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Beacon Academy / Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« on: November 17, 2018, 06:58:47 AM »
Diana silently nodded as Jima answered the barrage of questions, she was a bit surprised by the littering comment but after looking around she had to agree that the place had a certain beauty. This would be have been a very nice place to bring someone, if not for the Grimm. Speaking of which. As the Creeps entered from one of the sides Diana began to move out of her central spot and positioned herself behind the others, she looked around for cover or height advantage and while there were some stones and ruined pillars they were further away than she wanted to be right now.

Smokey’s challenge fell on deaf ears for Diana, she really wasn’t competitive at all. Still she quickly readied her rifle to attack the creeps that were charging at him, calling out "What are you!" however before she could finish Kisha and Tieren were on top of it. Trying to get an eye on the two that hadn’t been engaged, she spotted one of them that seemed to have noticed that Jima was partially distracted with her weapon, it was circling towards her. Getting down on one knee Diana exhaled deeply, aimed, and fired two shots to play it safe.

Diana Stats:
  ● Aura: [██████████] 100%
  ● Semi Auto: 10/12
  ● Bolt action: Ice round

Combat Log:
  ● Two shoots at a creep

Everywhere Else / Re: Foreign Delicacies [Closed]
« on: November 16, 2018, 07:32:31 PM »
A bit apprehensive at her horrible conversation starter Diana had zoned out for half a second, caught in her neurotic self-criticisms so when the waiter was abruptly called she jumped a bit as she focused again. As Chantou spoke Diana was genuinely touched at the offer to pay for her food "Oh that's very sweet of you to offer, bu.. thank you, Chantou." she gave her a warm smile. Unsure of what to say to Yu when he turned down her offer she simply nodded at him and looked down at the menu. After Yu's surprisingly long order she handed her menu over to the waiter and simply said "Just a single caterpillar roll please, and some water."

Character Editing / Re: Lunae Terenas
« on: November 11, 2018, 09:00:28 PM »
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Name: Lunae "Luna" Terenas

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol: Three used cartridges falling to the floor, outlined by an orange explosion

Occupation: Second Year Beacon Academy student

Appearance: A 5'4, energetic and happy-go-lucky girl, Lunae has brown, almost blonde hair accented with gold which is kept in a ponytail, light blue eyes with flecks of grey, a friendly face and a wide smile. She wears a yellow crescent moon earring on her left ear, and has a pin shaped like a bullet which she uses to hold up her ponytail. She normally goes pretty hard on the makeup, altering her look but not enough to make her seem strange, sticking to the basics like eye shadower and powder.

Lunae shuns the school uniform for a more revealing orange corset under a brown and white tank top, usually covered by a leather jacket with shortened sleeves and trimmed waistline. She also wears a short grey combat skirt, complete with brown combat boots. These boots have spikes that extend and retract at the press of a inner button, anchoring Lune to the ground and reducing recoil from her weapon. An alternate outfit has her wearing a bright orange and black hoodie, resembling multiple nuclear explosions, and biker trousers(despite her not owning a motorbike) for more casual occasions. She normally grabs whatever footwear is close at hand, no matter if it goes well with the clothes she is wearing or not.

History: Lunae has had as peaceful a life as any could have wished for, living in a gun shop located in Vale, owned by her father and uncle. The shop had many customers, and thus Lunae was blessed with a well-off family and income. Her uncle also ran a small smuggling business that specialised in Atlas tech, and resold the stolen goods in their store. But, of course, Lunae didn't know about that.

When she was young, she was immersed in stories of being a Huntress, thanks to the stream of Hunters purchasing from their store and taking time to intrigue Lunae with tales of Grimm being slain by them, several of which may or may not have been over-exaggerated. This piqued Lunae's interest, and she asked her father to bring her to see Hunters in action. Her father refused for the reason that it was too dangerous for a young girl, but promised that he would make it up for her. True to his word, her father got tickets to a fireworks show along the coast of a nearby village. The fireworks show was small, but to the childish eyes of Lunae, it was one of the most beautiful things in existence, especially with Remnant's shattered moon in the background. While other kids her age covered their ears and hid behind their parent's legs as normal kids do, Lunae basked in both the light from the fireworks and the explosive crackles and pops. She was later brought to the firework cannon and it was like she found a long-lost treasure, such was her excitement at seeing the thing that created such fun for her. The staff had to drag her away from the machine before she started climbing all over the machinery.

The next day, her father walked into the store to see Lunae struggling to lift a 8-kg bazooka and about to pull the trigger, aimed right at the house next door. He dashed over to lift her away from the weapon of destruction, before looking up to see Lunae's uncle doubled over with laughter at the shock on her father's face. He'd set it up all along with a blank charge, just for a laugh, it turned out. Looking back at Lunae in his arms, her face filled with wonder, he felt obliged to take the rocket launcher out for a demonstration. She delighted in both the noise and the explosion that the rocket made. The neighbors were less amused. This only solidified Lunae's love for explosive weapons, much to her parents's astonishment. However, they still had control over her life, and demanded that if she was to use such weapons, she had to learn every dang safety rule to using such dangerous equipment. She instantly and happily agreed, if only to be able to wield such tools of pure awesomeness.

Her father agreed to start teaching Lunae the proper way to use explosives when she was at the right age, as well as the basics of being a Huntress, seeing as she was learning to use weapons. She had already been attending school, so academics wasn't much of a problem. The more obvious topic was the way she was going to use her chosen weapon, as she couldn't start unloading rockets wherever she liked. Besides, those rockets were expensive. The cost problem was solved in a unexpected way when Lunae was out practicing proper procedure with a stock RPG. Without realising, she had stopped reloading and was just unleashing rocket after rocket, before suddenly feeling faint and blacking out. When she awoke, she was in her bed, with her parents hovering protectively over her. They explained that she may have unlocked her semblance, as the rockets she was firing were glowing a bright orange. That, and the hardly recognisable remains of the training range.

With her Semblance unlocked, her parents were a bit more confident in Lunae's capabilities to handle herself well enough to leave her alone. On her 18th birthday, Lunae was gifted with a brand-new, custom RPG designed and built by her father, signifying their acceptance for Lunae to join Beacon via the entrance exam, which she passed with moderate results in all departments. For her, the first year of being a Huntress-in-training did not disappoint the eager girl, as she got stuck in to everything that Beacon had to offer, and eagerly awaits the surprises and challenges her second year has to offer.

Personality: Loud, confident, self-sure are some of the most common words used to describe Lunae. Those traits allow her to easily engage in conversation, even with strangers. However, this does not mean she befriends every person she meets; rather, she finds it hard to actually make proper friends at times. Her confidence is the main reason why she jumps headlong into most things, trusting her instincts and her weaponry to bail her out if something goes awry (which it does sometimes). This does put her in trouble when fighting Grimm, as her overconfidence puts her in tough spots at times. Her loud voice is another defining feature, and as she likes to say: "Being able to be heard anywhere at anytime is a essential thing." Energetic in most situations (apart from school), Lunae is athletic for her age, but at the same time, she isn't incredible at school subjects in general. She is not afraid to pull some...mature stops to get what she wants from others sometimes, but does not do it for the fun of it.

When people ask her "Why did you want to become a Huntress?", they are mostly astonished by her answer of "Because I can see the pretty explosions!" She loves loud noises, and especially adores firework shows, being the source of her enjoyment. She has an obsession of sorts toward any weapon that makes a big bang, and will go as far as to stare straight at a flash-bang with sunglasses on.

Aura and Semblance: Lunae has a orange aura, and she has a large aura pool to draw from when using her Semblance. However, she is not good at using her aura for anything else than regeneration, but her stamina regenerates faster than others.

Lunae's Semblance, Salvo Core, allows her to manifest her aura as projectiles. More specifically, any weapon she is touching, she can provide infinite ammo for, as long as she has the stamina for it. The ammo she manifests out of aura will retain all of the original ammo's characteristics (caliber, size, etc) but will not copy any dust effects. This includes any special, custom-made ammo with whatever special effects it originally had. The same goes for any explosive weaponry, like RPGs and grenade launchers. Basically, this means Lunae can pick up any gun and use it regardless of ammo. Oh, and she doesn't have to reload either, as the bullets/rockets manifest in the magazine/launch tube, allowing for instantaneous discharge of the projectile. However, she cannot rapid-fire her RPG due to the recoil. The ammo created by said Semblance eventually dissipates within 10 seconds after being fired. Any bullet or rocket created by Lunae's Semblance glows orange, making them easily recognisable. If any gun with manifested bullets leaves contact with Lunae, the bullets dissipate. However, she cannot use this Semblance limitlessly. Think of it as having 3 "charges", which take time to come off cooldown. The larger the clip/projectile that Lunae creates, the longer it takes to recharge.
[spoiler=more details] Lunae has used her semblance most with her selected weapons, and thus requires less effort to manifest ammunition for them. However, if using her semblance on other weapons, she has to use more stamina to create the same amount of ammo for, per say, a magazine for a pistol. The stamina used varies on the amount of ammo, the size (caliber) of the bullet and any special features included. The base stamina numbers are as follows (for reference):
For her own weapons:
30-round magazine for rifle: 8%, 6 second cooldown
Grenade for attachment: 3%, 4 second CD
Rocket for RPG: 8%, 8 second CD
10-round magazine for pistol: 2%, 3 second CD

Other weapons that aren't hers:
10-round mag for pistol: 4%, 5 second CD
15-30 round mag for machine-gun: 10%, 8 second CD
6-round mag for sniper-rifle: 8%, 8 second CD
1 grenade/1 rocket for grenade/rocket launcher: 12%, 10 second CD

Lunae's Semblance can be further upgraded/improved via a one-use Foci, infused with powdered Ice Dust. This said Foci is the aforementioned "cartridge" pin that holds up her ponytail. When used, she loosens the pin, letting down her hair and gaining a more wild, unkempt appearance. Her Aura gains a slight light-blue tinge, and all ammo created gains a small freezing effect. This does not change the recoil, however. In her RPG's case, any rockets created/fired create ice shards that spread on contact, like a frag grenade. The Foci's effects last around 10 seconds.

Combat Behavior: A modified RPG and a assault rifle with a grenade launcher attachment means that whatever Lunae chooses to do, it'll be very, very loud, and very, very powerful. Using the destructive firepower of her weapon, she can provide cover fire and shell out positions, forcing her enemies out into the open, where she can shoot them with her assault rifle. She is by all means the heavy artillery of the team, most effective at medium-to-long range.

All that being said, she has very exposed weaknesses, lack of ammo being the main concern. When she runs out of stamina, her RPG is useless, as she doesn't carry a single rocket with her. Her assault rifle only has a total of 3 magazines, or 90 rounds, which isn't a lot for prolonged engagements. As well as that, her choice of heavy weaponry leaves her largely immobile, even with the rifle, and her utter lack of melee capabilities (bar a simple combat knife, which she is rubbish at using) means if she gets jumped, she is a sitting duck.

Simply put, Lunae counts on the sheer power of her weapons to repel or fight off enemies, while simultaneously either keeping enemies in one spot via cover fire, or driving enemies out of hiding locations via RPG bombardment.


Name: Barbatos

Primary Form: Customised rocket-propelled grenade launcher with a sight which swivels to fit the user. Has about the same range as a sniper rifle. That's basically it. Lunae doesn't even carry ammo for it due to her Semblance. However, the rockets it fires do just about the same, if not more, than one of Magnhild's grenades.
Fire, hit, go kaboom. When not in direct usage but in combat, the RPG is slung behind Lunae's right shoulder, and when needed, unfolds over her shoulder, exposing the sight which moves in front of Lunae's right eye. A handle and tripod grip unfolds from the base of the firing mechanism in this mode. Otherwise, it is held like a normal RPG.

Secondary Form: The grip and trigger disconnect from the whole launch tube, revealing a modified pistol that fires standard pistol bullets. Holds up to 10 rounds per magazine, but Lunae only carries the one always inside the pistol.

Storage Form: The discharge tube disconnects from the firing mechanism and trigger. The tube is then stored horizontally across the back of Lunae's waist, while the firing mechanism is holstered at Lunae's side.

History: Designed and built by her father, this RPG was Lunae's birthday gift and her most treasured "boom boom" weapon.

Name: Lupus

Primary Fire: An assault rifle with a obligatory grenade launcher attachment under the rifle's barrel. Has a iron sight on the top rail. Holds 30 assault rifle rounds in a single mag, and has a effective firing range of a normal rifle. Has two modes, one of which is a 3-round burst mode and the other being semi-auto. Lunae carries 2 extra clips apart from the one always loaded.

Secondary Fire: A single-shot grenade launcher attachment, its primary purpose being to engage enemies that cannot be reached by direct fire. Lunae only carries one grenade shot with her, using her Semblance to reload. Fires separately from the main gun.

History: A basic, easy-to-use weapon taken from the gun store, Lunae chose this for both it's versatility and the grenade attachment, designed for use in medium range.

Name: Rex

Primary Form: A simple, 6-inch combat knife, black with a white rim. Stored at Lunae's waist.

History: A temporary melee weapon for when Lunae is desperate, this knife was picked by Lunae just to defend herself. She was hesitant to carry anything that didn't even make a sound, but a practice round with a sparring instructor changed her mind after she got steamrolled at close range.

Character Editing / Re: Tieren Augus
« on: November 11, 2018, 08:59:19 PM »
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Name: Tieren Augus

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Male Human

Occupation: First Year Beacon Academy Student

Appearance: Tieren normally looks as if he's just finished a bodybuilding session, which he pretty much always does. Standing at 5'10, he has brown hair which reaches his neck, brown eyes, white skin that is slightly tanned, and has several, shallow scars along the bottom of his right arm, which were caused by him testing his weapon. He has broad shoulders and has a prominent 6-pack. Being a bodybuilder and hitting the gym has given him considerable bulk to his muscles.

Scorning the school uniform, he wears a grey, small tank top which emphasises his body shape and old, faded shorts, with a pair of slip-on shoes. In combat, he adds on a heavily scored leather bracer for his right arm, and layered shoulder armor on his left shoulder. Otherwise, he goes unarmored for the rest of his body. Paired with his armor is a ammo belt, but unlike the rest of his attire, this looks fresh and quite new.

History: Tieren Augus was born and grew up in the rough streets of Vacuo, among a older brother, who was part of a Vacuan street gang, his mother, who was soft-spoken and timid, and his father, who, like Tieren, was a brash, stubborn person. Tieren, against his parents's wishes, wanted to join his brother's crew, obviously looking up to his brother as a role model (albeit a bad one). Unfortunately for Tieren, he was dismissed as a "runt" and "puny". This triggered Tieren's hotheadedness, and after hearing this, his father was determined to get Tieren into shape and show the Vacuan gang who was boss. Secretly, however, Tieren's father wanted to wean Tieren off the bad influence his brother had on him.

From the age of 7, Tieren was doing exercises his father specially designed for Tieren, to build up his muscles, strength and endurance at a young age, but careful not to overdo it. Tieren was taught to swim, use treadmills, lift weights, cycle, and stretch vital muscles, and moved on to benchpressing, endurance training, and bodybuilding at the age of 11. He was also taught rudimentary swordplay by a Huntsman, who was impressed by Tieren's determination.
At the age of 16, Tieren returned to the Vacuan gang to find his brother had left long ago, kicked out in a coup by the new leader, one of Tieren's doubters. Tieren challenged each and every member to a brawl, and even the leader, who once scoffed at the scrawny runt, was shocked at the massive change in Tieren. Soon, the leader surrendered in order to save some of the gang's dignity, and offered up an ancient, massive piece of tempered steel as compensation. The slab of steel, which took 3 people to carry, Tieren hoisted with ease.

Remembering the time the Huntsman had taught him basic swordplay, he carried the steel to a sword-smith to forge into something he could hold with more ease, while he asked his parents about the path he should take now. Seeing the fire within Tieren, like his father before him, they recommended a path as a Huntsman, where he could put his strength to good use, unlike being in a gang. However, Tieren had had enough of fighting in Vacuo, and instead, after collecting his new-forged blade, packed his belongings and set out for Vale, bringing with him one of his father's prized possessions: A beautiful, blue-and-white shield from the days when his father was spry enough to hunt.

Arriving at Vale, Tieren found out he could not attend Beacon, Shade Academy's counterpart, without first either going through Signal Academy, or passing a entrance test. Recognising that he was too old to join Signal, Tieren could only do the Entrance Test, one of which he was almost guaranteed to fail in: since he had received almost no education, he could not pass the Academic Test. Realising this, Tieren now needed a way to ace the remaining two tests, one of which he needed a weapon for. The way he fought currently was not a way that Tieren particularly liked: massive sword in one hand, shield in the other. This was very unwieldy for Tieren, especially with the massive blade that would have been easier to wield with two hands, or held at another angle. Moreover, everyone seemed to have some sort of gun, putting Tieren at a natural disadvantage, even with his bulk and strength.

By a stroke of luck, Tieren bumped into the Huntsman who first taught him how to use a sword, inside a smithy. Tieren was attempting to figure out how he would use his sword by examining the kinds of weapons everyone else was using. The Huntsman solved all of his problems with one stroke: by combining sword, shield and gun together, he would only need one hand to wield all three, and have his other hand free for anything else. Armed with what Tieren now called his GN Blade, he entered the Entrance Exam. Flunking the Academic Exam and easily acing the Sparring Test, the staff were astonished by Tieren's GN Blade and the way he used it to decimate foes with one hefty swing. With that, Tieren was admitted into Beacon with a stern warning to up his academic results, or he would be kicked out.

Personality: Tieren is hotheaded. Very, very, VERY hotheaded. And with that, comes stubbornness, willfulness, short-lived temper, and a desire to break anyone, or anything, that is in his way. He's the kind of person, who, when given an obstacle that can easily be bypassed, will instead attempt to power through it instead. As such, he has frequent breakups with his friends, but eventually (after a long time and multiple glasses of iced lemon tea) he will see his mistakes. Sometimes.

Beneath this stubborn attitude, however, lies a caring soul ready to lay down most everything to protect the people he cares about, backed up by his strong-headed will. Tieren believes that all people are equal, including Faunus, and thus whenever he sees any sign of Faunus inequality, he is not remotely afraid of speaking his mind. (For speaking, read shouting...maybe yelling). Crude and straightforward to a fault, he does not attempt to sweeten his words or veil hidden threats--whatever's on his mind will be spoken as is.

With all that strong will, Tieren is not the best at returning insults, retorts or exchanging words in general. He gets very angry if people start saying things he cannot return, and that's when he brings out his catchphrase "Actions speak louder than words. Especially if they have a fist to their face."
One certain way to calm Tieren down is by giving him his favourite drink, iced lemon tea. This almost guarantees that Tieren returns to a semi-neutral state, but he isn't bribed by others, just his friends.

Aura and Semblance: Tieren's Aura color, surprisingly, is a calm, cool indigo blue, especially considering Tieren's hotheadedness. Tieren's aura is much better at deflecting blows than actually healing wounds, or any other Aura ability, for that matter. He has an average amount of aura.

Tieren can sometimes get well and properly pissed. When that happens, his semblance kicks in, which is reflected in his Aura color: the angrier Tieren gets, the darker his Aura goes, ending in a dark navy blue. In this state, his Aura becomes significantly stronger at absorbing attacks. This allows Tieren to take less damage from attacks than he normally would. It is a passive semblance, which automatically kicks in as his rage increases.

However, this Semblance has limits. At best, it can block up to half the original damage, reaching its maximum at 20%, with any attacks that go over that number ignoring the shielding. Dust effects apply before the calculations, and each hit is calculated separately. As such, rapid, light attacks can easily chip away at the shield.

Combat Behavior: Frontline. When the fighting is hand to hand, when melee weapons dominate the combat field, that's where Tieren excels, and that's where he'll be in every fight, diving straight into the thick of the brawl and enjoying every second of it.

Tieren's natural strength, Semblance, and weapon all define his fighting style, which basically sums up to "barrel into enemy and knock them out". His sword is nigh unstoppable once swung, but this also comes at the disadvantage of being incredibly slow to swing. Heavy blows, normally a problem for slow fighters like him since they can't dodge, faze Tieren less due to his shielding Semblance, but in turn he finds himself weak to rapid blows that chip away at his shield where his Semblance is less effective.

As a brawler, Tieren uses his strength as an advantage over his opponent, preferring to get them in a situation where they are forced to match his strength instead of running circles around him. Disarming him is a impossible task as his weapon is clipped onto his arm, but dancing around the blade is simple for the nimble and quick-footed. Ranged opponents give Tieren trouble, but that in turn charges up his Semblance as he gets frustrated from the shots. Team fights, while not his forte, normally consist of him taking all the fire and having his teammates assist in dealing damage.


Name: GN Blade

Range Form: Tieren's GN Blade really should be called something else than just a "blade", but Tieren couldn't be bothered. In reality, it's a small, semi-automatic Dust pistol, attached to a small, blue and white, diamond-shaped, elongated shield, extending to Tieren's elbow. Oh, and a massive, tempered-steel buster sword, folded on the bottom of the whole device on a hinge, and a medium-length sheathing device. The whole blade is around 30 inches long, folded up. The GN Blade's primary form, or the Range form, consists of Tieren just using the Dust pistol like any pistol. This form is rarely used as Tieren just loves the up-and-close method of fighting. As such, Tieren's accuracy is mediocre at best, and if panicked, will squeeze off every round in quick succession, causing even less accurate shots.

[spoiler=tl:dr] Think of a pistol. Think of a small shield attached to the right-hand side of the pistol. Think of a big-ass blade underneath the pistol and the arm facing backwards, with no hilt or handle.

Blade Form: In the GN Blade's Blade form, the buster sword unhinges from beneath the GN Blade's sheath, swinging upwards via a spring mechanism, and locks in place pointing forward, the base of the blade in front of the pistol, deactivating the pistol and locked in place via a self-locking mechanism. Fully extended, the entire sword doubles the length of Tieren's arm, giving him an absurd reach. In this mode, the GN Blade gains massive slicing power, as it was designed for that purpose. The entire blade is a dull grey color, with sections of white.

tl:dr: ShowHide
 Mental image of the Range form + Moving the blade from underarm to front of the pistol, blocking off the barrel, with the tip pointing forward instead of up.

picture: ShowHide

History: Tieren wanted a weapon with massive power up close, yet didn't want to be swinging a mace or morningstar around. He also didn't want to burden himself with holding a shield with one hand and a sword in the other, let alone carry a gun. The end result was a mix of all three, emphasizing the destructive capability of the GN Blade and Tieren's love of close combat. The prototype GN Blade left numerous scars on Tieren's wielding arm from the folded blade, thus the reason why Tieren now wears a bracer. The blade itself was forged from some pretty old tempered steel that Tieren acquired from the Vacuan gang.

WiP Characters / Re: Jade Lescour
« on: November 10, 2018, 08:33:47 AM »
An excellent point that I 100% agree with. I Haven't added it in as of yet and probably won't have time this weekend but will do for sure. The sections after history are very much lacking polish but should at least give an impression of what I'm going for.

Thanks again King!

WiP Characters / Jade Lescour
« on: November 08, 2018, 11:24:53 PM »
Been a while since I've made a character, and since I haven't made a darker character yet I would love some input on making sure her story is interesting rather than full edge cringe.


Name: Jade Lescour

Age: 17 (3rd of Frost, 63 AC)

Species and Gender: Cat faunus, female

Symbol: Styalised design of her Dust wheel

Occupation: 1st Year Atlas Student

Appearance: A glance at Jade would show a young woman who is almost the perfect example of Atlesian high society. Whilst her height is fairly average (5’4”) she still stands tall, wearing heels most of the time and maintaining perfect posture. Her regular attire is heavily inspired by the uniforms of the atlas specialists, a long white coat with blue accents and tall boots. On her back there is a unique piece of jewelry, a silver disk with elegant engravings across the metal and different coloured gemstones embedded in a circle. She has bright blue eyes, some minor touches of makeup, and shoulder-length ashen hair usually kept in a braided bun.

She gets very close to the social ideal but unfortunately cannot achieve it due to two fairly large cat ears on the top of her head. The right of these ears has a large scar at its base, giving the impression that someone had tried to cut it off but stopped halfway.

History: Before the war Lescour developments was a fairly small realtor focusing on housing students, staff and graduates from the Alsius combat school. However as Alsius grew into what we now know as Atlas, Lescour developments was ideally situated to capitalize on the migration from Mantle to Atlas leading to significant growth. The company is now among the largest real estate agencies on Solitas. Like other traditional Atlesian companies the top level management was passed down through the family.

The current CEO is Duncan Lescour, a workaholic who had managed to maintain growth even after all these years. Though it was unlikely to happen for a while there was no doubt that the next CEO would be one of his three daughters. The firstborn was Laura, as she was five years older than the twins she was most likely to take over the company and she was trained for it nearly from birth. Duncan was a very private man when it came it his relationships so little is know about the woman was Laura's mother, other than that she left Atlas only a year after the birth.

The next love of Duncan would have been quite controversial had the story ever reached public ears, as it was one of the houses faunus maids, Stella. Again the details are sparse however for the few that knew of their relationship it was clear that Stella and Duncan had utterly fallen for each other despite their different backgrounds. Stella was also apparently gravely ill at the time and Duncan would end up spending a small fortune to give her the best treatment available. While she never got healthy her condition improved and she lived for almost another decade. During that time the two would end up having children, twin girls, that Stella got to spend 6 years with before her illness caught up with her.

The twin girls were Jasmine and Jade. Before she had passed their mother had told them that while there was nothing wrong with being a faunus, their lives might be easier if they were willing to hide their nature from time to time. This was easier for Jasmine as her trait was feline eyes, so she simply ended up wearing contacts every day. Jade had it rougher, she had inherited her mother's ears, to hide them she wore some awful hats or a rather painful tiara that kept her ears folded to down and covered with hair. For the twins it was simply a game of who could hide it the best and in return they got to live like princesses. Together with Laura, the twins had private lessons in dancing, etiquette, painting, among many other subjects that an heiress should know. Despite having different mothers the three sisters became inseparable.

However, as they continued to grow up Jade's ears became harder and harder to hide, and when she was 12 years old her father told her that It simply wouldn’t be possible for her to attend the dinner parties he would hold for investors. While that would have been a blessing for most children her age it tore at Jade’s heart. Not that the dinners were all that fun mind you, but it had been drilled into them how important they were and besides the sisters would often perform some dance or play some music which Jade had loved. While Jasmine was a ball of energy Jade had always done whatever was required to be the perfect daughter, now would be no exception. A few weeks later when she was sure everyone was fast asleep, she brought a first aid kit and a knife to her bedroom. Just two quick cuts, some bandages and tomorrow she would be the perfect daughter again. It didn’t work out like that. Her screams of pain woke everyone in the house before she fainted.

By the time she was starting to wake up at the hospital her ear had already been sewn back on since she had gotten treatment so quick there wasn’t going to be any permanent damage, other than a scar. As she opened her eyes she was greeted to the sight of her sisters and her father. Still a bit dazed she didn’t catch everything they were saying however the gist was her father was telling her that if she wanted her hair cut then she just had to say so. Whilst he had stayed for a few hours her father eventually had to get back to work, but her sisters stayed all day. Within the week she was back at the manor.

While things quickly went back to normal for Jasmine and Duncan, both Jade and Laura were acting differently. Jade seemed to be in a good mood when she was out and about but she hid in her room quite often, and Laura had started to ignore some of her classes and always had a solemn expression when around Jade, she clearly had something on her mind but she just couldn’t find the right time to bring it up. The time would end up being after she noticed some minor cuts on Jade’s arm that she didn’t have a satisfactory explanation for. That night Laura went to Jade’s room to talk with her and she wouldn’t accept no for an answer, and while Jade was initially quite resistant she did slowly start to open up. Laura told her that she was the one to get to her first and she knew what she had tried to do, but had told the others that it seemed like a haircutting accident. They talked about her recent behavior, hiding away, her mood, the cuts, and for the first time in years they talked about her being a faunus. That currently in Atlas she would have fewer options, but that her ears were a part of her, they were beautiful and a reminder of their mother.

Jade had struggled with the fact that the life she had raised to for wasn’t going to happen. While she could certainly still live a life of luxury with the family, only one of them was going to take over after all, however she wanted to be of use to the family. So for the next couple of months she did something she hadn’t really done before, she tried to see how other faunus lived in Atlas, in order to find a respectable role she could still fulfill. Eventually the answer came to her, an Atlas Specialist. They seemed to be universally respected and she had seen a few faunus among them. While her father was initially reluctant to have her follow such a dangerous career path he would eventually relent He hired the best trainers he could find to come to train her and stocked up on weapons of all kinds. It quickly became clear that she was a natural with Dust, and once her semblance backed that up she decided to forgo conventional weapons in order to stand out.

Personality: A lot of children who grow up with negligent or distant parents end up rebelling against them, Jade however reacted differently. With her mother passed on and her faunus nature preventing her from being close to her father she ended up doubling down on obedience. Going out of her way to do anything and everything to help him, even it if meant hiding from most of the guests to their home. Whilst she would claim that her relationship with her father is as good as possible given her nature, there's no denying that it does put a strain on her and it has, at least in part, led to some depressive periods.

As most dinner guests were unlikely to visit the library it was one of the few places Jade could hide without much concern as such she is fairly well read which when combined with her newfound ambition has allowed her to do quite well in both her practical and theoretical subjects. As an individual Jade is incredibly determined, always a thought on her goal of becoming a specialist. While she can be stubborn and is certainly strong-willed she can often default to a meek obedience, though that's not to be confused with her being shy. If she feels a trust or loyalty to the people on her team she will put their needs above her own.

Aura and Semblance: Her aura is, unsurprisingly, a Jade colour.

A Dust control semblance: She can pull Dust from the pack on her back, activate it and launch it towards an enemy. While she can attack from a fair range using this technique there is an important detail to make clear, she only has control of the Dust while it's inside her aura, once fired out it moves as a projectile depending on how she launched it. Meaning her attacks won't follow opponents and she can’t use other peoples Dust against themselves. Through careful control of how she launches the Dust, she can create some very simple structures, pillars, walls, a bridge for example. While she can create a simple weapon it's considerably more difficult as she needs to get the proper proportions and balance on a small scale so it takes a good 5-10 seconds, and it ties up one of her hands to maintain it so it limits her ranged effectiveness.

Combat Behavior: WiP
She carries no weapons and makes all her attacks using the Dust stored on her back which she carries a plentiful amount of and her semblance that has little fatigue drain. In order to deliver Dust at range in a more complex pattern to create simple shapes, she has utilized her background in dance. Unless she has taken the time to prepare a melee weapon she struggles as enemies get close, however even without it she is not defenseless in melee combat but she then runs the risk of damaging herself whilst attacking an opponent. She brings extreme elemental versatility to a fight, but any opponents that could stop her Dust or knock it off course could make her useless for the fight. As she uses raw dust rather than launching it from a fire arm her attacks do have a bit of travel time and as such she will struggle with very agile opponents at range, though there is always the option of simply adding more dust to the attack for a bigger boom.


Name: Sample Text

Primary Form: Dust wheel
Designed to ensure that it is extremely unlikely that any attack could activate the Dust while stored even if her aura drops
Something like the images below

Dust Functions: The pack itself is nothing more than a storage container she uses via her semblance

History: Sample Text

Beacon Academy / Re: A Lunch Side Chat [DGTL]
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Diana gave a warm smile and nodded in agreement as Janna complimented Brock. She closed the strategy notebook and placed it on the table.

She was initially a bit taken aback when Jenna commented on her mostly untouched apple. Although her clothes were hardly tight fitting it didn't take a master detective to see that she was a bit malnourished. "Um, sorry I know. I just, well we lived pretty sparsely when I was growing up, so I've never had much of an appetite." still, she felt genuinely touched that Janna was looking out for her "I'll get something a bit more substantial." she got up, wandered the buffet for a bit.

As she came back with half a BLT bagel in hand and doing her best to not limp she addressed her team "I do think we did really well out there today. Sure there are things we can improve upon but we still don't know the full extent of each other's fighting styles, let alone the details of our semblances. We'll improve with practice, and I think as we get to know each other." since strategy was something she needed to improve upon she looked to Zaffre while gesturing to the notebook "Would it be okay for me to borrow your notes and study them?"

Teams / Re: Team Resources
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Beacon Academy / Re: A Lunch Side Chat [DGTL]
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Spotting the first of her team approaching Diana gave a tiny wave just to make sure she spotted her "Thanks, Janna. You did really well out there today". Her hand had been absentmindedly rubbing her sore ankle but she stopped as soon as it was brought up "Honestly its nothing, you got there just in time. The greater harm was to my ego, pretty pathetic to drop aura to the first surprise attack."The fact that Janna would frequently protect her and even had a nickname for her meant that Diana already felt fairly familiar with her, however she was worried that she had just overshared her feelings so she looked up around for something to change topics too. "Oh, I'm so sorry for not helping with your armor, I just kinda zoned out after the match"

As they had been talking they were joined by Brock "No, you were doing exactly what you should be. Maintaining the front line by 'laying waste' is equally important." and quickly thereafter Zaffre "I really do appreciate it, but I'm fine. Besides, I believe It's the leader's job to keep track of this stuff, and we had no way to know how her semblance worked anyways." As Zaffres notebook was handed to her Diana started to look through the pages, it seemed like it could be an invaluable resource. "This is amazing thank you! Strategy hasn't really been my strong suit but I'll do my best to improve". She glanced through a few more pages, when she looked up again Zaffre had already left to get some food and was on her way back, seeing everyone around her eating she picked up her apple and started nibbling at it.

Beacon Academy / Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
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While thrilled at the prospect of fighting monsters rather than her peers Diana couldn't help but shot a concerned glance towards Jima at the mention of the larger Grimm types, surely she was just saying that for dramatic effect, right? Looking down at Eclipse she detached the scope she had been working on, she wasn't too happy with the design and certainly didn't intend to fight with it now. As she followed the others out the door she pressed a button on the rotating handle of her rifle which caused the stock to split in two and wrap itself around the blade for storage.

When they had barely set foot inside the forest off the academy grounds Diana prepared her rifle, she retracted the bolt to check what dust round she had loaded, ice. She enjoyed Jima's tour guide narration and in a moment of distraction from the fight before them she couldn't help but admire the nature around them, the nature in Vale seemed so welcoming compared to Atlas.

Diana was quite intrigued by the colosseum in particular that it was from before the greyed war, wondering to herself if it could have served any function similar to Amity for the fighters from before the academies. The mention of its history with bloodshed snapped Diana back to reality and why they were there. She glanced around for any sight of movement, so far everything was still. Absentmindedly she pulled back the bolt of her rifle to check which round she had loaded, ice.

While she was certainly nervous for the fight ahead of them it wasn't out of fear, this had just become her role on her team. To be the one who was a bit more cautious and careful, she might not have the typical personality of a leader but she would make sure her teammates were safe and looking at her new impromptu teammates she was glad to see how excited they all were. She positioned herself as central in the group as possible, hoping to avoid a melee fight if possible, and for the third time she found her hand on the bolt of her rifle ready to check the round, ice.

"Well Grimm aren't blind, the energy of a place like this could certainly attract them but if they come and can't see anything they would look elsewhere, but it certainly means there are more Grimm around this area than a random place in the forest."

I'm terribly sorry for the massive delay, I've mentioned the reasons on the discord but wanted to keep everyone in the loop. I've been on sick leave for about a year now and I'm trying to sort everything out so I can study again.

Everywhere Else / Re: Foreign Delicacies [Closed]
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As everyone seemed ready to order Diana started to look towards the waiters, hoping to catch their eye to make it clear that they wanted to put in their orders. Unfortunately, a slight glance or a meekly raised hand wasn't going to attract much attention. Trying to play it off as though she hadn't tried to call a waiter she stretched her slightly raised hand and looked around the table for anything to comment on, her eyes resting on Yu's surgical mask. "I don't mean to invade your privacy, but I have some basic medic training and as such have a fairly extensive first aid kit with me. So if you'd like some painkillers, anti-histamines, cold medicine or whatever just let me know." In an effort to make it clear that she was trying to help she pulled a bottle of rubbing alcohol for the pouch on her belt, applied some to one hand and offered the bottle to the other two. She shot a sideways glance towards a waiter walking past, but figured the others would take care of it.

Character Editing / Re: Liliana Blossom
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Name:Liliana Blossom
Species and Gender:Female Faunus (Cat)
Symbol: [spoiler]

Occupation:1st year/Former Pop Idol
Appearance:Liliana has cherry blossom pink hair, light complexion and stands around 5' 3". While she does not have a set outfit she wears everyday, she can usually be seen in a black and gold tank top long skirt combo with a light grey see-through shirt underneath.
History:Growing up in Vale, Liliana was always surrounded by music. Her parents, who after years of being in musical theatre, retired to set up a small time theater. There they would put on concerts or shows once or twice a week. At a young age, she took up singing lessons and song writing due to her fascination with music. At the age of 6, she started to preform in her parents theater as opening acts for much more big names.

They began to teach her dance and song composition in order to expand her knowledge and skills. This led her to doing small concerts alone. She was loved by the audience. She did not enjoy the spotlight at first. Her parents eventually decided to give her a few lessons in self-defense, due to a small indecent with an over-adoring fan. She would later put this knowledge into use.

She started to make connections within the music industry. Eventually she was picked up by an agent who want her to do tours and made her an icon. After about 9 years of performing in various kingdoms and countries, with the whole world watching and worshiping her, she retired from the spotlight, having no desire to continue her career. This was due to a small concert she did one year ago in Minstrel when a pack of Beowulf attacked her concert. Everyone was alright but she was shaken up. She could not think of just sitting back while others fought. She decided to become a Huntress at that moment.

She entered a small combat school to learn how to fight, even transforming her microphone stand into a weapon. She spent around 2 years learning the ins and outs of combat. She did not wish to fight but to protect people from the dangers of the world around them. After her time there, she decided to continue her training at Beacon.

Personality:Liliana is usually a nice person. Like overly nice, nothing really gets her down and she always tends to find a silver lining with any problem. While she does have her slight diva moments, she tends to not let those get in the way of making a good impersion. While she is not the best when it comes to academia, she still tries her best and is never really afraid to ask for help. During combat, she tends to stay cheery and acts bubbly. However, if she becomes overly stressed, she will break down and attempt to surrender or give up. She combats this by slowly singing to herself quitely to calm down. The singing usually calms down her allies as well.

Aura and Semblance:She lets out a roar that deafens her opponent however, if used to often, she could go mute. The roar deafens the opponent by using a loud bang, similar to that of a sonic boom, that will last for around 10-15 seconds. The force that she exerts by using this semblance causes slight hoarseness of the voice as she draws upon it from her vocal cords. If used too often, she could go mute for a couple days, if the semblance is used after this stage, she could face permanent vocal cord damage, leading to permanent mute.

Combat Behavior:She tends to fight side by side her teammates more rather then fighting alone. She uses her own strengths along with the teammates to overcome most obstacles. However, if she ever sees a bug, she will freeze in place and scream until the bug leaves or she is pulled away. This tends to lead to her team sighing or laughing.

Name: Cacophony
Primary Form:A gold, black and pink trimmed white oak pole around 6 ft.
Secondary Form: With the push of a button, a small spear tip extend from the the top of the pole to create a pole arm.
History: She modified her microphone stand into the weapon before she entered into combat school. When not in use, she tends to keep it as an adjustable microphone stand.

Character Editing / Re: Azure Blair
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Other than typos make sure to list all changes you make.

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Name: Azure Blair

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Female, Faunus; her faunus trait is an arctic wolf tail


Occupation: Musician, First year student at Beacon Academy

Appearance: Azure is a tall, lanky girl standing at 5’10 with an mesomorph body. She has an hourglass figure defined by her sharp hips and decent sized bust. Her limbs are long but well toned, and --while she doesn’t have a complete six pack-- her abs are definitely noticeable and hard.

Her dark, black and blue hair, contrasts greatly with her pale complexion, as do her deep, navy eyes. Her features are rather feminine, but this is somewhat offset by her resting scowl that she seems to wear around a classroom setting. She wears minimal makeup, opting for dark eye makeup and occasionally some lip gloss, but doesn’t cake her face with concealer or highlighter or anything.

She has pierced ears and a navel piercing, as well as three tattoos. Her largest tattoo is vine across the left side of her abdomen that is is decorated with small flowers and thorns. She has a lip tattoo that says “ashes; ashes” and a set of words on the inside of the fingers on her left hand that when put together read “House of Wolves”.

Her clothing style is rather punk, preferring ripped jeans and tight crop tops or sport bras, seeing as this allows her to show off both her navel piercing and her vine tattoo. She has a black leather jacket that she likes to wear everywhere, along with a pair of thick soled, black combat boots that reach up to just below her knees; they’re decorated with an assortment of chains and buckles, and she always wraps the laces around the back at the top before tying them. The way people do with Converse. She dresses usually in monochrome colors of black, white, and grey, while also adding varying shades of blue to the mix as a pop of color.

The most notable trait about her is her long, white wolf tail. Both her parents were wolf faunus, so she too holds the trait of an arctic wolf. Her tail can swish back and forth, moving like a normal wolf tail, and is also able to puff up when Azure is scared or surprised.
For reference, have an image!

History: Born and raised in Atlas, Azure was the child of two huntsmen, both of which were wolf faunus. She was raised around the idea of combat, her parents always going off on missions and such. She thought of Huntsmen and Huntresses as real life knights in shining armor, and wanted to be one, just like her parents, when she grew up.

Not only did she grow up around combat, she also was heavily influenced by music at an early age. When she was nine, she was given her first guitar. SHe immediately took a liking to the instrument, and would practice for hours and hours a day, playing until her fingers bled.

When she was ten, she began taking private combat lessons, so she could be ahead of the game once she was old enough to start at a proper combat school. She also took guitar lessons, as well as self teaching herself using online videos.

For what seemed like forever, that was how her life was. But it was just the calm before the storm. At the age of eleven, she witnessed her parents die in a Grimm attack. She firmly believes it was her fault-- she had tagged along on a mission, and thinks if she had just stayed home they would still be alive. They would have died regardless of whether or not she was there, but at the time she didn’t know that. She still doesn’t know that.

During the time of her parents death, there was a large amount of yellow in the area: a field of yellow flowers, Azure’s yellow sundress, her mother’s blonde hair, the bright yellow sun... All of this would add up to Azure associating the color yellow with her parents’ death. To this day, she can’t stand the color, and can be triggered by large amounts of it. If someone were to walk by with a yellow shirt on, it’d be fine, but things like sunflower fields, rooms that are painted yellow, or wearing clothes that are yellow could trigger her.

After the death of her parents, she was put into foster care. She bounced around from home to home, never staying anywhere for longer than a few months. This was due to the fact that, as a result of her trauma, Azure would suffer severe mood swings with bursts of violence, going into fits of rage, or completely shutting down, staying in her room for hours being nearly completely unresponsive.

She enrolled in a proper combat school when she was 12, using combat as a coping mechanism. However, at the age of fourteen she was expelled after her reckless nature nearly got herself and half her classmates killed.

After losing one of her only coping mechanisms (the other being music), and fearing her dreams of becoming a huntress were permanently crushed, Azure spiraled into what would be counted as her first full manic episode. She was briefly hospitalized until the episode ended.

After getting out, she ran off, not wanting to return to her current foster family. She traveled around for a while, busking and playing gigs in cafes and bars to earn money.

When she was fifteen she was discovered by a music producer while playing in a hotel bar. He offered her a record deal, which she signed to eagerly.

She would go on to produce her first album a year later, and, a year after that, her second. Both were met with decent success, her second being more successful than her first. Around the time she released her second album he attempted to enroll at Beacon, since she was now of age. She was denied, and told she needed to complete combat school before apply again.

She re-enrolled at a combat school, which was pretty awkward since she was so much older than the other students, and finished her last two years. She then reapplied to Beacon and got in.

She is currently working on her third album, but will be dedicating more time to her studies and huntsmen training than music, since she knows she already has a solid grip on her music career.

If you would like a SIGNIFICANTLY more detailed description of her backstory, you can check out her extended profile.

Personality: Azure acts exactly how you would think she would act if you judged her based on her punk appearance: loud, wild, uncontrollable. She speaks her mind without a filter, without thinking of the consequences of what she's saying. She is incredibly reckless and impulsive, and will rush headfirst into battle without thinking of a strategy first. She takes zero bullshit, and isn't afraid to call people out on it. However, she is also an incredibly loyal, compassionate person. She cares for those she loves (which is a lot of people) greatly, and will do anything to keep them safe. She is strong willed and determined; once she sets her mind on a goal, she will achieve it no matter what. Azure also had Rapid Cycling Bipolar 1. This causes mood swings, or episodes, of mania and depression. She has learned to lessen the intensity of her episodes through medication, as well as using coping mechanisms like music and combat.
Due to her dislike of authority, Azure will often talk back to teachers or argue with others during class. She learns best from interactive, hands-on experiences than reading textbooks or listening to lectures. This is why she excels at combat above all other classes, it is a more hands-on, interactive class as opposed to the lecture format of Grimm studies or History.
(Also she's bisexual but I couldn't find a smooth way to add that in so I'm just randomly noting it here)
An extensive look into Azure's personality can be found here!

Aura and Semblance:
Aura color: dark, midnight blue

Semblance: Crowd Surfing

Azure has always loved crowds, always thrived off of them. She much prefers the company of several over the company of one; quantity over quality. So, it's no surprise that her semblance revolves around crowds too.

Azure can take a crowd in the palm of her hand and spin it; taming it, angering it, setting it wild. Uniting it. Mainly through music, Azure can manipulate the emotions and atmosphere of a crowd. She could calm an angry mob, or hype up an audience. Music is the main way in which she does this. When she plays music, she can manipulate emotions based on the song (e.g an upbeat song could hype them up, or a sad song could make them sad, etc). It is also possible to do without music, but that is much much harder since she doesn't have any form of "outlet" for her semblance to be channeled through.

A side effect of this semblance is one she can't control: sometimes, if she is feeling a particularly strong emotion, it will "leak" out into a crowd and they will feel a semblance of what she is feeling. Obviously, it won't be to the same level as her, but they will feel it at about half the intensity in which she feels it. This works well when she's excited and happy, since then the people around her will have higher spirits, but less so when she is sad, because then people around her


Azure needs an outlet (Music) for her semblance to work. This works best as music she is playing, but can also work with music the crowd is listening to (like at a club or a music festival). With time and practice, she will be able to manipulate crowds without needing an outlet, but for now it is needed if she wants any significant effect on a crowd larger than a few people. The only times she would be able to manipulate a crowd without an outlet would be the accidental times when her emotions "leak" into a crowd, or if the crowd is very small (only a handful of people). Anything more than about ten or so, as she would need some type of music to use her semblance.

Azure cannot physically manipulate the crowd, or mind control them. She is not dominating over a group of people, just manipulating the emotions and energy of it, they are still free to do as they please, she has no control over that. She cannot manipulate the energy or emotion of an individual, there has to be a bare minimum of three people, although usually five or six is better, and even then she can’t make them feel different things, she treats them as one conjoined unit, whose emotions and energy she manipulates as one.

Don’t get it confused with mind control. She could not, say, put thoughts in a person’s head or make people do certain things, all she is doing is manipulating the atmosphere. She could hype up an audience, or somewhat calm an violent protest. Basically, she can’t move the crowd or control their thoughts. It’s also not necessarily emotions, I just don’t what other words to use. It’s like, the emotional atmosphere of the crowd. Like you know at a concert when everyone is so happy and wild and you get that wild type of energy that you can just feel in the air? It’s like that. She can manipulate that energy somewhat.

When playing a song, everyone who hears it aside from herself will be affected. This is what makes it dangerous to use in team battles, since any attempt to liven her teammates could affect her opponents as well.

The effects only last as long as the song is being played, since music is needed as an outlet. Once she no longer has an outlet, her semblance will have little to no effect.

Just because she can draw energy from a crowd doesn't mean bigger crowds are earlier to manipulate. Larger crowds, are harder to manipulate, since her semblance has to spread thinner and farther to include each person. Her maximum is stadium sized. Not a giant stadium like Gillette, but more like TD Gardens sized, which is significantly smaller.

Combat Behavior: Azure is incredibly reckless and impulsive, which is reflected in her combat style. Azure will rush head on into a situation without stopping to strategize; there are times when she won’t even stop to talk with her teammates, and will instead just leap into battle.

If someone only ever saw Azure fight in sparring matches and battles with other students, they would think she is more tame than she actually is. When fighting other people, Azure holds back. She seems more rational and collected, aiming strikes to incapacitate but not cause any long lasting, serious harm. She cares deeply for others, and doesn’t want to seriously injure anyone she’s fighting. Unless their intent is to kill her, then she has no problem treating them like Grimm in order to save her own life.

When fighting Grimm, any organization Azure seemed to possess in sparring matches disappears. She is reckless and ruthless, consumed by blinding rage at her endless need for revenge. She treats every Grimm as if they were the one that killed her parents; she holds nothing back, her intention to rip every Grimm she comes across to unrecognizable shreds.

In combat, Azure can also channel her semblance through her guitar. She can play a song, and use it to either revamp her allies, or dishearten her opponents. She could a play a really sad song, which, when channeled through Renegade, has a stronger effect than if she were using a normal instrument, and use her semblance to spread the sadness through her enemies to make them lose motivation. She could play a hyped up, energetic song to energize her teammates.

Azure excels at melee combat. While she is capable of making more ranged attacks with dust, the main function of Renegade is a battle axe. She works the best in close quarters combat, wielding her axe expertly. She holds the neck like the handle, while the blades pop out from the body of the guitar.

Azure is well versed in the art of Dust usage. Given how much Renegade relies on it, she is very knowledgeable about Dust, and can easily come up with effective combinations of it to use in combat. Considering her guitar can hold a maximum of only two Dust types at a time, this leads to her having to be more creative with which types of Dust she inputs into Renegade.

Azure works best working alone. Given how opposed she is to strategy and planning-- as well as using proper form, Azure works best when the only one she could hurt from her recklessness is herself. She prefers 1v1 fights, or taking on Grimm by herself. She is more effective when she doesn’t have to worry about other teammates or allies.

Azure has high speed and quick reflexes, which she relies on during combat instead of planning. She counts on her high perception to keep her alert if (and when) her reckless actions result in... less than ideal situations.

Azure relies mostly on strength and brute force than fancy moves. She prefers to just overwhelm the opponent as opposed to adding flashy flips and spins into a fight. Her tall build gives her a size advantage over most girls she spars with, and slightly evens the playing field when sparring with guys.

By far, Azure biggest weakness is her recklessness, her inability to plan. She will rush into combat without thinking, not caring for the consequences of her actions. This especially holds true when facing off Grimm. Her thirst for revenge clouds her judgment, and all she sees is a need to kill the monsters in front of her. She won’t think about her teammates, she might not even think about herself; all she’ll think about is killing Grimm using any means necessary, even if it means nearly dying in the process.

This recklessness could also potentially lead to endangering not just only herself, but also anyone she is working with. She fails to think things through, and therefore won’t see the consequences of her actions. This is exactly the reason she was expelled from combat school: she didn’t think about what she was doing, and nearly got her and her classmates killed because of it.

When using her semblance in battle, anyone who hears it will be affected, so she risks invigorating her enemies, or making her teammates feel tired or sad, etc. Because of this, she tends to not use her semblance very much in battle if she is fighting alongside others.

Renegade is weaker as a ranged weapon. While, yes, Azure is skilled with dust and can use her weapon effectively, her range attacks are weaker than her melee attacks. Also, since her only range attacks are Area of Effect, they could potentially hit someone she wasn’t necessarily aiming for. Say she tried to attack an enemy with a blast of fire dust, there’d be no way to control or stop it if a teammate got in the way.

As previously stated, Azure doesn’t work as well in groups. This is not only due to her impulsiveness, but also because she cares too much about others. If she’s in a fight with allies, she could be too focused on making sure they were alright to watch her own back, or contribute as much to the battle, since she’d just be worried about them the entire time.

Due to her taller, and slightly gangly stature, stealth is one of Azure’s biggest weaknesses. She’s all awkwardly long limbs and thoughtless movements, making agility and stealth harder. Yes, she is fast, but that doesn’t mean sharp turns are balancing are any easier, even with the use of her tail.

If going through a manic or depressive episode, fighting becomes a lot more challenging. Obviously, with depressive episodes she will lack motivation, and could be too mentally or emotionally exhausted to fight. With mania, it’s harder to see as a weakness. When manic, Azure has much higher energy levels, which could be seen as a strength if it weren’t for the fact that focusing is impossible, and that her impulsivity spikes during episodes. She will have a hard time paying attention to the battle around her, as her thoughts will be moving to quickly, an be unable to stick to a certain idea or moment for very long.


Name: Renegade

Primary Form: An electric guitar.

Forged during Azure's time in combat school, before getting kicked out that is, Renegade combines her two favorite things: combat and music. When deactivated, Renegade is a sleek, matte black electric guitar with a black fret board and silver steel strings that are reinforced so they don’t break in battle. The guitar is built with a dust core instead of an electromagnetic core, allowing for it to be played without the need of any type of amp or speaker. In fact, the guitar just by itself has the ability to play louder than it would with a small, portable amp by adjusting the volume dial on it. The range of the dial exceeds that of a normal amp or guitar, being able to play at both louder and quieter levels.

Secondary Form: A battle axe.

Once activated, dust fueled LED lights glow along the edges of the pick guard and pickups in a dark, electric blue color. Dark grey blades will pop out of the sides of the guitar body, and the strings will begin to crackle with blue aura. The blades allow for melee combat, wielding the guitar like an axe.

Azure can also channel her semblance through her guitar, making it stronger. She can play songs, turning up the volume so everyone can here, and then use her songs to either invigorate her teammates, or dishearten her enemies. The catch to this is that anyone who hears the music will be effected, so she could potentially give her opponents an emotional energy boost, or decrease her teammates motivation.

Dust Functions: Renegade relies almost completely on dust. It has a dust core that allows for it to be played without needing an amp or speaker, and uses dust in combat as well.

In combat, dust can be inserted into the body of the guitar in the same place one would plug in an amp cord. Once the dust has been inserted, the strings will glow the colors of whatever dust is being used. This allows for ranged combat, in which, when a chord is play, a wave of whatever dust type has been inserted will spread from the strings of the guitar in an Area of Effect attack. For example, fire dust would create a wave of fire, ice dust would create a blast of frost or shards of ice, etc.

The effect of the blast of dust can be increased if Azure plays a song, any song, to build it up. Once released, the AoE attack will be stronger, and spread farther. However, it is possible that too much energy could get stored and it may explode, causing potential harm to both Azure and Renegade. Because of this, Azure doesn’t usually spend much time charging up strikes, and just plays the chords to release the dust waves.

History: Renegade was crafted by Azure in a combat school when she was 14. She built it as a guitar/battle axe hybrid to unite her two favourite things: music and combat. The guitar section was made with combat in mind, obviously, so it was built to withstand battles and force better than your average electric guitar. It was forged only a few months before she was kicked out of combat school.

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General Discussion / Re: Quick question
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One of those channels is "request chat access" so just write to us there, and make sure your server nickname is the same as your name here on the site (Type /nick Azure Blair ) Then stay online there for a while for someone to add you.

General Discussion / Re: Quick question
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For future reference, I'd recommend joining our discord chat as that's an easier place for this kind of questions and a good way to interact with people.,912.0.html

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