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Character Creation / Re: Arcano Blar Baldwin
« on: May 22, 2019, 04:35:29 PM »
So, in the personality, there's a bit of a contradiction where you say he's very calm in one sentence, but say he's very emotional in the next paragraph.  That warrants at least a bit of elaboration to explain.

After looking around and thinking for a bit, Smokey responded, "Nah, that's about it."  And with that, he gets up from his spot and heads back out to the rest of the expo.  Maybe he'll find something else to do while he wanders around waiting for the fight.

Beacon Academy / Re: An extra set of features[closed]
« on: May 18, 2019, 07:42:18 PM »
"Eh?" she stops her rambling for a moment as she processes what Akel said.  Only fire and lightning?  "Only those?  I suppose they're the easiest to use, but that seems so limiting," she says honestly.  "It's your decision in the end, though."

She takes a moment to ponder Akel's question on gravity dust.  In short, yes, its possible.  Clara's mind immediately drifts to the pack of cards in her pocket.  There was definitely one person who used dust like that.  That being said...

"There is a way, but if you want a continuous effect, you have to have a way to apply the dust over the entire duration," she begins, the cadence of her voice slowing down as she works through technical details, "The easiest way to do that would be with an appropriate semblance, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you don't have that kind of luck.  In that case, you'd need a device to meter out the dust to make sure it doesn't all activate in one go, and then you'd need to get it to your target.  A bullet's probably too small, you'd at least need something like a taser.    A mine could work, but that would imply you had time to set it up before hand, which isn't necessarily something you could rely on in the field.  Maybe something like a grenade could work?  If you give it a bit of adhesive so it sticks, you wouldn't have to worry about it kicking it away."

"As far as delays, the most obvious solutions would be mines and grenades, which should be pretty easy to implement in theory," she pauses here, hand on her chin as she goes deep into thought, muttering to herself in technical jargon. 

Smokey:  Heavy Metal, often paired with weight-lifting to work off any built up stress. 

Aurelia:  Have to go with the stereotypical rich girl thing and say classical, but she's more likely to work off stress with a horse-back ride and the sounds of nature than anything else.

Toast:  Jazz, bonus points if its a ballad with a soloist.  He's the type of guy to find some way high-up place, lean back and just let the world pass him by.

Lucas:  Good question, honestly.  I don't know, he may just be the type of guy who just has to stew a bit while he works through his shit.

Clara:  Same as above, to be honest.  She's my least developed character right now.

So, I like to think that setting half the arena on fire and then setting off a fire tornado would be pretty eye-catching, and even in the other bouts, Smokey did some pretty drastic things.  So, regardless of how well he actually did in the Vytal Tournament, he probably left an impression on the audience.  And much to his chagrin, the fight against Prism will probably be his most memorable for a good long time simply because he demonstrated just how much fire power he actually had.  With that in mind, he probably has more support than he realizes.  He may not have legions of fangirls, but his brash demeanor and focus on raw power and strength appeals to more than a few demographics, I'd say.  Still, like I said, He probably won't realize he has fans at all, and he'll actively avoid talking about his performance at the tournament with strangers.

Aurelia is a bit harder to gauge.  On the one hand, her appearance has a certain mystique to it: she wears full armor from head to toe, so her face is hidden.  She's not hiding her identity, of course, its just a consequence of trying to protect her face.  That being said, there's a certain "mystery knight" appeal going on that probably scores a few fans with the romantic types.  On the other hand, the Vytal Festival's not a great place for her to show what's she's capable of.  The way the rules are setup, she might as well not have a semblance, which cuts her off from one of her biggest strengths.  Even if she did summon it, the arena's not exactly setup for a cavalry battle.  Honestly, the fact she even made it *in* the Vytal Tournament at all is probably a testament to her work ethic and skill, considering the disadvantages.  Still, if she has fans at all, she'll be cordial with them, but wouldn't actively meet with them.

Toast did not compete in the Vytal Festival, but he is a former performer, and thus has experience with fans.  Toast is a good-looking guy, first off, and he's a total flirt who would revel in the attention.  It wouldn't be hard to imagine him getting invited back to a fan's place and uh--well, you get the idea.  He's unfortunately a bit shallow when it comes to relationships, so he'll almost certainly break a few hearts, which could lead to hate mail.  But it's pretty hard to keep the guy down, and he'll pretty much carry on like he normally does.

As for Meridiem siblings, they probably don't have fans.  Lucas actively avoids the spotlight, and it's too early in Clara's career for her to make a big enough impact to warrant any kind of fanbase. 

Smokey's eyes were kept locked on to the rep's while she explains the paperwork.  To be honest, he's skeptical of the explanation she gives.  Wouldn't they have tested for those situations before bringing it to an expo?  He feels like they're just trying to mine for information, though it's anybody's guess as to why.  Though, companies dig for information all the time, that's nothing new.  Besides, his semblance really isn't all that impressive on its own, and they were planning on giving the combatants info on their fighter's semblance.  All things considered, that's technically fair.  Both sides have equal amounts of information, it's up to them what they do with it.

Smokey's a little concerned that his potential opponent won't have their weapon, but, for all he knows, the opponent could be a hand-to-hand specialist, which would mean the weapon is kind of a non-issue.  And with the way this company's touting their prosthetics, it probably wouldn't be unfair to consider *them* a weapon on their own.  That being said, they're definitely not for Smokey.  Reading between the lines of the rep's spiel, it seems that in order to get a new arm and leg, it'll cost him an arm and a leg.  Plugging into his nervous system?  That just sounds like an incredibly invasive surgery with an equally incredible price tag.  The Emberstone family isn't exactly hurting on cash, but that's definitely more than the gunslinger wants to spend.  And that's before all the cutting-edge techno-babble.

Still, he is curious to see how they'll hold up in a fight, so he continues filling out the paperwork, giving the rep a quiet "A'ight" to mask his doubts.  He fills in the semblance slot with "Immovable Object" with no further explanation.  When he gets to the weapon section, he pauses for a minute to glance behind him.  I don't think you'll be relevant this go-round, sorry girl, he thinks to himself before filling in the space with "Revolver/Volley Gun".  If he gets to the stage, it's gonna be Matchstick's show.   

Character Creation / Re: Arcano Blar Baldwin
« on: May 13, 2019, 12:58:57 PM »
So, this profile looks pretty good, I just want one thing clarified before I approve it.  When you say "a hint of darkness", does that mean, like, cloud cover in the middle of the day would be enough to trigger his semblance?  What if there's a storm?   Could he activate his semblance anywhere if he carried an umbrella?

Beacon Academy / Re: Letting Loose [Closed]
« on: May 03, 2019, 07:38:48 PM »
"So I've been told," Aurelia responds dryly to Chantou's sarcasm, though she is happy to see the 1st year put out her cigarette.  Still, Aurelia's fairly certain that Chantou will light up again as soon as she leaves, and thus decides to stick around for a bit longer.  It's for her own good.

"Well, almost anything would be better than what you were doing, though if you're seriously asking for my suggestions, light exercise is known to be incredibly cathartic.  Not to mention, it'll keep you in better shape for when you fight monsters hell-bent on tearing you limb from limb," she says knowing full well that the other student probably wouldn't take up her suggestion.  She continues, "The only important thing is that whatever you choose doesn't involve damaging your vital organs."

The Vale Region / Re: At the mountains Summit
« on: May 01, 2019, 02:15:58 AM »
"Report them?  Why?" Toast asks Revya as he saunters out of the off-shoot.  "Didn't you hear them?  They had their 'permits an' everything', not to mention they helped us out."  It's clear from his tone that Toast didn't think those miners were legit, but he doesn't see any reason to report them to the authorities.  After all, betraying info-sources is bad for business.

Meeting back up with Camelia, Toast gives a quick wave before putting his hands back on his head and continuing his stroll through the cave.  Listening to her findings, he grins and responds sarcastically, "Oh, he sounds delightful, can't wait to meet him!"  He picks up on the use of the word "accidents", but doesn't say anything.  Thinking back, the miners said Celestine's death was an accident, too, or at least that's what they were told.  But the impression he got from Sam was that these weren't just accidents.  If they were, they probably wouldn't hire a third party to investigate, right?  Toast's instincts were telling him there was more here than meets the eye...

That being said, speculating in a cave isn't going to get him anywhere, and thus he continues on towards the elevator, never breaking his stride.  Once the entire group was inside, the elevator started its long journey up to the town.  Toast would make a passing comment about the lack of elevator music and would attempt to make small talk with the group during the ride. 

When they finally stop moving, the doors don't immediately open, which causes Toast to tilt his head in a bit of confusion.  However, the speakers soon came to life and projected the voice of what had to be the group's employer.  Unfortunately, he cut off communications before Toast could ask for his name.  So much for first impressions.  "He needs to get laid," he comments as he steps out of the elevator.

Falconhaven itself was a bizarre sight to Toast, to say the least.  He wasn't expecting a town to be entirely within a cave, so all the sights catch him off-guard.  He lets out a low whistle as he watches the artwork in the ceiling and takes some time to admire the painted support pillars.  It's a very pretty town.  It makes the contrast with the people all the more stark, as the inhabitants hurriedly go about their day avoiding eye-contact and keeping to themselves.  Accidents, my ass, Toast thinks to himself as he observes the townspeople.

Unfortunately, there's no time for sightseeing, and he's brought back to business by the greeting of the officers.  "Hiya, I'm Toast!" he greets the lieutenant, shaking her hand, before continuing, "Well, I guess the first thing to ask is if you can catch us up on the investigation so far.  Ya know, names, times and places of death, all that jazz.  The sooner we get started, the better, in my opinion."

The Vale Region / Re: Shards of Knowledge [Shard INC][Semi-closed; PM]
« on: April 30, 2019, 11:35:03 PM »
Smokey absentmindedly fills out the paperwork as the rep tries to interest him with her diatribe.  Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary, most of it actually looked similar to the waivers he signed for the Vytal Festival.  He wrote "student" in the space asking for his occupation, despite part of him wanting to fight the huntress at full strength.  He only really paused at one section in particular.

"So, uh, what's this about 'semblance' and 'weapons'?" he asks.  "I know it says somethin' about 'avoiding accidents', but, like, it's a fight, right?  Kinda just looks like you're trying to giving your guy an edge.  Do we at least get to know what we're up against, too?"

"Guess while I'm here, might as well ask.  Those extra limbs or whatever, how do you keep 'em from draggin' you down?  'Cause, like, if I'm already carrying a lot o' weight already, there's no way I'm dragging all those limbs with me if somethin' screws up, ya know?" he continues, voicing his doubts about the effectiveness of the prosthetics.

The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
« on: April 30, 2019, 08:14:45 PM »
Aurelia clicked her tongue when her bullet bounced off the Beringel, knowing that her best chance to avoid the pincer attack was rendered futile.  Still, she wasn't going to do nothing, and as the Beringels make their move, Noble Steed sticks to the plan and banks left.  In the meantime, the knight prepares a shield of aura with her hand ready to at least deflect some of the coming onslaught. 

However, luck seemed to have other plans.  The Grimm, mostly mindless beasts that they were, did not seem to accommodate for Noble Steed's agility, and instead of slamming into Aurelia, they instead slammed into each other.  That bought Aurelia the precious time she needed to get away and prepare her charge.  Pressing the trigger on Dusk to switch forms, she galloped straight for the beast about to try and pummel her companion as Cerulean takes down a Beringel of his own. 

Just as the lance fully extends to its 12-foot length, Dusk collides into the bone plating of the monster, shattering it and impaling the Grimm's soft flesh.  However, the monster's hardiness goes beyond its thick armor, as evidenced by its continued existence despite Dusk literally running it through.  It's weight forced Aurelia to lower her lance, which only helped the Grimm line its mouth up with her head.  The creature let out a savage roar, splattering the knight with viscera and gore, before going in for a chomp as its arms try to wrap around both the knight and her Noble Steed.

Unfortunately for it, Aurelia's armaments don't stop at Dusk.  Instead of finding helmet, the teeth of the Beringel are batted away by Dawn, Aurelia's shield.  At the same time, Aurelia begins feeding lightning and fire dust into the lance.  As the lance becomes energized, the constant stream of electricity courses through the Grimm as well, causing it to lose control of its limbs.  That's not all, though.  The heat from the fire dust would quickly boil the insides of the Beringel, causing its body to expand as its insides heat up.  For a few seconds, the Grimm would experience excruciating agony as the dust concoction works its magic.  Eventually, the energy running through the creature will overwhelm it, causing it to pop like a balloon.  Aurelia almost feels sorry for it.  Almost.

Combat Data:
Aurelia: 85%
Noble Steed: 15%

Rifle Rounds: 9/10
Fire Dust: ??/20 from 15
Lightning Dust: ??/20 from 14
Ice Dust: 20/20

Attack Log:  Blocking the Beringel's attack, feeding lightning and fire dust into it until it pops (however much is necessary).

AMA Section / What side of the chess board do your characters prefer?
« on: April 22, 2019, 11:46:05 PM »
So, if you've played chess enough, chances are you prefer one side of the board over the other.  So, my question is "if your characters were chess players, which side would they prefer?"

For instance, Aurelia, Clara, and Toast would prefer white side; Aurelia is a very proactive person in general and would prefer the opportunity to set up her board before her opponent; Clara, in a similar sense, would look to cripple her opponent at the first opportunity; while Toast would simply want to make the first move, and would set up feints to manipulate the opponent.

Lucas and Smokey, on the other hand, would prefer black side; Smokey generally performs best when his opponent comes to him, and he'd set up very defensively; while Lucas is someone who wants to observe his opponent and make moves based on how his opponent plays.

Coincidentally, if all my characters played each other in a round robin tournament, the results would probably look like Lucas-->Toast-->Aurelia-->Clara-->Smokey

Beacon Academy / Re: An extra set of features[closed]
« on: April 22, 2019, 01:52:08 PM »
"Hmm," Clara taps her chin for a moment as she thinks, before letting a torrent of stream-of-consciousness thought loose upon the world.  "Well, the first thing I think of is adding fire and lightning dust.  If nothing else it'll add a bit more oomph to each individual punch, and it'll keep things from trying to grab you.  Then you could probably add kinetic or wind dust if you want to knock your opponents around, or even yourself if you want.  Then there's ice dust, which is generally useful, but, from my experience, it takes a little bit longer for it to take effect, so it might not be quite up your alley.  Maybe as a defensive measure?  No, earth dust would probably be better for that.  Ooh!  That actually might be an idea!  You could use earth dust to beef up your gauntlets to make them pseudo-shields, while at the same time giving your punches more power due to the weight!  It'll slow down your attacks, so it might be a bit situational, but that's what dust is for!  Ah!  You'll probably need some form of ranged attack, too.  Do you have any way to project the dust?  It'll open up your options a lot--"

Clara's rambling has sent her off to her own little world, completely oblivious to the world around her.  It's impressive how much she can talk about dust, and for each dust type she brings up, she takes out a relevant vial from her own belongings and sets it out on the workbench, quickly cluttering up the space. 

Beacon Academy / Re: Letting Loose [Closed]
« on: April 22, 2019, 01:23:20 PM »
Aurelia gives a deadpan stare in response to Chantou's lackadaisical greeting, thoroughly unimpressed with the younger student's casual demeanor.  What is it with this batch of first years?  Why do they insist on acting so blasť? she thinks to herself.

"Well, I'm happy to hear your studies are going well," she says in response, "and you're right, it is important to take time off.  However, there has got to be a better way to relax than to, as you put it, 'kill your lungs'."  She pauses for a bit to sniff the air, which apparently causes her face to scrunch up and her semblance to let out a snort.  She ultimately ends up pinching her nose. "Health concerns aside, do you not realize how terrible they smell?  You're making this beautiful day smell like a hobo's trash fire," she says flatly. 

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: April 21, 2019, 10:45:31 PM »
Once again, it has to be reiterated that Smokey is not particularly politically inclined.  He never really studied the Faunus Rights Revolution, and most of his opinions on Faunus in general had been built from personal experience.  And Smokey's personal experiences consist of fighting and avoiding people.  In short, Smokey does not have a strong opinion on the Faunus one way or the other.

So, the fact that Smokey sees a flaw in Cat's argument does not bode well for his position, though he's not quite sure how to go about pointing it out, especially since Calen and Prism jump on other more relevant issues.  But he can't keep his mouth shut on this one, for some reason, so he starts talking, "So, uh, let me speak from personal experience here.  When I'm fightin' somebody, I don't give a rat's ass about their 'feelings'.  My only goal is to put them down and make sure they don't get back up." he pauses for a bit, thinking about where he's going with his argument.

Eventually, he speaks up again. "If anyone tried to put me in chains, I'd blast 'em faster than you could say 'Beowolf Bait'," he says, his tone deep and serious.  Smokey's never been one for mincing words. 

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