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NPC Profiles / General Ame Dresden
« on: August 06, 2018, 01:46:11 PM »

Name: Ame Dresden

Age: 64

Species and Gender: Human Female


Occupation: General of the Atlas Military Forces

Appearance: While once a tall, striking woman, the years have been less than kind to Ame. Standing at 5’4” and coming in at 134lbs, she has short grey-white hair that is perpetually tied back in a bun to keep out of the way of her dull, steel-blue eyes. Deep wrinkles line her face, making her look slightly older than she is and she has a small scar along her left cheek.

While one would be forgiven for assuming she was blind, just going off the dull color of her eyes, this is far from the truth. As her age continued to set in and her vision began to go, she had both eyes replaced by cybernetics, restoring her vision to even better than when she was young. Additionally, she has a permanent neural link attached to the back of her head, constantly feeding her information to her cybernetic eyes about the ship she currently operates in or, if she’s by a computer or link in station, direct access to the CCTT network.

On the job, she wears the standard Atlesian general coat and pants, though she had hers trimmed in purple, overtop of a white dress shirt and purple tie as well as the standard general gloves.

History: Mother fought in Greyed war, father was a dust mine manager. Mother pushed Ame to join the Atlesian forces, which she happily did. Ame progressed through her schooling very quickly, showing signs of her being very tactically minded.

Rose quickly through the ranks after she graduated and became an officer of some renown when the Faunus Rights Revolution began. After General Lagoon’s vital loss at Fort Castle, Ame was promoted to be the youngest General in Atlesian history at the young age of 26. Despite her best efforts and objectively less idiotic approach than Lagoon’s, she was put in charge of a losing war and while she put up a good fight, there was no way to turn back the tide.

While before fighting in the war she had hated faunus, fighting them had instilled some respect for them. She had no love for their race, that much was certain, but she could respect them as useful weapons. After the war, most of Ame’s time was combating the Fang during the White War, eventually winning several crucial battles and pushing the Fang out of Atlas. She continued to command her personal airship, The Dauntless, in combat both against human and Faunus revolutionary forces and against Grimm.

She spends much of her time these days guarding the City of Atlas, a task she despises for how restrictive it is, or going out on short excursions with her specialists to eliminate large Grimm hordes.

Personality: Ame is a hard individual, difficult to read and even more difficult to argue with. Her years in the Atlesian military have turned her into a solid rock of, what she believes to be, virtue. Her choices and decisions, even in everyday life, are based solidly in predetermined tactics and planned actions, she makes no improvisational choices if she can avoid it. That said, when she does have to improvise, I'm battle or no, she's no slouch. Her years directing combat have made her quite effective at making quick decisions and choices.

Ame is one of the less harsh officers in the Atlesian military when it comes to faunus but she is by no means kind. As far as she's concerned, faunus are a tool to be used. A very useful tool, yes, with their increased senses and night vision as well as any other traits they inherit, but a sword will always be a sword no matter how sharp.

Aura and Semblance: Ame had her aura unlocked while progressing through Atlas, her semblance was unlocked during one of the final battles of the Faunus Rights Revolution. Her semblance, like all high profile Atlesian officers with one unlocked, is a highly guarded secret, requiring top secret clearance as well as bio-scan permission from Ame herself.

Problematic Potential: Ame’s semblance has no outward signs and is passively on at all times. As the problem she’s facing becomes more and more complex and difficult, she has an easier and easier time solving it. There hasn’t been signs of any upper limit though she has pounding headaches after many consecutive problems. She has a very difficult time solving simple problem as her semblance causes her problem solving skills downscale just like it upscales, however she’s found a workaround for the problem by forcing herself to find an extremely complex and convoluted solution.

Combat Behavior:  Ame doesn't do on the ground fighting and her side arm is, for all intents and purposes, tradition and posturing. If forced into an actual fight, she would no be able to beat anyone with proper combat training.


Name: Standard Issue General’s Sidearm

Primary Form: Ame’s sidearm is a bulky, oversized revolver who's body is more akin to a shotgun than a sidearm. While certainly useful and able to pack quite a punch, if Ame tried to fire it she would likely break her arms.

Dust Functions: The side arm can be loaded with dust enhanced ammunition such as fire, ice, or lightning rounds but given that Ame doesn't even fire the thing she has no need for these sort of rounds.

History: Gifted to Ame upon her promotion to General.

Airship: Dreadnaught Class Destroyer: The Dauntless

The Dauntless is essentially Ame’s permanent station given how much time she spends there. Weighing in at 480 meters long, 190 meters wide, 70 meters tall and capable of being manned with over 1600 people, The Dauntless is one of the tankiest airships Atlas has to offer with triple reinforced armor all around, in addition to septuple reinforced armor around several emergency thrusters scattered around the hull for quick maneuvers. Along the hull are a plethora of rotary guns and cannons along with two rotary laser batteries on under the bow, all along the inlaid sides of the ship are missile batteries and point defense laser batteries. While not nearly as many, there are still quite a few rotary cannons, guns, and a single laser battery located on the top of the ship in the off chance that they have to combat a Grimm or ship that can fly higher than them.

The hanger Bay is located between the two long sections at the front as to protect it from oncoming fire or Grimm and to either side of the hangar bay door are the strongest part of the Dauntless’ arsenal, dual kinetic energy cannons. These dust powered cannons are extremely powerful and can, and have, punched clean through a mountain. Unfortunately, firing these cannons requires the hanger be closed, all non-essential energy be directed to the cannons, and the thing they're firing at be straight ahead.

The Dauntless is capable of housing a battalion of standard Atlesian fights within its hanger as well as several troop transport ships.

Just like the hanger, the bridge is protected and concealed within the shop itself as it is able to take advantage of the advanced projection technology that Atlas can afford. The entire room is, essentially, a holodeck projecting the outside of the shop through hidden and protected cameras, wired directly in system with no outside connectivity. The room is set up with all the standard equipment a normal airship would be equipped with with the exception of a significantly more comfortable seat for Ame.

The ship is equipped with several dumb AI are put in charge of tracking several internal system readings along with a human in order for each to be able to double check one another.

RPG Discussion / Re: Weekly Writing Prompts
« on: August 05, 2018, 02:40:14 PM »
The prompt this week is a general writing prompt, write about whatever comes to mind when you view this prompt.

200+ word count (Just don't write a novel.)

At the start of the story indicate whether it is a Canon or What-If scenario. Canon means it happens within the canon of the site and you need to have it either be from the perspective of your own approved character or an NPC where the focus of the story is on your approved character. An example of this would be if I had a specialist character and wrote a story from the perspective of their CO about how they keep messing up. Additionally, you may have other characters or NPCs in your story but if they're other's characters you must have approval from the user.

What-If means it's basically an alternate universe or timeline, this allows for a stronger focus on writing because you aren't constrained by site rules or RWBY, you can have anyone or anything as the PoV but you still need permission to use others' characters. That said, What-If scenarios, while no being canon on site, can still say something about the character PoV it follows if the character itself is effectively unchanged from canon, it's just that the events never happened on site.

There will be a winner this week, the prompt is open until midnight on Friday, going into Saturday, EST. After that, voting will be open for the entirety of Saturday and the winner will choose the prompt for the next week and their submission will be loved to a winners thread.

The main focus of all this should be on writing itself with character development as a beneficial side effect, we should be striving to write something that we can look back at and think, "Yeah, I'm actually proud of that." This is an excellent chance to improve your own writing as well as give criticism to or get criticism from others.

If you have any questions, do not post here, talk to me on the discord server. Only writing can be posted here, anything else will be deleted.

Tell me about a time your character broke a promise.

RPG Discussion / Re: Weekly Prompt Winners
« on: August 05, 2018, 02:34:28 PM »
Tell us about a time your character fell in love. With anything - an object, a hobby, or even a person.


Canon: A Blooming Flower - Hunter d’Azur


Halfway through his taxi ride, Hunter had just received lots of colorful texts from his beloved team leader. The message was simple: when he’d come back to his team’s dorm, he’s 90% sure that he’s going to end up dead. Was it his fault though? He felt hungry and decided to take an unsolicited excursion, so what? Yeah, the assignment’s due tomorrow and all, but there’s really no need to rush. After all, he’s pretty sure that he can get it done and still get a passing grade. As he pondered about how dead he’s going to be, his taxi finally parked right next to the market he always visits.

Roaming the aisles for what he wants, his thoughts couldn’t help but come back to his team leader. With his body on autopilot and grabbing a grocery bag that will soon be stuffed with instant noodles, Hunter started thinking more and more about his team leader and their current situation. He’s not sure why their partnership is functional as it is. She’s strict and he’s easy-going. She’s always angry and he’s usually calm. Most of all, she’s kinda racist and he’s a faunus, albeit he is disguised at the moment. Honestly, Hunter’s not too sure why he’s so caught up with his team leader when he can just leave Atlas after they graduate. Yet he couldn’t help but feel pain when he considered that option. In fact, now that he thinks about it, he noticed a lot of other things. He couldn’t stop his fluttering heart whenever they’re together. He couldn’t stop his quivering voice whenever they’re talking. Truly, he couldn’t help but be nervous when she’s with him. Shaking his head of silly and embarrassing thoughts, he notices that he had fully filled up his grocery bag with instant noodles while he was thinking. Hunter should really return some of them but in the end, his desire for instant noodles won over his reason.

Moving to checkout with his cheap items, Hunter’s thoughts returned to his stupid team leader. Why hasn’t he been antagonizing her back for all the pain she’s causing him? He’s the one that never starts the problem but she always ends up ragging on him for it. In fact, he shouldn’t like her! He doesn’t like her stupid smirk whenever she outdoes him, or her stupid prim and proper uniform that fits her in every way. In fact, he doesn’t like her stupid chestnut hair that accentuates her beauty and makes him want to- Wait a second. With a suddenly red face, Hunter tries to clear his thoughts as best he could and goes to finish up his checkout before noticing some flowers nearby. He really should just leave before making a mistake...

”How much are the flowers?”

If it was anyone else, Hunter would laugh. Unfortunately, Hunter is the current laughing stock. He's blushing and full of nerves as he's holding a bag full of instant noodles in one hand and flowers in the other. In fact, getting back into the taxi was a little more embarrassing with the driver smirking at him the entire time. Scooting into his seat and trying to make himself look as small as possible, the taxi starts driving back to the academy. Looking out the window and wishing that he’d disappear because he can’t deal with all the embarrassment, the taxi driver’s rough yet teasing voice cuts through his thoughts.

”Hey kid, you in love?”

Hunter’s face got even more red as he thought about it. Is he in love? Even if he WAS in love with her, it wouldn’t work out. Hunter wouldn’t want to hide anything from her; in fact he’s pretty sure he can’t hide anything from her. Even if it’s the fact that he’s actually a faunus. It would hurt him to hide that from her, but it'll hurt him even more when the fact that he's a faunus destroys their relationship. But maybe it'll work out. In fact, they can even take it slow, maybe to the point where being faunus or racist doesn’t even matter anymore. Finally knowing how to reply, the redness in Hunter’s cheeks faded only to be replaced with a silly looking grin.


Returning to the team’s dorm was interesting. Prim looked ready to murder him on the spot until she got flustered when he presented the flowers. In fact, she told him that it was sweet of him to do that! That was a win in Hunter’s book until she forcefully put him into a seat and started lecturing him about the importance of work ethics and properly doing your assignments. As for the rest of his team, they were laughing their asses off at the two with their shenanigans until Prim directed her death glare at them too. Finally, the lecture and death threats were over as the night quieted down once more so that they can finish their assignments…

For the next few months in the team dormitory, Hunter would see the flowers in a rather ornate and charming vase. If you asked him, Hunter wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the flowers and Prim.

RPG Discussion / Re: Weekly Writing Prompts
« on: August 03, 2018, 10:55:09 PM »
Canon: Nest

Malina was afraid of a great many things, though she would never let anyone know that. Being found out for the a coward was chief among them but her own death was very rarely far behind, she hadn't wanted this life of violence in the first place after all, why would she want to put her life on the line every day for people she doesn't know. People she'd never meet. They wouldn't know who protected them, who saved them, they'd facelessly thank her regardless, of course, it was what we are supposed to do when someone else helps us.

She was, truth be told, fine with fighting for the faceless masses but the idea of her losing her own life for them was horrifying to her. The idea that her entire life was all leading up to her bleeding out underneath the paw of some horrid Grimm in the middle of nowhere was… She hated even thinking about it. She didn't want to end her life like so many hunters and huntresses before her, in pain and with no one to save her. She wouldn't end like that, she couldn't, she would live a long life and learn about the mysteries of aura and dust, she would be content with her place in life, not this, not training every day three years into a school designed to turn children into warriors.

... Malina?

Aurelia's soft voice cut through Malina's haze and she blinked twice in quick succession to try and reorient herself. She was in her dorm, safe. Her team had just returned from a mission to the southern Sanus shores, they were supposed to defend the village from a Grimm horde that was spotted nearby.

They had survived but there had been more Grimm in that single night than Malina had seen in the rest of her missions combined. They just… they never stopped coming. They had survived, yes, but they failed. The village was lost, only three others had made it off on the bullhead that her team had called in to escape. Everything about that mission only reinforced the feelings Malina had been bottling up prior, she didn't just think think she would die because of this job, she knew she would. And yet…

Her eyes glanced over the room. Carmine, a wrapping of bandages ran up her right leg. Just beneath the surface of her bubbly, overly cute persona was someone who cared deeply for Malina, someone who had stayed up late into the morning talking her through another panic inducing nightmare.

Candida, a wrapping spun around her head and just barely covered her left, silvery eye. She was abrasive, full of herself, and constantly butted heads with Malina for reasons Malina just couldn't understand but at the same time she was the person who had stood up for Malina's leadership and choices when Beacon interrogated them about the mission. Before that, even, she had been the only member of the team to consistently double check Malina's poor choices, helping her fix them and working with her.

Aurelia, she had it the worst. A wrapping ran down her left arm, leading across her back, and circling back across her chest. She was soft spoken, never made a point to speak her mind unless she needed to but she was one of the two genuinely good people on her team. She had assisted her sister in mostly harmless pranks at Malina's expense, maybe, but she would never push it too far and tried her best to reign Candida in.

... Are you okay, Mal?

Aurelia spoke again, seemingly worried at her prolonged silence. Malina broke eye contact for only a split second and looked to the floor. She was the only one with no injuries. It was something she would normally be proud of, being able to avoid every strike from the enemy, it was something a professional did. The others had all taken their licks protecting Malina or the people of the village, protecting people that mattered.

As she locked eyes with her teammate once more, a thought crystallized in her mind. They were willing to put themselves in harms way to keep her from getting hurt not because she was their teammate or their leader or even their friend. It was because they loved her. They were willing to lay down their lives for her because thought of Malina as more than a friend, more than family. As the thought became fact in her mind, another thought came into focus. She loved them too.

It wasn't romantic or sexual, but she loved them. She would do anything for them to keep them from harm. She needed to do everything in her power to keep them safe.

She would kill for them.

Yeah,” Malina said, “I was just thinking some things over. I think… Yeah, I'm fine.

She would die for them.

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Aca raked her nails across Smokey's face as he grabbed her by the face and lifted it up off of the ground. This was exactly what she didn't want to happen. She struggled to move her body but finding that essentially impossible, she resigned herself to what was happening. She was losing. But she was damn sure not going to lose without a fight.

She let go of the saw blade pinned to her chest with her right hand and reared back to swing a punch, connecting just as he slammed her head back into the rocky ground. Holy shit that hurts, why's he have do it like this?

As he lifted her head again, she slipped her left hand beneath her head and the ground. Would it save her? No,not it wouldn't. It would, however, make it hurt just a little less. She swung again, connecting just before her head and hand slammed down once more. It felt like she was punching a gods damn statue, what's with this guy?

As she was lifted from the ground for the final time, she knew that if she hadn't had aura she would have been dead by now. Her head spun, her ears were ringing, but she bit back the pain and reared back her fist for one final punch, welcoming the hit that would sure have shattered her hand if she weren't a huntress in trainjng.

Her head slammed down the final time and Aca was fairly certain she heard the buzzer, though to be honest it was hard to tell with ringing in her ears. She didn't let out a yelp of pain, she didn't groan in agony, she simply let out a very long sigh through gritted teeth. To be perfectly honest with herself, she hadn't even expected to make it this far at all so, in some sense, she was still proud of herself.

As Smokey lifted away his head from her face she kept her eyes closed, enjoying the soothing dark red tinge of the arena lights shining through her eyelids. She managed a weak, "Rematch anytime in Mistral... If you think.... You can take me again..."

Aura: 14/100
Nail rake: 2%
Punches X3: 4%

Beacon Academy / Re: Introduction to Advanced Aura [Closed]
« on: August 02, 2018, 07:45:53 PM »
Malina paused thinking back to when she started the process of breaking parts of her soul just to get a little stronger. "It... Mm.." She cupped her chin as she considered the questions. "You're getting into a part of the field that is much, much more theory than concrete answers but to try to answer your questions in order, there hasn't been any records that I could find of anyone fully eliminating their soul. I figure at the point where they are strong enough to struggle through that process, they can already achieve the final step toward becoming a master. That said, there haven't been any records of someone permenantly losing part of themselves from just doing one purging but... Two? Yeah, there are records for something like that." Malina took her hand away from her chin and her generally neutral expression sunk into a frown. "It's most common with people just starting out, they remove part of themselves and replace it with aura and they get greedy, try run the process again before the eight hour mark. I haven't read anything about them losing part of themselves but they come back..." Malina sought for the right word. "...Changed. Whatever they had removed comes back muted while other aspects are more emphasized. Record seem to indicate that it only got worse with time."

"To answer the second question, it's more of a soft limit than anything. Keeping that replacement aura on the edges of your aura takes concentration, even if just a small amount. As tike goes on, though, it becomes tougher and tougher to hold. When you start the process, you will not be able to hold it for eight hours. Eight hours just seems to be the general limit for most people to keep the aura up. Generally speaking if you're going around doing things after adding aura, it won't last as long while if you're just sitting in a room training your aura, it'll last longer. Assuming you can keep yourself sane. As for making it permenant... Theoretically if you permenantly removed part of yourself maybe but, like I said, I've never heard about that happening."

"The last part... Now diving deep into therotical aura study. There are plenty of ideas, no answer. Maybe it's just you subconsciously hardening yourself to train, maybe it's some external force, maybe man's nature. No one knows." Malina consciously wiped the frown off her face. "Any other questions?"

Approved Characters / Re: Kin Sakana (ready for approval)
« on: August 01, 2018, 10:52:20 PM »
Nah, names aren't a requirement. The way it was worded seemed sort of like one of those edgy "Yeah, everyone else calls this X but I don't care" things instead of just the towns people calling it that. I don't think they really would anyway, I mean if I were in their place I'd just call it the knife because what other knife would I be talking about. Buuuuut it's rwby so whatever. Approved and moved.

Approved Characters / Re: Kin Sakana (ready for approval)
« on: August 01, 2018, 01:18:45 PM »
" quickly earning a reputation as the 'Golden Demon of Signal'" This is dumb and I don't like it but it's not technically against the rules so fffffiinnnnee.

Name: None (Though others call it 'Rockcutter') who and why?

Aca really shouldn't have engaged so close. This wasn't even interesting! He was just pinning her to the-

"...I'm going to shoot you now,"

Ah. Well.

Aca felt the barrel of the gun press harder against her chest and in the same moment, the violent sting of the saw blade finding its place in her hand. Under normal circumstances, she could just selectively drop her aura around her left palm to catch the sawblades without damaging her aura. These were not normal circumstances. But, you know what? Fuck it. If she was going to go all in, she was going to go all in.

The next few seconds were a wash of pain, adrenaline, and prayer. She shot her hand toward Smokey's face, aiming to cover his eyes as her hand flared with her semblance once more, even if she couldn't win she was sure to get as many hits in as she could. At the same time, she brought her right hand with the saw blade down to her chest and felt the explosive pain of a shot discharging into her. She didn't need to be a genius to know that had her aura not been up, she would be dead. She grit her teeth and sucked her chest in, biting back a scream of pain while she slipped the blade between her chest and the barrel, shortly followed by two more shots slamming into the metal and denting it inward toward her body.

"That all... you got...?" She wheezed out through pained breaths as the three remaining saw blades arced through the air behind Smokey.

Two ways this could go. He would either punch her to death, or he'd be distracted by the saw blades and the one blocking his gun and try to move it. She really, really hoped it was the latter.

Matchstick -20
Sawblade -7
Aura: 46/100
Saw blades X3: 21%

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