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WiP Characters / Arian Starling, Haven student.
« on: Today at 07:01:07 AM »

Name: Arian ‘Rain’ Starling

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Male spider faunus

Symbol:  A stylised spider made from interlocking and twisting lines.

Occupation: First year student at Haven

Appearance: Arian is a slight young man, little over 5’8/175cm and full of wiry muscle which makes him weigh a little over 170lbs/77kg. Although it should be mentioned that if standing on his spider legs and straightens them out as much as possible Arian can add another half a foot on his height but more on those later. Arian frequently dyes his hair and wears contacts which change his eye colour even going so far to tint his skin, when quizzed he says it’s a political statement of individuality but in reality it is about creating disposable identities. Naturally Arian is quite tanned, with black hair and brown eyes but is more commonly seen around Haven with his skin whitened, donning an unnaturally bright shade of red for hair and solid gold contacts which cover everything; pupil, iris and sclera. Although like most things about Arian they can change on the hour.

As mentioned above Arian’s faunus trait is much more noticeable than most, having four spider limbs emergings from his mid-lower back. Impossible to realistically hide even with baggy clothing Arian doesn’t bother hiding these 8’/2.5m columns of black licorice even though they bring no shortage of strife. Covered in thick hair they are brilliant at gripping despite the complete lack of fingers meaning that Arian can stand on the ground walls or even the roof but said fingers are valuable and it makes them useless for most unmodified weapons. Unfortunately they also mean Arian has to sleep on his stomach like an uncultured heathen.

Arian is never still for long, rotating between his human legs and spider legs he takes massive advantage of being able to run around while lying down and his reach, and thieving skills, which means anything that catches Arian’s eye will end up with him regardless of protests. This also means Arian rarely uses chairs, both because he basically is carrying around his own but most are uncomfortable to get his spider legs through. Like most of his physical attributes Arian regularly changes how he talks, from different accent to different tonation as well as different word choices. He is very good at this, too good for his own often enough as Arian has a bad habit of mimicking other’s accents while talking to them without noticing which most people find insulting.

Well as for clothes Arian does actually have a defined style even which follows into his school uniform and combat gear. No style! Kidding. As well as the obvious cutting additional leg holes in his shirt Arian also tends to wear clothing a little too big, to make it easier to hide his ‘acquisitions’ as well as strip the piece off if he ever gets grabbed. As for colours Arian prefers dull silvers, making his uniform’s trim look even brighter and stand out against the black even more as well as a series of long silver chains. His combat gear contains a light silver breastplate with his symbol over the front. Coils of metal then spill out over the tight leathers which cover Arian’s arms and legs like silk. In casual wear Arian prefers hoodies but will easily dress up or down depending on what the situation demands. 

History: As far as Arian knows both his parents were human, although both born from human/faunus pairings, which made their spider limbed bundle of not-so-joy a slight issue. Suspecting infidelity Arian and his mother quickly found themselves cast out from those they thought were their friends, given enough lien to keep quiet and quickly forgotten about. As you might expect that made the relationship Arian had with his mother rather strained from the beginning.

Personality: Sample Text

Aura and Semblance: Sample Text

Combat Behavior:  Sample Text


Name: Sample Text

Primary Form: Sample Text

Secondary Form: Sample Text

Tertiary Form: Sample Text

Dust Functions: Sample Text

History: Sample Text

Character Creation / Re: Attom Goldwyn
« on: Today at 05:10:27 AM »
starting and stopping kinetic energy is fine it's just I didn't see why it needed two symbols which would do the same thing.

as for the ability itself beginning able to directly affect aura users is going to be a pretty hard no, it simply opens up too many auto-hit shenanigans by moving your opponents into the line of fire. Willing targets should be fine tho.

also how exactly does Attom apply these symbols to things?

Character Creation / Re: Saffron Biel
« on: November 20, 2018, 06:48:30 AM »
I don't understand how you have drawn your conclusions. History is full of examples of people being trained from much younger than 14 years old in organised academies the same isn't so for medical students. The skills required to be a good doctor are not the same as being good at hitting people with sticks and although they both definitely require cognitive aspects I don't think it's a fair comparison. But like I said it's not something I need you to change.

Everywhere Else / Re: Preparing for the Coming Storm, Team Two
« on: November 20, 2018, 06:40:07 AM »
(sooooooo opps. No pressure if you guys don't want to continue, I already know Mike isn't around much anymore)

Although the no-quite-Paladin wasn’t particularly heavily armoured it still took a few of Nathan’s rounds before they started finding their mark. Clearly ‘skilled’ at cutting the hunters-in-training’s sightlines the droid was darting between the trees to prolong its ‘life,’ fruitlessly of course as the combined weight of Nathan’s fire and Revya’s fireball was simply too much punishment for its light chassis to handle. With a crackle, fizzle and a pop the droid crashed down motionless, likely the forest was kept rather moist by the ‘rain’ so only small bits of shrub started to catch alight. Luckily for the hunters-in-training whatever they were testing seemed to desire to remained unburnt as them which resulted in a thick fog starting to fill the forest. Despite the obvious benefits of extinguishing the fires fog had the far more pressing effect by drastically reducing the hunters-in-training field of vision making seeing where they were going and where they came from almost impossible.

Nothing else of interest would transpire for a good half an hour as the hunters-in-training continued deeper into the forest. If they decided to investigate the destroyed droid they would find very little of recoverable information but it could serve as an impromptu shield or bomb given it's not insignificant dust storage. Even though whatever power was hiding within the forest didn’t continue to act directly there was clearly something moving out there hidden by the undergrowth and thick fog. The snapping of twigs echoed a thousand times over in the otherwise silent forest coming from all around the party as well as strange rustling like the wind blowing across rocky outcrops. Nothing that can be detected through aura and if the hunters-in-training tried to chase after the sounds there would be nothing but the figurative wind and a significant chance of getting separated. The sounds started to grow in intensity until finally after almost an hour of silence things started to emerge from the fog.

Two worms like robotic creatures emerged with another two following behind all coming in from the left of the party. They are massive constructs, over ten meters or thirty feet in length visible and more hidden by the fog and another few feet or meter in radius. A gaping maw of razor-sharp teeth rotating like drill struck out with surprising speed, one at each of the hunters-in-training for a frenzied flurry of drilled teeth bites but those were merely a distraction as every bite that went wide was an opportunity that the robotic worms used to wrap around their opponents. This was where their real danger lay, as if they managed to get wrapped around their target they would release a huge amount on ice dust, hoping to render the hunter-in-training temporarily powerless then retract back into the fog.

Character Creation / Re: Attom Goldwyn
« on: November 20, 2018, 03:35:07 AM »
I feel you need a little more detail around the semblance. Firstly because if one symbol can add or cancel out kinetic force do you really need both? But secondly and more important we need limitations like how fast does it accelerate objects? Are there limits on the size of the object it can be put on? Can it be put on living people/grimm? How does it interact with aura? That sort of thing.

Character Creation / Re: Saffron Biel
« on: November 20, 2018, 03:23:30 AM »
Well, this character seemed to have come together quite well so good job there. I have a pretty big issue with there being a medical school which accepts fourteen-year-olds but it's not really that impactful I guess.

Regardless of +1.

In that case how much is wabul a night? Or does he charge per hour?

No fuck off we're full.

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« on: November 16, 2018, 04:36:22 AM »
(Inversely my post but feel free to skip Saffron, for now, I’ll jump in if I think there is a reason)

Saffron thought to herself if she should give Azure advice. It wouldn’t do much to even the odds and she felt bad about sending someone into a fight blind regardless of their enthusiasm. It wasn’t her place and if this was truly to settle Azure’s nerves about attending Beacon, she would have to earn her place without Saffron eventually. Win or lose it was going to be down to Azure. Regardless Saffron couldn’t stay completely quiet and after setting up the arena. ’Remember any AoE orientated attack could hit both her and her mount but don’t be in a rush to bring it down. Being mounted is a big advantage in many ways but it leaves a few gaps, it’s harder to fight front facing meaning she will have to struggle to bring her entire sword arm around if you engage her shield side and vice-versa. That also means you can aim to reduce her attacks or defences by choosing which side to engage on. Keep light on your feet and out of the way from any charges. Best of luck.’ Saffron advised Azure taking advantage of the time Aurelia left to get changed. It was clear that nothing Saffron said would get Azure to reconsider this bout so might as well give her as best a chance. That’s not quite enabling, right?

As for the arena itself, it was a mostly flat affair with tall but thin pillars blocking sight lines and charging avenues. Although a person could easily fit behind on them would be difficult for Aurelia’s mount side on. To add some variety the centre of the arena was a raised flat area if the fighters wanted a more direct confrontation. As Aurelia comes back out Saffron finds her job mostly finished, offering the knight a warm smile before adding. ’Don’t go too easy but don’t go too hard, best of luck out there.’ Saffron remarked before standing off to the side clearly ready to launch into action if that was what was demanded but for now left the launching to Azure and Aurelia.

RPG Discussion / Re: Weaponsmith?
« on: November 15, 2018, 05:58:20 PM »
Well you could add additional weapon sections if you really want to describe modified/new weapons for your character to use in the future but that isn’t going to be any less work for you. I don’t think I fully understand your second question but if your character changes noticeably; whether unlocking another part of their semblance, coming to a new revelation on their personality or in your case weapon modifications the profile should be updated. Your character won’t be frozen, you’ll still be able to use them meaning that if you go beyond the additional modification you draw out initially they can continue in their threads mostly as normal but editing should be done before they start any new ones.

RPG Discussion / Re: Weaponsmith?
« on: November 14, 2018, 06:58:08 PM »
Even without a background in blacksmith modifying, or paying someone else to modify, your weapon is something that any level of character can do. There aren't any limitations on the number of modifications or types a weapon can be modified however no matter how many times you modify your character's weapon or skills they still need actionable weaknesses and the character will need to go through the editing process to ensure everything remains balanced.

As Nathan said you can keep as much of your character hidden from others as you want. If you want to have a hidden profile you can send it to one of the mods but technically you shouldn't have to rather simply don't say/show your weapon/semblance.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: November 14, 2018, 06:36:05 PM »
’Yea that’s the word. But I try not to expect bad things to happen, always feels like I am jinxing myself.’ Calen responded with a small grin. Although it did appear Kisha had calmed down somewhat Calen could still see their current topic was distressing for her. Teasing would have to come later but for now, it wasn’t a topic that Calen was enjoying lingering on, Taro is only in the condition he is because of he threw himself in front of an attack meant for himself. That definitely makes it Taro’s decision but not Calen's but isn't that how it always is with choices? Still, the gaunt boy mirrored Kisha's return to mood as the topic changed, or at least as well as he could. 'Definately, can't wait to run circles around you.' Calen joked good-humouredly.

In hindsight, it should have been pretty obvious that he would end up overwhelming Kisha with all the different types of knots but then again it wasn't really about teaching. It was about mirroring something from Calen's past, assuming the mentor role to play out the scenario from another perspective. Still, it was likely something stuck regardless and as Kisha settled in steering the boat Calen went about tying up the last few loose ends. Fastening the sail still as well as setting up a bright torch at the head of the boat as well as another in the ship itself. Vision would get increasingly important as night fell and despite the theoretical possibility of swimming back to shore it wasn't one which Calen was looking forward to, the Vytal festival had kept Calen submerged for longer than he wanted throughout his entire life.

'I'm having fun, and I'm glad you are but it's not always this easy. I remember when I first tried my hand at sailing by myself and it did not end well. I'd been out with my family a few times before so I knew what I was supposed to do but doing it in the newly melted snow water proved a lot harder than I was expected. So yes the memory has definitely stuck with me but only because I almost drowned, would have drowned if I didn't discover my semblance, and lost a prized boat.' Calen responded with a wide, for him, smile. It was a fun memory now but the punishment was severe. In many ways, it was the start of Calen's second life because here was when his family realised he was useful.

Now finally the ship was stable; Kisha seemed comfortable directing the craft, they weren't taking on water and all the knots where holding. Now it was time to test how well Kisha deals with the unexpected in a real situation. 'Holding on tight.' Calen called back and it would be all the warning that Kisha gets as he grabs tight to the boat and uses his semblance to launch the boat forward. A few seconds gliding freely in the air brought a brilliant rush to Calen and even as it came to a crashing end as they came back to the water his heart was still beating hard. Water splashing everywhere, including inside the boat and Calen let out a loud burst of laughter. 'That unexpected enough for you?' Calen remarked still chuckling away.

As fun as the exercise was it did take a bit out of Calen but now the ship was further out he was in a good position to start fishing. Setting up his fishing gear again Calen went straight for the live bait, out this far the only thing they would be getting would be larger fish. Definitely, an improvement for Calen and he still had a small smile as he started casting out the line.

WiP Characters / Re: Jade Lescour
« on: November 10, 2018, 12:19:52 AM »
Obviously, you are still working on this so if I suggest something you were going to do anyway or do something else to eliminate it's necessity apologies

I know you were worried about it coming across as edgy and I don't think it does. However, I do feel the incident should be at least touched on with the personality perhaps in regards to Jade's obedience to her father being more than simply following orders and rather simply already doing whatever he would request. Usually, she correctly reads this like leaving the room when a dignitary comes in, answering his questions quickly and so on. But obviously, she has a tendency to read too much into these requests which personally I think is a very powerful place to build a genuinely dark character.

But I do like the core idea of this and am interesting in seeing what you do with it.

Beacon Academy / Re: opening act [Open]
« on: November 08, 2018, 08:02:13 AM »
But that is exactly what your all or nothing way of thinking will lead you. You can’t always both stand up for others and keep them safe. I only hope you will learn that before it is too late. Saffron thought to herself, continuing the argument in her head. It had become completely apparent that there would be no full agreement and therefore no real reason to continue discussing. Although Saffron was very confident in her position she has experienced not being able to convincingly make her point before with both genuine debaters and people just trying to waste her time making her very sympathetic to Aurelia’s position. The Atlas student had enough experience with hard headed people to be happy with the small concession Aurelia gave them and who knows? Maybe some time alone to think will cause her to come around. One can always hope. But regardless that was going to be all from Saffron on the topic which had almost turned violent once, the last thing she wanted was to be involved in an altercation while she was a guest at Beacon. She didn’t exactly have a stellar reputation back at Atlas and there was a lot of pressure to disallow Saffron this opportunity. Some of that poor reputation wasn’t without justification, Saffron was a lot like Azure with being quick to anger in her early years. Such a temper never truly goes away but it was definitely something that Saffron had spent a lot of effort in correcting.

It did also make Saffron very sympathetic to Azure as well, only augmented by her personal experience in people doubting her abilities. It’s telling that for many Faunus consider being dismissed or being condescending to was one of the better interactions they would have with humans but that was never the case with Saffron. Becoming that same thing that caused her so much frustration did sadden Saffron greatly but she still tried to prepare Azure for her fight as best she could. ’You won’t win Azure, if that is why you are fighting then you might as well not bother. This is to learn; learn your limits, test them and feel comfortable at them. Because of that having some sort of barrier would be ideal, you never know, if you pull the upset of the decade you would lose much of the credit if you break that pretty face of hers.’ Saffron replied hoping the little savage joke at the end would soften her words somewhat as well as continuing to talk softly to hopefully avoid Aurelia detecting what exactly she was having to say to get Azure to agree. Smiling inwardly Saffron was enjoying her budding relationship with Azure as much baggage as it came with and it’s apparent downward trajectory at least in part because she saw so much of herself in Azure’s bravado. It stung to be on the receiving end of it, although karmatically justified, Saffron also knew how valuable it was to have someone stand up to her. And Saffron was going to do that regardless of what it cost their relationship.

Saffron was happy to have found a topic which Aurelia seemed to open up more within horse riding and would be perfectly willing to have her ear talked off on the subject but unfortunately, it seemingly wasn’t a topic that interested Azure. Maybe Saffron would have more luck looping it around to something surely everyone has had a little experience with, pets. ’Nineteen huh? Then she must be almost as old as you. Was she raised by your family? She should have a few more years left even if she is starting to slow down but that’s why I’ve always shied away from pets, can’t bear the thought of losing someone close to me. Maybe I should get a parrot, then it should be more worried about me dying and leaving no one to take care of it rather than the inverse. Actually out loud that doesn’t sound much better… Atlas has been working on some robotic dogs to help with the military, maybe I can ask nicely and get a prototype… a nice prototype… maybe not. What about you Azure? Have any pets growing up? Or something you’ve always wanted now you are free from our homelands arctic embrace.’ Saffron asked her jokes tinged with more dry bemusement than genuine annoyance even in regards to her homeland. It wasn’t like Saffron wasn’t wearing her school literally on her sleeve anyway, might as well have some fun with it.

As the trio continued to snake their way through the Beacon grounds towards the outdoor sparing rings Saffron was continually overwhelmed at how different the experience was from Atlas. The more casual nature of everything might be what everyone immediately thinks of but it was more than that, it was sheer chaos. Attracting a fair amount of attention given her Atlas uniform Saffron was the subject of quite a few stares and not all of them positive but many simply curious. ‘Why are you here?’ ‘How are you finding Beacon’ ‘Differences between Atlas and Beacon?’ Even offers to show Saffron around for the promise to do the same in Atlas, it was flattering in a way but it was also telling who came up and asked such. The sideways glances at Azure and Aurelia were subtle, far more subtle than Atlas but still present and still suggestive of darker intentions. Saffron could probably pass for a human more easily than almost any other Faunus and that combined with her uniform made almost everyone assume she was human as well as following several other worse stereotypes of Atlas. As a representative, Saffron could hardly dissuade them of these notions without making a scene and instead bore the boars as well as could be expected.

Finally, the trio made it to their destination, an outdoor sparing ring. A pair of fights was just finishing up leaving the ring empty but an audience nearby. ’Do you want to see if I can chase these guys off?’ Saffron asked, there was obviously no rule against watching sparring matches but there is a surprising respect for privacy present among most students and Saffron can be quite convincing when she wants to be. Stop laughing. Although initially, a fairly boring open plain the stadium did have the capacity for generating impromptu terrain by raising or dropping the cubes. ’Do you guys want some verticality or do you what to give each other as much room as possible?’ Saffron asked walking on the ring with everyone. It lacked the pristine gloss Saffron was used to associating with these fighting arenas but what it lacked in technological elegance it made up for in utilitarian durability making it the perfect ground for a rock star to fully unleash, or a knight.

RPG Discussion / Re: Miss-Mechanics
« on: November 05, 2018, 02:10:07 PM »
In your specific example I don't think it is as much as issue, outside the dodging every bullet thing, not every form or defense is going to be good in every situation so just like an agile fighter might be at a disadvantage in a confined area assumably a heavily armoured character would be also disadvantaged in another. This also plays into the fact that we haven't seen many characters in armour in the show which suggests to some extent it isn't a great defense.This is mostly neither here nor there really because the characters are supposed to be relatively even accounting for personalisation although of course, that doesn't be even in every situation.

As for the points, you are bringing up making our 'agile' character dodge everything thing is called uber-dodging and a form of godmodding which is bad. If you feel your opponent is uber dodging, either through actually dodging or 'parrying' or 'blocking' every attack thrown at them it's probably best to send them a message explaining your issue.

But of course, you will be able to evade some attacks otherwise every fight would turn into a 'whoever has the bigger gun' competition. So what do you do with these attacks which you somehow manage to evade, particularly ones which have had a lot of aura/dust/semblance or simple descriptive build up, unfortunately like most things in this system that comes down to the individual. To use your example of a sniper vs an agile character the sniper could specify they are targeting the agile character's center of gravity meaning every dodge is a significant move which would disrupt their forward momentum making them less agile.

The responsibility of defining what will happen if the attack missed isn't solely on the person attacking but it is mostly. Coming from a dnd background, 3.5 because the action economy works better for my example, maybe an impressive dodge is an immediate action and therefore denies you a swift action in your previous turn. This can manifest in simple descriptions or going as far as to reduce the number or strength of attacks.

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