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Avery squirmed with anxiety as the encircling Grimm brushed up against the pod, afraid that their time was limited. However, with every minute that passed by, he became more at ease. It was safer that way anyway given their attraction to negative he could. Aurum swinging around his wet boots werenít helping in that regard, though.

Suddenly, something flicked on within the pop and a message started to come through. Unfortunately, the storm was still ongoing and the message was broken. He turned toward Dorian, unfortunately still unconscious, before turning to Topaz.

ďDo you think you can fix the signal?Ē

With his spear clashing against Vermilion's weapon, hate jolted through him. Not for his opponent's but rather the situation. From the beginning, Avery knew he and Topaz were at a disadvantage, but with the sight of a spear being thrust right back at him, he felt that the battle was spiraling more into his opponentsí favor.

The attack landed on his throat and sent him flying onto his back. His weapon was no longer in his grasp as his hands were not grasping at his neck, and despite the ground being that of a more agreeable surface, Avery still managed to get the wind knocked out of him upon impact with the sand, and for at least a moment, he was subdued.

Aura: 61%    43% ( 6% x 3)
Fatigue: 51%    57% ( 6%)

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Teams / Re: Team List
« on: October 27, 2018, 10:48:17 PM »
Try this thing and see if it works.


The grab to Aureliaís face was so sudden that she couldnít react, and by the time that she could, her head had already been slammed against the fortunately sandy ground and she was sent flying several meters away from Ceramite.

As she skid across the ground, she managed to stabilize herself, and at the end of her slide, she was in a knelt position facing toward her opponent. Aureliaís eyes narrowed in on Ceramite. Shifting her eyes to Exitium, her eyes continued to do so as she realized the situation she was in.

Aurelia dug her toes into the sand and launched herself forward with so much force that she lost her footing. After stumbling for a few seconds, she regained herself and charged toward Ceramite, slightly off-center favoring the side nearest Exitium. With her eyes keenly dialed on Ceramite, she held her weapon tightly, ready to strike [no attack].

Aura: 54% 52.5% ( 1.5%) + 0.5% ( 0.5%)( 0.5%) overcharge
Fatigue: 41% 44% ( 4%)
Ammo: [-----] || [-----]

Avery didn't expect Vermilion to catch his fall with his weapon, though if was still comparing him to his sparring partner, maybe he should have. Though his mind caught Vermilion's counterattack in time, his body was lagging having put all of Avery's weight into his attack.

Avery took the attack to his chest. The impact of the blow was dampened by his semblance though at the cost of additional fatigue. He stumbled back a couple steps, but having caught wind of the attack beforehand, was able to recover from it quickly. Avery raised back his weapon, and as he sent it jabbing forward[1], he also re-extended the spear to its original length. At the same time, he deactivated his semblance in hopes that the sudden liberation of his hand would cause Vermilion to hesitate, even if just for a moment.

[1] Ė 8%

Aura: 67%    61% ( 6%)
Fatigue: 39%    51% ( 12%)

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: October 04, 2018, 07:02:15 PM »
Airi looked at Sovereign, then at Lyra, then back at Sovereign. Given her physical state, Airi was in no position to object."Sure, Sovereign." Turning up at the LeBlanc residence out of the blue was going to be a bit strange, but with the police set to arrive at any minute, it was a much better option than staying here. "What about you, Lyra?"

"You're going to need to hit way harder than that if you want to beat me."

A pump of adrenaline washed away Averyís dazed state. The cogs of his mind quickly accelerated, and he was able to see the battle(field) with clarity once again. Since Avery didnít have much of a chance to before, a flood of thoughts concerning his opponents burst into his head and caused the world around him to stand still for just a moment. Spear-user with semblance included, aggressive, spirited. That was all well and good, but what stood out about Vermilion the most was that he reminded Avery of one of his dueling partners: Annabelle (not pulled out of ass).

Knowing that he had to be decisive if he wanted to win against an opponent that was remotely like her, Avery rallied himself. The world around him was slowly brought back into motion, and the transformation of Vermilionís weapon clicked slowly at first, accelerating like the clangs of a dropped metal ball. In the same window that Vermilion was transforming his weapon, Avery followed suit though it wasnít nearly an intricate: he moved his hand up the shaft closer to the head and significantly compacted the butt of the spear.

As the transformation of Vermilionís weapon neared its end, Avery already had an idea of what it was and what its owner planned to do with it. Avery found it odd that Vermilion would resort to a punch when 1) he had a tactical advantage with his semblance and 2) Avery had just disengaged with his partner whose main weapons were fists (at least when they fought seeing as Vivian had an SMG stashed away).

With Vermilion rearing to life, Avery did as well. He dug his left foot into the sand and pivoted hard, adjusting based on the results of his previous failed attempt, and wrapped his right hand near the base of Vermilionís weapon as it went by. As he was turning, the spears that were behind him came into view, and while the possibility of pulling Vermilionís weight through them was nice, Avery opted to take his opponents advice instead. Avery clicked on his semblance, specifically targeting Vermilionís weapon making it feel significantly heavier, and pulled Vermilionís weight forward hoping to throw him off-balance. Finally, Avery leaned forward toward his opponentís massed, as if trying to drive a stake through his heart from the opposite end of his body, sent a heavy stab at the side of Vermillionís ribcage [1].

[1] Ė 10-12%

Aura: 67%    67% ( 0%)
Fatigue: 27%  39% ( 12%)

Approved Characters / Re: Yu Mei
« on: September 25, 2018, 08:42:52 PM »
Slight change in wording for nicknames
Changed to 3rd year

Aurelia raised her weapon to block of the attack, its impact forcing her feet to dig deeper into the ground and sending a jolt of pain into her palms. Moving on its own to protect itself, her body kicked [1] at Ceramite's abdominal region in an effort to remove itself from the danger. Aurelia herself took advantage of the opportunity and sent a vertical swipe aimed at Ceramiteís dominant shoulder [2].

[1] Ė 2%
[2] Ė 6%

Aura: 56% 54% ( 2%) + 0.5% ( 0%)( 0.5%) overcharge
Fatigue: 37% 41% ( 4%)
Ammo: [-----] || [-----]

Even in his dazed state, Avery was still able to get a grasp of the battle, albeit faintly, and he didn't like what he saw. He and Topaz had swapped targets and now the passionate spearman was getting on Avery's case. He used his semblance to force Vermilionís thrown spear crashing into the ground not too far ahead of him, and as Vermilion came charging in, he attempted to parry his attack. Vermilionís charge was slow, but unfortunately Averyís reaction time was slower. Despite successfully getting the block, it was too late, and the attack drilled into his shoulder.

Avery winced and let out a faint grunt upon impact, but instead of falling back to regroup his senses, he exhaled sharply and sent his weapon down along the shaft of Vermilionís for a counter-hit[1].

[1] Ė 6%

Aura: 75%  67% ( 8%)
Fatigue: 19%  27% ( 8%)

Despite being down and in pain, Aurelia remained combat aware. Being in the situation she was in, she had no choice but to wait until Ceramite left himself vulnerable; any sooner and she'd still be at a heavy disadvantage. As Ceramite reared up to land a heavy strike, she rolled herself out of the way, scrambled back to her feet, and re-armed herself with her weapon which fortunately hadnít landed far.

Aurelia set herself up in a defensive, reactionary stance as she waited for Ceramiteís next move.

Aura: 56% 56% ( 0%) + 0% ( 3.75%)( 0%) overcharge
Fatigue: 34% 37% ( 3%)
Ammo: [-----] || [-----]

Avery didn't expect Vivian to counter his attack with a kick. He didn't expect Topaz' arrow to come in. He didn't expect Vivian to use that arrow to break out of her ice cast. Any advantage that he had had dissolved into thin air, and it wasn't even the end of it. Avery, caught off guard by the quick chain of events, wasnít aware that Vermilion took aim at him.

Before Avery could react to Vivian, Vermilionís shot nailed him straight in the head sending a pulse of shock, pain, and disorientation throughout his body. Vivianís fist quickly followed up, hitting him square in the chest and sending him flying back and skidding through the sand, eventually coming to a stop several feet away. He rose to his feet dazed.

The only silver lining was that she had managed to knock him out of the target zone of Vermilionís spears.

Aura: 88% 75% ( 13%)
Fatigue: 11% 19% ( 8%)

Aurelia quickly reacted to the parry: she dug a foot into the ground and spun herself, aiming the other blade at Ceramite. It was midway during her spin that she heard the gun go off and she realized that her hope that it was empty was a false one. The shot drilled straight below her armpit, the impact knocking her to the ground and disarming her.

Aura:  71% 56% ( 15%) + 3.75% ( 5%)( 3.75%) overcharge
Fatigue: 22% 34% ( 12%)
Ammo: [-----] || [-----]

Though Avery was successful in hampering her progress for now, he knew that if he didn't keep up the pressure, she would be free in no time; Vivian's call for help further confirmed this. Avery stepped into his next attack, and instead of going for another jab, he instead swept at her feet[1] hoping to, with the help of the sand, destabilize her.

[1] - 4%

Aura: 88% 88% ( 0%)
Fatigue: 9% 11% ( 2%)

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