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RPG Discussion / Seig's Writing Seminars: Arc Nullification
« on: December 05, 2017, 02:01:16 AM »
      Hello everyone! If you don't know who I am yet. My name is Seig and I'm one of the Character Creation mods here. I've been a member here for coming on 3 years now, and have been roleplaying as a whole for another decade on top of that. So while I'm not a professional writer by any means, I have quite a bit of experience under my belt. So I wanted to do something with that knowledge to help the community.

       I'm starting a ((hopefully)) weekly discussion I'm calling "Seig's Writing Seminars" in order teach people about some of the lesser known pitfalls and troubles one can run into when writing a fictional Character or event. These will all be open discussions, so not only are questions welcome, they are encouraged. The point of these discussions is to to help us all grow as writers, myself included. Keep in mind that this is all drawn from my personal experiences and education. You may not feel the same way about a topic as I do, and that's ok! Tell me why you disagree. All opinions are welcome. Now, with that all said, let us dive into our first topic.

Arc Nullification

       The first question is, of course, what is arc nullification? Arc nullification is when an event or plot point changes a character in a way that undoes their previous character arc, either setting them back where they started or even just making the actions of said arc meaningless. It is honestly a very common pit to fall into. I have done it before as well. Most often than not, arc nullification occurs when a character goes through a second traumatic event. It is very easy to have the character relapse into exactly what they were after their first traumatic episode. If you've done this that's alright. It doesn't make your character bad. Just as maybe borrowing a cliche or two doesn't ruin a character.

       The next question then is, "How do I avoid arc nullification? Should my character not go through multiple tragedies?" Of course not, there is no need to limit yourself out of fear. The simple answer is to keep track of how your character has changed across their lives. I'm going to use our previous example as a guide to show what I mean. Let's take our PC here and give him a quick backstory.

      When he was a young boy he saw his best friend be murdered by Grimm because of a mistake he made. This caused him to have a crippling fear of being in charge of anyone's safety. It also makes it hard for him to get close to people. However after his first few years at Beacon, he gains friends that bring him his self confidence once again. Then our second tragedy strikes. One of his teammates is killed by a poor decision he made. Once again our PC is thrust into his worst fears. However, because of the time he spent with people at Beacon, and anyone else he has interacted with. He doesnt react exactly like he did last time. Now he shuts himself off from the group, helping them on missions where he can, but still refusing to take any form of leadership, even for a moment. But he stills tries to maintain those relationships he made. He still tries to keep close to these people. He is still scarred and damaged by the event. Yet he is still changed enough by his experiences, that instead of shunning the world as he did the first time, he would still try to have those relationships with his teammates. Even if they are a more distant one. His experiences between those two events changed the way that he deals with his personal tragedy. That is the secret to avoiding arc nullification. Just think about what your character has gone through that would shape their reactions differently than the way they would have in an earlier time of their life. Even a small change will form a stronger, more well defined character.

      Alright everyone! That brings us to the end of the first Seig's Writing Seminar. As I said before. Please feel free to add your questions or comments and I will be happy to answer any of them! I hope this helped you and I will see you next week! ((If i don't get lazy again))

So hey everyone! I'm Seig.

Aside from being the general jackass annoying jackass of the site. I'm also a character moderator. So if you have any questions feel free to PM me on the site or drop me a message on our discord.

(Everything in this profile is sort of in its base form. I am looking for some refinement of the ideas so I can make this White Fang Captain a good one)

Name: Varena Ragvos/ Captain Dancer
Age: 46

Species and Gender: Female Tiger Faunus

Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: Captain of the White Fang

Appearance: Standing at an huge 6’7, Varena is an very imposing woman. Being a descendant of the Zen’Vacrin tribes has given her a few unique features very rare in the world of remnant. THe two most striking being her bright red eyes and her long straight silver hair which runs down to her lower back. A Due to her Aura, age has been incredibly kind to her. She still looks like a woman in her late 20’s. s Dancer she wears a standard white fang uniform with a Lion mask.

History: Sample Text

Personality: Years of being in the radically changed White Fang has enabled Varena to compartmentalize her personality. As Varena she is a rather sweet motherly figure. Decades of being both a Huntress and a Mother have given her an immense patience. For her to reach a boiling point of anger takes an incredible amount of tragedy or distress to cause her to snap. As much as she was taught to love the humans, Varena will still prioritize the lives of Faunus over them, though she would not hesitate to save humans either. One of her most unique traits is her terrible sense of humor. She will spout one liners or jokes that usually only she finds hilarious.She loves cheesy action one liners and spews dad jokes whenever she gets bored.

Dancer is similar but much much different. She seldom jokes, usually only when in company of other off duty White Fang. While Dancer retains Varena’s patience it is much less generous. Dancer will tolerate mistakes but she will not tolerate outright violent/genocidal statements against the humans, at least unprovoked. She will maintain that the White Fang is pro Faunus, even if it takes force. Not Anti Human. However even with all this she still places Faunus lives over human’s. And will act against them in retribution or if she feels it will help her race. Dancer spends most of her time in a state of almost serene calm, never letting her emotions overflow in either direction.

Aura and Semblance: Point Breaker is a very destructive semblance. Whenever Varena lands a blow on an enemy, wherever her attack landed a pocket of aura is formed. Unlike a traditional explosive her semblance is built more as a breaching charge. She can use it instantly by hitting with one of her limbs for an instant small force blast, or charged into a single part of her body. With the explosion densely concentrated in one spot. This “Point” can be charged with as much aura as she wants, with about half minute of charge she can blow through a concrete wall. At it’s full charge time of a minute and and a half her semblance can pierce through a solid metal wall, shredding it to pieces. The main weak point of this semblance is to be charged she cannot hit the enemy with whatever she is charging at the moment. She can put pressure on whatever she is charging, like walking or doing a handstands. But any kind of jolt such as blocking will cause her to discharge the gathered power in all directions.

Combat Behavior:  Varena is an incredibly agile fighter. Being able to twist and contort her body into near impossible positions. On top of that her sense of balance is near perfect, almost never losing her positioning as contorted and in motion her body is. Her other main focus is her rather surprising strength. While not a massive powerhouse like her Daughter Mithra. THe elder Ragvos is far stronger than she looks.


Dancer’s Weapons

Name: Rubicante, Cagnazzo, Barbariccia, Scarmiglione

Primary Form: Dancer’s four extendable blades that are attached to all four limbs. Rubicante on her right arm. Scarmiglione on her left. Cagnazzo on her left leg. And Barbariccia on her right. The four are kept in her personalized gauntlets and greaves named Geryon. Each blade is two and a half feet long.

Secondary Form:.

Tertiary Form:.

Dust Functions: Every one of the blades can be infused with one of the main dust elements. Rubicante’s fire dust sets the blade aflam, Cagnazzo’s water dust will release a razor stream of water that cuts like a razor right from the tip of it’s blade. Scarmiglione’s earth dust causes any earthy surface to explode in a cone around the user. And Barbariccia’s wind dust Will release a gust of wind when called upon.


Name: Geryon

Primary Form: Geryon is Dancer’s personal set of armor. Two Full arm gauntlets and a full set of greaves. Each has a dust powered apparatus for extending the blades kept in each piece of the armor. The two arm blades are kept on the top of the forearm, with the two gauntlets going past her elbow to hold the extra length of the blades. ON her command the blades will explode forward and retract in a fraction of a second. Geryon is polished and cut to give it a glittering silver finish, adding to Dancer's "Mystique"


AMA Section / The Ragvos Twins AMA
« on: October 04, 2016, 07:21:36 PM »
Ask the Giant and the Bitch anything you want. Or just pester Seig.

Approved Characters / Mira Ragvos
« on: October 02, 2016, 03:28:58 PM »

Name: Mira Ragvos

Age: 24

Species and Gender: Female Tiger Faunus

Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: 4th Year Beacon Student. Weaponsmith/Inventor

Appearance: Mira, as a descendant of the Zen’Vacrin tribes, has several traits rarely seen in the rest of Remnant. She stands at a rather imposing 6'7. Her hair is a deep purple that falls like a veil down to her lower back. Her eyes are a crimson red, with cat like slits for pupils, giving her enhanced night vision. Her other faunas trait is the two ears perched upon her head, covered in purple fur. She as severe burns covering the left side of her body, her left arm being a charred black and lightening as it reaches towards her left breast and abdomen. These burns are kept wrapped in bandages at all times, only ever coming off when she is alone.

History:Mira was born with her twin Mithra, as the second child of Varena Ragvos and Kenneth Derinel. Kenneth was a wealthy industrialist who ran a very profitable mining company. Varena was a retired huntress who decided to focus on raising her children. While Mithra was her mother’s child, Mira took entirely after her father. She would constantly take everything in the house apart and attempt to put it back together...usually poorly. The rest of her days were spent with her ill sister, who was almost always bedridden due to her massive size. Once Mithra had her aura activated, Mira joined her every single day in training. She was always there to make weapons for her sister.

Mira’s life was rather uneventful compared to her sister’s. She spent most of her time tinkering with weapons and training with her mother, even while she went to signal academy. However upon graduation tragedy struck. A simple gift from her sister exploded when activated, heavily burning the left side of Mira’s body. The pain was so intense that Mira went into shock. When she finally came to she was in the burn ward of the hospital, her arm so damaged she couldn’t even move it. She spent 2 months in the hospital, and several more in physical therapy before she had full control of her arm back. At first Mira was absolutely furious with her sister. However this quickly subsided.

Even though she survived, Mira’s personality drastically changed. She was no longer a quiet girl. She was loud, abrasive, and fearless. This caused her to get kicked out of several teams during her time at Beacon. Eventually she found her hopefully permanent one at Beacon. Although her teammate seriously pisses her off, she truly wishes to stick with this one. Now in her final year, Mira wants to do everything she can to set her life on teh right path.

Personality: Mira is an incredibly blunt person. Almost always saying what she feels regardless of whether it is warranted or not. She is also incredibly vulgar, commonly swearing and never afraid to make sexual innuendos. She gives most people the bare minimum level of respect, the main exceptions being teachers and people in the service industry. Mira also has no qualms when it comes to sexuality, usually up for a one night stand, or simply wearing very revealing clothing on a day to day basis. Despite all of this, Mithra is actually a rather fragile person when it comes to her looks, especially her burns. She also does secretly care for most of her teammates, even if she will never admit it out loud.

Aura and Semblance: Mira’s semblance allows her to spray a cloud of smoke from her mouth, spreading to a maximum of 50 meters. The full 50 feet takes 4 seconds for Mira to expel. Mira has to blow air out her mouth while using her semblance, and cannot use it if she can’t breathe. Using it generally leaves her out of breath for a few moments, as well as leaving a bitter taste in her mouth. Using fire dust Mira changes from blowing smoke to spewing a cone of burning hot ash, reaching about 25 feet in front of her. Using water dust she can spray a stream of mist into a cloud around 40 feet wide. Using both fire and water dust, Mira can breathe a cloud of highly flammable vapor, 25 feet across, essentially creating a fuel air bomb.

Combat Behavior: Despite her brash personality, Mira is a very calculating fighter. She stays almost completely silent in combat, using her natural faunus abilities to stay as stealthy as possible. With enough room and ability to concentrate, Mira can run advanced calculations in her head.If she has enough time to prepare she can usually pull off several shots in quick succession, each hitting the target they were aimed at. Even without preparation, Mira is an incredibly talented shot, able to accurately wield her small rifle with one hand. However once she is engaged in close range combat, Mira actively returns to her abrasive personality. Unlike her standard insults, Mira is purposefully trying to piss her opponent off and goad them into doing something. Usually to buy enough time for a teammate to come and help her.


Name: Tel’Za’Vrok

Primary Form: Tel’Za’Vrok  is a massive anti-grimm cannon designed for taking out large Grimm from afar. Weighing 50 pounds and using special custom rounds designed by Mithra itself, it is a vicious gun that is only used in rare occasions. The weapon itself is very sleek, with gentle slopes and rounded edges instead of the sharp blocky look of most guns. This leaves it looking more like a sci fi laser than a ballistic cannon.

Tel’Za’Vrok uses two special rounds on top of standard shells. Each round is encased in a heavy shell that is designed to pierce deep into a target before releasing their payload.

Inferno rounds: A charge of wind dust surrounded by a ring of fire dust. When the round is activated the fire dust is set off first, creating a burst of flame and eating away at the unprotected flesh. A moment later the wind dust is activated, feeding the fire and creating an explosion.

Tempest: Unlike the Inferno round, Tempest rounds are designed to explode on impact, stunning the target and allowing it to dispense it’s payload of Ice and wind dust, flash freezing the target’s body. This round is usually aimed at the head, allowing a quick second shot to shatter the weakened spot.

Secondary Form: Mira places the stock of Tel’Za’Vrok into the ground as the bipod embeds itself as supports. The weapon shifts with the long barrel folding down to reveal the mortar barrel underneath. In this form Mira’s destructive capabilities are at maximum. Mira carries three rounds on her at all times. A standard cluster bomb shell. A shell she lovingly refers to as Daisy Cutter, which explodes midair and covers a wide radius in burning napalm. And her blizzard round, which releases a massive explosion of ice dust on contact, flash freezing a ring around the shell.

History: Tel’Za’Vrok is Mira’s strongest weapon. Created halfway through her third year, it is easily one of her favorite creations.


Name: Tel’Ca’Xen

Primary Form: Tel’Ca’Xen is Mira’s personal sniper rifle, and favored weapon. It is designed more for velocity than distance, as super long range fights are rare. It has two long barrels set on a rotary system, usually locked in place. It has a variable scope equipped with both a thermal and a ultraviolet setting.

Secondary Form: When a target is too big for normal shots, but not enough to warrant using her anti tank rifle, Mira activates the rotary ring and switches to full auto. In this mode Mira switches out her standard mag for a much larger one, and can fire at a rate of 3 shot per second.

Dust Functions:

History: Tel’Ca’Xen is Mira’s primary weapon. Made from teh remains of her third year weapon, Mira completely overhauled it into it’s enw design at the beginning of her fourth year.


Name: Tel’Xa’Vec

Primary Form: Tel’Xa’Vec is Mira’s main sidearm. It takes the form of a standard marksman's rifle. She uses it mainly when a target is not worth using her main weapon.

Secondary Form: The barrel shortens and the stock changes to a different shape as it goes from a single shot marksmen rifle to a burst round assault rifle. Mithra uses this form for mid range combat where she needs to keep someone pinned down.

Tertiary Form: In it’s third form the barrel disappears almost completely and the stock is also shortened. In this form Tel’Xa’Vec is fully automatic. Mira only uses this form as a last resort. If someone gets too close Mira will use this form to pour an entire clip of stoppping power into a pursuer.

History: Mira designed Tel’Xa’Vec at the beginning of fourth year. It was designed for versatility over all else.


Name: Talzin’Cal’Vaza

Primary Form: Talzin’Cal’Vaza is a set of advanced combat armor. It is a set of metal plates , with an underlying mesh of chainmail surrounded by two thin layers of ballistic fiber weave. The real marvel is the back unit, which holds a specialized weapon rack. The weapon rack is easily customizable to fit nearly any weapons, and can hold up to four rifles at once, or two larger weapons. The back unit uses special magazines to automatically reload any weapon placed in it’s weapon racks. It’s greatest feature is the self defense system in the forearms. If the user is in danger they activate the emergency switch on the back of the right thumb. The fire dust stored in the forearms activates, and several dozen steel balls are fire in a wall in front of the wearer, for the strongest stopping power possible. Mira’s personalized armor has several dust pockets in the tips of her fingers. They are activated by holding up the fingers one at a time. They are only usable once before needing to be refilled. She keeps fire and water dust stored in her fingers.

History: Talzin’Cal’Vaza is Mira’s magnum opus. It roughly translates to “Invincible borne Stone.” Talzin’Cal’Vaza was made with help from her father’s company, Mira intended to make a strong yet easily mass producible set of armor than could be distributed at large to hunters and Huntresses across all four kingdoms. Finished at the end of her third year, the prototype is still undergoing testing. She hopes to have the final version finished by the end of her 4th year.

Approved Characters / Mithra Ragvos
« on: September 25, 2016, 03:54:36 AM »

Name: Mithra “Giantess of Beacon” Ragvos

Age: 23

Species and Gender: Female Tiger Faunus


Occupation: 4th Year Beacon Student, Novelist

Spoiler: ShowHide

MIthra has easily earned her nickname of the Giantess of Beacon, standing at an imposing 7’7. Being a descendant of the Zen’Vacrin tribes, Mithra also has features rare to most of Remnant. THe most striking being her naturally red eyes and golden hair, which flows down like a veil to her knees. While her breasts would be very large by normal standards, a G cup, due to the size of the rest of her body they are well proportioned. Mithra has a noticeable level of musculature, with well defined abdominal muscles and biceps. 

History: Mithra was born with her twin Mira, as the oldest child of Varena Ragvos and Kenneth Derinel. Kenneth was a wealthy industrialist who ran a very profitable mining company. Varena was a retired huntress who decided to focus on raising her children. Mithra grew rapidly, beyond what her body could safely handle. Most of Mithra’s childhood was spent inside, without much movement. Her heart problems and brittle bones stealing away any possibility of strenuous activity. Even with her disabilities Mithra always wanted to be a huntress as long as she was able to talk, while Mira was always her supporter. When the twins reached the age of 10, Mithra was brought before the family doctor. Under the doctor’s supervision, Varena awakened her daughters aura. The young girl was shocked, she suddenly didn’t feel weak anymore. In fact she felt better than ever. The young girl stayed at the hospital for a few days, the doctor’s supervising her physical therapy. AFter a few days Mithra was sent back home, with regular visits to the doctor to check on her progress. The girl spent every waking moment in physical activity. Even something as simple as running made her ecstatic.
With her condition vastly improved, Varena finally agreed to teach her child what she knew about being a huntress. Mithra relished the lessons, quickly learning the skills her mother taught her. Eventually Mithra convinced her twin to join her. The two grew to be quite a pair. It was around this time that MIthra discovered her love for storytelling, as she loved her mother's tales of mighty Grimm and gallant Hunters.
When the two were of age they were sent to Signal, and stayed a team. Their time at signal was rather uneventful, with Mithra being a star combatant and Mira finding her calling as a weapon designer. Mithra also had her first book published to very positive acclaim. Last Fragments was a Science Fantasy novel about the events leading up to the events that caused Remnant to become the way it was. With the success of the book Mithra was able to sign on with a publisher, releasing another book before she left Signal.
When the twins returned home after graduation, Mithra felt like she was too dependant on her twin, as Mira had always developed the pairs weapons. In order to show her independence, Mithra decided to surprise a sister with a weapon that she crafted. It was a simple flaming sword, but Mithra was happy that she had made it all on her own. When her twin returned from shopping one day, Mithra presented her with the weapon. Tragedy quickly struck when Mira activated her gift. Mithra had failed to install the dust device correctly, and when it was activated it exploded into fire and shards of metal. Mira’s aura was down at the time and such was unprepared for the accident. Flames coated her arm and side, while shards of metal tore through her skin. MIthra quickly took her sister to the hospital but the damage had already been done. Mira was permanently scarred because of Mithra’s mistake. While Mira was understandably angry at first, she soon forgave her twin. Mithra however did not take the event well. She withdrew her personal feelings and started to ignore the world around her, smiling at everything. Once Mira finished healing the pair were sent to Beacon academy to study. The two were separated into different teams in initiation, which at that point was fine with Mithra. The two kept in constant contact however, with Mira still building weapons for her and her sister. Mithra released several more books during her time at Beacon, gaining a large following of fans and a decent amount of money from her work. Now at her final year Mithra is ready to graduate, and hopefully finally patch things up with her sister.

Personality: Contrary to her rather imposing stature. Mithra is incredibly bright and bubbly. Seeming almost innocent to a point. She almost seems to exist in a constant state of happiness. That isn’t to say nothing bothers her. Mithra has an incredibly unhealthy habit of shoving whatever negative feelings she has inside herself, and then ignores them. While she has a deep love for her twin sister, Mithra cannot be around her without feeling guilt for how she caused Mira’s accident. Mithra is also extremely protective of her teammates, reacting very harshly to any type of threat or even insult.

Aura and Semblance: Mithra’s aura manifests itself in a fluid flamelike red, twisting and morphing around her body when she uses it. Mithra’s semblance is known as Beatdown. When her semblance is activated it causes two aura arms to emerge from her shoulderblades. These aura arms are just as powerful as her real ones, essentially doubling her physical strength. They only drain Mithra's strength when they are actively being used, just as with her normal arms. They put the same exertion on her as would her normal arms, essentially cutting her stamina in half if she uses all four at once. Mithra’s aura is always active at a low level, compensating for her usually weak heart and bones. Due to this her aura recharges at a much slower rate than most people, requiring longer rest periods. Losing her aura is also extremely dangerous, once her aura drops below 10% Mithra’s bones lose the support from her aura, allowing for easy fractures. And once it drops below 5% her heart is left on its own, during which and physical activity can send her into cardiac arrest.
Combat Behavior: Mithra is called a barbarian for no small reason. her combat style is very unsophisticated and generally boils down to hit thing with sword. Luckily Mithra is very good at hitting things with her seemingly impractical weapon. Its bulk actually serves as a tool to further its mobility. The width of the blade acting as a wing, easily switching directions mid swing when Mithra turns the shaft of the blade. This mobility is further added when the jets are activated. In the whip form Mithra disregards her personal safety and that of those around her. She twirls it around. occasionally using a burst of the jet to keep the speed up, it is completely capable of ripping through fully grown trees in this state, but can get caught by steel or thick enough rocks and steel. Mithra is rather useless inside, relying on brawling techniques. Mithra also has little talent for tactics, preferring to just hit thing until it stops moving.


Name: Zer’a’ven

Primary Form: A massive greatsword, 7 feet in length, with a the blade 3 feet in width. The blade weighs an astonishing 150 pounds, and has enough force behind it to cleave solid rock in two. When one of four button on the shaft is activated, vents open on the corresponding side of the side of the blade, releasing a jet of activated fire dust, shooting the blade forward at impressive speed.
Secondary Form:  By twisting the pommel of her weapon, the locks disengage, segmenting the blade into 20 chevron shaped segments. In this whip form Zer’a’ven reaches an impressive 10 feet in length. The jets can still be activated in this form, but only on the first 3 segments.

Dust Functions: Zer’a’ven uses fire dust powered jets which are refilled through removing the hilt of the blade. The central spine of the weapon holds space for dust canisters which are emptied and distributed to the jets. It cannot be used for extensive period of time and only holds enough for 30 short bursts of 2 seconds. The whip mode can work like the normal blade, but also can use sustained jets of 5 seconds.

History: Zer’a’ven was designed by Mithra’s twin sister Mira after her previous weapon was destroyed in combat with a deathstalker. Mira designed her sister’s weapon for complete domination in open spaces, while at the same time forgoing interior operations.

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