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Approved Characters / Re: Saffron Biel
« on: November 29, 2018, 07:20:04 PM »

Approved Characters / Re: Saffron Biel
« on: November 28, 2018, 09:24:14 PM »
Hello, sorry for the delay. Now regarding the whole medical school thing. Even if children seem to be trained at a young age to fight in rwbyverse it's not until the latter years that they undergo actual true huntsman training, at least from what we know of.

Given her entrance age to Beacon, it would actually make more sense to have her enter proper accelerated medical training at age 17-18, which gives more than enough time to have some degree of actual medical training albeit incomplete by the time she enters Beacon. 14 is a tad  too young to start actual medical training, given that highschoolers are kind of dumb, and combat training or sports in general as a good parallel can be started early as well irl but education doesn't tend to follow this pattern.

This doesn't apply to actual medical schools in real life, but there is leeway with accelerated programs. My suggestion is bump up the age to 17-18 for actual medical school (Atlas being a stiff for rules is also one factor why 14 is too early), maybe state that she opted for a transfer giving her knowledge but not full medical training. She could always specialize while in Beacon and while she won't be a full doctor, she could always specialize through electives and stuff as a good first responder at her current level.

Other parts seem solid, and overall pretty well written.

I also personally like how you mentioned reinforcing of the actually brittle obsidian with aura to be able to make it feasible for a huntress in training, unlike irl.

One last note about the weapon - If you could add a good equivalent or gauge of how strong the beams could be, from weakest to strongest, that could help assess the overall power and avoid melting through steel shenanigens with little dust usage.

Sorry for the delay again, and if you want on the spot (and faster) discussions, we always just hang out on discord. Don't be afraid to ask for help, only some of us bite.

     Ayaka sprinted, covering distance as easily as she could before reaching the river. Catching sight of her opponent, she charged her blade and hung back for a moment instead of blindly charging in.

     Water plus all that lightning dust would spell a disaster for should she fall into it. But given its size, and the size of the arena, it wouldn't actually be as conductive as real river water, or even worse, briney water.

     Coming from Mistral Ayaka had her shares of rivers and waterfalls and frequent rains. Unfortunately she never did become a strong swimmer, but given the tiny size that wouldn't be an issue at all.

      Spotting her opponent, Ayaka kept her blade in its sheath and tilted her head in annoyance. What was he planning this time? Given his state he looked a bit worse for wear. Possibly due to his semblance. That gave her an idea.

     With her fighting style, Ayaka usually relied on one blade, sometimes two, to overwhelm her opponent. Powerful strikes and rushes were her preference, and relentless assault her forte. Though aggressive, Ayaka was not dumb. She had fought brutes that thought they were the best thing in the world because of strength, and schemers who claimed to know everything but couldn't lift a finger in a fight. For the brute, play smarter, for the schemer, hit harder. But what for a pesky bird?

     With her blade still charging, Ayaka leapt over the river in one bound, using a burst from her semblance to propel her upwards, and let loose a large scatter of wires from her spool. Silver shone in the sun as the sharpened lines of reinforced, yet flexible, steel shot forwards towards the ground and several broken buildings behind the river, all around Catalina's location, half a dozen in number. In the next motion, she landed past the water and snapped the wires taut. They attempted to snare her opponent with one fell swoop, from distance, and soon from close range.

Status: Winded
Attacks: half-dozen snare - 4% from multiple wires snapping into place. Attempting to wrap.

     With the gnat still stuck on her like some desperate leech, Ayaka exerted more effort on her semblance and burst out of the grab with a concussive explosion from her free arm, damaging her aura in the process due to the proximity (-2). Wriggling it forward, she slipped it between her own body and Catalina's torso and let out a powerful burst strong enough to knock her out of the grab by force as she simultaneously spun to meet the anticipated shot from behind with her sword but failing to fully deflect it and taking a nick to her arm (-6).

     Still in midair, she redirected her fall and landed for one of the shanties laying about, using her wires to catch on a few planks and slowing her descent dramatically. She felt the taxation on her stamina already, due to the consecutive damage she received, but she was still more than strong enough to keep fighting, she didn't train every day for nothing!

     She knew now that her opponent had some versatile aura of some sort. Freely moving, freely shaping, almost as if it were a disgusting slime. That would only really be an issue however if she let herself be grabbed again, and at this point she would make sure that wouldn't happen. Catalina had a slow fire rate, didn't seem like much of a melee fighter, and a sneak most of all. Luckily it seemed like he was veering towards the river, a much more open area, so she went ahead and anticipated his fall and started closing the distance once again.

Aura - 72%

[Attacks - Concussive Push 2-3%]


     Such an odd semblance, Ayaka thought, seeing the amorphous and oddly convenient aura shape itself. The following shock wasn't enough to bring her down, however, and knowing the rat, he'd probably use it some other way.

     A second later she felt a shot to her back, and groaned but was more annoyed than anything. "Is that all you've got?" She cried, throwing her free hand to the side, twisting her leg, then aiming an aura powered knee to the crotch that can't possibly be avoided at this range. Not a second later she channeled her aura to her feet and attempted to escape the grab, using the crotch attack as her main distraction, then bursting forward to leap into the air, dragging her sword along with her if she successfully shot upwards. The force was enough to launch her upwards, and with her wires she would hook Catalina along with her to entangle any part that got caught as she launched.

Aura -80%

Attacks -
Burst Knee Attack to Crotch - 10%
Sword + Semblance Burst upwards - 10%

     So the rat actually popped out of it's hole, much to Ayaka's surprise. Being a coward she thought he'd do something dumb like brace himself but it seems like his semblance Yanked him out like a weed in the ground.

     Getting arms wrapped around herself was no good, and Ayaka's sword arm was pinned to her side. She managed to not get knocked down, however, she had her footwork to thank for that.

     The swordswoman struggled to free herself but given the position it would be stupid to keep moving without a plan. With one arm free and her lengthy sword's hilt at her side, Ayaka shot out several wires to her free hand, from behind Catalina's back, and attempted to wrap the wires around his neck if he didn't let go. Not letting it be an easy grab, however, Ayaka moved every now and then and started angling her sword upwards as well.

Aura - 100%(no damage taken from grab since none indicated)

Makeshift Garote - 2% if successful choke.

Beacon Academy / Re: Starting a rebellion [RBLS]
« on: November 13, 2018, 07:16:50 AM »
     "Very well, cookies it is." He smiled sweetly at the two, admiring their enthusiasm while throwing a glance at the crestfallen Reggie on his bed. "Though it's going to take a while. Perhaps you two should take a seat for the meantime.

     Though the room was quite small for four people, not withstanding the fact that Shiroe's stuff ate up a good corner alone, there was still enough space for a small chestnut table and four wooden stools that could fit four people. That meant no sulking if someone wanted food, unless they brought it to their beds but that would just be bad manners. Situated above the oven and stove was an exhaust hood which Shiroe promptly turned on with a quick flick of a switch as he simultaneously started heating the oven. Moving aside his ingredients, he then began preparation of the tea while tossing a mixing bowl to the side for later use.

     Black tea was always a self bet, but being a fan of perfumed variants as well as the occasional milk tea, Shiroe had his own assortment as well. Opening the cupboard the dry smell of tea leaves wafted through the air through their jars, and opening the one labeled Earl Gray unleashed a small explosion of fragrance for but a moment. With so many ingredients in the cupboards, almost rivaling his mixtures of dust crystals and powder, Shiroe developed a knack for proper arrangement and aesthetic storage.

     A moment later, after the boiler was set and the tea in the midst of sleeping, Shiroe begun on the cookies. Whilst in the process of mixing and preparing everything together, Shiroe glanced every now and then back at his teammates. He wondered how he'd ever get them to work together, and with their futures on the line it was only a matter of time before a slip up could send someone to the hospital, or even worse.

     After mixing the dough he wrapped it up in clean wrap and set it aside in the fridge to chill. Chilling was a must. Unfortunately that meant he had little to serve for the meantime save for tea.

     "My apologies but it'll take a while before we can continue. So i guess, for now, tea?" He asked, as he prepped the teapot and four tea cups.

     Shiroe noticed the oncoming person bathed in pink glow and readied his saber. Thanks to his improvised gravity grenade earlier he managed to catch sight of the figure in the mist. Not a moment later, he heard Calen attack Reggie. He wanted to assist, but he himself had a threat to deal with right now and it seemed to be closing in as well.

     "Sorry Reggie but I need to deal with something else for the moment." He muttered, runes glowing on his legs and then his sword. The opponent showed himself, a rather well built male of roughly the same age, and equipped with both sword and shield. If there was one thing Shiroe was sure of it was that getting past that shield would be tricky to say the least.

     As the incoming attack came, Shiroe held his saber up high to deflect the sword but he fell for the feint, barely getting an arm up in time to protect himself. The shield bash came hard, enough to knock the wind out of Shiroe and cause him to stagger back in spite of his leg runes. By instinct he kicked back and disappeared into the mist again only to tumble into the snow but a few feet away.

Aura: 91%

     Ayaka hated guerilla fighters. They were shady, cowardly, and frankly boring fighters. Waiting in the dark and taking cheap shots was nothing short of deplorable from Ayaka's point of view. What good would hide and seek be against grimm hordes? When you're cornered? When the opponent is better than you? Pathetic.

     As she rounded the house she couldn't help but see nothing waiting on the other side except the hole. No sudden gunfire, no taunting, and no sounds. Her blade kept charging as she inspected the area with a keen eye, and her hand resting on the handle, ready to draw at a moment's notice. No footprints lead outside the house, and unless the opponent was a speedster or had some sort of flight, they wouldn't have been able to clear the area so quickly. That left few options to consider. Invisibility didn't seem like a possible option, unless they hid inside the house, that or they were just waiting inside from the get go, using the hole as a distraction.

     Making up her mind Ayaka drew her charged blade and activated her semblance to increase cutting power. She attacked the house in three strikes, diagonal, horizontal, and vertical, her extremely long blade being more than enough to clear the small building with the semblance slashes. Even if they might not hit anyone inside, she was sure it would take down the poorly built shanty and whoever was inside.

     It was a gamble, if someone were actually watching, she'd be leaving her back wide open to attack, not to mention the charged attack taking a bit of stamina as compensation. But if successful she'd have tracked down her target. She took the bet, and with it laid out her net. A shot in the back wasn't going to stop her anyhow if she failed and she was sure to face any resistance with aggressive retaliation. She cursed not being able to watch the screens for clues, that would have made things way easier. Luckiy her condition was still spot on, being fresh from the start, and since her opponent didn't bother clashing, she had enough to keep fighting for much longer if needed.

[Charged attack(1turn): 10 x 3(Diagonal, Horizontal, Vertical)]

Aura: 100%


     Ayaka didn't need to deflect the next shot but ducked to avoid it instead, slowing her advance quite a bit. She watched as her opponent made their way into the broken down house and decided against going inside.

     There weren't any clear windows in the house, and from a glance it looked like it would fall at any moment. A crash soon after notified Ayaka that he probably broke through and intended for it to be a trap inside. Her main weapon being much less effective in cramped quarters.

     Deciding against going inside the house she took the more roundabout way and ran around the perimeter, listening for any sign of him nearby. Removing her spool she readied it for wire usage and also started charging her blade with her semblance. It was most definitely a trap but she intended on cutting it down with force.

 Aura - 100%

Semblance Charging

     Ayaka expected quick retaliation, and just as she thought the shooter retreated. With her sword already drawn it was but a small matter to deflect the incoming shot and give chase, the other shot seemingly missed altogether anyways.

     The houses were small, small enough to be cramped. Swallow's Bane would no doubt be at a disadvantage inside such a cramped space. Luckily, she had a backup weapon and a much shorter blade. if she ever decided to actually go inside.

     Being a melee fighter Ayaka acknowledged her weaknesses, but that doesn't mean she'd let them dictate the flow of the match. Despite her lack of true range, the arena was certainly small enough to make her semblances deadly with but a small close of distance.

     As Catalina aimed to walk into the house, Ayaka activated judgement cut and slashed as she ran. Not a moment later an ethereal arc of energy, 3m in length would appear at the entrance way to stop her opponent's advance. The length of her slash wasn't dependent on the length of her blade, but the length of its arc, so the attack was much wider than her blade. She attacked again, this time manifesting the slash from behind him, her attack bounding through space and appearing opposite her first.

[Judgement Cut - 7% x 2]

Aura - 100%

OOC: I'm assuming he hasn't entered yet, given how it's written

     Ayaka needed no introduction but as expected the annoying announcers somehow came up with some random gibberish to spout out once again. Weeb? What  the heck was a weeb? If they were going to praise...or insult, if that was an insult, they should be straight to the point and use much more common words.

     The arena was laid out before her and, despite its smaller size to the other sets, again held biomes. Though urban settings weren't really biomes at this point. Urban and river, almost similar to a normal town except much smaller. Much much smaller. Unlike her previous fight there was now more cover, meaning more areas to set her wires. Her eyes glanced over the structures and then the river, and decided that she'd use the buildings for cover if needed.

     Catalina showed up at the opposite door, her next opponent, and it was evident he was not the direct type. Smaller of frame compared to other boys, a gun, and body language that suggested he wasn't all that melee proficient. As per usual Ayaka walked towards the center, approaching Catalina with a steady gaze, and tilted her head at the offer of a handshake.

["Hello Ayaka! Would you like to shake hands before we start?"]

     Nearing the center herself she shook her head, "The match has started, that's all that matters. Save the formalities for till after you give a proper fight. if you give a proper fight." Her eyes darted to the rifle. If the match is going to be full of bullets flying she swore she's going to make it hurt.

     In the next instant it flashed white from her sheath.

     She picked a position nearer the buildings, opting to keep the river in front of her and the buildings nearby. If Catalina was to run towards them he'd have to go through her first, and unlike the much more urban setting, the river sets looked rather fragile. With one hand on top of her katana's hilt Ayaka drew a lightning fast draw cut as she activated judgement cut. A flying slash of energy hurtled towards her opponent in a white-hot arc, not actually glowing but evidently a product of her semblance. The move wasn't unfair. It wasn't at all cowardly. He should have expected such a reaction and if all that arena sitting he did was worth a cent, he should have picked that up as well. 

     Running towards him right behind the slash, Ayaka aimed to close the distance with her nodachi drawn and her mind sharp and charged the boy with the intent to win.

Aura - 100

Semblance Slash - 7%(Projectile attack)

Beacon Academy / Re: Starting a rebellion [RBLS]
« on: October 31, 2018, 06:39:50 AM »
     Shiroe had to diffuse the situation somehow otherwise the team would fall apart before they even finished introductions. Racking his brain he looked quickly at his oven, neatly in the corner next to the other cooking materials and fridge and got an idea.

     "Why don't we continue this conversation after a quick snack?" he offered, walking in between the group with a much practiced smile on his lips. "Reggie, go..wash your hands. You probably came back from training or some other duties." Playing his words carefully as to not give him too little credit he wanted to have Reginald do something other than pick fights while their new teammates started settling in. With that done he walked over to his oven, checked the cupboards for ingredients, then pulled out a bag of flour, some eggs, sugar, vanilla, and chocolate chips. Unlike other dorm rooms, Shiroe preferred to have his furnished fully with at least the bare minimum required for cooking. Though his definition of minimum was but shy of that of a full restaurant. If he had more space he'd put an island counter in the middle as well, but alas he couldn't keep everything in one place. Heck, he probably outshone the cafeteria in some equipment at times. Where some would have a microwave, he had a functional oven. Some would have a water boiler, he had a whole set for preparing tea.

     "Speaking of...What would you ladies like for a drink? No alcohol, presumably." He asked, now surprisingly with an apron on and his hair swept back in a ponytail. He opened some jars and found the leaves he needed, their aroma tickling his nose. "Earl Gray fine enough for you guys? I forgot Reggie's preferences, though I wonder if he doesn't have something for himself already."

     Not caring less about the liberation of his arm, thinking it had to be temporary anyways, Vermilion pressed on. He blocked the incoming spear strike with his weapon's bulky mass, angling the attack away from him as he summoned a spear in hand and made a counter jab of his own. "Maybe you should give up, save yourself the beating." He taunted, stealing a view at Vivan's side of the fight.

     She'd probably owe him if he assisted, wouldn't she? Besides aren't team fights supposed to be coordinated anyways? With that in mind Vermilion summoned another spear and soon after had it speed towards the annoying archer girl to distract her. Being used to his spears' multiple angled possibilities he performed it but a moment after his counter attack.

Attacks -
     Stab - 6%
     Flying spear - 7%

Aura - 64

Approved Characters / Re: Zaffre Latya
« on: October 15, 2018, 09:38:12 PM »
Simple and Sweet. I like it.


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