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The Vytal Tournament is essentially the most-watched televised event in all of Remnant, and can probably be pretty accurately compared to the Olympics in our world. You have young hunters-in-training competing against each other in insane, arena-destroying fights and displaying awesome powers as they try to prove they're the most promising trainee of their generation. The tourney fighters are undoubtedly going to amass supporters, and more importantly- fanbases-

So how do your characters react?

From the Remnant equivalent of twitter accounts dedicated to a specific part of their body to the youngin's that look at them with wide-eyes in the streets, how do your characters react to this fame? What do you think is going to be their likeliest (or unlikeliest) addition of groups to their fanbases? And most importantly, how do they choose to interact with them all?

AMA Section / Re: Righty or Lefty?
« on: May 15, 2019, 08:41:32 PM »
For the sake of answering my own question, since I'm very tired of studying:

Prism's ambidextrous. She probably started as right-handed but forced herself to become ambidextrous for the sake of being able to switch if necessary in battle - she's enough of a paranoid perfectionist to do so.

Jima's left-handed for the sake of her alternative thematic.

Chantou's right handed in everyday life, but due her fighting method being primarily duel-wielding she fights just as well with her left hand as her right hand.

Azre is left-handed while Erza's right, that's how I've always imagined them anyways.

Beacon Academy / Re: Meet and Beat [Team CASA][Closed]
« on: May 09, 2019, 11:51:34 AM »
Prism blinks as Azure launches herself up into the rafters of the gymnasium, raising one eyebrow - there is... very little she'd be able to do from there. The first couple notes she plucks on her guitar have an odd ring to them, before a chill runs up her spine, and a familiar low despair begins to manifest itself in her mind. High, odd, and lonely, it reminds her of high places and rooftop edges and a baby bird who couldn't fly yet so it wouldn't be- wouldn't be-

It has to be her semblance

Prism lets a oddly blank expression settle over her face. The only warning Azure would get would be the brief straightening of her posture as her wings flare wide as massive updraft propels her into the air and her wings become a blue-green blur. She reverses the position of her glaive as she rises, pointing the butt of her glaive at Azure - and promptly buries her new teammate in a rain of sniper amunition.

She's fucking sitting in the rafters, she's not gonna be able to dodge that easily.

Combat Log:
Sniper Shot (3 x 7%, as many as desired land)

Combat Stats:
Aura: 100%
Hawk's Eye: 2/5

Beacon Academy / Re: Letting Loose [Closed]
« on: May 02, 2019, 03:20:43 PM »
"N' you're an absolute delight to interact with, aren't ya?" Chantou answers, letting her eyebrow lazily raise in response to the woman's gruff response. This woman's foot is so far up her own ass it's kinda impressive, frankly. Chantou should try to do something about that. She at least leans forwards to pop open a small drawer on the dashboard, revealing a small collection of cigarette butts, before dropping the remains of her own in and shutting the little container - she's not enough of an ass to smoke around other people at least, especially if they don't enjoy the smell.

"So what would ya' suggest I do instead?"

The Vale Region / Re: Royal Rumble [CLOSED]
« on: May 02, 2019, 10:52:35 AM »
Silently closing the door behind her, Prism's reaching for her miniturized camera before she even finished sweeping the room. It's pretty damn barren, not even a window or a potted plant. But the faces all over the walls, offiical-looking people - Prism might not recognize any of them, but Mordred or another Royale family member might, so they're worth recording.

After circling the room to the beat of the quiet click of her camera, Prism moves on to shuffle through the papers on the desk. It takes some digging through the bulk on the paperwork, but after sorting through a list of fight ring participants and other fluff, she eventually finds-



Prism smiles to herself as she raises her camera to take a photo of the paperwork, mentally noting the names. G. Bourbon. K. Hart. PM. The Royale Organization. The Royale Organization doesn't have a listed cause or use for their contributions like the rest of the donaters did, but an amount of Lien that's enough to make Prism's head spin has been donated- which was exactly what Mordrid was looking for. Finding evidence of the fight ring's illicit siphoning and funding from the rich family this quickly wasn't anticipated, but hell if she'd complain

There's still the matter of the other contributers though- she can swear she's seen those initials before. GB, KH, PM... She'd seen them, in at least one of the other papers-

It takes another moment of rooting from where she'd let the papers scatter, but on the sheet listing the fighting ring participants, the initials next to the fighters matched up with the donors.

Prism snaps a final quick photo, about to go back to searching through the papers to see if there was any important information she missed - before the sound of footsteps reach her ears as her eyes jerk up towards the door, and silently drops herself down and crawls beneath the desk, pressing herself to the very back of the footspace underneath.

Beacon Academy / Re: Meet and Beat [Team CASA][Closed]
« on: April 30, 2019, 11:25:51 AM »
Well, Prism would at least be able to give Azure credit for the originality of her tactics - throwing her antire guitaraxe isn't something that's easily anticipated.

The woman's eyes widen imperceptibly behind her goggles, backstepping as a sharp breeze flows right around her, parting the wave of fire down the middle as she ducks underneath the axe's overhead throw. Azure's callback of her weapon is a bit harder to deal with; making her block the blade of the axe with the staff of her glaive and rotate around it rapidly as it's magnetically drawn to it's owner.

Azure earns an approving nod from the team leader.

Prism's stance shifts slightly, holding Hawk's Eye in one arm as her stance slides back as she visibly preps  for Azure's next attack a bit more blatantly. Her eyes dart to Azure's hand as a familiar green glint catches her eye as she loads her guitar, noting the hand raising to play her guitar again and the shift in her body as she prepares to step forwards, and-

The oversized pilot's jack on Prism's shoulders slides off easily, tossed to the side at the same moment Azure propels herself into the air. There's a quick snap as a massive pair of blue-green wings flair outwards, catching the massive gust of wind and carrying quickly out of reach of the strike to her feet as the axe lands with a loud clang.

Prism's gaze has focused entirely on Azure, her gaze intense. The hummingbird faunus' gaze is intense as her stance shifts, her back getting a bit straighter and her movements more exact - beyond the slight rustling of feathers on her back. She's taking this seriously now.

"Coco, draw and move in. Jocelyn, prep. We're upping the stakes. Azure, I want you to try to break someone's aura between Coco and I, undestand?"

Beacon Academy / Re: Meet and Beat [Team CASA][Closed]
« on: April 22, 2019, 11:38:14 AM »
Azure brings her attack to life in a literal lightshow. The guitar's startup is beyond flashy, with the blades of the apparent guitaraxe sliding into place with a quiet schlick. The wolf faunus' bond with her weapon is obvious as her aura begins to crackle to life around the weapon, stained with faint dark particles that the sniper's sharp eyes catch and recognize with...gravity, dust, probably. Prism will give her credit in the fact that she's quick - the loading of the dust crystal and the riff she plays through before her attack takes mere seconds - but as her guitar lights up, there's just one fault to her attack-

What's coming couldn't be more obvious.

Prism springs into action as the wave of fire comes her way. It takes three quick steps and a powerful leap as the blunt end of her glaive digs into the ground with a strong push, vaulting over the wave of fire with a neat frontflip as her glaive wips up to follow her. She lands with a quick clack, the two-time sound of her heels coming down as she bends her knees to absorb the shock, before standing upright as if nothing ever happened. "Not bad. Powerful, but I can see that coming from a mile away. Next, please." She chirps, smiling patiently at her new teammate.

She hasn't even taken off her jacket yet, either.

Combat Log:
Standing Idle

Aura: 100%
Hawk's Eye: Glaive mode, 5/5

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: April 21, 2019, 05:11:40 PM »
"Don't drink that, Cat. He's spiked it." Prism answers, letting her weight lean on the staff of her glaive as Calen bumbled his way through another reply. As much as she enjoys arguing politics, doing it barefoot at 4 am with a likely concussion probably wasn't helping her case. Likewise though, she couldn't just let Cat's rather... peculiar take... go unfettered. She had a bit too much pride for that.

"Cat, while your system works fantastically in a vaccuum, you're not thinking realistically." She answers, settling in for the long haul. "Never once in history prior to Greyed War or the Faunus Rights Revolution did humans even think about what the faunus were thinking, or what they felt. What was important was the cheap, easy labor and the debasement of a species that held the same level of intelligence that humans had, in order to retain the power structure they'd grown so fond of. Humans have literally done everything that you've claimed is so unrighteous in the drive to oppress my species - collateral damage by overenthusiastic soldiers, mass slavery, all of that stuff - with the goal of achieving mass gains through inflicting suffering that the absolute last thing the faunus should be focused on is how humanity feels, considering that every inch of freedom we've gained has come at the cost of bloodshed from your species' hands. So like, jesus, dude, we did exactly what you claimed and fought we because we had to, because you guys were the original monsters."

"And Calen's arguing for the sake of arguing now, so he's getting ignored. Prism finishes sighing to herself.

Beacon Academy / Re: Letting Loose [Closed]
« on: April 19, 2019, 08:21:23 PM »
"Good to see ya' too, Lumen."

Chantou only lazily turns her head to greet the woman, a lazy smile on her face despite the rude interruption of her warm, sunny afternoon. Despite the upperclassman's grumpiness, the weather has put her into too-good a mood to let anything spoil it - so all she does is shift her feet off the dashboard to sit up, taking another drag of her cigarette. "Don't ya' think you're bein' a bit presumptuous there? I still wouldn't be attendin' the school this far into the semester if I weren't doin' the work, y'know?"

"N' hey, if I wanna kill my lungs, let me do it on my own jurisdiction. We're trainin' to the save the world and fight monsters everyday, we gotta relax when we can - n' that what's your doin' out here as well, aren'tcha?"

Character Creation / Re: Bordeaux Page Alderson
« on: April 13, 2019, 03:15:17 PM »
Man, I missed typing directly into the text box. Thanks Vox!

Okay! Beyond the fixes already discussed on Discord, there's just a few tweaks left to be made before Bordeaux can get reapproved:

1. Bordaeux is more of an orderly than a intern, and since being a medical intern implies a much more involved role at the hospital, that language should be tweaked. Also like, is this entirely a volunteer position, or is Bordaeux actually getting payed?

2. Most of the medical treatment techniques that he's learned are fine, but the lightning dust defibrillator is a bit much, considering it's a very precise tool and mishandling it could easily go wrong. In the similar vein is that cauterizing a wound is usually a procedure used in very extreme scenarios where proper medical supplies are completely unavailable, and reaching the point where a orderly would need to cauterize a wound with fire dust in a professional medical environment isn't reasonable - I doubt the medical staff would resort to having him do that, as well.

AMA Section / What types of symbolism do your characters have?
« on: April 09, 2019, 11:29:21 AM »
Symbolism plays an important role in the RWBY-verse, where so many characters are based off of colors, story book characters, and when a person's literal superpower is a symbolic representation of their personality. Where characters literally wear symbols that are supposed to represent themselves as a whole.

But beyond the very obviouos, what sort of running themes do you have for your characters? Does it reflect them as a whole, or is it part of a much larger thematic destiny for gour OCs? Rant away - large responses are encouraged!

Beacon Academy / Re: Weathering the Storm [Open]
« on: April 08, 2019, 11:56:20 AM »
"Huh, so you're essentially makin' yourself into a mobile tank." Chantou comments, nodding in approval. If you can't improve your mobility, then play on the strengths you already have - and well, with Smokey's build, stockiness seems to be one of them. Chantou can approve of that.

Dawn's flirty quip just earns her another incredulous eyebrow, watching as she begins to ramble to herself as her pen dances over the paper, adding in additions. She's got an... interesting way of helping, that's for sure.

AMA Section / Righty or Lefty?
« on: April 02, 2019, 01:49:54 AM »
Interesting character tidbit inspired by the concept of losing limbs: are you characters right-handed or left-handed? How does it influence their fighting style? Can y’all tell I’m a bit bored?

Beacon Academy / Re: Extending the Olive Branch [Closed]
« on: March 28, 2019, 11:42:26 AM »
This technique had taken nearly three weeks for Prism to learn. She’d spent hours reading about aura theory in preparation. It’d taken another week just to learn how to summon her aura and keep it concentrated for extended periods of time. After two weeks of uselessly slashing her blade through the air, the first crescent she’d ever managed to throw had literally made her jump in surprise, it was weak and small and stuttered out halfway through her throw - but it was still enough to make a deep cut into the bark of the tree she was using as a target, and her resulting celebration was loud enough she got scolded by Madame Bernard when she’d returned to the sewing shop for dinner.

So when Juno manages to throw a crescent off his blade on his second try, it’s actually enough to make Prism start as it crashed through one of the holographic, leaving the back wall a spiderwebs of cracks. She’s quiet for a moment, glancing rapidly from Juno to the impact site and back again, before-


Prism slaps the man on the back, bouncing on the her toes excitedly as she rewards Juno with a massive grin. Dude! It took me like- nearly a month to figure out how to do this, you managed it in fuckin’- two tries! Congrats man!”

“...we just need to work on precision and control now, plus I’m not sure uh, how much of that was a cutting edge.” she adds on, gesturing with her glaive to the impact site again.

Everywhere Else / Re: Being a Responsible Adult [CLOSED]
« on: March 28, 2019, 11:18:56 AM »
Prism like to consider herself a realist.

She didn't’ consider the future a positive place, she knew she had to make it a positive place. It was only thanks to her relentless desire to preserve what remained of the legacy of her family she’d gotten into the first place. Endless sleepless nights, with sewing commissions and extra shifts and so many wasted bullets turning herself into cutthroat sniper. Turning the insomniac hours into semblance training, teaching herself to fly in a form that wasn’t just falling off a cliff more slowly and actually controlling where she went-

She’d survived off the concept of a dream for nearly five years, and in the very end she’d made that dream a reality.

So now, securing her place as a semifinalist in the Vytal Festival and having professional hunters reach out to her, asking to sponsor her and become their prodigy-

Well, she could consider the future a positive place. Just this once, she could see the real potential opening up before her.

At least that’s what she let herself think for a single golden moment, before Hunter suddenly starts pacing the kitchen like the place is on fire, recruiting her to help clean the place up. She only snorts to herself as she pushes her chair back, standing to her feet and gathering their now-empty bowls from the table. “I’m assuming this wasn’t exactly discussed with your wife ahead of time?”

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