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The Vale Region / Re: Illumination and Concealment [Open, Limited 4/5]
« on: November 22, 2019, 10:19:30 AM »
Gram gave Aoife a small annoyed glance before looking back at Lucas. "It's not that simple... I do produce an aura-infused kind of gas with my semblance that has the same scent as indole... Which is one of the substances that make uh... feces smell the way they do... but also flowers! It's a thing of concentrations... Anyway... This gas is highly aggresive against any organic matter that's not protected by aura. It's not actually dangerous to any person unless their aura breaks, so, uh, don't worry about it!" He let out an awkward chuckle, activating his semblance very briefly in a manner where he knew it would be just a tiny cloud of gas that was weak enough to actually smell of jasmine, just to demonstrate it when it was under control.
" And yes, Aoife is my teammate, tormentor, friend or, according to my mother, the one who should bear my future children..." He twitched as he realized that the last bit was probably not exactly something he should have mentioned here and now, the alcohol had sadly not only helped him with his anxiety but also loosened his tongue to the point of working faster than his brain, it seemed. Quickly, he pulled his head away from Aoife's arms and leaned foreward on his chair, bracing himself for either a burst of heat or a jab at him from behind.

The Vale Region / Making a Chance [1/2][OPEN]
« on: November 13, 2019, 04:17:51 PM »
Gram was sitting on a park bench, chewing on his inner lip nervously as he waited for whatever this silly idea would bring him. Something that his stupid teammate Aoife had said the other day had raised his curiosity for the possibility of getting to know people through means much less awkward than trying to force himself to go to a bar while getting smashed. In theory at least. Right now, with the anticipation of waiting for someone whose face he had never seen before.
Gram had downloaded this app to his scroll called "Chancemaker", where one would create a profile and be matched with random strangers. It obviously had some safety issues at first, apparently, which resulted in it being temporarily restricted to students of the Huntsman academies for now but Gram was comfortable enough in his combat skills to deal with any potential creep.
This situation was somewhat uncomfortable due to the spontaneous nature of it. The way the app worked, it was something that you could just toogle on if you were out and about while being up for a quick coffee or anything. Every user had the opportunity to check what they were interested in and their matched would be generated accordingly. Gram, being somewhat socially awkward just checked the boxes for everything from a casual chat to a date, figuring that would increase his chances of having any social interaction. Supposedly, according to his teammate, that was just what he needed.
So now he sat there, completely unaware of what sort of person was on their way to meet up with him on this somewhat chilly autumn afternoon. The only thing he could see was the little tracker on his scroll, telling him, how much distance still separated him from his match. And they were getting closer!

The Vale Region / Re: Illumination and Concealment [Open, Limited 4/5]
« on: November 12, 2019, 01:17:59 PM »
Gram leaned back into the embrace, having grown to somewhat enjoy the natural heating pillow that his teammate occasionally seemed to function as. "Smokey? Have you ever called me that before? Also... What makes you think I'm single... Apart from, you know, me being me, I guess...", he chuckled awkwardly and sighed. He shrugged and glanced at Lucas. "I'm not exactly popular, I think... it's because of uh... You know, the occasional whaft of... semblance."
It wasn't exactly a comfortable topic for him but there was enough alcohol in his system to be able to relax and let go of a bit of his social anxiety, hence his rather casual reaction to Aoife's sudden entrance. He leaned further back, letting out a comfortable sigh while secretly dwelling on the thought of how good it would feel to feel actually close to someone who actually meant something to him in a way that was more than the friendship and trust between teammates. A strange and somewhat distant thought.

Gram had been looking at Lucas, nodding slightly with a faint smile at his view on the matter as he had first smelled the scent of Aoife's perfume creeping up behind him. Not to say that he saw her as a threat but, to a degree, his aura's danger sense did resonate with his teammate's approach. Obviously, she was planning on ambushing him, having neither sent a message telling him she'd come here nor being a regular patron here, it was one of the reasons why Gram had chosen this bar as the place for his rendezvous.
He wasn't exactly sure how to react, of course he was a bit startled, but not enough to let out a noxious cloud that'd result in the establishment having to be evacuated. Probably triggered by the alcohol in his system, he decided to take a gamble and turn the situation around, make it his. He twitched, of course, but that was his natural reaction to any sort of physical contact. With a sly grin, however, he turned his head towards his teammate swiftly, pulled her in, almost close enough for it to be considered very intimate and half-whispered, just as she did, a reply. "Oh Aoife, thank you so much for this offer but I find female biology rather boring..." His grin remained for a little bit, persisting through him wiping away the lipstick smear with the back of his hand. Of course he had heard Calen's input but he decided to pretend he hadn't, for whatever reason, he was feeling a bit petty today.

Gram always carries around some pocket emwrgency gasmasks with him in case his fellow combatants have their aura break in the middle of his aura or some civilians get pulled into the fight. Also chewing gum and deodorant to deal with stress related smell accidents.

Gram looked at Calen, not exactly suspiciously but wary. "I uh... I don't think I ever talked for hours about anything but I enjoy sciences, biology and a bit of arts, I guess?" He shrugged and looked around. He really didn't have many hobbies anyone would find interesting, he assumed, and it wasn't like they were actually in any form relevant. To be perfectly honest, he didn't trust Calen and wasn't keen on building up a friendship with him from what he had learned so far. There just was something about him that was absolutely offputting.

The Vale Region / Re: Dangerous Dealing 'twixt Dusk and Dawn [closed]
« on: June 16, 2019, 03:21:55 AM »
Gram just sighed and nodded. "I'm okay... The city just always gets me a bit on edge. I don't do that well around people.", he apologized himself and carried on, paying only little mind to Graham deciding to put on some music over his headphones. He thought about doing the same but he wanted to be as perceptive as he could right now and music in his ears, especially his preferred kind, wasn't beneficial for that. He did get out his scroll quickly though and seemed to be typing a short message to someone before pocketing the device again.
It wasn't a very long walk but the somewhat monotonous way through Vale's club district was turning it into a bit of a drag. The music, mostly bass-heavy beats, could be heard and felt even outside on the street, causing the district to be veiled in a cacophony of techno and electronic beats mixed with the slight drizzle of a summer rain.
"So uh... Where are you from then?", Gram innitiated a bit of smalltalk, mostly to distract himself but also to learn a few more things about the guy he was doing this mission with.

The Vale Region / Re: Dangerous Dealing 'twixt Dusk and Dawn [closed]
« on: June 10, 2019, 05:01:20 AM »
Slightly surprised, Gram shuffles closer to Graham awkwardly, standing under the floral yellow umbrella. His brain was working at full capacity in this strange situation, much to his unliking. With a sigh, he released a tiny puff of his semblance, triggered by the weirdly stressful situation, causing the air around him to smell slightly fecal for a few seconds. He flushed in embarassment and pulled off his grey beanie and squeezed it as if he was trying to wring water out of it, even though the slight rain barely got onto it.
"Sorry... fuck... I'm really sorry! This uh... this is uh... I don't do well with stress andd I've been a bit on edge all day and everything's kind of... yeah..." He was a bit of a mess right now and stopped to take a few deep breaths. He didn't know what exactly was wrong with him today and it annoyed Gram.

The Vale Region / Re: Dangerous Dealing 'twixt Dusk and Dawn [closed]
« on: June 09, 2019, 01:51:32 PM »
Once the two of them had borded the airship, they were flown across the water and over the city to one of the docks that were somewhat close to the docks but not close enough to make potential watch-posts suspicious.
It was by now dark and the first drunkards already roamed the street next to masses of young people swarming the clubs. It was an overall anxiety inducing experience for Gram. He was still not nearly as comfortable with this sort of thing as he would like.
Neon lights illuminated the streets as a very slight warm summer rain began to fall. Gram took a deep breath, enjoying the scent of fresh rain on warm streets.

The Vale Region / Re: Dangerous Dealing 'twixt Dusk and Dawn [closed]
« on: June 08, 2019, 02:11:51 PM »
Gram chuckled slighty as he watched the first year try on the mask. "it can be extended sideways to be a bit less... clunky. But you wear it the way you want to, I guess. Also not really anything else you need to know. My semblance attacks pretty much all, uh, organic matter that's not protected by aura. My weapons aren't really spectacular..."
The young man unsheathed the dagger from his belt, swinging it around a bit before pressing a button, unhinging the blade and reavealing its whip-like mechanism. After sheathing it again, he pushed a button on the inside of his right glove, causing the dust effect in his buckler to activate, extending a hardlight barrier. With a shrug he deactivated it again and looked toward the nearest shuttle. "Shall we then?"

The Vale Region / Re: Dangerous Dealing 'twixt Dusk and Dawn [closed]
« on: June 08, 2019, 06:31:26 AM »
Gram shook his head ss he put his Scroll back in his pocket. "No, I don't think they'll have any association to the White Fang. From what I know, they're smuggling in low quiality Dust. Caused uh... at least two accidents so far. Oh also, here, uh, take this!", he replied before pulling a small, round device from his pocket and handing it to Graham awkwardly. "It's uh... a pocket gas mask. Make sure to put it on if we end up engaged in combat, my semblance smells pretty bad and I don't want you to throw up mid combat... and, SHOULD your aura end up breaking... get out of my semblance as quickly as you can, I don't want you to take damage..."
It was his usual briefing whenever he was working with slmeone new. They were measures thar sadly had to be taken...

The Vale Region / Re: Dangerous Dealing 'twixt Dusk and Dawn [closed]
« on: June 07, 2019, 05:26:12 PM »
Gram stared at the man like a deer imto the headlights for a second before shaking off the initial shock of the realisation that Graham had probably seen him do weird things he wasn't even aware of. "Oh uh... Hi! I'm Gram... and it uh... looks like I am, yeah!", he replied, forcing a broken social smile onto his face. And extending his right hand only to realize which hand he was offered. With quite a bit of surprise, he extended his own left hand instead, something that felt natural but was so rare that it almost felt wrong. "You're left-handed too? That's uh... interesting! Haven't met many others around, honestly..." He dtruggled to make eye contact, both due to his own anxiety and his apparent partner's confidence, something Gram always found quite offputting.
Fumbling awkwardly, he searched something on his Scroll, then showed it to Graham. It showed a little map of the Valesian Docks with one of the warehouses highlighted and two mugshots next to it, one of a middle aged man with black and white bear ears and one of a girl roughly their age though with seemingly human features. "We're supposed to collect some intel on these two. Smugglers from what I know. They're supposedly not uh... too dangerous but I think the authorities would prefer to keep them free and unsuspecting. They uh... assume some connections to, uh, other smugglers from ,uhm, Vacuo... We'll see how well that goes... Usually they don't give important missions to teams made up of a year one and a year two student..." He shrugged with a strange level of carelessness that signaled being ready to do this mission his way rather than the way it was probably meant to go...

The Vale Region / Dangerous Dealing 'twixt Dusk and Dawn [closed]
« on: June 07, 2019, 03:07:51 PM »
Gram stood at the airship docks of Beacon, already waiting for his temporary partner for this mission. He didn't know who it was yet, just that it was someone from another team.
The sun was setting over the cliffs of Beacon and several students, some in groups, some on their own, were walking around the campus. The pink haired man kept looking around and back on his scroll, not too comfortable with the prospect of cooperating with a stranger on a day like this. Someone had commented on his smell during a test... again... a situation that made Gram's anxiety flare up like crazy.
With a sigh, he checked the status of his Dust cartridges for the fifth time in the ten minutes he'd been standing here. They were still completely full, as expected. 
"I wonder if they're gonna show up soon...", he mumbled to himdelf, staring back on his scroll, following the seconds as they passed as if his life depended on them.

So he was a dancer? An actor? That definitely did explain the extravagance of his outfit... it was still a bit weird to Gram that he had decided to go out in that dress but, admittedly, he wasn't at all familiar with any sort of theater habits. Perhaps some weird sort of ritual.
He internally cringed a little as Calen made himself comfortable between the two of them but deckded to do his best to try and be sociable. "I'm not too fond of uh... this. I'm more of a sit at home person... I've come here to meet up with a friend but they couldn't make it so now I'm getting drunk, talking to strangers it seems..." He shrugged, picked up his drink and silently toasted towards the two others before taking a long sip. He definitely didn't show off his best sides but he was annoyed by the development of the evening, his teammates were out abd he had nothing better to fo than drown his anxiety in alcohol.
Expectantly, he looked at the other two, curious about their intentions.

"No, I don-", Gram began to reply but stopped as soon as he saw the subject of their conversation approach. Internally, he both cursed and blesed Calen. On one side this might be just enough to lead the conversation away from himself as a topic, on the other, he didn't really need this flamboyant showoff around him right now. Noticing but deciding to ignore Calen's outstretched hand, he nodded at the young man. ... Gram...", he replied. not exactly eager to reveal too much of himself. "Uh... MacConkey... Beacon Student...", he added, remembering a lesson his father told him: When you don't want to tell everything don't tell nothing at all or else they'd know you're consciously hiding things.
Expectantly, he looked over at Lucas, curious how he would react in this situation.

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