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Plot Zone / What is this Place?
« on: September 11, 2016, 09:13:36 PM »
This is an out of character board which can be used to discuss and plan story ideas with other members. If you have a great idea for a story, start a thread and see if people want to join up!

When you create a Plot like this, you can consider tagging your threads(once you start the Roleplaying aspect of the story) with [Plot] or [Closed]. They both work the same, one just lets people know that it was planned at least somewhat.

Don't go overboard with your ideas. If your story involves a major terrorist attack at Beacon Academy, for example, you need to get it approved by the staff, because those kind of events can affect a large number of characters, and the world as a whole. Getting an event approved may also cause said event to be added to the timeline.

Approved Characters / Assistant Head Mistress Titania Printemps
« on: September 11, 2016, 09:11:15 PM »

Name: Titania Printemps

Age: 59

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Symbol: A bouquet of solid green flowers in front of a white crescent moon.

Occupation: Sparring teacher for years 1-4 at Beacon Academy and assistant to the headmaster.

Appearance:  63  172 lbs. Titania has golden-blonde hair with streaks of grey in it, which reaches down slightly past her shoulders, and a set of dark amber eyes. She is commonly seen with a large pink and white flower in her hair on the right side of her head. She, being born in Northern Vale, has a milky-white skin tone. Her usual attire consists of a light-green dress accented by red highlights over a simple white dress. The neck of the dresses extends upward about halfway up her neck and is accented by the red ascot she wears. She also wears a small half-cape extending down to slightly past her hips. The outside of the cape is the same red as the highlights and ascot and the inside is a golden yellow color. Around her waist she wears a thin brown belt with a silver buckle and several pouches hung on the right side of her hip, filled with secure dust canisters, and her sword and scabbard on her left side of her hips.

Similar to this however with color changes.: ShowHide

History: Titania was born to the north of Vale, on the northern coast of Vytal. Due to being born outside of the Kingdom, she had to learn to fight at a very young age and was forced to help her mother and father defend her small village with very crude and primitive iron weapons. Thankfully for Titania, however, the pattern of fighting for her and her villages life, barely surviving, and trying to keep everyone happy led to both her upbeat personality and her discovering her semblance very early in her life. Unfortunately, good luck didnt last forever for Titania and during one of the Grimm attacks, the left defense fell, leaving the Grimm to flood into the rest of the village and kill all inside. While the rest of the village fell, Titanias father stayed behind to distract the Grimm while Titania and her mother escaped toward the beach. In his dying act, her father was able to send up the single emergency flare into the sky to alert any and all nearby humans or faunas to send help. As it happened, a first year team was shadowing a Hunter who was tasked with eliminating a large Grimm near the village. Upon seeing the flare, the group rushed to the source.

When they arrived, however, the village was deserted and all inhabitants had been killed, except for a pair of footprints leading away from the village. When they found the end of the footprints, they discovered young Titania, holding two iron swords, one large and the other small, sitting next to the corpse of her mother, who had bled out after fighting off an alpha Beowolf. The group took the girl and led her back to the City of Vale to be put into an orphanage for the next few years. Titania denied, however, and instead wished to be put into Signal Academy so that she may prevent what happened to her from happening to others. Throughout the years at signal, she was noted for having a surprisingly upbeat attitude and an air of friendliness about her. After graduating from Signal and being accepted into Beacon, she was placed on her team, all of whom would one day be professors at Beacon, and began her training immediately.

Through the years of pain, struggle, happiness, heartbreak, strange events, and triumphs, Titania kept her kind personality with her and be a beacon of friendship to everyone. She graduated near the top of her class, along with the rest of her team, and as such was awarded the honor of visiting each of the four Kingdoms. With a heartfelt goodbye, she left her teammates and moved to Mistral for many years. While in Mistral, she acquired something of a longing, not just for her teammates or for Vale, but for Beacon. During their fifth year apart, her old team met up in Vale as a reunion. They all made the decision to become teachers at the school  that had taught them so that they could train the next generation of protectors. And everything from then to now is, as they say, history.

Personality: Titania is, usually, a kind woman. She treats her students and others with the respect they deserve unless they do something that would take away that respect. She does enjoy being around and conversing with other people, teachers, students, humans and faunas all alike. In the classroom, she is much less kind, not strict or mean, but she does treat the classroom as a place of learning that must have a certain decorum present while in it. After years and years of training and becoming one of the longest lasting teachers in Beacon, she has learned to be patient with students and coworkers alike. One thing she does not tolerate is discrimination or hate among the students while in the classroom. While she views outside of the classroom as a place to be able to express your views freely, even hateful ones, she will punish any who try to insult another student before or after the match. Though she is kind to all of her coworkers on the outside, there are those among them whom she dislikes as well as some she likes more than most. Her original team, for example, she treats as close as family, especially Alban, who was her leader back in the day. Though she does try to act kind to those she dislikes, there are times when she needs to act stern with them and will if need be.

Combat Behavior:
- Agile in swordplay
- Quick Witted
- Extremely advanced dust manipulation
- Excellent Aura management
- Very strong Aura
- Able to use semblance to block concentrated Dust bullets
- Long Range
- No armor
- Does not have high endurance
- Cannot block highly long range or large caliber bullets
- Combat relies on her having a stronger Aura
- If Dust is taken away from her, she is almost as weak as a student.

Aura and Semblance: Dust Manipulation - Titania's semblance allows her aura to resonate so well with dust that she nearly has complete control over it. When she is a 30 meter range of any form of dust, her aura connects with it automatically and with little tax on her aura use. When presented with powder dust, she can cause it to float freely, controlled by the movement of aura, cause it to activate remotely, and even stop it from activating altogether. When presented with the crystal form of dust, she can only start a reaction and stop a reaction. When in the presence of one whose aura is weaker than her own, which is likely, she can control their own dust even if it is protected inside of containers of a weapon.


Name: Midsummer's Respite

Primary Form: Midsummer's Respite, or its shorthand name, "Summer", is a single form, one-handed sword. Starting from the bottom, the pommel of the hilt is actually a multi-dust chamber compartment. The pommel fold open and a small canister of dust is inserted into one of the six total slots inside the hilt and the pommel folds shut. Once inside, a mechanism in the hilt will puncture the top of one of the canisters and start to cycle the dust throughout the sword through canals in the metal, allowing it to exit through tiny pores on certain areas of the blade, this allows the blade to take on the element of the dust that was inserted (Examples: Fire Sword, Ice Sword, Lightning Sword).  Alternatively, Titania can use her semblance to control the dust flow and causing it to exit the pores without activating. This allows her to either weave the dust through the air and use it as a proximity weapon or discretely put it on opponents before activating it remotely. Titania can. likewise, fire dust missiles at a long range to achieve more versatility in battle. The exist pores are all located in areas of the blade that are colored such as the symmetrical set of bird wings on the base of the blade, the diamond shape at the center of the blade, and the tip of the blade which are all colored green. The hilt is a green colored metal adorned with golden V's that wrap around the hilt to help grip. The cross-guard is two symmetrical, green butterfly wings with golden highlights(similar to this).

The entire sword itself is somewhat similar to this design.: ShowHide

History: Titania had originally created a somewhat simple staff, Oberon's Regret, that similarly expelled dust for her to use her semblance on for combat. However, during a mission in her fourth year, the staff was snapped in two by a rogue hunter that her team had been tasked with taking down. Once the mission was complete, Titania spent days in the Beacon workshop creating this weapon and has used it faithfully ever since.

Approved Characters / Zabar Aga
« on: September 11, 2016, 08:55:45 PM »

Name: Zabar Aga

Age: 18 - Born Saule 10th, 62 AC

Species and Gender: Human male


Occupation: First year student at Shade Academy

Appearance: 510 162 lbs. Zabar was born with dark brown hair but the sun of the desert has since bleached it into the dirty blond scraggly mess that it is now, he has orange eyes, and has a muscular build, born from the months of labor hes been through. His family was one of the original tribe members of ancient Vacuo and as such, he has a dark tanned skin. He has some unshaven hair along his chin and upper lip, but not enough to be a full beard or mustache. He commonly wears a large brimmed cowboy hat to protect his head from the beating Sun. During his time at Oasis Academy, Zabar was given a chance to design his own armor and weapon, he chose to design an outfit that would provide protection from the harsh heat of the desert and decent protection against attacks from enemies.

After spending several months scavenging for parts, Zabar had finally found enough parts to work with to make his armor. He had designed a hybrid of knight armor and cowboy apparel along with a cooling system throughout the outfit.  He wears a normal everyday long sleeved shirt underneath everything to be more comfortable and because he has no arm protection aside from his weapons, but over that he wears a chestpiece of a discarded piece of Scav armor. This armor allowed for a rigged cooling system to pump cool air throughout his body. Over that, he wore a dusty orange and brown buttoned shirt and a brown leather belt with a bronze buckle. He also wears a pair of dark brown combat pants and black boots with steel heels and tips, though they can be removed if need be. Over top of his shirt, he wears a large orange and gold poncho that sweeps around his back and right arm and shoulder. The poncho can be removed quickly and easily if need be.
Outfit inspiration: ShowHide

In preparation for a trip to Vale by his history class, Zabar purchased a heavy winter coat to wear for the colder weather of eastern Vytal. It is light grey in color and has a fur lining inside. A belt hangs around the waist to be used if need be. The coat itself is extra padded and is able to protect Zabar from much colder weathers than the Valish winter, even going as far as to be useful during the icy Atlesian winters. Zabar later had his symbol stitched into the back of the coat. If Zabar needs to fight while in his coat, the gauntlets will extend over it, protecting the arms of the coat from damage.
Winter Coat: ShowHide

History: Zabar was born the fifth child to one of the old families of Vacuo on the 10th of Saule. His mother and father were both ex-hunters who had settled down into the teaching profession at Oasis. His grandfather, Uli, sat on the council of Vacuo. His two of his brothers and one of his two sisters had all gone out and started training to become hunters and huntresses, either already graduated or nearing graduation by the time he was born, while his remaining sister trained to become a professional scavenger. Because of all of this, Zabar had always dreamed of becoming a hunter or scavenger and hunting through the wastes and ruins of the Sunkissed Sands, fighting Grimm and discovering buried treasure. Unfortunately, he was an unruly and impatient child when he was young and went out into the wastes several times with his friends, none of whom had any way to protect the group. Zabar knew of a rarely guarded section of the wall near the northern edge of the city and led his friends out several times to visit the wastes beach, which had a few ruins, cleared out long ago by scavengers.

One day, while one of his friends was climbing to the top of one of the ruined towers, he spotted it across the wastes; the border between the desert and the jungles and forests to the north. They had all heard the stories of the north, dense jungles and forests jam packed with Grimm but they had also heard of the bundles of fruits and vegetables and beautiful flora that the green woods held. They all knew their parents would never let them try to cross the wastes, they wouldnt even allow them to be just outside of the wall, in the ruins. In spite of this, they all knew they wanted to go there, the chance to see something other than the orange sands and beating sun was too great to pass up, so they made a plan. Theyd leave in two days time, after getting some water to bring with them, and theyd cross the wastes.

At first, everything went fine. They got through the wall easily enough, and theyd gone past the ruins, the furthest theyd been before. But, of course, they were children, there was no way they could have made it across the desert, even a short trip from the north of Vacuo to the jungles above. They werent far past the ruins that they heard and felt the rumbling. At first, they assumed it was just the shifting of the sand under them and maybe the wind picking up. They were quickly disproved, however, as a Landshark, a large worm-like Grimm with many rows of teeth, shot out of the ground and started moving toward them. The children screamed, and ran, as children would be expected to do, and started to run back to the ruins for protection. As they ran, one of Zabars friends tripped and fell to the sands before quickly scrambling back up and dropping the water that was on his back.

Just as they were at they made it to the ruins, the Landshark swung around in front of them and blocked their path. It reared its jagged toothed mouth up to strike and shot downward toward Zabar and his friends, but before it could reach them, they heard a gun go off, and the Landshark fell to one side before shooting off toward where gun had been fired from, one of the ruined towers. Just then a hunter appeared next to them and told them to run back to the wall. They did. They ran faster than any of them had run before as the hunters behind them fought and killed the Grimm.

Back at the wall, a group of city police and two more hunters were waiting for them. They were all in a very large amount of trouble but were alive, and thats all their parents cared about. However, while he didnt know how his friends felt, Zabar had never felt so alive. From that moment on, he knew he had to make his dream of exploring the wastes and going to other lands a reality.

Once he got into Oasis Academy, he knew he was one step closer to achieving his dreams. Every day, he studied what the desert was like. He learned its history, its Grimm, its dangers, he learned first hand what one of the infamous elemental storms were like when one blew through the city, though thankfully his family could afford a retractable house and they were safe from the storms wrath. He learned out to perform combat in the desert, how to use it to his advantage. Every day, he dreamed of leaving the city and exploring the wastes, and he knew exactly how to achieve this. Oasis. They trained hunters and scavengers there, he knew they got to go out on missions to the wastes from his siblings, and at the end of his final year at Oasis, he was accepted into the Academy.

Personality: Zabar is, foremost, a determined young man, though you would never know that. While he is determined, hes also exceedingly lazy, opting to avoid issues rather than deal with them if they arent important enough. His family is one of the most wealthy in the Kingdom, but he never let that affect him, he stayed humble and grounded. It is very rare to see him angry, at least visually. He is extremely adamant about becoming a hunter or a scavenger so he can leave the city, though part of him desperately wants to stay within its walls.. Hes pragmatic, he isnt afraid of asking others for help in his quest and is actually happy to work with others. He is excellent with dealing with situations under pressure and will be one of the last to lose their focus on the task at hand, assuming it is important enough to Zabar. While hes happy to accept challenges, he doesnt get angry or upset if hes scrutinized. If its something he believes he deserves to be scrutinized for, hell listen and usually agree. If its someone trying to talk down to Zabar for no reason, hell just try to casually deflect the remarks.

Aura and Semblance: Reversal Shield
Zabars aura comes out a bronze color. It was unlocked in Oasis Academy along with his semblance.

Zabar has the ability to form a shield of his aura in front of his hands. These shields are visualized by the air in front of his hands shimmering and wavering.The shields are able to stop projectiles shot at him and have the ability to, once the shield is released, fire the projectiles back to where he is aiming his hands. He can stop anti-personnel and handheld weapons. He cannot, however, stop large weaponry fired from things such as military vehicles with only one hand. He can have, at most, two of the shields up at once, one for each hand, and can move them while he has his active. He also has the option to bring the shield together to double the stopping power and range. The less projectiles he has stored up in his shield, the further he can fire the projectiles. The projectiles fired use the semblances own propulsion, and not the propulsion of the projectile fired. That is, if an assault rifle was fired into the shield and a sniper round was fired into the shield, the sniper round would be fired the same distance as the bullets, not a separate distance. Inversely, if only a sniper round is fired into the shield, Zabar can concentrate his aura and fire it a much further distance. The more projectiles in the shield, the lower the accuracy as well. If many projectiles are in the shield, it will come out as a scatter shot with a specified target, but it would be like firing a shotgun at someone. With only a few projectiles in the shield, he can accurately fire at a target with the projectiles being extremely accurate with their aim. At its longest, the shield can last a full 40 seconds before being automatically released, firing the projectiles back. However, Zabar can cancel the shield at any time and fire manually. He can also choose to disable the propulsion and just let the projectiles drop to the ground, if he wants to. While in the shield, projectiles with a "front" such as a bullet or spear, will turn around to face where he is pointing. The shield does not affect actual melee attacks but can affect thrown weapons. It can stop pure dust based attacks, though it causes things to grow more complicated. If the attack is something like fire, the shield will suck it up into a ball and when fired back it will explode on impact, the same is true for pure lightning attacks though the explosion is electrical based. If the attack consists of solid dust attacks, such as ice spikes, they will act as thrown or shot projectiles and fired back accordingly. Any pure Dust attack puts an extra tax on Zabar, though more often than not its not enough to break the shield.

Combat Behavior: Zabar is heavily focused on hand to hand combat, and always tries to get close to his opponent. While he does have his weapons for mid-ranged attacks, he is also very skilled at brawling and simply duking it out with the opponent. He isnt the fastest on his feet, but he is fast enough to react to most Grimm and people, though his only defense past his, reasonably strong, aura shield is his metal gauntlets that extend up to his shoulder. He uses his weapons both as a tool of destruction and also as a way to block attacks, and will go as far as to grab the opponent's weapon with the gauntlets metal hand in order to stop and attack. However, Zabars weaknesses come out when his opponents are faster than him, or purely long range. If his opponents are faster than him, he may not be able to keep up and wear himself out or he may not be able to block fast enough. With someone who is purely long range, he will be able to utilize his semblance to attack back, but only for so long and if he cant get close to them, he wont be able to do any serious damage. Inversely, if someone is purely close range, he will be in his element, but he wont be able to utilize his semblance.
- Has a strong aura and can take a lot of punishment
- Heavy hitting
- Not good against purely long range
- Excellent at close quarters combat
- Able to grab enemy weapons with gauntlets
- Fast
- Skilled with his aura and semblance


Names: Ukum and Zu

Primary Forms: Ukum and Zu are identical, silver gauntlets that extend from Zabars hands, all the way up to his shoulders, protecting his both arms. The fingertips are all pointed into a sharp tip at the end, allowing Zabar to use them to scratch or cut others, but most often theyre used for punching in hand to hand combat. At the top of his right bicep, and extending up to the shoulder, Zabar had bronze implemented into it in the shape of his symbol, a hawk. Both the armor that extends up his arms and the sharp claws can be retracted at will, so that when normally walking around, he appears to simply have armored gloves. Due to their use with dust affects, the gauntlets have been insulated and reinforced to prevent Zabar from freezing, burning, or shocking himself.

Dust Functions: Along the arms of both Ukum and Zu, there are slots to insert dust canisters into. These canisters let the dust flow through the arm to the palm of the hand where there is an outlet, that lets it act as a short range dust-thrower reaching a few meters outward. The gauntlets currently have a maximum of four canisters in each arm

Fire Dust - The gauntlets act as a flamethrower.
Ice Dust - The gauntlets shoot out ice dust particles that activate after coming into contact with something, causing it to freeze over.
Lightning Dust - The gauntlets can shoot out bolts of electricity.
Kinetic Dust - The gauntlets can shoot out bursts of propulsion dust so that Zabar can dash to avoid and attack.

All of these functions can also be applied passively to the gauntlet and, by extension, the arm though Zabar only uses fire and electric Dust. That is, with fire Dust, the gauntlets become scalding hot and with electric Dust, they becoming electrified. He can also insert as many different types of Dust as he wants at once and cycle through them in combat.

Zabar also has the ability use his semblance and gauntlets in unison as a jury rigged Semblance Catalyst Focus. When using his semblance and collecting projectiles, he can use his gauntlets to coat the projectiles in the dust of his choice, causing them to have an element effect upon contact.

History: Ukum and Zu were both made at Oasis Academy in Vacuo.

Approved Characters / @0Ei{ К
« on: September 11, 2016, 08:54:14 PM »

m: @0Ei{ К

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Gr : G963ο


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hr墆r h: ShowHide

H阮r:  B;eTwΜLG(d3+){yP'U}DP%y-Gyc$`[ZDB)jB2 +s\˿C۝h<ecpBy uN$jeʞ-Ԩ"%٩ᴵV{}jz5 <ʩr\iC]O˨T5kநX/lykE|"z"O8n%dU1qvp< 1dÕ4 ?( ЙՅ31J M#c7ݔFQ@ILrX =hq
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Worldbuilding / Worldbuilding "Rules" & Information
« on: September 11, 2016, 08:35:55 PM »
Welcome to the NEW Worldbuilding Section! Posts not yet approved are marked with a thumbs down symbol. Posts that have been approved are marked with a thumbs up symbol. Worldbuilds that have yet to be approved exist in name only. That is, you can have a character from there, and they can say they're from there, but there can't be any plots or story relevance for the place.

This is not a definitive list of rules. In the end, the WB staff are here to tell you "Yeah, that works." or "No, that doesn't work, change it or convince me otherwise." You have mostly free reign.

Are you interested in building up the world your characters interact in? More specifically; do you have an idea for a business or corporation that exists on Remnant? A place of ruins on the outskirts of Forever Fall? A locale outside of the four Kingdoms? A landmark to discover, or one that is a remnant of the past for those to find their way home? Along with a plethora of other ideas that may come to mind-- this section is for covering the creativity of developing Remnant beyond what the show supplies us!

Worldbuilding helps us develop the locales and ideas of RWBY that either haven't been introduced to us, or explain reasoning of things behind the curtains of the show so that we may convert our ideas into text. It's what helps separate from and grow along side the developments of the show at times, and add longevity to the stories and ideas here as a whole. You will not find a template here-- this section is free-form considering the weight of your ideas. We are entrusting you to form something from the ground up with your creation, so feel free to create a strong backbone for the ideas you have. Before you get too wild, however, we do have some rules and guidelines for you to follow below:

Section A: General Rules for Worldbuilding Creations

I. Worldbuilding Projects may not be Kingdoms, and may not surpass the power or size of a Kingdom.
    While we like to give everyone unrestricted access to create sprawling utopia's free of Grimm, it would be trumped and run into developing issues as new ideas are presented by the show over time. We are considered a fanon-level site, which means we still have respect to the canon of the show, but add additional explanations and features that may or may not be apparent for role playing reasons. Your Worldbuild project will not annex a Kingdom for itself, take over a canon Kingdom and reign over them, have an army or size vastly superior to a canon Kingdom stamp them off the map. On the same hand, Kingdoms have plenty of means of staying on the front-end of technology, and are economically well off to be considered the superpowers of Remnant. These areas have withstood the test of time in canon, so to trump them would just serve as a future disservice to the show or any developments that may happen with them.

II. No landmass creation.
    Remnant is very, very big. There is plenty of landmass to develop your Worldbuilding location on-- so much that we do not need any created space to accommodate new locales for the time being. Utilize the space we have now. The moderation team holds authority on the development of landmass in the future, if there is not enough space to accommodate projects.

III. No micromanagement or macro-management playing.
    After much deliberation of the systems involved with Worldbuilding in regards to population size, military size, Lien values, and other numerical values that may require a system to promote balance, we have decided to take a stance that numerical values should be kept as vague as possible when it comes to describing certain aspects of your locale. We also are taking this stance early to address the potential of a powercreep between Worldbuilding locations, as newer creations will always have an upper hand versus older locales in terms of developing higher and higher population, military, and economical caps.

    An acceptable example: The population of Vale is considered to be in the millions, per a recent census report. Millions is intentionally vague for a role-play aspect and perfectly acceptable for a description-- considering population shifts and migration to new locales, plus any other deep thinking some users can muster up, a vague term allows us some floating room in terms of specifics.

    A not acceptable example: The population of Vale is 2.8 million. 2.8 million is incredibly direct, and now forces you plus everyone else to keep track of population size when it comes to say a baby boom era, or catastrophic event. This now places an unnecessary system on those involved, and adds more chaos when a new locale is created with more population, and you want to now match this new numerical threat to your zone.

IV. Worldbuilding location threads need to be posted in the correct continent sub-forum, when acceptable, and must be tagged appropriately.
    Pretty self explanatory: if you make a location in Vale, your threads must be posted in the Vale sub-forum. If you make a location on the Vale continent, your threads must be posted in the Vale sub-forum with a tag denoting it belongs to your Worldbuild; like "Mr. Port's Wild Ride [Vale]". The availability of sub-forums for Worldbuild projects is not guaranteed for everyone; moderation reserves the right to designate a sub-forum as they see fit. Do not request a sub-forum.

V. You must have the creators permission to utilize a Worldbuilding creation, unless stated it is free use in the created content.
    Common courtesy here; someone poured a lot of effort into hatching an idea, putting it to text, and going through the approval process to have something come to fruition. You should ask the creator of an area if it is okay to create a character from it, or use it's location in a thread either for setting or as a mention, to make sure you don't do anything that may contradict the created zone.

VI. Before you get to work on your project, PM a Moderator at some point and let them know of your intentions. Make a note in your submission of the Moderator you contacted at the top.
    This is a very important guideline and rule. In the past, there have been attempts to have people contact a moderator before creating something. It wasn't strictly enforced, and led to a lot of overlay and conflicts in terms of creations and placement. In the weeks leading to Reboot, we've gotten the impression to expect a few re-submissions and whole lot of new submissions. This rule will now be strictly enforced the day Reboot goes live and until further notice. Our policy is one unique Moderator contact per submission-- example, you are submitting a Vale location and a Worldbuilding location, you must contact two separate Moderators.

    Worldbuilding Locations -- you must contact either someone on the Worldbuilding team -or- you must contact someone in charge of that Kingdom with an intention of creating a locale. This allows everyone the team to know of something to expect, and information can be relayed ahead of time if there is any conflict of interest with the submission, a plot or plan in progress with the intended area, or the go ahead to post the submission to the sub-forum. It is up to the moderators digression to provide assistance, review, or offer suggestions to a project -- do NOT expect all moderators to walk you through the creation process!

    Failure to make contact with a Moderator may result in the denial of the Worldbuild creation indefinitely.

Section B: Worldbuilding Expectations

Before you begin, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want out of your project. The Worldbuilding section exists to extend and breath life into the setting of RWBY as a way of creating a believable, bustling Kingdom through the creations of businesses, parks, stores, and corporations-- to the areas far beyond the borders of Vale, where other stories untold by the surface of the show exist to be explored. While there is nothing wrong with creating something for yourself, keep in mind that there is an expectation for your creation to interact with it's surroundings. This is Worldbuilding after all; you are adding something to the world that everyone here interacts with everyday. If you feel like your project is in benefit for only yourself-- for example: creating a location to have your own 'exotic' character attending Beacon, creating a large conglomerate in your characters family name for an affluent background, creating a business that only your character seems to know of it's existence-- please reconsider going back to the drawing board, or collaborating with an existing or new project to explore your needs.

With that out of the way-- the second expectation of you: "How?" Ask yourself this all the time; 'how did this business come together?', 'how long has this team of Hunter-turned-lawyer been together?', 'how did the origins of my area start?', 'how did my Worldbuild reach this level of technology?'. Your submissions will probably be asked a plethora of questions over it's existence, so having answers either available in description or ready to go as the questions come will be immensely helpful in making a believable culture and existence on Remnant.

On the subject of details: detail! We love detail here! We really love very important details! While images and charts are wonderful, visual creations that can say a thousand words-- we rather you take the time and effort of spelling everything out for us! This IS a role-playing site after all! Your creation must be able to clearly and coherently express an idea, thought, concept, culture, locale in text! Anything that can describe your culture, business, building-- we want to know it! Do your people only eat certain dishes? Are the employees treated fairly? Is the bar doubling as a smuggling site? How has your culture survived as long as it has? To give an analogy-- think of your project as an iceberg! On the surface, things may look small, but below the surface is miles of ice reaching into the oceans, vastly bigger than it's outward appearance!

There are some new requirements, depending on your projects submission and the steps you take after:

  • If you (the author of the project) are submitting a character from your region...
    Your Worldbuilding project must be approved first before the submission of your character. Your project must now contain a 'Character Creation' post that details things like features and traits that make this character different from those that would come from one of the four Kingdoms-- you may use what you need from the Character Creation template for creating a sheet, and you must have some kind of guide to the creation process. This is where details such as naming schemes, areas of influence, or physical features should be mentioned (or mentioned again) so the Worldbuilding team has a clear idea of what the populace looks like. This section should also provide enough information to the Character Approval team for accepting future characters from this region.

  • If you (the author of the project) are submitting technology seen as 'exclusive to' or 'created by' your region...
    Your Worldbuilding project must be approved first before the usage of technology in any form or mention of roleplay. Your project must have a detailed 'Technology' guide that explains things like 'how?', 'why?', and 'what?' the technology is-- if you write this as exclusive to your Worldbuild, you -must- have a very convincing argument on how the four Kingdoms are unable to obtain or simply replicate the technology available to you. We are pretty much in the age of 'MechWarrior' in the show; means of acquiring or staying on the front of technology seem to be readily accessible to everyone on Remnant through either contracts, trade, or a spread of knowledge. Detailed guides help the Worldbuilding team understand and gain knowledge how your technology came to exist and operates on Remnant. This guide will also provide enough information in case the Character Approval team must check with a project for a character using this technology.

  • If someone else makes a Character submission that uses your creation...
    This character now requires three approvals; the typical two-person approval from the Character Creation staff, plus your approval as author of the Worldbuild. In your approval, if changes need to be made or you have questions of a change request from someone on Character Creation staff, please make sure your requests are detailed in your posts on the characters page so there is a reference for future submissions. While it is immensely easy to contact some members over mediums like IRC, Steam, and Skype to discuss changes and expectations, there is a level of detail that is also required by the Character Creation staff in order to have an understanding of your project. Having a paper trail of these discussions will allow more accurate ideals for these characters and faster approvals in the future due to having some references.

And last but not least, activity and presentation. This is an outside influence in our decision-- you are given a lot of responsibility when your Worldbuild is approved, which is why things may come across as being critical or daunting when it comes to this section. Characters are much simpler in process to write out or have fade away in the event of a disappearance or abandonment. Worldbuilding is not. That's why at times we may become choosy on what gets approved-- we have factors to consider such as quality level or writing, level of activity on the site itself, or the ability to reach you in the event of questions needed.

If you are quite new to the site, you may be able to get a few locales created for Kingdoms, but Worldbuilding an empire in the frigid Atlas tundra might be out of the question until you've gained some staying power. Are you are known to erratically disappear, or have some chain-of-command we need to go through to make contact with you? We might be hesitant in allowing your creations to exist if we are going to have to clean up your toys in a few weeks after your stay. We are holding the expectation that you and the creations you make will be maintained and active in some way after it's approval; abandoning projects may lead to us assigning someone else to the location, or re-purposing ideas left to us in a way of salvaging what you are leaving behind.

Character Editing / How to Edit an Approved Character
« on: September 11, 2016, 08:32:16 PM »
Need to edit your character? Follow the steps below to get started!

  • Read all the steps! There's like, four.
  • Post in this thread with a link to your character profile. A copy of the character will be made in the profile, and then the profile will be moved to this board.
  • Make edits. Once finished, post in your character profile and describe the changes you made as best you can. Please be descriptive so we can quickly check the changes and move the character back. If you do not post and let us know you edited your character, we won't know you edited it.
  • The profile will be looked over and moved back to the Approved section. If there are major changes that require further review, we will discuss it with you.

Easy, right?

WiP Characters / What Belongs in WiP?
« on: September 11, 2016, 08:30:58 PM »
WiP is for profiles that people need help with to create. It is not a place to store character profiles of characters you never move to character creation. If you want help on a profile and plan on using it, you're in the right place. If you plan on never using the profile and you're just storing it here, then you are not in the right place.

General Discussion / Suggestions & Complaints
« on: September 11, 2016, 08:24:54 PM »
Submit any suggestions or complaints here. If you have complaints about another user, please contact the staff directly.

RPG Rules & Information / Getting Started!
« on: September 11, 2016, 08:22:54 PM »
Welcome to RWBY-RPG!

This is mostly a collection of places on the site which have important information. You aren't required to read all of it, except the rules!

  • Rules: Read 'em. All of it! They're pretty short and most of it is standard stuff. If you think its too long or anything, youre gonna have a bad time on a website where all you do is read things. Here's the link. If you get lost, the bottom of the rules has a link back here.
  • Chatroom: We have one. It is a discord server, located here(Discord link). If you are not familiar with Discord, we have a simple guide up that can help you get started. It's very easy to join and we'd love to see you there! We do a lot of chatting about characters, worldbuilding, and just general banter(and memes if you enjoy those). Join us!
  • Character Creation: This is probably the main reason you're here. We have some rules for creating characters, but they're shorter than the rules you read a while ago. At the Rules & Template page, you'll find a short list of rules, followed by a very long post with gigantic piles of information about RWBY, Remnant, and anything that is unique to our website. This information is designed to help you create a character that fits well into the RWBY universe. The template page is very informative, make sure you take a look!
    • Teams. If your character is a student, that means he's on a team. This board will help you figure out how to get his team situation sorted out.
  • [WIP] Worldbuilding: [WIP]The show has given us a world with a huge amount of potential, but it can't show everything about the world, and we all as writers want to develop more of our alternate universe. Some people may be permitted to design their own land or region of Remnant for use by them and others. Limitations apply. Worldbuilding can be found here.

Character Creation / Re: Character Template and Rules
« on: September 11, 2016, 08:10:41 PM »
Template Guide

This template provides information about each section of the template and is meant to be a guide for you when creating a character on the website. Each section has generalized information followed by situational and region specific notes. You are not expected to read every word of this document. Only what you need. Don't be upset if staff tells you to check something here you didn't read though.

Do note that we use this guide to assist us with reviewing characters. It is periodically updated with new information.



  • In general, anything goes.
  • Color-based names are encouraged, but not required.
    • Monty Oum's Naming Rules. Following these rules is encouraged, especially for younger characters as this trend has only grown in popularity over the years.
    • Ozpin spoke of the origin of names based on color.
      Quote from: Ozpin speech, S2E8
      We fought for countless reasons, one of which being the destruction of all forms of art and self-expression. And as you are well aware, that was something many could not stand for. As a result, those who opposed this tyranny began naming their children after one of the core aspects of art itself: color. It was their way to demonstrate that not only would they refuse to tolerate this oppression, but neither were the generations to come. And it was a trend that is held to this very day.
  • If your character has a nickname, include it here so others know what to call your character.
  • Aliases and Titles: Carefully consider giving your character an alias or title. If they have one, you need to explain who calls you that, and why they call you that. Or perhaps it is a self-imposed title. If your character is called The Black Knight for no reason other than to be cool, dark and/or edgy, you dont get to have that title on your profile.

Regional Information: ShowHide

Vale: From what we've seen of the show, Vale seems to take influences from a futuristic victorian era Europe, though it seems it has influences from multiple other locations.

Vacuo: Vacuo history and the ancient tribe that founded the Kingdom is based on Mesopotamian cultures, naming conventions, and language.

Atlas: The main Atlesian governmental structuring takes heavy inspiration from European countries, most of which are affluent in manner. Although the aristocracy may not be the most prevalent social class, many wish to be as the affluent aristocrats, often taking names that sound, well, affluent.

Mistral: Mistral history is based on Greco-Roman cultures, naming conventions, architecture, and language.


Your characters current age. We use alternate names for the months of the year, and have a customized timeline.
  • January - Niege, French for Snow
  • February - Amare, Italian for Love
  • March - Klever, Russian for Clover
  • April - Arashi, Japanese for Storm
  • May - Huā, Chinese for Flower
  • June - Saule, Lithuanian for Sun
  • July - Hitahita, Maori for Impetuous
  • August - Tulikuuma, Finnish for Scalding
  • September - Machlud, Welsh of Sunset
  • October - Zinnober, German for cinnabar
  • November -Saaral, Mongolian for Grey
  • December - Frost, English for Frost

Overview of World History timeline.[Note: Timeline is WIP, these historical dates may change, but the current year should not.]
2 AC - End of the Greyed War(War on color, etc)
40-43 AC - Faunus Civil War
80 AC -  Age of Color, Present Day, Day 1 Year 1, etc

Academy Students: The typical age to enter Beacon Academy or an equivalent school is 17-18. A character may be older, but if they are younger, then your story must be very well constructed to back it up and will likely require special permission.

Gender and Species:

The two most common genders are Male and Female. Others exist, but less commonly than the most common genders. Because theyre the most common.

Characters may be either Humans or Faunus. Humans are more common than Faunus. Though it is less prominent in some parts of the world, Faunus have a certain level of prejudice and racism directed toward them. Keep this in mind and take it into account as you create and play your character. Many humans are uncomfortable around Faunus, and the reverse may be true as well. Faunus typically find it harder to accomplish their goals/tasks when many humans are around, due to this mistrust and prejudice.

When creating a Faunus, include the animal species they are based on. There are no prohibited creature base types for Faunus, but there are restrictions on what traits you can take from them. See the appearance section below.

Regional Information: ShowHide

Atlas: Faunus are heavily discriminated here compared to the rest of the world. They are rarely found in positions of note and can be often found in poverty ridden areas or working in dangerous professions such as Dust mines.

Mistral: Faunus and humans have equal rights in Mistral, though due to the White Fang's involvement in Mistral, most faunus are generally mistrusted by humans and vice versa.

Vacuo: Faunus are much more common in Vacuo compared to the rest of the world, and as such as discriminated against less in this region.


Many characters in RWBY have a symbol that represents their character in some way. They are not required but can add a unique flavor to the character. You may describe the symbol, or include an image. Symbols may also have names! Obscenely large pictures should be resized.


What does your character currently do?

Combat Academy Students: Make sure you include which academy they attend, and what year student they are. At Beacon Academy and equivalents, students are assigned to a team of four students. You may choose who your teammates are, or you may post in the Hat Draw thread and have your character randomly assigned to a team with other characters. Whichever you choose, you can also sign your team up to have an initiation event run for them.

Combat Academy Teachers: As with students, make sure to mention where they teach. Teachers/Professors are much like any full hunter character with one notable difference. In order to stop anyone and everyone from having a teacher at every academy, permission from the staff is required before making them or posting them. Simply send a message to one of the current staff members, not Vox, and ask if you can have a teacher. They should bring it to the rest of the staff and have an answer fairly quickly or within a few days depending on who's on.

Regional Information for Combat Academies: ShowHide

Vale: Signal Academy and Beacon Academy train Vales Huntsmen and Huntresses.

Vacuo: Oasis Academy and Shade Academy, the respective equivalents to Vales schools.

Atlas: Atlas Academy is a single combat academy run by the military. Here, both soldiers and Huntsmen are trained for up to eight years, replacing the two school system the other Kingdoms have. Upon graduation, all students are heavily pressured in various ways to join the military.

Mistral: Sanctum Academy and Haven Academy, the respective equivalents to Vales schools.

White Fang/Villains: Villains or generally evil characters may choose to hide their identity. A character's history may be fabricated, or have information left out in order to keep your villainous deeds concealed and to provide a sense of mystery and paranoia to the world. Should you choose to do this, you must send a private message to Dr. Gustave with the true profile.
  • White Fang members share similar ranks with the army, ranging from Private to Marshal. Characters may only be created in the enlisted ranks unless they possess Huntsmen grade training, in which case they may be ranked up through the Warrant Officer ranks. Higher ranks require special permission from Dr. Gustave.

Example of other occupations:
Bounty Hunter

Regional Information: ShowHide

Vale: WiP

Vacuo: WiP

Atlas: WiP

Mistral: WiP


Character appearance is probably read more than any other section by others. Make sure you detail it well enough so everyone can get a good picture of what your character looks like. Remember that while you have a picture of your character in your head, others can only create that picture with what you write in this profile. If you want people to see your character the way you see it, make sure you describe it well!

Faunus: A Faunus is a human with a few biological alterations. They are not anthropomorphized animals. Do not cross the line on this chart, except to have the features listed below.

Many faunus have near heightened senses such as hearing or night vision. In addition to these traits, you may choose up to TWO alterations from this list.
  • Ears
  • Tail
  • Eyes
  • Horns
  • Wings
  • Skin
  • Claws
  • Tongue
  • Teeth/Fangs

A note on Wings and Skin: With wings you can glide just fine, but you cannot fly. For skin, do not cross the furry line. Light patches of fur or scales is fine, but make sure you're watching where your character is at.

Height and Weight: These two things are very commonly used, and are often given exact amounts. So here are a few tips on picking them. First, search the internet for something like, Height to weight ratio and you will get a plethora of sources to help determine the proper weight for a character at the height you want. Also, remember that muscles weigh MORE than fat does. If your character has well developed muscles and very little fat, they wont be particularly lightweight for their height.
  • Not everyone is tall. And you dont have to be tall to be cool. If you pick an obscenely tall height, you need to have it be relevant to the character. They can't just be tall for talls sake, and the tallness needs to be included in your profile beyond this section. Additionally, don't be short for shortness' sake either. Make sure, if they're unusually short, that it's a part of their actual character and not just a trait. Normal sized people are cool too. Note that the worldwide average adult human height is 173 cm (5 ft 8 in) for males and 160 cm (5 ft 3 in) for females.

Face Claims: If you use an image for your character, you MUST describe your character still. An image is not a replacement for a proper description.


The History section is often the lengthiest and most difficult section to write. Strong knowledge of the world of Remnant can help tie a character into things. We have a [LINK?]worldbuilding section that contains information on both canon locations such as Vale and Vacuo, and Fanon content unique to this site.  You can use the information here to build a backstory and tie your character into the world. This is important because if your character is from some village nobody has ever heard of, and has done a bunch of things nobody has ever heard of then nobody is going to be able to relate to your character. You wont be tied to the world. Youll just exist. Here is a list of current locations. Worldbuilds that have yet to be approved exist in name only. That is, you can have a character from there, and they can say they're from there, but there can't be any plots or story relevance for the place.

Remember that details make your character more interesting, and paint a clearer picture of your character. However, there are many things that would have happened in your character's life that are minor and have little to no impact on their character. Filling the History section with many things that don't really explain your character makes the section long and often boring. Keep the details meaningful. Nobody cares what your character ate for breakfast yesterday, but if they eat the exact same thing for breakfast everyday because their parents demanded it would bring them good health, that could be important as it could shape their personality or mannerisms.

Relative Realism: Remnant is filled with monsters that, for unknown reasons, seek to destroy all life. They are cruel and evil and heartless creatures. Many characters and heroes have fought them over the ages, but that's likely because they received training and/or experience. Children are not naturally able to fight without these things. We don't believe that an eight-year-old could slay -insertbeastiehere-, and neither should you. Be realistic with your design, relative to the world of Remnant.

Occupation: Your character has one, probably. Make sure that your history flows into that profession. If your character is a student at Beacon, they need to have followed proper procedure to get to that point, for example. If they're a baker at a shop in Vale, did they obtain Baker training from the Institute of Baking? I hope so!
  • Combat Academy Students: All schools have two primary ways of being enrolled.
    • Attend a combat school such as Signal Academy for 4 years and then transfer to the Advanced Academy(i.e. Beacon Academy) with sufficient academic and combat scores.
    • Take the Enrollment Exam, which typically has three parts: Academic Test, Sparring Test, Live Combat Test.


Along with how or why your character acts a certain way, the Personality section must also include a few lines about your characters mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses. This section comes after the History section because a characters history very often will shape their personality. If major events happened in your characters past, how does that affect their personality today?

If your dark and gruesome sadist had a tragic past, this is a perfect area to tell us how this makes them unflinching at the sight of gore, but the mental scarring causes erratic behavior. Someone's cocky, overbearing personality might be worth a mention as a plus for them to usually be convincing outwardly of their various deeds, but only as a faade for their insecurities within. A traumatic experience eating coleslaw might mean your character hates the sight of mayonnaise. That time your character saw a famous hunter and got to shake her hand could've marked the day you decided to become a Hunter or Huntress... but led to perfectionism or stalking tendencies, with the goal of becoming your idol.

Semblances: A semblance sometimes ties into personality. For example, Yangs semblance causes her eye color to change from purple to red when she is visibly frustrated or angry. Ruby likes to dash around at high speed when excited over anything.

Faunus: Faunus often share some personality traits with their base animal. For example, Blake has a particular liking of fish.

Aura and Semblance:

Note: This is a complicated topic. Please make sure you detail what your character is capable of doing as clearly as possible.

Aura is a life force that runs through all living creatures. Humans and Faunus are able to gain control of their Aura, which helps them survive in the world. In general, Aura can be activated by anyone with only little training or practice. In its basic form, it may appear as a thin barrier around the user when they concentrate or activate their semblance. Its color varies based on the user.

Passive Benefits: Most characters that have had their Aura unlocked can benefit from the following effects:
  • Shielding: Aura forms a protective barrier around the user and their equipment, protecting them from harm.
  • Regeneration: Aura can increase the regeneration rate of the body. Small cuts can heal in only a few moments, but larger wounds still require more time to heal.

Aura Training: With proper training, characters can gain access to additional skills. These skills require specialized training in the use of Aura. They are not something that all huntsmen or students can do. Use of these skills are typically taught in Huntsmen Academies.
  • Detection: A 'sixth sense', the ability to detect nearby Grimm or Aura. This ability is always vague, and cannot grant specific details such as number of targets, or exact location.
  • Strength: Aura can increase the force of your physical attacks, allowing you to perform great feats of strength like cutting Grimm in half repeatedly.
  • Blast: A wave of force can be emitted at a short range, damaging and knocking back targets.(Example: Lie Ren vs. King Taijitu, V1E6)
  • Shield:The user can form a shield of aura in front of them to block attacks. This is not an impenetrable shield but it is tough to break, offset by its short lifespan.(Example: Lie Ren vs. King Taijitu, V1E6)

Semblance: Semblance is a projection of one's Aura. It is a single ability that often reflects one aspect of a character. An obvious example of this would be someone who enjoys playing with fire could have the ability to manipulate flames. The ability can also be inherited through family.

  • Semblances are powered by Aura. However, it does not directly drain one's Aura reserves. Using your semblance is similar to using muscles to perform physical labor. It tires you out. Use it often, or in some very powerful way will cause fatigue.  (Example: Weiss casting many glyphs at once to help Ruby scale a massive cliff and decapitate a giant bird. V1E8)
  • Semblance abilities vary very widely, but follow some general guidelines. Through the use of a Semblance, Aura can:

    • be given a physical form. Example: Creating shadow copies of yourself to take hits for you like Blake.
    • be expelled as a varying form of energy. Examples: Throwing a fireblast, or moving very quickly like with Rubys Speed Semblance.
    • be manipulated as an entity. Example: Controlling short duration clones that explode on contact like Sun Wukong.
    • alter the physical properties of other entities and objects. Examples: Moving an object with telekinesis or repairing them like Glynda. Pyrrha moving objects with magnetism.
    • change its own physical properties. Examples: Creating a fire aura around the user, or causing unarmed strikes to deal fire damage.
  • BannedRestricted Semblance Abilities: These are general concepts that are not allowed for characterslikely to be approved.
    • Mental Manipulation: This includes effects that alter or directly affect anothers mind. Mind Reading, Mind Control, causing fear, etc. Effects based on the senses(such as creating illusions) are allowed.
    • Semblance Copying.
    • Aura Drain and Anti-Aura.
    • Manipulating another's Aura against their will
    • Time Travel. Slowing, Speeding, or briefly stopping time may be more acceptable under some circumstances.
    • Hammerspace
    • Creation Powers. You cannot create a hammer made out of a physical matter. This one is still completely banned. You can create a hammer made out of Aura, which would dissipate when you let go of it or ran out of Aura.
      • Aura Constructs do not have consciousness, and cannot make decisions on their own. They will follow instructions given to them by their creator, however.
    • Obviously Overpowered Abilities. Invulnerability is an example.
    • This is not an exclusive list. There may be other things not on this list that are not allowedlikely to be allowed.

Vox Edit: I've wanted to do this for a long time.

Semblance Catalyst Focus: Some Semblances can be infused with Dust. A good example of this is in No Brakes(S2E11), when Blake used Dust to create various elemental clones. In order to do this, your semblance must be Augmentable(It has to make sense that your semblance can gain various properties), and you need a Semblance Catalyst Focus or SCF. Blake in the above example used Catalyst Foci given to her by Weiss.
     The most common type of Focus is a cartridge. They can be shot from a weapon much like a bullet, however, instead of a projectile being fired, the user's semblance is instead augmented with the Dust. These type of Foci only last once before they must be recharged/reloaded, just like a bullet. Some other concepts besides cartridges: Buttons on a shirt, a necklace, bracelet, key chain. They all work once(Unless they have multiple parts. A necklace with 5 pearls on it may have 5 uses). Once a Focus is expended, it may be recharged.

  • Caster: A caster is someone who is skilled enough in the use of Dust to augment their, or their allies, Semblance directly and without a Focus. A canon example of this is Weiss. She augments her Semblance, Glyphs, with various types of Dust to create a wide variety of effects. Ruby, Blake, and Yang are NOT casters. Add another example?

Dust: Dust is an energy source used to power just about any piece of technology in Remnant. It is also used extensively in combat, ranging from augmented bullets to augmented semblances to dusted based weapons such as flamethrowers or swords that release blades of wind. There are four types of Dust that may be combined in varying ways to create a massive array of effects, such as, but not limited to, fire, lightning, ice, wind, repulsion, and propulsion. It is commonly found in two forms: powder and crystal. Crystalline Dust is unrefined but much safer to handle in crystal form. It is also less potent. Powder Dust is far more dangerous to handle without proper care but equally more powerful. It generally must be carried in special containers or weapons designed to carry it. Failure to do so may result in explosions.

Dust is an energy source. It is not a battery, and cannot be recharged. However, energy cells that are powered by Dust can be refilled, assuming you have more Dust.

Creating & Mixing Dust: Training, delicate handling, and specialized tools are required to create specific types of Dust. Because of this, the vast majority of Dust users purchase their own Dust ammunition or canisters. This is a skill taught to 3rd-year students at most Advanced schools such as Beacon Academy.

Glamour: Dust can be cosmetically applied to clothing and equipment. This effect gives a wide range of purely decorative effects, from sparkles to shininess to what have you. These effects can also provide minor, non-combat based benefits. Adding Ice Dust Acrylics to your clothes can help keep you cool in the hot deserts of Vacuo, for example.

Infusion: Infusion is the archaic and highly dangerous system of utilizing Dust in combat. One can infuse Dust with their clothing, or even directly to their skin in order to gain the benefits of it. This is a wildly dangerous and painful practice that, while not outlawed, is very rarely practiced. The advent of technology has allowed for safer applications of Dust in combat while maintaining the same firepower, or in many cases increasing it. As such, the benefits of infusion do not outweigh the disadvantages. Infused dust is known to spontaneously combust if hit without aura shielding, inflicting significant damage or death to the person wearing it. Infusion also does not grant abilities/attacks that technology cannot already create.

If your character infuses Dust, you need to very clearly explain why they do it, why they don't use technology(which is safer and more powerful) and how they are still alive.

Combat Behavior: Along with explanations of your characters prowess and ability in dispatching others, you must include weaknesses that may lead to their downfall.

Your tall, towering behemoth of a brawler has no problem bashing in a few skulls... but getting in range might be slow for the lumbering oaf they might be. Speed might be your forte, but are you sure you aren't sacrificing protection in order to stay a step ahead of an opponent? While we all strive to be the greatest Hunter, Huntress, or impervious survivor that ever lived on the face of Remnant, everyone has in some form a weakness that is a detriment to them. Detail those here.


Name: The name of your weapon. If you plan to have multiple weaponry, you can copy this section as needed to detail each weapon and its forms.

Primary Form: Describe the appearance of your weapon and what it is capable of doing. Thanks to people wanting to wave around broken science in a dick measuring contest, high tech weapons are now based on a trust system. That is, if we trust you enough to make it, you can have it. In addition, if a weapon is deemed to be OP, or overpowered, it is denied. It doesn't matter if it exists in real life or not.

Secondary Form: If your weapon can change forms, describe how it does, and what its new form looks like and can do.

Tertiary Form: A weapon can multiple forms, but it has to make sense. A weapon that has three forms pushes the physical limits for a transforming weapon. As such, this is the maximum unless you can argue having an additional form.

Dust Functions: If your characters weapon utilizes Dust in some way, explain how here. Are the rounds you fire Dust rounds? How do they work? Do you have multiple types? Or, does your weapon function like Weiss Myrtenaster?

When explaining how your characters various Dusts work, remember that the effects of the Dust is what is important, not the type of dust or element used. Dust can be combined in many, many ways to create a very broad range of effects. If you wish to apply a color to the type of dust, thats perfectly fine, but its a visual note. All yellow dust is not the same, for example.

History: This section should include information regarding how this weapon came to be. Was it forged by the character? Where? When? Why was it designed the way it is? Why is it named the way it is?

RPG Rules & Information / RWBY: The RPG Rules [Updated: 2017-4-20]
« on: September 11, 2016, 06:15:57 PM »
Rules & Guidelines

Notice: Website staff may dispense justice to anyone for any reason the staff deems necessary. These rules are general guidelines. Just because it is not explicitly stated here, doesnt mean it is allowed. Consider your actions and be considerate to others.

General & Common Courtesy

  • Dont be a dick. Come on.
  • Use common sense. Everyone here is a human. Be mindful of others when discussing sensitive topics or using explicit words. Be polite when asking people to post if they haven't posted in a while.
  • Dont assume. If you have a question or need help with something, ask the staff.
  • No advertising. You are welcome to spread the word about our site, but currently, we do not allow any advertising on our site.

Posting & Roleplaying

  • No cheating. Dont be lame. Your character is not invincible, or a god-like being, or anything else that can equate to those. Characters can be injured and perish.  The world is a dangerous place and it is literally out to get you. Because Grimm. Everywhere.
    • Main Characters: Your character may be the main character of his or her own story, but there are many, many characters in the world. Nobody's characters should have plot armor or be generally protected from the world in any way.
    • On Combat Prowess: If your character is a first year student at Beacon, their skill level should reflect them being a first year at Beacon Academy. A 4th year should have an advantage against you, and a graduate should have an even larger one.
  • Canon Characters. Canon characters do not exist in canon threads. You may play with or as canon characters in the non-canon section, but not in canon threads.
  • Be descriptive. Add details to posts to add color the current setting. As with characters, others can only imagine things based on what you write. Ask for clarification if something doesnt make sense to you. Describe how your character does something.
    • Realism. RWBY is a complex and action-filled world. Generally its easier to perform great feats in this world compared to real life. But do not go over the top. Things you create should fit within the world of Remnant.
  • Consider the situation. Your posts should reflect the happenings of previous posts. Actions have consequences, both good and bad. When describing something your character does, consider what actions may typically resolve from the situation. If your character is robbing a bank, somebody is going to respond and generally try to stop you. And in RWBY, it may even be one, or several of the bystanders.
  • Respect time. If you can imagine the previous posters character spending five seconds doing what they did, your post should also consume about the same amount of time. This rule is especially important during time-sensitive situations such as combat but can be very flexible depending on the situation.
  • Follow thread-specific rules. If theres a posting order, abide by it. Combat systems, such as monitoring hit points and dealing damage and the like are possible and solely up to the thread creator.
  • Tag threads appropriately. [Open] means anyone can join. [Closed] means only those with permission. [Event] is restricted to staff run threads. [Vale City] is a location tag, letting people know where your thread is happening without having to read it. Tagging locations may help others find threads they can join. Otherwise, you may create your own tags, but make sure the tag name is understandable by others. Untagged threads are considered open, so be careful.
  • Non-Player Characters. NPCs are controlled by those who introduce them into a thread unless prior arrangements are made.


  • Avatar and Signature. Your avatar and signature should not be unpleasant to look at. Consider others. No animated images, refrain from overly large text or long signatures, as they take up space.
  • Advertisment. If you want to advertise something you have to send a message to staff first and there's no guarantee that we'll okay it,.

Plot Zone / The Vytal Tournament Event - Final Sign Up [Event] [Closed]
« on: September 11, 2016, 06:11:46 PM »
NOTE: Seeing as we've moved boards and everyone needs to have characters re-approved, you are allowed to submit entries for characters not yet approved or submitted, as long as they will be ready by the 18th.


Blip-bloop! "Welcome one and all once more to the Vytal Festival, this year located in urban Vale!" The message on the scroll reads. "This is the fortieth biannual Vytal Tourney and with it, each of the Kingdom's councils have agreed to revamp the rules so newcomers and veterans alike, pay attention. Instead of a single bracket included all years and all match-ups, we've spread out the action between a maximum of twelve brackets, though we suspect some may gain much more attention by the cameras than others. The brackets are as follows: One for each year in 4v4, one for each year in 2v2, and one for each year of 1v1. You may participate in all three of these bracket types, for example you and your team can participate in 4v4, you and your teammate can participate in 2v2 as well as the other members of your team, and you may participate in 1v1 as can the rest of your team. After the champion of each bracket is decided, a bonus round where all four years converge will commence. This means that there will be 1st years V 2nd years and 3rd years V 4th years, with the winners moving up to the bonus finals. This means you have not one, not two, not three, but six chances at championship if you participate in all of the bracket types as well as the bonus rounds. Along with the revamp of the rules, this year we are proud to announce another new bracket type, 'The Huntsman's Bracket', exclusive to graduated hunters and huntresses that decide to stick around in the city long enough to participate in matches. We will also be increasing the amount of Field Effects that can be chosen at the start of matches, including new fields like mist, or fields rich in specific kinds of Dust.

We hope to see you all there this year and remember to keep your weapons cleaned, Dust stocked, and aura charged!
" Signing off...

Alright folks, this is it. This is what the god awful first initiation and less awful but still bad Vytal Tourney Practice event were training us for. A well and true tournament arc. There are some rules I need to clarify on from the above statement so let's get right one that.

Most important rule: You may have the same character in each of the bracket types but you cannot have more than one character in the same bracket type. That is, I could not have both Malina and Zabar in the 1v1 bracket. This is still in effect even if they are different years. The only time this rule is overridden is in 4v4 if you have two characters on the same team.

4v4: Matches are estimated to have a very low turn out but that doesn't mean we won't allow them. Even if only a single team is submitted we have a way to make it worth it, which we be explained below. That said, only OFFICIAL TEAMS may participate in this bracket type. This means the team you were assigned to by Atlas/Beacon/Haven/Shade and you MUST have all four members agree to participate in the round. How to enter will be addressed below.

2v2: This is expected to have a good turn out. Good as in "Not so many it gets hard to manage." As stated before, if you participate in either of the two bracket types, you can still participate in this bracket with the same character that is entered in either of them. If you have two characters on a team they only one can be in this round.

1v1: This is going to be super busy. It is possible that not everyone gets in, dependent on how many entrees are received. Once again, only one character allowed, regardless of year.

As stated before, even if one team/double/person enters a bracket, we have a way to make it interesting, and that way is Staff conducted NPC teams. Now don't think that if you get an NPC team then you'll pretty much have an auto win, they are still tough opponents like any other player character and have weaknesses that must be exploited. These NPC teams will MOSTLY come from Atlas/Haven/Shade since 99% of entrees will likely be Beacon based.

Staff members will play the parts of referees in this tourney,though we will still participate. We are there to both make sure matches run smoothly as well as to work a check, if someone decides to challenge a post.

The matches themselves will run off a similar system to that of the practice tourney, you both start off with 100% aura, attacks must be given a % damage value, it is up to the other person to decide whether or not they would hit and are responsible for taking the damage (unless an autohit penalty is required.). If you feel that your opponent has made an unfair attack value or dodged unfairly, you must contact a referee and we will determine whether or not it was unfair. If it was, the post must be edited to what we deem to be fair.

In matches, it is required that you post within 5 days, if you don't and do not send a notice to BOTH a referee and your opponent beforehand, you will be given an autohit penalty. That is whatever attack was in someone's post before you didn't post will automatically hit. If there was no attack in the post, one may be edited in. If you do not post in 3 days without notice following the auto hit, your character is disqualified. If you think tou won't be able to post for 8 days at any time during the tourney, do not sign up.

These rules count for everyone, normal members, minions, moderators, and admins. Do not be afraid to talk to one of the staff is anyone is breaking any rules.

Below I will show the proper way to sign up characters per brackets.

Discuss/ask/suggest things here,107.0.html


4v4: Team RWBY Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long

2v2: Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long

1v1:Yang Xiao Long

Huntsman's Bracket: Qrow Branwen


2v2: Malina Nahuatl and Carmine Santiago (Hopefully)

1v1:Zabar Aga

Character Creation / +1'd Characters
« on: September 11, 2016, 06:05:31 PM »
Post in this thread with a link to a profile that you have approved, but still needs a second approval.

Character Creation / How does Character Reviewing Work?
« on: September 11, 2016, 06:04:23 PM »
Getting Approved

Your character needs two others to approve your profile before its accepted. Before that, they may suggest changes or tell you of things in your profile that don't make sense or don't work. If you wish to defend or debate your profile before making the changes, its your decision. We can often be convinced to allow some things if more details about the subject are added, but not always.

Reviewing characters may only be done by someone on the list of Staff members and Assistants below.

Any Staff Member, per this list.

Once your character has two approvals, it will be moved to the appropriate Approved Characters section. You should edit your signature to include a link to the character. The steps below may help guide you through that process.

Step 1:Copy the link to your approved character from your URL bar.

Step 2:Locate the Profile button in the bar along the top of the webpage. It looks like this.

Step 3:Hover over "Modify Profile" and select "Forum Profile" from the drop-down menu. It will look like this.

Step 4:In the signature box at the bottom of this page, type in the following, substituting my character link and name for yours. Like this.

Step 5:Hit change profile. All done!

Work in Progress Characters

We have a Work in Progress board where you may post profiles that you are still working on, or would like to have others help you with. All members of the forums may review characters that are WIP, however all comments in this board are unofficial. Exercise caution when reading reviews in here.

Once you think your character is ready, repost the character in the main board as a full profile for review.


If you need to edit your character after they have been approved, go to the character editing forums.

Character Creation / Character Template and Rules
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Character Creation Rules & Template

  • Originality. Don't copy characters created by others. This includes characters on this site and characters from other sources. Create your own unique character. Alluding to a character or theme is acceptable.
  • Details. Your profile is used to give other's an image of your character. They cannot see what you imagine your character to be, so you should describe and detail your character so accurately and concisely so they have as clear an image as possible.
    • Strengths and Weaknesses. Character flaws are often what make characters feel unique and complete. Nobody is perfect, and playing off those flaws can lead to interesting and good writing. Both personality and physical flaws should be present, and they should be remembered when playing the character.
  • Consider what you are writing. You should research aspects of your character and learn more about them. If your character has one green and one blue eye, you should be able to explain why their eyes are like that beyond the "cool" factor. Adding details creates a character, but describing those details, how and why they exist, are what make the character complete. Being knowledgeable about these things will make your profile and your in-character roleplaying feel more real and be more interesting.
  • Damage Values. Tournemant style combat threads have combatents auras listed out in "meters" from 1-100%. Attacks in these threads are made with the damage value added to them so that the other person knows how much they should take. Do not add the damage values for weapons and semblance in your profile, damage depends on more than just your personal character! In a battle you need to consider the environment, situation, your opponent's aura pool, etc. Decide on values then, not now.
  • Template. Use of the template is required. Alterations may be made, such as adding new sections or removing ones that do not apply to the character. When editing it, make sure to keep the formatting consistent for ease of reading.
    • Limit. One character in character creation at a time. If you have a good reason to post more than one at the same time(Example: Twins/siblings), ask the staff on Discord, or via Private Message. You may have a character in character creation and a character in WiP, or multiple characters in WIP, but not more than one character in character creation.

Template. Copy and paste it into your profile to begin.

Code: [Select]

[b][u]Name:[/u][/b] Sample Text

[b][u]Age:[/u][/b] Sample Text

[b][u]Species and Gender:[/u][/b] Sample Text

[b][u]Symbol:[/u][/b]  Sample Text

[b][u]Occupation:[/u][/b] Sample Text

[b][u]Appearance:[/u][/b] Sample Text

[b][u]History:[/u][/b] Sample Text

[b][u]Personality:[/u][/b] Sample Text

[b][u]Aura and Semblance:[/u][/b] Sample Text

[b][u]Combat Behavior:[/u][/b]  Sample Text


[b][u]Name:[/u][/b] Sample Text

[b][u]Primary Form:[/u][/b] Sample Text

[b][u]Secondary Form:[/u][/b] Sample Text

[b][u]Tertiary Form:[/u][/b] Sample Text

[b][u]Dust Functions:[/u][/b] Sample Text

[b][u]History:[/u][/b] Sample Text

BBCode Basics

The following code, when placed in a post will output the results below. Not that the character's name and age are placed AFTER the [/b] tag.
Code: [Select]

[b][u]Name:[/u][/b] Kirkka Scarlet

[b][u]Age:[/u][/b] 30


Name: Kirkka Scarlet

Age: 30

If you need further help with BBCode, try googling it. There are many websites with guides to help you learn to use it. The buttons above the post box can also give you the code so you have no need to memorize it if you don't wish to.

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