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Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Bye Guys
« on: December 17, 2016, 01:15:36 AM »
Figured it was only fair to let everyone know I'm heading out. Sorry to do it so suddenly, but more and more I've just been feeling like this is a responsibility than a hobby. It's nothing anyone did just to get that out of the way, and if any of you want to keep in contact with me, I can get you some contacts, but I think I'm done for now. I give full permission to do what you need to with my characters to move threads along, and hope y'all all have fun and continue on.

RPG Discussion / Student Council
« on: December 05, 2016, 05:46:59 AM »
Does fanon Beacon have one, and if so can I nominate Rima for the position? Seems the type of thing she'd aim for if available.

WiP Characters / Ramad An-Nar
« on: November 22, 2016, 07:08:45 PM »

Name: Ramad An-Nar [Ru-mod Uhn-Nar]

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Male Faunus-Desert Hare

Symbol: Golden yellow oil lamp

Occupation: Beacon Student/ Literal Bastard

Appearance: Sample Text

History: Son of high ranking human, had an affair that resulted in him, his semblance is hereditary in their family making it impossible to claim he isn't his, sent to Beacon to "Improve relations within Vale," obvious attempt to get him away from rest of family. Need to watch Fking World of remnant shit to figure out where from. Planned around arabic styled background if possible.

The An-Nar family has always been a prominent figure within Vacuo, dating back to when the country had still been able to avoid the covetous gaze of it's neighbors. Throughout history they have always been on top, earliest records linking them back to a small village's cheif, in the days of a separated but amicable Vacuo. As the kingdoms started taking they're own swipes at Vacuo, the An-Nar, rather than fight the obviously superior military might of these interlopers, were savvy enough to prove invaluable too any forces that may come through, providing them intel, supplies, and other such amenities, whilst making a contract with each declaring the city the An-Nars called their home nuetral territory as it were

Personality: Cocky, confident, persona crafted due to early familial abuse over his "mistake" status. Tend's to get fidgety when bored. Perfectionist, agonizing over small mistakes and will often train to a dangerous degree to remove errors, though will do so away from others. Extrovert, enjoys going out, being around people, and craves to let people know he is there.

Aura and Semblance:


-Type: Conjuration

-Purpose: Utility (The effect is neutral, neither offensive nor defensive. However, with enough creativity they can be used as such)

-Short description: Allows Ramad to create a large aural construct of the upper torso of a man, mid section and below trialing away. Can be controlled to fight alongside him in battle.

image: ShowHide

-Activation Cue: (how would you be able to tell the semblance is being used if it appeared on the show. examples being Yang's hair igniting, or Emerald's metallic screech)

-Range: Medium for about throwing distance

-General limitations: Can only be summoned 9 minutes a day, up to 3 minutes when called, and can only travel up to medium distance from user.

-Passive ability(s) (if any):  Maintains ability to telepathically command it, as well as be aware of it's surrondings.

-Dust interaction (insert dust type here): Can be imbued with one of 4 elements when summoned from dust thrower

-Notes: Any damage it takes its taken from users aura,  albeit at a quarter of the original amount. Passed down family line.

Combat Behavior:  Sample Text

Notes: Based upon an amalgamation of characters in 1001 Arabian nights


Name: Hamia [Ha-me-ah]

Primary Form: A large Scimitar that hangs from Ramad's back most times, the blade being approxiametly 3/4 his hieght. Being a traditional scimitar, there are very few modifications to the weapon from it's original form, though the blade is polished to a silvery sheen. One of the few changes is a series of furrows along the sword, seemingly decorative carvings, shapes flowing from one into another. The hilt is wrapped in a deep rich scarlet cloth of silk, with the hand gaurd and pommel sporting a golden plating, with a rich deep ruby the size of a childs fist embedded in either side of the pommel. The sheath is wrapped in a deep blue reptilian skin.

Dust Functions: While none inherently, should his construct be imbued with an element through his foci, the Djinn can wield the scimitar wreathed in the coinciding element, seen running through the decorative carvings in the blade

History: A blade Ramad had commissoned as he had trained with his semblance, finding that he needed a blade both fit for his guardian, as well as one that could withstand the rigors of battle without the protection of aura, as the Djinn could not project aura onto a weapon it weilds.

Note: While probably obvious from it's description, Ramad hardly ever uses this weapon, the large piece of metal being clunky and unweildy for his slight frame. It purpose is to be weilded by his construct.


Name: Tabaqatan [Tah-bah-ka-tan]

Primary Form: A small golden lamp, intricately inlaid with various engravings, it's base acts as a magazine holding 3 uses of elemental dusts.

Dust Functions: Can be used to make a 30 foot cone of dust extending and spreading from it's head, spraying out one of 4 elements, Fire, Ice, Wind, and Lightning. However it's main pourpese is to be a semblance foci, using the lamp to imbue his construct with whichever element he uses within it.

History: This is a device anyone of the An-Nar family gains once their semblance manifests, having been crafted to make their protecters all the more able to protect their charges.

RPG Discussion / Inheritance
« on: November 21, 2016, 01:12:45 PM »
So I have an idea for a character, but one of the things his backstory will be based around is the idea of a heridetary semblance. While not completely necessary, it would tie in nicely to the character I want to make. My question is to how the Mods/Admins feel about such a line of semblance. So far the only one we've seen in the series is the Schnee semblance, but I'm not sure wether that classifies as rare or unique.

RPG Discussion / Semblance Help
« on: November 07, 2016, 12:58:12 PM »
Been thinking lately about how it'd be nice to have a place to throw out ideas and see what sticks, letting other people give their ideas at wether or not they think a semblance would work or if it needs fine tuning. I know I work better when being able to bounce ideas off of someone.

Semblance template:



-Type: Aural (adds properties to aura)/ Conjuration (anything created from aura, whether it be physical, mental, or abstract such as an illusion)/ Conversion (transforms an element into aura or aura into an element)/ Glyph(semblance manifests as glyphs)/Physical(enhances/adds/alters physical capabilities at the cost of aura)/Psychic(enhances/adds/alters mental capabilities with aura)

-Purpose: Offensive (The effect is either directly offensive, or boosts offense) / Defensive (The effect either boosts defense or protects the user.  Aura/Body Recovery also counts) / Utility (The effect is neutral, neither offensive nor defensive. However, with enough creativity they can be used as such)

-Short description: (summarize the semblance in a few words.)

-Activation Cue: (how would you be able to tell the semblance is being used if it appeared on the show. examples being Yang's hair igniting, or Emerald's metallic screech)

-Range: (Personal if it works only on you; Short for stuff your aura comes in contact with; Medium for about throwing distance; Long range anything else but try not to make it farther than you can see)

-General limitations: (if a limitation is applied on most abilities, put it here as long as it isn't just the aura cost)

-Passive ability(s) (if any):  (and specific limitations, if any)

-Active ability: Tier One: (and specific limitations, if any)

-Active ability: Tier Two (if applicable, add more as necessary):

-Dust interaction (insert dust type here): (describe what changes here)

-Notes: (for trivia you might want to add about the user of the semblance)

This is the template I usually use when working on my ideas, y'all can use whatever but I find this works well as a sort of checklist.

I have a concept that I'll have up later, at work at the moment. Looking forward to what we come up with.

RPG Discussion / Alchohol
« on: October 26, 2016, 12:08:42 PM »
Just curious as to what the legal drinking age is for Vale, as well as the other countries. Curious wether we're going with 18 or 21, need to know for one of my characters , they're gonna drink either way, this just determines how openly. I do imagine the campus is a no go either way.

General Discussion / NEW INTRO
« on: October 22, 2016, 01:56:28 PM »





General Discussion / Seemed Relevant
« on: October 20, 2016, 12:52:08 AM »
So was looking around and saw these hints, and with the Tourney going right now thought this might be helpful to people here.

Spoiler: ShowHide
Sticking a landing will royally fuck up your joints and possibly shatter your ankles, depending on how high you’re jumping/falling from. There’s a very good reason free-runners dive and roll.

Hand-to-hand fights usually only last a matter of seconds, sometimes a few minutes. It’s exhausting work and unless you have a lot of training and history with hand-to-hand combat, you’re going to tire out really fast.

Arrows are very effective and you can’t just yank them out without doing a lot of damage. Most of the time the head of the arrow will break off inside the body if you try pulling it out, and arrows are built to pierce deep. An arrow wound demands medical attention.

Throwing your opponent across the room is really not all that smart. You’re giving them the chance to get up and run away. Unless you’re trying to put distance between you so you can shoot them or something, don’t throw them.

Everyone has something called a “flinch response” when they fight. This is pretty much the brain’s way of telling you “get the fuck out of here or we’re gonna die.” Experienced fighters have trained to suppress this. Think about how long your character has been fighting. A character in a fist fight for the first time is going to take a few hits before their survival instinct kicks in and they start hitting back. A character in a fist fight for the eighth time that week is going to respond a little differently.

ADRENALINE WORKS AGAINST YOU WHEN YOU FIGHT. THIS IS IMPORTANT. A lot of times people think that adrenaline will kick in and give you some badass fighting skills, but it’s actually the opposite. Adrenaline is what tires you out in a battle and it also affects the fighter’s efficacy - meaning it makes them shaky and inaccurate, and overall they lose about 60% of their fighting skill because their brain is focusing on not dying. Adrenaline keeps you alive, it doesn’t give you the skill to pull off a perfect roundhouse kick to the opponent’s face.

Swords WILL bend or break if you hit something hard enough. They also dull easily and take a lot of maintenance. In reality, someone who fights with a sword would have to have to repair or replace it constantly.

Fights get messy. There’s blood and sweat everywhere, and that will make it hard to hold your weapon or get a good grip on someone.

A serious battle also smells horrible. There’s lots of sweat, but also the smell of urine and feces. After someone dies, their bowels and bladder empty. There might also be some questionable things on the ground which can be very psychologically traumatizing. Remember to think about all of the character’s senses when they’re in a fight. Everything WILL affect them in some way.

If your sword is sharpened down to a fine edge, the rest of the blade can’t go through the cut you make. You’ll just end up putting a tiny, shallow scratch in the surface of whatever you strike, and you could probably break your sword.

ARCHERS ARE STRONG TOO. Have you ever drawn a bow? It takes a lot of strength, especially when you’re shooting a bow with a higher draw weight. Draw weight basically means “the amount of force you have to use to pull this sucker back enough to fire it.”

If an archer has to use a bow they’re not used to, it will probably throw them off a little until they’ve done a few practice shots with it and figured out its draw weight and stability.

People bleed. If they get punched in the face, they’ll probably get a bloody nose. If they get stabbed or cut somehow, they’ll bleed accordingly. And if they’ve been fighting for a while, they’ve got a LOT of blood rushing around to provide them with oxygen. They’re going to bleed a lot.

Original post

Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / GOOD BYE FOR EVER
« on: September 22, 2016, 11:28:47 PM »
Until the 1st.

I'm heading out to sea to go on a cruise with some friends, so I will be unavailable till then, but then I'll see all yall again. Hopefully with some pictures of the vacation.

AMA Section / AMCA
« on: September 19, 2016, 11:47:41 PM »
"You fuckwits know the drill by now, ask your damn questions and be quick about it."

"Now Tenne, perhaps we can use some decorum, or at least tone back the cursing"

Fuck you ya prissy bitch

"C'mon guys this'll be fun, its like truth or dare, but without the dare"

"I'm going to regret this"

Beacon Academy / Letting Off Some Steam (Closed)
« on: September 18, 2016, 01:14:21 PM »
Tenne body shook with a soundless growl as she rolled like thunder into Beacon’s gym, the fur on her tail standing on end as she violently tossed her hoodie to the side, not looking where it landed. She seemed for all the world like a splintered box of nitroglycerin, any slight action almost certain to set her off. She made a beeline for the nearest punching bag, a thoughtless snarl running off the kid currently making use of it. She wasted no time making use of the device, thud after thundering thud emanating from the canvass as red burning thoughts passed in her mind.

‘I’m stuck here’


‘I’m stuck here, and I came here for them’


‘and what do they do’


‘The little SHITS go and get grabbed by pigs, no less than a FUCKING WEEK after I left’




Tenne stared dumbfounded as she watched the training bag snap off the metal chain, flying back a few feet, barely missing one of the gawkers, the soft sound of sand pouring out of the bag some how infuriating the Hyena Faunus, something snapping in the girl as she stared at it “AND NOW I GOTTA PAY FOR THIS FUCKING SHIT, GODDAMMIT.”

General Discussion / well thats wierd
« on: September 17, 2016, 12:45:02 AM »
For some reason wont let me post a reply in A Shitload of People RETURNS!,

keeps making me try to make a new thread, anyone know if theres some trick to this new site?

Approved Characters / Transfer Fortuna Altin
« on: September 12, 2016, 09:07:04 PM »

Name: Fortuna Altin


Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol:An ornate slice of cake with a bite taken from it, strawberry on top

Occupation:First Year Student-Beacon


    Eyes:pale pastel yellow
    Skin color: Light tan
    Face:Heart shaped, down turned eyes. 
    Hair: Honey Brown hair that foe a to her shoulder blades, pulled into pigtails, the tails in a single spiral curl each reaching to her shoulders. Long bangs frame her face
Physique:very little visible muscle, soft curves and  a lithe figure. A small chest, barely a B-cup.
Makeup: She wears makeup designed to enhance her own natural looks, with pale pink lip gloss, contouring to the cheekbones and jaw bones. Light Brown eyeshadow and thin eyeliner to just the top eyelid. Her eyelashes are the only thing out of the ordinary natural makeup look. She makes her lashes as long as possible to help make her small eyes seem bigger
    Outfit: An amethyst combat dress with three quarter sleeves, fitted in the bodice to give the illusion of a larger chest with a skirt that flares form the hips and falls to her knees. Delicate detailing around the base of the skirt and cuffs of her sleeves in the shape of animals frolicking picked out with golden thread. Soft, loose doe-skin ankle boots. A sapphire blue sash tied in an intricate bow at the back, with attachments for holding all her stuff. A sapphire headband with a tiny little gold top hat attached to one side, with a purple band and a tiny little emerald feather sticking out of it.

History:     Fortuna was born to a large farming family, father and older brothers working on the estate of  a wealthy farm owner. She'd grown up watching them  work their fingers to the bone, coming home each day sore, sometimes obviously  injured but denying any treatment, there family needing the money. This was  not the life she'd wanted, and knew there was another choice.
     She also grew watching the daughters of their boss and owner of the land  they  worked, such fair and  elegant creatures, always wearing such vibrant colors and they spoke just as elegantly as they looked, there voices always seeming to be on the verge of laughter. The few times she'd met the older girls, they'd  treated  her as some type of doll, they'd dress her in their  old clothes, primp and decorate  her in extravagant, if somewhat amateurishly applied makeup. She had  quickly decided that  she'd pull herself from the  dirt her family had born her into.
    In order to realize her aspirations, Fortuna showed a surprising tenacity in school, her grades gradually improving as she devoted herself to applying for the programs that would lead to the standard of living she wished for, imitating the posh mannerisms and  speech of the girls from the farm, and soon  landed a scholarship to Signal Academy. Her family proudly presented her  that night with what would soon come to be Gilded  Fantasy, at that point little more than a  wooden club. Despite being a "Crude weapon, unbecoming of a lady," she's stubbornly kept the weapon ever since, gradually upgrading it as  she went through training.

Signal provided Fortuna with a chance at a fresh start where no one knew her or her family. While she still loved her family, she'd grown to see them and their "quaint" country ways as a bit of an embarrassment, and without that stigma, Fortuna had  found it rather easy to work her way into the elite groups, although they'd always found it odd that she'd never joined them after school or in extracurricular school activities. This had been due to her finding odd jobs after school to support  her high end lifestyle. She'd had a few jobs early on for stores and stands, but as she went through school and training, found she'd been able to make better money taking on bounties for crime in Vale. Fortuna never took anything very dangerous, simple takedowns on known small time fences and petty thieves. However, despite most people believing her to have little chance of standing out in their school, this constant application of her skills led to a steady increase in practical application of what she learned, landing her in the top ten percent of Signal for her graduating class. Not long after that came her acceptance to Beacon.

Very prim and proper, tends to adhere to the traditional standards of manners. Tends to be a bit of a shopaholic, going through money from mission quickly. Eager to help people better themselves, seeing herself  in the same situation. Has a taste for expensive food, often preferring  not  to  eat if it's not to her standards. Has a sweet tooth. Is not above using charm and womanly wiles to get what she wants. Is often on one diet or another. She is often plagued by guilt when eating sweets, making hollow promises to make up for it. Surprisingly enduring around people of low class, knowing that much of their mannerisms come from upbringing and remembering her previous persona

Occasionally if she is made mad enough, she'll gradually drop her high society veneer and revert to her humbler habits, affecting an accent and farm euphemisms into long drawn out tirades, though she'll be thoroughly mortified after she realizes what happened, often outright denying any knowledge of her antics.

Aura and Semblance:

Aura: Becomes surrounded by small golden motes that drift towards the ground, a faint sound of metal clinking against each other can be heard, increasingly loud when large bursts of aura is used.

   Name:Sugar Rush
    Type: Physical
    General description: she burns through the sugars in her body, converting them into pure physical strength and speed.
    General limitations: The time she can keep it going is proportional to the amount of sugar she's had to eat, and once she runs out of fuel tends to become lethargic and  mopey. Can maintain it for 20 minutes, but will be near exhaustion and need to refuel with more sugar
    Visual effect: Eyes become a much more vibrant shade of yellow, almost the neon of safety vests. Pupils shrink to pinpricks, looking as if they've gone completely from afar.
    Passive ability(x): Causes her to burn sugars at a high rate, as well have deep craving for'sweets

Combat Behavior:

Fortuna prefers to stay at a distance as long as possible, offering support fire to her teammates and coming up with tactics as she watches the enemy from a distance. While capable up close in a fight, her effectiveness tends to decrease once she runs out of fuel for her semblance, on par with most average civilians or police force in melee range. Can tend to be goaded into a f rage if someone makes a mess of her aesthetically, splashing with muck or destroying some part of her outfit. Tends to prefer to stay out of reach and wear down her target if she can, but if forced into melee range, often tries to end a fight quickly, burning through her semblance quickly.


Name: Gilded Fantasy

Type: Revolving Kanabo Pepperbox Rifle (RKPR)
    Weapon Derivation:Kanabo/Pepperbox rifle

Primary Form:A 3 foot long hexagonal kanabo, thick spikes every few inches up each side. Made of rich mahogany wood, the spikes, edges, top and pommel gilded with gold. When the trigger is pulled and held, the Kanabo will begin rotating at high speeds, the spikes becoming especially dangerous as they shred their targets.

Secondary Form:Wooden sides withdraw to reveal 6 gilded barrels that rotate after each shot. The stock is made of mahogany. The trigger has two catches, the first firing the weapon as normal, while pulling past this point will activate a secondary firing mode.

Tertiary Form: Compacts into an ornate hairbrush of mahogany with golden gilded decoration.

Dust Functions:
The rifle normally can fire normal rounds indefinitely, however through speed loaders, she can place dust cartridges of six shots into the barrels. The can either be shot singularly for a quick volley of an elemental barrage, or if she activates the secondary firing mechanism, the barrels spin rapidly before firing a more concentrated shot, burning through all six cartridges.


Normal Fire-leave small clusters of stalagmite-like ice wherever it hits, usually large enough to encase a single limb if it hits a target.

Discharge shot- With all six barrels fired at once, will leave a rink sized are of icy ground, with those within the areas feet slightly encased in ice. On a direct hit, will often encase the entire body as well as attaching it to ground.


Normal Shot-fairly standard shots, the go to ammo.

Discharge Shot- A large AoE fireball, leaving a decent sized blast area where it lands, dangerous for use in enclosed areas, although often effective.


Normal Shot- Used for nonlethal take downs, able to throw medium sized targets a fair distance, often used to slow her descent for her landing strategy.

Discharge Shot-Releases tornado force winds, tossing most objects into the air and clearing the field of most cover that hasn't been nailed down, and that certainly isn't a guarantee it will stay.

History:A simple store brand club originally bought by her family to celebrate her acceptance into Signal, she has since personalized the weapon to "fit a woman of her bearing" as she would put it.

Approved Characters / Tempest Floures Verdalia
« on: September 12, 2016, 09:06:34 PM »
Name: Fluores Verdalia. (Basically an altered Fluorescent Green/Verde)


Species and Gender: Half-Faunus(Cat on her mother's side)Female, Human genes dominant.

Symbol: Bright Green Smiling cat face, very simplified.  Literally this, except curved on the mouth.

      ^     ^
==  '      '  ==

Occupation: First Year Student, Beacon




-Eyes: Lime Green.Eyes have a slightly upward slanted angle to them.

-Skin color: Fairly pale due to sticking inside most of her free time, tinkering on some new object of interest.

-Face: Her eyes are what draw in most people, usually alert and examining whatever has caught her attention for the moment. A small nose precariously holds a pair of glasses on her face. Very little make up is ever applied, save for formal events.

-Hair: Wears long to hide her ears, or lack thereof. Neon Green, gradually fading about mid back and becoming white at the end. For this reason rarely wears her hair back.

-Physique: Fluores has a lean build. She is mostly leg. Small hint of muscle. C-cup.

-(Type of) Outfit:Wears an open knee length lab coat with the Atlesian Military symbol emblazoned on the right breast pocket. She has modified it slightly to split the coats tail up to her waist, allowing her own to come through the split. Floures normally wears a pair of black shorts,along with lime green kneesocks, the material seeming to be durable yet elastic. Fingerless elbow length gloves made from a durable fabric black as well. Both the knee socks and the gloves have what seem to be various strands of thread that shimmer when the light hits it just right as a result of her weapon being integrated into them. A white tank top with her symbol upon it.She wears an array of various bracelets on her left arm.She wears a pair of small rectangular glasses, the frames are a lime green, and the earpieces being white. She wears a necklace on a simple chain with a bell charm. A simple pair of black flats completes the outfit, the whole thing geared towards comfort rather than fashion.

When wearing the Beacon Uniform, she still wears her lab coat.

-Gadgets (if any):Has hard light hairband with 2 triangular metal frames that creates a pair of slightly translucent Neon Green cat ears, as well as a dull grey belt with a long knee length side extending from behind her, creating a highly flexible slightly translucent  Neon Green tail. She can change the form of these by selecting a default setting that she's programmed, or a completely new one after a few days of writing new code for the form, though nothing too far from the base frames. They have been programmed to respond to her brainwaves and will move and react in line with her own subconscious.

These serve to basically replace her hearing and offset her disability. Tail is used to help correct her balance as a lack of an inner ear has made her equilibrium sketchy at best. They started out rather utilitarian in the beginning, made by her father, but as she grew older she began tinkering with them, stylizing and upgrading them. While they allow for a higher hearing sensitivity and increased sense of balance than normal, she is effectively crippled without them, not having needed to survive without them for years.They are currently on Mark VIII

History:Fluores was born to a Jasmine and Glade Verdelia, a Huntress and Atlesian Military Researcher respectively. Fluores had the misfortune to be the victim of a genetic deformity known as anotia at birth, her ears (human) having not formed. For the first formative years of her life, she lived in a world of silence, unable to even hear her own name, as well as having been unable to stand on her own till she was three due to her lack of an inner ear effectively crippling her sense of balance. Through years of trial and error, her father spent any time away from work trying to find a way to help his daughter, writing code after code in an attempt to recreate a sense of hearing. It wasn't until she was 4 that her father finally finished the Mark I, the world seemed to open up to Fluores. Glade had taken an abandoned project he'd worked on early in his career, meant to enhance soldiers perception of the battlefield, developed to counter the natural abilities of many Faunus during the Faunus rebellions. While it had been scrapped, being deemed to cost heavy for mass use, Glade was how it may be modified to correct his daughters disability.

Fluores's was largely raised by her father, her mother often gone, the life of a Huntress necessitating she be gone more often than not. However when her mother was home, Floures was regaled as she acted out tales of facing down hordes of the incoming Grimm, tales surely exaggerated, but Fluores are them up with gusto, always excited to hear the new tales her mother might have brought back. While her mother was away, her father found he could not always be there should something happen to her equipment, and began teaching her early on how to make small repairs to them, finding his daughter to be a quick learner. After a few years, she had found she took to the maintence and repair rather quickly, soon outpacing her father on upgrading the equipment as she was able to put her full attention to the gear that she relied so heavily upon. It wasn't long till she had her own little workshop set up in the family garage, steadily improving on the original design and stylizing to make them uniquely her own.

Fluores setteled it early in her mind to follow in the steps of her mother, attending a battle school in Atlas in hopes to see the places her mother had told her about. Dreams of Jasmine’s tales of fighting off the Grimm, bringing down rings of criminals, and guarding fledgling towns all stirred in her heart as she went from one grade to the other. Unfortunately she was brought a rude awakening to the other side of being a Hunter.

When Fluores was 17, she came home to find her father dishelved. While on a mission in Vale, her mother had simply disappeared while on a mission. She had told Fluores it was a simple recon mission on the outskirts of Vale, to scout out Grimm growth in the area, but she’d not reported in nearly two weeks.

Unwilling to simply accept her mother's disappearance at face value, she has decided to try and find some kind of connection with her mother. After graduating from battle school, she decided on Beacon to finish her training. Fluores hopes that through some proximity to where her mother vanished, she might find a clue. If anything, it was a comfort to be walking the same path Jasmine did, finishing her training at the same school.

Personality:  If one were to describe Fluores in a single word, Curious would probably be the first to come to mind, though lazy (”Efficient!”) would be following closely behind. Fluores holds an almost uncontrollable urge to know, always taking things apart and examining them down to their core, both metaphorically and literally when possible. This can sometimes cause her to become unaware of boundaries, though she is rather self conscious of this should someone bring attention to her odd ways. This trait is amplified immensely should her equipment become damaged or unusable at anytime, becoming highly anxious and prone to stress, her reliance on it having made them into a kind of security blanket of sorts.

-Likes: Dancing, Coding, Tinkering

-Dislikes: Self conscious about her “ears”, preferring people not see if possible.

Aura and Semblance:Her aura is Neon Green, with a pulsing ring of white traveling from the bottom up. The pulse of white speeds up when her aura is used more liberally, the frequency a good indicator I how fast she may be burning through it.

-Name: Reach

-Short Description: Can basically increase the length of her reach through a phantasmal hand that extends from her arms, mimicking her arms motion.Depending on the weight and stability of the item, she can either throw or retrieve it, with solid items like buildings/Trees/Large Grimm instead pulling her along. Can extend up to 50ft. When used while her guantlets act as a dust foci, her hands may take on the properties of the dust. Tends to use mainly Gravity dust and Lightning dust. She will often use it to zip about the battle field, landing anything from a glancing good a clothes line if she's feeling dramatic as she zips around.

Each use expends about 2% of her aura, with anything more than quick actions causing a contious strain per second.

-Activation Cue: An aural copy of her arm appears, extending from there, though a stream(tether, line?) of aura connects it to her, only the hand can interact with objects.

Combat Behavior:Sometimes looking more like a gymnast or
a circus performer than a combatant, Fluores clots here and there while fighting, always staying on the move, attacking either when there's an opening or when trying to force her opponent to make a mistake. Fluores tend to make heavy use of her semblance in battle, trying to trip up her opponent, pulling herself quickly away from danger, flinging debris at them to throw the off. Being a slight girl, she can take a few hits using her aura to dampen the blow, but once that's low a good solid hit will take her down. Due to her dependence on her mechanical ears and tail, she is literally crippled should something happen to these. As well hindering her physically, Fluores will become quite anxious and panicky, losing her composure easily.


Name: Party Animal

Primary Form: Neon Green Hardlight formed beast like claws on both her arms and legs, forming gauntlets reaching up to her elbows and greaves covering her knees. These are emitted from circuitry and hardware running from her gloves and kneesocks. She can use the hardened photons themselves to send out bursts of beams for distance attacks, but after a few shots the limbs will need a few seconds to reform, leaving her weaponless for a short time. These blast are effective up to mid-range, quickly losing there stability much fsrther after that point.

Dust Functions:

Floures carries around raw crystals of dust, generally a cheaper form of dust rather than the refined stuff used for most weapons. Able to easily apply them by simply holding them between her claws and the hardlight energy absorbing the dust energy itself into it for a few minutes. Can also be used as a foci for her semblance, allowing her hands to take th attributed of the dust imbued.

Gravity Dust:

          Party Animal-Allows her to either increase or decrease her own weight.

          Reach-Allows her to increase or decrease the weight of whatever she holds in her "hands."

Lightening Dust:

          Party animal-adds shock damage to her attacks, as well as tripleing the times she can use its ranger functions before needing to reform them.

          Reach- Vastly increases the speed that her "hands" move, as well as the speed that pull either her or her target, becoming hard for one to follow with their eyes. This use does effectively move aura use up to 5% per use.


Created shortly after the atlesian battle school, integrating the tech she had used for her correctional equipment. While starting off as a pair of simple three blades claws, she has since almost made them a part of her own body, able to flow and follow her hand and legs fluidly now. He's plans to create an entire suit, but is having trouble making a practical energy generator for the design.

Approved Characters / Tenne Byzant
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Name: Tenne Byzant


Species and Gender: Faunus Hyena Female

Symbol:Dark violet crossed guantlets encircled by black chains.

Occupation: First year student (late entry)

Theme: Hammers in my Head


Spoiler: ShowHide


-Weight: 230lbs

-Eyes: Golden Brown

-Skin color: Dark tan

-Face: Oval face

-Hair: Crop cut, Light Brown, fading into purple at the tips

-Physique: Fairly muscular, amazonian build. Toned muscles with six pack. D-cup

 -(Casual/Combat) Outfit: Black tank top with a midriff cut off. Dark violet cotton hoodie with the sleeves ripped off.  Grimm Beowulf head emblazoned on the back. Fingerless gloves/gauntlets,  metal plating on the back of the hand and  mid way up to her elbow. Black baggy bondage pants. Has a dull grey featureless steel mask with an eye slit she wore when on the job.

-Physical traits: Enlarged canines, as well as a short spotted hyena tail. Various scars across her body, a few from joining the gang, and others gained afterwards during jobs.She has four piercings above her left eyebrow, spiked black studs, as well as various other piercings not visible normally. On her arms are coiling King Tiajitu, the tails starting at mid-forearm, a white one on the left, black one on the right. They meet on her back,  spiraling around each other, heads reared and bearing their fangs at each other.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)


Happy Childhood->Mother dies in childbirth with twin brothers-> joins gang to help family, but realizes she enjoys it->Family gets attacked because just too thug-> Beats up perpetrators, leaves gang life behind->Joins Beacon cause fam still hungry.

Personality:Forthright and blunt, Tenne is likely to say whatever comes to mind, with little regard to the consequences. Rarely ever thinking of the future when so many crises happen in the present, Tenne is rather impulsive, eating what looks good, going wherever seems interesting, and attaching herself to those that she sets her sights on. Years of taking care of herself and her brothers has instilled a sense of self-confidence and self-reliance. Has trouble asking help from others, seeing it as a sign of weakness, though has a unfortunate streak of getting herself in trouble helping others occasionally, a pesky bit of maternal attitude from having raised her brothers. However when having to choose between anything and her remaining family, she will abandon most anything to protect her brothers. Has a bit of a short temper, easily taking offense to slights both real and imagined.

-Likes: Meat, Fighting, Brothers.

-Dislikes: Cops, child beaters, sweets.

Aura and Semblance:
-Aura Colour: Dark Violet

-Aura size: Above Average

-Name: Pack Hunting

"I've always had only myself to rely on, so who would be a better partner."

-Short Description: Able to make either one independently acting copy of herself for about ten minutes, or, for a drastic reduction in usage time, can create another for closer to 3 minutes, the drain of controlling three separate bodies draining her aura rather quickly. Possiblity for more later in life. They can act autonomously from her, but only work off of one command at a time, and must be directed to follow a new objective.

-Visual effect: The color drains from her entire body, both her and her copies seeming to have muted shades as though someone had sucked the color from them. The more copies, the more more the color seems to drain away.

Combat Behavior: Tenne is, unfortuanetly, not one to focus on strategy, she's going to hit first, hit hard, and hopefully but last. She'll often use her chains to entangle her target, as well as keep them from gaining any distance from her. When her target is close, she'll wrap the chains around her fist, using them as a crude form of brass knuckles. Tenne will require a strong leader to reign her in, as she's capable of being a team player but her respect needs to be earned.


Name:- Tenne isn't the sentimental type, she doesn't name her weapons.

" Steel seems to be all you can count on these days."

Primary Form:
-Type: Wrist Mounted Dust Chains

-Short Description: A 20 foot pair of large metal chains, held within a pair of wrist mounted winches that can be wound up or let out quickly, able to fire them out to their full length at a dangerous speed. Various heads housed in the winches can be attached to the end of the chains, for now these are either a 10lb weighted head, or a meat hook like claw used to keep hold of a target.

Dust Functions:While held with in the winches, a magazine if dust can be loaded into the winches and coat the chains in a layer of dust, the chains taking on the properties of the dust for 2 minutes.

History: Found after her gang hit a dust shipment, having taken them off one of the guards. Has since learned how to maintain and repair them, though has little mechanical knowledge outside this practical use


-Notable relationships: Two younger brothers, twins
Father, somewhat flaky since her mother died.

-Notes: Tends to eat every part of meat, a rather unnerving sight when seen crunching through a mouth full of bones.

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