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Character Creation / Re: Menrva Star
« on: April 30, 2020, 05:37:50 PM »
Wow I am incredibly sorry I didn't get back to you after this, was so focused on Discord and it slipped my mind (the whole global pandemic was rather distracting as well). If ever there is a delay even a fraction of this long feel free to ping me / other staff, as this was way too much and I can only apologize.

Anyhoo, the story has been addressed and is in a good spot now. Most of the character is in a good spot, however, the big issue I still have is the "tech giving free semblances". As we are hardly a mechanically driven site balance is less of a concern, my approach comes more from trying to be fair to other members. It can feel cheap for someone if another character has their own semblance as well as their characters semblance because of tech, so we try to be careful about allowing semblance-like abilities to come from other sources (for instance why we basically ignore Faunus traits as that's some characters semblance)

So the ability for her semblance to control the suit and shift power to different things for a specific boost in power fits nicely with the character and is reasonable tech angle with the semblance (within reason of course).

With that as the semblance the extreme light projection and flight seem like too much for me. We have a few characters with flight(ish) but in those cases it's either tied to or helped by their semblance, we also haven't seen that kind of flight tech outside of ships, so with everything else going on with this character I really don't see any way to make free flight happen without redesigning a ton.

In terms of the hard light using it to make weapons or one or two simple structures is fine, but 16 constructs are waaay too much, once again aura constructs are a popular semblance but even those are far more limited than what this character gets for free. The examples we have in the show are pretty restrictive (Velvet is the most advanced but Watts needed to set up the rings for a simple wall). Maybe something like one on each arm, giving her an interesting weakness (not just inexperienced). Go for double blades for offense, one blade and one shield for defense, maybe help or protect teammates by dropping her offense entirely to use both projectors to give cover. Seem reasonable?

Hud is fine, Shock absorption is fine, releasing said shock for massive physical boost is a semblance I've seen before, same goes for repulsing attacks back.

Hopefully, you can see that this is way too much stuff for a character to get for free, especially one that also gets a ton of extra features from the story with the whole basically youngest medical doctor ever.

Character Creation / Re: Menrva Star
« on: February 25, 2020, 09:46:54 AM »
Always nice to see nonstudent characters on the site, will be interested to see what you do with them (also love medical characters).

Nice to see characters with art. A minor point about that is I typically recommend using Imgur for hosting, as I know those links last ages (discord might be totally fine, I just don't have any experience with them).

The timeframe was a bit confusing to follow. It seems like she starts her medical degree at 12 (which is too young even for a prodigy), 4 years later is the conference, and then it moves 3 years at the end which adds up to 19. Perhaps I've missed a step?

And that brings me to my main concern. Surgery is famously, or rather infamously, an incredibly long education. Ignoring cybernetics and everything else from starting college to being fully qualified as a surgeon takes around 13 years (US: 4 year premed, 4 year med, 5 years residency / Norway: 6 years medical, 6.5 residency).

Now we can certainly find some way to make this work, however to start we were wondering what your concept for the character is?

For instance, if the goal is someone who does perform surgery then perhaps they are still in their residency. During residency they would be working at a hospital and in the later years start preforming surgery under supervision.

Approved Characters / Re: Glas Awyr
« on: January 17, 2020, 07:20:00 AM »
Good personality and always nice to hear how a characters semblance developed. 

2/2 Approved.

Character Creation / Re: Amane Petrichor
« on: January 01, 2020, 02:20:32 PM »
As discussed the extent of changes made to the profile means it will go through approvals again, rather than just approving edits.

Moved to CC.

Character Creation / Re: Amane Petrichor
« on: December 06, 2019, 10:34:01 AM »
I will say that considering the size of edits you have discussed on discord the character may need to go through approval as if a new character (as in two approvals rather than just the one for editing), not saying that certainly but wanted to put it out there.
Code: (pre-edit) [Select]

[b][u]Name:[/u][/b] Amane Mathoera Petrichor

[b][u]Age:[/u][/b] 18, born the 20th of Arashi (April)

[b][u]Species and Gender:[/u][/b] Human Female

[b][u]Occupation:[/u][/b] First Year Student at Beacon, Explorer

[b][u]Appearance:[/u][/b] Amane is 164cm tall, weighs 45kg, and has light skin. She has shoulder length blonde hair and amber eyes.

While Amane mixes and matches her apparel, her clothing of choice in the field consists of a dark grey weather resistant peacoat over a black polo shirt, dark brown jeans, a black beanie on her head, black moto boots, a dark brown scarf, an expensive watch on her left wrist, a backpack with a white nose-and-mouth gas mask hanging from it, and a leather belt that's worn interchangeably. She does not make any modifications to her school uniform unless its for things like weather conditions.

Amane also has a collection of expensive men’s colognes, which she wears on occasion. She normally speaks with a British accent but can do a general American one well too.

Because of her semblance, her profile picture in the Beacon database is just a standard grey placeholder figure.

[spoiler=Gas Mask][img][/img][/spoiler]
[b][u]History:[/u][/b] Amane was born in Vale to not one, but two very successful scientists who were killed when she was little, assassinated in broad daylight on a highway as they were driving. The assassin, who was never caught, shot them both from opposing traffic with a silenced pistol while driving at high speeds. After ballistic experts confirmed that the level of sophistication and technique used was of huntsman level, an investigation was opened which led to the discovery that Amane's parents were involved in illegal activities and were assassinated when they wanted out to raise their child. Because of this, a large case involving a lot of lawyers ensued when it came time to decide what to do with the resources of the deceased and while it was eventually settled that money for damages would be seized and Amane would only inherit the remaining twenty percent of it, twenty percent of what the Petrichors had was still worth quite a lot.

As the cases were going on, Amane was taken in by the Mathoera family who were both also very successful scientists that respected her parents, even after they learned the results of the investigation. After quickly bonding with her new sister Iris, the two grew up together and as the years passed, Iris was invited to a school for highly gifted scientists. Seeing her sister and best friend moving up in the world, Amane resolved to do something that helped people too. She considered being a scientist but eventually decided it just wasn’t what she wanted to do. So, after her family told her they would support whatever she wanted to do, she decided to become a huntress and signed up for Signal Academy.

Even before discovering her semblance, Amane was really low-key and didn't like to attract attention, but was an excellent student who put in a lot of effort to train and study, even attending an extracurricular class to learn aura detection. However, she would slightly downplay her skills and never do anything flashy during demonstrations and duels, only getting passing scores so she doesn’t attract attention. After she discovered her semblance, she was even less there in the minds of others.

After graduating from Signal, Amane took an year off to work in the field, collecting lab samples for Iris, who graduated early and was immediately hired to work at a laboratory. This year for Amane consisted mostly of exploring ruins, but her searches have occasionally led her to exotic parts within the black market. Eventually though, Iris pushed her to go to Beacon so she can make friends other than Iris and finish her training to become a fully-fledged huntress.

[b][u]Personality:[/u][/b] Amane is a very grounded person who never panics or breaks composure, even in the midst of chaos. As somebody who is highly perceptive and excellent at collecting information, she is often well-prepared for any situation she's getting into and prefers to win her battles before they start with as little fighting as possible, whether it's in combat or in an argument. She is also willing to delve into morally grey areas, but advocates and has faith in government structure and 'the system' with the belief that a smoothly flowing civilization is what's best for mankind. Amane understands that this could be considered hypocritical, and while she believes it is important to establish a code to live by, she also understands that treating things as sacred will only put her at a disadvantage.

The true source of Amane's high-functioning mental capabilities is not a genius intellect, nor is it through excessive studying, but love. Underneath her rock-hard, calculating demeanor and questionable morality, is a person who truly loves all things in the world despite its harsh realities. Even if she may not like something/someone, or has negative feelings towards them as a person, Amane always appreciates the beauty and perfection of things simply for existing. This love makes her someone who not only learns, but forms a deep connection and understanding with everything around her.

Even though Amane is a quiet introvert, she is an empathetic people-person who relates to others and puts herself in their shoes to understand or read them. Seeing a life with stories and love in every single person, she never forgets somebody's name, and not just theirs, but the names of the important people in their lives too. Her mindset and decision-making is not restricted to just logic and her calculations, but also taking into account the feelings of those around her. She is extremely loyal, but not to a fault and will never give away every secret or contingency up her sleeve. She trusts those she considers friends and will put her faith in them, always looking out for them but making sure they don't do something they'll regret. She also never lies to people under the guise of protecting them, because she has faith that they can learn to handle the truth and carry on with living their lives.

Despite having the intuition of a woman and clearly defining herself as female, Amane tends to carry herself and perform her actions in a very manly way, from how she talks, or fights, or drives, all the way down to how she changes her clothes or how she sits. She enjoys putting herself out of her comfort zone, being someone who takes chances and has a mindset to win big instead of losing small. She also lives life to a high standard and enjoys playing video games in moderation, listening to house music, working on or riding her motorcycle, mixing cocktails to drink, and occasionally smoking weed. She dislikes greasy food, public restrooms, and disorganization in general. Finally, Amane does have a bit of a humorous side, occasionally cracking jokes and video game references while still maintaining her usual expressionless face.

[b][u]Aura and Semblance:[/u][/b] Aura Color: Invisible | Abilities: Detection
Semblance: People will forget what Amane looks like if they don’t see her for twelve hours. She also doesn’t appear on camera. While this ability is passive and cannot be controlled, those who knew her before her semblance was activated can remember what she looks like. One drawback of her semblance is that it slows down her aura regeneration by 50%.

[b][u]Combat Behavior:[/u][/b] Amane is someone who fights in a highly disciplined manner with pure precision and efficiency. Highly skilled at controlling her rifle and aiming in a short time frame, she can land two to the chest and one to the head within a single three round burst from thirty meters away. Her movements are devoid of anything extra as she moves around with agility, her reactions are impressive, and she’s great at strategy and decision-making in the spur of the moment. Her environmental sense is also a major asset, which she uses on top of her aura detection to predict enemies and hit various “oddshots”. With her throwing stars, Amane uses them very strategically and is able to throw them in curved trajectories.

However, Amane is very lightweight and not the strongest person out there so in a match of physical strength, many people can overtake her. She also lacks short term stamina and defensive aura capacity, which gives her trouble with drawn out short-distance battles and makes her a glass cannon. Finally, Amane doesn’t have much experience working in a team, but she understands this and is willing to cooperate with team members.
[spoiler]1.5x damage in tournament threads. Write damage values as normal, I'll do the calculations.[/spoiler]


[b]Holding Angles[/b] - Amane likes to hold enemy bottlenecks from covered firing positions, attempting to angle herself and narrowing down the bottleneck to around 20-30cm wide. Because of the narrow gap to shoot through, Amane’s fast reactions come into play here in order to mow down any enemies passing through the bottleneck.

[b]One-Tap[/b] - AP rounds are expensive. Despite using an automatic rifle, Amane prefers to terminate enemies with one round to the head whenever the opportunity is presented.

[b]Collateral Damage[/b] - Amane loves shooting targets that are lined up.

[b]Prefiring[/b] - Amane is one who acts instead of reacts. Using the pings from her aura detection along with her environmental senses to deduce areas with a high chance of enemies, Amane keeps her gun pointed at where they are most likely to pop out, and can immediately fire at areas she knows where enemies are, even if she hasn’t seen them. Because of Amane’s trigger discipline however, there is usually a fifty millisecond delay for her to confirm that it is in fact an enemy.

[b]Recoil Control[/b] - Amane not only has an excellent grip and stance to improve the grouping of her shots, she controls it with a fine level of precision, allowing the recoil deliver her line of fire to the next target. She mainly uses this for hitting a target’s head right after hitting its chest.

[b]Spray Transfer[/b] - Amane is highly capable of changing targets without letting go of the trigger. Against two enemies placed about ten meters away and a maximum distance of three meters apart from each other, Amane is able to terminate the first one with her automatic rifle, then accurately turn to target the other within the .125 second interval of a next bullet being chambered.

[b]Triple-Burst Failure to Stop[/b] - Amane’s signature technique, her version of failure to stop that is executed within a single three round burst from her automatic rifle. The first shot is either placed in the targets center of gravity near its navel, or on one side of its sternum. If placed in the center of gravity, she controls the recoil of her gun to let it instantly place the next shot to the target’s sternum. If the first shot is placed on one side of the sternum, she grounds the recoil to place the next shot in the other side of the target’s sternum. With the purpose of the first two shots being to stop the target in its tracks, Amane once against uses the recoil of her gun to place the third shot into the target’s “T-Zone” to turn off its lights. Amane is capable of doing this to enemies up to 30m away[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Techniques (Not ready for field use yet!)]
[b]Cross Termination[/b] - [i]"A group of enemies should not be seen as individuals, but a single group to be flowed through."[/i]
Somewhat a more advanced version of Spray Transfer, Cross Termination is a technique to use against tight groups of enemies where the user doesn’t let go of the trigger of an automatic weapon, but controls it, making every single bullet deliver a headshot to a different enemy. Amane needs to practice this technique a little more before it is ready to use in the field.

[b]Crippling[/b] - [i]“If you can’t find a weak point, make one.”[/i]
With Beacon Academy comes tougher, tankier enemies in the future. Amane developed this technique in preparation of that, which involves firing at certain kinematic weak points at the right times to cripple their movement, for example, the fulcrums of any strenuous actions the enemy might be performing, or even their center of gravity. Due to it being recently developed, Amane is not ready to use this in the field yet.[/spoiler]


[b][u]Primary Weapon:[/u][/b] A powerful, integrally suppressed automatic rifle with a holographic smart sight, foldable stock, and a strap for easy carry. It is capable of medium-range sniping and has a twenty-round magazine with three spares that Amane loads with armor-penetrating bullets (Each one costing the equivalent of 2$). However, the rifle requires a specially durable internal system in order to fire these bullets, and cannot be made to transform.
[b][u]Weapon History:[/u][/b] As someone with a preference for practicality, Amane started out with an ordinary rifle and slowly customized it to fit her use case the best. The armor-piercing bullets come from some of her and Iris's contacts in the weapons department of the company they work at. They are well tested but are still officially considered experimental.

[b][u]Secondary Weapon:[/u][/b] Mark XIX Desert Eagle .50AE with 7 round magazine capacity and 1 spare, holstered on her left leg.

[b][u]Weapon History:[/u][/b] "You should totally learn to shoot that thing."

[b][u]Tertiary Weapon:[/u][/b] Tactical Bowie Knife, sheath strapped around her right leg.

[b][u]Concealed Carry Weapon:[/u][/b] FN Five-seveN with a suppressor and spare magazine. Kept inside her coat.

[b][u]Combat Utilities:[/u][/b] 3x tactical high-explosive throwing stars, 1x smoke grenade, 1x flashbang, 1x incendiary grenade. Amane will also carry more powerful explosives such as breaching charges or remote mines if she's knowingly going into a situation that calls for it.

[b][u]Backpack:[/u][/b] Climbing gear, various equipment/supplies for collecting lab samples, flares, compact multi-tool (pliers, tweezers, awl, wire cutter, various shape screwdrivers, coarse and fine files, scissor, can opener, serrated blade, bottle opener), compass, flashlight, duct tape, steel wire, pens, notepad, lighter, water purification tablets, mirror, thermal blanket, lockpick set, compact parachute, first aid kit, bobby pins, two tourniquets, scroll and earbuds, and a water bottle.

The backpack has a white nose-and-mouth gas mask hanging off of it and a portable signal booster. There is also a device mounted on the shoulder strap that scans her surroundings and generates navigational data, which it can beam as a holographic minimap in front of her when a circular button is pressed.

Amane usually gets around on her black Ducati Panigale 1199 S motorcycle with an installed Termignoni racing exhaust system.
Amane drives her black Equus 770 Bass when she doesn't feel like riding her motorcycle.
Occasionally, Amane will also borrow one of Iris's cars to drive around:

[b][u]Aston Martin 2018 Vantage[/u][/b]
Color: Silver
Description: Fast and great for travelling in style, Iris purchased this car with her family’s money.
[b][u]Range Rover Velar[/u][/b]
Color: White
Description: A great car for travelling with company and going on road trips, the Range Rover Velar is spacious, powerful, and great at off-roading. Iris bought this from money she earned as a professor.
[b][u]Mercedes E63 AMG (Alpha7 Performance Kit)[/u][/b]
Color: White
Description: A comfortable, durable car that doesn’t attract much attention. After Amane installed a BiTurbo performance package, it became a monster capable of going from zero to sixty mph in under three seconds without compromising comfort.

Amane bought a spacious high level suite in Vale with some of the money inherited from her parents, where she likes to get work done in or relax and spend time alone.
After seeing results, the company Amane works at also gave her a spare medium-sized private side office to use, though she doesn't go there often. It has a very contemporary design with polished wood walls, a desk and a computer, along with a meeting area with two black leather couches across from each other and a table between with a small potted rare cactus on it.

Everywhere Else / Re: Movie Night [Closed]
« on: November 11, 2019, 06:26:55 PM »
"Wait they needed guards to control a huntsman, why would someone like that be allowed to fight?!" Most of the fights Diana saw left her feeling anxious so the concept of a legitimately dangerous or even unstable individual participating horrified her, someone was bound to be seriously hurt.

"People would certainly be safer if they were trained in aura" As someone who had been close to abandoning becoming a huntress she tried to reflect on what had attracted her to that life "but i imagine its an uncomfortable reminder that we may not be safe. A lot of people just want to live their lives without really needing to consider their own mortality."

With a quick smile to Helena she answered "Well, that's kinda how we met, we both took some extra classes to qualify as limited combat medics. The rest of my team is watching a fight but I prefer not to, so I was wandering around and spotted a familiar face."

Everywhere Else / Re: Movie Night [Closed]
« on: October 10, 2019, 01:55:33 AM »
Diana was still a bit uneasy with their newest addition, Toast and Helena were both asking questions yet he seemed to only answer half of them. Lost in her own mind as to why this could be she almost missed when a question was asked back at her. Snapping back to reality she answered "Huh? Oh well yeah I guess it is pretty inconvenient." she shrugged, and gave a short pause to consider why everyone didn't just have their aura unlocked "It does take training and effort to maintain an aura so people who just want to live a normal life might not want to have to think about that, in the same way that they would be safer if they carried weapons or such."

Approved Characters / Re: Ashlee Sanders
« on: August 26, 2019, 08:20:28 AM »

Approved Characters / Re: Ashlee Sanders
« on: August 26, 2019, 02:06:24 AM »
Move it from occupation to personality and that's everything ^^

Everywhere Else / Re: Movie Night [Closed]
« on: August 25, 2019, 06:22:58 PM »
"Well no.. or at least I haven't been able to figure it out, it might not be possible for them to maintain an aura without having their own unlocked. So for now at least I have to be in contact with them for as long as it would take for my aura to heal their wounds, which is certainly impractical for most things beyond scrapes." She pocketed her scroll making a mental note to check if any contact info had been added, not really a pressing issue at the moment.

Diana was a bit concerned by how on edge Gray seemed, however it didn't take long before she found a plausible reason to empathize with him. He was a faunus in Atlas after all. Her heart sank at the many implications that might have for the newcomer "We were just a bit surprised, no harm done, it's nice to meet you Gray."

Approved Characters / Re: Ashlee Sanders
« on: August 25, 2019, 05:28:02 PM »
I'd say things are looking good to approve this character. One thing I'm missing is any info about how she is as a student, basically just to give an idea of how she is in the classroom. Is she quiet, loud, lazy, know it all, bookish, average, does she prefer training over studying in class, that sorta thing.

And to be clear this doesn't need to be much, just a sentence or two in the personality.

Everywhere Else / Re: Movie Night [Closed]
« on: August 14, 2019, 03:45:58 AM »
"Not regeneration no, well kinda, but just in the same way that aura itself repairs wounds." Seeing as Toast had managed to calm down the newcomer Diana took the chance to sit down again, choosing a seat next to Helena. She tried to come up with some discrete way to thank Toast for handling the situation but couldn't think of anything.

Looking from Toast to Helena she continued her description "When I touch someone I can sorta combine my aura with theirs. So you do get faster regeneration with twice the aura available but its more useful for those that don't have their aura unlocked. But the main use for missions is that when I break the connection I can leave some of my aura behind, so I'm sorta a battery for my teammates if you will."

Everywhere Else / Re: Movie Night [Closed]
« on: August 01, 2019, 06:52:54 PM »
While glad that things were de-escalating, Diana was far from comfortable and wasn't really sure what to do with herself now. She was quite tempted to just sit down again and let Toast handle it from here. Before she decided her eye was drawn to the newcomer due to a momentary red glow as his aura kicked in. Presumably that meant that his aura didn't block the damage for him but even so she figured she could extend an olive branch and offer to help.

"If either of you took a hit to your aura I can, top you up, so to speak" she looked to both of them before adding "that is, it's my semblance."

Everywhere Else / Re: Conflicting Ideals [CLOSED]
« on: July 26, 2019, 05:52:10 PM »
Routine patrol to protect supply lines between... Bas sighed just from the thought of it. While she was glad for any chance to leave the academy and explore more of the beautiful Mistral countryside it was hardly an inspiring mission based on the description. She had been in a bit of a creative lull recently and had hoped that, as there would be forth years on this mission, they would be going to some exciting new place. Instead, they were going where dozens if not hundreds of others had been before, it was hardly going to be a unique perspective.

As she left the academy grounds and made her way to the docks she spotted a single Bullhead prepped for launch with two figures standing by it, figuring they were part of the mission she headed in their direction. Continuing her internal discussion, it occurred to her that this would be her first mission with a fourth-year student, basically fully trained hunters, that could work.

"Hey are you guys Arian and Lucas?" she figured that Rachel wasn't there yet since neither of the two seemed particularly feminine though she did hesitate slightly at the mask. "I'm Bastet Nin, though everyone just calls me Bas."

Everywhere Else / Re: Movie Night [Closed]
« on: July 23, 2019, 06:44:22 PM »
Her conversation with Helena momentarily forgotten Diana's hand had instinctually started to reach for her weapon, however seeing that things didn't escalate she instead unbuckled her belt and slowly lowered the sheath to the ground so that it wouldn't make a sound. Thus as she stood up she was unarmed and held one hand in the other in front of her to make it clear there was no threat. After Toast had suggested they both lower their weapons, Diana spoke up, though a bit quiet at the start. "I'm Diana, from Beacon" gesturing to the others she added "We're just students, relaxing between tournament fights." she tried to put on a warm smile though there was still a nervous glint in her eye.

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