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Beacon Academy / ABoat time [Open]
« on: September 11, 2018, 01:40:46 PM »
(For the sake of clarification)

The water splashed softly against the cliffs, reflecting the light of the rising, shattered Moon.

Kisha lay with her back on the wooden jetty, to which some small wooden boats were docked, and watched how the first stars in the sky light up. A real dreamy view. Fortunately, Beacon wasn't overly controlling that everyone was in their rooms at the late night hours, and even if they were, it would still be another two hours before she had to return to her room. Kisha closed her eyes and continued to listen to the sound of the waves as they collided with the stony walls of the cliffs.

Sometimes she wondered why no one was here. It was such a wonderful place to have some peace and enjoy the beautiful view. And it wasn't even greatly hidden. Anyone could come down here pretty much anytime, but Kisha was always alone. She plucked in her earphones and began to listen to the music on her scroll, and after only a short while, she started to hum and sing along to it quietly.

The Vale Region / Hitting the bullseye [Closed]
« on: September 08, 2018, 03:04:37 PM »
Humming to herself, Kisha made her way to Beacon's landing platforms in the early afternoon.

It had been several hours since she had received the message from Beacon, but there was still enough time for the appointment. The message from Beacon contained the information for a mission she was assigned to, along with another student named Anza Burgundy. The message said the following.

She and Anza should meet with full equipment at Beacon's landing platforms where a Bullhead picks them up and brings them to 'Gabsheim', a small settlement in the south of Vale. Gabsheim reported that more and more Grimm gathered around the settlement and they fear that there will soon be an attack of the creatures. Even though the number of Grimm is very high, Beacon rated this mission as beginner-friendly, as the Grimm types indicated no particular threat. However, this was only half of the mission. The other half insists on having these groups of Grimm killed as unnoticed as possible.

Further reports stated that a large Deathstalker nest was spotted in the area where the Grimm gather up. Both the number and the size of the Deathstalkers are unknown at the time, but both didn't seem to cause any problems, otherwise, they would have already attacked Gabsheim. Despite all this, the students were advised to stay away from the nest and, if possible, to make no sounds that could alert the Deathstalker. This was the reason why these two were chosen. Both Anza and Kisha showed great skills at stealth and would have no problem taking out the Grimm from afar. Silent and deadly, just what was needed for this mission.

The assigned Bullhead was already at his platform, patiently waiting for the two students. When Kisha arrived, she greeted the pilot and talked with him for a minute or two before walking into the Airship.

Beacon Academy / The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« on: September 07, 2018, 10:16:52 AM »
It was silent in team INKKs dorm room, with the only, and probably most annoyingly sound being the slightly squeaky bed on which Kisha excited bobbed from side to side. This already went on for 10 minutes. At least she was quiet otherwise. Said 10 minutes ago, she couldn’t stop talking about how excited she was but now it was a rather depressing feeling that mingled with the rest of excitement.

Kisha liked Blair. Okay, she liked almost everyone she met, but Blair was someone special, and it was especially in the first few days after she left to return to her homeland, unfamiliar to not have her around anymore. But she couldn’t say she was devastated because of that. She liked her, yes, but they hadn’t even known each other for two months, nearly not enough time to form a strong, long-lasting bond. Plus, their different personalities often made it hard to have a real conversation. It just didn’t hit her as hard as it should have, but she couldn’t say the same about the rest of the team.

What looked like the first separation of this team seemed to be another blow to the gut for the other two members. Kisha was aware that both she and Blair were a replacement for the previous members, yet she never imagined how many different individuals had already been in this team.

The sad thing here is, that she found that out because the other students made fun of them. 'The team that should not be', that's what they called it. Kisha confronted the group, they then all, loud laughing, told her everything to the smallest detail. Every member this team ever had and how they all left. You could almost say that they have gotten a bad reputation because of that. And that was also the reason why Kisha acted a bit... weirder than usual. In a bad sense. Yes, she still talked a lot, yes, she still jumped around hyperactive and was enthusiastic about everything, but every time she tried to have a conversation with her teammates, the feeling of uneasiness came over her, and every time she had to ask herself, do Nathan and Ismael even want her here? Do they look at her and see a bad memory? Do they just tolerate her because they need four people on a team?

Kisha tried to hide these thoughts, but they came back again and again, even if it got better in the past few days, but they all came back at once with the announcement that their newest teammate is going to arrive. Today. She was excited to meet the newcomer, but she didn’t want to cause bad memories among the rest of the team. But she spoke anyway. She'd talked about it a few times in the last few days, but in contrast to then, she seemed a bit more relaxed now.

"So," she began, finally sitting still on the bed, "How do you think he will be like?" She asked. A question she didn't ask for the first time, but this time the hesitant tone in her voice disappeared. Yes, maybe it would be better again.

AMA Section / Okay, let's do this (AMA/AMCA)
« on: August 23, 2018, 01:04:56 PM »
So, I finally decided to do this.

Go ahead, ask away. I'm ready for everything.

It was a quite Saturday morning in Beacon, and a cold breeze filled the air outside the big academy. It was the perfect morning to lie in bed and recover from all the lessons and learning of the last few days. Not for Mikado Drak. The young Huntsmen-in-training left his dorm room a long time ago and has been sitting in the Academys library ever since.
A book with many drawings and texts about Grimm was opened infront of him and he flicked through the pages. The text itself was only read briefly, what he paid more attention to were the the drawings and the corresponding features added on it's side.
Just as he was about to turn over another page, his scroll vibrated. It was a text message, the transmitter was the Academy.

Dear Mikado Drak

We send you this message to inform you that you have been selected for a training mission in the mountains.

Following is the description of your mission:

A horde of Grimm is approaching the mountain village 'Monaha' at high speed. The inhabitants of Monaha have already begun their evacuation to the neighboring village, but the there prevailing storm and the uneven path to the next village slows down this process to a critical point. The goal here is to get as much time for the evacuation as possible and, if possible, eliminate the horde.

According to reports about the horde we could determine that this mission is suited for a first year student.
Despite all this, we decided not to send you alone.
Your teammate Smokey Emberstone will be accompanying you on this mission, as well as the Huntress Siu Ceong.
We kindly ask you to gather with equipment at the landing platforms outside the Academy by the time stated below. From there, a bullhead will pick you up and bring you to Monaha.

Best regards, Beacon staff.

Mikado stared at his scroll for a moment. He read the message again. Nothing changed. He couldn’t help but let out an annoyed sigh. Of all his teammates, no, of all students at Beacon, it of course had to be Smokey. He could still remember how his 'teammate' pointed his motherfucking cannon sniper at him. And no matter how much it bothered him to say that, not only did the weapon look good, but it could probably also bring a trained Huntsmen to his knees with a good targeted shot. However, this didn’t change his attitude and view towards Smokey. So, why, out of all people, did it had to be him?

He got up and closed the book. The noise of pages being slammed together made Kiro, who lay next to the book on the table, raise his head. Mikado gave the dragon a quick pet on his head and gestured him with a wave to come along, while picking up the book with his other hand. The black dragon responded immediately, jumped at his owners arm and made his way from there over the shoulder to the head, where he then made himself comfortable on the boy’s hair.

Mikado brought back the book before leaving the library to get his equipment. He would leave it to Smokey to tell the rest of the team about their little 'adventure' they’re going to have...

Hm, Siu Ceong...
He never heard that name before, but according to the message, she was supposed to be a graduate Huntress. That didn’t sound to bad. Well, nothing could sound worse that the fact that he and Smokey, alone, went on this mission. Well, not alone-alone, because Siu would be there, but alone in the sense of their team. Alone in the sense of all students at Beacon. It couldn’t get any worse...

It was not long before Mikado geared up with his weapon, dust crystals and bullets, heading for the landing platforms. The bullhead was already there, along with the associated pilot.
"Ahh, the students, excuse me, but shouldn’t there be two?"
"He'll come," Mikado replied as bored as possible. He decided not to wait for Smokey and immediately entered the open Bullhead

Everywhere Else / Coffee and friends are the perfect blend [closed]
« on: August 13, 2018, 08:47:39 AM »
It was a nice Saturday morning in Atlas. The rising sun shone its light through the clouds and bathed the city in a pleasant light.

Kisha was standing in front of a small building with a brown winter coat and a beige scarf around her neck. The words 'Atlesian Coffeehouse' were written in capital letters on a wooden sign above the front door. The building itself let out a warm, inviting light and the smell of coffee and pastry filled the air, but Kisha decided not to go in yet.

She took a look around the street again. Some shops, many people going their way. It was actually quite similar to Vale, if it weren’t for the cold temperature and the military robots and soldiers stationed around every corner. It shouldn't surprise her, after all, Atlas was,the most advanced of them all if it comes to technology and military, and especially now that the Vytal festival was on pace, the security measures were particularly high, but with all the military, it was more of an uncomfortable rather than a secure feeling.

As she looked around, she started to step from one leg to the other to keep herself warm. Well, she couldn’t complain about it, it was her fault that she arrived almost fifteen minutes early, but now some time passed and her 'friend' should hopefully arrive soon.

Teams / Looking for a beacon 1st year replacement
« on: August 08, 2018, 02:03:49 PM »
Now that team BSEK has split up again, the remaining members are looking for their newest (hopefully staying) teammate.

The current team looks like this:

Nathan Eau (nathan67003)
Ismael "Izzy" Skhaos (Th3KingOfChaos)
Kisha Miles (DEXES)

There aren’t any particular preferences, We'd only like the team to be an active one.

Approved Characters / Dawn Mae
« on: July 31, 2018, 03:55:31 PM »

Name: Dawn Mae

Nickname/Gamername: Zeiis

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Jaguar faunus, female

Symbol: A game achievement trophy

Occupation: Second Year beacon Student, Professional gamer


Voice Reference: Erika Harlacher/Yumeko Jabami (Black haired one)

Dawn is a fair-skinned young girl that stands at 5'11 and 56 kg, has purple eyes and long black hair, worn loose that fades to a purple at the tips. She also has a pair of black jaguar ears, which she doesn’t bother to hide, Identifying her as a Faunus.

Her ordinary clothes contain a black piece of thick fabric over the chest-area which is knotted at the back of the neck, with shoulderless sleeves, that reaches just above the elbows. A longer piece of the same fabric, centrally held together by a buckle in the front, is also wrapped around her waist, reaching in an upside down V shape to the back of the knees. It has her emblem emblazoned on the left hanging loose on her side.

Underneath the chest-covering fabric, she wears an almost stomach-free bright purple top, followed by a black pair of mini-shorts. She wears a pair of black, knee-high boots, with a white bandage wrapped around the right leg, running up to the shorts, and a purple thigh-bag around her left leg.
A black baseball cap, which has two holes for her Faunus ears, completes her outfit.

Her combat gear is comprised with black fingerless gauntlets that reach to her elbows, as well as a black weapon belt above her waist.


Dawn was born into a rich family in Stemswell.
Already at the young age of only four years, her above-average intelligence and her incredibly developed gift to read people made itself noticeable, which even developed further later in life.

For the first years of her life, Dawn followed all the rules and expectations her parents had for her. Make your graduation, become a bank employee or get another well-paid job, marry a rich man and raise your own children with the same, ect. Just like her big sister! Although she never liked it, she followed those expectations, but all that changed when she for the first time entered a game Arcade... And pretty much beat the Highscore in every game. All children, as well as their parents and even the Arcade owner,  were thrilled by the talent of the 7-year-old. Dawn's vision for the future changed for the first time. She didn't want to do the boring stuff her parents imposed on her. She didn't want to become a bank employee and earn a lot of money. Her life should belong to the games!

From then on, she spent day and night in the Arcade, spending her money on the latest games and increasingly retreating to her own little digital world, much to the dissatisfaction of her parents.

There were a lot of arguments and fights. Most of these quarrels, however, ended in Dawn's favor, and the others ended with her father somehow taking away her latest game she bought and smashing it with a baseball bat.

Dawn started to deny her parents more and more and buried herself further on the internet.

The games in which the interaction with other players was necessary, got her the most. She learned how to use her opponent's words against them, and how to convince others to believe in what is wrong. She manipulated them, letting them shovel their own graves while she's leaning back, winning.

This was also very important considering that she actually gained Lien by entering and winning tournaments in all kinds of games. This is also where her Gamer name, Zeiis, rose to the scoreboards. Through this, a lot of other pro gamers noticed her, challenging her, fighting her, as well as a few smaller gaming companies which asked her to try out their games. That was exactly what she wanted. A life as a pro gamer.

The fights stopped as her mother got pregnant a third time. A new child should be born that would follow the instructions of the parents. Not something like the second-born 'useless scum' they sometimes like to call her.

Dawn was 13 when her life changed the second time. With the release of a new game, which she just had to have, she made her way to the Neighboring City to get one. The store in her town didn't have the game in the assortment yet and ordering it online would have taken too long. She wanted that game, and she wanted it now.

Normally, that wouldn’t have been a problem, but this day wasn’t normal, and she noticed that as soon as a couple of beowolves from a nearby forest attacked her. That would undoubtedly have been her last day, were it not for a nameless Huntsmen.

Dawn knew what Huntsmen are, how could it be any different, most of her games had been based on Hunstmen and their adventures, but she never seemed to perceive this as a fitting job for herself. No, she wanted to be a professional beta tester, earn her money in some online events or do something else with video games. But when she saw one of her game scenarios right in front of her, in real life, it clicked in her head. That's it. That's what she wanted to become. Why play a game when you could turn your own life into a game like this? For the first time in her life, Dawn felt stupid. Completely brainless. The answer has always been so close to her and she never noticed it. And she was supposed to be a genius?

The Huntsmen without a name disappeared as soon as the Grimm was defeated and he could be sure that no more would follow. He left. And Dawn couldn’t even say thanks.
This encounter and the idea of becoming a huntress herself never left her mind and as soon as she returned home and turned on her devices, she searched every little bit of information about Huntsmen, their job, their education, everything. Even though she already knew most of it, there were still single things that were unknown to her until that moment.

Her life shifted from playing games, eating and sleeping in front of the console to almost permanent Aura training and joining weapon workshops while squeezing combat lessons in between, and still finding time for her beloved games, which she never could neglect. It was a hard training, but thanks to her above average receptivity and intelligence, she managed to master the basics of everything in a very short time. When she managed to make space in her already full schedule, she got into skateboarding, which not only suited her somewhat rebellious style but was also later shifted into a weapon.

Her parents were still dissatisfied with her life decision. The idea of getting their hands dirty was totally against their imagination, and even though Huntsmen were normally well paid, this did still not seemed to improve their opinion. They had already given up their hope and started on the education of the third child, which, of course, completely obeyed. She could at least be lucky that her parents fed her and gave her money as soon as she asked a couple of times.

When the time came and the Huntsmen Academy, Beacon accepted students again, she enrolled and was invited to the exams, which, to no surprise, she all passed with flying colors.
Dawn was born into a rich family which lived in a large town near Stemswell.
Already at the young age of only four years, her above-average intelligence and her incredibly developed gift to read people made itself noticeable, which even developed further later in life.


Dawn has a very.... interesting personality.

She always has been smart and always will be, she got used to being called 'the one with a plan', and will most likely act like this. That by no means says that she never makes a mistake, no, she does, but she's able to hide it up with either smart words or by coming up with another quick plan.

She has a very manipulative and charismatic personality with which she always draws the attention of those around her. She likes to have a group of people around her, but not a huge crowd of more than thirty people.

She has a 'Let's break some rules' philosophy and often acts rebellious to higher-ups, often using her ability to read people to play off their words against themselves.

Amongst those whom she refers to as 'friends' or plans to in the future,  she is usually a little more reticent, this is because she wants to know them better and knows how to use them for her benefits. While this sounds very selfish, she would never put her 'friends' in harm's way without being sure of a way out. The emphasis here is on the fact that she's not afraid to put her friends in danger, as long as she has a plan to escape, though, what seems clear to her, may not be obvious for her friends.

With a personality that doesn’t hold back from saying her mind, even if it is very inappropriate, she also goes into battle. She speaks in a condescending manner to those she fights against, especially after she found a way to win.

Aura and Semblance:

Dawns Aura has a purple colored shade.

Dawn's semblance allows her to gain information about every person and object she touches.

This information can be anything from their aura level over their semblance to parts of their personality. The things she can't find out this way are memory-based information, like their background story or relationships.
For objects, she can find out the exact materials they are made of, know their function and the basics about how to use them.

However, this semblance requires, as mentioned above, that Dawn has to touch the required person or object. But this isn't your ordinary 'tag you're it'-touch thing. The touch has to be at least Three seconds long for her to know her opponent's Aura level. Knowing parts of their semblance takes fifteen seconds, and to know fragments of their personality can take half a minute.
A simple handshake won't always be enough though to get all the information she needs, and just as mentioned above, she can only find out parts or fragments about her opponent's abilities.

Combat Behavior:

Dawn's fighting style mainly builds on her manipulative and observational skills.

She's intelligent and a great strategist, having no problem to come up with a good plan. After looking at her opponent's moves and patterns for a couple of turns, she can guess their ability and limits. The keyword here is 'guess', not know.
She also has no problems with giving orders, only with taking them.

She is very agile, has no problem with risky evasive maneuvers, but she lacks endurance. Although she usually has a good overview of it, she nevertheless uses up a large share in fights. Dawn lacks in close combat, especially hand to hand. She's not terrible in it, just worse than the average student of Beacon. She tries to make up for these weaknesses by using the skateboard to help her endurance and the flamethrower in close combat.


Name: Dragons Breath

Primary Form:

DB is a retractable sword whose blade is 80cm long. The 25cm long handle is rather edgy with slight roundings at the corners and consists of a light metal. On the blade opposite side is a Reclosable opening, in which a Dust canister can be inserted. The sword blade is divided into several plates and is reminiscent of a Carpet knife.

Not only is this weapon good as a sword for the offense, but also has a self-protective mechanism for the defense. The handle of the sword can release a slightly modified form of hydrogen with the push of a button. The adjacent button generates a spark, which sets the gas off.

In his 'standby mode,' the blade is retracted and placed on a holder attached to the thigh-bag.

Dust Functions:

Through the Reclosable opening in the handle, a canister of Dust can be inserted, which puts the sword in a condition that corresponds the inserted Dust type. With fire dust, the sword goes up in flames, with ice it freezes whatever it hits, and so on.

However, the Dust can also be used for the hydrogen explosion. In addition to the two already mentioned buttons, a third button, which also forms a triangle together with the first two buttons, allows some dust to get released in the hydrogen explosion, which then also has various effects depending on the Dust type.

Name: Phoenix Flame

Primary Form:

PF is a pair of black, fingerless gauntlets with a silvery metal plate attached to the palm of both hands. On both of the gauntlets is a shotgun barrel attached, and a little further down the metal opening of a flamethrower. Both weapon types are activated in a similar way.

The metal plate in the palm has finger sensors built into it and only react when Dawn makes the right kind of 'fist'. If she bales her hand into a fist and spreads her thumb away from the fist itself, the flamethrower activates, which has a range of 75cm per side.

The shotgun will be activated when Dawn puts her thumb on the metal plate and then presses down with the rest of her fingers. One shot is fired per Impuls her fist makes.

Dust Functions:

Although Dawn calls it a 'flamethrower', the flame can be exchanged with almost any kind of dust. For this, she has to insert a cylindrical Dust canister in a built-in holder on the opposite side of the shotgun barrel. Of course, both sides can have a different type of dust, giving her the opportunity to achieve a bigger effect.


As soon as Dawn decided to become a huntress, she participated in every weapon workshop she would find. With her intelligence and knowledge of video game weapons, it wasn’t a tough task to create duplicates of her favorite weapons, in which she builds in her own ideas as well.


Name: Flying Leopard

Flying Leopard is a black skateboard and her loyal companion which she brings along to wherever she goes.

FL has the ability to ride on almost any surface by changing its wheels into an environment-matching counterpart.

For sandy, snowy or watery grounds, the wheels retract completely and makes the skateboard to a normal snowboard. On ice, the wheels change to ice skates.

In order to change the wheels, the Skateboard must be in the air while at the same time pressing one of the three buttons on the skateboards rear.

Teams / 1st year beacon team [4/4]
« on: April 27, 2018, 04:18:22 PM »
So, team BADJ is no more, and that leaves an open spot for literally anyone who wants to join. First come first serve I guess

The current team is:

Mikado Drak
Serin Avery
Billy Bone
Smokey Emberstone

There aren’t any particular preferences, We'd only like the team to be an active one.

Editing MIA / Nami
« on: March 04, 2018, 04:34:40 AM »

Name: Nami

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Wolf Faunus, Male

Symbol: A wolfhead in tribal style

Occupation: First Year Beacon Student


Nami stands at 5’9” and 165 Ibs. With crimson eyes, a horizontal, small scar over his left one, pale skin, and white, chin long hair, he could as well be mistaken with a ghost. Since he is a faunus, he also possess an animal trait, which is a pair of white wolf ears. His clothes consist of a jet-black denim jacket, worn over a torn red shirt. Matching the jacket, he wears black jeans and black boots. Two oak-brown belts overlap each other on his hip, attached to it are many different Dust canisters.

As an accessory, he wears a golden ring with a black leather strap around his neck, which looks more like a collar than a necklace. The ring was given to him by Liska, his deceased love.


getting rewritten
Nami was literally born in an science lab. The reasons of the people, running the lab, are mostly unknown. There were a lot of theorys after the discovery and shut down of their operation, one of them was to study the difference between Human and Faunus, another one was to satisfied their sick inquisitiveness on what would happen when.
This 'when' referred to 'What would happen if you try to creat a faunus'.  Their way to go about it was questioning and entirely sickening. They implanted Faunus cells into an embryo hoping that that would have any effect on the outcome. And it did. There were a lot of busts but they managed to fullfill their goal. Twice. Nami wasn't the first one to survive birth under those circumstances. There was another one, a fox hybrid, but this one was less stable, often collapsed and was out for several days befor regaining conscious. Nami also had to live with the side effects. His wolf parts weren't as effectiv and useful as the ones of an actually Faunus for example. The other side effects concluded: Extrem dizziness, nausea, followed by actually vomit, insomnia, anorexia and an overall really bad immune system.
When Nami was 12 he developed his semblance. A wolf form. From this point on, Nami had to go through a lot of test, all including him fighting in his wolf form.
Three years late, when he was 15, the fox girl, which he became good friends with, was executed for her idleness over the experiments. At this point, something snapped inside of Nami. He refrused to continue going through all of the experiments and tests, he refused to stay in the lab for another day. He planned his breakout. The same day, when he was supposed to go to another fighting test, he went one a rampage as soons as he was let out of his room. He would have died that day if it weren't for a group of Huntmen, which were assigned to investigate the unknown laboratory the day he planned his breakout.
After being rescued, Nami stayed with one of the Huntsmen, trying to get over the trauma and live a normal life. But that wasn't easy, not at all. The side effects were still there, and even after he got prescribed tablets, which he has to take in daily, the side effects didn't vanish, they just got reduced. Besides that, Nami had to learn everything he hadn't a chance to as a kid, like reading and writing. He wasn't good at it, but he kept on trying. His motivation for him to become a huntsmen himself were one, to repay the Huntsmen taking him in and second, because he felt that he owned that to the fox girl.
Getting into beacon was a hard task, but in the end, he managed to get accepted


At first glance, Nami seems to be an aloof, distant individual who always keeps his cool. Despite having a calm disposition, he can have a temper and tends to be impulsive, acting mainly on his instincts or his heart rather than his head. Despite saying that he doesn't wish to make friends, he ironically forms them through his tenacious personality. Nami is a taciturn and reserved individual, who is also shown to be very courageous, always willing to save and protect his friends from danger.

Aura and Semblance:

His Aura has the same crimson (#dc143c) color as his eyes.
His semblance gives him the ability to turn into an oversizes white wolf. His size would match an full grown horse.
The transformation itself is simple. Nami just thinks about turning and he turnes. Shining red lights appear on his skin and clothes, enveloping him, and in the blick on an eye, he is in his wolf form. The same thing happens by reversing it. His clothes don't get effected, they just disappear and reappear when he turnes into his wolfform and back.
His abilities in his wolf form are similar to the abilities of a normal wolf. He for one has a better sense of smell- and hearing. His size also allows him to carry stuff on his back quite easily. He is as swift and has more endurance and his fighting style is also similar to the one of a wolf.
Holding up his semblence is second nature for Nami, so he hasn’t any problems with staying in this form for long time, even in battle.

Combat Behavior:

Just like his personality says, he actes on instingt and won't think about a plan to much.
He is an offensive fighter and neglectes his defense, especially when he fights in his wolf form. The fur gives him some more protection, but it won’t help much against stronger attacks. In fights, Nami takes the roll of the one, going in first and he will firstly focus on the stronges enemy. If he gets knocked down, he won't stay there for long, and tries immediately to get into the fight again. He will always keep an eye on his teammates and/or the people around him in general, in case something were to go wrong and he had to jump in. He can be stubborn, taking a fight way to far and don't know when to quit. Another weakness would be the side effects of the Faunus cells implanted in him. The tablets help reducing the effect, but they can still randomly pop up.


Name: Kama

Primary Form: Kama is a pair of Steel claws with a small gun build into it.  The claws are retractable, making it easier to walk around with them on

Secondary Form: Instead of steal claws, the blade of a dagger comes out the steelcase

Tertiary Form: A thinner, longer version than the previous. It has a curved-diamond shape on its tip.

Dust functions:

• Fire Dust - The extended blade inflames
• Lightning Dust - The extended blade will be electrically charged and shockes whatever it hits


Nami hasn't the slightest idea how to build or modify weapons, luckily for him, the huntsmen taking him in did. He greated Kama and taught Nami how to use it. It took a while, but it turned out well in the end.

WiP Characters / Nami
« on: February 18, 2018, 04:03:59 PM »

Name: Nami (No last name)

Age: 17 

Species and Gender: Human Wolf hybrid, Male

Symbol: A wolfhead in tribal style

Occupation: First Year Beacon Student


Nami is 178cm heigh and weights about 69Kg.
He has crimson colored, cat like eyes with a horizontal scar over his left one and sharp, fang like teeth. A pair of silver white wolf ears sprouts from his chin long white hair. A golden ring is pierced through the tip of his left ear.

He wears a short armed, black jacked over a dark red, torn sweatshirt. Bandages are wrapped around his armes, coverin scars. Matching the Jacket, he wears black trousers and black boots. A white wolf tail stood out the jacket. For an unknown reason, Nami has a strong desire to wear a dark red collar. Unlike faunus, which only have one trait of there animal counterpart, Nami has both, wolf ears and a wolf tail. His tail is just like his hair white and isn't hide by any clothes.

Nami has a tatto of his symbol on his right shoulder blade and on the back of his jacked.


Nami doesn’t remember much of his life befor that 'accident' happend. He was born as a human and lived like this till he was twelve. A friend of him celebrated his birthday and as Nami and his friends walked home from the party, they were ambushed in an ally, which was a shortcut to one of there houses. Nami later learned that this ambush was only a small part of a mass kidnapping.
A group of scientists set there goal in the studies of differences of human and faunus, not careing about how to do it or which consequences it will have.

The kidnapped children were inflicted with a serum which should give them faunus traits, but due to the differences of the set up of the two races, over 99% died of the infliction. Nami was one of the two survivors. After getting inflicted by the serum, he turned into an albino and got the faunus traits, ears and a tail. The other person, a girl older than him, suffered the same fate, with the only difference that Nami was part Wolf, and the Girl part Fox.

Not only there appearances changed, but there semblance’s got affected as well. Unlike people developing a semblence, the serum straight up gave them on. The ability to turn into the animal they resemble. From day one, the scientists put Nami and the girl through all kinds of experiments and Nami hated it, but he couldn’t do anything. If he disobeyed he would be put through all kinds of torture. After three years of experiments, Nami was saved by a group of Huntsmen, which were assigned to investigate the case of the mass kidnapping after it was dropped a few months after the accident. The girl died just a week befor the huntsmen came due to an experiment but she left her most valuable possession with Nami. Her ring, which he keept evers since. After being rescued, Nami stayed with one of the Huntsmen, trying to get over the trauma and live a normal life. Nami learned a lot over the years. How the world outside was, how it worked, and that the humans that kidnapped him, weren’t the only bad people in the world. There were more. A lot more. Ever since he found that out, it was clear what he wanted to do. Free the world of those people... monster which play with other lifes. Nami assigned than for beacon academy and got accepted.


Nami doesn't talk much, not because he's shy or such, but rather because he doesn’t want to. Building up friendships or any other kind of social interaction doesn’t interest him much. He will talk if he has to, but even than, he cuts it short. Even though he is a lone wolf and actes cold, Nami is a royal and extremely protective person. You don't need to be his friend, he would take the hit anyway without a second thought.

Nami always pays attention to his surroundings, often staring at people while studying every single move they do. To fully gain his trust is probably one of the hardest things you could think of, but in the end, it would be worth it.

Aura and Semblance:

A lot of Nami's Aura 'broke' through the experiments. You can't say it's strong or weak, stable or not, it's different every day.

Now to his semblance. When Nami was influenced with the serium which turned him into a human wolf hybrid, his semblance automatically ended up turning him into an Snow white wolf, or rather a snow white huge wolf. His size would mach an full grown horse. Nami's scares and the ring pierced through his ear are also visible in his wolf form, and his clothes aren’t affected by the transformation.
The transformation itself workes simple. Nami just thinks about turning and he turnes. Shining white-blue lights than start to appear on his skin and clothes and in the blick on an eye, he is in his wolf form. The same thing happens by reversing it.

His abilities in his wolf form also resembles the abilities of a normal wolf. He has an way better good sense of smell and hearing than in his 'human' form. His size also allows him to carry stuff on his back quite easily. He is as swift as an normal wolf and his fighting style is also similar to the one of a wolf.

Holding up his semblence is second nature for Nami, so he hasn’t any problems with staying in this form for long time, even in battle.

Combat Behavior:

Nami strongly prefers to fight alone and in his wolf form. He only turn to fight with Kama when there is no other way around it. He won't stay around to listen to plans and just go into fights with his own.

He is an offensive fighter and neglectes his defense, especially when he fights in his wolf form. The fur gives him some more protection, but it won’t help much against stronger attacks. In fights, Nami takes the roll of the one, going in first and he will firstly focus on the stronges enemy. If he gets knocked down, he won't stay there for long, and tries immediately to get into the fight again.


Name: Kama

Primary Form: Kama is a pair of Steel claws with a gun build into it. The claws are retractable, making it easier to walk around with them on

Secondary Form: Instead of steal claws, the blade of a dagger comes out the steelcase

Tertiary Form: A thinner, longer version than the previous. It has a curved-diamond shape on its tip.

Dust functions:

• Fire Dust - The extended blade inflames
• Lightning Dust - The extended blade will be electrically charged and shockes whatever it hits


Nami hasn't the slightest idea how to build or modify weapons, luckily for him, the huntsmen taking him in did. He greated Kama and taught Nami how to use it. It took some while, but it turned out well in the end.

Teams / Searching for a first Year beacon team [4/4]
« on: February 05, 2018, 09:24:20 AM »
Okay, so I thought it would be finally time to find a team for Mikado.

Well, about him: He has a quiet and kinda cold personality. He doesn’t care about making friends or not and actually only spends time with his dragon. He often ignores people and walks away when he thinks it's going to get boring. so... yeah... He kinda is a loner, but he still needs a team.

Mikado Drak
Serin Avery
Jacob Stillwater
Billy Bone

Plot Zone / Schattauge Hunt [canceled]
« on: December 21, 2017, 12:00:32 PM »

Approved Characters / Mikado Drak
« on: December 17, 2017, 12:02:55 PM »

Name: Mikado Drak

Theme: Link

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Human, Male


Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: First Year Beacon Student


Mikado is a 190cm high and 75kg heavy boy with short, messy, black hair that has a thumb thick white streak in it.

He wears black jacket over a white shirt and firring black jeans. He wears black guards on the back of his palm that extend to his elbows, as well as lower tight guards. White bandages can be seen under those guards, right below his knees and near his elbows.
His Bo is stowed in a shoulder strap


Mikado was a curious and happy child. He was born and raised in a large village near Jackson. He had never met his mother, but never had any desire for one, since his father took over the role of both parents.

One day, a Dust explosion shook the village and the ensuing panic lured all kinds of grim out there. The masaker started, and the grimmers fought over the helpless residents. Mikado would have done the same as them and tried to run or hide, but the twelve-year-old boy was busy running right into the chaos. The explosion came from the direction in which his house stood, and his father was still at home. Up to this day, Mikado wondered how he managed to get to the house safely. But the sight as he ran around the last corner made his blood freeze. The house was destroyed and a single, motionless person was lying under the wooden beams. His father. Deep down, he knew that his father was already dead, but he didn't accept it. He shook the lifeless body, but without any success.

Mikado's cries drew the attention of a very particular grim to him. It was a kind of composition of several animals.  A Chimera. It had the claws of a hawk, the body of a horse, the head of a lion, a scorpion tail and bat like wings. He called this creature the 'Chimera Grimm'.

Mikado did not even realize how the Chimera Grimm turned to face him. He was motionless, focusing on the picture before him. The only reason Mikado survived this day was because of a Huntsmen named Jack. He had been living in the village for a couple of years, and thanks to him, they never had any trouble with Grimm before, but on that day everything was different. It were more Grimm than any person could handle alone, so Jack did that, what he became a Huntsmen for. Saving human lives. Jack grabbed Mikado and, with the help of his weapon, swept to the nearest rooftop, but the Chimera Grimm had already see through the situatiuon and jumped after them.

Jack and Mikado both made contact with the ground behind the roof and both rolled in opposite directions. Since Mikado was the weaker of the two, the Chimera-Grimm set out to attack him. That was the point where Mikado's panic took over and he hyperventilate. At that exact  time, his semblance awoke. A fast, black shadow rammed Sideways into the Chimera Grimm. Jack then also landed a quick hit in the grimm's shoulder, which paralyzed it and gave the two a chance to escape.

Not far from the village was a small wooden hut in which Jack and Mikado settled.

This day had burnt into Mikado's memory and he would never be able to forget those pictures, but that's what drives him to get to his goal. His goal is to become a Huntsmen himself, to prevent anyone else from having to go through something like that. He would track down and kill any Grimm in the world.

He completed an intensive training under Jack and quickly learned to fight. He had a large variety of weapons, but eventually decided to stay with a Bo-Kusarigama hybrid.

As Beacon again selected new students at their academy for the coming year, Mikado signed up directly and passed the tests without any trouble.


Mikado appears to be a very serious and coldhearted person who usually puts up a tough and quiet front. When people meet him for the first time he will most likely act dickish and repellent. The thing here is, it won't just change if he get's to know the other person. The only way Mikado would ever show even the tiniest bit of sympathy is to gain his resect, by showing that the person is either a skilled fighter, or even by simply standing up to himself or others.

Mikado has a strong sense of justice, and will even go out of his ways to help someone in need, just to act as cold as before after the person's save.
As already implied above, Mikado is a lone wolf who doesn't care much about friends or reputation. The only persons he is seen around are his teammates, and even then he keeps to himself and leaves as soon the possibility accrues.

He is good when it comes to concentrating and is very strict in his training and would continue with his training even when he is needed to do something else.

Aura and Semblance:

Mikado's aura is Black and is of slightly above average strength.

His Semblance doesn't have an official name, but he decided to keep it simple and gave it the name 'Spirit Dragon'
His semblance allows him to create an aura creature very similar to the image of a dragon. He gave this aura dragon the name Kiro, for the simple reason that he has a quick and simple way to call it.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Kiro has two forms, one for combat and training and one for outside these two things. In the latter, he has a similar size to a bunny, but this restricts him only discreetly in his abilities. Kiro is capable of flying, as well as the spitting on certain types of dust, such as fire, ice or electricity.

However, in order to allow this spitting, Kiro must consume needed dust type in crystal form in a period of at least half an hour. The dosage and mixing of the crystals is also very important here. Dust releases energy, and when this energy isn't used, it builds up and causes Kiro to race a little furiously through the area, until the extra energy is depleted. However, this process can be halted if Mikado deactivates its semblance, but will resume after the next summoning. The ingestion of different types of dust has a reverse effect. Instead of jumping around, Kiro stays calm, almost motionless, until the effect of the dust varieties has subsided.

When entering a fight, its size changes to a multiple. His height from the bottom up to his shoulders then amount to 175cm, his width to 569cm (If he stretches his wings to both sides) and his weight to 843kg.

Since Kiro is only an aura creation, it lacks the robustness of a real life being and will not be able to carry objects or creatures in any way. That also excludes that it is absolutely impossible to ride on it.

In battle Krio fights defensive and keeps his distance to his opponent, where he attacks with his Dust spy, but can also switch to offensive on command and goes on his opponent like a wild animal. However, Mikado rarely orders Kiro to go on the offense because of a key reason. The downside coming with his semblance is a pain link between the two. Whenever Kiro gets an attack, Mikado feels the pain without even having a wound added.

Through the years of intensive training of his semblance, Mikado is able to keep Kiro up in his smaller form  24/7 (exception is when he sleeps), however, it has a time limit of up to four hours in his bigger form. During these years Mikado has also built up a kind of communication with Kiro. Kiro is unable to understand complete, coherent sentences, but has been trained on individual terms, much like a dog. Otherwise, Mikado can not understand what Kiro has to say, but learned to read the dragon's body language.

Combat Behavior:

Mikado is a skilled fighter with the bo and Kusarigama, able to wield those weapons with utmost dexerity and precision, able to slay numerous enemie, even powerful enemies with incredible ease.
Mikado possesses tremendous speed, agility and reflexes, being able to dodge and counter-attack with massive results, and is also skilled in hand to hand combat.

He is quite seasoned in battle, being able to stay calm and composed even while fighting real villains, but at the same time is stubborn and will mostly go with his own plan, even if it's wiser to listen to his leader.

Because Mikado has Kiro, he often neglects his defense and only focuses on the enemies infront of him, which can leave him in trouble when he fights a bigger group.


Name: Pock

Primary Form:
Spoiler: ShowHide

A Detachable Double Bladed Bo Staff with slightly curved, extendable blades. In it's primary form the two separate sword parts are attached together to form a double bladed 46" staff.

Secondary Form:
Spoiler: ShowHide

The staff splits in twain when you slide the push button locking mechanism in and becomes two separate swords. A shotgun barrels is also attached on top of both sword handles.

Tertiary Form:
The staff splits apart again, but this time by pushing a ifferent button. The two swords seperates, but will still be connacted through a 24" long chain. One of the two sword blades curve, forming the sickle of a Kusarigama, while the other sword blade retract, leaving a weighted end.

Dust Functions
The blades are capable of unsing a variety of Dust by inserting a canister of dust through a small hatch into the handle of the swords.


1. Jack had an huge assortment of weapons witch which Mikado all got to learn from. In the end he decided to stick with a bo-Kusarigama hybrid.

2. After a visit by his teammates father he got an Weapon upgrade, and the sword function was added

WiP Characters / Mikado Drak (ready for approval)
« on: December 12, 2017, 02:13:59 PM »

Name: Mikado Drak

Name meaning:

Mikado -> Candy which is also called Pocky in England or other countries.
Drak -> Dragon

Theme: Link

Age: 17  (30.09.xxxx)

Species and Gender: Human, Male


Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: First Year Beacon Student


Spoiler: ShowHide

Mikado’s height amount to 190cm, which is extremely huge for his age. He weights about 75Kg.
Mikado has a pale skin color, a long face and nose and small eyes. He has short, messy black hair with a thumb thick white streak over his face.

He wears a white Shirt with an black and white garment over it and fitting black trousers. Mikado has white bandages from his wrist up to the elbows and from the foot up to the kneecaps. He also has a large Dragon tattoo over his back. He uses those clothing for freetime activities and for battle

Some pictures: ShowHide


Mikado was born in a rather big village in the south of remnant. He never got to know his mother and he lived his whole life with his father, Of course there were times when he asked about his mother but his father always avoided the question, up to the day he died.

Mikado was 10 years old when it happened. He just bought some food when a terrorist attack left the village in panic. Everything happened so fast. There was a huge explosion caused by dust in the center of the village. About 3 houses were completely destroyed with only corpses buried under the rubble. Other buildings broke down or were just barely standing. The panic lured the Grimm to the village. Nearly everything was present. Beowolves, Nevermores and more.

The Grimm started destroying houses and killing people, but Mikado’s thought about something else. The dust explosion went off near his house! His father was still at home! Mikado started running. The Grimm luckily were busy killing others and didn't pay so much attention to him. He run around the last corner, only to see his father, buried under a wooden beam. Mikado ran to him, shakes him and screamed at him to wake up, but he was already death. A loud scream filling the air and Mikado saw a monster, a Grimm, but not any. He never heard about a Grimm looking like this. He looked like being made out of different typed of animals. A Chimera. It had the claws of an hawk, the body of an horse, the head of a lion, a scorpion tail and bat like wings.

He called it the ‚Chimera-Grimm‘. It spotted him and slowly, very slowly looked at him. At the same time another person came up behind him. His name was Jack Tine and he was a huntsmen. They never had Griimm problems before thanks to him, but this time, there were to many Grimm for him to take down alone. Mikado knew Jack really well. He and his father had spend a lot of time with him and they actually became good friends. Jack didn't waste any time. The Chimera-Grimm now started running towards them. Jack grabbed Mikado and threw him over his back. There was no way he could fight that thing, not now, not with the injuries he already had.

Jack used his weapon to swing to an not so broken roof. The second his foot made contact with the roof, the Chimera-Grimm crashed into them and the building collapsed. Just before Mikado lost consciousness he saw a black shadow tackle the Grimm and than everything went black.

Mikado woke up in a cabin which was located in a forest not too far away from his village. Jack, who brought him there told him what happened, that a small dragon thrusted the Chimera-Grimm away, before disappearing. The Chimear-Grimm survived, but the thrusted gave them enough time to flee. From this day on, Mikado swore himself to become a huntsmen.

He trained everyday with Jack. He learned quickly and could work with all kinds of weapons in short time. In the end he stayed with a bō and Kusarigama. Mikado was also gifted in hand to hand combat, even though he prefers not to uses his fist's in fights.

After those seven years Mikado finally took the entry exam and passed with a relatively high score in hand to hand combat, Grimm extermination and passed with an average score at the Academic test


Mikado is a quiet person. He never was good with people and won’t care about making friends or not. He often acts cold and like he didn't care, but if he see's someone gets beaten up he will act, and he won't go easy on him.

Having a conversation with him is almost impossible. Most of his responses are a nod or single word at most. His Dragon Kiro isn't a help there either, more like the opposite. Most people start asking every kind of question about him, not realizing how annoying there are. People mostly will either think of him as a cool or strange person.

Mikado likes dark and quiet places, where he can be alone. He spends his freetime either reading or training.

Even though he is an intelligence boy, he never really pays attention in class. He doesn’t like studying, because he doesn’t see a reason in spending his time in learning stuff he might don’t need ever again.

Aura and Semblance:

Aura Color: Black

Mikado’s semblance is called ‚Spirit Dragon‘
Just like the name says, its a Dragon which is connected with Mikado through there spirits.
The Semblance name may be Spirit Dragon, but Mikado decided to name the Dragon after the dragon ‚Kiro’ in a not so well known fairytale. Mikado don’t need to trigger some events or do something to activate his semblance, it’s just there. Through to Mikado, not spending much time in training with his Aura for defense he more focused on putting everything in his semblance. He managed to hold his semblance up permanently, which leads to Mikado being followed by Kiro 24/7.

To his appearance. In battle Kiro is a Black-Greyish Dragon with the size of an fully grown Quarter Horse. This means, That his height from the bottom to his shoulder amount to 175cm. He is 569cm wide (If he stretches his wings to both sides) and 843kg heavy. Just like the dragons in different stories, does Kiro have Scale’s, horns, a tail and of course, wings.

Outside of battle he turns into a more rabbit sized form. Keeping him up for more than 4 hours in his grown up form will get Mikado exhausted up to the point of him not being able so summon him at all. Kiro still has all of his abilities in his smaller form, but a lot weaker and less effective. He still can fly, but not as high and long as in his grown form. He also can still breath fire,ice and lightning even though it’s only a small flame or a small ice breath.

How Kiro looks like: ShowHide

Now to his fighting style and other information. Kiro is a defensive fighter. He either is in the air or on the ground while breathing fire, ice or lightning. To do this he needs to be feed a fire/ice/lightning dust crystal
every day, or his fire/ice/lightning will run out. It also only works with fire, ice and lightning crystals. Kiro apparently also likes the taste of the crystals which leads to Mikado sometimes just give him one as a treat. Even though he is a defensive fighter he can switch to the offensive and charges at the enemy. Thanks to the long, sharp teeth and claws it isn’t hard to strike. This all looks like a really powerful semblance but it comes with a great disadvantage. Mikado and Kiro are connected through there minds. If Kiro get’s wounded, Mikado will feel the pain, but doesn't get the wound. Imagine someone or something would cut off on of Kiro’s legs, Mikado will still have all his limbs but he would also feel the pain exploding through his leg as if he just lost one. That leads to the next part. Kiro has a good defense, most thanks to the hard scales, but if he suffers a more dangerous attack, which lead him injured or even make him lost on of his limbs, the wound needs to take depending on how great the damage was half a day until two days to recover. The ‚pain-linking‘ between those two may only be one-sided (Kiro -> Mikado) But if Mikado would lose consciousness Kiro simply will disappear. That's also the case if Mikado is sleeping.

Mikado’s semblance also has a limited reach. If Kiro is more than 3km away from Mikado, he will simply disappear. Kiro will only listen to Mikado and will do everything he tells him to. Mikado also taught Kiro commands like *warte* (wait) *Fackel* (using his fire breath) or *Fass* (Telling him to attack with his claws/teeth)

One of the things you can’t do with Kiro is flying. Neither Mikado nor somebody else is able to ride on him. If someone tries to ride on his back, he will jump and roll around until the person lets go. Outside of battle Mikado tends to ‚Talk‘ to Kiro, even if Kiro can’t answer him, Mikado will know what he wants to say.

Combat Behavior:

Mikado isn’t a team player. He never was. He learned to fight alone and only with his dragon.
He is a skilled pugilism fighter, but he doesn't uses his fists in fights often. He will use his weapon Pocky, while Kiro fights besides him.

He won’t listen to the leader and goes into fights with his own plan.

Mikado is swift and maneuverable, is also quiet and good in creeping up which are all plus points for the fight. His most dangerous weak point is his semblance. Through the pain linking between Kiro and Mikado it is possible to disabled him for rest of the fight, if the attack is strong enough to take Kiro down.


Name: Pocky

Primary Form:

Picture: ShowHide

Pocky is a bō staff, which has an extendable blade. It’s 182cm long and is made out of light metal. He carries it around on his back.

Secondary Form:

Pocky’s second form is a Kusarigama. He normally swings the weighted chain in a circle over his head till he swings it toward the opponent to entangle his weapon or to immobilizing there arms or legs. This will allow him to strike with the sickle.


(The Blade of the Bō need's to be pulled in for the transformation.)
The darker part of his weapon is like a shell where the Kusarigama is in. You grab it on the lighter part and simply pull out the rest. The Part you grabbed it on is the weighted end of the Kusarigama chain and the extendable blade of the Bō turns to the sickle of the Kusarigama.


Jack taught Mikado how to use and build weapons. It took him some time to create Pocky but the second he finished it, he could used it perfectly and without any problems.

Spoiler: ShowHide
 All Art belongs to ChosenVowels

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