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Beacon Academy / [Open] Breakfast At Bacon
« on: February 13, 2019, 12:18:17 PM »
It was early morning at Beacon with a winter chill in the air, the grounds sparsely populated by students who were on their own way to the various sections of the Academy or heading towards the main city.  Hanging around the sparring area after walking from the dorms, Aoife would be a clothed and armoured twirling her spear around absentmindedly as she held a bacon sandwich in her mouth. Launching the weapon up into the air like a baton, she'd grab hold of the sandwich to take a large chunk out and start chewing it. Swallowing with a little effort as it gets stuck, she'd then grab the spear and plant it tip first into the ground, speaking to the Panda teammate who had made the sandwich, she'd go,  "You know, you're not entirely terrible at making these. I'd probably make better if I put effort into it, but these will pass."
After the rather haughty remark, she'd go to kick the spear out of the ground and upwards, moving her hand down the shaft to start spinning and twirling it again, shoving the sandwich back into her mouth so she had both hands available, every so often her mouth moving in an instant to acquire a better grip of the sandwich and to positively inhale it so she could prepare for another large chomp.

Approved Characters / Aoife Ridire
« on: January 29, 2019, 03:17:38 PM »

Name: Aoife Ridire

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Female Cat Faunus.

Symbol:  Symbol of a cat afire, with flames representing the body.
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Occupation: Second Year Beacon Student

Appearance: Adorned in loose fitting attire and with small shoulder pauldrons, the Faunus would have no ears, instead their main visual traits being having sharpened teeth which has led to a more carnivorous diet, and a platinum blonde tail. As for her face, she has platinum blonde hair down to her collarbone which cuts off into a reddish hue the further it goes down. She has grey eyes and has a tendency towards wearing makeup, such as lipstick and blush.
For Combat attire, Aoife wears light pieces of plate which are held in place with gravity dust, which can be turned off and on so that it acts like proverbial Velcro (which is rather wasteful, not that Aoife has particularly cared about), letting them easily be applied or removed. She's otherwise 5'9" and around 140 Pounds

Spoiler: ShowHide

History: Born to a human and a Faunus. Her father was an Atlesian soldier who was saved by a Faunus Huntress named Alyssa from Vacuo. The start of what would be a brief relationship, her mother moved to the Kingdom of Atlas following the birth of Aoife, though would move away from her former partner while she was four years old. Because of the split, Aoife drifted towards her mother and her profession. While not encouraged by the various childminders who would cover whenever Alyssa had to leave the area for periods of time on Huntress duties. However, despite this for her sixth birthday she had her aura unlocked by Alyssa both as a birthday present, and as a way to cut medical costs due to the many accidents she would get in leading to various minor wounds, such as cutting herself on sharp knives as she pretended they were swords.
Considering her aura both a new toy and the number one tool of a huntsman, she’d spend as much time both learning from books, asking questions about, and checking online for information on aura to that she became rather efficient with its usage. This would luckily save her life when she was ten. After a ‘confrontation’ with the most recent of the minders, she ran out of the house towards the snowy wastes. Not dressed for the weather, it was only via the discovery of her semblance that kept her warm until she could be rescued, with trees being burnt down to create smoke to signal local authorities.
 It was at this point that she was then transferred to a Hunters academy where she started learning to become a proper Huntsman after the event. While initially done at Atlas, after three years she was transferred to Signal Academy after her mother moved them down to Vale. Discovering more information on Dust while in Vale, Aoife struggled to catch up to other individuals with knowledge to that effect and never got around to making a specific ranged weapon, instead relying on her Semblance and what dust abilities she could manage to scrape through the Beacon Application.
Since joining Beacon, she has still struggled with the aspect of Ranged weaponry, predominantly focusing on maximizing the usage of her spear, her semblance, and what dust she uses, which with her other teammates being more towards close range, it will likely go well in full team vs team duels.

Personality: Personality wise, she can be a bit of an ass. Swinging from bubbly and asking twenty questions, to antagonistic and using what information she knows on a person to belittle them. While this doesn’t extend to authority figures, or the presence of them. She’s more than willing to remember a slight even if it is relatively minor. Acting on it however, depends on her mood, ignoring perceived betrayals for weeks on end until bringing it up when she feels like it.  However, if she becomes friends with someone she can be quite doting, regularly spending money, time and breath on just making sure they're okay, fed, and have entertainment. However, even with her friends her anger can be very close to the surface. She can give insults but can't take them which is a concern for her teammates or anyone nearby her, and is generally agitable. In Combat, this apparent innate need to pick apart people comes to the forefront. Using the Spear to an advantage, she chiefly aims to strike out lethally at vulnerable points on her opponents. However if angered, this pointed and almost strategic form of combat will break down to just trying to win the fight via teeth and flame, sometimes going over the top just to ensure she has won and everyone and thing knows it.

Aura and Semblance: Phoenix Flame: Aoife’s semblance would be her ability to spontaneously combust and manipulate the aura based fire. These flames can only spawn on her body, though can be manipulated for various uses such as being projected in a flamethrower-esque way, permitted it is still connected to herself. When used in this way, it is akin to a cone with a range of fifteen metres. Temperature Wise the flames come to around that of a rich fuel Bunsen Burner (900C at its strongest).
Other than for offensive strikes, she can use it defensively to a degree. Chiefly through creating her own flames to redirect prolonged fire. However, explosions or other sudden bursts of flame are far from her ability to control, having to avoid them or otherwise neutralize with dust. Other than this, it has a natural counter in the form of water or ice which will turn her flames into steam upon combat, meaning she has to put more aura into the same attack and can cause her to drain herself of all her aura if she comes against a concentrated wall of water.

Combat Behavior:  Aoife’s an extremely aggressive fighter. Due to a lack of ranged weaponry, her only choice is to go straight at the enemy or to get in a medium to close range so that her weapon and semblance can be effective. On top of this, while she has the natural advantages which come with being a cat faunus, mainly being reflexes and night vision, she chiefly has trained in her agility, stamina and aura as opposed to a more rounded regimen so that she can reach her targets fairly quickly, keep moving for longer, and to use her semblance a fair amount as opposed to taking damage, performing spectacles with dust or just hitting the enemy really hard. As can be inferred, she hasn’t trained towards getting hit, or towards a strength competition and as such, she uses more aura when defending against damage compared to the average individual, and has to rely on her spear & momentum to avoid damage otherwise she can be knocked back, prone or otherwise manhandled if forced into a corner. On top of this, she lacks any form of proper hand to hand combat training so if she is  disarmed of both spear and gauntlet, her hand to hand is sub-par to say the least, akin to an untrained individual trying to go up against a trained martial artist.  As mentioned under personality, Aoife can hit two
spectrum's rather easily. Either overly arrogant of her self assured victory and missing a crucial strike by just being haughty, or flying into a fury when angered, where she forgoes strategy or tactics to simply smash and burn the enemy into the ground. This tends to leave her vulnerable and without spending time on defending, while also being a major drain on her aura due to excessive usage of her semblance.  Against Armoured opponents Aoife can struggle with as well. The spear is not particularly effective at piercing through plate and instead she has to focus on joints and gaps in the armour, which can significantly lower the amount of areas to defend against.


Name: Love’s Bite.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Primary Form: Predominantly the form of a spear, Love’s bite refers to both the Spear weapon and a pair of gauntlets which are worn in tandem with the spear. It is predominantly covered in a blue cloth to help with grip, and the inside of the spear has gravity dust At the bottom of the spear by the pommel is a dust injection system, so that types of dust can be switched out and replaced. The Gauntlets would appear to be little more than hardened leather, however they would have a switch on the side of each which connects to gravity dust within the gauntlets. The main reason for this is so that when activated, the pair are attracted and return to each other, the main usage of this being after she has thrown the spear or been disarmed and needing to regain her only weapon. Its full length is six feet long, and is designed to be used with two hands.

Secondary Form: The second form for Love’s bite is that the spear can segment to act like a mixed three section staff and a flail. It is extremely flexible, and can extend or bend easily thanks to the chains holding the handle segments together. The speartip acts as its own section allowing for a bladed side to be used in combat. The pommel also disconnects, leaving a second side with a blunt instrument to bludgeon enemy Grimm with. With the addition of the chains increasing the size, it's still effective range is a mere eight to ten feet, nothing compared to a gun.

Tertiary Form: There is no third form, other than using the Spear as a Javelin. Though there is no appearance change for this.

Dust Functions: The spear has multiple dust usages, however they are predominantly melee enhancement, and are listed below.
Gravity: The only dust function to include the Gauntlet. Both the spear and Gauntlet have a set of connected buttons which when both are 'active' (a flicked switch on the shaft, and an internal trigger in the gauntlet) it is used predominantly to return the spear to the gauntlets. while initially made so that she could readily get her spear after throwing it, a side usage would be that she can use the gravity dust to pull other objects towards the gauntlet, though it is easily resisted by another person or Grimm.
Electricity: The spear gains a static shock with its attacks which can cause brief stuns if a strong hit is taken.
Fire: While her semblance enables her to use fire almost at will, the dust is used to increase the efficiency of the flames by requiring less aura to produce more flame, often using it as her main choice so it can augment her semblance.
Earth: The last of the the dust choices. Focused on the tip of the spear, on contact with either the ground or another object, it will generate a small amount of spiked stone to act either as a localized area of effect, or to slow down and eventually disable an enemy.

History: Created during her time at Signal, it is the second version after the destruction of the first during a sparring battle. It is her favourite weapon to date, though as it compases of a choice between two it is an easy choice.

Approved Characters / Abigail Aurelianus
« on: April 03, 2017, 08:46:11 AM »

Name: Abigail Aurelianus.

Age: 18. 30th Arashi 72 AC.

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol:  Blade intertwined with a rose.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: First Year Student of Beacon.

Appearance: Blonde hair with the right side in a small plait though otherwise going down just past her shoulders, and pale grey-blue eyes, she’d have a rather pointed face, and spend most of her time, both in and out of combat, in armour. Mainly as part of her doctrine from her training, she’d on rare occasions where safety is assured (Such as staying in her room all day) wear light t-shirts and short shorts to let out as much hot air and sweat which normally accumulates inside the full plate.
Her armour would be relatively standard full plate armour. A Silvery-copper look with small designs marked onto it, she’d wear a white standard down the front and back with her symbol imprinted on them. When in combat, she has a matching full-helm. When it isn’t in use, it can be clipped to her shield or her waist so that she doesn’t necessarily have to wear it.

History: Born into a small village outside of the four kingdoms, her parents were part of a small militia for the village which had been,around eighty years prior, part of the Great War, but deserted the army and cut all communication. Because of this history, most of the children in the village were given some degree of combat training, to protect themselves and take up their grandparents past role if the war returned to their doorstep.
This was only compounded for Abigail. As her parents were part of the militia which protected the little settlement, she was to train from as soon as she reasonably could to become one of the defenders. This continued until she was 14, when the first official meetings between the village and outside caravans and traders occurred.
Learning the war had been over for eight decades, as well as that there were Hunters being trained specifically for what their militia was required to do, a slew of children were sent to the closest Kingdom of Vale, Abigail however, was not one of these people. However, it was when she learnt of Beacon. Having an objective in mind, she applied herself even moreso to her training, knowing it’d be a harder battle than for those who were at a combat school.
Eventually, her time to try out for Beacon arrived. After three years of burning herself out to get on par with other entries, she managed to pass the entry exams and get into Beacon. There, she met her team and continued her training, aiming to become more proficient in her ways of defending her family and friends from Grimm, and to prove she was just as strong as those who had gone to formal schools.

Personality: Friendly to anyone regardless of gender or species and seeming to be in a state of perpetual calm for the most part due to her training to become a guard whilst she was younger. Abigail’s also someone who isn’t willing to use an unfair advantage on someone if she can help it. This can manifest from either letting someone re-arm themselves after disarming them, or stopping to attack them if they so much as call that out. However, if someone was to use this as a ploy against her, she no longer gives them the courtesy of a fair fight, treating them as if Grimm for as much as the rules would allow her to, going full force on them until the match is called.

Aura and Semblance: Leitmotif: Other than the standard ability to defend herself and heal her wounds with her aura, her semblance is rather mundane. It generates background music whenever there’s something which can be considered ‘intense’. This can range from obvious situations, such as combat. To obscure situations, like a rather intense staring competition. Having essentially no control over it, it has no combat potential other than getting people pumped up while destroying any chance of stealth if it's serious. She hopes to one day become able change the volume of it, though.

Combat Behavior:  Preferring to let them come to her while hiding behind her shield, if they refuse to she’d march forwards while in cover, until she was in range. Using her heavy armour as well as the strength and stamina required to wear it for long periods of time, she’d go to slowly but surely beat them in a battle of attrition, deflecting any pointed strikes towards the armour instead of any joints, and parrying blunt based strikes with her shield or sword. That said, while her speed is faster than one would expect, it is still slower than many others, and her aura is rather inefficient due to her training regime, taking longer for it to heal wounds, taking more to defend herself when she does get hit, et cetera. 


Name: Diligence and Vigilance

Primary Form: Diligence is her hand and a half sword. It is kept chained to her left wrist during combat and is otherwise a standard bladed weapon. Its pommel is rounded for a blunt attack in close proximity, and its grip is made of rubber to protect against the lightning dust it uses. Otherwise, it looks like a simple steel blade. In the other hand, is Vigilance, her shield. A large tower shield, it has a slight curvature, and is large enough to cover her neck down. On it is her symbol painted onto it, with its grips and connectors covered in rubber as well, to protect against lightning.

Secondary Form: Sword and shield snap together into a Partisan. In this form, it has an extra length boost from the shield acting as a spear shaft. The shaft being 1.6m long, it makes the weapon closer 2m long with the blade and closer to a svärdstav than anything else, being used to hit targets just out of reach of her sword.

Tertiary Form: Single barrel shotguns in crossguard section of the blade allow for the usage of either slug or buckshot rounds. If in a pinch, they can also be used to accelerate the swing of the blade.

Dust Functions: Fire Dust and Lightning dust are able to be used to augment the strikes down the blade, as well as when parrying or deflecting any strikes. This means that it's entirely possible for someone hitting the blade with their own metal weapon could get a shock, if they haven't got sufficient protection against it. Otherwise, it has no real dust functions which are tried and tested, not being capable of using dust rounds either.

History: An old hand-me-down. Abigail desecrated the set as soon as she arrived at Beacon, transforming them from their old non-adaptive form, to their new form partnering gun and sword.

Approved Characters / Johannah Mary Salem
« on: October 03, 2016, 06:57:16 AM »

Name: Johannah Mary Salem

Age: 20

Species and Gender: Cow Faunus Female

Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: Third Year Bacon Student

Appearance: Johannah has the appearance of a small girl at 5’7 with a disproportionately large hammer. Having a short haircut,her fringe has been left to grow to such an extent that it covers her mixed eyes, with her right being blue and left, gold. The heterochromia in question being due to mosaicism. Otherwise, she prefers to wear white combat dresses styled after wedding dresses, this is both in and out of combat. She also has a pair of stylised earphones designed to look like tesla coils, used to muffle the sound of her gun when being fired. Lastly, while in combat she tends to wear a pair of plate bracers so that she can protect her forearms from cutting weaponry.

Spoiler: ShowHide

History: Born to Claude Desdemona And Maria Salem, she was born a bastard and abandoned with her mother. Not having a father figure in her life because of this, she was raised by her single mother with a minimal material wealth, often going to the degree of sowing up her clothing if it broke instead of buying a replacement.
This life continued on until she was Ten. On her way back from school, she arrived home to find it covered in police tape and a blood covered construction digger trying to play hide and seek in her front room without going through the door, deciding the wall was fine too. With this accident, Hannah became a ward of the state. Sent to live with her father, Claude, she quickly came to hold a disdain for him and her new brother, Vermillion. This was due to the luxury of the household, especially so when compared to her mother.
 Spiteful of both the fact that her alleged birth father hadn’t done more to help her mother, as well as clearly favoring her true-born brother to the point of barely considering her his daughter, she quickly grew to hate them, to the point of enrolling in the same Hunter’s academy as her half-brother both to learn how to fight and help the poor like her mother, but also so she could bully him, regularly fighting him whenever she could get the chance. Of course, as soon as she’d get home the tables would turn and she’d get punished, but it didn’t stop her feeling better about herself from causing him pain.

Over the years until her test to get into Beacon, Johannah had mellowed to the point of only periodically going overboard during training at Signal, while also defending him if someone else tried bullying him with the excuse “Because it made her look weak”. When the entrance exams came up, she decided to take them. Not just so she could prove to everyone that she was the better child, but so that she could see the look on her father’s face when she passed the entrance exams and he didn’t.

Unfortunately, not only was he successful in passing the exams, same as her, but he was placed on her team with her. This caused the old hatreds to flare back up, to the point of doing rather creepy practices such as watching him sleep to contemplate how she could kill him and how to get away with it and nearly exclusively choosing him as a sparring partner just so she can try and hurt him more and more, now that their father isn’t there to save him.

Personality: Due to her treatment by her father, she’s resistant to being given orders. If it didn’t fit with what she wanted, she politely declines. If that fails, she tells them more bluntly to get lost. She’s also rather aggressive when it comes to someone pitying her, taking it as an offense if they even state it as a good match if she lost. Otherwise, she is perfectly happy to speak to someone until they press one of the two buttons, shutting them down like a fed hero.

Aura and Semblance:
Her semblance is the ability to use her aura as a barrier. Forming in the shape of concentric octagons. Much stronger than the standard aura shielding all humans and faunus have, it is capable of blocking weapon strikes or ranged fire. It is also capable of being used offensively to push, pull or otherwise assault them. However,  there is a maximum range of five meters for the semblance, and the octagon can only be at most one meter large.  She is also consigned to being able to make 10 of these barriers at the same time, each being 30cm large, and 10cm deep, with it being capable of using dust from a foci to augment the effects. For example one using fire dust would have both increased resistance to fire, and augment the shields blunt force usage to cause flames as well.

Combat Behavior:
As expected from someone who wields a hammer larger than them coupled with an autocannon, Hannah relies on shock and awe and is a natural opponent to slow or armored individuals. However, that is not to say she’s a slow attacker. Her speed with her weapon belies its weight, capable of deflecting attacks from polearms due to all the training she did with her sibling. However, much closer weaponry such as knives are more difficult to defend against, having to block them with her bracers, something which normally ends with a lot of cuts around the edges of said armour.


Name: Death’s Dance

Primary Form: Sledgehammer. Looking like a standard warhammer. It is designed to look sci-fi in nature down the pommel and hilt. Weighing in at 2kg, it is 6ft long and capable of ruining most peoples days.

Secondary Form: The weapon’s ranged form is that of a M61 Vulcan. The barrel being between the two hammerheads and the trigger popping out from the handle at the bottom of the sledgehammer. For added stability if needed, a tripod also extends from the head of the hammer to allow for prone usage, and the ammunition is stored inside an open-able compartment by the handle.

Tertiary Form: None.

Dust Functions: Using kinetic Dust. A field generator, which is located in the head, emits a kinetic pulse with a 5m radius on its head. This is used to do shock wave damage to both the enemy and the environment.
Electricity Dust. This electrifies both the hammer and the shaft of the weapon, for added defense and offense capabilities. The electricity can also be shot off from the face of either side of the hammer head in a 5m distance beam.
Lastly, Death’s Dance is capable of using wind dust. This is used mainly in conjunction with its ranged form to stop the hammer flying out of her hands when the trigger is pulled. Other than that, it has no other purposes.
Designed while at Signal to use her mixture of strength and proficiency at using everyday tools, she slowly expanded on it by adding in things such as the dust as she became more and more used to it, to the point of it being less of “Death’s Dance” to “Death’s Dance version 20”.

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