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     Ayaka needed no introduction but as expected the annoying announcers somehow came up with some random gibberish to spout out once again. Weeb? What  the heck was a weeb? If they were going to praise...or insult, if that was an insult, they should be straight to the point and use much more common words.

     The arena was laid out before her and, despite its smaller size to the other sets, again held biomes. Though urban settings weren't really biomes at this point. Urban and river, almost similar to a normal town except much smaller. Much much smaller. Unlike her previous fight there was now more cover, meaning more areas to set her wires. Her eyes glanced over the structures and then the river, and decided that she'd use the buildings for cover if needed.

     Catalina showed up at the opposite door, her next opponent, and it was evident he was not the direct type. Smaller of frame compared to other boys, a gun, and body language that suggested he wasn't all that melee proficient. As per usual Ayaka walked towards the center, approaching Catalina with a steady gaze, and tilted her head at the offer of a handshake.

["Hello Ayaka! Would you like to shake hands before we start?"]

     Nearing the center herself she shook her head, "The match has started, that's all that matters. Save the formalities for till after you give a proper fight. if you give a proper fight." Her eyes darted to the rifle. If the match is going to be full of bullets flying she swore she's going to make it hurt.

     In the next instant it flashed white from her sheath.

     She picked a position nearer the buildings, opting to keep the river in front of her and the buildings nearby. If Catalina was to run towards them he'd have to go through her first, and unlike the much more urban setting, the river sets looked rather fragile. With one hand on top of her katana's hilt Ayaka drew a lightning fast draw cut as she activated judgement cut. A flying slash of energy hurtled towards her opponent in a white-hot arc, not actually glowing but evidently a product of her semblance. The move wasn't unfair. It wasn't at all cowardly. He should have expected such a reaction and if all that arena sitting he did was worth a cent, he should have picked that up as well. 

     Running towards him right behind the slash, Ayaka aimed to close the distance with her nodachi drawn and her mind sharp and charged the boy with the intent to win.

Aura - 100

Semblance Slash - 7%(Projectile attack)

Beacon Academy / Re: Starting a rebellion [RBLS]
« on: October 31, 2018, 06:39:50 AM »
     Shiroe had to diffuse the situation somehow otherwise the team would fall apart before they even finished introductions. Racking his brain he looked quickly at his oven, neatly in the corner next to the other cooking materials and fridge and got an idea.

     "Why don't we continue this conversation after a quick snack?" he offered, walking in between the group with a much practiced smile on his lips. "Reggie, go..wash your hands. You probably came back from training or some other duties." Playing his words carefully as to not give him too little credit he wanted to have Reginald do something other than pick fights while their new teammates started settling in. With that done he walked over to his oven, checked the cupboards for ingredients, then pulled out a bag of flour, some eggs, sugar, vanilla, and chocolate chips. Unlike other dorm rooms, Shiroe preferred to have his furnished fully with at least the bare minimum required for cooking. Though his definition of minimum was but shy of that of a full restaurant. If he had more space he'd put an island counter in the middle as well, but alas he couldn't keep everything in one place. Heck, he probably outshone the cafeteria in some equipment at times. Where some would have a microwave, he had a functional oven. Some would have a water boiler, he had a whole set for preparing tea.

     "Speaking of...What would you ladies like for a drink? No alcohol, presumably." He asked, now surprisingly with an apron on and his hair swept back in a ponytail. He opened some jars and found the leaves he needed, their aroma tickling his nose. "Earl Gray fine enough for you guys? I forgot Reggie's preferences, though I wonder if he doesn't have something for himself already."

     Not caring less about the liberation of his arm, thinking it had to be temporary anyways, Vermilion pressed on. He blocked the incoming spear strike with his weapon's bulky mass, angling the attack away from him as he summoned a spear in hand and made a counter jab of his own. "Maybe you should give up, save yourself the beating." He taunted, stealing a view at Vivan's side of the fight.

     She'd probably owe him if he assisted, wouldn't she? Besides aren't team fights supposed to be coordinated anyways? With that in mind Vermilion summoned another spear and soon after had it speed towards the annoying archer girl to distract her. Being used to his spears' multiple angled possibilities he performed it but a moment after his counter attack.

Attacks -
     Stab - 6%
     Flying spear - 7%

Aura - 64

Approved Characters / Re: Zaffre Latya
« on: October 15, 2018, 09:38:12 PM »
Simple and Sweet. I like it.


     Vermilion felt weightless for a moment, and then suddenly heavier. The sensation was unnatural and all he could think of was how this punk managed to throw him off his feet. His weapon felt heavy, his body felt heavy, almost as if there was some gravity dust in place somewhere.

     However, he saw no dust. Not a spot a speck of dust as he was thrown forward, and his mind flew back to his spears. There they were, floating in midair where he left them. And then, they were gone.

     Red aura dissipated as he called off his spears and whilst he flew, he activated his piledriver to spike into the ground, seeing as how it was already practically careening downwards in the first place, and stopped his fall then and there. Next thing he knew the scrawny punk was ramming something into his side.

     Pain flared at his side as he felt the blow land and he even expelled some of the air in his lungs as he gasped. So he grinned.

     "Looks like you got it in you after all don't you, blondie?" he groaned, pulling back the piledriver's spike as a spear formed in his hand. Planting his feet back on the ground Vermilion lifted his weapon and aimed it at his attacker, a near point blank strike as he spun and released a pilebunker strike for the scrawny one's torso.

Aura - [64%]

Attacks -[Close ranged Piledriver - 12%]

    Things weren't going to go well unless they did something about the fog, Shiroe thought. Though familiar to the cold, Shiroe never did venture too much in poor weather, it was unheard of and frankly suicidal if not for the controlled conditions.

     Being a few feet away from Reggie, Shiroe couldn't react to Calen's attack. The fog made it hard to see, and unfortunately, also hard to hear with the blizzard and all Shiroe could make out of the whistling over the sound of icy gusts was the occasional toot. Reggie seemed to be perfect bait, unironically enough. With his loud nature and rather striking coloration it seemed like he was the opponent's first pick.

     Racking his brain for a plan Shiroe grabbed a hold of a vial of gravity dust and started forming a rune on it, he didn't have much of this type, being a rather complicated mixture, but if it meant this or clearing the fog he'd prefer the former.

      He stayed quiet in the blizzard, keeping Reggie in sight but not in his immediate vicinity to avoid being a larger target. He heard the whistling again, now coming from a different direction. Were they circling them perhaps or were they spread out? It was disorienting but after a little thought it made sense in this weather and lack of visibility. At the next sound of a whistle Shiroe tossed the vial ahead of the sound, wondering if they really were circling or just spread out and moving. It wouldn't reveal his position, thankfully, unless they came close enough, but it would cause enough of a disturbance to at least disrupt their rhythm.

     Not a moment later whilst in midair, the gravity vial exploded, or rather imploded on itself in a rather dark explosion of gray and black. Air and snow jerked towards the epicenter of the explosion and quickly dispersed right after, wanting to normalize, and should be able to knock someone off their feet if they strode too close.

     Keeping his sword ready, Shiroe prepared a force rune on his legs, readying to lunge from the disturbed fog should the opponents reveal themselves. Should the fog clear, even for a split second in that area, he hoped that Reggie would open fire and draw them closer with his jeers and taunts.

Aura - 100%
Attacks - Gravity Implosion - 8% if caught in radius. Fall damage not included

     It's over. She won. But for some reason it felt like things were just beginning.

     With one last flourish and a flick of her blade, Ayaka sheathed Swallow's Bane and offered a short bow to Akel. Although not one to gloat she couldn't help but smile. "Not bad for a farming tool, you fight well." She managed, her smile disappearing as she saw her sidearm laying in the dust.

     Masamune needed cleaning, being covered and dust and some remaining flecks of ice, and probably some resharpening as well. Knowing that this wasn't the best way to treat her sword she couldn't help but notice that without dropping it she could have lost the fight at that moment. The tiniest factors could determine a duel, but at the same time sometimes they determine the outcome of the fight before it even began. She sighed, wiping the blade off with a cloth before sheathing it, moving her much more massive sheath to her back as she comforted in the familiar presence of its weight by her waist.

     There was clapping, as expected, but given her performance she felt like it was undeserved. Some of those claps, were definitely from future combatants. She shook her head, not wanting to linger in the crater filled arena and began walking for the exit. There was much preparation left to do for the next fight.

     A successful hit and a counter strike later, Vermilion found himself blocking Avery's strike with his free arm as he pulled his weapon back. The strike was nothing, sure it damaged his aura, but after training with Hannah and Vivian this felt like nothing more than a tickle. "You're going to need to hit way harder than that if you want to beat me." With a scoff and a twist, Vermilion shoved the blade to the side and engaged his weapon's transformation sequence.

     Steel slid against steel as Vermilion's spear compacted into its pile-driver form, and Verm readied for another strike. If one simple spear strike could hold his opponent back certainly a pile driver in the chest would utterly crush him. Snapping his fingers, Vermilion formed four spears behind Avery, their crimson points hovering in midair to threaten his back.

      Vermilion gave no pause, however, and pushed forwards, slamming his piledriver forwards towards Avery's chest with a piston powered spike, a deafening metallic slam indicating the weapon releasing its payload. In the corner of his vision he spotted Vivian release a hail of bullets, seemingly holding her own against the annoying one. That was good, he thought, but perhaps he should join in on the fun later. Maybe he'd get a kick out of picking on the skirmisher again.

Aura - [76%]

[Spear trap (Immobile.) - 2% if Avery backs into them, probably more if he jumps back.]
[Heavy Piledriver - 10%. Heavy attack, but has a reel in.]

     Ayaka didn't have to look at the displays to know that she had little aura left. Feeling her sword parried she decided to end the fight with something different.

     The girl learned that not all opportunities presented themselves as she wished. She learned that the hard way. Plowing through the wishes of her family, and taking what pain she needed to make her own way. That's why she took up the sword. The way of the blade wasn't absolute however, and it always evolved. If she only thought with the sword, only moved with the steel, there would be  gaps in both offense and defense. That's why she used her semblance, to make due for her lack of range. Her wires to trap and ensnare, and her body, to move and protect herself.

     A good solid hit was all she needed to win, and the same was practically true for her opponent as well. Despite that, she waited until the last moment of Akel's stab, staying out of range until the bat-faunus triggered the transformation. Ayaka acted fast and stepped forward sliding the scythe upwards against her kote(vambrace) and simultaneously slashed with her sword.

     Steel grated against steel and Ayaka felt her aura get chipped as she parried the large blade. Fortunately, despite her aura taking damage, the kote dulled the pain and she went forward with her attack. With one last shout, Ayaka dashed forward with a massive dash, sweeping her long blade as swift as she could while staying outside of hand to hand range.

     The air stood still as she activated judgement cut once more, and the slash arrived not one moment after, painting the air a white hue as the air rended from her attack.

Aura: 21%

Attacks -
[Slash - 7% - Replicate -7%]

Beacon Academy / Re: Starting a rebellion [RBLS]
« on: September 29, 2018, 02:00:59 AM »
     Slowing to a trot, Shiroe finally made it to the dorms out of breath, but not out of mind. His chest heaved heavily as he walked towards their room, the door to it wide open, and the unexpected lack of shouting took him by surprise.

     Clearing his throat, Shiroe rapped on the wooden door as he approached. It seemed as if Reggie had already started a bit of an altercation but he made it just in time to prevent further escalation. "Hello." Shiroe started, "I see you've met Reggie. Apologies if he was more than a little rude."

     Shooting a knowing look at Reginald, and then at Akel, he realized what the arguing was about. Akel and Lilla were strangers to Shiroe but he knew about the former from Reggie's occasional rants and mysterious beatings.

     "Forgive me, I forget myself." he added, "I'm Shiroe Pendragon, and just like Reggie over here I used to come from Atlas. The rest of our team disbanded for a myriad of reasons but I trust that doesn't lower your opinion of us any more than this little quarrel did." Shiroe spoke in a surprisingly calm tone, given the treatment of his teammate. But given who exactly it was, he was of course, more forgiving. Making his way into the room he pulled out his scroll and looked at both Akel and Lilla. "Apologies, your contact info. If I may. Being in the same team it's only necessary that we have each other on speed dial."

     I know right? Professor Nox sure is an odd one. Kei voiced in her head. Much as she'd like to gossip about their teacher she knew that she had another objective in mind.

     Engaging the students with small talk, Kei wondered what was taking the professor so long. It had been roughly an hour since he left and there was no sign of him coming back. So much for questioning him, though something told Kei that Professor Nox wouldn't be much of a conversationalist anyways. A few more minutes passed and Kei decided to do some more investigating. Resisting the urge to pick up a shiny, probably expensive, piece of machinery, she left the door open and motioned for the other students to follow her outside. "How bout a little free roaming. Not like the boss is anywhere in sight. Besides, the car smells like grease and...burnt hair..."

     The train continued speeding on through Forever Fall's lush red brush. Petals scattered here and about as the train approached and the sun began its descent from its place in the sky, indicating that it was just a few minutes since noon.

     Kei missed lunch, apparently, having been investigating the trains here and there, and after the grimm attack earlier she completely forgot that there was a supposed to be a food trolley coming by soon. She was used to hunger, though, and she'd steel her resolve through this missed lunch. She wondered, however if the students would follow. Surely they'd be a nuisance, but they also provided more than one person to start shooting at if things went awry. Tilting her head at her schoolmates, Kei blew her whistle in a sharp rising tone and motioned for them to follow.

     Dust crates littered the flatcar she was standing on. Thrown about and some of them leaked vials and raw dust. Luckily a few clean up drones were already at work, picking up vials and sweeping up dust. One even had a vacuum and froze when it accidentally sucked up too much ice dust much too quickly.

     There was roughly several thousands worth of Lien on this car alone, and Kei wondered why they wouldn't care about losing this much cargo. As she walked, she stubbed her foot on one of the medium sized crates, and to her surprise, it just lightly slid away.

     "Empty." She murmured, kicking it again for good measure, then tapping it to confirm it was hollow. "Why would they be carrying empty crates along with some full ones?"

     The door to the next car was just a few feet away now, and Kei had a headstart ahead of the students. It would be locked for sure, so she had to be quick with her picks.
     Despite her getup, she didn't get to swipe any important looking keys from the engineers back at the front. The ones at her waist opened the passenger cars easily, some of the engine cars, but something told her she'd need a bit more than a key to open the high tech looking one in front of her. Palm scanners and heavy bolted locks in place of a simple keyhole. Atlesians, always the geeks. It was simple enough, she thought. All she needed was some talcum powder and something smooth and flat. She had some laminated papers, part of her getup, all she needed was some powder.

     "Hey, you kids don't happen to have some powder on you right now, do you?" She asked, skipping back to nearest one, "I'm building up a bit of a sweat and a lil powder always helps lower the stickiness a ton."

     Ayaka moved out of Akel's scythe range the second she saw her swing, unfortunately due to her range she couldn't bring her sword up in time to block the gun shot. Pain stung as her aura flared to the hit but she was used to the pain by now, especially with the last throes seemingly within reach. A crude shoulder bash came after, and somehow a gunshot (how?) to which Ayaka responded with by breaking off her wires whilst dashing backwards, easing her blade, and deflecting the shot; Ayaka moved her blade quicker by grabbing the flat and essentially holding it like one would a staff. Another cut came in and she caught it with her blade, stabilized by her half-swording. The follow-up shot caught her in the chest but she ignored the pain and maneuvered the oversized farming tool's sharp side away with her better leverage. With her parry, Ayaka saw an opening after the shot and extended her arm, stabbing straight for Akel's torso then following through with a light cut upwards.

     Replicating her attacks with her semblance, Ayaka activated judgement cut and continued the attack behind Akel, at her blind spot as she threatened her front. However, instead of waiting for judgement cut to finish, Ayaka pressed on and cut again in a massive arch, a threat that would catch anybody trying to simply move away. Ayaka aggressively pushed to end the fight within the next few seconds, vowing to do better than what her team showed during the last tourney. ALIA seemed but an Alliance by name, but perhaps with her display she'd send a message to her oft absent teammates, and persuade them to work harder, go on some actual missions, and maybe not be one of the least active teams in all of Beacon. 

Aura: 29%

Attacks -
[Stab -5%. Light cut - 3%] [Judgement cut - 5% + 3%]
[Wide Slash - 7%]


Beacon Academy / Re: Starting a rebellion [RBLS]
« on: September 23, 2018, 02:42:26 AM »
     Paperwork was always a hassle, though a welcome one at that. It gave time to think, to ponder, to think of things other than what one's scroll was playing. Even if Shiroe was technically not filling out paper forms per se, he was still just browsing over the new documents he had to fill online regarding the team transfers.
     It was odd, how often people's teams were changed. New transfers happened almost monthly, people leaving almost twice as frequent, and Remnant-forbid a casualty or crippling injury seldomly. It was obviously hard, training to be a huntsman, but it was not without its dangers. Sheltered as they were, students at Beacon faced challenges normal people usually wouldn't ever dream of. Atlas took top spot with regards to strictness, and even with Vacuo's more free spirited arrangements it was no joke that Huntsmen Academies ran people dry.
     Shiroe sighed, wondering how long this team would last. Would a boarbatusk-headed teammate of his finally get over his own pride, or would he end up quitting like the rest of them? It was surprising, no doubt, that Reggie lasted as long as he did, especially compared to the others in the former team MARS. But perhaps that was just the thing. He was too stubborn to quit. Shiroe chuckled, finally finishing off the forms at the records area and checked the time.
     The dull hum of electronics and the occasional holo-call in his surroundings didn't bother Shiroe at all, but after checking the time he realized that the new team leader of team RBLS wasn't where he was supposed to be.
     Dust it. He quickly picked up his scroll from the access terminal and heard a faint beep as he was automatically logged out from the device. He had no time, two girls had just joined his team and they were left with no one but Reggie in their room.
     This is a disaster, he thought, scratching his head as he picked up the pace and reached the wooden door leading to the hallways. The dorms were still a ways away but running down the halls wasn't exactly frowned upon. Who knows, maybe Reggie didn't completely turn everyone off and they didn't quit.
     No, he shouldn't take the risk, as much as he liked the monotonous hum of the records area he didn't want to have to fill up forms for yet another team because of 'irreconcilable differences' within the first hour.
     Breaking into a sprint he ran for the dorms area, apologizing to some professors he passed, though most didn't give a second glance. Must be pretty common in Beacon to have kids running about, but hopefully he didn't get into any accidents on the way there.
     He wanted to send a message in advance to the two girls, but he forgot to get their contact info through the terminals. Mistake number one, he should have been more patient, and as a leader he shouldn't make sudden rash decisions.
     Please just don't do anything stupid, Shiroe begged in his mind, knowing that a message to Reggie would be pointless. Don't scare off the new teammates just yet. 

     Shiroe sighed at Reggie's flop and helped him up with his free hand. "You draw them in, I'll get some runes in place." He said, only loud enough for Reggie to hear.

     Watching his step he gingerly walked forwards and offered a quick bow, his sword tip hovering above the tip of the ice. Using snow on ice on ice would best fit the circumstance, but several others seemed suitable as well. Wind could blow snow, but the artificial blizzard was already doing that for them. Shiroe started by running towards the bridge area and prepared a rune on his sword, using the cover on the blizzard to cover his more subtle movements. Tapping wind on his blade he drew and blew a powerful gust as his blade left its sheath.

     Hoping to use the attack as distraction, and maybe ward them from using the ice bridge, Shiroe knelt on one knee and touched the ground in front of him with one hand, tracing a rune while loosing a bit of dust onto it. More ice, should they step on it it'd freeze their legs in place, at least ideally. Calling for Reggie, Shiroe shouted, "Attack!"


[Gust - 2% if on the bridge (more of a pushing motion with flecks of ice getting carried about)]

Aura - 100%

     Ayaka was perturbed at the fact that Akel somehow recovered in a split second after being hit, and even more so at the fact that she flawlessly blocked her sword twice after despite its speed. The slight loss of focus ended up catching her in the ribs, literally, when Akel's sword transformed even more absurdly quickly than she could react. It was odd, but the throw didn't leave her helpless.

     While in midair Ayaka saw the large chunk of dust and easily put two and two together, watching as Akel aimed for a shot and reacted quickly enough to activate her semblance as a mid air boost away. Using both feet, Ayaka flipped and kicked backwards, the motion being mirrored by her semblance. As the streak of white formed as a blunt force punching outwards, she planted her feet on it and sprung in the opposite direction away from the explosion.

     Shards of rock and dust flew in multiple directions as Ayaka landed but she easily regained her footing and started with a sprint. The earlier explosion chained into several smaller ones, triggering the scattered crystals peppered throughout the arena in a cacophony of dust and fire. Small bits of debris hit Ayaka as she ran but coming from the direction of the blast she used the shockwave to her advantage and lunged forwards. No matter how big Akel's stupid sword was it surely wasn't enough to block all debris coming for them. Ayaka shot forwards with a rapid stab but feinted into a leap. With a semblance boosted jump she slashed for Akel's head from above as she jumped above her and replicated the attack from behind as she landed.
      As she touched the ground she shot out wires in multiple directions around her. The ends of her wires landed near more dust crystals as more explosions shook the arena and Ayaka had to deflect a couple of bits of debris, shrugging off most while taking care of larger chunks with her sword. She now had her own back back to the safer side and decided to rock everything a bit more by pulsing her semblance through the wires to activate dust scattered about, particularly the ones nearest Akel. Be it just as a distraction of kicking up more debris Ayaka wasn't going to lax in her assault.

[Literal Overhead Slash - 7% - replicate 7%]
[Debris - ???1-4%(maybe depending on size)]

Aura - 35%

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