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The Vale Region / The Hunter Of Lenshin (Closed)
« on: September 05, 2018, 06:31:46 PM »
As the bullhead crests above the treeline, the town of Lenshin comes into view. Surrounded by a stout stone wall, and the farmland beyond, the several hundred residents were going about their day- it already being mid afternoon. The mission was simple- take out the Grimm near the village, over the course of a few days, and then request the bullhead back.

The actual town, a mixture of German and Latin architecture, was a roughly circular form with a bell tower in the center- currently accompanying your arrival with three booming rings.

Down below, where the bullhead is scheduled to land, stands a pair of people; one, a horned faunus in a pinstripe suit, and- the other- a human in similar finery. They both watched as your bullhead came in, expressions unreadable.

Plot Zone / Hunter Of Lenshin
« on: September 05, 2018, 01:12:18 AM »
Vale has received a mission request to deal with the above average Grimm population near Lenshin, and due to the expected ease of the mission, it has fallen to Beacon students.

Lenshin doesn't have a Grimm problem, though- at least, in the normal sense. Actually, the place has no noticable Grimm nearby at all, with one notable exception- Venor, named after the Latin word for reverence. It is well above average in size, speed, and intelligence, and bears significant damage to its mask and bone plates as a result of various fights its been in. Lenshin doesn't fear the beast, but rather worships it, and has attempted to lure in huntsman to act as sacrifices to the beast.

Their request to Vale didn't exactly go to plan, since four people arrived, but their plan really broke when a wandering Huntsman came through at the same time on a trip to Mistral.

It wasn't enough to stop The Hunt altogether.


Hello- I am looking for a team from Beacon to participate in a warm up of sorts. This is open to any year and team, though with the caveat of full team participation. Draíochta, my character, is the wandering Huntsman in question. Here is a link to his character page (I will be adding it to my signature momentarily)

This mission isn't intended to be particularly dangerous to the individuals involved, though it will likely be time consuming and require at least some level of planning.

Approved Characters / Draíochta Anam
« on: August 05, 2018, 03:47:49 AM »
Draíochta Anam

Etymology: Draíochta (Dray-ok-tah) is a term that describes a user of magic among the groups of mages, druids, and tricksters. Anam is similarly spiritual, representing the soul, the mind, and the emotions of love, passion, and courage, all of which are associated with red, hence it's own association with it. Additionally, Draíochta is associated with the number 66 while Anam is, quite literally, the number 6, resulting in 666, or the number of the Beast of Revelation. Draíochta also goes by Anima, following his brief visit to Vacuo in his 20s, though it was just a cool sounding misreading of his last name.

Age: 38

Species and Gender: Male Goat Faunus

Symbol:  Draíochta has revised his emblem a massive number of times over his life, but the longest and most recent one was created when he was 25 years old. This version is, simply put, a red alchemical rune on a black background.

Occupation: Huntsman, Former (And Hopefully Future) Substitute Teacher, and Former Aura Researcher

Appearance: Draíochta stands at 6'7" tall and weighs just over 220 pounds. Because of his height, that weight doesn't actually make him very bulky, and his pale skin makes him look permanently unhealthy. He isn't, though, and he makes an effort to groom himself. His short black hair and matching ebony eyes contrast the sheen of his well kempt skin. He also has spiral ram horns, which have purple runes permanently engraved into them in cyclical patterns.

Draíochta rarely wears anything besides a black and crimson pinstripe suit over black dress shirt and slacks, but sometimes his duties require something a little more combat ready. When he goes into battle with foreknowledge, Draíochta wears his original huntsman outfit, although the edges have been getting worn out since he only repairs it from battle damage and tears. That outfit consists of a cloth hood, a chainmail vest with a black t-shirt over it, a set of black cargo pants bearing massive amounts of dust, and- depending on his needs- a bulky red trenchcoat.

History: Draíochta originally grew up outside the walls, being raised by his huntsman father. His mother was killed while he was a child, though his father neglected to tell him what specifically did her in. Once he hit the age of 10, dear old dad saw fit to start training him, and he had the funniest way of doing it too.

He awakened Draíochta's Aura, gave him his weapon- a single edged sword with a gun built into the blade- and bodily threw him against a tree. He moved slower than normal, and was unarmed, but his superior training and conditioning still made it a one sided fight.

The training only escalated from there, though his father never gave him anything truly impossible to do. When he turned 17, he finally learned what all of that was for, since he was sent to Haven.

Turns out, the Training School for Haven was less than accepting of Faunus, and neither he nor his father would have been allowed there. With the new headmaster, Eliana, in place, though? Haven was far more willing to bring him in, and the training was meant to replace the lack of prior schooling.

While Draíochta would surely brag about his time at Haven, he was hardly a model student. He fought with the teachers, knew practically nothing about the world due to his isolated upbringing, and was generally a nuisance. This was true for most things, anyway. In combat class, he excelled, though not the way many others did. He didn't aim for knockouts or draining his opponents Aura- he would aim for some other win condition. A disarm here, a pin there, and- on occasion- a surrender while his foot dangled over his unfortunate opponents crotch.

This eventually gained the ire of the headmistress herself, who agreed with the teachers to send him elsewhere. Where, though? Atlas- of course. While Beacon and Shade were both considered, Atlas was where he would be 'disciplined properly', as they put it.

And that he was. The headmaster before Amarant was even less patient with his antics, and with the fresh memory of the Faunus War still resting on the man's mind, he disciplined Draíochta personally. With his 'guidance', Draíochta did actually grow both as a person and a fighter, and learned both marksmanship and a police martial art based on subduing your opponent. This is also around the time Draíochta unlocked his semblance, and began experimenting with fire for... Well, not particularly destructive, since most of the academy was fireproof, but certainly disruptive ways.

A bit too much smoke, if you get my drift.

Graduation eventually came and Draíochta was given two options- return to Mistral or join the Atlesian military. He thought to do the former, or perhaps visit some new continent, but was eventually convinced to join the military when they described how freely he could destroy the Grimmlands.

He did, certainly, but his attendance was cut short after only two years when he'd done all he could. With no real reason to keep him around, and his still unkempt manner being unfit for the actual military, Draíochta left Atlas to Vacuo. Here, he had a brief stay at Shade where- after a training period- he was a substitute for their combat teacher. That didn't pay enough, however, and he also began doing actual Huntsman work out in the desert protecting railroad builders and caravans.

Eventually, Draíochta left, having grown sick of the barren landscape. Much like Atlas, there wasn't enough plantlife to actually call it home, and so he roamed to Vale. Here, he met with the headmaster of Beacon, along with the new headmaster of the Atlesian Military Academy- Amarant Lovis.

Amarant was originally interested in bringing Draíochta back into the military, but conceded it quite readily. Instead, he offered a position at the Academy- much like he had at Shade, but with the longer training period, there were more teachers and- by extension- more who needed a substitute on occasion.

This was initially declined, but when it was made clear he was unneeded in Beacon, he agreed to return to Atlas. This job paid well, and he was able to get his last weapon too. Years passed, with the occasional trip to new places- like the growing Menagerie- until eventually he yearned for the forests he grew up in a child. After a ferry to Vytal, Draíochta began a trek across Vale, with the eventual goal of reaching Mistral.

He didn't make it all the way, as he was eventually caught up in the events of Lenshin and brought into the city of Vale.

Semblance: Draíochta can empower flames. This is strongest in melee, where the term 'white hot' is an actual descriptor, but he can also spread or strengthen flames from a distance. This ability can also be used defensively, however, as it makes things with his Aura infused in them immune to fire as well.

On top of preventing him and his clothing from being burned by the flames, it counteracts the heat as well.

Aura: Draíochta has had his Aura unlocked for the entirety of his adult life and has picked up a thing or two over the years- the strength boosting and sixth sense effects specifically. While he doesn't rely on them all too often, it's useful to have them.

Weapon: His most recent weapon, a rifle that used a combination of Dust canisters and Aura infusion to fire powerful sprays like a napalm launcher, was destroyed a few years back and Draíochta hasn't seen fit to get it replaced. He might get a new weapon at some point later, but for now, he simply carries around enough Dust to use it as a weapon directly.

Combat Behaviour: Draíochta primarily fights with the goal of subduing an opponent- against humans, at any rate. Aura makes defeating someone rather difficult, and since many of his opponents will have more combat focused abilities and tools, winning by other means was often required. Taking out the opponents Aura is pointless if they are prone and disarmed, or just unconscious.

Against Grimm, his tactics are noticeably more destructive. Using the Dust he carries around, he obliterates the Grimm en mass with great explosions. Additionally, though he relies primarily on fire dust for obvious reasons, he knows how to mix them together for far more volatile reactions.

Added to that, most people, and even some Grimm, are cautious about attacking something that's on fire. This is a serious edge in melee combat, but it's less useful against those who have a decently long weapon or rely on ranged combat.

Lacking a weapon, however, Draíochta is massively limited in terms of ranged fighting ability. While he can spray Dust everywhere, this is a massive hazard- both in towns and in the wild. It was most useful in Atlas, where the frigid cold minimized the lasting damage from his outdoor uses of flames, but it makes his more devastating attacks all but useless in most situations. Additionally, since he doesn't have a weapon, any attacks he can't dodge are fully taken on his Aura, limiting his defensive options- especially against multiple opponents, as it takes time to knock someone out, even if you have them pinned.

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