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Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / I'm not dead yet
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No, I can't die. I am still here so feel free to bug me for shit

Everywhere Else / Re: Beneath the Mask(Riven)
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"I come work for you. That is all. I have the know how to get you the information you need, you have the money and resources. If we work together, I'm sure we both can get what we need." Alex smiled as he clicked a button hidden in his hand. "Call off your bodyguard and I'll call off my assistant. He has both of you in his sights."
He took a small sip of his drink as a small red dot appeared on the chest of Maria.

(Almost over a year?! Damn I am slacking. Sorry again.)
"I have an idea." A voice called out from down the alley. A tall hulking mass of a man stood before them. He was covered in head to toe in a tattered cloak. He walked over to Merletta and picked her up. "My name is Alexander Keen. I worked with Mrs. Yoru when we were younger. If I remember right, this alley has an enterance to a safe house the Kingdoms gave us. Follow me."
The man motioned to a small wall deeper into the alley. He placed his hand on a brick as a small key pad appeared. He entered a code and the wall opened. Motioning to everyone in. While the door was open, Alexander moved Merletta to a small operating table, removed the tore and a damaged part of her overshirt, and proceeded to being recovering Merletta.
The safe house looked just like that, a safe house. The whole building was dimmly lit, with no windows. Along the back wall, there were monitors lined along it, watching all possible exits and even the rooftops. The kitchen looked as though it had not been used in years, the only bright light was coming from the operating room, as Alexander was busy with Merletta. Most of the build was covered in dust and cobwebs.

Raising her arm to block the sand, Blair heard the slight splash and walked into the swamp. After a couple feet into the swamp, however, she eventually got stuck. The mixture of mud, water, and the weight of her greaves caused her to become stationary. After attempting to move for a few minutes, Blair unclasped her boots and stepped out.  She would have to come back for them after the battle. She tried to find out were the sound of the splash was and decided to flush out Billy. Since her axe was still on fire, Blair struck her axe against a tree, igniting it. As the flames began to spread, Blair stood there, looking out to see if Billy would pop up.

[aura: 91%]

Blair felt the attack coming as she blocked the hammer with her Axe. The block sent her back about six feet from Billy. She smacked Fridolf along the ground as it ignited. "You are a Faunus as well, are you also royalty?" She smiled as she took the axe in one hand and charged at Billy. She swung the axe over head, making a small shockwave as she landed before swinging to hit Billy, hoping that she would take a small amount of damage.

Shockwave is knock back.
Axe hit for 5% plus fire damage for 3%

[Aura 91%]

Seeing the sword swing, Merletta rolled under the flames before vaulting over Solaris' shield. Once she was on the other side, Merletta activated her semblance and summoned a small circle of clones around Solaris. With each clone mimicking her every move, she drew Bolt Caster and pointed it at the young Huntress, the sword cracking with electricity. "Ms. Star, I take it you thought that would have hit me. Try again." She said with a smug look on her face as she backed away, the other clones doing the same. "I'll be amazed if you can dodge this. Bolt Caster has a bit of a shocking reputation." She raised Bolt Caster up and did a small spin, launching the electricity arc in front of her, as did her clones. While waiting to see if the attack even connected, her clones disappeared and she fell to one knee, catching her breath slightly.

[electricity arc 7% plus slight static charge]

[aura 100%]
[status: Slightly over exerted]

Taking the shot at it's full force, Blair staggered back a couple of steps. She felt like she was hit with a freight train. She became short of breath and took a brief look around. She was winded. She had never felt something hit her armor like that. She looked around for where the shot came from. She began to move around the sand before having to drop her helmet. She pulled out her axe and held it near her, ready to strike the ground and ignite her weapon. She slowly approached the area she thought was were the shot came from

[aura 91%]

AMA Section / Re: Semblance Discovery!
« on: July 22, 2018, 09:34:45 AM »
With Merletta, she discovered hers during combat school and learned to perfect what she could with it, hence why she's know as the shadow huntress.

With Lily, hers actually happened during the concert attack that pushed her to combat school.

Blair is a weird one as I was thinking of family semblance but I don't really know.

Alex is still kind new to the forum so I've not fully thought of his.

Everywhere Else / Re: Beneath the Mask(Riven)
« on: July 22, 2018, 09:09:18 AM »

Alex sat in the back of the deep blue colored lounge. It was a private building only for those with permission from the building's owner. Before him, Alex had a small reading in place. He did one of these to himself before every meeting. He saw the woman he believed was Maria, placed his Tarot mask on and stood up from his booth. He walked over and greeted her.
"Welcome to the Velvet Room. I see you got my message. Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Tarot, and you must be Maria. Please, I have a table in the back. And don't worry about being seen, I have that taken care of. You see, my semblance allows me to blend in. You arrived after I had it up, which is why you can see me. I have a booth in the back." He led Maria to the booth and they both sat down. After, he pulled out a small scroll and pushed a small button. He removed his mask. "Well, since I know who you are, you might as well know who I am. My name is Alex. Let's just say, I'm the best hacker you have never heard of. I have to say, getting information on you was a bit of a challenge, but I was only able to find out your name. Nothing else came up within my searches of the databases in the Kingdoms. And even less came up on your employer. But that is not why I am here. I am here to extend a hand. What ever you are planning with the other two you have met with, I want in. You have the muscle and you have the stealth but what you need is the informant. What ever information you need, I can get it. There is one rule I follow while I am getting this information on site, if you send any of The Lady's operatives with me, there will be no killing while I am on site. I do not want people who have nothing to do with what I am trying to get to be harmed. But, that is neither here nor there. If you want proof of my abilities besides figuring out your name, I have pulled up on my scroll information on an urbanization that the Kingdoms kept hidden. It was under weird codename but I managed to get a hold of some of the information and weapons from this group, there is even an interesting weapon involving blood transfusion. It was called Sanguine Alchemy. No idea what it does but there is a brief description on it that says it weaponizes blood while feasting off of the aura of the person. That is some dark stuff, but maybe something The Lady might like. I hope this proves my value. Care for something to drink?" He slid his scroll over to the woman with an image of what looked like robes.

Everywhere Else / Beneath the Mask(Riven)
« on: July 20, 2018, 10:35:31 AM »
Alex sat in a dark room, the only light illuminating him came from a computer screen. No one knew where he was located and he liked it that way. What he did was not exactly legal within the Kingdoms, but he did not care. Having been watching feeds from various places through out the kingdoms for the past week, he found his next contract. Someone he knew was planning something big, and he wanted in. He figured out her name was Maria, or well she went by the name Maria, and that she worked for someone known as "The Lady". He was fasnitated with who she was, or rather the lack of information on her. He was also supprised at the lack of information on Maria, or rather the lack of information on her before she became Maria, save for her name. He decided that would be the way he would show his capabilities to her. He pulled up a nonreply, location encrypted message to be sent to her scroll. He spent all week coming up with a meeting place but he could not think of anywhere other then his normal haunt.

The message was the following
Maria, or should I say Anya Lacrima, I have been watching meetings for some time now. I know that you are the number one to 'The Lady'. I know that meeting her is impossible but meeting with you on her behalf is a possibility. I hope that my uncovering of your old name serves as proof of my abilities, but if not, then I will gladly meet with you to prove them. I left within this document an address for where we can meet. Do not worry about being seen however, I will take care of that. I know how to blend in and work from the shadows at the same time. To prove that I am not lying about my abilities, I have wired 30,000 lein to your account as a way to say thank you for this opportunity. Even if we do not meet, 30,000 is just a drop in the bucket and a gift. The location goes by the name of The Velvet Room, the address is hidden within the code of this letter. Do not bother to reply, as both you and I desire our secrecy. Just show up at the location in a week's time and I will know you got my message and are willing to meet. And tell your employer that my services do not come cheap. Information always has a price.
                                                                                                                                Yours truly

He sent the message off with a small cypher to uncover the location, as he was sure that this Maria could not solve an encyption by him without some form of help

Blair walked out to the field and looked at the sand. Having never seen sand before, she knelt down, removed her left gauntlet and picked up some sand. She liked how it felt between her fingers. She remembered that she was in a competition and she placed her gauntlet back on. She put a new fire crystal into her axe and slung it back onto her back. She began to walk to the center of the field to give her opponent a bow but she began to move slower within the sand. Her friends had told her to not enter with her armor, but it was part of her. She stopped a couple steps into the field and waited for her opponent to appear.

Rolling her eyes and sighing, Merletta walked out onto her side of the field. Looking around at the lava before her, she let out another sigh. "Really? This was the set up? I guess there's no turning back now. Fine." She loaded one of her Thorn pistols and switched Edge into it's Bolt Caster configuration. Stepping onto the field, she began a slow walk to her opponent, pistol ready. She began to read her opponent based on her actions.

[aura 100%]

I might regret this but.

First year 1v1: Lady Blair Valka of Felwinter

Huntsman Bracket: Merletta Yoru

(Sorry bout the long time between post)

Taking the extinguisher, Merletta nodded at the professor. She let a small amount of her smoke into the device. She placed it in the center of the room, pulled out a cigarette and lit it. She walked to the window by the exit, loaded her pistol, aimed at the extinguisher and fired. Upon the device exploding, Merletta dived out the window and quickly glanced at the rooftops. She saw the way Keen was headed and took off, leaving one of her smoke clones at the scene to help with evacuation. She followed him on foot until she found a fire escape three blocks down. Climbing up, she confronted who she though was Keen. "Keen. Stop" She shouted. The figure stopped and lowered it's hood. To Merletta's shock, it was not Keen. Who stood before her was a tall, blonde fox faunus woman. But something seemed wrong, the woman's right arm, left leg and right eye were more robotic. The woman was, in Merletta's eyes, unmistakable to her former wife,Samantha. She holstered her pistol and walked up to the woman. "Sam? But, you're dead. How......Why?" She slowly approached the woman. "Sam" did not respond to the name rather, she looked at Merletta and readying a fighting stance. "Target acquired. Huntress known as The Shadow sighted. Eliminate at all costs." The woman announced in a semi modulated voice. She charged at Merletta, as Merletta dodged each attack. The sounds could be heard across the block. Eventually, the woman got the better of Merletta and kicked her off the rooftop. Acting quickly, Merletta summoned a smoke clone to take the fall while she grabbed onto a window ledge. The other woman looked over to see the smoke clone hit the ground. "Target neutralized. Project Sunrise, returning to base." She reported to someone as she ran across the rooftops until she appeared to phase out.

Merletta jumped down off the ledge and searched of the others. Eventually, after finding the Professor, she collapsed along the side of a wall near him, panting and holding her side. There was a small stain of blood on her overshirt. "Professor, I think what we feared has come to pass. I thought I saw her. I thought I saw Sam." She spoke before she passed out.

Approved Characters / Re: Alexander Noire
« on: June 29, 2018, 10:15:13 AM »
I do believe I have edited everything we touched on

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