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Beacon Academy / Everyone Has Their Chains [Closed]
« on: February 07, 2020, 09:40:59 PM »
There was something distinctively wrong in the Engineering class Juno found himself in.

There was nothing particularly wrong with the day - if anything, the weather was quite nice outside. Clear skies, a nice breeze to offset the light but pleasant heat, and enough sun Samantha would complain upon going outside; a fairly stereotypically good day. It wasn't the content or presence of the class, either. Normal schedule and following the lesson plan so far, talking about the particularities of a new type of mecha-shift. Might not be for everyone, but the fox-eared teammate of Juno's was usually a big fan of this class in general, let alone an applicable topic - and it was one she actually focused on, so Juno could relax a little more in it without having to worry about a bored Samantha.

Always a dangerous thing, a bored huntress with a demolitions speciality, a love of tinkering and a fervour for all things dust.

The day had been fairly normal so far. VCVS had gone through their usual routines with varying degrees of enthusiasm, meals had been eaten, drinks had been drunk (as usual, including a large amount of coffee) and they'd all made their way to classes.

No, what was odd about the day was the fact Samantha had managed all of five minutes in her favourite class in the seat next to Juno, ears drooping, before her entire head had followed suite and smacked against the table with an audible thud and miniature glow of aura. What was more strange was the fact that didn't wake her up. And what really pointed to something being off? The fact the huge thermos of coffee she carried around was instead filled with Atlasian Black.

She hated the stuff with a passion. It was cheap, bland, and only medium-high in caffeine, and yet she had managed to drink three quarters of the overly sized container before passing out on her desk, chains occasionally making light clunks as they twitched in her sleep. Whether it was from dreams or from the malfunctions she'd been facing recently wasn't quite clear, but what was, was that the fox faunus was rather out of it.

Really, there'd been more than a few things pointing to the normally strange girl acting even more so than usual. She'd actually been going to solo combat training on a regular basis with a fervour and anger that was very rarely seen from the normally rather chilled out faunus. There had been late night outings before, but practically twice a week now Samantha was disappearing in the dead of night and coming back mumbling and typing things in her scroll. She'd done less and less music practise, or even her tinkering outings, instead spending it in the library or staring at an electronic's screen, researching one of the linked organisations to the White Fang they'd seen offhandedly in that fateful mission. Speaking of missions, she ended up in her hyperfocused, combative state again - for the most part, they only happened right in the midst of battle, but she occasionally struggled with some aspect of her personality and just started acting on instinct. Considering her calculative usual style, it was quite the stark contrast, and a slightly scary one, all things considered.

Yet still, out of all that, it was the fact she was drinking such a horrible blend of coffee that really would send the signal that something was off with her. Samantha was a bit odd, and the signs that showed her being off the most were similarly odd, but likely familiar to her team leader by this point. Still, outright passing out was also a new one.

She did look tired, though. Very tired.

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: December 01, 2019, 06:42:08 PM »
Samantha looked over at the other girl, who'd been trying to help her for no particular reason for the last dozen minutes or so and now looked somewhat dejected. Scratching the back of her head and looking a little awkward, she ran over her options, before just mentally shrugging to herself.

"Well, if nothing else, you let me rant a little, so don't feel bad or anything, y'know? Uh." She started, then took a brief look at the clock in the room and smiled lightly as it gave her an out. "And it's around lunchtime anyway, so want to grab some food?"

Thank god for coincidental timing to solve social awkwardness.

The Vale Region / Re: Shards of Knowledge [Shard INC][Semi-closed; PM]
« on: December 01, 2019, 06:40:05 PM »
Lynn hums curiously as Smokey holds on to her implant, securing it within the icy cage he was now encased in. Not a bad strategy at all; she was quietly impressed with the kid for coming up with a realistic plan to lower her combat potential with the difference between them. It was still not ideal - certainly, he could have gone other ways around it without resulting in him being frozen and chunked of aura, but nonetheless, it wasn't a terrible idea.

Looking over at Nathan, she simply raises an eyebrow as he drew his weapon. She simply moves the claw in front of herself, the flames intensifying and a thin sheathe of ice forming that the bullets clunked against harmlessly. It was followed up by the flames being released onto the floor, rushing forward despite the lack of any tinder for them to follow, and rushing towards Nathan in several waving patterns, the largest heading right for him and the other two curving around behind.

[Ice block: -1% semblance expended by Lynn, Frostfire attacks: -10% / 5% / 5% frost damage, -5% semblance expended by Lynn]
[AURA: 97%]

Approved Characters / Evelyn Pandora Ambrosia
« on: October 17, 2019, 06:43:00 PM »
Name: Evelyn Pandora Ambrosia

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Human Female

Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: First Year Atlas Student

Appearance: Eve has light brown, semi-curly hair – she can style it either way, if she can manage to wrestle it into cooperation. Her eyes are a very faint shade of grey, almost white in colouration. She stands fairly tall at six foot, but isn’t a stick figure despite this; she’s got a healthy figure, influenced slightly by her career choice. Her features are fairly soft, and her skin is smooth but lightly tanned. She tends to wear street-style dresses for her casual clothing, coupled with whatever clips she uses to get her hair to cooperate into her chosen style. Her hunter uniform is a little more practical, if still showy, made up of a white set of armour styled to look like a platebody and plateskirt while still appearing weirdly modern. In reality, it’s a lot lighter than actual plate armour; aura handles most of the damage it would tank, but it’s always useful to have that bit of extra defence. Little wing motifs are stylised on the back, and her symbol in white lines on the front.

History: Eve has always aspired to be a huntress. She was born to a civilian family, but her aunt was a huntress, and she grew up with stories of her aunt from her father and from her aunt herself when she visited, lighting a spark of passion at a young age to become a huntress and fight back the monsters. She wanted to inspire people, like how the village was inspired by her aunt and her team; kept safe by them, protected by them.

It was a phase her parents thought she’d likely fall out of as she grew up and realised some of the realities of the situation, and the other opportunities available to her; after all, her parents – while not what anyone would describe as filthy rich – weren’t bad off either, both being medical professionals, and she was in a perfect position to eventually join the family business - from which they knew just what the hunting life involved. However, when she did finally get a reality check, it was in a way neither she nor her parents could really have expected.

Despite her town being in one of the safer areas of Vale, desperate bandits nonetheless decided to attack the location. Her aunt took to the front lines in defending the settlement, and Eve looked on as her she fought bandits and attracted Grimm alike from hiding beneath the window of her house. Her parents had lost her in the confusion, and her aunt had told her to stay where she was; her team would arrive soon, and they’d solve the whole situation. Despite this, she saw her role model slowly get worn down by the bandits and creatures of darkness, and picked up whatever weapon she could find – a spare gauntlet her aunt had not put on in the rush – and tried to run out to help. She had her aura awakened; her parents had considered it to be a useful skill, even if she never did become a huntress, a safety buffer for her survival – but she certainly wasn’t a trained fighter, and certainly didn’t understand the reality of the situation. She got outside just to see a bandit cut a gash across her aunt’s chest, blood dripping down onto the ground. The sound and sight of the liquid from someone so close to her awakened something in the young huntress-to-be, and she activated her semblance for the first time – a punch with it on full throttle caving in the chest of the offending bandit. In shock, she didn’t move to dodge the aggravated response from another bandit; but she didn’t have to, her aunt’s team finally arriving, and the battle quickly settled from there.

It took her a while after this to recover from the mental trauma of what she’d done, taking a life in such a brutal manner, and she never did fully accept her semblance – where she wanted to be inspiring and heroic, she had a semblance that was frightening and bloody. But she refused to let that drag her down, and to ever cause a threat to her team’s life by not helping one of them in time like what so nearly happened to her now-retired aunt, wounded by the injury. Fully embracing the huntress lifestyle to make up for what she saw as causing her aunt’s retirement by rushing out, she continued training at her academy, creating a weapon that would always let her help her teammates wherever they may be and whatever they may need – making sure she’d have the tools to heal them if all else failed, to prevent them from being wounded or worse as a result of her actions. Eve took as much medical training as she could manage while training to be a huntress, taking advantage of her parents' contacts, while still keeping up with her studies – if she could take a life, then she better damn well know how to save one too. She applied, and passed, the Atlas entry exam as soon as she was eligible. She would inspire a generation like her aunt did to her, and she would protect those that couldn’t do it themselves – she would truly be a Huntress, capital H.

Personality: Eve is a relaxed and kind person, if a little overly mothering. She is very much a team ‘mum’ and tries to make sure everyone is doing okay and getting things done. She’s a patient person, although that’s not to say she doesn’t have a temper – it’s just that she is good at hiding her exasperation for the good of the people around her. This does make her a little frightening when annoyed, however; seeing a little bit of that temper leak with questions such as ‘sorry?’ or ‘could you say that again?’ with her semblance flaring tends to be a little offputting, at any rate. She tends to word things as suggestions, rather than telling people what to do, unless she’s really being mothering and pouting while telling someone off – or if she’s been irritated a little too much, but when that’s happened a suggestion is almost more convincing than a statement.

While not always completely confident about herself, she is determined, willing to train long hours to make sure that she will be able to help her team where she has to fill the gaps and to make sure she will be able to save people as a huntress. She’s a fairly good tactician, though she mostly uses this to figure out where to place herself during fights rather than direct her team beyond suggestions to date. She’s perfectly comfortable with body contact, and often gives out hugs when she thinks people are feeling down – or toss people over her shoulder if she thinks they need to go and do something and forcefully move them to the objective.

Her hobbies include art (though usually picking monochrome colours for it, oddly enough); cooking – which she got a love for during her younger years; teaching (with a part-time job working in a kindergarten for hunter and huntress kids); and, little as she’d ever admit it, she enjoys heavy metal music.

Aura and Semblance:: Eve’s aura is a bright white shade, when her semblance is not in action. While not the largest of auras, she does have excellent control of it.

Eve’s semblance is called Blood In The Water. Eve’s blood contains a chemical that acts as a catalyst to aura; small amounts of it can ‘react’ with her aura in order to give it a boost in power, with larger amounts further enhancing it to the point she can make hardlight-like constructs, mainly shields of different kinds, with it. She can hold up a low level of her semblance, tinting her aura pink, for prolonged periods, though it does slowly make her more lethargic with usage over periods of days. This simply boosts her aura’s base defensive and offensive properties and allows her to form a small personal shield using it. Actively using her semblance makes her aura tinted red, allowing her to form larger, solid shields – covering her body or coating her weapons or fist to enhance them. This can be held for a fight or two but does drain her over time. Pushing it further turns her aura a crimson shade, allowing her to project and throw or extend her shields forwards in an unstable beam-like construct. This significantly drains her, however, and actively channelling this state instead of using it for a single move – while increasing her aura’s properties significantly – can leave her drained in minutes.

Eve’s semblance drains her stamina primarily, though use of higher levels can drain her blood itself – part of the reason it consumes her stamina so quickly. It doesn’t consume enough to be harmful, but does consume enough to cause some dizziness and lethargy after high-intensity combat. Eve’s semblance also doesn’t need blood in her body to use – she can take small portions of her blood and store them in capsules for ‘one shot’ stronger attacks that she can mix with dust, allowing her to use the stronger functions of her semblance without having to fully channel it. The chemical is quite volatile outside her body, though, so she can only keep small amounts outside on her person. She can also give blood to another person to boost their aura lightly, though mostly for the purposes of healing – the amount required to give them anything close to her own boosts would be dangerously volatile outside her own body, and impractical to do in the first place, being that she's had her whole life to practise using her aura with the activated chemical. She’s forbidden to do so in the first place; her blood is classed as a biohazard, and she’s not allowed to use it even for healing without supervision. This volatility extends to any kind of external supply; the larger the quantity of it in one container, or even in one area, the greater the volatility of the chemical. Running aura through allows it to remain slightly more stable - allowing her to keep a few vials she uses like lightweight grenades on her person - but this is really for utility more than necessity; the amount of blood required is fairly minimal for any of her munitions, it just prevents her from having to cut herself and bleed precise amounts into a tube to mix with dust and put into an arrow tip. The amount needed for an external supply would be incredibly unstable and essentially require a vacuum just to not explode on contact with something.

Using dust with her semblance enhances the energy she creates with the dust in question; fire dust creates a flame effect, while ice similarly creates a freezing one. However, using enough dust can cause pain, similar to how injecting dust into a body does, so she tends to instead use vials of her blood mixed with dust types as sources for dust use.

Combat Behaviour:  Eve is a generalist in battle; she very much fits the ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ saying. She has a mix of offense and defense at any ranges through a combination of her weapons and her semblance, at the cost of a lack of power in comparison to any dedicated fighter or weapon. As such, Eve relies on the combination of her different weapons and her semblance, moving to the range most advantageous to her, and more importantly to Eve, her team; filling in any spots that are empty. She does normally lean towards a defensive fighting style over offensive and tends to shy away from extended close-range engagements despite her weapon’s obvious advantages to it; however, when pushed, she can focus just on offense, demonstrating a more brutal style using the claws of her gauntlets and the weapons on her shield in concert to pressure an opponent.

She has trained equally in solo and team environments, and demonstrated a fair aptitude to both; however, despite her potential in solo battles, she tends to shy away from them and prefers a team environment, even if it means she can’t use her semblance to the full potential. She dislikes using her semblance as a whole and will prefer to not use it beyond its lower forms if at all possible. While more of a personal flaw than a combat one, it does have its merits; her semblance can be very tiring, and trades immediate stronger defense or offense in exchange for a reduction in her future capabilities at higher levels. This does leave her relying on her combat skills alone in a lot of situations, using a limited resource of one-shot vials for semblance use instead of manually activating it.

Name: Pandora’s Box(ing Gloves)

Primary Form: Trick and Treat: Two round shields on Eve’s forearms and a large quiver on her back. The shields connect onto a pair of clawed gauntlets, and making particular finger motions activates each function. Each shield can fold out a variety of smaller weapons; small crossbow limbs can fold out the side of the shield, a blade can extend out of the front of each past her hands, the shields can unfold to cover a slightly larger area, and a single-round shotgun barrel can stick out of the top of each shield, facing forwards. The gauntlets themselves have a slot for dust, and surprisingly enough several surgeon’s tools within; these aren’t used for combat except in particularly dire straits, but using them with the dust functions of her gauntlets lets her perform impromptu field surgery by withdrawing the claws.

Secondary Form: Hope: Placing the two shields together allows the shields to fully unfold into a long bow limb, removing the shields from Eve’s arms and forming a greatbow. She has several of the larger arrows along with the crossbow bolts in her back. The blades form each end of the bow limb, while the two shotgun barrels are attached right at the tip; in a pinch, one can be fired to whack the bow’s sharp end forwards if an enemy gets too close.

Dust Functions: The shotgun can load a single round at a time, and dust rounds are perfectly usable. The crossbow bolts are custom-made, usually dust-tipped to make up for their lack of raw power being fired from the small weapons, and some use her semblance for stronger attacks. This mirrors the greatbow arrows.

The gauntlets can create the element of the dust on the tips of its fingers or spread over the palms of the gauntlets. This is used in combat (creating lightning on the tips of the claws or superheating the gauntlet palms), or for medical purposes (electric dust on the palms for CPR or cauterising with heat on the tips of the fingers).

History: Pandora’s Box was designed to be a very all-round weapon, helping to back up Eve’s allies in any purposes – whether that be combat or medical related. She focused on making the inner workings of each addition as simple as possible while fitting in as many features as she could. She took more time planning out the weapon than actually constructing it, deciding on its features before even beginning – everything had to fit perfectly together so the bow would form up, so each independent weapon would function correctly, and she’d be able to fill in every range she could to help her future teammates.

Even during its creation, the weapon got the nickname ‘Pandora’s Boxing Gloves’, termed by the others in the armoury at the time. She found the name amusing at first, but she did get a little annoyed when the name spread to her class and stuck. She wanted it to be at least a vaguely inspiring name.

Didn’t change the fact she still used it in her head, however.

The Vale Region / Re: Shards of Knowledge [Shard INC][Semi-closed; PM]
« on: October 17, 2019, 03:39:05 PM »
The wolf faunus waited a few more moments after the cocky reply, before mentally sighing. Well, worse comes to worse, Shard had good lawyers.

Thrusting forward with the flames trailing behind, the claw is thrown forwards right into Smokey without Lynn herself making a motion. It hits with a heavy weight behind it, before the rush of howling flames quickly follows the physical force, rapidly running over his body with ice forming wherever they touched over his aura, bitter frost biting away at his defences and flash-freezing him with the amount of time she'd had to gather the flames - she'd made them concentrated, mostly designed to quickly freeze than stick to him and slowly wear him down or hitting him full force like she would do to Grimm or serious opponents. She only said she'd punch him as hard as possible, after all, not use all of her strengths on him.

Considering the student out of the fight for at least a good few moments, she turns to Nathan to watch him carefully for a few moments, before turning back towards Smokey. She could finish him right now, or- well, she's meant to make a little bit of a spectacle, at least. It was half the reason she froze him, rather than blasted him full-on with her semblance; letting Nathan have a chance to recover his teammate. The general public would appreciate the display, and the hunters and influencers in the know enough to know the fact she could afford to make a display out of the fight rather than have to quickly end it would be good publicity for where it mattered. She made a few steps towards the frozen student, almost taunting Nathan to try and prevent her halving the team just barely after the fight had already started.

[Semblance-enhanced punch: -40% physical impact, -10% frost damage, flash-freeze effect; -3% aura / -5% semblance expended by Lynn]
[AURA: 97%]

The Vale Region / Re: Shards of Knowledge [Shard INC][Semi-closed; PM]
« on: September 10, 2019, 05:18:11 PM »
Lynn looked over at the pair, resisting the urge to raise her eyebrow at Smokey's rather oversized weapon. She watches carefully as he loads the weapon with practised ease, and as Nathan's weapon crackled to life. The two certainly seemed to have come somewhat prepared, at the very least. The event was a little bit of a farce - after all, it still was a huntress against two students, even with her on the end of her recovery - but nonetheless, it would be good to work out some of the kinks tha-

The holstering and following query from Smokey really did make her eyebrow raise, not that anyone else could see it behind the visor. That was... interesting? Even in her own head, her thoughts sounded overly polite. Really, it was a little overconfident, even with what she'd seen when watching the Vytal Tournament during her downtime after her latest operation. Honestly, it reminded her a bit of a younger version of herself - still trying to keep up a vague premise of politeness, but sure - maybe a tad much - of herself, and not afraid to speak her mind. The thought brought a wry smile to her face, and the huntress gave a small nod to Smokey.

"If you're sure that is what you want." She replied, keeping her tone as neutral as she could. One of the claws rose up, but didn't strike. He'd asked her to use a fully powered swing, after all, and it would be nothing but offensive if she didn't respond to the open challenge. The air chilled slightly, before the purpose of the hollow design was made clear as the claw filled up with frigid blue flame, the noise of it a faint howl rather than the normal roar of fire as the claw went from a hollow shell to an ethereal limb. She kept it there, waiting a beat to give the student a chance to reconsider - not that she expected him to take it.

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: September 04, 2019, 04:53:48 PM »
The faunus cringed at the question, shifting awkwardly as she tried to think of a fair response to the question. "Somehow I... I doubt they'd be willing, even if they weren't dead." She slowly explained, taking her time to try and phrase it without making her newfound help feel bad. "As said, I- uh. It... I didn't get these voluntarily."

Honestly, she wasn't offended at all - hell, it was nice to have someone who didn't already know about her past for once. Kind of a novelty. Bit of hope for her future, too. She rubbed the back of her head, a sheepish look on her face. "It's in the past, but... yeah, no, they wouldn't be the most help. And the closest second isn't particularly promising either, though I'm. Looking into it." The woman continued, looking just a little shifty by the end of it.

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: August 11, 2019, 08:57:04 PM »
Samantha blinked a few times, before a little smile appeared on her face as she gave a small nod. "Nah, nah, you- uhm, you understand. It's what I've been trying to do! Knowing some specifics on it is useful. Thank you." She replied in a grateful tone, though her brow furrowed slightly again soon after.

"Really, though, it's just- it is somewhat odd. Like, for example-" She mused, drawing out Prismatic Performance again. Anna would see her aura quickly run through the weapon, and then the chain moving in a little pattern. "I hadn't thought about it, but I can manipulate the chains not connected to it fine. Like, uh- the ones on my hoodie, if I wanted to, really." She said, doing just that with a few of the loops. Unlike the chains, her aura seemed to act more normal around each, moving as she vaguely wanted it to - albeit without the same force as the chains on her back. Those seemed to have the aura run down it almost like through a channel, or forced somewhat; taking a closer look at the movements, it seemed almost unnatural and possibly slightly invasive in the way they reacted to her aura running through. Unlike the others, though, it was as if the aura was running directly through her body; the chains really were, somehow, another part of what composed her actual body.

It wasn't a common and possibly a slightly unsettling realisation, if Anna arrived at it.

"I just... there are a few improvements, but then it all seems to work backwards, you know?" The fox faunus continued, rubbing her forehead in exasperation. One injury was all it took to cause her this headache, really. It didn't seem like she even knew about the spread of the damage yet, either.

The Vale Region / Re: Shards of Knowledge [Shard INC][Semi-closed; PM]
« on: August 11, 2019, 07:40:13 PM »
"Please welcome our guests to the stage!" The announcer requests, a round of applause and a few jealous glances sent towards the two. Lynn slowly glanced over, watching the pair of them move to the stage - though it was difficult to tell her thoughts with a good half of her face hidden behind the faceplate. She struck a somewhat unnerving figure, slow but fluid movements of her body and the claws connected to it as she waited for them to join her on the ring.

"The rules are simple!" Continuing excitedly, the announcer addressed both the audience and the participants as each was handed a small aura monitor by one of the employees, who quickly scampered back off the stage. "We thought it would be most appropriate to follow the recent Vytal Festival! There's a little twist; we're not having ring-outs in this, but we are otherwise following the fifteen percent aura rule. We don't quite have the funding of the Vytal Festival for this little exhibition match, so we'd prefer keeping it directly within the ring rather than risking anything that could result in a lawsuit!" He joked, and a faint barrier flickered around the arena before fading again, unseen but prepared. The arena was still fairly large - it was a training ring, after all.

"So, if the combatants could all get prepared, we can get the battle underway! We'll give you ten seconds!"

Lynn stared down the two as they'd approach the ring - or, well, her face followed them at least. Hard to tell. She still seemed to look a little uncomfortable under all the attention, though that may have just been a general tightness to her form or combat-readiness. Nonetheless, she took a slight breath, and seemed to focus - the ring starting to feel just a little colder as she calmed herself and brought her semblance to the ready.

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: August 09, 2019, 11:00:16 AM »
"Ah, uh, from what I... understand of it, the aura's used to control it to some extent?" Samantha replied, though hesitant - she never had been exactly sure how the whole thing managed to work, especially feeling a little of what the chains touched. Something about the statement would seem just a little off from what Samantha said, but it was close enough - the movements seemed to time in with the little movements of aura through the chains.

She paused at the suggestion, then gave a little shrug. "I mean, this is about the closest I can get to it. And it's... it's hard to describe, but there's just a feeling in my gut that something's wrong with the implant itself?" She mused, voice getting quieter in almost embarrassment at the flimsy evidence. She just got the feeling from somewhere that it wasn't right, though she didn't really know how she was feeling it at all or if she was just being paranoid - it had already caused some minor arguments in the VCVS dorm when she'd accidentally dropped or hit something and then tried to divert questioning from her teammates. "But, uh- it's, it's not a bad suggestion, but it's what I'm trying now, yea." She continued, quick to assure the other student she appreciated the help.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" The announcer called out, hushing the light anticipatory conversations in the room. "It's time for what you've all been waiting for; a showcase of our latest inventions, and what better way to show it than a match in the ring?" There was some vocal appreciation from the hunter and civilian communities in the room at this, though it quickly died down as the announcement kept going.

"This here is our lovely lady Lynn Aubin, ex-huntress and present security employee of Shard INC! A quick bit of backstory-" He started enthusiastically, though the start of talking about her history seemed to leave Lynn a bit more stoic if that was at all possible. "Over a decade ago, she suffered a debilitating injury in the line of duty, suffering the loss of her eyesight defending her town from bandits. But here at Shard INC, we saw this tragedy that had occurred, and sought to help one of our noble huntresses once again pick up her weapons - over the course of several years, we developed an implantation that allowed her eyesight to be restored!" He made an indication towards Lynn, and she fidgeted just a little before lifting up her hair at the front, the faceplate dropping down over her eyes before anyone could get a clear view of them. "But we went further - this not only keeps her previous visual clarity, even as a faunus, but bolsters it to higher levels! Yet both we and her weren't satisfied with this - we could do better, further develop her as a huntress along with her training. And so, we have something special to show you today!"

There was a small pause, and then deep blue flames sprang up around Lynn, fanning out from her and leaving a thin sheet of frost over the ring. "Lynn's semblance is a projection-type; she generates flames that freeze what they touch, rather than burn!" There were several 'oo's from the civilian side of the audience, and Lynn still looked a little uncomfortable to the trained eye under all the attention - she wasn't especially used to the public eye, it seemed. "Her weapon, Winter's Grasp, uses dust to augment these in a variety of different ways and weaves it into separate attacks! But you'll notice there are no gauntlets on her hands today - no, my dear audience! Instead, she'll only be using what we've worked together on to augment her style of fighting further-"

There was a series of mechanical whirring noises, before the inconspicuous ridges on her shoulder and back suddenly unfolded to the sound of gasps, a huge and hollow pair of fierce-looking claws unfolding from her back.

"-what we like to call the 'Doorknocker'! And the lucky people going against the device being... well, would you look at that! Recent Vytal Tournament contenders and both participants at our very own Beacon Academy, Nathan Eau, and Smokey Emberstone!"

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« on: July 30, 2019, 10:15:32 AM »
Samantha fidgeted a bit, but gave a little shrug and nodded. Wouldn't hurt to try at any rate, she supposed. A complicated series of mechanics and electronics started to come to life in her back as small pulses of aura acted almost like nerve impulses down the chains in combination with the electronic signals, all four slowly raising up into the air before starting slow motions back and forth.

One of them suddenly seemed to almost spark, and one of the chains hovering flinched slightly unlike the others. Taking a closer look, it appeared to be somewhat simple - it was just blunt physical damage to the inner workings of the place where the chains attached to the implant proper, with electronics unconnected and some odd bits of mechanics damaged. The issue was, none of it looked simple to fix, and more importantly it wasn't like the design of it would even be familiar to Samantha proper, given how she got the implant.

It looked like the aura running through the implant proper, rather than controlling the fine movements of the chains, was almost trying to fix it up slightly - but didn't seem to be having any success on such a large area of damage, especially with several patchwork repairs done in the past for the implant by Samantha surrounding the area. It would explain how the implant hadn't broken down before if it had some function of auto-repair, but this seemed to be beyond its capabilities to repair. More disturbingly, the use of it seemed to be slowly wearing away at the implant and the auto-repair almost damaging further parts of it ever so gradually - even not the fully mechanical parts of it. And Samantha hadn't mentioned anything like that beforehand.

"No worries, see y- ah, he's off. To be that young again." The employee mused, before getting jabbed in the side by the other one under the desk with a murmur of "you're not that gold", and a brief squabble before both regained their professional personalities as a new set of people walked up to the desk.

The chairs around the sunken main arena, at the reinforced windows of each of the surrounding rooms, were starting to get busy - people getting into a surrounding few rows of chairs. Inside the arena proper, more people had started flooding in with a few security guards waving people in this way or that, and letting them get to their seats. Nathan and Smokey would both be guided in, waiting for people to get settled as one of the implanted employees from before took to the stage - the one who had been hanging back a little.

She had two large wolf ears on top of her head, looked a little thin, and was wearing a dark black and blue ensemble. Despite this, the far more notable features was the faint glowing from underneath her fringe, showing a glimpse of the drawn-down faceplate, and the odd black structures currently resting on her shoulders and reaching down to her back. She seemed to be waiting for a signal, another employee in the announcer's booth asking for people to please quiet down.

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
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The fox faunus gave a slightly puzzled look at the very brief explanation of Anna's semblance, but gave a little hummed affirmative to being introduced. "Eh, it's part of the whole career and all that. Certainly can take a look, though no offense to you but it's more of the lack of appropriate reference that kind of makes it difficult to repair over knowing what's damaged. Took a bit apart, and the circuits are fu- uh. Messed up. Hurts a bit sometimes." She admitted at the end, letting the little titbit slip she hadn't been telling her team much. "And yeah. Had them so long it feels just. Weird to have them messing up like this."

Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
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Samantha blinked at the other woman's words, tilting her head slightly in consideration. "Huh, maybe. Not a bad theory at all." She mused, avoiding the followup question for long as she could and only having to half-pretend to keep considering the current topic, before eventually frowning slightly and her neutral demeanour breaking a little.

"Ah, it's- it's nothing that bad, just. Got a bit banged up in the tournament by someone, my... implant got damaged, if you've heard about all that. Quartz girl and all that." She mumbled quietly, ears twitching slightly under her hood. "Since we don't exactly have a load of, uhm, bioengineers at Beacon available, there's a bit of a limit to what I can do to repair it, so they've been... acting out a little. Feels like my arms aren't quite. Listening to me."

She really wasn't sure why she was telling this to a practical stranger in comparison to trying to go over it with her team. Maybe it was the fact she seemed shy enough not to say anything, or somewhat trustworthy in her reactions; maybe it was just she didn't want to let her team down at all or bother them with her issues anymore. Either way, there seemed to be a lot of pent-up frustration in the fox faunus.

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