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Bas: Rebel without a cause

Diana: Anorexic doormat

AMA Section / Re: Righty or Lefty?
« on: April 03, 2019, 05:01:23 PM »
Oooh I always love these, cheers Moth :D I haven't actually given it any thought up until now so this is essentially a retcon further development.

Bas is a bit of a rebel without a cause so to that end I would picture her as a righty. She sees herself as far more of an outcast than she really is.

I've gone back and forth on Diana but have landed on her being a righty, that has learned to be ambidextrous. The logic here is that part of Diana's design is for there to be consequences of her upbringing, being malnourished for most her life she is supposed to be physically weak. However she is still an excellent student and strong willed, so I see her learning to use both hands to give her a slight advantage to help make up for her physical limitations.

RPG Discussion / Re: Is Ice Dust OP?
« on: February 23, 2019, 08:58:46 PM »
Diana cowers in a corner clutching her ice rounds

I think balance, in general, will always be a bit random on a site like this. Its why the character I use most isn't a good fighter, Diana can heal and try to control the battlefield with Dust, but is a pretty weak fighter on her own. Which means her "story" in the fight should hopefully not clash with others. Mechanically ice dust is probably quite strong, hence why we see Weiss use it constantly. I personally just think the its up to the people in the thread to keep it interesting.

Then again my angle here is for PvE because I'm certainly not dealing with PvP.   

Approved Characters / Re: Gram MacConkey
« on: February 16, 2019, 07:31:33 PM »
^ You solved it 30 seconds before I got my post out there.

I'll edit to simply say welcome to the site Karu The best place to get quick answers is to jump in our discord, it's also where most OOC discussion happens.

Beacon Academy / Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« on: January 29, 2019, 10:13:58 AM »
Relieved that her shots hit home Diana sent a smile back to Jima and was about to give her a quick wave that was interrupted as the ground around them started to crumble, nearly losing her balance she snap back to the fight at hand. Dropping to one knee she focused her attention on the deathstalker, although there were many creeps they could be handled easily if they didnt have to deal with a deathstalker yet. As the dust settled she was quite surprised to see that Smokey had managed to stand his ground against the creature. As he had the tail under control Diana aimed her rifle towards the ground where the creature was still emerging, rotating the handle of her rifle a few degrees moved the trigger mechanism from semi auto standard rounds to the large dust round in the sniper chamber. Taking an extra second to sure up her aim and make sure she would hit Smokey with any of the expanding ice she fired.

Combat Log:
  ● Shot a large ice Dust round towards the body of the emerging deathstalker, hoping to slow it down or freeze a pincer shut.

Diana Stats:
  ● Aura: [██████████] 100%
  ● Semi Auto: 10/12
  ● Bolt action: Empty

Beacon Academy / Re: A Lunch Side Chat [DGTL]
« on: January 20, 2019, 06:11:50 PM »
Sitting rather quietly Diana was simply watching the others with an unusually peaceful smile. She would be of no use in regards to Uloes ammo problem as the Eclipse (her weapon) used standard rounds for semi-auto, and raw crystals for the bolt action. She was however incredibly pleased to see how eagerly they were all coming with suggestions and trying to help each other. Her neuroticism had tried to convince her that her leadership abilities, or lack thereof,  would tear the team apart but here they were proving her wrong. Whilst small it was a nice moment, and she simply sat there beaming at them.

Eventually, she figured she should join and gave Janna a curious look "Sorry, Logistics problem? In what way."

As Zaffre added her suggestions, Diana jumped at the opportunity to learn a bit more about her new friends. Looking to the other girls on the team she probed a bit "Oh so both your dads work with weapons in some form?" After looking to them both she also shot a curious glance to Brock, as a bit of an open invitation, before nibbling at her bagel.

Everywhere Else / Re: Movie Night [Closed]
« on: January 19, 2019, 07:34:51 AM »
Hardly a social butterfly Diana was already out of her comfort zone from approaching someone she barely knew to then be joined by a stranger. Whilst a bit uncomfortable she was trying her best to seem approachable, somehow she had become a team leader so she had to get over her social anxiety. That was all well and good until the stranger reached his hand out to her and then silently walked around to visually inspected her, that she had no idea how to respond to. Nervously she straightened her skirt as he circled her and gave him an expectant look as he finished the rotation, as he started a second rotation Diana grabbed the writs on her other hand and generally shrunk in her seat. Of all the horrible explanations her brain could come up with for his behavior she had not expected the simple question he had so she was initially confused.

"What? I.. oh" relaxing her posture a bit she collected her thoughts as Toast actually introduced himself. Well yes I am a bit cold but I grew up in Mantle so Im used to it, and there's this" she gestured to her choker "Fire dust that heats my blood and the air I breathe, it's pretty effective if not the most beautiful necklace."

As soon as Helena pointed out her pets Diana jolted back a bit in surprise before tilting her head and addressing the snake. "Oh hello there Kari, not enjoying the climate I take it. And you said there was another one? Oh!" As soon as she saw the fox under the table she slipped out of her seat and under the table to pet it. A few seconds later she slowly came up again realizing she may have gotten a bit too excited. "Ehrm, sorry. You said you've worked at a hospital? How did that happen?"

Approved Characters / Re: Camelia Sol
« on: December 21, 2018, 04:55:58 PM »
Edits approved

Approved Characters / Re: Camelia Sol
« on: December 21, 2018, 03:26:03 PM »
Pre edit. no spoiler since they're broken

Name: Camelia "Cammie" Sol

Age: 17, born 18th of Arashi 63 AC

Species and Gender: Female human

Symbol: ShowHide

Occupation: Beacon Academy student, first year

Appearance: At 170 centimetres/5'7" and around 60 kilograms/132 lbs, Camelia has a lean n' mean physique (except for her, errr... chest), being fit without having particularly defined muscles. She has long, slightly wavy brown hair that reaches down to her mid-back. She more often than not prefers to have most of it gathered into a simple ponytail which starts at about the same level as where the skull meets the spine, although she replaces the ponytail with a braid when she wants to be fancier and lets it entirely loose when relaxing. The hair that refuses to be included in the ponytail forms bangs in the front, which she asymmetrically splits and tucks behind her ears with a preference to the right. Her (rather pretty, in all honesty) face is complimented by tiny freckles on her cheekbones and her incredibly blue eyes. She has fair skin and a pleasant, if slightly rough (roughness: Korra of TLOK fame has a lot of it) voice and is right-handed.

Hex codes that deter from the narrative: ShowHide
Eyes are mostly #0065AB with rare #00B7CC accents close to the external iris edges.

Red shirt: #D40000
Purple dress: #520070
Training short shorts: #8600B8 & #666666
Armour: #828282

Appearance: ShowHide

Art by TheRogueSpider a.k.a. Jason A. Santiago
Commissioned by Ordelis

She usually wears a red, slim-fit shirt with a slight v-neck (goes down to just below the collarbones), seemingly made from polyester, along with black jeans and running shoes. When the weather is unfavourable, she'll put on a white, hoodless coat. She wears a standard school uniform with pants ans shoes instead of a skirt and heels. For formal occasions, she wears a dark purple dress (easiest way to describe it: like Pyrrha's but covering the entire back) with black, flat-soled slip-ins. Her pyjama consists of a white tank top and grey sweatpants over a black sports bra with a stylized white arrow on the front and purple training short shorts with dark grey trim. When going into combat, she wears (on top of whatever she has) a sleeveless, articulated armor chestpiece made up of dozens of pieces of an incredibly resilient and durable class of alloy. The chestpiece is put on like a shirt, then closed shut before locking the front and back together at the flanks. It is left bare of any decoration, showing the metal's mild, somewhat polished grey, save for a small spot on the left of the upper chest section where her symbol appears. Fixation points on the back allow her to attach two sheaths in an X as well as a shield (which then covers the sheaths). The way the armor articulates is reminiscent of arthropods.

Annoying science: ShowHide
The alloy is composed of varying amounts of chromium, tungsten/wolfram, osmium and carbon, named Chrolfsmon.

History: Camelia was born in Vale to two incredibly talented artisans, which excel in metallurgy, woodworking and a multitude of other crafts. From a very early age, as little as 3 years old, she sought to protect others from those that would wish them harm, the situation often coming to fists and ending up with her winning outright. She got in trouble over this several dozen times before reaching even age 12. When the opportunity to enter combat school presented itself, she jumped on the occasion to become better at defending others, ending up at Signal with the goal to become a Huntress.

While at Signal, Camelia didn't have much trouble with academics, easily passing all tests she bothered to study for and getting comfortably good scores in the rest. She instead decided to focus on learning as many fighting styles as she practically could, namely two-handed swords, twin swords, sword & shield and double-bladed swords. Through the years, she got better and better in all these weapon styles, becoming rather excellent, although not quite as good as others who had specialized. She had some friends which she hung out with after classes or during weekends, but few of them decided to go to Beacon, preferring another academy instead.

When she was 15,during a training exercise, she accidentally discovered her semblance. As she was going through the motions of double-bladed sword handling, which she had just started, a neighboring student hit a large boulder that had been flung at him by a teacher with his hammer. The rock careened towards Camelia at high speeds and by the time she saw it coming, it was almost on top of her. She reflexively deployed her Aura using her semblance, making the stone stop abruptly before rapidly accelerating towards the training yard's wall, where it embedded itself with a rare brutality.

As the time to go to Beacon grew closer, Camelia was ecstatic, as it meant she was one step closer to helping defend the innocent. Having talked extensively to her parents about her nervousness at the idea of not yet having a weapon, they teamed up, getting Camelia to run menial tasks that would, without her knowledge, be the first steps of her weapons' construction. She ended up doing very well in the academic part of the Beacon entrance exam, got better than the average for the practical test and excelled in the live action test.

Personality: Camelia is an all-around nice, friendly person. She is patient with everyone she meets and attempts to be as diplomatic as possible. She does not like being bossed around and will stand for her convictions with all her might. Insulting her, deploying mean sarcasms, bullying people while she's nearby and all manners of generally bad actions are surefire ways of making her cross, which usually ends up with the perpetrator getting punched, kicked or otherwise maimed. She's still very bright, and as such will easily differentiate playful teasing from actual insults.

Somewhat more on the social creature end of the sliding scale of extroverted versus introverted, she is more prone to hang out with friends than read or play solo video games,although she does occasionally enjoy the two activities. She has a great sense of humour and is a skillful communicator, easily capable of decoding secondary methods of communication (e.g. reading between the lines, body language).

She has been trying to get her impulsiveness of sorts under control... with mitigated results.

Aura and Semblance: Her Aura is of the same dark purple as her symbol. Camelia is more proficient than average at using it.

Her semblance is gravity: that is, she is capable of manipulating the local gravity. She can do this in short, intense bursts or less intense, long duration goes. She can also produce gravity wells, capable of dragging along 100 kg from about 6 metres away and getting stronger as you get closer. She can 'shoot' these wells at somewhat slow speeds, far slower than a bullet - or even an arrow. Maintaining a well or prolonged gravity change - unless the well is 'shot' - requires intense concentration. The well will also take it out of her that much faster, as she'll barely be capable of holding it together for barely 30 seconds.

She can modify the gravity affecting someone in a continuous manner by up to one time as much as normal - that is, she can make someone 2 times as heavy as usual, or make them 'fall' upwards - although she can't keep this up forever, due to the limited range (12 meters) of her semblance.

For bursts, she can launch things at about 100 m/s for a significant amount of effort.

A glow the same colour as her Aura will premeate any volume she tries to affect before her semblance kicks in. This glow will occur 0.5 s before for continuous mode, 2 s before for burst mode and 6 s before for a gravity well. The larger the volume she tries to affect, the more strain it puts on her. She can modify gravity up to about 12 metres away, unless she goes for the well, which lasts for 200 m and can be summoned a maximum of 20 metres away.

Numbers no one likes: ShowHide
The maximum volume that can be affected at once is roughly that of a 6-meter wide cube (in other terms, 6^3 cubic meters), whilst the largest gravity she can induce is (20/3)=6.6 g for a burst (lasts about half a second) and 1 g fot the more prolonged version. Each burst costs up to 5% Aura and each second of the lengthier method, up to 0.5% Aura; however, if she is affecting a volume of less than 1 liter, the cost goes down to 0.1%.  She needs 2 seconds to charge a burst at maximum power. She cannot produce these farther than 12 meters away from herself. She can also produce a spherically symmetrical well which draws about everything that's not solidly tied down towards it from about 6 meters away. Creating this well costs 30% Aura. Unless it is shot forward (about 100 m/s, uses an additional 5% Aura, travels a maximum distance of 100 meters before dissipating, 200 if charged an additional second), maintaining the well requires 1% Aura per second.

Combat Behavior: Camelia likes to have a very adaptable fighting style, changing along with the way she wields her weapons. This, however, makes her a Jack of all trades and a master of none, at least for the time being.

When she feels like landing heavy, powerful blows, she'll two-hand Unity's second form. She tends to do this only when facing a single opponent as the large sword is somewhat slower to swing than most weapons (as expected of a greatsword).

When first confronting an unknown enemy or battle situation, she will use Unity in its twin form, as it allows for great agility whilst offering a good balance between offense and defense.

When she goes on the defensive (for example, when protecting something), she goes sword & board, one of Unity's halves in her right hand and Orion on her left arm.

When she wants to destabilize an opponent or is severely outnumbered, she will use Unity's third form, which is better at both offense and defense than anything else at her disposal while allowing for a lot of agility.

If she doesn't want to go all-out from the start, she'll two-hand one of Unity's halves.

Her greatest weakness is most definitely ranged attacks. Not only does she not have any sort of ranged weapon, but going against a sniper will basically reduce her to curling up in a ball behind Orion and trying to not get knocked off her feet from the impacts.


Name: Unity

Primary Form: Twin swords, made of two different Chrolfsmon alloys: the center is a rather light gray and made to be very resilient, yet flexible, while the edges are a darker gray and made of a different mix, which allows for more durability and sharper edges. They are comprised of roughly two hundred pieces each to allow transformation into the secondary and tertiary forms.

Secondary Form: Camelia brings the two handles together, the now-parallel swords facing the same way as well as touching each other on the flat sides. Once these conditions are met, the swords seem to come alive, the dozens of pieces sliding over each other and interlocking, eventually coming to rest in the shape of a greatsword with a single handle, twice as long as the previous handles. This new sword looks just as if one of the twin swords had been enlarged, safe for a line of the darker Chrolfsmon alloy along the middle of the blade, sole evidence of the merger. The minimum transformation time is two seconds, although it can be lengthened for effect.

Tertiary form: Starting in the first form, Camelia puts the swords' handles end to end. Again, the swords seem to come alive, only this time they come to rest as a double-bladed sword as long as... the twin swords put end to end (or perhaps slightly shorter). Parts of the proper sword bits become part of the now much longer handle. Transformation time can be as small as 2 seconds.

Dust Functions: The handles each contain a compartmentalized (along the length), cylindrical Dust container. The first half is a compartment filled with Fire Dust, whilst the second is filled with Lightning Dust.
- Fire: Heats the proper sword part to over 900 degrees Celsius in less than a second. Remains active as long as not turned off and has Fire Dust remaining. This state can be sustained for 6 minutes per capsule without recharging.
- Lightning: Electrifies the proper sword part. Anything allowing a sufficiently free flow of current to some sort of (electrical) ground will get a powerful discharge. Electrifying requires no Dust in itself, but the discharge does. A container can support up to 60 discharges before being completely empty of Lightning Dust.

Colour stuffs: ShowHide
Light gray: #ABABAB
Darker gray: #7A7A7A

Name: Orion

Primary Form: A round shield just under fifty centimetres in diameter, made of two dozen or so plates in the shapes of ring portions of varying conformities. The plates are made of the same stuff as the armour.

Secondary Form: Like the swords, the shield's plates slide over each other. The shield's curvature turns inside-out, creating a sort of parabola facing outwards. The transformation can take as little as a quarter of a second.

Dust Functions: The underside of Orion is home to several spaces for flat Dust containers, 5 in total. They are partially housed within the shield itself, providing protection.

Unleashes blast waves in a 90 degree arc towards where it is facing, reaching as far as six metres away. Each type of blast can be used 2 times before the appropriate container is empty (uses in the third form count).
- Fire: A wave of fiery heat (over 900 degrees Celsius), capable of making dry wood burn in a very sudden an ferocious fashion.
- Lightning: An electrostatic discharge which scrambles nerves and circuits alike, bar Faraday cages getting in the way.
- Kinetic: A "slow"-moving blast of air with enough pressure to seem like a wall. Blows things away with force.
- Ice: A wave of extreme cold. Will easily freeze water and encase solid things in ice (the exposed portions, anyway).
- Fire/Kinetic mix: A violent, directional explosion, akin to a blast of TNT.

History: Like most people attending Signal, Camelia made her own weapon, but with a lot of help from her parents. The whole things took over 8 months to construct, and were her gift for her 16th birthday, along with the armour. She named the swords Unity as, despite their many forms, they are one and the same, whilst naming the shield Orion, for its role of protector.

Atomic - She(a.k.a. Lain)

Approved Characters / Re: Tieren Augus
« on: December 17, 2018, 10:30:35 PM »
Edits approved

Approved Characters / Re: Attom Goldwyn
« on: December 13, 2018, 03:57:05 PM »
Had a minor formatting tip over discord, other than that character and profile are great, and I don't have anything to comment on.

2/2, approved and moved.

Approved Characters / Re: Kisha Miles
« on: December 13, 2018, 08:10:03 AM »
Ahh missed that in my re-read, my bad.

And all good, edits approved.

Approved Characters / Re: Azure Blair
« on: December 12, 2018, 02:21:36 PM »
Hi Azure, first off I'm terribly sorry for how long this has been in editing.

Core + Rock and Roll are fine, edits approved.

Approved Characters / Re: Kisha Miles
« on: December 12, 2018, 02:16:22 PM »
First off terribly sorry for how long this has been in editing, trying to make some changes to avoid this in the future.

Voice reference is a new one but totally fine

All the grammar fixes and such are fine.

For the dust types, the only concern here is if you end up using nothing but them and spam them too much. But so long as you are reasonable with them it should be fine. (To be clear I don't want any edits here, really don't care for any numbers or anything just a comment on how you should try to play it)

Lastly the semblance, I'm afraid I don't think I can approve that. That kind of "advanced usage" of the semblance could be possible in a graduate but seems too much for a first year. From a site balancing perspective, this is already a unique and powerful semblance so it would be unfair to those who have speed semblances to just clip it on here as a bonus.

Approved Characters / Re: Patrick Iris
« on: December 12, 2018, 01:39:47 PM »
A template with some slight alterations though that is perfectly fine.

Interesting semblance, since the effect is kept minor I think it can work perfectly fine. Only caveat I have is that you should describe its effect to the other users in a thread, it will be up to them how they want to interact with it (As they still maintain full control of their character, you can't tell them how their character would feel in a moment).

2/2, moved. 

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