is the product of combining Fury and Rage.  It takes the form of an energy scythe that gives Damien extra reach when engaging in close combat. The weapon has a staff length of 4' 8" while the blade shrinks to 24". The weapon takes form by attaching the pommel of Rage to Fury's barrel.

History: Damien made this weapon to vary his arsenal and moveset as he saw to make sure that he wasn't just a long range fighter. Damien treats this weapon as his last resort so this weapon rarely shows up in combat, and will catch people off guard due to how much he utilizes it.

Approved Characters / Conner Dragovic (Re-submission)
« on: September 11, 2016, 03:14:38 PM »

Name: Conner Dracovic

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: Double-Headed Eagle with swords in their mouths crossing

Occupation: 1st year Student at Beacon

Appearance: Conner stands around an even 6' with his black spiked up hair and black right and red left heterochromatic eyes and left cybernetic arm. His skin tone is as white as the snow of his former homeland. His cybernetic arm has a Dust injection port with built-in retractable needle close to his elbow to augment his weapon(s). He is usually seen wearing a long black hooded trench coat, red t-shirt with a skull that has its eyes taped and wearing a gas mask, black Cargo pants, black combat boots, and a gas mask
Spoiler: ShowHide
. His muscle tone is not too define but his overall physical form would be much like a runner.

History: Conner is originally a citizen from Atlas, but his family decided to move to Vale after his father retired from the military. He has close to no family due to Grimm attacks before he and his twin brother were born. He got his arm from an attempt on his fathers life involving a car bomb while his family and some of his long time friends were on a vacation outside the kingdom, him and his brother were only 11. There were no casualties except for his mother, who was starting the car while his father was on the phone and trying to find a signal. The years following were rough as the relationship between his father and his twin brother started getting toxic, until the day that his father retired and they moved. They had what was a quieter, more normal, life. That was when Conner decided that he would take up the responsibility of protecting the family, but on a path where his father did not tread. With hesitation Conner's father decided to enroll him to Signal a year later than most students on the condition that his brother go with him, as he feared that Conner would not get much done without him. With his brother helping with his academics he was able to graduate from Signal and enroll into Beacon as a first year.

Personality: Conner is caring and understanding, but also knows when to keep his mouth shut unless to voice his honest opinion. He is reckless and sometimes clumsy, but he is dependable to who needs him the most and will listen to what you have to say. After the death of his mother he is somewhat untrustworthy with people but he will open up given enough time.

Aura and Semblance: Dragon's Betrayal: When Conner activates his semblance he can spew a poison gas cloud formed by his aura in a 35 foot cone. Anyone caught within it will be affected almost immediately and suffer temporary blindness and respiratory distress akin to getting hit by bear mace that lasts for about an hour. After he uses his semblance, Conner cannot use it again for an hour as it puts acute strain on his own respiratory system. Due to the toxic nature of his semblance he has to make sure that he is able to have his teammates understand beforehand of what he is planning on doing in advance. Conner is not totally immune to his semblance, so he has to wear a gas mask. Just like actual chemical warfare, Conner must also take into consideration the direction and speed of the wind to be able to have his semblance at maximum efficiency. He must also take the weather into account as rain or snow may hinder it's speed, accelerate it, or if its wind, accidentally change the course of his semblance in a direction he never intended it to go to.

Combat Behavior: His fighting style is akin to that of a brawler and will take any and all openings as a way to take advantage of his opponent, even sometimes resorting to cheap shots (eye rakes, throat punches, and the infamous groin shot). Still, people who are taught in more disciplined fighting styles (i.e. having actual hand to hand combat training done in a dojo rather than a back alley brawl) have an advantage against him as he fights like its a street brawl and will keep going until they choose to yield or not get up anymore. His strategy is mostly go in, rush them, and beat into submission. As his left arm contains a dust injector he can augment his firearm depending on the situation. Conner can use his semblance as either a disengage tactic, trap, or to hinder their advance.


Name: Dragonslayer

Primary Form: Dragonslayer in it's primary form resembles an ornate halberd with the staff being of above average length and the head being heaver than a normal halberd
Secondary Form: The weapon can change into an ornate bearded axe with a longer blade

Tertiary Form: The weapon can change once more into  a crimson claymore with ornate decoration. His symbol is engraved into the guard and the blade has been etched by having it dipped in ferric chloride.

Dust Functions:

History: He primarily made this blade to be a sheer damage dealer of a weapon and to prove that he can protect himself and his family. He got the design from old books detailing the tales of warriors who had conquered monsters with weapons bigger than the wielders.

Name: Dragons Insight

Primary Form: Dragons Insight is a select-fire military rifle cut down and modified to be classified as a pistol. It has also been modified to work with his arm's Dust injector.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Secondary Form: This firearm changes into a shotgun by extending the receiver slightly and expanding the barrel to fit .410 shells.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Tertiary Form: N/A

Dust Functions: Dragons Insight can chamber special dust rounds and shells that deal a variety of effects depending on what dust the round is made from. Ice dust rounds ammo through cover as they are hardened. Fire dust ammo can tear through armor and burn it away. Wind dust rounds fly further and have more range. Lightning dust rounds can temporarily short out robots and mechanical devices

History: Conner made this weapon at the behest of his brother to vary his arsenal to keep his enemies guessing. The design based off of numerous examples of weapons being modified to be classified as pistols. It can reach a reasonable distance of 300 yards when Conner is two-handing it.

Approved Characters / Tychus Drenelian (ReSubmission)
« on: September 11, 2016, 07:10:57 AM »

Name: Tychus Drenelian

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Male Silver Wolf Faunus

Symbol: Wolf clutching crossed swords in mouth

Occupation: 1st year student at Beacon, musician, part-time employee at local music store

Appearance: Tychus stands around 5'9" has a muscular build similar to a lightweight fighter with the weight to match. His crimson/silver hair that is normally in a ponytail and grey eyes make him stand out in a crowd. His tail last time he curiously measured was around 1'. He has multiple scars all over his body from his reckless behavior, but the majority of them line his arms, each one just a few millimeters apart from each other. His normal street clothes consist of black jeans that are tattered at the bottom of the legs, plain black half-cab shoes, a black band shirt of a metal band that has a logo depicting an ursa holding a bloodied beowolves severed head in its mouth, grey hoodie that is under a black sleeveless field jacket with his emblem on the back of the field jacket, the hood of his hoodie having holes in it where his silver fur ears poke out. He is seen almost always with his guitar case that is strapped to his back.

History: Tychus was born in Vale in the faunas slums. He was born with a rare condition called congenital analgesia, which rendered him insensitive to pain. He learned early that life wasn't fair or easy. His mother died after he was born and his father died at the age of 7 when he was at school. Tychus was sent to a private orphanage that kept skating by on the bare minimum on the terms of everything from hygiene to food. He was then bounced around from foster house to foster house until he enrolled at Signal. His foster parents consisted mostly of uncaring humans who neglected him because of him being a "dirty animal", to abusive faunas who envied his natural beauty, and one family who actually cared for him but they died during a home invasion, to which Tychus wasn't there because was sent to get some bread from the bakery. Tychus's reactions to the abuse he went though were mostly on to the lines of betrayal. In his mind, these people adopted him to take care of him like they were his own, only to dash his hopes as soon as the abuse began. After having his last foster family die he nearly became numb to loss, until he was adopted by a man who owned a music shop. At first Tychus and his adoptive father didn't connect until Tychus was caught putting a music disc in his jacket. Rather than verbally assaulting him and scolding him , he handed Tychus a broom and told him to sweep around the shop since it was a slow day. After he closed the shop, they talked it over like rational people. Tychus's adoptive father told him that he would have gotten it for him if he asked. His new adopted father decided to enroll Tychus at Signal to teach him how to fend for himself, on the condition that he works part-time at the shop. It was at Signal that he found out that his disability could come to be useful as he felt that since he couldn't feel pain, he would deal twice the pain but keep it concentrated to his opponents only. Every practice match and practical exam he was in, everyone wanted to see how he did and still stand after taking so much damage. He graduated at the top of his class and is now looking to his future at Beacon.

Personality: Tychus is a great, caring, person to people who he knows, but due to what happened to him in his life it is hard for him to trust anyone. He wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his music. Due to his condition he can some times do things no rational person can do. He sometimes can act arrogant and brash, but that is only sometimes to hide what he truly feels. At certain nights he would climb up to the roof and stare at the moon. It would be on these nights that he would sing and compose notes for songs he has kept in his notebook.

Aura and Semblance: Avalanche Plating: His aura can make nearby earth or stone in an immediate radius of 3 yards attach to his body and form armor strong enough to take the heaviest of civilian arms and the sharpest claws of Grimm by infusing his aura within the armor. He can keep this semblance up for around 4 minutes on average. If there is no loose stone or earth, he will use his weapon to smash the ground and provide enough material to form his semblance. At most his armor has been measured to be around 15 millimeters thick all around. It can affect his movement speed depending on how much armor he has on him. He can be slow and cumbersome with full plating or he can be nearly as fast and agile with half plating, depending on how much aura he expends to activate his semblance. Even with the sheer intimidation factor of his armor, the durability of it varies depending on what material is used to make it. It's main fault is that it is weak to explosive rounds. The last time he tested his armor, he was able to take 7 good swings from the top person in his class while his armor was at its heaviest.

Combat Behavior: Tychus's condition gives him the confidence to keep fighting after getting knocked down. There are times where his condition will sometimes make him over-confident, almost to the point of believing that he is invincible. He will support the person that needs the most help on the battlefield, but he can also become arrogant and cocky if he gets his way. If using his semblance, he can use smaller pieces of earth and stone to trade protection for attack power, but if the pieces of stone are too large he will become over encumbered and his melee attacks will be slowed. He does not back down from helping his friends or teammates. His weapon in its chaingun form can heat up and jam if he uses it nonstop. The ammo drum on his chaingun can last around 4 minutes if shot continuously. For his chain gun he has to carry around only the ammo that is already in his gun and three ammo boxes. When he needs to shift between his weapons forms, he has to eject the crate and the battery cell.


Name: Aegis

Primary Form: Aegis takes the form of a 7.62x51mm chaingun with an ammo crate that holds 200 rounds, which utilizes a dust battery cell, that can rip people to shreds if they get within a certain distance of him of around 25 meters. Its rate of fire is around 100 rounds/minute, due to him modifying the timing and spacing on the ammo belts.

Secondary Form: Aegis can change again to turn into a Warhammer with a large rectangular hammer head to smash skulls, crack bones, and knock away any enemies that get too close to shoot.

Tertiary Form: N/A

Dust Functions: The only form of dust that Tychus utilizes in his weapon is electric, which he keeps in canisters that he carries around in his guitar case.

History:Tychus created Aegis at Signal with the intention of raw power and it has been his weapon ever since. With it he was able to get into the top 5 of the class. He got the idea from multiple readings of different history books, gun schematics, and through multiple trial and error runs. He had to harden the barrel for the hammer form to prevent critical failure.

NPC's Related to Him:
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Name: Minos Targeryn
Age: 18
Race and Gender: Male Bull Faunas (horns)
Occupation: Driver for a Transit company, Signal Dropout
Appearance: His physique is that of a 6' bodybuilder. Brown eyes and dirty Blonde hair that extends to the top of his back. Usually wears clothing that makes him look more like a roadie for an old school metal band.


History:Minos and Tychus met each other at Signal and became friends quickly. They had planned on graduating together but an unforeseen event changed that and he had to drop out of school before graduation. Now he provides for his family by working for a local transit company as a driver.
Personality: Minos is kind, understanding, and will always hear what you have to say with a side of funny and brash. If the need arises he will become the voice of reason within the band of misfits that is him and his friends. He often has to watch over Tychus like a little brother due to his disability, but also making sure not to neglect his own sibling.

Name: Harriett "Hobgoblin" Targeryn
Age: 15
Race and Gender: Human Female
Appearence: Harriet looks like your typical tomboyish skater girl standing at 5'4". She has blue eyes and short brown hair.
History: Harriet is Minos' adopted little sister. Even though she was adopted into a Faunas family, she was never made uneasy about it. She regularly hangs out with Minos' friends, much to this having to watch over both her and Tychus. But even though she thinks that Minos is sometimes being overbearing, she knows that it's because he truly cares about her safety.
Personality: Harriet is somewhat of a wild child but she can reel herself in at times when it calls for.

Name: Teddy "Thrall" Drakens
Age: 17
Race and Gender: Male Cat Faunas (Ears and Tail)
Occupation: Assistant Manager at a retail clothing store/Signal Dropout
Appearance: Teddy stands around 5'7", has grey eyes and has short black hair that is swept back most of the time. His figure is that of a younger person, sometimes he accidentally gets mistaken as a woman when looking at him from behind. He usually wears short sleeve button-up shirts with a vest and wears black jeans with low top flats. While his clothing gives him a look of sophistication to some degree, it hides the fact that under it he has a full back tattoo of a valiant warrior fighting off a Nevermore with a sword and shield while standing on a pile of dead Beowolves, Ursa, and Boarbatusks at night on a full moon.
History: Teddy is one of Tychus's friends from Signal. They met when Tychus got in trouble for knocking out a student who was bullying him and have been friends ever since. He got kicked out of Signal during his second year for accidentally misplacing an unstable canister of Fire dust that took out two classrooms, much to Tychus and Minos having his back. He got lucky that day because there was a school wide combat exam that was taking place and everyone was in the training arenas and not the classrooms. After he got kicked out, Teddy decided to get a job at a retail clothing store. He was doing pretty good at his job, so well that he was promoted to Assistant Manager after his first year there. He also happens to be one of Tychus's exes, much of which had to deal with Tychus and him at one of Minos's basement get-together's mixed with one too many.
Personality: Teddy is a sweet guy. He usually makes sure that everyone he knows is taken care of while making sure he isn't stretching himself out too thin. He makes jokes every once in a while, some aimed at Tychus to make him embarrassed. But he knows where to draw the line when the situation calls for it.

Name: Dani "Dreg" Drekovin
Age: 18
Race and Gender: Female Fox faunas (Tail)
Appearance: Dani stands around 5'10" and has a fit slender physique. She has amber eyes and short to medium length black/blonde hair that contrasts with her orange and black tail. Her fashion style matches more of the Riot Grrl style.
History: Dani and Tychus are childhood friends from even before he was put into the foster care system. It helped that her father was a cop and also Tychus's Godfather. Unfortunately they were never notified about what happened to Tychus until after he was put back in foster care after the family he was put in charge of got killed in a home invasion while he went to the bakery. Dani and Tychus finally met again, but not before seeing the boy she knew as a child grew up to be the young man that stood in front of her. After Tychus was adopted for the last time, she and Tychus were able to see each other on a regular basis. It wasn't till two months before he would enroll at Signal that the line between being friends and being more than friends between them were crossed one night when she was allowed to stay the night at his place. Her father didn't object at first, knowing that deep down inside that the Tychus he knew was still there. The relationship lasted until he left for Signal. The ending was mutual with both of them knowing that someone else would make them happier and that they needed more time to fill in the hole that was left after they lost contact with each other.
Personality: Dani can be wild at times, but she can also be understanding and caring to the people she is close to. She will always stick up for her friends unless she hears a statement from a different point of view and then she will want to hear both sides and settle on a resolution. She also likes to join up with Teddy and embarrass Tychus on the odd occasion.

Name: Darius Fenris
Age: 32
Race and Gender: Human Male
Appearance: Darius stands around 5'11", has the physique of a middleweight fighter, and the weight to match. He has grey eyes and black hair, while he mostly keeps his head shaved he has a pointed goatee. His outfits basically scream old school punk rock.
History: Darius is Tychus's adoptive father. He adopted him when he was 11 from the orphanage. Darius saw the look in Tychus's eyes, thought "I gotta get this kid out of here", and adopted him. The first few months were a little slow, as Tychus was still unsure about him, but as a year or two had passed by Tychus had learned to trust him after he got lost one night after taking a wrong turn. Tychus got cornered by a group of faunas hating thugs that were about to beat the life out of him. They would have succeeded, but Darius came rushing at them with a metal pipe and beat the daylights out of them. After that, Tychus became more trusting of his new dad.  A few months before that, he caught Tychus trying to sneak a music disc from his shop, but decided that instead of verbally scolding him and punishing him he had Tychus sweep and help around the shop as it was a slow day.

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