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Beacon Academy / Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« on: Today at 11:13:35 AM »
Kisha nodded steadily as Jima answered her questions successively, followed by an "Mh-hm, got it."

There were other, countless questions whizzing around in her head, everything about this place and the people she was with, but those had to wait until later. She turned to the growl with a determined grin and immediately was disappointed. Of course, there wouldn't be a huge Deathstalker right away, but creeps? Creeps!?

"Keep your five points," she said to Smokey with a slight grin but kept her eyes on the creeps as she quickly took an arrow out her quiver and tension it into her bow, firing it immediately. The arrow raced forward, hitting its target, the 'leading' creep, almost instantly, piercing into its black skin before it could reach the group. A second arrow was fired just as fast as the first one, right at the group of the remaining four creeps. Kisha lowered her bow as the black smoke of the evaporating Grimm rose in the distance, and took a few steps back. "That's two points for me," she said with a confident smile and put her hand on her hip. "Even though creeps are not even worth a point, Beowolves maybe, but creeps? You know what, make one point out of it, I'll give a Creep a maximum of 0.5 "

Attack Log:

-Shooting two creeps


Aura: 100%
Fire Arrows: 8/8
Ice Arrows: 8/8
Energy arrows: 8/8
Normal Arrows: 6/8
Signal arrows: 3/3
Semblance: 100%
Smoke grenades: 3/3
Hydrogen grenades: 3/3

Score: 1 Point

Seemingly unimpressed by the dead of the two pack members, the remaining two beowolves moved closer to Smokey, teeth bared and ready to rush at him. Their complete attention was on the young Huntsmen-in-training and not a second later, the first charged forward in an obvious attempt to attack him with his claws. Shortly thereafter, the second jumped forward, with a similar scratch attack targeted a little higher up on face lever.

Mikado paid no attention to his teammates, knowing that he was more than capable of taking care of the Grimm, instead, he just stood there, looking gravely at the two creatures in the sky. The Nevermore was already close behind the, compared to him, much smaller dragon and caught up more with every second, there wasn't more left until he would be able to grab him. Time to act. Another whistle echoed through the air, but this one differed from its predecessor in that it consisted of three separate whistles, the first two short and the third slightly longer. For outsiders, these seemingly random whistles could mean anything, but for Kiro it was a clear command: Dive, and that was exactly what he did. The dragon leaping down, no sign of stopping as he approached the ground faster and faster, with the Nevermore in tow. And he wouldn't stop, that is unless Mikado tells him to. That had to be perfectly timed.

The command came only when both creatures were shortly away from hitting the ground. Kiro's wings unfolded and stretched out on both sides as he slid past the dusty floor, whereas the black avian behind him crashed against it with full force. Size could only bring one so far without agility. The impact wasn't enough to kill the bird, but with him on the ground and briefly motionless, the huge storm of fire could be unleashed upon him until the black poultry completely evaporated.

Attack Log:

(Kiro) - burning the Nevermore to crisp - 35% dust for ~25% damage

Combat Stats:

Aura: 85%
Kiro's Health: 15%
Kiro's Dustbreath (Fire): 65%
Pock: 14/14


  • Mid-sized Nevermore: x1  killed by Kiro
  • Beowolves: x4 2 2 shot by Smokey
  • (Other Mid-sized Nevermore: x1  fighting the Cranes somewhere, will probably die in exchange for two more cranes)

Grimm's battle log:

Beowolves: Scratch attack - 3% x 2 at Smokey

Beacon Academy / Re: Weathering the Storm [Open]
« on: Today at 03:30:32 AM »
Dawn supported her head with her hand as she watched Smokeys experiment. Why he did what he did was quite comprehensibly, as well as the way he did it, but already after the second target, her attention was drawn to the key element of the whole thing. The power and impact behind the revolver were amazing and would undoubtedly do a lot of harm in the right hands. From what she saw, these were more than just the right hands. The more so if one considers his semblance. With the force of the weapon came the recoil, but Smokey seemed to care relatively little about that, maybe a kind of shock absorbers or strong cushioning in general.

With a grin, Dawn crossed her arms and leaned forward as she started talking, not screaming, but loud enough for Smokey to hear from the distance. "Hey, handsome, impressive firepower you've got. Care to tell me how you've created this beauty?"

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: October 12, 2018, 02:19:38 PM »
"Nahh, keep it. I'm not really hungry right now" She replied. It wasn’t as if she was not hungry, but after a full day of standing and spending her time in the academy's kitchen, just to finish the three-story tall cake, including garnishing it with all the trimmings, she could no longer see any food. Whether pastry or not. On the other hand, during the baking, she has eaten roughly half of the ingredients, a bad habit that she regrets every day anew, especially when it comes to raw dough. Maybe it would be a good idea to avoid the kitchen from time to time, after all, she stood there almost every day and made all kinds of god-like pastry.

Kisha paused for a moment as she repeated the word in her thoughts, "Say," she started out of the blue and moved a bit closer to Calen, "Can it be that you are often in the kitchen?"

She didn’t really wait for an answer and instead started answering his last question, "Oh, school here school there. Just pay attention in class and look at your notes in the last hour before the exam. That at least works for me." She said with a grin. "You remember the important things naturally and you probably won’t need the rest of the stuff ever again."

After Kisha finished, she first looked at the rod and bait, then at Calem, then at the water, befor starring back at Calem again.

"OHMYGAWD!" Kisha said loudly and jumped up "I have an idea!" She walkes to the beginning of the jetty, where a few small, wooden boats were docked. All alone. Nobody used them. Nobody needed them. Until now.

She quickly started to loose the rope that was tied to one of the post so that the boats wouldn’t swim away, and then looked
back at Calem. "What are you waiting for, you never catch something bis like this, let's expand our reach! Come on, or would you like me to call you Mood Killer from now on? Come on now!" she called to him as she jumped excitedly from side to side, still with the rope in her hands.

Mikado stared at the path in front of him for a while longer. They did what they were supposed to do, the villagers were save and evacuated and the reported part of the Horde was taken down. Judging by what was next to come, the obvious smarter idea was to leave, but still, he would have liked to fight a bit more. Sure, the Deathstalker had already been a challenge in itself, for which it nedded the full strenght and concentration of the two students, plus the help of Mikados Semblance. But they did it. They did it without even suffering the loss of Aura. Even if Mikado had to work together with Smokey to achieve that. Even now, he wished to have any other student of Beacon by his side, but otherwise was he grateful for the bundle of firepower assigned to him.

He turned around, turned his back to the path and its Grimm which loudly announced there soon arrival, and followed Siu to the opposite path. During the turn Mikado brought his thumb and index finger to his mouth whistled through it. The whistle made Kiro look up. The first movement the dragon has made since they defeated the deathstalker. The aura dragon stood up silently and walked to his owner, still in its grown form. After all, they were still on the open field. And as if this had been the Secret Signal, a black avian shot out of the shadows of the mountains and circled above them.

Mikado didn't say anything. He just stared at the giant bird. The bird. One bird. Singular. Well, he shouldn’t complain, this eventually made the situation easier. This looked like a fight from which they could not leave so easily. And it was to late to try, as the Nevermore had already seen them and spread his wings to unleash the rain of razor sharp feathers upon them. Mikado was able to dodge the incoming attack, but after his dodge roll to the side, he felt a stinging pain in his leg. He looked up, his eyes falling on Kiro, who with his size and lack of reaction didn't has the time to escape the attack. Despite the pain in his leg, which is now slowly fading away, Mikado grabbed his Bo from the holster and grasped the staff with both hands.

In the turmoil of the feather rain, the four Beowolves managed to snuck into the battle and were now creeping slowly towards them from different angles, all while the screaming Nevermore above their heads prepared its next attack. Great, just great.

This shouldn’t be a problem for a trained huntress, but as long as he had enough strength to stand on his feet, he also had enough strength to kill the Grimm. He looked to his side, right at Smokey, "You think you can handle the wolves yourself?" he teased him, already knowing the answer.

With the Nevermore ready to attack again every second, Mikado didn't waste any time. As before, he attracted Kiro's attention with a quick but clear whistle and then motioned him to the sky with a quick gesture. There wasn’t much he could do against the giant bird. Unless the Nevermore comes down close enough for him to ram his kusarigama into its flesh, he had no choice but to send Kiro up there.

Mikado watched the dragon, considering any tactics that might help him now. In a 1v1 between the two, it could get pretty bad fast and end against his favor. He glanced at the Nevermore and then Kiro, who was only about half the size of the beast, then looked back at the Nevermore.

"Kiro, taunt! Make him follow you!" he finally called to him. This plan would most likely go wrong, but as long as there was a chance of success, you had to take it.

Attack Log:

(Kiro) - Taunting the Nevermore

Combat Stats:

Aura: 85%
Kiro's Health: 15%
Kiro's Dustbreath (Fire): 100%
Pock: 14/14


  • Mid-sized Nevermore: x1
  • Beowolves: x4

Grimm's battle log:

Mid-sized Nevermore: Feather rain - 5% at everyone

Okay, so it wasn't the last one. Weird.
Mikado would like nothing more than to go back to his dorm and change out of the wet clothes, but the mission's description was pretty clear about its one request. Eliminate the horde if possible.
They could certainly take down the Grimm, but not without taking quite some damage themselves.
"Yeah, let's go." he finally said. He didn't like the idea of staying nor leaving, but following the word of a trained huntress was certainly not wrong.

Next Targets: (!Delayed!-Arriving next post)

  • Mid-Sized Nevermore: x2
  • Beowolves: x4 )

Grimm's battle log:

Nevermore: (Probably) Destroying 3 Cranes

Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« on: October 01, 2018, 07:15:12 AM »
Kisha gave Kin another grin and then let go of him. He would have to get used to it quickly because from that day on they shared the same room, and her hyperactivity will not diminish over time.

Just as she was back to her bed, Kin's question came. Such introductory rounds were a good idea to get to know each other better, but oh boy he made a mistake to ask her first. Excited, Kisha clapped her hands together in front of her.

"Uhh, where do I start? Maybe- No, or how about - not either, then rather- no... Okay, 087. The name is Kisha Miles, remember it well then from now on you won't get rid of me! Let me answer your questions with my questions Believe me or not but my favorite color is black and black is a color, no matter what you say. The one and truly greatest weapon here is Cocoa-" Kisha reached to her belt where the holster for her dagger was normally, but then remembered that she left her weapon in the locker "A dagger-sword-bow mix of which you can't avert your eyes. And answer numero three is a fox. Seriously, have you looked at these things? They are sooooo fluffy!"

She stopped for a second, "Oh- Ooohhhh! I almost forget!" More in a stumble than anything she reached over her bed to the bag that rested on the windowsill. Quickly the bag was open and Kisha rummaged through its contents, having about 3/4 of her arm in the bag. And the bag wasn't bigger than a pillow. "Ah-ha!" She pulled out a rectangular paper box and held it out to Kin "Exxxxxtra for you, I hope you like chocolate ~"

With these words she opened the lid of the box and a muffin was revealed, but it wasn't just some muffin. It had a small blue paper-body around it which covered up about half of it, but what was visible on the surface was more than enough to convince. Over the brown chocolate dough that made up the muffins framework, was a layer of melted caramel, this was then again garnished with white chocolate, this causing a gradient on the muffin.

On top of the muffin was a quill and next to it an inkwell made out of sugar. However, the naked eye could not see the strawberry syrup inside the chocolaty deity. "Don't enjoy it too much, otherwise the other two will be jealous." She leaned towards Kin a little closer and whispered "They only got chocolates."

Kisha fell back on the bed after she handed the box over to Kin "And there's nothing in the world that I wouldn't do for pistachios to answer your last question"

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: September 30, 2018, 07:51:41 AM »

Kisha still couldn't get rid of the feeling of having seen him somewhere before, but even the name didn't mean anything to her.

"Silence is one part of the reason," Kisha replied, looking into the distance, "But don't hold back, I love a good conversation, and no reason to be so polite, just call me Kisha."

Interested, she continued to watch Calem. Personally, she was fascinated by the art of fishing, but she never, and probably will never go fishing herself. Fishing was a hobby that needed patience, something she didn't possess. But watching others was something different. It was more appealing, more interesting. And then you had someone to talk to.

"Oh, a little bit of everything,"  she said, waving the question off. She often listened to music, actually, no day passes without the headphones in her ears, but that was probably a too far-reaching topic to incorporate this in their small talk. Instead, she leaned back and looked further into the distance, toward the horizon. "And this is the second reason why I'm here,"  she pointed with her hand over the sea "You just can't skip this view."

The Vale Region / Re: Hitting the bullseye [Closed]
« on: September 29, 2018, 05:24:06 AM »
"Oh, you can bet on that! Cocoa here is my sweet little angel," she said, patting the holster to amplify her statement. "Just wait until you see her in battle, believe me, this is gonna be so epic!"

Kisha leaned back in her seat and her gaze wandered to the window. She watched as the landscape moved past her, then she looked back at Anza "Your dad taught you how to shoot? Same here, but I don't remember how old I was then, maybe 9, but it also could have been 10." she briefly buzzed in her thoughts in search of the right age, but eventually gave it up.

"Well, I've asked my questions, now it's your turn, what would you like to know about me?"

(There will be a time skip next post, so if you want to do something else, you better do it now.)

General Discussion / Re: Quick question
« on: September 24, 2018, 12:04:11 PM »
Here you go:

Just post a link to your Character there and a copy of your profile will be made for you to edit.

Sorry for the late reply, school's been hell lately.

Mikado bit his lip as he felt his arms slowly giving in. It was a matter of milliseconds, between the near yielding of his weapon and the death of the Deathstalker. Fortunately, the latter happened. The Deathstalker disintegrating and Mikado let out a quiet sigh. The chain of his Kusarigama retraced, letting the two ends smash together and switching the weapon back into the Bo.

"Anything else coming?" he asked, shoving some wet hair off his face. The rain got less with each drop, but a light drizzle remained. In the distance, the clouds were already breaking, letting a dimming light shine over the peaks of the neighboring mountains. All this looked like an end to a children's book, and that's also what it felt like. The mission was rated "Beginner-Friendly", and although it ended up slightly more tough, they still did it. What else should come after this Deathstalker? The strongest Grimm always came last.

With the rain barely present, Mikado pulled off his jacket, held it in front of him and squeezed the water out of it. He didn't really seem to expect more Grimm. Why should he, it would probably not be a mission for two first years, excluding Siu, if now even stronger and more dangerous Grimm arrive. However, you can never be too careful. Maybe a pack beowolves had strayed from the horde and will arrive any second now. Who knows. After his jacket had lost most of the water, he pulled it over his shoulders again and stationed his Bo in the associated holster on his back. Kiro, on the other hand, stayed in his read- to-fight, grown, form, watching the path in front for a few more seconds, then laid down on the damp ground.

Further away from the group, in the chair of the Bullhead sat the pilot, who had brought the group of three to their location earlier. He had a slight grin on his face as he received the notification that the population of Mohana was now fully evacuated. Siu most likely received the same message.

He had just started writing a message to Siu, asking if they were ready to be picked up when a ringing echoed through the room. The sound of an emergency call. The message was played by itself, a loud voice coming out of the speaker.

"Take the students away from there!" the voice almost screamed. At his next words, his grin changed to a horrified, shocked expression. "That wasn't the Horde! These were just the vanguard! The Horde is still coming!"


Then a loud cry filled the air. Immediately, the pilot ran to his windshield and looked out. His eyes widened. "Oh fuck," he exclaimed as he saw the shadow of two Nevermore. They were both relatively tall, though not yet fully grown, but big enough to fly into a house and tear down its walls. More growls and chirping echoed in the distance. How could one not know that there was more Grimm? Wasn't there anyone who saw and reported them? But who would stand there and just wait to count how many Grimm there were? Maybe some knew that there was more Grimm. Or maybe they were all dead. The fact was that they underestimate the horde, and to put it bluntly, they were fucked.

With shaky hands, he began to write a message to Siu. Maybe he could warn the group in time. He pressed the send button, his eyes fixed on the small device. Please let her answers.


  • Big Deathstalker: x 1 Shot by Smokey
  • ]Small Deathstalker: x 1 Killed by Siu (Cranes)
  • Small Nevermore: x 1 Killed by Siu (Cranes]

(For Siu's Cranes:

Next Targets:

  • Mid-Sized Nevermore: x2
  • Beowolves: x4 )

General Discussion / Re: Help I'm confused
« on: September 16, 2018, 01:44:05 PM »
Welp, I'm not good at explaining things, but I can try.

Well, number one is easy.

When you write a message, there is a box below the message window asking if you want to Save a copy in your outbox. You have to check it and then it will be stored in your inbox.
To retrieve it you simply go on: My Messages> Messages (Next to Actions and Preferences) and then on Inbox. And don't worry, I'm sure the Admin got the message.

If you forget to check off the box, it's unfortunately too late.

Number 2.

Just here:

In my opinion, a little unclearly shown, but you just have to go on character creation and throw the character in there. But this is really only for when the character is ready and waiting for approval. Otherwise just put him in "WIP characters" so that you can still work on him and also get some tips from others.

Number 3.

Pretty much a learn by doing thing. There are a few who have never or very little RPGed before, so you should not worry too much.

And with all the Topics and Threads it's just one thing you get used to over time. Let me try to summarize it short and roughly.

You see all the different compartments on the "main page". These are bringing you to individual separate pages, each of which has further paths to other pages. Sounds confusing, but since everything is relatively well-ordered here, it works well. Most of it takes place in the RPG part of the forum (what a surprise)

Entering Threads is easy.
Let's take Beacon Academy as an example. Simply on The Vale region and then on the topic Beacon Academy (or you take the direct link) From there you look for a chat you want to join. It is important to ensure that this is also open to all and possibly active.

Hope this information helped a bit, Good Luck!

The Vale Region / Re: Hitting the bullseye [Closed]
« on: September 16, 2018, 10:54:19 AM »
Still embarrassed, Kisha gave her an approving nod. Hey, at least she was not completely creeped out by her.

As the Bullhead took off and slowly left the airspace of the academy, Kisha sat down on one of the seats and hints Anza that she could sit next to her, if she wanted to. It would be a while before they were in Gabsheim, so it was the best time to get to know each other better. So why not start with the thing they had in common?

"Did you always fought with the bow or did you had other weapons as well? When did you start shooting?" She asked, looking expectantly at Anza. She had about five more questions to ask in that same breath, but it was probably better for the both of them that she didn't.

Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« on: September 16, 2018, 10:20:03 AM »
Kisha slowly opened her eyes as she felt the vibrations of footsteps through the jetty and looked up.

"Ah, no, no you don't disturb at all!" she said and took out the headphones, wrapped them around her scroll and then packed it away. She watched him quietly for a while. It seemed like she'd seen him before, several times actually, but she couldn't think of a place or name. And judging by his greeting, he probably doesn't seem to know her either. She stared at him for a little longer, thinking about all sorts of people she meet, but no one matched. Finally, she gave up and decided to do the best thing in this situation. Start a conversation.

"Sooooo," she watched as he threw the bait into the water "What are you hoping to catch?"

Kisha was relatively calm for her hyperactive and excitable nature and watched silently as circles shaped around the bait as it breaks through the surface of the water. Normally, a rain of questions would have already rained down on the young, pale man, but the countless questions confined to this one.
"I'm Kisha, Kisha Miles. And you are?"

Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« on: September 14, 2018, 01:30:21 PM »
Kisha looked up as the door of their dorm opened. This was the moment. Her new teammate would come in now. That was. That was... Surprising to see 'her'? She sat there for a second, thinking about the few pieces of information she got about Kin. The information said male. Then Kisha looked at the newcomer again...

Flat chest.

But apart from that, she could still tell him apart from a boy. Although this required a second look,  there were a few pettiness here and there that reveals his true gender. Maybe it was because of her way to think outside the box first and to see the things that remain hidden for others. After the somewhat questionable greeting from Kin, Kisha jumped out of her bed and walked up to him. Hey, she was taller! Not much, but she was taller!

Kisha first gave him a stern look and checked him over again, her face lit up "Awww, you're so cute!" she chuckled and pinched his cheeks, then turned to Nathan "Can we keep him?" She stayed in that position for a second, then it clicked. "Wait... you're in the team now!" She said loudly as she embraced him and pulled him to her chest. "Yees! your staying!"

It took another second before Kisha finally freed him from the embrace, but continued to hold him by the shoulders, her expression darkened "And woe you go" Then she let go of him and put on her dreamy and overjoyed smile again. "Now that that's settled, favorite color, weapon, and animal, now!"

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