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Beacon Academy / Everyone Has Their Chains [Closed]
« on: February 07, 2020, 09:40:59 PM »
There was something distinctively wrong in the Engineering class Juno found himself in.

There was nothing particularly wrong with the day - if anything, the weather was quite nice outside. Clear skies, a nice breeze to offset the light but pleasant heat, and enough sun Samantha would complain upon going outside; a fairly stereotypically good day. It wasn't the content or presence of the class, either. Normal schedule and following the lesson plan so far, talking about the particularities of a new type of mecha-shift. Might not be for everyone, but the fox-eared teammate of Juno's was usually a big fan of this class in general, let alone an applicable topic - and it was one she actually focused on, so Juno could relax a little more in it without having to worry about a bored Samantha.

Always a dangerous thing, a bored huntress with a demolitions speciality, a love of tinkering and a fervour for all things dust.

The day had been fairly normal so far. VCVS had gone through their usual routines with varying degrees of enthusiasm, meals had been eaten, drinks had been drunk (as usual, including a large amount of coffee) and they'd all made their way to classes.

No, what was odd about the day was the fact Samantha had managed all of five minutes in her favourite class in the seat next to Juno, ears drooping, before her entire head had followed suite and smacked against the table with an audible thud and miniature glow of aura. What was more strange was the fact that didn't wake her up. And what really pointed to something being off? The fact the huge thermos of coffee she carried around was instead filled with Atlasian Black.

She hated the stuff with a passion. It was cheap, bland, and only medium-high in caffeine, and yet she had managed to drink three quarters of the overly sized container before passing out on her desk, chains occasionally making light clunks as they twitched in her sleep. Whether it was from dreams or from the malfunctions she'd been facing recently wasn't quite clear, but what was, was that the fox faunus was rather out of it.

Really, there'd been more than a few things pointing to the normally strange girl acting even more so than usual. She'd actually been going to solo combat training on a regular basis with a fervour and anger that was very rarely seen from the normally rather chilled out faunus. There had been late night outings before, but practically twice a week now Samantha was disappearing in the dead of night and coming back mumbling and typing things in her scroll. She'd done less and less music practise, or even her tinkering outings, instead spending it in the library or staring at an electronic's screen, researching one of the linked organisations to the White Fang they'd seen offhandedly in that fateful mission. Speaking of missions, she ended up in her hyperfocused, combative state again - for the most part, they only happened right in the midst of battle, but she occasionally struggled with some aspect of her personality and just started acting on instinct. Considering her calculative usual style, it was quite the stark contrast, and a slightly scary one, all things considered.

Yet still, out of all that, it was the fact she was drinking such a horrible blend of coffee that really would send the signal that something was off with her. Samantha was a bit odd, and the signs that showed her being off the most were similarly odd, but likely familiar to her team leader by this point. Still, outright passing out was also a new one.

She did look tired, though. Very tired.

Approved Characters / Evelyn Pandora Ambrosia
« on: October 17, 2019, 06:43:00 PM »
Name: Evelyn Pandora Ambrosia

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Human Female

Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: First Year Atlas Student

Appearance: Eve has light brown, semi-curly hair – she can style it either way, if she can manage to wrestle it into cooperation. Her eyes are a very faint shade of grey, almost white in colouration. She stands fairly tall at six foot, but isn’t a stick figure despite this; she’s got a healthy figure, influenced slightly by her career choice. Her features are fairly soft, and her skin is smooth but lightly tanned. She tends to wear street-style dresses for her casual clothing, coupled with whatever clips she uses to get her hair to cooperate into her chosen style. Her hunter uniform is a little more practical, if still showy, made up of a white set of armour styled to look like a platebody and plateskirt while still appearing weirdly modern. In reality, it’s a lot lighter than actual plate armour; aura handles most of the damage it would tank, but it’s always useful to have that bit of extra defence. Little wing motifs are stylised on the back, and her symbol in white lines on the front.

History: Eve has always aspired to be a huntress. She was born to a civilian family, but her aunt was a huntress, and she grew up with stories of her aunt from her father and from her aunt herself when she visited, lighting a spark of passion at a young age to become a huntress and fight back the monsters. She wanted to inspire people, like how the village was inspired by her aunt and her team; kept safe by them, protected by them.

It was a phase her parents thought she’d likely fall out of as she grew up and realised some of the realities of the situation, and the other opportunities available to her; after all, her parents – while not what anyone would describe as filthy rich – weren’t bad off either, both being medical professionals, and she was in a perfect position to eventually join the family business - from which they knew just what the hunting life involved. However, when she did finally get a reality check, it was in a way neither she nor her parents could really have expected.

Despite her town being in one of the safer areas of Vale, desperate bandits nonetheless decided to attack the location. Her aunt took to the front lines in defending the settlement, and Eve looked on as her she fought bandits and attracted Grimm alike from hiding beneath the window of her house. Her parents had lost her in the confusion, and her aunt had told her to stay where she was; her team would arrive soon, and they’d solve the whole situation. Despite this, she saw her role model slowly get worn down by the bandits and creatures of darkness, and picked up whatever weapon she could find – a spare gauntlet her aunt had not put on in the rush – and tried to run out to help. She had her aura awakened; her parents had considered it to be a useful skill, even if she never did become a huntress, a safety buffer for her survival – but she certainly wasn’t a trained fighter, and certainly didn’t understand the reality of the situation. She got outside just to see a bandit cut a gash across her aunt’s chest, blood dripping down onto the ground. The sound and sight of the liquid from someone so close to her awakened something in the young huntress-to-be, and she activated her semblance for the first time – a punch with it on full throttle caving in the chest of the offending bandit. In shock, she didn’t move to dodge the aggravated response from another bandit; but she didn’t have to, her aunt’s team finally arriving, and the battle quickly settled from there.

It took her a while after this to recover from the mental trauma of what she’d done, taking a life in such a brutal manner, and she never did fully accept her semblance – where she wanted to be inspiring and heroic, she had a semblance that was frightening and bloody. But she refused to let that drag her down, and to ever cause a threat to her team’s life by not helping one of them in time like what so nearly happened to her now-retired aunt, wounded by the injury. Fully embracing the huntress lifestyle to make up for what she saw as causing her aunt’s retirement by rushing out, she continued training at her academy, creating a weapon that would always let her help her teammates wherever they may be and whatever they may need – making sure she’d have the tools to heal them if all else failed, to prevent them from being wounded or worse as a result of her actions. Eve took as much medical training as she could manage while training to be a huntress, taking advantage of her parents' contacts, while still keeping up with her studies – if she could take a life, then she better damn well know how to save one too. She applied, and passed, the Atlas entry exam as soon as she was eligible. She would inspire a generation like her aunt did to her, and she would protect those that couldn’t do it themselves – she would truly be a Huntress, capital H.

Personality: Eve is a relaxed and kind person, if a little overly mothering. She is very much a team ‘mum’ and tries to make sure everyone is doing okay and getting things done. She’s a patient person, although that’s not to say she doesn’t have a temper – it’s just that she is good at hiding her exasperation for the good of the people around her. This does make her a little frightening when annoyed, however; seeing a little bit of that temper leak with questions such as ‘sorry?’ or ‘could you say that again?’ with her semblance flaring tends to be a little offputting, at any rate. She tends to word things as suggestions, rather than telling people what to do, unless she’s really being mothering and pouting while telling someone off – or if she’s been irritated a little too much, but when that’s happened a suggestion is almost more convincing than a statement.

While not always completely confident about herself, she is determined, willing to train long hours to make sure that she will be able to help her team where she has to fill the gaps and to make sure she will be able to save people as a huntress. She’s a fairly good tactician, though she mostly uses this to figure out where to place herself during fights rather than direct her team beyond suggestions to date. She’s perfectly comfortable with body contact, and often gives out hugs when she thinks people are feeling down – or toss people over her shoulder if she thinks they need to go and do something and forcefully move them to the objective.

Her hobbies include art (though usually picking monochrome colours for it, oddly enough); cooking – which she got a love for during her younger years; teaching (with a part-time job working in a kindergarten for hunter and huntress kids); and, little as she’d ever admit it, she enjoys heavy metal music.

Aura and Semblance:: Eve’s aura is a bright white shade, when her semblance is not in action. While not the largest of auras, she does have excellent control of it.

Eve’s semblance is called Blood In The Water. Eve’s blood contains a chemical that acts as a catalyst to aura; small amounts of it can ‘react’ with her aura in order to give it a boost in power, with larger amounts further enhancing it to the point she can make hardlight-like constructs, mainly shields of different kinds, with it. She can hold up a low level of her semblance, tinting her aura pink, for prolonged periods, though it does slowly make her more lethargic with usage over periods of days. This simply boosts her aura’s base defensive and offensive properties and allows her to form a small personal shield using it. Actively using her semblance makes her aura tinted red, allowing her to form larger, solid shields – covering her body or coating her weapons or fist to enhance them. This can be held for a fight or two but does drain her over time. Pushing it further turns her aura a crimson shade, allowing her to project and throw or extend her shields forwards in an unstable beam-like construct. This significantly drains her, however, and actively channelling this state instead of using it for a single move – while increasing her aura’s properties significantly – can leave her drained in minutes.

Eve’s semblance drains her stamina primarily, though use of higher levels can drain her blood itself – part of the reason it consumes her stamina so quickly. It doesn’t consume enough to be harmful, but does consume enough to cause some dizziness and lethargy after high-intensity combat. Eve’s semblance also doesn’t need blood in her body to use – she can take small portions of her blood and store them in capsules for ‘one shot’ stronger attacks that she can mix with dust, allowing her to use the stronger functions of her semblance without having to fully channel it. The chemical is quite volatile outside her body, though, so she can only keep small amounts outside on her person. She can also give blood to another person to boost their aura lightly, though mostly for the purposes of healing – the amount required to give them anything close to her own boosts would be dangerously volatile outside her own body, and impractical to do in the first place, being that she's had her whole life to practise using her aura with the activated chemical. She’s forbidden to do so in the first place; her blood is classed as a biohazard, and she’s not allowed to use it even for healing without supervision. This volatility extends to any kind of external supply; the larger the quantity of it in one container, or even in one area, the greater the volatility of the chemical. Running aura through allows it to remain slightly more stable - allowing her to keep a few vials she uses like lightweight grenades on her person - but this is really for utility more than necessity; the amount of blood required is fairly minimal for any of her munitions, it just prevents her from having to cut herself and bleed precise amounts into a tube to mix with dust and put into an arrow tip. The amount needed for an external supply would be incredibly unstable and essentially require a vacuum just to not explode on contact with something.

Using dust with her semblance enhances the energy she creates with the dust in question; fire dust creates a flame effect, while ice similarly creates a freezing one. However, using enough dust can cause pain, similar to how injecting dust into a body does, so she tends to instead use vials of her blood mixed with dust types as sources for dust use.

Combat Behaviour:  Eve is a generalist in battle; she very much fits the ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ saying. She has a mix of offense and defense at any ranges through a combination of her weapons and her semblance, at the cost of a lack of power in comparison to any dedicated fighter or weapon. As such, Eve relies on the combination of her different weapons and her semblance, moving to the range most advantageous to her, and more importantly to Eve, her team; filling in any spots that are empty. She does normally lean towards a defensive fighting style over offensive and tends to shy away from extended close-range engagements despite her weapon’s obvious advantages to it; however, when pushed, she can focus just on offense, demonstrating a more brutal style using the claws of her gauntlets and the weapons on her shield in concert to pressure an opponent.

She has trained equally in solo and team environments, and demonstrated a fair aptitude to both; however, despite her potential in solo battles, she tends to shy away from them and prefers a team environment, even if it means she can’t use her semblance to the full potential. She dislikes using her semblance as a whole and will prefer to not use it beyond its lower forms if at all possible. While more of a personal flaw than a combat one, it does have its merits; her semblance can be very tiring, and trades immediate stronger defense or offense in exchange for a reduction in her future capabilities at higher levels. This does leave her relying on her combat skills alone in a lot of situations, using a limited resource of one-shot vials for semblance use instead of manually activating it.

Name: Pandora’s Box(ing Gloves)

Primary Form: Trick and Treat: Two round shields on Eve’s forearms and a large quiver on her back. The shields connect onto a pair of clawed gauntlets, and making particular finger motions activates each function. Each shield can fold out a variety of smaller weapons; small crossbow limbs can fold out the side of the shield, a blade can extend out of the front of each past her hands, the shields can unfold to cover a slightly larger area, and a single-round shotgun barrel can stick out of the top of each shield, facing forwards. The gauntlets themselves have a slot for dust, and surprisingly enough several surgeon’s tools within; these aren’t used for combat except in particularly dire straits, but using them with the dust functions of her gauntlets lets her perform impromptu field surgery by withdrawing the claws.

Secondary Form: Hope: Placing the two shields together allows the shields to fully unfold into a long bow limb, removing the shields from Eve’s arms and forming a greatbow. She has several of the larger arrows along with the crossbow bolts in her back. The blades form each end of the bow limb, while the two shotgun barrels are attached right at the tip; in a pinch, one can be fired to whack the bow’s sharp end forwards if an enemy gets too close.

Dust Functions: The shotgun can load a single round at a time, and dust rounds are perfectly usable. The crossbow bolts are custom-made, usually dust-tipped to make up for their lack of raw power being fired from the small weapons, and some use her semblance for stronger attacks. This mirrors the greatbow arrows.

The gauntlets can create the element of the dust on the tips of its fingers or spread over the palms of the gauntlets. This is used in combat (creating lightning on the tips of the claws or superheating the gauntlet palms), or for medical purposes (electric dust on the palms for CPR or cauterising with heat on the tips of the fingers).

History: Pandora’s Box was designed to be a very all-round weapon, helping to back up Eve’s allies in any purposes – whether that be combat or medical related. She focused on making the inner workings of each addition as simple as possible while fitting in as many features as she could. She took more time planning out the weapon than actually constructing it, deciding on its features before even beginning – everything had to fit perfectly together so the bow would form up, so each independent weapon would function correctly, and she’d be able to fill in every range she could to help her future teammates.

Even during its creation, the weapon got the nickname ‘Pandora’s Boxing Gloves’, termed by the others in the armoury at the time. She found the name amusing at first, but she did get a little annoyed when the name spread to her class and stuck. She wanted it to be at least a vaguely inspiring name.

Didn’t change the fact she still used it in her head, however.

Beacon Academy / Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: April 16, 2019, 04:22:33 PM »
Inside one of the many training rooms at Beacon, odd clinking sounds met the noise of hits against a training dummy. Standing straight, a hooded woman stood a few meters away from the sturdy target – and oddly enough, with four chains extending out of her back taking turns to try and weave their way forward to impact it.

The figure was wearing headphones, the edge of them peeking out beneath the hood, but the rest of her features were somewhat obscured in her combat gear; somewhat reinforced jeans and a similar hoodie covered in little chains on their side. The clothing seemed a little damp; she appeared to have been working for a while, at any rate.

She would go through a pattern; the chains would start slowly hitting the dummy in sequence, then the process would repeat, sped up. This kept going until suddenly, one would veer off oddly, tie itself in the others, or even swing back around near the huntress-in-training to the point she had to block it. There was a quiet curse mumbled each time, and visible agitation in the now-hunched figure of Samantha Quartz as she attempted to get a handle of her chains again after her injury.

The damage done to her own body had been annoying, but she’d dealt with worse. What was grating on her nerves was the damage done to her implant. Unlike the rest of her body, the doctors didn’t exactly know what to do with it – even she’d had to figure it out through reverse engineering, but the large gash near the centre of the four circles had resulted in her not having perfect control of her chains anymore. It was like your arm randomly deciding to punch yourself one out of every ten punches; infuriating and possibly dangerous. It did only happen during fast-paced movements, but it was a very much ‘for now’ outlook in Samantha’s head; a tire will continue to deflate once its punctured, after all.

Another few misses and a sudden chain whacking her in her side brought out a slight yelp of surprise from the fox faunus, distracted in her own thoughts for the moment. The jolt back to reality brought along a frustrated growl from Samantha, before the four chains suddenly snapped forward to bind around the dummy, her semblance charging in their collective forms through the sound of their rattling before the dummy was constricted and torn apart with a screeching noise of her semblance release.

A few more moments passed, before Samantha let her fists unclench, one going to rub against her forehead.
“Shouldn’t lose control like that. In either sense…” She murmured to herself, tone slipping back to its usual neutral point as deep breaths brought her back to her senses, the chains continuing to rattle for a few more seconds before the rest of the stored energy dissipated. Letting them slowly coil back up around her body, she drew Staccato and Encore out of their sheathes, instead deciding to practise something she could control.

A little jolt of pain chaining up the metallic portion of her arm reminded her that might not be true too much longer. Gritting her teeth, she started up the motions nonetheless, determined to at least get something done during one of the rare times she had enough motivation to actually work on training.

The Vale Region / Shards of Knowledge [Shard INC][Semi-closed; PM]
« on: April 15, 2019, 07:05:43 PM »
Within a sports building briefly renovated for the event, the Shard Inc exhibition has got well underway. Many screens have been changed to provide their logo along with one new advancement or another, and more physical representations of these shown in the various displays located around the different pitches. One has a variety of neurology developments, including some prototype mechashift linkage, while another contains a variety of miscellaneous technological advancements – some weapons research, some computer learning developments and materials research to name a few.

Yet the main attraction still lies in the one containing what really defined their brand; the area entirely designated to prosthetics. A variety of new replacement limbs and haptic sensors lined several of the displays, some even interactive – the limb copying the person’s own movements with a sensor attached to them. Various weapon integrations also were displayed, hoping to further interest the hunter crowd who were attending the convention. Most notably, however, was the area designated to showing off their ‘latest’ invention – additional limb prosthetics. Several screens were displaying videos with commentary about development of the project, uses of the extra limbs, and showing examples – loader-like detachable limbs for heavy lifting, nerve-controlled weapons systems and even additional arms that could be taken off or on with available port implants for hunters and huntresses.

Indeed, there was even a few members of Shard INC with such implants showing them off; one having the heavy duty arms curling around his back and smiling as he took heavy crates around the room without a care in the world, reminding people he didn’t have aura; another woman with a number of folding limbs holding various medical instruments, smiling and occasionally getting someone to show them a small bump or bruise and patching it up; and then a huntress in blue-black clothing, the signs of an implant obvious by the metal framework on her back extending to her shoulders, but just talking with some of the older hunters and huntresses about her face mask covering her eyes about the viability of the replacement limbs, keeping her cards close to her chest – the exhibition match was due fairly soon, the match why Shard INC had chosen the sports building (along with the space offered) - and the rules behind it were meant to be a surprise, after all. Two employees stood in a booth within the additional limb section, one with a ‘queries’ sign and another with ‘hunters’ – one was answering general questions, and the other was taking in someone’s weapon and semblance and offering ideas about what this technology could do to benefit them in the future, giving some example implantations - as well as offering tickets for a raffle to enter the exhibition match.

The final, main arena was left as it was, albeit with some fanfare added - it would be the sight of the exhibition match once the raffle was over. The other rooms were laid out almost in a circle around the sunken middle room, having glass windows all able to look into it; Shard INC had certainly chosen the right building to highlight their technology in the flashiest way possible. An announcer stand was being set up, along with some audience protection; there were stands surrounding the room, but they'd been moved back from the room itself and the dust forcefield tested in a few methods to ensure public safety in advance.

Plot Zone / Tech Convention [Shard Inc] [Signup]
« on: March 21, 2019, 04:57:26 PM »
Over in Vale, Shard Inc has announced an exhibition for their recent technological develops. A smattering of mecha-shift technology, some weapon developments, neurological controls and - the focus of the company - their latest advances in prosthetics; advanced mechanics in existing replacements to allow for greater functionality in all aspects of life - civilian, military and hunting - and a recent announcement, additional limbs.

After hinting at it for several years, the company has finally decided to unveil their latest range of prosthetics; while not available publicly at this time, there will be several people with such prosthetics present to show the proof of concept and their uses. Namely, there are several examples of civilian uses, but - more critically for Shard Inc's target audience for the convention, being so near to Beacon with the convention - showing how these could aid hunters and huntresses, even with a Q&A desk to ask how one particular style of combat or semblance could be enhanced with one of such implants.

Furthermore, the convention hopes to prove their safety and effectiveness - offering individuals the chance to signup to face a fully fledged Huntress with one of these implants, recovered from a career-threatening injury and made more threatening than ever.

(Slots non-specific; based on character appropriateness, previous participation and discussions. Otherwise generally first-come-first. Slots open till thread starts or too many people, though no specific number on that. Add in if your character would want to participate in the exhibition match; entered into a raffle.)

Beacon Academy / It's Vytal To Practise [CLOSED]
« on: July 16, 2018, 11:17:26 PM »
Another crack rang out from the long rifle in Samantha's hands, followed by the target at the end of the course getting yet another bullet hole through the metal sheet. The faunus gave a quiet curse, sighing as she flicked the safety toggle on Ashen Howl, letting the rifle rest for the moment as she went to take a swig of coffee from her flask. Her training was... it was going alright, if a bit slowly. She hadn't done intensive practise in quite a while now, and yet somehow Juno had roped her into giving the Vytal Tournament solos a go. She'd managed to avoid them last year, but, well, not so much luck this time around.

To be fair, it did look like a good way to see where she was, get a bit more practise than usual in without having to find excuses for herself to force herself to do some, and most importantly, a reason to get her team leader off her back for a while. The fact the battles should be quite fun was left unsaid; she needed a cool head for any kind of tournament battles, rather than the... enthusiasm that occasionally overtook her in more fierce fights, so best to focus on getting into that mindset now rather than struggling with it during.

Well, at least she had some vague goal; try to get far enough to get matched with Juno so she could annoy the everloving shit out of him in a fight. Pull out all of the cheap shots. She wasn't going to delude herself in thinking she was actually going to win, because not only was it unlikely considering the calibre of some of the people in the tournament, but it was far too much effort to deal with - including the publicity after. She'd had more than enough time in the press spotlight, thank you very much.

Either way, she was currently trying to get a hold on her relatively new weapon. Sam had realised she was somewhat lacking in ranged options - while her use of dust and her semblance helped a little, that was more all mid-ranged. She preferred to have options for all ranges, rather than focus too heavily on one, and she enjoyed the whole creation process. Ashen Howl had certainly turned out well; a fairly powerful anti-material rifle in its own right, augmented by her semblance with a nifty little chamber to avoid the vibrating bullet wearing away at the gun, letting her make the rounds pulse outwards on hit. Now, the issue was, that relied on her hitting her targets for maximum effect. The most experience she had with guns was basic firearms training with a hunting rifle when she was younger. The animal kind, not Grimm kind.

There was a big difference between a hunting rifle and this.

It wasn't a problem hitting stationary targets, or really even average-speed moving targets while she was still; but the whole issue was being still wasn't a good way to stay alive in her profession. She had good eyes for longer ranges, and a fairly steady hand, but she doubted there'd be that many opportunities to set up the bipod and have a nice lie down while her opponent let them take potshots at them. No, she had to get at least somewhat used to snap-shots, especially to allow her to change ranges quickly and swap through her weapons. She could certainly just fire off a few explosive rounds to cover her, but it was a fairly inefficient use of her new tool, even she could tell that.

Unfortunately, Samantha wasn't having much luck yet. Certainly, the fire-dust rounds augmented by her semblance really tore things apart, but what use was that when aura existed - a grazing shot was time and energy spent on better things in most situations. Her stronger rounds against armoured - or rather aurared targets - were things like lightning or wind dust, things that augmented the direct hit of the attack rather than a spread effect. She'd made a little progress, in that she could actually hit the wide target nine times out of ten now... while stationary, at least, but nowhere near the accuracy she'd need for such shots.

She should've gotten more sleep for this. And coffee. And food. And just not let Juno drag her into this in the first place.

The Vale Region / The Lonely Road [Shard INC] [Closed]
« on: January 04, 2017, 12:28:13 PM »
Each of the accepted participants received a replying message.

'To whom it may concern,

Thank you for your offer in protecting the shipment taking place three days from now. After careful consideration, you were selected to assist in the transport of the supplies to Treehollow, a town outside of the main city walls with several day's travel to the location. The preferred deadline for the shipment is three days, but as long as it arrives at its destination payment will still be granted.

You will be working with a group of Shard Incorporated-employed guards, five in number, who will be manning an armoured jeep in front of the truck, which will be driven by two direct employees of the company's Vale Division. Please attempt to avoid any confrontation if possible.

The transport will stop every night for several hours, allowing for four to six hours sleep. Return transport will be provided the day after arrival at Treehollow.

You will be paid double average wage for each day of travel, with a bonus offered of several hundred lien if the transport arrives on time; we hope this will encourage further cooperation with the company as we extend our hands out to up-and-coming hunters and huntresses to form a long-lasting working relationship.

Your team is made up as follows:
- Michael Vaktar, first year.
- Juno Vert, first year.
- Revya Vermillion, second year.
- Running Brook Sienna, fourth year.

As such, Running Brook Sienna is given operational command. The convoy will be starting from a warehouse just within the walls of Vale, coordinates enclosed within this message.

Our thanks,

Shard Incorporated.'

1 attachment: warehouse24.cor


The warehouse was located in a somewhat run-down area; while at first consideration this may have appeared odd, it provided the company with an inconspicuous area to temporarily store outgoing shipments before their convoys began. While traffic was relatively thick in the area, there was far fewer pedestrians; after all, it was a rather industrial location, with row after row of offices and storage areas. Access to the building, rather than entry through the main entrance, was provided by a staircase leading up to a side-door that allowed for pedestrian access.

Inside the building itself was a vaguely comfortable lounge area, consisting of two beaten-down sofas and a small TV currently being flipped from a rewatch of the Vytal Festival to a cooking show as two of the employed soldiers fought over their preferred channels. the other two looked on in amusement, in between teasing the more timid employee of the company.

Their leader, a surprisingly thin man wearing what could only be described as a cowboy hat and a clean-shaven face, was leaning against a wall at the corner of the room, talking in hushed tones to the company's representative as they waited for the hunters and huntresses to arrive. Said representative was wearing the company's staple uniform, consisting of a cut-off lab coat, underneath a lightly armoured coat to provide some semblance of protection from any threats, with his physical features not visible from the door itself. The men were generally all rather plain looking, main differences being in their facial structure rather than their uniforms or their size.

The door, left unlocked, awaited any of the students to enter.


(OOC: Thank you all for joining the thread! Most of the details can probably be gained from the passages above, but feel free to introduce your characters to each other as you meet up and head into the warehouse itself. Post order will be decided simply by whoever posts first, going up to all 4 people then followed by a response message from myself. If you wish for any other details, simply put it ooc in your posts or PM me if you need it to decide on a course of action! Have fun, and happy hunting!)

Plot Zone / The Lonely Road [Shard INC] [4/4]
« on: January 03, 2017, 06:12:16 PM »
Shard Incorporated has sent out a request for student assistance on a shipment; namely, a shipment of supplies and implants being delivered to a medical center outside of the main city. Due to the delicate nature of the goods being delivered, the preferred method of travel is on foot; as such, along with their own security forces they are looking for hunter and huntress assistance for dealing with possible attacks from the Creatures of Grimm. The convoy consists of a truck and a jeep with a mounted weapon on top.
While the main focus of the mission is dealing with Grimm along the path, there may also be possible attacks from bandits; this goes unsaid in the actual request, and it would be up to the individual students to know about this (although it should be fairly common knowledge). Students do not have to actively fight these bandits - but neither are they discouraged from doing so.
The threat level is relatively low; death is rather easily avoided as long as participants aren't preposterously stupid. There are opportunities to gain preference for further Shard Incorporated threads if certain conditions are met; otherwise, it will be a simple quest. Failing the thread as a whole is improbable; however, ignoring failure there are two possible endings.
This thread will have four open slots - people who reply early will be given an advantage, but it's not first come first serve.
1: Michael Vaktar
2: Juno Vert
3: Revya Vermillion
4: Running Brook Sienna

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Approved Characters / Lynn Aubin
« on: November 06, 2016, 10:45:26 PM »

Name: Lynn Aubin

Age: 32

Species and Gender: Female wolf faunus

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Occupation: Ex-huntress / Module-003 of Shard Incorporated

Appearance: Lynn stands at 5'8 and is on the thinner side, mainly due to lost weight from her recent operation and recovery.  Her hair is a light black shade and her faunus traits, namely her wolf ears follow this theme, although featuring small tufts of white fur. She currently has somewhat pale skin, mostly due to her recovery efforts from her recent implantation operation; it is usually closer to average rather than its current shade. Her eyes are not visible beneath the black and blue-lined faceplate that replaces them for her vision, keeping if not bolstering her faunus eyesight and allowing her to see through her semblance's flames. She has a rather frail frame due to several years of inactivity coupled with the invasive implantation operation, although she is actively working to try and rebuild her previous image so she can fight more effectively.  ((OOC: The only images I could find for her general appearance do not feature her faceplate, which replaces her eyes; it's visible in her combat uniform)).

Casual Clothes:
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Ignoring the temperature, Lynn can usually be found wearing a scarf of some kind as a force of habit from her more winter-y home. Her jacket usually changes in thickness but not particularly in style depending on the season, and she takes both the cold and heat quite well, one from being used to it and the other from small usage of her semblance to cool herself.

Combat Uniform:
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Lynn's combat uniform is a dark grey and dark blue combat skirt along with a pair of high boots and a high-collar jacket, which she uses her semblance with practically as a defense buffer, and less practically because she thinks it looks cool.

History: Lynn had a relatively normal childhood for someone living in one of the village outskirts of Vale; a quaint, if occasionally hectic existence. She and her family lived a somewhat nomadic existence, having to move around to avoid the creatures of Grimm, eventually settling down in a small town further into the kingdom. While the village would always be home to her, she never liked how they had to feel constantly afraid of the Grimm, and sought to learn how to become a huntress from one of the local hunters. She never had much luck wielding any of the common weapons, mainly sticking to somewhat shoddy use of swordsmanship with only basic strategy and overconfidence, until her mentor sought to break it out of her by sending her alone against Grimm for the first time. Obviously, finding herself far outmatched, she fought on the edge until she realized what it would mean to properly fight and learn, awakening her semblance during the combat. With the edge that this offered her, she eventually enrolled into Beacon academy as a first year after several further years of training.

Despite her advantages, she still found herself lacking behind the other students with their mixture of both useful weapons and semblances, so she experimented with the resource she never had access to before; dust. The cost of it was simply too high to buy in the quantities necessary for combat usage, but now she had a much larger fund for said dust. She spent much of her second year learning to use the substance effectively by itself as a caster, and mixing it with her semblance for greater effects, widening her area of expertise and slowly becoming much more well-rounded. Forging Winter's Grasp during the middle of her third year to aid in the ease of use of her techniques, she started to build up a reputation for herself, graduating and returning to her home to help protect it and take the place of her old mentor. Despite her skills and weapons, though, everyone makes mistakes; hers just happened to be attempting to fend off too large of a force at once due to a refusal to know when to rest and recharge or back down. Her previous mentor had helped to fight off a Grimm attack, but with the defenses of the town weakened it came under attack by a threat that Lynn was not experienced at handling; bandits. Fearing the abandonment of the town that had finally come to act like a permanent home for the huntress, and with the disgust at people taking advantage of the Grimm attacks for their own gain, she gave it everything she had to try and hold the location. While the bandits were eventually fought off, it wasn't without consequence, with her aura falling during the battle and resulting in her taking a large cut across her face. This resulted in the loss of her eyesight and as such her forced retirement, much to her displeasure.

This changed when she received an offer from Shard Incorporated, who were testing out a new range of prosthetics for hunters and huntresses. Of course, this greatly interested Lynn, who had always wanted to return to her original occupation, and she immediately accepted. The faceplate that now covers her eyes worked perfectly, and she took advantage of this to return to her huntress career, training her skills once again and learning to use Dust to its full potential with her semblance, becoming a caster. Several years later, when they offered to provide some... 'additions' to further enhance her combat capabilities, it seemed simply logical to accept with the benefits that the first implantation had given her. Of course, that was when she was told accepting the upgrades now required her to remain in the facility for an extended period of time for analysis and rehabilitation, and despite her rather firm objections there were certain features of the implants that made her more willing to accept this argument. She is currently located with the other members of the Module project under the Vale Main Facility.

Personality: Lynn's personality to strangers is professional; calling her cold would, ironically, not be quite correct. She simply puts on a bland expression and states simply what she wants from people or her orders, not outwardly reacting to events taking place around her strongly. That's not to say she's apathetic, but rather that she prefers to save her energy and get to the point where possible. She says what needs to be said, and then tends to stay quiet unless questioned about something. If she believes she has something she can contribute to a discussion, then she'll wait for a pause before saying anything; however, aspects of her more talkative previous persona do slip through occasionally, making small remarks or even things that approach being jokes or sarcasm - although it's not exactly easy to tell.

With people who know her better, she remains to the point, but also manages to hold conversations about different topics. Lynn can be expectant of people to lead conversations unless she has started it, preferring to remark rather than to begin, although she does tend to tease her friends on occasion. In addition, she is more expressive, her face going through a greater range of emotions than 'I'm bored' to 'I'm curious'. She can even approach being flirtatious with others on occasion. She can be witty, and she is intelligent in that she can quickly adapt to different situations or topics, but she often struggles picking up advanced concepts outside of her subject areas; these being mainly related to her previous occupation (such as tracking or survival) but also edging into literature and psychology. She isn't much of a scientist.

Lynn's pastimes include reading, mostly about different huntress magazines due to nostalgia or more serious fiction books (with her guilty pleasure being superhero comic books), experimenting with dust and her semblance (sometimes even for fun, making shapes or effects with a combination of the two), tending to or looking after different animals and swimming, the latter of which she hasn't had much of a chance to do recently with her rehabilitation efforts and development by Shard Incorporated.

Aura and Semblance: Lynn's aura has a faint appearance, not showing up very vividly. It is coloured a very light blue, with wisps coming out of it like breaths in cold weather.

Frostburn: Lynn's semblance allows her to generate vivid dark-blue flames. These flames don't spread infinitely, spreading a certain amount before dying out; there may be some lingering flames left behind for a short period, however. The spread and temperature of the flames are dependent on energy and oxygen; colder temperatures require more energy input (be it raw materials or forced through usage of stamina) to fuel, and the oxygen requirement can be replaced with aura usage in a pinch. The main feature of this semblance is that these flames, rather than being exothermic, is instead endothermic; they absorb energy (this mostly being in the form of aura, but dust or more explosive sources still working) and use it to spread and rapidly lower the surrounding temperature.  Just as a touch from a real flame without protection would cause burns, these blue flames quickly inflict cold burn, otherwise known as frostbite. Lynn can generate these in large amounts at the cost of a loss in physical energy, tiring over time - due to her training with the semblance for many years, however, she is adept at using them and takes a long time to tire from raw manipulation. Creation takes more energy, but can be aided through the use of dust. Fire dust causes a greater amount of flames to be generated, at the cost of a slight increase in temperature, causing frost to appear on surfaces and frostnip, while ice dust causes flames created to be much more frigid but also created in less quantity, with its coldest temperature causing hypothermia and gradual freezing. Other forms of dust allow for more specific attacks to be created, such as lightning dust creating a brief beam of said flames rapidly moving forwards, similar to a flamethrower, or earth dust causing the ground around Lynn to freeze over with slight lingering flames. Her flames generally are cold enough to leave frost where normal flames would leave cinders, but can be greatly focused down up to a blowtorch-like effect which can immediately freeze over what it touches. The former would cause frostnip and frostbite similar to flames causing different degree burns, while the latter can be used for effects such as freezing and then proceeding to shatter part of a Grimm - any kind of freezing cannot pierce through aura, however. While frostnip and hypothermia can be caused with prolonged exposure to Frostburn, the effects of the flames are mostly kinetic with residual aftereffects when it comes to fighting people with aura, as you'd expect from a jet of flame being sent towards someone. The max range she can create flames at is twenty feet, although it is more efficient in both power and efficiency to create them directly from her body, requiring cumulatively more energy the further away it is. Her semblance with constant active use can allow her to fight for around ten to fifteen minutes of constant combat at good efficiency.

Combat Behavior: The most obvious feature of Lynn's combat style is that it isn't particularly specific - even basic swings can leave jets of coldfire after them. With the large set of limbs on her back combined with her dust patterns, she can be a threat at nearly all ranges, although she specializes at medium to close range combat. At long ranges, she'll either use basic dust patterns (raw manipulation of dust) or use focused blasts of her semblance, although both suffer from slower speeds. At medium range, her preference in combat, she will send out large swaths of her semblance using various dusts to bolster its effect, weaving in different attacks while trying to overwhelm her opponents through area denial techniques. Lynn is still getting used to subtle manipulation of her large limbs, and as such can't perform precise maneuvers with them quite yet; however, with the force behind them she doesn't particularly need to, able to simply claw forwards with fast speeds or use them as a shield, while using Winter's Grasp as an aid to her hand-to-hand combat. If needed, she can send out a small burst of dust from her gauntlets and use it for a close-range explosion to get some distance, and she has an emergency stock of dust in each for a widespread, if weak blast of her semblance as a last resort. Her large limbs, once coated with her semblance (a process that only takes a matter of seconds and some focus) can be used as additional points to cast spells or use her semblance from, being directly linked to her body. Her main weaknesses, however, are that the Reaper Module starts to wear her down from her own semblance over time, her relative inexperience in the use of the larger limbs (that's not to say they aren't a threat, but rather that if she does use them they'll be predictable if the opponent can actually manage to dodge the blows, since they only head in a straight line) and that she struggles with maneuverability, due to the large space and weight of the limbs. Since her old combat style was based on dodging, she occasionally missteps in combat as she tries to move out of the way of blows, although she is starting to get used to using the bulky claws for blocking - in high-stress situations, however, old habits die hard. This is more important of a weakness than it would otherwise be for most people trained in aura, as hers is often stretched thin over many different constant usages, meaning that if a hit does actually get through her defenses it hurts her quite badly; not particularly draining more aura than usual, but simply more of the impact going through it. In more temporary weaknesses, she is still recovering medically from the implantation process and has low stamina - she prefers to make small movements that don't require her to exert lots of energy, as she already has enough strain on her aura from use of the Reaper Module without needing to expend it to make up for her lake of stamina. This means that, while her hand-to-hand combat is still very effective, she cannot maintain it for extended periods of time, preferring to fend opponents off with her semblance, dust spells or her prosthetics.

Additional Notes: Linked to the Shard Incorporated worldbuild.


Name: Winter's Grasp

Primary Form: Two gauntlets, black in colour and with several small extensions leading out of the wrist and behind the elbow respectively. In terms of physical attacks, they can slightly aid in hand-to-hand combat, as you'd imagine a solid piece of metal would do. However, their main purpose is to store various levels of powdered dust within for use in two main purposes; she can cover the gauntlets in a brief coating of the respective element, or she can use the dust  to enhance her semblance, as detailed earlier. Dust is loaded into the fingertips and palm of the gauntlets through subtle but specific hand gestures, making it hard to use when precise movements are restricted, but allows for rapid changes and distribution in selected dust types. Each gauntlet can store three types of dust in reasonable quantities, with a one-use stock of fire dust that can be activated with a flick of the gauntlet for emergency measures.

Dust Functions: See above. The whole weapon is essentially designed for enhancing dust usage with the helpful side effect of providing a mean left hook, rather than the other way around.

History: Winter's Grasp has gone through several upgrades through it's lifespan; the first version only had one dust loaded at once, the next could contain three and the final upgrade both linked it to her other weapon for dust enhancement of the Reaper Module and gave it the emergency supply for tense situations.

Name: Module-003 'Doorknocker'

Primary Form: A set of imposing interlocking rings connected to her back and shoulders, and a matching pair of large, hollow, claw-like prosthetics. Using similar theory in how aura anchors can store aura, the Reaper Module allows for a person's semblance to 'stick' to their aura instead of immediately dissipating. This would likely not prove useful to semblances outside of those that directly generate substances of some kind, such as aura constructs or elemental attacks; however, for those that do (such as Lynn's Frostburn semblance), it offers both a defensive and offensive boost by being able to coat the user in their semblance without having to constantly generate additional material. The claw-like gauntlets can be filled with the semblance, and can expel it from the hollow tubes when a ranged attack is required. However, these benefits come at a price; without even mentioning the usual medical disabilities caused by the extensive implantation process iconic to the module series, M-003 also causes the user to slowly take damage from their own semblance if they overuse the cybernetics as the user's aura being used to hold the semblance reduces the shielding of the user from their attacks. Lynn feels this downside through gradual lowering of body temperature, eventually resulting in a lack of ability to fight due to extensive cooling of the body. The limbs themselves are very unwieldy, limiting mobility due to the change in balance created until Lynn adapts to having them out again. Despite the size of the gauntlets, their strength without conscious application of aura and only using the passive amount required for movement (a negligible amount without constant activity) is only slightly stronger than a normal aura-enhanced punch from a non-martial-arts specialist - packing somewhat of a punch, but nothing in comparison to those focused on the subject. However, with direct application of aura at a rate of 3 to 5% per movement, depending on the weight, their strength can be briefly multiplied by up to five times; however, this is in terms of raw strength only, and their speed remains the same - so useful for carrying/throwing or for a close-range attack.

Modules do not base themselves off physical strength, using majorly mechanical components coupled with aura to create their movement. However, it relies on muscle movements in the connected location; as such, if exhausted of either physical energy or aura, then a person will be far more sluggish to not being able to move any implants. Due to the hollow nature, they aren't massively weighty, as that would limit the speed of the person too much: however, they are certainly at least a good two to three times as heavy as her normal arms.

Secondary Form: Due to the extensive process, Module-003 is unattachable at any point; however, the limbs can compress into a much thinner coating of her shoulders and arms respectively, appearing as claw-like coverings of said body parts.

Dust Functions: By using her gloves as a focal point, Lynn can briefly manipulate the attached flames using any dust released. Fire dust allows her to send weak waves of flame through wide movements of the gauntlets, Ice dust causes flames to wrap tightly around the metal of the gauntlets and decrease the temperature and Lightning dust allows her to focus flames from the 'hands' of the gauntlets to send them forwards.

History: Known more technically as the M-003 Reaper Module, it was one of the first modules created, and one of the most ambitious. It required a very heavy implantation process that as of yet hasn't been repeated due to the costs and delicate procedures required, but it mostly succeeded in it's purpose of greatly boosting combat capabilities for a hunter or huntress. She has spent the last five years working with the limbs to make them an efficient part of her combat behavior.

RPG Discussion / Idea for character upkeep
« on: November 05, 2016, 10:14:51 PM »
Could we get a section of the forum for something along the lines of a journal to mark what threads and what order our characters have been in? Wouldn't be compulsory but would be a useful way of other people to see what's happened to your character without having to edit the character sheet each time (if anything major occurs, such as gaining a new weapon or the like, you'd still have to update your sheet obviously - but you'd have the journal to draw from if you kept it updated) and would also provide a spot for stories involving just that character to be written down without taking up space in the main discussion forum.

Thanks for reading!

MiA Characters / Peperian 'The Frog' Emem
« on: October 14, 2016, 02:23:04 PM »

Name: Peperian 'The Frog' Emem

Age: N/a

Species and Gender: Frog faunus


Occupation: Fully-fledged huntsmen general leader of the fifth division of Atlas' Vale-occupied military force secret division's squad of hyper-realistic robotic fighting group's additional backup squadron's ace in the hole. Also a third year student and a part-time baker.


History: Peperian has a dark and mysterious past.

Personality: Peperian is very quiet, only speaking when he has something important to say. Unless he can make a funny joke in which case he'll be everyone's friend and talk all the time. Because his family died in a freak accident involving The White Fang, Atlas, Vale, a pint of coke-mentos, twenty-five giraffes and the pure wrath of the god only known to mortals as Vox, he's edgy af dude.

Aura and Semblance: Peperian has not enough aura to use functionally (to balance out his semblance and weapon!).

His semblance, Let's Go for a Cheeky Macho's, does this: As seen here

Combat Behavior: Peperian wins.


Name: TH-0-M4S Mark III armor

Primary Form: As seen; a full set of armor equipped with a minigun. Human-sized, mobility is provided through the use of several motors that interact with the person's internal aura to move combined with a pneumatics system, granting slower than average speed but high power.

Secondary Form: Breaking all of the user's bones, the armor shifts into a morph ball form.

Tertiary Form: N/a

Dust Functions: Fire or electric dust can be inserted to overcharge the suit, increasing its physical capabilities further, while kinetic dust increases the speed at which the pneumatics operate.

History: Carved out of the withered husk found in Handwavium junkyard of an engine so powerful its very existence in this world shouldn't be possible, this suit of armor is a legend in itself.

Worldbuilding / Shard Incorporated
« on: October 12, 2016, 02:09:33 AM »

Location: Shard Incorporated's original and main facility is located within Atlas, the birthplace of the company. It has smaller facilities located within the other kingdoms - in particular, they have a large R&D facility in Vale. In total, they have seven facilities; several of these are rather small-scale, with only the main one in Atlas and the R&D department in Vale being of any particularly large size. The others are mostly used for singular small-scale projects.

The main facility is the largest, mainly due to the mass-production efforts that take place there. It consists mostly of automated production lines, with smaller buildings around the main factory for PR efforts in one and for research in another. Finally, a small tower marks the location of David Shard himself, where he operates the company's time schedule and political matters. The Vale facility has a much smaller factory facility; however, in exchange their research division is much larger, and while their actual PR department is smaller the structure is much larger, used to actually host public displays and events. There is also a large network of underground locations from the main research lab, used for the company's shadier dealings and for hosting of volunteers and people currently involved in the more secretive projects. The other locations are dotted around; one more is located on the outskirts of Vale itself, with the main facility being further out, and two more are located in the north-west region and south-east region of Atlas' safe zone. There are plans to further expand into other locations once more specific research into different areas is required, but the company is not yet large enough to warrant doing so.

History: Remnant is a land of technological advancement; materials are easily accessible, and ideas are always being born and put into action be it out of brilliance or out of necessity. David Shard was inspired by both the constant technological revolutions taking place during his childhood, and the skill and resolve that hunters and huntresses protected the world of Remnant. He himself at one point wanted to be a hunter, but several events that followed each other one after another pushed him away from this goal; publicly, these reasons are known to be some of his close friends loosing their ability to fight over time as the injuries they took were severe, and David realizing he was appalled with not only the local but more nation-wide efforts in the handing out of solutions to the injuries that these warriors took in their line of work, and aimed to resolve this. In reality, it amounted to more of a personal reason turned into an obsession, but the former sounds better for PR purposes.

Thirteen years ago, Shard Incorporated was tentatively set up, with assistance from a few of the people David Shard had come to trust most where he was taught. Setting up the first facility, they began research, and over time started coming up with methods of producing efficient implants cheaper and more efficiently, using more easily accessible materials to form sturdier parts. This progress was surprisingly rapid, and with this came several thoughts to the director of the corporation; this was an area where research simply hadn't been thoroughly undertaken, and the potential was huge. However, he knew that Atlas would perhaps not be the greatest fan of projects that could be undertaken, due to stupid superstitions over the morals of the topic; sometimes, progress did require small sacrifices for the far greater good. With the resources the company had now obtained, he started to expand the company, making several more production plants to afford the move, then six years ago requested permission from the Vale government to construct new locations around the city. Of course, with the idea of having implants of the quality and affordability that Shard Incorporated provided, they were approved; as such, both a production plant and a much larger R&D department were constructed there, where research is now undertaken for the Modulerization project underneath the main building, while the additional limb enhancement is practiced both in Atlas' main facility (testing how public reaction would be with occasional nods to the research) and in the R&D department of the Vale location, where scrutiny is much less intensive.

However, for these purposes there would need to be volunteers, and there presence was at the time virtually unheard of in Vale. To this end, for research in more of the controversial topics that Shard Incorporated undertook, several small-time gangs were contacted around the location of the facility and provided with resources in exchange for the bringing of potential subjects to the location. Only a few were obtained, and the line of communication was dropped apart from occasional messages; however, a new line of communication was opened with the White Fang, and communications are currently working to make a basic trade agreement. As the popularity of the company began to rise, volunteers were more easily available, and as such the Modulerization process is currently under full swing, with an aim for eight total subjects in the preliminary phase.

Structure: Shard Incorporated is lead by its CEO, David Shard, who tends to take a primarily hands-off approach to the day-to-day running of the company. Instead, he works mainly on the political and PR aspects of the company, enjoying good relations with Atlas higher-ups. He helps to keep the public view of the company as clean and upholding high moral standards in their testing facilities. He works with an advisory board, the stakeholders of the company, who as a group elect locale managers to each facility. Each locale manager can then choose further subdivisions at their discretion. In total, the company hosts several thousand workers.

Around a quarter of these are kept within the main facility, mostly working as either R&D, public relations or repairing the automated production lines. More are located at the Vale facility, if just due to a lack of automation within the location and a focus more on intensive experimentation rather than PR, requiring additional manpower. There are only a smattering of individuals at each of the smaller facilities.

For the Atlas department, the local manager is David Shard's close personal friend, Marcus Jett, put there for both someone to talk to in a more relaxed environment on a day-to-day basis and for the fact that, despite the slight loss in efficiency compared to a dedicated manager, he can trust the man far more than any of his other employees due to a string of past dealings since childhood. The local manager for the Vale department is one Benjamin Gris, fellow entrepreneur and visionary - if a bit more focused on the physical results of his ideas, rather than the possible effect of them. The local managers for the rest of the facilities aren't publicly known, simply due to the lack of media attention on them and the very slow progress in comparison to the two main locales.

Technology: Shard Incorporated represents the cutting-edge of biomechanical technology. They aid in development of more and more advanced prosthetics along with heavy research into aura manipulation and neurological-mechanical links to streamline the control of mechanical devices and take tentative steps into AI development.

Currently, Shard Incorporated's general mass production involves the creation of affordable but effective replacement body parts, including arms, legs, digits and (to a lesser extent) eyes, with the latter still being perfected. They commonly gift knowledge of their consumer-range products to Atlas in exchange for a reduction in taxes and more leniency given on their foreign practices; however, they do not receive anything but publicly known details of any of Atlas' own developments in return. Limbs (in general) created by Shard Incorporated tend to be not quite cutting edge; for their price, however they are very efficient, still being of good quality for their low price (especially in terms of ones designed for Hunters and Huntresses, where artificial limbs that can channel aura are much more necessary). The one item they have requested from Atlas, several aura anchors to research, was presently granted; these have been forwarded to the Module Project and to try to further develop the efficiency of their prosthetics production.

Following this, Shard Incorporated has slowly released details of a further process in which the capability for further additions to be attached to the body may be possible, testing public opinions of the matter with ideas and 'self-testing' from researchers interested in the procedure, amounting to more precise hand movements, better eyesight or similar small-scale experimentation. In reality, testing has proceeded on individuals who were kidnapped by the various organisations Shard Incorporated's Vale department had paid off, with most individuals not surviving the testing process; only after a series of tests did the organisation create a working prototype, and proceeded to discard it to avoid any possibility of connections to them, instead now using the gathered data on volunteers for the process. Examples include an extra set of mechanical arms, and a series of mechanical tools implanted into the wrist for engineering purposes. These, more legal examples are planned to be released to the public with a slow introduction. These are made possible through the editing of existing biomechanical interfaces and artificial neurone junctions into a fully artificial neuromechanical junction, implanted into the designated location and then having the actual accessory connected to said junction electronically; nothing that wouldn't be possible by even other companies in the same research area, let alone military research, but nonetheless an area not explored due to the perceived morality and ethics issues behind the methods and outcomes. They also require acclimatization to the implantation process, and so a person must first successfully prove compatible with a normal implant in order to be deemed safe (and not a waste) to attempt the second implantation step.

However, outside of both partner and public eye, this has been taken a step further. With further research into the interface, the Module Project has been opened up. The aim of this project is to create a full-body implantation of mechanical components designed to serve a particular function, most of these aimed at military operations. Said modules involve invasive inplantation procedures, and are are step above the previous step; as such, it requires both of the previous steps to be completed first to ensure compatibility, since a failure would be expensive. Despite this, the procedure requires a lengthy recovery time to avoid a large health risk to the user, involving immunosuppresents and large dosages of painkillers to limit damage to the person's body and prevent rejection. In addition, each usually features some of its own downsides for future use, along with long-term prescriptions being needed that tend to have their own side effects such as lethargy or hallucinatory effects. However, in exchange, users get essentially what amounts to a technological semblance; a highly toned down version of a normal semblance created through the use of machinery powered by the user's aura. Examples of these include:
- Surveillance Module, aimed at security officers, one that allows the user to control a small network of drones directly connected to the user's neural network for surveillance or light combat purposes, but have a large strain on the user's mind and tends to cause severe miagraines and eventual unconciousness when used for extended periods
- Barrier Module, aimed at Riot or Bodyguarding, allows for the creation of hardlight barriers in variable sizes. They can also generate a charge that allows for the temporary deployment of a barrier in a location, based on the amount of energy they generated before planting said barrier down, with the disadvantage of the user feeling a portion of the damage inflicted to the barriers due to their aura being present to allow for the formation of strong barriers and shattering of one causing temporary nausea
- Reaper Module, aimed at Hunters and Huntresses with certain semblances (specifically ones that generate some kind of temporary substance) that allows for said substance to cloak items that contain the user's aura, such as weapons or clothing, without having to constantly generate more of the substance. The disadvantage to this is prolonged usage can cause the user to begin taking damage from their own effect; for example, someone who generates fire may start getting lightly burned from areas where they have cloaked in fire. It also limits aura usage while active, as it is making efforts towards keeping their semblance in place rather than healing or shielding them, which is why (as it is used up) the user starts taking damage from their own semblance.

Shard Incorporated also does research in a broader variety of biomechanical areas, including rudimentary AI systems, automated defense systems and biomechanical interfaces for mechs or terminals to allow a user better and more instinctive access to these devices.

Political Relations: Shard Incorporated has a polite, if somewhat strained relationship with the Atlasian military. They are granted a certain degree of freedom from a combination of working to better humanity as a whole and David Shard's connections with a small number of Unit Commanders, but rumors surrounding the methods used to obtain said results are counteractive to building further connections. David Shard also holds video conferences with politicians in the other kingdoms, having more success in Vale, but relies on local managers in each location to go to physical demonstrations and to the revealings of new lines of products. Each local manager is granted a certain degree of freedom in their research topics, as long as their general progress is towards the betterment of humanity against the Grimm; of course, it has to be approved by the manager himself first, though.

With the Vale government, there is a much more strenuous relationship. The only reason that there hasn't been an official investigation into the company is due to the positive public opinion of the company; thanks to a large PR campaign and frequent demonstrations of new technology, the company enjoys high levels of public support, meaning that the government is hesitant to make any steps around the company despite the rumors and accusations against it.

Previously, several of the locale managers within Vale trained personal assistants to communicate with the more shady side of the business; this amounts to several smaller gangs located around the area. A small number of these groups who were considered to be more easily manipulated were granted access to a small stream of funding and several prototype devices that weren't marked officially by the company for their usage, in exchange for reporting upon the success of the devices. Eventually, this ended up with bringing in unremarkable and easily missable individuals for testing purposes. However, the forced testing has completely halted in recent years for two reasons; firstly, for someone being targeted out of spite and being a known citizen rather than a random gang member or a homeless bum, and secondly due to a string of eager volunteers generated by the company's now much higher public opinion and knowledge than when it was first still developing, including Hunters and Huntresses who have suffered debilitating injuries wanting to test out the cutting-edge of technology for limb replacements.  If the company simply takes it a bit further or somehow has those individuals decide to stay at the location because they have been grateful enough or inspired enough by the work that occurs there, well. They won't turn them down. While tenuous relationships are still kept with the local groups, any of them with possible links back to the company after the fiasco were quietly dealt with over time to make an example of what happens if they fail in an attempt to keep the rest of the gangs quiet. Supplies are still traded; namely resources to the groups and in return funds back to the Vale department of the company.

Shard Incorporated has recently opened up shaky connections with the White Fang through the assistants previously used for said gangs, attempting to strengthen relations through the drafting of possible trading operations that could take place - mainly to avoid any possible attacks from the organization, but also for possible connections in the future. The criminal side of the organization is mainly kept in the Vale location, where there is less chance of a negative response on the company, but rumors have spread into both kingdoms on the possible connections they hold - treated more as conspiracy theories to most but still causing distrust on the Atlas front, with Dr Shard having to call in several favors already to prevent any possible scandals.

Shard Incorporated's main sources of income are profits from large-scale prosthetics production and research grants (mainly from Atlas). In the Vale locales, the research is also funded through money gained from the groups the organization still deals with.

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Hayo. Feel free to ask any questions to me personally, or my characters / worldbuilds.

Approved Characters / Samantha Quartz
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Name: Samantha Quartz

Age: Eighteen

Species and Gender: Female Fox Faunus


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Occupation: First year Beacon student and part-time assistant at nearby Dust store.


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Sam is around average height, standing at 5'4. She has pale blonde hair, reaching down just below her collar and hanging over her right eye. She is a little thinner than average, and most of her weight is athletic muscle. Her skin is a pale white shade, and surprisingly smooth considering her occupation. Her right eye is cybernetic, glowing blue, while her left is grey - a smudge of faint amber at the centre. Around her right eye is a thin ring made of metal with a small line of wires and metal curving around the side of her head. Due to the off-putting appearance of the eye, Sam covers it up most of the time. She has two blonde fox ears on her head, but she flattens them against her hair to hide them in public. Similarly, she has a fairly bushy fox tail that she tucks into her trousers; a little bit harder to do than the ears, but it helps her get around in public easier. Behind everything, she can be attractive; she's got a slightly rough feminine look and is fairly well endowed, but she tends to cover up and wear baggy clothing to the point her gender can be hard to discern from first glance. She wears two chain bracelets around her wrists, with several spots that hide small claws on her knuckles and on the side of her thumb. Her right arm is heavily scarred along its side, with several artifical parts overlayed. A majority of remaining exposed skin, especially when wearing just a t-shirt, is usually covered up with wraps of bandages. Finally, Sam has four 'ports' on her back, metallic circles that appear to be the only complete implant. Commonly seen from those involved in Shard Incorporated, a high-ranking developmental science company, it allows for interface with a limited number of components; however, none look quite like the one that Sam has, which appears to be a prototype. These normally have four chains connected to them; not having the attached objects on her makes her feel like she's missing a limb.

Combat uniform:

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Sam’s combat uniform is a pair of combat trousers, a simple shirt and a hoodie; the trousers and hoodie both have light reinforcement beneath the surface, with small metal plates on key areas. The hoodie has a number of little chains on it for people to get their weapons hooked on, and at the back has four ports for her main chains to exit through. She typically wears a mask while having this on.

Casual and sleep wears:

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When with others, Sam often wears lightweight fully sleeved shirts and jeans along with trainers. She doesn’t tend to show much skin at all, but neither does she get particularly cold in winter, replacing her normal hoodie with a jacket at most. When by herself, she likes to wear t-shirts. Sam does have a few skirts and a dress (singular; she hates the things), but it’s very rare to see her wear either.

Her sleepwear is similar, being a simple grey set of a long shirt and trousers, along with slippers of similar colour, although when by herself she tends to wear an oversized shirt and shorts. More comfortable.

History:Sam was born in a fairly peaceful retirement town on the outskirts of Vale as the firstborn daughter of a famous pairing of hunters - the ‘Quartz Duo’ - and was, admittedly, pampered a fair bit by her parents. Many people had high expectations for her, and she quickly proved herself capable, getting excellent grades from her private tutors on various topics in academical areas. After her younger siblings were born, a twin boy and girl, her pampering decreased a little as would be expected with two other children in the house, but this gave her an opportunity to pursue some of her own interests - giving her a few hobbies and letting her gain some independence from her parents.

As a child who looks up heavily to their parents would do, she quickly started following in their footsteps, managing to persuade them to let her start training to be a Huntress. This didn't take much, considering her heritage – while a bit spoilt, she certainly wasn’t coddled when it came to hunting. Her father personally started training her with help from her parent's old teammate and Sam's godfather. Sam's hobby of tinkering was borne at this stage, and she started to prove herself capable with weapon construction and a natural at strategy, though her actual physique struggled to keep up at a young age and had trouble unlocking her aura; nothing she did got it to awaken, and for an admittedly spoilt child was a major source of frustration - something that no one could give her but she wanted. All the combat training did lead her to become a bit of a tomboy even at her young age. However, with continued encouragement from her parents, she instead took up usage of Dust to make up for this fault, learning to create semblance catalyst focis and practising the theory of using Dust patterns for ranged attacks. As time went by, she formed the base of her combat style with her starting weapon; a simple pair of swords that clipped together into a longer one. With her continual development and practise both watched by her parents and tutors, and of her own volition, she was on track to being admitted into one of the better hunting academies. She was popular, if a little overbearing sometimes at her school – challenging people to spars and performing well in class.

This changed a few months after her eleventh birthday. With fame comes infamy, and her parents had some enemies of their own - one of which was apparently not above using children as hostages. The house they lived in was fairly large (and more importantly, expensive) and as such had a few hired guards while her parents were out - but they weren't prepared for an actual targeted attack from a criminal organisation. They barged into the house and quickly took out the guards, quickly finding Sam and her siblings and took them away to a nearby warehouse converted into a holding cell and a research area for the organisation. While her siblings were simply left as hostages, the scientists there wished for a test subject, and Sam - being the oldest - had the most chance of surviving the procedure. As such, they decided to test a prototype on her, using it to gain valuable information about a large-scale implantation for future projects.

Sam doesn't like to talk about what occurs during this time, with her own memories of the event fragmented at best, but it ended up with the extensive scarring and an incomplete implant being placed in her body. When her parents finally arrived, they were petrified upon seeing their children captured and as hostages, unable to make any solid actions. They tried to persuade the members to stop what they were doing with their words, as any actions could set them off, and to try to stall for time for law enforcement to arrive. However, as the leader of the group got impatient, he set about making an example; hitting Sam's sister on the head and threatening for more unless they agreed to her demands. Not seeing her sister get back up, something inside of the faunus snapped, her aura and semblance finally unlocking as she used the implant given to her against the same people who had provided it. With the group distracted by the death of the leader and several other members, her parents finally moved into action, dispatching the rest of the group and allowing law enforcement to fully contain the situation.

With such a monumental change in pace of her life, Sam did the only thing she felt she could; she focused solely on the goal she had given herself. Trying to separate herself from the event as much as she could, she only ever properly talked to her brother during this period; her sister was in a coma, and despite knowing that they couldn't do anything she still held resentment towards her parents for their inaction. At some points, her parents did attempt to try and get her proper medical removal of the implants due to a recommendation from Sam's therapist, but she refused - despite the trauma that had come with obtaining them, they were also the things that eventually saved Samantha and her siblings from the group, and she was determined to use them for herself as one last spit on the face of the gang. As such, she received only the medical attention necessary for the implantations. She threw herself into her studies and training, despite being frequently hounded by political figures looking to garner sympathy, the media wanting a 'more personal' insight into the event and into various legal obligations with imprisoning the survivors of the event. People she had come to know as friends no longer knew her properly, coddling her and throwing her pitying looks that she couldn't even escape on the streets; the event was significant enough to have been publicised heavily on the news, being such a precise attack on an area considered to be safe.

In an attempt to try and get some peace of mind for just a short while in-between her work and to get away from her family, she moved in with the same godfather who had taught her originally. She finished crafting her first weapon, Prismatic Performance, wanting something unique to her outside of the implants that she'd built. During this time, her semblance had been developing into a far more prominent state; with her hypersensitivity combined with this, as well as the constant noise and action her life had been pushed into, she felt all the stress and tiredness start to catch up to her. She just threw herself into her tinkering, and to a lesser extent her combat style.

She passed the entrance exam of Beacon a year early, but her mental state was deemed too unstable at the time to join, and he had to go through a year of rehabilitation. The exhaustion of it all, all the anger she had built up at herself, her family and the general public, it all pushed down on her at that point. She'd gotten what she wanted, and now she didn't really know what else she was meant to do. In the end, she burnt out a little, just lazing about a majority of the time in a semi-dissociated state until the following year, picking up coding during this time. With a significant lack of social skills matched only by her now-laziness and a newfound love of large quantities of coffee, she was assigned to team VCVS.

The early days of her membership in VCVS were about average – she got along fine outside of training fine with her teammates, admittedly partially because she wasn’t around much (hiding out somewhere or tinkering at the forge) but maintained a somewhat friendly relationship with them. In terms of training and classwork, however, she was a source of frustration for some of her team, especially their leader Juno; she didn’t apply herself to anything, sleeping half the time and waiting right until a coursework was due to suddenly do the bare minimum in one night, despite occasionally showing promise in areas when irritated or pushed to do something. Usually the two came together. She grew a little more sombre after Caja had to leave their team, occasionally paying a bit of attention, but hasn’t really been top of her game, focusing more on her hobbies – leading to the recent crafting of Ashen Howl. The recent, more dramatic events have slowly lead to her upping her game in terms of training and tinkering - fighting the White Fang and the Vytal Tournament as examples - and files gained over the course of the group’s interactions with the criminal underworld have started leading her to a possible origin of her implant – and a rare determination to find out more. She was injured during the Vytal Tournament by Camelia, damaging her implant to a point it wasn't perfectly repairable.

Personality: Sam tends to and aims to project a laid-back and somewhat lazy persona. She is a fairly relaxed person, taking things as they come and doing things as late as she can get away with. The fox faunus is more of a listener than a speaker, and coupled with this means she’s good at listening to people’s problems – though she does tend to ramble when she finally does get going herself. She’s a fairly apathetic person, in part due to her past experiences, and has troubles with her own emotions at times. She can occasionally get sparks of her former self back when she’s interested in a particular topic or objective, though; even if she doesn’t always realise it herself. Similarly, while it takes specific topics or outcomes to actually anger her, she can often find it hard to let go once it does happen – while she’ll often use an ‘outraged’ hot anger for when someone irritates her, she burns slow when she’s actually angry, rather than just annoyed.

Samantha gets by being lazy through the merit of being very intelligent. While not great at remembering lists of data or hundreds of facts, she can put things together at fast speeds and pick up new concepts quickly. This leads her to being great at bullshit for her classes, and being excellent at strategy – when she actually puts her mind to it, that is. A combination of her lack of enthusiasm and not great self worth leads her to not putting her ideas into action a majority of the time, however.

Her hobbies are fairly varied; she enjoys smithing and tinkering, changing things around with her weapons and coming up with gadgets or devices for combat or her own amusement. She likes coding, coupled with her tinkering for more advanced gadgets and maintenance of her implant. Finally, she enjoys music; she plays the guitar and sings, though this hobby she mostly keeps to herself as a more private thing. Sam also likes to ‘take breaks’ from the world around her, isolating herself for a time – whether this is simply playing games in her room, or using her chains to get somewhere up high where she won’t be bothered, despite Juno’s comments that she shouldn’t be jamming a hook through the window to use as a way to hoist herself up onto the roof with her chains. It’s a silly habit, really, but one she’s kept since she was younger and finds hard to let go.

Aura and Semblance: Sam's aura is very large. However, she has difficulty actually controlling it with anything resembling finesse, though she is slowly improving on that front – she tends to take the brute force approach still, though. It has a blue-grey colour and a 'pulsing' musical appearance.

Sam's semblance is called Resonant Echoes. It allows her to manipulate sound waves in several ways; hearing, modifying and storing them. The hearing portion has a light passive effect, simply boosting her hearing lightly - but by focusing on it she can form a rudimentary echolocation of her surroundings. She finds it somewhat difficult to keep her sight up while using it; having two sources of input are very confusing for her. She can sense weak pulses from around twenty-five metres, though not their origin, origin points at fifteen and clear shapes from five metres away.

The other part of her semblance allows her to 'store' vibrations into an object. Doing this slowly causes said object to start vibrating itself, eventually forming a semi-solid wave around it with its properties based on the object's shape - a sword's one would be a sharp covering, while on a spherical object would be more cushioning and like very thick air. This can be continuously held, or released to release the stored energy in a wave or blast, though getting enough energy for each function takes exponentially more time, sped slightly by the amount of vibrations being used to 'fuel' up the charge. The charge can be continuously increased over time, with the main limit being the object degrading from the vibrations (even with them being lesser than the actual force stored in the object) and her physical stamina and possible damage to her aura when containing a highly charged store. This charges faster if she's focusing on it, i.e. not moving, just concentrating on it. Using this, however, does come with a drawback; while active, it creates a vacuum of sound around the charging item – muffling sound so that while her echolocation cannot sense around it, it near-silences sounds around it. She can hold a charge once it's at a desired amount to allow her to regain the hearing.

Using dust with her semblance adds a secondary effect based on the dust onto the sound waves depending on how long she's charged it; fire dust going from simply a wave of heat to flames flickering along with the wave, lightning dust causing a static to almost EMP effect and etcetera.

Combat Behavior: Sam's a good all-around fighter; she has options, if conditional, for all different ranges, though with long range being weaker than mid and close. She's best as a reactive or ambush fighter, skirmishing and testing an opponent's skills before taking advantage of a weakness or trying to take them out in one forceful assault. Ideally, in team combat, she'd be distracting an opponent while seeing how each of their opponents fights, then relay information and possible plans around her own. She can, however, go for a forceful attack; her semblance and weapons favour an all-out burst of activity, but after this initial rush or an opponent working a way around some of her abilities she has to take a step back and start reacting instead. She is capable of helping to control the pace of a fight by constantly keeping up a low level of pressure, using her chains and dust to force an opponent to keep on their toes. She is not as good with a defensive fight style, however; she usually just backs off or quickly runs, more of a skirmisher than a wall to block an opponent, and as such sometimes struggles to defend teammates as her larger crowd-control attacks take time to recover each shot. She's working on how she can integrate into a team combat scenario fluidly, rather than doing her own thing and feeding information back to them.

Sam's fighting style is fairly rhythmically based. She uses music to allow her to focus less on the pacing of her attacks, just firing off to a beat instead; this gives her more leeway in calculating what her next move should be and how she should go about it, at the cost of slight predictability. Her counterattacks tend to be a sudden burst of activity before going back down to a normal level, with a small quiet before the attack each time as she prepares herself. Each of these bursts tends to involve activity each time, up until it reaches an endpoint where she's run out of resources or stamina and she's left stuck at this weaker base level, which can lead to opponents who can outlast her gaining an advantage. Furthermore, any opponent who can overpower her and break this rhythm completely can leave her flat-footed, giving them time to attack her while her defenses are down. Finally, there's the obvious point of them recognising either the timings of her attacks or the switch from probing defenses to sudden activity, but she's learnt a little about quickly changing up the exact timings on these to use it to her advantage, rather than a weakness; a sudden change from an expected pattern lets her occasionally get in some cheap shots. And she's not above using any kind of cheap shot.


Name: Prismatic Performance

Primary Form: Staccato and Encore: A pair of linked shortswords, attached with a chain inbetween them. This chain can extend to allow for one sword to be thrown and drawn back, or even use both swords on the end of the chains. One is made of a black metal and the other a white one, cosmetically made to look like crystal.

Secondary Form: Crescendo: Formed by pressing the two swords together and activating the frameshift, a chainsword is formed; the crystal-edged material circling the primary blade. The weapon needs to have its momentum taken advantage of for repeated blows due to the control being limited by the sawblade, but in turn the loud noise generated allows for quicker build-up of her semblance. The shape itself means, along with the main sonic wave held around it, repeated small blades can cut.

Dust Functions:  None of the weapons have any innate dust functions, though using dust on her semblance's effects can affect the sonic waves the blades generate.

History: When Samantha first started crafting the pair of shortswords, she'd based them vaguely off each of her parent's own weapons in terms of colour and design. The chains, and subsequent chainsword function, were added after she got her implants - meant to differentiate her from her parents, but also to try and show she could take what they had and make it better than they ever had. Prismatic Performance is her weapon of choice, and her fighting style is based around it.

Name: Ashen Howl (Prototype)

Primary Form: A custom semi-automatic anti-material rifle. The gun has a bipod designed to attach onto the surface it's placed on tightly to provide a steady plain on uneven surfaces, and a variable scope. She can muffle the weapon's firing sound to some extent using her semblance, or use it to charge each round before firing.

Secondary Form: A storage form, where the gun bends in half then folds various components inwards to form a mismatched box shape.

Dust Functions: Ashen Howl can load dust rounds of a high calibre for a fair effect, and her semblance's effect causes these to have a weaker effect in a larger radius around the central impact.

History: Ashen Howl is a recent construction, and still not finalised in design. The weapon was made in her first year at Beacon; she realised that she could use a longer range option that worked with her destructive combat style, and that her team could use an expansion in their longer range stopping power. She's not quite a crack shot, but she's improving at its use, especially after the Vytal tournament.

Name: Unnamed

Primary Form: A group of four ports on Sam's back; the implants can connect to an object and control it with fair flexibility as long as the item itself has a range of movement, such as wires or the commonly used chains. The ports function through connection to a microcomputer planted in her spinal chord, interpreting her intentions into movements in combination with artificial nerves linked to her central nervous system. The objects used can be moved with about as much force as a normal limb, when taking into account the weight of the material couples with the lesser direct motion, though they tend to need a little bit of a windup for an impact instead of just being used to trip someone up. Anything that attaches to the implant requires a matching port to connect to it; new attachments can be created, but it takes time for both construction and learning to use them, along with the discomfort of essentially replacing a limb with an entirely different one. There's a weight limit to the attachable objects, with heavy chains being Sam's limit as of yet. The implant has been slightly on the fritz since her fight in the Vytal Tournament and the injury she received.

Dust Functions: While it's a bit difficult to apply dust to something inside her body, she can attach things to the chains if he wants to have some sort of effect or just coat the chains themselves, though it's not something she can do on the fly. However, she can use dust-coated tips on the chains, or use the chains themselves as a focal point for the casting usage of dust, though she's still practising this as it tends to result more in her blowing up than anything usable.

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