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WiP Characters / Re: Aciano Tagiuri
« on: April 14, 2018, 05:30:00 PM »
Alrighty, I reworked Aciano's strengths and weaknesses, hopefully, it's enough to balance out character. Also changed stuff in semblance and combat instructor is now with aura (working on History).  But other than that, it should be mostly the same. :)

WiP Characters / Re: Aciano Tagiuri
« on: April 14, 2018, 04:14:41 PM »
Welp kind of was worried that I made a character too powerful. I'll try to tone down strengths and add weaknesses. Also in regards to an auraless person threatening huntsman, technically it's possible with enough firepower, but I do see the point.

WiP Characters / Aciano Tagiuri
« on: April 14, 2018, 08:57:28 AM »

Name: Aciano Tagiuri

Age: 17 Years Old

Species and Gender: Human Male


Occupation: Beacon Academy student, first year

Appearance: Standing at 6'2''/1.85 meters and weighing in 191 lbs/87 kg, Aciano has quite a muscular build. He has light skin colour, short length dark brown hair and carries grey eyes. He also wears thin stamped metal frame glasses to compensate for his poor eyesight (specifically near-sightedness).

History: wip

Personality: wip

Aura and Semblance: Aciano aura shines a deep, vivid color of Cornflower blue (#6495ED), with rather average aura reserves. While aura training wasn’t as high of an priority as his other skills, he still tried to gain intermediate skill with aura control.

“Superconducting loop” or “Killer Art” as he dubs his semblance, boosts his already impressive feats by reflecting negative emotions back at his enemy, hence Superconducting loop. Alternatevly, he can use his own rage to power up, directing his hate towards enemy. Either way, he wields the power with extreme caution, if at all as his semblance is a double-edged sword due to basically trading power for control. Also with enough exposure, the semblance may degrade his mental and emotional stability, changing him as a person. And when it did happen to him once, it took Aciano rest of his time at Signal to recover from and even then, he was visibly changed. As such, he tends to avoid relying on his semblance, keeping usage of this technique to a minimum.

Combat Behavior: Being an adopted son of a dedicated huntress/swordswoman and unarmed combat instructor who have fought many various rouge huntsmen has given Aciano somewhat unusual advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, his duelling based mindset, along with his extensive training of body, and unarmed combat gives him a noticeable edge against fellow aura user. Although it (ironically considering his profession) results in him being less capable against Grimm when comparing to his fellow huntsmen and huntresses in training.

Aciano is mainly an offensive powerhouse with a preference for power strikes, with mindset being to dominate his enemies. Though he has an overwhelming offence, that does not mean that neglected his defence. He has a stalwart defence, relying on stonewalling his enemy with a combination of blocks and parries while trying to retaliate with counter-offensive of his own. This allows him to keep his opponent under pressure while being able to control the engagement. To constantly maintain power-oriented slashes, Aciano usually stays grounded, trying to avoid more than he has to. While this does not make him slow with a sword, most of his more acrobatic opponents have exploited his slow footwork. It doesn't help that his build only further slowed his efforts of ramping up speed. However, as a benefit, Aciano learned to shrug off hit or four, although, like any huntsmen, he has his limits with or without aura.

Although Aciano can be brutish, he's certainly not foolish and knows that simply charging into enemy defences won't work. His past mistakes have already taught him how deadly this mentality can become. Afterall, while Aciano is a sledgehammer most of the time, he’s also a cunning opportunist. Be it working in unarmed combat, using adaptive counters to punish his opponent's mistakes or even employing the local environment against them. And if all that fails, he’ll just play attrition game till his opponent either makes a slip-up or tires out. However, his almost pure focus on his enemy usually results in tunnel visions, which has left him vulnerable to his own tactics. Also, Aciano suffers from near-sightedness, which means that if an opponent were to target his glasses, he’d basically be blinded (or at the very least any normal means of observation would get shot.)

Speaking of unarmed combat, Aciano was trained by his father in various hand to hand fighting styles. Because of his physique and different mentality compared to his family, he has been trained with a huge array of grappling, wrestling and submission techniques instead of more "subtle" maneuvres in self-defence. It doesn't mean he's incapable of punching and kicking with precision, but it’s more of a preference. Besides, what’s the point in precise strikes if you don’t have the speed to back it up? Aciano has also been trained in various disarmament techniques and has even dabbled with pshygolocial warfare, although Aciano rarely plays mind games due to considering it as "waste of valuable time."

While Aciano is able to work with the fellow huntsmen and huntresses, this is out of his comfort zone, as he usually operates alone. However, when Aciano does work together, he’s probably most likely to be the first one to ram into the Grimm pack (or an unfortunate individual), acting as a frontline melee fighter. And while dust is more of a supplement than whole another asset, Aciano still decides to carry them with his gauntlet, in case if he ever needs it. Aciano usually carries gravity, burn, water and lightning dust, trying to keep options open. However, the gauntlet has only got him so far when engaging in the medium distance and in longer ranges, he's basically ineffective. Combined with poor eyesight and slow movement, he’s usually forced to either close the distance or dig into the position and tank the bombardment.

Strengths and Weaknesses (tl;dr):
+ A dedicated duelist and swordsman, excelling at fighting one on one.
+ Skilled in unarmed combat, being especially comfortable with grappling and strength contests.
+ Dominating force that tries to control the engagement by his rules.
+ Physical powerhouse, capable of impressive feats of strength and toughness.
+ Opportunistic fighter who loves to punish his opponent's mistakes.

/ Semblance is quite a gamble, sacrificing self-control for power. It also relies on the emotions and generally struggles to control it.
/ Capable of fighting together, but it is out of his comfort zone.

- Suffers serious case of tunnel vision and as such, is taken by surprise when someone uses his own tactics against him.
- While not slow with bladework, he clearly sacrificed agility for muscle power, making acrobatic and maneuvres, in general, more difficult to pull off.
- Aciano suffers from a rather serious case of near-sightedness, as such, losing glasses during a fight can become problematic.
- Struggles in medium-long ranges even with dust gauntlets, which is worsened by his other negatives.


Name: Iudex (or translated as “Judge”)

Primary Form: 130 cm longsword - wip

Secondary Form: None, just simple longsword. (Hey, sacrificing reliability, adding weight and making harder to maintenance for basically attaching a gun? Eh...)

History: - wip

Character Notes:
Spoiler: ShowHide
1) Aciano is a Spanish word for Cornflower or “Centaurea cyanus”.
3) He’s basically MMA/Krav Maga free stylist with a preference for wrestling and grappling moves with above-average skill. In regards to swordplay, it would be more flashy and power-oriented mix of Kenjutsu and German Fencing with an advanced application.
4) Unarmed examples would be Grip vs Karma from Assassination Class Room (fight basically summarizes most of the Aciano’s strengths and weaknesses as a fighter) and Karl Vastor vs Mace Windu/Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, with Aciano standing for Grip and Karl Vastor. While his swordplay and tactics would be most similar to Darth Malgus, with the Alderaan duel with Satele Shan being the best example of it.

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