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Prism glanced at Amane and nodded to the pile of spears, motioning for her to go ahead, and smiled in response to Coconut's passionate declaration. "Exactly what he said, we're here to watch out for you guys. And awww, thanks! You guys are pretty cool too, you know? You're really brave to be so calm when evacuating."

Watching Jocelyn squat down to answer the little kid's question, she gives a brief smile to the medic before it falters a little at the boy's question. Alright, time to get dramatically cheesy. Popping to her feet, she takes strolls over to the blacksmith's discarded pile of weapons. Swords, shields, more spears than she can count... but underneath it all, a long-forgotten cardboard box, which Prism tugs out to reveal a small pile of toy weaponry. Perfect.

Lugging the box back to the group, she drops back into the squat and digs through it, presenting the first passable weapon - a child-sized slingshot - to the little boy who asked Jocelyn the question. "No, you're not going to die, but there's some pretty important stuff you need to do if you want to help us keep you guys safe, okay? Be quick, stay calm, and don't leave your families. They want to keep you safe just like we do. You don't need to be brave, don't worry about that - that's what we're here for."

"With a little luck, nobody will go down Amane but if they do - well, we have a trained medic on staff. The other two can hopefully provide cover while Jocelyn stabilizes them if necessary, which is why I actually want to save those anti-personnel mines. They'll provide the cover necessary to evacuate and fall back to a more defensible position. If two of us go down... that's the type of the situation where we'll need to alert the village as to what's happening, and continue to fall back while defending as long as possible."

Hooking Hawk's Eye onto her belt again, Prism descended the airship at the front of the group as they finally touched down in Verdea. All the ammo she'd need was tucked into her pant pockets, there were cartridges for immediate reloads on her belt... hopefully it'll be more than enough for the mission. "If possible Professor, can you see if they have a map of the village? I want to set up so nothing can sneak past us, but so we can keep everyone on the ground covered too."

As the group of children break away from the evacuating villagers and bolted towards the group, Prism drops into a crouch so she's at eye-level with the little girl. "Yeah, we're here to keep you guys safe. We'll make sure nothing bad comes by, right guys?" A glance is given back to the group behind her, the look saying play along or I will end you.

Coconut's staring at Amane again, and Prism frown temporarily in disdain. Chugging the rest of the caffeinated drink, the empty can is launched expertly towards the boy's head, only to bounce off and fall to the floor again. "Remnant to Coconut, you're looking in the wrong place there buddy. I don't want you distracted when we hit the ground, so can you at least wait until after the mission?"

After the can makes contact, Prism turns back to Amane as she explains her semblance. Passive, she's not able to show up on camera or photos, and you forget what she looks like every twelve hours - the ultimate spy. Nodding in response to the explanation of the other bombs, she detaches the ones she put from her belt before handing them back to Amane to return to the case. Pulling out her scroll to download the recommended app, she whacks the somewhat defunct tablet on her hand a couple times before it turns on."So here's what I'm thinking: Amane, you know these weapons best, so take two of each out onto the field with you and use at your discretion, though it's preferable they're a last-resort weapon in case you hit a rough patch. Coconut and you hold the front line while Jocelyn and I cover you from a distance, and the rest of the mines can stay with me in the case to use as necessary. If backup is necessary... Jocelyn, can you carry another person with you while jumping with those wings? I might be able to help you get to longer distances though if you ride on the wind I create, so worse case scenario we can help those two in and out of the field, and drop off more bombs as well.

Prism takes the mine carefully with her free had, turning it over in inspection and nodding carefully while listening to Amane's instructions. "Thanks, these will be useful - I'm one of those snipers, by the way. Hawk's Eye here is accurate up to 800 meters, and I can usually pull up to 1500 if the weather's nice at least in rifle form, she's got a secondary as a glave too."

Listening to Jocelyn's explanation of her semblance however cracks a smile out of the small faunus, taking the mine that was offered to anybody about and instead and clipping both onto spare loops of her belt. "So now that jump pack makes sense! Mobile healer who hits from a distance, I like it - we'll be able to give each other a hand getting around, too. My semblance isn't quite as useful as healing, it mostly creates a bunch of wind, though it still gives me a few tricks. And it's cool if you prefer not to fight, but are you okay with self-defense if it comes down to it? I'd hate for the healer to get hurt."

Lilly's better hearing afforded by her faunus heritage might've picked up the Ursa first, but the Jima's roaming senses spot it second - her body coming to a standstill as her sight and hearing zoom ahead to observe, a small click from the weapon over her shoulder signaling she's deployed Goliath's spikes. Medium-sized Ursa, bone growth significant but not extreme, currently alone from what she could tell - but likely to spot them fast.

"In case you didn't notice, Lily's referring to the Erza at 3 o'clock sharp. It's an adult, not too big that we shouldn't be able to handle it as a team, and highly likely to spot or hear us within the next 30 seconds or so. Also, way too close to the school for comfort - maybe something we should alert staff about." Her voice is at a low whisper, originating from halfway between Suntalia and Mogan, trying to keep them undetected for the time being.

Prism was first on the bullhead, ignoring the feeling of Coconut's eyes on her... lower back, at least for now. Claiming a seat just inside the door, she tucks her spare bag of snacks and ammo underneath the seat. It was necessary to remove Hawk's Eye from her belt to sit down, and she slides the metallic box between her feet to hold on to for safekeeping before plopping the donut box into her lap, flipping up the lid while the rest of her team sits down. Choosing a cream-filled donut - and glancing at Coconut again, before tucking the other cream-filled donut on the other side of the box, away from him - she turns the pastries to her teammates and teacher. "I had enough time to pop into town and nab these before we headed out, I figured it'd add a nice little something to such an early-morning mission. While we're flying there, can everyone go over their weapons, general combat styles, and semblances? It'd be nice to know what we're all working with here."

She takes a bite after that, and thinks for a moment before reaching down to her spare bag to pull out an obnoxiously sugary energy drink to wash it all down. She might've overpacked on the food a bit.

Prism's attention turns to the girl who just hopped over the wall, eyes widening slightly at the pair wings that fold into the device on her back. Looks like she isn't the only one with flight capabilities on this team. She offers a smile, patting the new guy on the back a few more times before introducing herself. "Nice to meet you Jocelyn, I'm Prism. Cool jump pack you've got there!".

Her attention turns back to Amane as the other guy starts uttering "Fine..." under his breath, offering her the same grin as Jocelyn. "Sorry, our initial introduction got interrupted there - same as well, it's really nice to meet you guys! I hope we get along well into the future.". She glances back to the choking boy - and her eyes immediately snapped to where his stared, her brow crinkling as she realized he'd been checking them all out. She needs to stand on tiptoes to do it, but she manages to reach up to somehow politely smack the back of his head. "Earth to... I'm guessing you're Coconut Cream, you're the only one who hasn't introduced themselves. Come back to reality there, bud."

Teams / Re: First year Vacuo Team
« on: April 10, 2018, 09:40:21 PM »
I personally like Raspberry purely on the fruity factor, but if we don't want food then I like Brass - it feels like it fits for a team attending Shade. When it comes to leaders, if nobody particularly cares I can recommend Erza, she's a fast thinker at the least. Perfectly fine with anybody else who'd care to be leader though - I'm just excited to get these two into action.

Edit: Good news! The twins are approved!

Beacon Academy / Re: ‘Independent’ Study (Open | Library)
« on: April 10, 2018, 08:35:14 PM »
Prism finishes shaking his hand and pats him a few times on the back, before turning to dig through her schoolbag before momentarily pulling out a notably older-model Scroll. Turning it on emits a sad dying sound a fading flash of light while Prism momentarily frowns, but smacking the little tablet against her hand gets it to finally activate, which gets a smile out of the faunus. "Not a bad choice! I can just keep this thing on vibrate for the rest of the year, and we'll be good to go." Connecting to Calen's profile as well, she stares a moment as the jingle downloads, before it begins to blare rather obnoxiously through the Scroll's speakers and Prism rapidly hurries to turn it off.

Prism opens her mouth to say something else to her teammate - Amane, she was guessing - but was quickly interrupted as someone else skidded to a stop a few feet away. Offering the new teammate a brief smile and a "One moment!" signal with her hand, she lets herself slip behind the new arrival before pounding him a couple of times on the back. "Breath, dude! Don't need to die before we even get on the ship."

Jima only furthers her grin in response to Mogan's comments on her semblance. "Truth be told, I honestly can't imagine it any other way - it's not like I can turn it off, so learning to manage it came pretty easily. It becomes a lot easier to keep track of things when you're in the third person, so battle is easier - surprise attacks don't really happen to me unless all my senses are elsewhere. Besides, what other career would let me study Grimm in such close detail?" She starts her own way down the path, letting her senses float freely - the bird's eye view afforded from her sight several feet in the air watching Lily's dancing and Suntalia's skip down the path, occasionally doing sweeps of the surrounding area to keep an eye out for anything interesting.

"And c'mon Suntalia, if you can prank me that'll be pretty impressive - you can imagine I'm pretty hard to sneak up on." Her voice pipes up directly to the side of the skipping girl, the grin evident in her voice. Apparently she'd managed to catch her whisper to Mogan.

Her first mission with her new team - Team CASA, with Coconut Cream, Amane Petrichor, and Jocelyn Antiqua. Three people she'd never met, all grouped together for the first time ever and tasked with defending an evacuating village from Grimm. It could be a life-or-death situation if anything went wrong, if they couldn't work as a team - or more importantly, Prism couldn't lead them to victory.

...she hoped they liked donuts.

It was a nerve-wracking situation, and Prism couldn't have been more excited. After attaching as much ammo to her belt as possible, double-checking Hawk's Eye, and filling a spare bag with energy drinks and a few too many snacks, Prism had been left with a bit of spare time - just enough to pop into town and nab a dozen donuts from the nearest bakery. Despite the fact breakfast had passed, there was bound to be someone who hadn't eaten yet, and even if the pastries weren't the healthiest choice before a mission, they'd be a good way to make a better impression on her new team. With the box held under one arm and her spare bag in the other, Prism finished jogging to the landing platform, offering Professor Ferus and nod and smile. The faunus was wearing her usual jean jacket, hiding her wings from view - best to see if any were raging racists first, before revealing her faunus heritage. Turning the smile to the other young woman nearby, she drops her bag at her side and offers her hand in a handshake to her classmate. "Hey, nice to meet you! I'm Prism, Prism Skylark - we've both been assigned to team Casanova, yeah?"

As Mogan rants about on about her semblance, Jima can't first help cracking a smile, and then breaking into a strong belly laugh, the actions of her body at least matching what her voice is projecting now. "I'm not that indecent Mahogany, no worries. Secondly, think of my senses, and by extension my voice, as limbs that can be flexed in whatever direction I choose. They're separate entities, instead of a passive way of taking in information. To be fair there are limits - my senses need to stay within 'eyesight' to be used, so they can't just go through walls or whatever. Furthermore, if my ability to see is elsewhere, I can't see out of my eyes, so I'm effectively left blind to the area around my body if I'm not looking at it. If you can't wrap your head around it, well - you know how in video games you can see in the third person? Imagine that, but for all senses."

Jima's laughter dies down, but comes back as a quick violent snort as Mogan's revenge hits home. She's known her team for a total of barely fifteen moments, but Suntalia's already been hit in the face with cake, Lilly's perfectly chill, and Mogan is genuinely one of the most funny people she's ever met, intentional or not - they're going to get along perfectly. She puts down the paper plate, before going to clip her sketchbook back onto her belt, and finally swinging herself to her feet at Suntalia's suggestion. "I gotta agree with Suntalia, a mission into the Emerald Forest sounds like a great idea. There's been signs of Grimm in the area anyways - it's a perfect chance to check them out. Mahogany, want to explain your semblance on the way?"

Beacon Academy / Re: ‘Independent’ Study (Open | Library)
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Prism's manages to distract herself with her laughter, letting Amane pass as Prism settles into third. Flipping around midair, a sudden boost of air in the opposite direction slows her down significantly - enough so she when she lightly collides with the library's wall, it's enough she can kick off and float back to the ground. "Honestly, just try to remember we're all still students here. Most of my budget goes towards ammo and repair for my rifle so - well, basically nothing too expensive, alright?"

She finishes the sentence with a smile, alighting to the ground and taking the chance to stretch her wings out, her arms overhead. "And hey, don't knock the wings - it just so happens you're built for speed. But still Calen, not too shabby there - you put up an impressive show." Prism finishes the sentence with something of a teasing smile, and approaches the boy - offering the winner of the race a respectful handshake.

Approved Characters / Re: Azre and Erza Sundown
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Thanks again (and using this as a casual bump)

Edits: Made some changes!

History: Added a paragraph about how Erza and Azre discovered their semblances, Erza's intial transformation and Azre's realization he doesn't have a bad angle. Rewrote the second paragraph about attending Shade and how they did on the entry exam, alongside how they now have their own branch of the Sundown company and are working towards making their brandname, the "Sundown Twins" their own enterprise.

Semblances: Erza and Azre's semblance colors got swapped, added a part about how Erza can temporarily paralyze opponents in fear when she starts taking on the attributes of their phobias and focuses on them, similar to Azre's charm abilities.

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