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Plot Zone / Anyone want to do something silly? (non canon)
« on: October 31, 2018, 12:32:53 PM »
So for some reason I was thinking of Black Lagoon and found this thing.

And I thought, fuck it. This could be obscenely funny. Anyone in on flipping the gender of their characters suddenly and seeing what happens? Descriptions could be fun on this one.

Teams / 1st years in need of a replacement teammate.
« on: June 24, 2018, 09:34:28 AM »
So lillygold have found themselves down a member and need a replacement.

Our present members are Leona Kingsbury, Graham Dylandy and Gray Saggio (posting on phone so no links, will be remedied by others posting of me fixing once I get to a pc. Whichever happens first)

Teams / 2nd year Beacon team.
« on: January 12, 2018, 12:07:55 AM »
OK. Since the other thread is dead and so is Revya's old team. Here is another 2nd year request thread. I expect this one to be up a while since there aren't many 2nd years around.

AMA Section / Climate question.
« on: November 26, 2017, 04:11:30 AM »
So as it turns out the title section is too short for my question.

You are heading into an exceptionally cold/hot climate. Does this effect your typical choice of clothing. How so?

RPG Discussion / oops.
« on: August 04, 2017, 04:41:21 AM »
So I have been inactive for a little while and have probably forgotten some threads I am involved in. Sorry about that and if I happen to be up in a thread with you feel free to call me out for being a forgetful dumbass here and remind me where I have made a commitment.

WiP Characters / Ignis. Publicly known information
« on: July 08, 2017, 01:49:45 PM »

Alias: Ignis

Age: Unknown

Species and Gender: Male Faunas of unknown type

Symbol:  Unknown

Occupation: White Fang sergeant

Spoiler: ShowHide

Very little is known of Ignis' physiology due to his armor's potential to add height and weight and him never being identified without it. One thing that is known for certain is that he has long black hair. When wearing armor he can be easily identified. Standing at 185CM and weighing about 100KG Ignis can strike an imposing figure given his helmet shows a completely blank face with the white fang insignia emblazoned on it and with his long dark hair flowing out the back. Underneath his armor Ignis wears a black skintight bodysuit with a red glow to it. over this is his white armor that guards various vital areas without restricting his movements much.

History: As expected of someone who has made a considered effort to maintain anonymous very little is known about Ignis' history. However someone who used similar equipment and demonstrated similar abilities did perform several attacks in Mistral so it is believed he originates from there. His departure from Mistral and Arrival in Vale happening within the last 2 years. Over his career with the Fang he has been proven responsible or claimed responsibility for 5 White Fang attacks and has been responsible for the deaths of numerous civilians, law enforcement officers and even a huntsman. He has proven himself very dangerous and as such any individuals who encounter him or have information regarding his identity are urged to contact authorities.

Personality: Even among the White Fang Ignis seems to hold a large resentment for humanity. Most of his attacks targeting as many human fatalities and as much destruction as possible. Often accompanied by raving that the victims deserve their fate.

Aura and Semblance: Ignis' aura seems to function at the same level as a fully trained huntsman with some years of experience. His semblance allows him to engulf anything that is in contact with his aura in flames. It seems to have a negligable toll on his stamina due to him using it liberally and never showing signs that it has taken any toll on him whatsoever.

Combat Behavior:  Sample Text


Name: Unknown (presumed to not be named)

Primary Form: Ignis has been known to use numerous weapons depending on what he is attempting to achieve. (Often employing molotov cocktails lit by his semblance) However he does have one weapon he always carries. This is simply a massive Nodachi with a red blade that he uses his semblance to ignite into flames.

Dust Functions:none known.

History: mostly unknown. Given that it was wielded when he initially appeared and he possesses huntsman level training it is assumed it was made at Haven Academy.

Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / just in case.
« on: April 09, 2017, 01:41:06 AM »
Given that I am leaving my home country for a holiday with family for a couple of weeks I may be less capable of posting than usual (not that i post a whole lot anyway) i will likely still be around but if I seem to get behind. That's why.

Beacon Academy / Putting our heads together (team KABS)
« on: March 28, 2017, 09:14:47 AM »
Gray had a beaming smile on his face as he strode through the halls of Beacon's dorm building. Why shouldn't he? His teammates were a bunch of great people. Well, Viridian wasn't particularly endearing but Xanh and Avaline seemed perfectly pleasant. To top off how well things had been going he had also finally figured out how to get music on his scroll and was listening right now. Who cared if he was completely lost? He'd find the dorm he was supposed to be heading to eventually right?

Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Potential dissapearance.
« on: December 16, 2016, 08:41:33 AM »
This is more of a warning that I may be gone for a bit than a declaration but once it happens I won't be able to say. My computer is currently hanging by a god damn thread.  A part that it needs for me to access the site is starting to die and it may take a long time for me to be able to replace it. I will still have access to my phone but posting from that is a massive pain in the ass so if i dissapear for a bit it is because my pc died on me.

Beacon Academy / Down but not out (Semi-open PM for invite)
« on: December 07, 2016, 08:13:49 AM »
A dull repeated thumping rang out across the Beacon training room as a blade repeatedly sliced into the wood of a training dummy in the relatively empty room in the early morning before classes started. The dull thumping was accompanied by the grunts and frequent grimaces of pain from the boy swinging the swords. The boy in question was Gray who was only wearing his jeans and singlet on this particular morning. A mark was still easy to see on his left shoulder from when he had been shot in the Vytal tournament and the obvious dark circles under his eyes made it quite apparent he hadn't slept at all the night before. At around midnight the night before he had realized the pain was going to prevent him from getting any sleep and so he had walked down to the training area and been beating the hell out of one of the dummies ever since. At this point he was drenched in sweat and may or may not have thrown up once but continued to beat the dummy and was beginning to leave deep marks in it as his anger charged his strikes.

Approved Characters / Ceramite Gunmetal
« on: November 21, 2016, 01:34:07 AM »

Name: Ceramite Gunmetal

Stage Name: Raijin

Age: 29

Species and Gender: Male Kangaroo Faunas

Symbol: Crossed drumsticks with a lightning bolt striking behind them

Theme: Fireflight-Ignite

Occupation: Drummer for Grimm Omen. Bar worker. Huntsman.

Appearance: Standing at 180CM and weighing 95KG Ceramite is a little bit larger than average. He has a slender build but when seen without clothing it is obvious that his skinny frame is completely packed with muscle.  This combined with his Deep red almond shaped eyes, large scar on his lower back and blue chinese dragon tattoo snaking around his torso and arms a shirtless Ceramite is very intimidating but a fully clothed one looks incredibly unassuming. He has long black hair that is loosely tied up behind his head to keep out of his eyes.
When not performing Ceramite dons rectangular framed glasses, a brown long sleeved coat that reaches the top of his thighs in length, along with a white dress shirt and jeans. He also wears bandages over his hands at all times.

When he is performing Raijin wears a mask that covers all of his face except for his mouth which is almost always bearing a twisted smile. This mask is red and white in colour and has shaded glass over the eye holes which both act as glasses for him to see with and conceal his eyes from the view of onlookers. His long black hair flows out the back of the mask.  He wears a black and white haori when onstage usually with the top shrugged off and around his waist which reveals his muscles and tattoo. This tattoo also has electric dust in it which when activated makes it appear as though Raijin is crackling with electricity. He also has a revolver on his person when performing as he uses it when performing "Bullet Atonement" and has used the remaining rounds for firing at Mr. Scratch should he be the one to catch him. 

History: Ceramite was born a faunas in Atlas which is far from ideal circumstances. Having a massive kangaroo tail that couldn't be easily hidden made life even harder as unlike many others in the slums that he called home he couldn't pass as human in order to avoid the discrimination that he and his species faced and as a result found himself spending most of his time with his father who was a dust dredger as at least that way the majority of the people around him were fellow faunas. However being there was unsafe so he would stick close to his father. Which is how he came to be in a mine shaft when a panic caused by a Grimm attack lead to the cavern caving in around him and some others in the cavern.

 In the initial cave-in he was caught in the rocks and for his fellow survivors to free him he had to have his tail amputated in the dark of the cave with minimal tools. Even with his many subsequent injuries in his training and career as a huntsman this was easily the worst pain he had ever felt. He would have died there in the cave if a group of students from Atlas academy, one of which was a faunas hadn't heard voices and dug them out while fighting the Grimm. With their help the majority of the dredgers made it out alive and Ceramite recieved the medical attention required to keep himself alive.

 Once he had fully recovered Ceramite begged that his family allowed him to train to become like the people who had saved their lives and having been faunas and living in slums they already knew how to fight. As a result once he was old enough Ceramite went straight into his primary years at Atlas academy and during his time there even managed to avoid the majority of the discrimination that the faunas faced due to having lost his tail. He did however face enough that his time at Atlas was difficult and enough to deter him from joining the Atlesian specialists once he graduated.

 Once he had graduated he moved to Vale having no reason to stay in Atlas seeing as his parents had died of natural causes during his time at Atlas academy. When his parents died had been the first time he had picked up drumsticks which served as an outlet for his grief in their passing as it was not only a creative medium but it basically was just hitting things and those things weren't other students. When he arrived in Vale he quickly became involved in faunas rights and attended many rallies. It was at one such rally that he met the outspoken faunas who would change his life (whether it was for the better depends on when you ask him.) Cherry Chainsaw. Along with Kerri and Justin.

 Despite being much older than them they found themselves getting along and eventually formed a band. When the band formed Ceramite adopted his stage name of Raijin and along with these new friend formed the band Grimm Omen. With their band formed the group found themselves rocketing into news and media on many occasions for unsavoury acts usually instigated by Cherry. While avoiding involvement with these things as much as possible and making a considerable effort to prevent Cherry's antics from setting off too massive a media firestorm Ceramite had to admit it was working in Grimm Omen's favor. That combined with their uncompromising tone of justified rage at humanity and Ceramite's own responsibilty for their songs targeted specifically at Atlas they found themselves quickly achieving rather high levels of fame which made Ceramite glad he had ensured to keep the identity of Raijin seperate from the man Ceramite Gunmetal who had become the owner of a humble bar in downtown Vale which he ran with the help of a woman he had befriended at a faunas rally and had begun a relationship with.

 Life was good until Cherry had learned that Cheri Chanson had decided to become a huntress. After failing to prevent a catastrophe at the hotel they were staying in which he aided in the PR cleanup of the members of the band revealed his identity to the world when they cited him as an inspiration for their efforts to become hunters themselves. What followed were many long nights teaching Cherry the basics that she would need if she were to stand a chance to become a huntsman.

 Once she was finally off to Beacon though Ceramite had to admit he was glad to hear that his chaotic times were over and that he may see some peace and quiet. He took this opportunity to propose to Heather and combined with the reveal of his identity bringing in many more customers life was really looking up.

Personality: Ceramite is surprisingly quiet, softspoken and friendly considering his career with Grimm Omen. Despite this he is also incredibly stern with Cherry and the rest of the band. He sees himself as a father to the group and with such an unruly child as Cherry he knows that he has to be. Despite this he considers himself to have a good relationship with them. As previously mentioned Ceramite is usually a calm and softspoken person and although he would never admit it actually hates the constant travel that comes with his work with Grimm Omen and isn't even that big a fan of their music, preferring a softer sort himself. Usually enjoyed with a smoke or a drink along with a comment to the effect of "sure it will get me eventually. I imagine a hungry Grimm will beat them to it though."

Given his upbringing Ceramite harbors a distrust for humans however he is very good at hiding it and unless pushed to his absolute limits of tolerance it would be very difficult to discern at all.

Despite his usual nature Ceramite does have a more aggressive side which he lets escape when performing or fighting. This side is far more energetic and aggressive and when he is like this he is almost always wearing a deranged smile on his face.

Aura and Semblance: Ceramite's aura is a light blue in colour and he has a relatively high amount of it in comparison to other huntsmen. His semblance allows him to manipulate the path of a bullet before he fires it. When planning the trajectory of a shot the path the bullet will take appears as a blue streak across his left eye. Once he has finished plotting the path he wants a bullet to take the next bullet fired from the gun he is holding will follow that path. The magic bullet will glow blue and leave a trail behind it as it flies. Any direction changes made by Ceramite appear as though the bullet ricocheted off of thin air without losing any momentum. Doing this has a minimal tole on Ceramite's stamina for every shot he fires but he can only do it up to 7 times within the span of 6 hours.

Combat Behavior: Ceramite while incredibly sturdy and capable of taking enormous amounts of punishment before he falls. He fights aggressively wherever possible often rushing his opponent or opponents and crushing them with his pure strength, often capable of shattering the more armored parts of a Boarbatusk with a single blow. He can very easily crush through an opponent's guard by brute force and seldom attempts to poke around any form of defenses. Not that he would be capable of doing so as while in no way lumbering his speed is average at best and he is very unlikely to be able to dodge an attack unless it is very slow or easy to see coming.  He is however capable of blocking with good efficiency when in melee range which is where he is at his most comfortable as Ultio's only ranged abilities are it's shotgun form which while devastating is very inaccurate at even a medium range  and outright useless at anything longer than that which culminates in long range being his kryptonite as he will not only be unable to counterattack but will also be unable to close the distance with any efficacy.

While this weakness is very prevalent when fighting with Ultio. Ceramite fights completely differently when using Exitium which is unlikely to show up unless the situation requires as Exitium cannot be carried on Ceramite's person due to it's size and weight.

Ceramite uses Exitium when he is fighting overwhelming numbers or an enemy he knows specialises in long ranges. With Exitium in hand Ceramite sprays bullets until everything in sight has been utterly wiped out if possible but with the new found long range firepower comes a new set of weaknesses. Exitium is so heavy that even someone with Ceramite's might is almost completely incapable of moving while wielding it and even has a hard time turning while wielding it meaning that if an enemy can get behind him it will be a long time before he can get them back in the firing line. Also it is utterly useless at close ranges as if an opponent is shot at point blank the weapon will damage itself and possibly Ceramite. The one counter Ceramite has to this is to drop Exitium on top of his enemy and crush them with it's weight. This is ineffective for many reasons the most obvious of which being that he no longer has his gun and it is very difficult for him to pick back up. Exitium also takes an incredibly long time to reload and while a single clip contains a large amount of ammunition it burns through it very quickly.

There is however one large weakness that is shared when he is using both weapons and that is his glasses. Ceramite can't see a meter ahead of him without them so an impact to the head could send them flying from his face and completely wreck his vision.


Primary Form:
Spoiler: ShowHide
Ultio is effectively 2 Machete's strapped together to make a double edged blade with a shotgun in between them. The hilt of the weapon is angled in a way that the weapon runs perpendicular to Ceramite's arm when he is holding it and he has easy access to the trigger to fire the shotgun.

Dust Functions: Ultio's shotgun is loaded with fire dust Ammo that causes the bullets to explode on impact.

History:Made at Atlas



Primary Form:
Spoiler: ShowHide
Exitium is a collosal firearm that is as long and almost as wide as Ceramite's own body. It has a black outline with a deep brown wood plating towards the centre of it. The wood is sculpted with images of huntsmen slaying Grimm. Towards the rear of the gun a red fire dust crystal is mounted on either side of the weapon. The top of the gun splits open to reveal the internal machinery of the weapon. This opening is also used for reloading the Heavy machine gun. When not in use Exitium rests in a rocket locker that Ceramite has designed to look like a coffin which has allowed him to use both it and Exitium as props in shows if it is decided they really want to turn up the pyrotechnics.

Dust Functions: Exitium primarily fires fire dust ammunition designed to explode on impact. The fire gems on the sides of the weapon can also be activated in order to allow fire to shoot through the barrel which is primarily used for clearing any blockages though it also allows exitium to function as a flamethrower.

History:Made at Atlas

Musical Career
Spoiler: ShowHide
Grimm Omen-The front of the Album is a Beowulf Alpha perched over a rock with a backdrop of a blood red full moon. The rear art is just a bunch of glowing red eyes.

Oncoming Storm-A description of the band itself as a thunderhead rapidly approaching on the horizon. The song starts off with eerie storm sirens and builds slowly into a shredding whirlwind of guitar, vocals, and drums.

Grimm Omen-A song entirely dedicated to the horror of the Grimm. Slow, purposeful, and darkly triumphant in the way it haunts the listener, it’s widely recognized as a musical masterpiece and respected outside its genera.

The Lies that Bind-Stories of racism and discrimination against faunus that were swept under the rug. A slower song, but the scratchy vocals and heavy bass and drums make it just as hard hitting as their faster material.

Forehead Meets Concrete-A song about getting kicked around and getting right back up to swing again. The beat itself is like getting punched in the brain, and Cherry spits out the lyrics like an automatic rifle.

Kiss Me Rough-A fast-paced, provocative, highly gritty song about the self-explanatory title. Raunchy, all over the place, and messy both lyrically and instrumentally, it’s one of their most well-known hits.

Consume-A song targeted at the greed of families like the Schnees and Utsus. Ragged, violent, and heavy on the screaming, it scrapes the ears and burns the blood. Banned in Atlas.

Purge-A song for burning right through everything holding you back in life. Fast-paced, hard-hitting, and seat-of-your pants energetic, this is a song to commit arson to.

To Prevail-A song about overcoming any obstacles life sets in your path. The beat could break bricks, and so could Cherry’s screaming.

Raindance-A song about letting go of your past mistakes in preparation for all new ones. Surprisingly elegant and pretty, the tone is light by comparison to their other music, and the classical end of Cherry’s vocal range shines bright here.

Wash it All Down-A story of reckless alcohol abuse. The flow is jerky and rough, and Cherry’s voice lazily drips hopelessness and ennui throughout the song.

In the Blood-Music about the will to fight being ingrained inside you, and not letting others take it away. A knock-down, drag-out brawl of a song, with secondary vocals added by Raijin for extra depth and range.

Power Overwhelming-A description of a feeling of unstoppable strength and invincibility. While it contains a scattering of shrieks, Cherry’s voice is bombastic and angelic here, backed by an uplifting, stellar lead guitar from the Grimmwitch. It includes what is arguably one of the best modern guitar solos.

Reckoning-The front of the album is a photograph of a mob of faunus with fists, protest signs, and torches upraised. The rear cover is more of the same.

Bullet Atonement-It calls for the violent death of those who would enslave and mistreat others. Pretty standard in other ways for an angry Grimm Omen song, it does include gunfire as a musical instrument.

I Hope to Die Young-Expressing the desire to shine like a shooting star and the wish to burn up   early before the light dies out. Another uplifting song, this includes some unexpectedly sweet vocals by the Grimmwitch and relatively light guitar. Or at least as light as Grimm Omen goes.

Taste Your Heart-An accurate, poignant depiction of the desire to want to know someone’s deepest, most true version of themselves. A slow, sonorous, haunting melody where Cherry’s choral training breaks through. There are even portions of the song where her voice is the only thing that can be heard.

Broken Bars and Battered Hearts-A song about the abused breaking free of their chains and finding freedom and strength in one another. Raijin’s drum solo is top-notch, and Knives makes a brief vocal appearance backing Cherry up in the chorus.

Rebar Anthem-A call for rioting in the streets against injustice and greed. Notable both for the wanton destruction of property in its lyrics, musically it stands out because the drums are accompanied by sections of rebar slapping into garbage cans, glass, and concrete. Banned in Atlas.

Shatterpoint-A description of being pushed beyond the breaking point and then pushing back. Alternating heavily between sad, almost weepy tones and sudden explosions of sound and rage, the vocals strained Cherry to her absolute limit.

Bring the Boom-A stylized, powerful depiction of performing on stage. Happy-go-lucky for Grimm Omen, the heavy bass and drums are backed by wailing guitars and vocals that are shouted more than sung. The entire band joins in for the chorus along with the audience.

Roar-A wild, ferocious, upbeat song about faunus liberation and revolution. While in composition nothing new for Grimm Omen, the rest of the band howl and bellow a lot more in the background. Banned in Atlas.

Out from Shadows-A menacing song about slaves swarming their former masters like locusts. The twitchy guitar work emulates that feeling perfectly, and Cherry’s voice, backed by Knives and Raijin growling, brings the point home with sinister, bone-chilling perfection.

Scream for Me-A demanding, insistent call for the audience to join in the music and yell their heads off. The vocals are forceful and commanding, and the musical styling is almost symphonic and has a compelling tune to it.

Wardance-This song starts out slow and eventually builds to a thunderous finale, the lyrics are about preparations for a battle. The instruments are accompanied by a growing number of feet stomping to the tune as Cherry chants out the instructions.

Wasted-A song about being drunk, careless, and sick of everything. Upbeat and jaunty, this raunchy tune has a vigor that gets the audience dancing about and is more of a fun, solid mosh-pit song than anything else.

Walpurgisnacht-The Album art is a close-up of Cherry herself dressed as a scantily clad witch pouring something into a cauldron while voodoo dolls of the rest of the band float in the brew. The back of the album is a group shot of them all posing together in zombie-esque stances.

Walpurgisnacht-A recipe for witch’s brew with the ingredients being all the wrongs and injustices, mostly against faunus, in the world at large. Sung in iambic pentameter and with creepy instrumentals, this song cranks the freak factor past eleven, especially when the chanting starts in.

The Black Flag-A song about the banner of oppression certain factions of people hold high as they go about their day making use of those weaker than themselves. Meant to mimic a patriotic anthem, the music and vocals have a very light and noble tone that stand starkly opposite to the lyrics.

Darkness-A song about madness portrayed as Grimm stalking through the shadows of your mind, with the narrator eventually falling in with and leading the hunting pack involved. Cherry lets her voice take on an almost childlike quality for this song, and gradually becomes grittier and more guttural as it progresses until she’s just snarling at the end.

Strike to Kill-A song about the brutality of the Atlesian military and some of the bloody work it’s done on behalf of the Schnees. Tragic and moving, its plaintive tones give way to outright anger towards the final rendition of the chorus. Banned in Atlas.

Where We Belong-The song points out all the sins of man and faunus alike, and suggests that we’re most likely all meant for eternal fire with the way we behave.

Alley Rose-A surprisingly tender, but still provocative story about love between two faunus living life fast and hard on the streets. Upbeat and raunchy, this irreverent tale thumps its way through the song and rolls with the steady, almost folksy beat.

Bullet with Your Name On It-A revenge fantasy after a grievous betrayal. Slow and menacing, Cherry’s voice slides through your ears like a silk cloth cleaning the gun mentioned in the song.

Knuckle Sandwich-A description of mercilessly kicking someone’s ass. Cherry and the rest of the band do little but growl to a beat with their instruments and voices in this song.

Doomsday Device-A lyrical description of the band’s rise to fame. Essentially a bombastic heavy metal power ballad.

Countdown-A musical countdown to an unspecified revolution against an unknown, vaguely described military state. It starts of slow but picks up the pace steadily throughout until it reaches its hard-hitting crescendo. Banned in Atlas.

Lie to Me-Sarcastic and bitter depictions of fake alliances and publicity stunts in showbusiness. Sarcastic, edgy, and flippant, the song doesn’t take itself or its subject material too seriously.

Murder Most Foul-The story of a Faunas shanty-town in Atlas left to die as it was overrun by Grimm. While highly stylized, the events depicted are factual. Performed as a mournful funeral dirge, the most powerful elements are the wail of the Grimmwitch’s guitar and Cherry’s agonized, near-weeping voice. Banned in Atlas.

Spoiler: ShowHide
Heather Amethyst : Ceramite's fi¦an|cée is a woman of average height with a slim build. She has long Lavender hair and a brown monkey tail poking out behind her. Many would say she dresses provocatively though in truth she dresses for comfort and practicality. Much like Ceramite she is a relatively gentle person but is also incredibly stubborn and uncompromising in decisions. Once her mind is made up that's it. End of Discussion.

Mr. Scratch: Not much is known about the faunas who goes by this name. He may be some sort of large cat, or maybe a mustelid of some kind, but there really isn’t much to go on. He first cropped up in an underground fighting circuit several years back, and after some initial setbacks, clawed his way to a championship bout which he soundly won. He then promptly killed the other fighter, who was a known member of the White Fang. Since that point, he’s made a habit of leaving dead activists and enforcers belonging to that group where the police and press can easily find them, and has been accused of twenty-four deaths so far. Most of his victims had combat training, and some have been exceptionally skilled.

He’s also taken up skulking around Cherry and the band until noticed, after which he will flee before the authorities or even security can be called. A lean but powerful man, with heavy but retractable claws on his hands and a rough, tan body he usually conceals with grimy sweats and a hoody, he disappears into a crowd or an alleyway in an instant. The only sign his burning amber eyes were ever watching you from beneath his mop of shaggy brown hair and his hood are the distinct memory they leave behind. Some stories say he has a tail, others don’t, some say he has weapons, others say he fights hand to hand. Much is unclear beyond the fact that Mr. Scratch is a menace to everyone, especially the White Fang.

Mr. Zeus Cobalt   : Grimm Omen’s manager, a tall, pasty, sallow-complexioned man built like a reed with an orderly patch of red hair on top. A fastidious dresser, this human’s scruples are nowhere near as neat, and his oily charm greases the way for the band to get off scott free for a lot more than they ever should. A superb legal specialist and financier, he makes sure he gets his own cut and finances a niche but luxurious lifestyle for himself and his family. He has a slow, even way of speaking, and often pauses for a breath, as if talking required too much exertion.

The Vale Region / Recovery ward (semi-open PM for invite)
« on: October 20, 2016, 09:30:08 AM »
A tall woman with an average build with long blue hair and piercing blue eyes sat in the corner of the surprisingly nice hospital room. She was dressed in a formal white shirt but was wearing a brown rib length jacket over the top of it and was wearing casual ripped jeans and sneakers. She noticed the boy with black hair in the hospital bed starting to stir and stood up to move across the room. Reaching out with a pale hand to gently shake the blonde girl asleep across the room from her. "He's waking up." was all the woman said as she turned her attention back to the boy. In a groggy haze Gray moaned slightly as his eyes opened and all he saw was a blurry mass of white.

Non-Canon / Clone Crisis (Open)
« on: October 19, 2016, 09:09:04 AM »
Just before we start. If you haven't already please read through the rules and sign up here to ensure your character won't ruin the fun.

Gray had been having a damn good day. His training was finally starting to pay off as he felt his swords slicing almost clean through the training dummy he was beating the hell out of. With a smile on his face he moved to leave the training room and take a quick shower.

Fallow was sitting in his room simply reading a book when a loud explosion suddenly drew his attention and he inclined his head towards the window. "usually I'm the cause of that sort of thing." placing his book on his bed and hastily stood up and grabbed his hat as he rushed towards the source of the blast to see what was going on.


In the Beacon workshop a sleep deprived Revya had a dozen sheets of paper in front of him along with a large assortment of gears and devices.


Near the dorm building. Clone Gray was leaning against the wall with a bored look on his face as he played with his scroll. "Things should be starting soon." As the words had left his mouth a loud blast could be heard and smoke begun rising nearby. "Yep. there we go." Slipping his scroll into his pocket Clone Gray pushed himself off the wall and decided he would begin making his way towards the cafeteria.

With a dark smile and an evil gleam in his emerald eyes Fallow's clone strode up to the dorm building with Revya's clone not too far behind him. "You're sure this is the best place to blow up?"
"No I'm not. Why did you bring me along. Being here means i could be drawn into a big fight. I don't want any part in your suicide."
"You're the one who is a tech head. I want to bring the building down and kill as many as possible."
"I'm a Mechanic! I'm also getting the hell out of here and picking my battles."
"No you aren't. You are staying right here and covering me." As he said that Fallow's clone ran his hand over the explosion spell and moved his hand towards the wall they were standing in front of and then nothing happened. "DAMMIT!" He yelled as he pressed himself against the wall of the building and then exploded.Blowing easily through the building and into students inside the building killing a few poor sods instantly as they didn't have time to raise their aura and shield themselves from the blast. A dazed Clone Fallow shook his head to clear it and saw the back of Clone Revya already dashing away. "Coward. Still i guess there isn't a reason to stick around." With that Clone Fallow got to his feet and dashed away as confused students begun to gather to see what had happened.

Plot Zone / Beacon's Clone Crisis (non canon)
« on: October 15, 2016, 07:35:48 AM »
So in short i watched this and had the actual arc explained to me and thought it would be a cool idea to apply to rwbyfanon.

Everyone on the Beacon campus has had a clone of them created that combat wise was designed as a perfect duplicate of their capabilities and then their powers were enhanced so that they surpassed the original. Their creator has now set these clones upon Beacon with the intention of destroying it.

So this is basically a fun way for us to have Beacon students outright killing eachother in a battle that spans the entire campus without pesky things such as motivations behind it. A campus wide civil war would be good but then i would have to come up with a reason behind it. plus clones mean that we can have multiple battles with the same character. Also the clones superiority to the original is only a minor adjustment and is only there to prevent someone from killing their own clone as mirror matches are no fun.


For combat we will be using the Vytal tournament rules in that damage for each strike must be given when the strike is written and if your opponent doesn't post within 2 days autohits will be applied. There will not be disqualifications though. If your opponent abandons thread feel free to keep posting autohit attacks every 2 days until they are dead.

Every character involved has a clone of them and the player is responsible for both their character and their clone.

Approved Characters / Alizarin Rust (Return from Archives)
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Name:Alizarin rust (goes by rust)


Species and Gender:Male panther Faunas

Symbol: An outstretched hand with claws on the end of each finger

Occupation:Mercenary/ Whatever he is hired to be.

Appearance: Alizarin is a man of average height with an athletic though not overly muscular build, he has ocean blue eyes and shoulder length black hair that is often messy. His faunas features are retractable claws and a panthers tail . When he is expecting a fight he wears a standard Atlas soldier uniform (red highlights) with the gun on his back replaced with his Onyx Ripper. When not expecting a fight he wears a white collared shirt with a long leather coat over the top along with casual jeans,black boots and a pair of white goggles. He will also wear a red scarf around the lower portion of his face if he needs to conceal his face but is not expecting a fight. When not in his soldier armor he does not carry onyx ripper.

History:Alizarin was born to parents who were both Hunters in the Atlas specialists and as a result he Was sent to Battalion as soon as he was old enough. While he spent most of his early life childhood shielded from the discrimination Faunas faced in Atlas his school was not the same. He was bullied and harassed constantly, he even faced discrimination from the teachers causing him to get into many fights which were always followed with scorn from his parents. Due to the constant abuse Rust became a shut in with an intense fear and hatred of humans. He focused all of his energy into training and study dreaming of the day he would graduate and be capable of studying at beacon, Haven or Shade where he could get away from the discrimination and hatred. Fortunately for him even though his parents forced him to stay in Atlas he found himself a friend in the form of fellow Faunas and teammate and he found a solution to the bullies for the both of them. he came to the realization that after he hospitalized someone, he would become feared for a few months before the bullying came back and so he would intentionally fight as savagely as possible to try and maintain that fear beating the sense out of anyone who treated them badly. It was during one such attempt during his fourth year at Atlas that his life took a turn for the worse (though he would say better) where he wrapped a cord from onyx ripper around a students neck and kicked them from a ledge essentially hanging them in front of an entire class. Atlas Soldiers immediately arrived and attempted to Apprehend him, knowing he was already screwed he fought for his life. killing 2 of those soldiers in the process. In order to help his friend  stole the armor from those same guards and he used them to sneak onto a transport destined for Vale. After Arriving in Vale he found himself in a village on the outskirts of the main kingdom, where he helped the villagers deal with a Grimm attack and for the first time in Rust's life he was considered a hero. someone to be looked up to instead of down upon. This inspired him to do the work he had trained to do his entire life, Going around killing Grimm or problem people. It was just in a less official manner than that of a proper huntsman.

Personality:Even though he is a murderer and possibly a bit psychotic Alizarin is a lighthearted, joking and friendly person. Until you piss him off, when angered Alizarin's personality becomes a lot like his fighting style, in that he is vicious and intentionally attempts to cause as much harm as possible. He has an immense desire to ensure people don't fuck with mess with him. As a result when around Those who he knows are likely to stab him in the back he becomes incredibly aggressive and intimidating. Also anyone who he see's bullying a faunas for being a Faunas is likely to be found in an alley with wounds that appear as though they were mauled by an Ursa.

Aura and Semblance:
Alizarin's Aura is a dark grey in color and functions the same way as any aura. His semblance allows him minor control of air. the primary way he uses it is for blunt strikes at long range or steering his launched spikes from onyx ripper. however this requires a lot of concentration to do so and can easily be stopped by someone who can see it coming either by evasion or breaking his concentration. It also allows him to propel himself into the air. though this is really nothing more than a really high jump.

Combat Behavior:
When in combat Rust let's his vicious side come out Often attempting to pin down an opponent with Onyx ripper's steel cords and then cutting his victim up with his natural claws or getting in a breaking bones or severing limbs in the most painful and brutal way possible. Often forcing any allies to step in and calm him down before he mutilates someone more than is absolutely necessary. Should his attempts to fight head on fail he will begin to fight smarter. Using his semblance to leap around and fire off Onyx Ripper's spikes in an attempt to create an opening his goal being to get in with the chainsaw form to finish things quickly or to be a distraction allowing His allies  to get into a position where they can end things. As for weaknesses, when not forced to fight tactically Rust is in an almost uncontrollable state and has often mistaken friends for foes in one instance accidentally killing his employer. Onyx Ripper's cords can easily be tangled with up which not only makes it bulky and difficult to wield but prevents it from changing forms causing his weapon to work completely against him in these scenarios.


Name:Onyx Ripper

Primary Form:a mounting that goes up his forearm that is lined with spikes that are used for slashing. these spikes can be fired from the main mounting attached to steel cords for long range usage.

Secondary Form:
the two weapons combine on either side of one arm. The cods disconnect and internal workings allows the spikes to move at high speed around the blade. The spikes angle thewmselves creating the teeth of an arm mounted chainsaw.

History: Forged by Alizarin when he was studying at Battalion.

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