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Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Bye Guys
« on: December 17, 2016, 01:15:36 AM »
Figured it was only fair to let everyone know I'm heading out. Sorry to do it so suddenly, but more and more I've just been feeling like this is a responsibility than a hobby. It's nothing anyone did just to get that out of the way, and if any of you want to keep in contact with me, I can get you some contacts, but I think I'm done for now. I give full permission to do what you need to with my characters to move threads along, and hope y'all all have fun and continue on.

Rima watched in earnest as the display seemed to gather all sorts to her, giving a wining smile as the massive human helped to brush her off, even going so far as to wipe her tears away. How sweet.

It took all her discipline not to shudder in disgust each time his hands passed over her, a small shaking in her body that could easily be attributed to the after effects of her crying the only outward sign she gave to her distaste at anyone touching her tail. Taking the bouquet, any further interaction was interrupted as a man showing signs of aging came in, playing the whole thing off as a simple drill and freeing the remaining people trapped. She had to admit, she was pretty impressed with his ability to spin the whole situation and work the crowd so easily. As he rounded back on them, it was obvious that he was rather irate with them, Rima standing up clutching the bouquet of poisonous flowers to her chest. "My apologies sir," she said, a slight quiver in her voice as she spoke demurely to him, avoiding his gaze as she stared slightly to the side of him while her tail wrapped defensively around her legs, the very picture of vulnerability, "I'm afraid I may have acted on reflex, I should have been more careful," she said. There was really nothing in the event that warranted an apology from her aside from a few cold legs, and Rima knew it. However, these three had already shown they were a bunch of fucking bleeding hearts. Either he continued on their case, with Rima currently placing herself center of whatever he had to say and at least one of them would rush to her defense based on her assessment of them so far, or this would defuse the situation to some extent. Either way she wagered she had at the very least found some interesting prospects, hopefully she'd find someway to make use of them.

Except the dog, she had other plans for him.

Old Tournaments / Re: 1st Year Semi-Finals: Tenne V Nathan [Limited: 2/8]
« on: December 13, 2016, 07:57:15 PM »
Tenne cursed as bullets began to pepper her, a few hitting her square in the chest before she brought up her gauntlets to deflect the incoming shots, a few more dinging off of them before C1 ran in front of her, blocking the remainder of the bullets with her own gauntlets, the group weaving so as to try and throw off his aim. Bearing down on their opponents as they finally made it to the snow bank, The clones once more went to either side of Tenne, a hiss sounding as each of them coated a chain in dust with a dull yellowish brown sheen, each of Tenne's own chains covered in a harsh red light as embers floated away from the chains, before each clone sent a chain out in a straight line on either side of the snowbank, a sharp cracking noise sounding as walls of earth rose on either side of the veiling bank, the edge of the arena (I'm assuming he was at the edge of the arena since it saide he only ever went left) blocking off any chance of retreat. She wasn't sure where exactly behind all that snow he was, but even through the snow she could smell a sharp ionized scent coming from it. Smirking she sent the hefty steel weights at the ends of her chains hurtling into the enclosed area, dust held within them being expended as they hit the ground, a large explosion of fire dust erupting within the corridor.

(9% damage from explosions each=18, one of them doubled if Nathan just has bad luck and they actually hit him dead on)

(Tenne Aura 93%) Fire 0 Electric 2 Earth 2 Ice 2

(C1 Aura 94% 2min48secs) Fire 2 Electric 2 Earth 1 Ice 2

(C2 Aura 100% 2min48secs) Fire 2 Electric 2 Earth 1 Ice 2

Beacon Academy / Re: Cobalt Blue Skies [Closed]
« on: December 13, 2016, 06:52:08 PM »
     Tenne's eyes narrowed a bit and sighed as the blue haired girl sat next to her, but said nothing, most likely due to the mouthful of turkey she was eating, the large teeth in her mouth going to work tearing meat and cartilage from the drumstick, slowly working on the leg as more and more of the 3 that had been following her around earlier. Bianca came in spouting some crap about feeding the hungry or some bullshit like that, the faunus feeling the fur on her tail standing on end as the girl obviously was trying to start something agian, finally finishing off the meat on the leg as Camellia arrived.

     She chuckled slightly at Camellia's statement, before putting the remaining bone of the leg into her mouth, bearing down on the bone as a cracking sound could be heard as the bone splintered between her teeth, a crunching sound emanating from the girl as she worked the bone down to small pieces, swallowing it finally before responding, "Who gives a shit what they do with the food afterwards, if you can't take care of yourself that's your own damn fault," she said, thinking about how she'd never gotten a damn handout in her own life, especially after she was left taking care of her brothers, "If they need food so bad, you find someway to get it," she continued, a cold look in her eyes, "you do whatever it takes," she said before taking another bite out of the bone, now over half the leg gone, chewing it in silence for a moment before looking exasperatedly at the group now surrounding her, "Anyways, what the hell are you all doing the fuck over here, ya couldn't find another fucking table to sit at," she asked, though for the moment she didnt actually seem all that perturbed by her company, though that may have had to do with the fact that she was now moving on to a decently sized flat iron steak, knife and fork cutting of large slices of the meat.

Old Tournaments / Re: 1st Year Semi-Finals: Tenne V Nathan [Limited: 2/8]
« on: December 10, 2016, 11:26:14 PM »
Tenne sighed as she walked out onto the arena, looking disappointedly at the  arena. Snow again. She had just got feeling back into her legs from the last fight, her boots still slightly damp from the snow. She watched as a blurred out figure she could only assume was her opponent disappeared behind one of the many snow drifts littering the arena, the wind biting at her exposed skin before her aura came up, protecting her from the harsh weather. Seeing her opponent disappear made her release another sigh, apparently she'd found another opponent that was going to try and be 'tactical.' There wasn't really anywhere to stay out of sight in the barren arena, so didn't really seem to be any point trying to play switcheroo with them.

Making a decision, the color seemed to simply bleed out of Tenne in an instant, the now monochrome fuanus flanked by two identical clones as they made to run at the snow drift they'd last seen the blur disappear behind. Running with little tact or strategy, it wouldn't take them long to reach the other side of the arena, hopefully getting withing range of her opponent that her chains would somewhat be effective.

RPG Discussion / Re: Student Council
« on: December 05, 2016, 08:00:21 AM »
To be honest, I imagine it would be mostly flavor,  but it would be fun to put together a whole council.

Rima gave a gracious smile to the rather...festively dressed girl, awkwardly taking the gift the dark skinned girl offered, grimacing inwardly as she got the present. She hadn't heard anything about secret Santa's or the sort, whilst the girl in front of her prattled on at ad nauseum, the faux Santa seeming to continue speaking far past the point of necessity. As...Dorothy told her what the present held, Rima hid her disgust with practiced ease, having never developed a sweet tooth, a happy smile filling her face as she reminded herself to make her tail wag slightly. After all it was the little things that people seemed to catch onto.

"Well I must say, you certainly seem diligent," the girl certainly seemed...energetic. At the information that the girl had somehow singled her out as a huntress, or at least one in training, a small spark forming in her mind, "I'm surprised it was so easy for you spot me in the cro-," her words were cut off as she felt a stinging pain lance through her face, her aura coming up to blunt the majority of the blow as she fell over. As she landed, a sharp snap could be heard in the air as frost spread quickly from where Rima had landed, the legs of pedestrians nearby were now covered in a sheet of ice, thick enough to stop many of them from moving. Pushing herself up on her shoulders, the Arctic Fox swept her eyes quickly through the crowd, looking for the source of her current state, thin slits of a pupil locking as she found her attacker.

Short. Slender. Blonde. Some sort of Dog faunus judging by the ears. She commited this all to memory as she stared at the dog, and for a second all the glamour fell away. All that was left was cold dead eyed faunus staring at her attacker from within a circle of ice. As the second passed though the facade quickly came back as though it had never left, tears welling on the fox's face as she stared up at her assailant. Tears weren't easy, but the pain helped, and years of practice letting them come all the quicker. Saying nothing as the boy tried to check on her, she simply flinched back from him, deciding to see how things played out before taking action.

(i'll let yall decide wether or not your characters get caught in the ice)

RPG Discussion / Student Council
« on: December 05, 2016, 05:46:59 AM »
Does fanon Beacon have one, and if so can I nominate Rima for the position? Seems the type of thing she'd aim for if available.


Spoiler: ShowHide
While nothing is explicitly described, dark subjects are prevalent in this post

Pale blue eyes with thin slits danced with joy as the faunus walked away from the caroling group, nodding in agreement as promises to sing with them again were made, blowing a kiss from dark red lips to them as she left, smile staying on her face as she walked into the crowd, though the quality changed now as she left them behind, pulling the stole around her as she continued along, the pale blue eyes now losing the warm mirth they had held before, seeming almost like a dolls as she continued through the crowd.

That had gone even better than she had hoped.

The caroling group as a whole had held little interest for the fox, despite knowing she had quite the singing voice. However one of the carolers had held her interest, a girl a year younger than her from the school. The poor dear had been so painfully shy at beacon, somewhat hampering the faunus's attempts to befriend the thing. She was one of the few children of the Lillywalt family, old money who had deep contacts in a large scale hunter management company. Having talked to the girl in the more relaxed setting between carols, she'd learned the horrible news that the families prized dog had gone and run away , leading Rima to assure her that she would keep an eye out for the creature. Though that had been 2 weeks ago and the family had almost given up hope by now.

 As Rima headed to her destination, she checked over the bill that had just been sent to her. 2 weeks of care and feeding certainly added up quickly, sighing as she saw the bill continue to grow, but if she could get an in it was certianly worth it. Perhaps a few more days, wouldn't it simply be divine if the poor thing arrived on the big holiday. She was brought out of her thoughts as she saw her package had arrived about half an hour ago. At the news, the fox faunus's eyes widened in excitement, people walking around her pulling their coats and scarves tighter as the already chilly air took a drastic drop, the chill following her as she walked among the crowd, tail moving back and forth in happiness as her eyes went from tight ovals to a straight line, almost disappearing in reaction to her excitement. Running through her contacts she paused at the M's, savoring the moment and anticipation as bolts of lightning seemed to race across her body. It had been months since she had felt an emotion this strongly, but then family always brought out the best in people...right?

Pressing send, she waited in bliss as the phone rang once.



Sounds of distress could be heard on the other side of the call, a woman perhaps crying so pitifully to be nearly incomprehensible, the occasional sorry and please making its ways through the blubbering.

Oh yes

This is what Rima had been waiting for since she had sent the package. It was the time for presents, so she had made something especially for the most important person in her life. She'd heard the best gifts were usually hand made, so she had spent days stitching this together. "I see you got my present mommy, I'm so happy to hear it made it safely to you," she told her mother sweetly, only to hear more broken sobs from the receiver, "I know, I know. It's is quite the work of art, I made it myself..." she paused, thinking to herself before shaking her head, even if her mother couldn't see her, "Well I suppose that's not true, a few of the people from the village helped, I actually found Auntie Fross, remember we hadn't been sure if she'd made it out," she paused as she adjusted the scroll, holding it with her shoulder as she brought her tail to her hands, brushing stray snow and debris off the limb as she talked, "Well anyway, I was to track her down, and she was so happy to help me with it, you should have seen her eyes light up when she saw me, the picturesque family reunion, and my was she suprised with my present for you. It took some talking and...negotiating."

"Anyways, you could say there's a little bit of Fross in there, along with a few of our old friends i managed to find, I had to use most of it to make my own stole, but now we have a matching pair, and fox fur is simply the best I think,"
she said, pausing as another wail passed, before continuing on, "It always reminds me of family, it's almost like their all with me still you know."

The woman on the other side had finally somewhat calmed down, her crying now silent blubbering and the occasional sniffling, a single word coming from her "Why?"

Rima shook her head, they'd had this conversation before, but she answered nonetheless, "Well its the time for gifts, and I couldn't help but give my mommy a gift, to remind you that I am the woman I am today all because of you mommy, see you for the break," she said, silence now on the other side as she ended the call.

Family was important.

Now with that taken care of, the arctic fox looked around, searching to see if there might be anything else that grabbed her attention.

The Vale Region / Re: Ghastly Business: All Hallow's Eve (Open)
« on: November 30, 2016, 08:16:00 PM »
Fluores looked up from the small Grimm to see the man that was apparently the uncle of the little beast, the head of the Beowulf dispersing enough that her own head now poked through the neck, revealing her face, ears twitching back and forth in excitement, "Thanks, it took a bit of doing to get it all moving properly, but now that I've got the approval of the highest authority," she said in her own voice, giggling as she lifted the paw currently grappled by the smaller canine, bringing the small boy off the ground, "I must say it's quite the honor," she told him before turning to look at Maximo, the Beowulf head once more enveloping her, the thick muzzle inches from the fearsome tyke, "Quite the pair I must say," the deep growling voice returning, "a fierce cub and a terrible dread pirate, I'm sure all of Beacon shall quiver before you," she said before movement caught her eye, a zombie looking fellow apparently having been surprised by her costume. Head cocked to the side for a moment before figuring out the problem, she  looked suspiciously around her before bringing the paw not currently under siege up to her face as though sharing a secret between the two, "Don't worry, I'm not really a Grimm, I don't think the real ones are orange..." she said, pausing for a moment in thought before continuing, "at least none of the ones I've heard about anyways." From anyone else it may have sounded condescending, but there was little but sincerity to be detected in her voice."

Beacon Academy / Re: Ore You Ready?: Team CBLT Initiation
« on: November 30, 2016, 07:44:05 PM »
Tenne tried to ignore the pounding in her head as the teacher with the megaphone let loose, a growl escaping from her as the fur on her tail stood on end. Thankfully she was stopped as what looked like a teacher that would have been more at home on a catwalk than a classroom cut her off, impressive considering the noise that damn thing emitted. While the teacher was certainly easy on the eyes, the effect was somewhat ruined for the faunus due to her current shitty disposition, she just wanted this fucking over with so she could go get rid of this hangover, or just start fucking drinking again, she hadn't decided yet. The teachers seemed to be passing an entire conversation in silence for a good moment, seeming even longer to Tenne as her patience ran thin.

Finally exasperated with waiting, she let out a huff, standing up and locking her gauntlets into place, "As much fun as it is to watch you three eye fuck each other in silence, I don't suppose you could tell me why I've been called here with the bitch, shorty and the armored savior of all here," she said, her impatience having pushed any idea of making a good impression on her professors out the goddamn window. A small part of her let her know that that was a stupid idea, but it was out and she didn't see any point in wasting time worrying about it.

Tenne and the clones jumped back to their feet as their opponent made a dash for his weapon, "Hell, i figured you deserved to get some kind of fucking prize after all this shit," she said, raising an eyebrow before snapping her fingers, the sound ringing out as C2 nodded, the now surely familiar sound coming from the clones gauntlets as dust was infused, electricity once more snapping and shooting down the length the chain to the human it was still attached to, "after all, the loser usually gets some kind of shitty consolation prize right." As the electricity coursed through the chain, the wench activated again, whipping Viridian's leg out from underneath him, C2 digging her feet in as the chain began dragging him through the snow and dirt at dizzying speeds back to the trio he had been attempting to escape.

As his body sped towards them, Tenne and C1 stood on either side of the chain, large weights now connected to thier chains as they swung the weighty metal orbs down as he passed, aiming to bring them down on his back as he was drug along. "I gotta say though, that's about as far as your gonna get, I can't be bothered to give a shit if your just gonna lay on you're back while I do all the fucking work," she said, C1 gripping the chain with two hands as he neared her, " Fucking selfish is what it is." Passing the other two, C1 stopped drawing in the chain, leaving 4ft out as she began to twist, making to lift him into the air. [this bit will continue into the next post if he's still on the chain] 

(8% from electricity, 12% for each of the weights=24% if they both hit)


(C1=94.5% 2min 6secs)

(C2=72% 2min 6secs)

Teams / Re: Beacon First Year Team (3.1/4)
« on: November 29, 2016, 01:06:32 PM »
So, apparently the post I made a ways back never actually posted, so imma feel like shit about this, but Floures has kinda been moved over to MRKD for minute now,  after this had been stagnated for so long, and them needing a new player.

Apologies, meant to tell y'all this way back, but apparently either the site ate my post or more likely it had to do with problems with my internet.

Tenne let out a grunt as the blows landed, going to the ground from the blows, the snow littering the ground chilling her, though it melted quickly around the dust empowered chains on her arms and fists. As she went down, C2 yanked harshly on the chain attached to the boys leg, ripping the limb out from under him, as C1 rushed in, looking to pin him now as she sat on his chest. Springing back, the faunus rubbed the back of her neck where the elbow had connected, looking down at the boy as C2 joined them, the clones boot pinning his left arm down now, "Damn, you know as fun as it would be, I'm not really in the mood for that kinda rough play, how's about we wrap this shit up," she said, looking down at the pinned human, raising a large boot above his head and aiming to bring it down on his face.

(15% from curb stomping)


(C1=94.5% 2min 12secs)

(C2=78% 2min 12secs)

Beacon Academy / Re: Cobalt Blue Skies [Closed]
« on: November 26, 2016, 06:10:16 PM »
Tenne simply rolled her eyes at the girls response, "While that's all nice and shit, don't change how things are on the whole," she said, passing through the doors of the school as they  came to the hall, "but honestly I don't give two shits, I plan on getting through this, getting my hunters license, and then fucking off to where ever the hell they feel like paying good lein to think they're safe with a Huntress to cover their asses," she said, leaning against a wall as the lights began to dim, spotlight on the headmaster on a stage.


The faunus yawned as the speech finally wound to an end, teeth prominently shown as she did so, stretching to get some feeling back into her limbs after standing still for so long. It had been a pretty little speech, full of 'warriors of hope' and 'Gaurdians of civilazation' and that sort of bullshit, but she had tuned out about 10 minutes in, never having been one for long speeches. Now that they were free to go about their business till the next day, her stomach made the decision for her, a loud growl making itself none and reminding her she'd already skipped the first two meals that day, having been in too much of a rush that morning and her....state on the airship.

Dropping off her bag in the hall they were supposed to sleep in for the night, she made a beeline for the dining room. Seeing the variety of foods available to them, the hyena filled her plate, clearing away a partially filled table as she glowered at the fellow students already sitting there, before digging into her plate. The generously sized plate struggled to hold the extravagant amount of food on it, consisting primarily of meat. Duck, chicken, beef, pork, if it came off a bone, there seemed to be a species of it on her plate. She set into the meal working first on a large turkey leg sitting near the top.

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