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Approved Characters / Re: Dorothy Burgundy
« on: October 01, 2016, 07:19:42 AM »
I never new being a savage was an occupation.XD

I'm assuming the savaging program can act as a Co-op program through the school allowing Dorothy to complete her training and become a hunter while also savaging and treasure hunting.

You might want to fix that bit, might give people the wrong impressing if they don't catch on right away.

Now for the semblance.


Now, obviously if you got the reference you'd know that I'm about to ask something about her moving in near halted time and throwing or attacking something.

What happens if she punches or attacks something when she's moving that fast? Now I don't wanna get all physics conscious and all but I want some clarification. Since she's technically moving super fast relative to others, or rather slows people down, I'm guessing that her attacks still hit with the same amount of force rather than being an extremely powerful because of enhanced speed. Please clarify if this is true. Also, another point. What happens to projectiles that immediately leave her spot? Are they slowed down as well if she's the one shooting? Because this is what's going to determine whether or not this is allowable or not, forgive me if I missed anything in the semblance but I just want this point clarified. Does it so happen that when she throws or shoots multiple times the bullets would hang in mid air? (Like Dio's Knives in jojo?) or do they move as fast as she does in that slowed down time?

Last note. Since it's saying she can slow down time itself is there a range to it or does it affect every single thing in the world? Or is she simply moving through time fast enough that it's essentially slowing it down? For example she hears that someone in a nearby city is gonna get shot so she slows down time for herself to contemplate the last moments of that person who is potentially kilometers away? Hypothetical but time stuff is always an iffy topic. (I have a somewhat time related character myself actually.)

"And now, time flows again"

All in all the profile is well written and pretty balanced. I like her (you rarely hear that from me). Just need those few questions about her semblance clarified.

Approved Characters / Re: Vahn Crimson
« on: October 01, 2016, 06:54:58 AM »
If you could, please fix the formatting. Everything is bold and underlined, kindly move the actual content outside of the bbcode.

like this
Code: [Select]
[b][u]Name:[/u][/b] (Name here)
so that it would appear as

Name: Vahn

Also please note if this is a transfer from the previous board or not, with a link the older one if possible. Just gotta make sure. Transfers get moved easier

Approved Characters / Re: Symbol Quartz
« on: September 30, 2016, 07:35:18 PM »
Siuwa, I advise you to NOT post on another person's profile in official character creation. (It's in the rules. Seriously). Only places you can post on another person's profile is if it's in the WIP section.

Approved Characters / Re: Vivian Xanthia
« on: September 30, 2016, 07:43:54 AM »
Approved for move

Approved Characters / Re: Misa Nightfaerie
« on: September 30, 2016, 05:28:09 AM »
I clicked the spoiler, and no I was not expecting volume 4 spoilers >_>.and I probably thought the first paragraph was it... brain must've gone dumb i first read it(no that's not an insult), or my mind was wandering on someone else profile. My bad. Now regarding the neural implant, still a big no. It doesn't make sense. I guess contract killer parents isn't too bad just...distasteful, especially if they send a ten year old to steal around, seriously, at that age yang and ruby were probably barely able to swing anything. Do what you want with that but...ten years old? seriously? Main problem is her's almost cringeworthy to be honest.

Trained assassin by assassin family suddenly gets a change of heart and amnesia. Like I said, Bourne.

Now, the main problem is the fact that her family didn't look for her. I'm pretty sure people of their caliber would be capable of finding their own daughter. The first place a bunch of people would look for a hired killer is hospital records if they suddenly disappear because wounds, dead found, injured. that kind of stuff. Come up with a reason to explain why her pro assassin family didn't find their baby assassin in the CITy no less. Unless they died somehow.

Approved Characters / Re: Misa Nightfaerie
« on: September 30, 2016, 02:43:29 AM »

You could've at least given her something aside from casual clothes >_> This is a combat school after all.

History. Let me just say that any 'secret assassin training' or Bourne Legacy stuff would probably get shot down(whole amnesia bit). If you're planning on adding her past history in a future thread I suggest adding it in the spoiler rather than waiting for people to reprimand you for anything absurd once she's approved. That way it'll be less problems in the long run. Unless of course you're just lazy and don't want to start with her childhood history but as I see it she'll still need one.

Personality could use a bit more. it's only a few sentences long, doesn't tell us much and she might as well be an extra with that much depth.

Aura and semblance. How wide is this area? Does it move with her? Or is it stationary and she just uses it to hide in one spot. how wide is it? What happens if someone enters that area? What happens if she attacks? Clarify these issues.

Combat behavior. I advise you not have her change 'drastically' as inconsistency is very benefiting of a proper profile. Being bright and cheerful than suddenly dark and edgy during battle is pretty much a turn off.

Now one thing in particular is bugging me.

Misa has a bonus ability with the use of her neural implants. These heighten her senses, particularly sight and hearing, allowing her to hear and see as well as any faunus. The implants also raise her reflexes which allows her to parry incoming attacks or dive out of the way with only split seconds to react. Of course they do not boost her speed or strength so she cannot block attacks that are too strong or dodge attacks that are too fast.

This was never mentioned beforehand and they're technically useless lest you have a supercomputer in your brain or a specialized replacement organ. The human eye and ear are gonna be the same no matter what gadget you stick in it because the body has limitations. Remove that section, if this borders on lab character tier stuff I'll have to ask you to edit the whole thing.

Having been trained in infiltration Misa is very capable of not being spotted by an enemy, even without a semblance. When not in a rushed situation she can move almost silently without her semblance being required. This allows her to sneak into areas even if they are quite closely guarded with relative ease.

This was not mentioned in history. Expand that part. Make your sections coincide with each other and don't come up with mary sue tier stuff. Former assassin. former secret agent.

weapon use is also vague, as if you're saying she can use any weapon but is extremely talented with the sword and dagger to the extent only true pros can be sure to win.


With aura protection Poisons and other injectable illicit substances probably won't do anything to someone who's had their aura unlocked. Against grimm? We don't know. You could keep it but it might be completely useless (unless you're gonna make her a killer as a side jop *sigh*)

Weapon history mentions her parents however it's not even in her main history. Remedy that.

Approved Characters / Re: Symbol Quartz
« on: September 30, 2016, 02:12:53 AM »
I see several sections requiring further improvement.

History seems a tad bit too short and well...generic for a faunus. It's not even 1/3 that of an average character on RWBY and that's saying something because they barely got any development. Not saying it's bad to keep it short but the only thing here is the faunus racism thing. No growing up. No development. No combat training history. Expand and flesh this area out.

Same thing for personality. People aren't one dimensional in the least and it's barely a few sentences long. I advise you look at other profiles and check how long the average lengths and amount of detail are in them. Though I advise you stick to something that doesn't make them have severely contrasting traits.

Aura and semblance.

Now the problem with being a water bender or whatever element bender, is that you have free control over a lot of that substance. I know that water isn't necessarily everywhere(oh wait) in huge amounts at least, but you must add a finite amount and reach that he can control. I won't be allowing him to create tsunamis, water soldiers, giant water serpents, etc etc. Get the idea? Also the heritage part? There's absolutely nothing connecting to him to water in his history, again, expand that. Also the symbol doesn't make sense since nothing but his semblance is water related. Also he's a cat. Does he like fish I wonder.

So in short, bending semblances. Give a finite amount of fluid he can control as well as an effective range. Also, no blood bending. God's sake please don't go into that stuff >_>. Also mention what stuff he can do with his semblance so we have a better idea of what it is.

Combat Behaviour.

Add how he fights with his SEMBLANCE and WEAPON as well. not just general tactics.


Seaweed? For a gourd?(or tanuki ballsacks if you're thinking of Gaara's thing from Naruto. yes. that was a ballsack.) You're free to name it what you want but I advise you find something more fitting. As well as giving him a real weapon since semblance dependency is pretty much inadvisable. You don't see anybody in RWBY using only their semblance save for the uber powerful Cinder and Glynda. Even veterans like Qrow and Raven who have potentially OP powers(maybe we dunno) use weapons.

Weapon history.
Now here's what got me confused. Your weapon history is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than your character's backstory. Enough said?

What no one expected was for the doctor to pass out for an hour straight after unlocking Symbol's aura - nor did anyone expect him to discover his semblance barely a week after gaining aura.
Seems like a weak ass doctor. Unless you're trying to go the special snowflake route and be an uberpowerful aura/semblance user. Advise: Don't.

Well, after further reading it looks like most of that weapon history belongs in the actual history section. Move it.

"Wooo! Go me! Aurum shouted, noisily gathering the looks of the people next to him, their gazes darting between him and the contestant in the arena. Not to mention he was wearing the Atlas uniform."Why do we still have to wear the uniform? It's damned stuffy, man! 

Fanning himself after loosening a few buttons he began wiping his glasses as he sat down again, yawning at the scene unfolding before him. If it was Aurum in that fight it would've ended in the blink of an eye, who won or how the match ended would be an entirely different story altogether however. Too bad he got lazy and had Sovereign fight instead...wait. Not too bad, it's great! More free time for himself!

"Kick her butt! Or freeze it! Or something!

The Vale Region / Re: Lost and Found...or Not[CLOSED]
« on: September 29, 2016, 08:21:34 PM »
Kei sighed at the sorry sight that was a bunch of kids covering themselves up with bandanas and lead the group through the alleyways, carefully stepping over the two baddies while resisting the urge to take their wallets. Every so often she'd see signs of activity and quickly backtrack to take another corner, wondering if she'd be able to lose the group but it would be too suspicious if she did.

Her hideout being a few blocks from here Kei didn't want a bunch of other students finding it out and possibly forcing their way in, not too mention the goons following them. Taking a while to think about it Kei stopped in her tracks just as a few more baddies came around, immediately rushing to the position of a bunch of kids with bandannas and a suitcase.

"Where to go...where to go Kei murmured, craning back just as someone swung a bat over her head from the front. "That's not very nice.

Flipping backwards, Kei slammed the suitcase into the man's chin and followed up with two kicks as she righted herself up and began pondering once more. About ten more goons closing in from four different alleyways. Kei took out one of them but two more were coming at them from four directions while one stayed behind. A leader maybe?. They visibly hesitated using their guns lest the cops heard them so they rushed on with melee weapons, a couple of bats, swords, and axes. Must have a cheap boss.

"Oh crud. So that's what they were doing. Kei said, sounding a bit worried. They knew that she was going to backtrack if she heard them coming and eventually they pinned them down. No way was she gonna let them take back her loot.

Approved Characters / Re: Avali Glass, Excuse my Crappiness
« on: September 28, 2016, 11:53:35 PM »
I suggest you avoid the corruption thing via grimm blood and stick to maybe a mental or physical trauma(those are all the rage nowadays apparently). I also suggest avoiding hybrid human/faunus + grimm characters

Species. Add what faunus type she is.

So, History is lacking, all it has is that one event in her life. Is nothing else important?

Personality. Grimm senses are a no-no. Unless that's what her semblance is gonna be.

Semblance. You can choose to have the claw not take a toll on your aura but rather stamina instead. Up to you but obviously the latter is more practical.

Flesh out combat behavior. Read a few profiles to get an idea how long and detailed they should be.

Approved Characters / Re: Vermilion Desdemona
« on: September 28, 2016, 08:55:09 PM »
Another late  character transfer.

Changed name to Vermilion (one L) rather than two L Vermillion to avoid future problems.

Approved Characters / Vermilion Desdemona
« on: September 28, 2016, 08:54:21 PM »

Name: Vermilion Desdemona

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Human Male


Occupation: Student at Beacon Academy. 3rd year. Heir to Desdemona Estate


Vermilion has a tall stature standing at 6’2 and an athletic build from years of training with a pale complexion and sharp distinguished eyes, their color being what he was named after, Vermilion. His face is long with a tall nose, thin lips, and a slightly pointed chin adding to his rather regal appearance, to top it all off he also has straight white hair that trails down all the way to his back. Vermilion's combat and also normal attire consists of a black vest and a shirt trimmed silver near the edges and a black robe inlayed red on the inside.


Living a life of luxury would mostly be expected to be one without worries or troubles, especially if one came from an esteemed family of wealthy land owning individuals who pride themselves in their family ties and ability in combat. This often lead to even higher expectations of the heirs, especially if he was the only legitimate one after quite a while because of his father’s inability to stay faithful to his wife.

Vermilion grew up in the Desdemona manor with no less than a king sized bed to himself, three straight meals, plenty of servants at his beck and call and a life full of expectations, education, and rigorous training. From an early age Vermilion was taught the basics of what any rich spoiled brat should be taught coupled with rigorous training and exercise despite his already innate combat ability. Being from a family of esteemed huntsmen and huntresses, rich ones to boot, his education and training was nothing shy of brutal and unforgiving, forcing him to work even harder than usual just to get the slightest amount of praise from his family members, most notably his mostly absent father, Claude.

At the age of 10 Vermilion was introduced to a girl who was sent to live at their household, a poor looking one at that and also a faunus. Who she was and why she was there didn’t interest him in the slightest and he figured she might just be some random girl his family picked up for the sake of showing charity or the like. From the moment they met he knew that she was going to be a headache for him rather than someone to have fun with, much to his chagrin. He mostly ignored her during their lives at the manor only to have very minor interactions such as those he’d have with the servants, almost to the point where it took him a few months just to learn her name due to ignorance. Hannah was a turning point in his life because being an only child, Vermilion rarely had playmates aside from obstacle courses, weapons, and training dummies. He eventually tried warming up to the ‘guest’ but was always met with looks of disgust and hatred. Being a typical spoiled brat he took it as a challenge and most of the time treated her like someone beneath him and eventually just barely took notice of her except during some seldom joint training sessions where for some reason, she was able to keep up and sometimes hurt him intentionally, most of the times ending with quick repercussion by either himself or some other family members.

Even as they studied in Signal Academy Vermilion would notice this fury in his half-sister, (up till now he doesn’t know they’re related as of their 3rd year in Beacon), and always responded with immediate brutality of his own causing him to develop a new pleasure out of inflicting pain on others, most notably Hannah. For some reason he noticed her trying to protect him at times from those jealous of his standing and probably thought it was some innate care she developed somehow despite their quarrels and being somewhat used to punishment himself since he was a child.

Eventually both of them landed a spot in Beacon, and oddly enough, also got paired up in the same team. Vermilion noticed Hannah becoming more and more aggressive, usually choosing to let out her frustrations on him which he duly answered during a myriad of sparring sessions mostly aimed on the two of them trying to beat each other to a pulp despite their varying combat styles. He also noticed some odd behaviours from Hannah such as choosing him exclusively as a sparring partner and even staring at him while he slept which he attributed to maybe some lingering affection or whatever weird practices the girl might have developed. For two years the both of them along with their teammates managed to stay alive and pass their struggles at Beacon, most of them being due to Hannah’s and Vermilion’s conflicts, and are now at their third year.


Vermilion, having been raised in a highly challenging and hardened household, is not as easy going person to say the least. Though he would not hesitate to socialize when necessary he always views people and events as a means to an end and would more often than not use them to his advantage. Contrary to what some may think, Vermilion is not anti-social and he would mingle often but people to him are more akin to tools then equals but he still considers them a way to stave off boredom and maybe find people among the masses who are more worthy of his attention than others. He would not directly show arrogance unless pressed but his manner of speaking might be offensive during more serious matters as he would hold his opinion above others due to his upbringing, stubbornness, and confidence.

In battle Vermilion is not foreign to playing dirty, if pressed and necessary he would use any means available to achieve victory even if it means doing heinous things to destroy the enemies’ spirit or sacrificing some things to achieve a greater goal in the long run but this does not mean he’s a constant cheater. If there are ways in which such things aren’t needed he’ll refrain from doing so for his image. Vermilion is brutal in his methods and would put results above anything else, caring little to what others think if he finds his way the most effective, he also tend to ignore authority if he finds the one leading a lesser person than him.

Vermilion is known to have slight sadistic tendencies and sometimes shows the occasional grin when inflicting pain on others. Although he denies any such claims those close to him would feel a certain darkness in his methods and words.

Aura and Semblance:

Prince of Impalement

Vermilion’s semblance is one of extreme prejudice and precision, allowing him to manifest dozens of spears at a moment’s notice to impale his enemies where they stand, corner them and limit their mobility, or just blanket the field with lances flying from multiple directions to overwhelm them. Being able to create spears within a 20m radius around him Vermilion uses them strategically to keep an enemy on their toes or just pester them from multiple directions, letting them pelt at them repeatedly to tire them out, trip on them if he wished with some protruding out the ground, or use them himself as weapons to combat the enemy in addition to his own weapon. Vermilion isn’t able to fully control the spears movements other than launching them in a straight path from where they were manifested or dissipating them before they could stab or hurt someone he needs unharmed. The spears can manifest anywhere within his area of effect but take a short while to manifest and a tinge of red aura in the area shows where they’d appear.
The spears take an appearance more akin to long stakes, not like actual broad headed weapons and could have lengths of barely a foot long to almost 3 meters in length for variety. The spears are tough enough to withstand several normal melee weapon hits before breaking and disappearing but can also be deflected and have a solid form and can’t phase through objects, only called back and dissipated.

Combat Behaviour:

When it comes to fighting styles Vermilion is a natural when it comes to combat. Wielding a long weapon he prefers keeping keeping enemies within spear range but doesn’t exactly have difficulty when extremely close due to being well versed in both armed and unarmed combat, mixing spear thrusts, kicks, punches and even headbutts where they’d fit in. If it means winning Vermilion would do what it takes whether it’s rather unorthodox or even unsportsmanlike actions coming from someone with a wealthy and refined background. Another tactic Vermilion is fond of employing is harassing his enemies till they tire and then pick at them later with ranged fire or simply leaning back while his semblance does most of the dirty work.


Name:Crimson Spike

Primary Form:Spear

Vermilion fashions a long spear with a large mechanical section at the forefront before finally tapering off into a long spike instead of a blade. The spike end of the spear is usually retracted back to half its usual length but when activated it can lunge forward with great force effectively making it a powerful penetrating weapon and also retract completely for a blunt strike. The mechanism inside the large mechanical casing near the spike contains the piledriver mechanism and rotating gears allowing for rapid extension and retraction of the spike for multiple rapid stabbing motions when in contact with something be it a body, a wall, or armor, usually used when the target is immovable, pinned down, or heavily plated.

Secondary Form:Pile driver

The shaft of the weapon collapses and retracts into the larger section leaving only a small bit left outside as an extra handle while another handle extends from the top of the weapon allowing it to be held in a shorter and more compact form. The piledriver form works similar to the previous form but the spike can extend even longer than before using the collapsed shaft for extra length. In its compacted form the piledriver mechanism is more stable and gives it much more powerful punching power allowing it to punch through hard objects with ease or with multiple successive piston powered punches.

Tertiary Form Anti Material Rifle

Midway in length between the piledriver and spear forms the weapon reveals small iron sights near the end and tip with the spike holder acting as a holding point and the end of the shaft revealing a trigger for the gun form. The rifle form fires at a rather slow pace despite being semi-automatic but the punch it delivers more than makes up for its lack of speed. Having anti-material capabilities the rifle form is a force to be reckoned with in mid to long range combat.

Dust Functions:

The weapon’s dust functions mostly consist of enhanced strikes using kinetic and other force enhancing/auxiliary dust but not so much for other elemental types in exchange for much more durability in the dust compartment and more compartments for the aforementioned types.


Though having trained with various weaponry before unlocking his semblance Vermilion always preferred the fact that longer melee weapons kept targets at bay without getting a single scratch on himself. Prompting for both ranged and melee as well as something to deal with armor, Vermilion came up with his own design, with the help of further engineering by his family, and fashioned a weapon that catered to his nature and preference.

Approved Characters / Re: Wisteria Lockheart
« on: September 28, 2016, 08:50:22 PM »
Character transfer

Approved Characters / Wisteria Lockheart
« on: September 28, 2016, 08:49:42 PM »

Name:Wisteria Lockheart

Age:17, Machlud 9

Species and Gender: Human, Female.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation:Student at Beacon. First year.


Spoiler: ShowHide

Wisteria has long purple hair reaching her waist with a lacy white ribbon right above her left ear and deep amethyst eyes. She is 160 cm (5' 3") tall and weighs 46 kg (101 lbs) sporting an athletic figure with both a modest bust and hips. Aside from the school uniform which she usually wears, Wisteria dons a battle outfit consisting of a battle dress and vest that ends just above the knees and a silk skirt that she ties around her waist. Her combat attire and generally sometimes normal attire also includes gloves with dust compartments in them for weaponless semblance casting as well as her leggings and oddly enough her white ribbon. She is also usually seen carrying a small fashionable white satchel that carries an array of dust canisters and vials.


Spoiler: ShowHide

Wisteria was born to a wealthy family consisting of herself, her mother and father and a half-brother who was 7 years older than her.  She lived a relatively peaceful life as the younger child but never fully got along with her brother who was being trained for the sole reason of taking over the family business therefore never having the time to play with her. While her brother was being trained in business and politics, Wisteria found interest in physical activities such as sports and combat, focusing more on playing around and roughhousing with her friends and maybe some other unfortunate neighborhood kids. Discovering her ability to manipulate the effects of dust using her semblance her parents hired a renowned aura specialist to help her control and train her ability at an early age but due to her tendency to be hot headed there were often times when her parents would come home to see a hole in the wall or a blackened portion of the training field forcing them to send her to an Academy specializing in combat to train under more proper conditions.

During her stay at the academy she was quite popular among both the students and the teachers due to her skill with ‘spell’ casting making her almost like a celebrity in terms of fame but more notably due to her hotheadedness. She would often be asked to join in various tournaments and events and often come out victorious thereby increasing her popularity throughout the area. After coming home for vacation a few months after she would proudly show off her medals and brag of her achievements but her older brother Arthur never gave a word of praise and would snob her off if she tried to talk to him about it. In a fit of anger she challenged Arthur to a duel knowing very well of his private combat lessons that came along side his education and felt confident that she would trump him in single combat due to her boosted pride. Just as she thought she was about to win she was defeated and laid flat on the ground with a sword to her neck, Arthur hovering above her looked at her with a sad look on his face before he finally left. A few days after the duel he left for a different kingdom to expand the family business leaving without even saying bye to his sister but left her a note that praised her for her efforts and also saying sorry for his coldness towards her. After a a few months she finally understood why he only sent the letter after he left. She found out that he wouldn't be coming back for a long time and perhaps wouldn't be able to see the family again until after a few years, therefore he acted cold towards Wisteria to prevent her feeling sad about his departure. Knowing that he'd probably be able to come back after relations and expansions steady out in the other country she vowed to be something he'd be proud of when he comes back, dedicating herself to becoming a huntress and also be able to bring honor to her family and more so, Arthur. After her stay at her academy she decided to take her training to the next level and go to Beacon to fulfill her dreams of becoming a huntress.


Wisteria is not exactly the nicest character around, she's hot headed, impulsive, and extremely violent when someone pushes her buttons, usually resulting in flying reading materials such as: History books, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, to name a few. Usually heavy stuff. Wisteria, despite being more of a magus type of fighter, is extremely athletic and loves sports as much as the next girl. She is kind most of the time and would often go out of her way to help her friends but is often aggressive towards boys. Wisteria is easily flustered and would often respond to such situations with a book or, if nothing heavy enough is available, a kick to the face.
      Despite often showing her tough side Wisteria is actually quite fragile and can easily be hurt by the actions or words of others and, more often than not, herself. When it comes to her friends she tends to be protective while also being somewhat of a teaser. Wisteria, oddly enough, is a great cook and often cooks lunch for herself and her friends when she feels like it. She likes cooking and small cute things that can be cuddled. She also has a pet baby boar
Spoiler: ShowHide
that she carries around with her.

Aura and Semblance:

Wisteria uses her aura to augment and create 'spells' using dust as fuel and her dagger as a way to channel these spells with more accuracy and speed. She has three categories of spells mainly Offensive, Defensive, and Supportive but can improvise combinations if the need arises. Wisteria can only cast a maximum of 5 spells at any one time, this means if she has 2 defensive spells up she could only use three spells as long as the others are in effect. Wisteria’s spells don’t really have limitations other than aura and dust supply but she tends to have a few favorites or much more favored ones due to her constant practice with them but this does not limit her to these skills alone. If needed she may combine one or two spells for a different effect or make a completely different one but it usually takes her a while longer than her usual ones to manifest due to spontaneous creation rather than a much practiced favorite. Small spells generally have cast times ranging from instantaneous to 1-2 seconds depending on the complexity of the spells while larger more complex and dust exhausting spells consuming more aura and maybe take a bit more time to cast respectively. Very large area attacks may have much more taxing aura costs and dust usage whilst small spells may be repetitively used without worry of aura and dust supplies. Some spells may require constant attention while other could be left as is depending once again one the complexity and power of the spell.

Offensive spells:
Spoiler: ShowHide

Fire Spells
Fire ball: A mage classic. Wisteria shoots a ball of fire (as large as a basketball) in front of her to burn her foes. The power of said fireball can be compared to a small explosion caused by incendiary grenades. Once casted the fireball travels in a straight line until it hits something and cannot be controlled once it is released. Can travel for up to 50m before dissipating.

Fire Pillar: Wisteria summons a pillar of fire (duh) in front of her. The Vertical pillar has a radius of 10 feet and can be controlled to move for about  20 seconds before dissipating. Moves at a rate of 3m/s when forced to move . Can also be casted in front of her horizontally in a straight line with an effective range of 30m. Radius is smaller in it's horizontal form, around 3feet (roughly 1m) in diameter.

Ice/Water Spells
Ice bolt: Wisteria summons a hail of icicles above an area, pelting it with large shards of ice for about 10 seconds or until she stops the spell herself. Radius of affected area ranges from 5m to 15m. Can be casted from a range of 50m max.

Frost Diver: Wisteria sends a line of frost towards an opponent attempting to freeze the first thing it comes in contact with  in place. If the bolt is a direct hit there is a chance that the ice would encompass most of the body, capable of freezing things as large as an ursa. Power of the freezing can be adjusted to control how much of the body is frozen. Frost diver has an effective range of 20m max and travels at a rate of 20m/s on the ground.

Hydro Pump: A large blast of water fires towards a target with enough force to launch them a few meters away. Can be used continuously as long as dust is available but Wisteria cannot move from her position nor can she cast any other spells while it’s active. Can be Cast directly from her person or from any point on the ground like a geyser.

Air Spells
Air Blast: Air is blasted in a concentrated blast in front of or around Wisteria to knock foes away or below her to blast her upwards.

Razor Wind: Wisteria uses this to attack with air as if it were a physical blade, making gestures with her arms or legs to indicate the direction the air follows to attack. Effective range is 5 meters and lasts 20 seconds.

Earth Spells
Earth Throw: Multiple rocks, a huge large rock, or a lot of sand is thrown towards an enemy from Wisteria’s position.. Up to 100kg of earth could be thrown depending on how much dust is used..

Earthshake(semi supportive): Wisteria channels power into the ground below her using dust and effectively causes tremors that can unbalance enemies or crack the earth below her. Energy dissipates drastically at 30 meters away and is usually ineffective at that range.

Lightning spells
Lightning bolt : Wisteria sends a bolt of lightning from above her target or from her hand. Effective range being 20m with a casting range of around 50m. Takes around 1.5 seconds to cast.

Thunderstorm: More powerful version of Lightning bolt. Electricity crackles around Wisteria and anything ranging from 5-20 m radius is hit with multiple lightning bolts. Takes 4 seconds to cast.

Kinetic Spells

Force Push: Wisteria uses the spell to knock enemies away from her immediate position, capable of pushing an ursa back around 10m. Casting range 1-2m.

Defensive Spells
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Napalm Field: Wisteria casts a ring of fire around her and her allies, preventing the advance of enemies.. She can choose where to cast it within an effective range of 30m. The field spans up to 15m in diameter. Can be casted in a straight line with a length of 20m max. Lasts 30 seconds max or until dispelled.

Ice wall: A wall of ice is manifested in front of Wisteria with a thickness of 3 feet and a height of 10m. Length can range from 2m-10m. Can only be casted in her immediate position. Lasts 30 seconds max or until dispelled.

Thorns of Ice: Wisteria manifests multiple sharp and pointed icycles around her, protecting her from incoming melee fighters. Spikes have a length of 3m each and form a crown of thorns around her with a radius of 2m from her position.

Earth Wall: A wall of Stone is lifted in front or around of Wisteria with a thickness of 2 feet and a height of 4 meters. If cast around her it has a radius of 10 meters, also useful for keeping things in. Length can range from 2m-10m. Can only be casted in her immediate position. Lasts a minute or until dispelled which then it will crumble into smaller stones.

Lightning dash: Wisteria channels electricity into her body to allow for a quick dash from her current position or a powerful leap up to 10m high to get away from a certain position.

Force Field: Wisteria creates a force field spanning 2m from her body to protect her from attacks. The field can withstand normal melee attacks and gunfire but will dispel with a powerful attack such as small explosions or something of the same caliber.

Supportive Spells

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Elemental enchantment: Can enchant her own weapon or the weapons of her allies with elemental effects such as fire, dust, electricity or add supportive enhancements such as increased force by kinetic dust. Lasts 10 seconds. Can cast a maximum of 5 weapons at a time.

Tendrils of lightning: Wisteria casts 5 tendrils at an enemy. These do not harm the enemy or slow them down at all but once an attack lands on them one tendril would be dispelled and unleash a powerful surge of electricity.

Defensive coat: Wisteria casts a small aura field that encompasses ones body to lessen the damage taken from attacks to some degree. Lasts 5m.

Combat Behavior:.

Depending on the situation Wisteria can either go severe offensive or supportive using her arsenal of spells to both dominate a battlefield and protect her allies. Though not foreign to melee combat, she would prefer to stay at a distance rather than go hand to hand with enemies especially against large numbers. If her dust reserves and aura are low she would more often than not stick closer to an ally with proficiency in close quarters and take on a more supportive role rather than participate in direct combat, if alone she'd try fleeing or regrouping if the odds are against her.


Name: Azoth

Primary Form: An ornamental dagger with a slightly large hilt and blade. Has few engravings on the hilt and contains multiple compartments for sealing dust in for later release.

Secondary Form: Dagger unlatches half of it’s blade at the side, allowing it to extend further in the form of a thin cutlass. Due to her semblance and dust use, Wisteria is able to combine dust effects with her weapon.

Dust Functions:

Aside from dust release the blade can, combined with her semblance proficiency, be used in unison with her spells.


A family heirloom as well as a sign of her status as a Lockheart. The dagger serves as both a sign of pride and wealth for their family.

The Vale Region / Re: Lost and Found...or Not[CLOSED]
« on: September 28, 2016, 08:30:00 PM »
In the distance Kei could hear shouts while a small buzzing sound coming from one of the goon's radio's. It  sounded a bit urgent, probably because nobody was answering. Damn, maybe knocking these guys out wasn't the best thing to do. Sloppy Kei, really sloppy. So much for a clean getaway.

"Come on! Dashing ahead, Kei gave a quick 'come along' gesture' and lead the group to more alleyways in an attempt to lose any followers. "You might want to cover your faces, best not let these gang types remember who you are...except maybe that masked fellow. Do you always wear that?

Straying slightly from the innocent persona to a more headstrong one Kei pulled out her urchin's cap and a jacket she had from her backpack, taking care not to show any of the other loot she had lest the rest get suspicious. Only Eli and the rest of her team knew of her true nature and she was intent on keeping it that way. After tossing a few handkerchiefs to the others, even the masked boy, she scratched her head and shook it, dissatisfied with  the fact that such a conspicuous group would be impossible to not remember. Well, if things went awry she could always send Mithra to bash some heads in.  They'd forget everything they saw, just gotta avoid the cops, not that they'd be alerted to some gang's stolen goods.

"So, plan is we stay as inconspicuous as we can...even with giant girl here and...him. Kei said, once again sighing. "That or hit them so hard they can't remember what they ate for breakfast.

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