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As Calen speaks after her attempt to undermine Gram, she'd glance up at him, twitching at the name as she moved behind Gram to wrap her arms around his neck, the arms being warm to the touch as she uses a bit more of her semblance, flickers of orange criss-crossing the upper arms like twinkling lights or fireflies on speed. While she didn't get the response from Gram that she wanted, the night was still early and making him uncomfortable wasn't too hard. Looking at the group, while she didn't know anything about this lantern or had ever seen the other two. But she knew about Gram's' glove, and while she lacked Love's Bite, she felt comfortable enough with what she could do until she could summon it with the fancy lockers Beacon had.

"Back up date? Smokey would be lucky to get a pet, never mind anything bipedal. Besides, I assumed one of you was his date."
Eyebrow slowly arching as she eyed the pair, she'd finally add on a quick, "Or is this something off an app? Local Singles in your area meetup or something?"
The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
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Aurelia listened quietly and respectfully as Rose told her story.  This may be the biggest source of information they'll get on this mission, and Aurelia wasn't about to let this opportunity slip by.  That being said, it was clear that even retelling the tale was taking its toll on the elder.  In order to put her more at ease, Aurelia dismissed her fractured and crumbling Noble Steed, so that the two may converse on equal footing.

On the surface, the story was, frankly, relatively mundane as far as Grimm attacks go.  A large group of people with negative emotions flying about attracting a horde of Grimm that they're unprepared for is not necessarily an uncommon tale to hear.  There may even be a few students at Beacon who went through very similar experiences.  However, leaving Rose's story at that would be terrible investigative work, and there's more than a few discrepancies that need to be addressed.

The biggest discrepancy is the timing of the attack.  This "Tribesmeet" was a scheduled event taking place at what Aurelia would assume to be a preordained location.  If that were the case, then the caravans would have most likely had preliminary patrols around the area to wipe out the Grimm.  If they did that, though, then there shouldn't have been any Grimm in the area, and any attack should have been seen from miles away in the savanna, which would have given the tribes plenty of time to evacuate.  Yet instead, they were overwhelmed.

Then there's another timing issue:  Rose said the caravan received upgrades at the start of the meet.  While she didn't exactly say what those upgrades were, but after glancing over the great, golden gun, Aurelia could probably hazard a guess.  Furthermore, Rose specifically attributed those "upgrades" to her caravan's successful survival.  That's really convenient timing, as far as Aurealia thinks.

Aurelia recalled the last caravan and the elder's words as they departed.  That group hadn't accepted the gift of the "golden man", and they were nearly annihilated.  Yet this group had survived, relatively unscathed at that, and they had something the other caravan didn't. 

Could the attack have been staged?  If the Dustsmith knew about the Tribesmeet, it's theoretically possible.  He could have offered his weapons to the tribes, posing as a benevolent force, and stirred up controversy.  That controversy could fuel negative emotions and resentment, which would draw the Grimm.  If a massive horde came, then the caravans who didn't have the proper firepower would get wiped out, while the ones that accepted his "gifts" would be spared.  It'd be an incredible way to ensure loyalty, as it would both wipe out opposition as well as ensure the loyalty and continued support of those who accepted his gifts.  After all, they wouldn't have lived without his interference.

Of course that theory has a few holes in it, namely how the horde came into existence.  She can only hazard guesses at the moment, but perhaps further examination into Rose's story might yield more insight.

"Could tell us more about what happened during the Tribesmeet?  A horde of that size is generally drawn towards large amounts of negative emotions.  Most of the time, its the fear of the horde itself that draws them, but from what you've told me, it was something else that called them," she asks the Elder, carefully considering her words.  Aurelia is concerned with the origins of the Grimm attack, of course, but her true objective and mission is still apprehending the Dustsmith and the destruction of his weapons.  If her suspicions are correct and the Dustsmith was at the Tribesmeet and was the source of the unrest that drew the Grimm, then perhaps she could figure out which other tribes took the Dustsmith's "gifts".  Of course, asking about the cannon outright might tip them off, and that's not a hand she wishes to play just yet.

When asked about their travel plans, Aurelia responds, "We intend to travel to the next plume of smoke, where another caravan may still be fighting the Grimm.  I can't exactly stop you from travelling with us, but I can hardly recommend it.  Even I can tell that last battle exhausted you."
There is nothing more instinctual to a human being than flinching away from danger, that fact is especially true for someone like Malina. All she could see was a whirlwind of red rushing toward her, breaking the plank in its wake, and aura exploded outward. A vibrant light red shimmering of light shot out of her in every direction, stretching out across the boat and shattering the deck, sending chunks and splints of wood shooting down and out into the water. It slammed into the streak of red in the split moment that it took her to process what had happened, to process that it wasn't Carmine, a shoulder struck her in the throat and she was being moved- carried- off of the ship.

He'd recovered? How-

The next thing she knew she'd been slammed into the entree way she'd come out of, the door now closed and dented. She'd... did she already lose? She looked up at the man who had taken her out of the arena so easily. An expressionless, flat helmet stared back. Murderer.

The word tugged at something in the back of her mind but she could not afford to dwell on that now. The Atlesian knights stationed by her door moved to paint their weapons at the man and they taken apart with barely a split second between them.



Crisis management. Her eyes flicked to the stands, to the people, they were top priority. Her mind flooded back with images of Carmine, of what she could become. There had been times when she'd had to manage that, to deal in the worst sort of circumstances against someone she cared more for than her own family. There was only delaying there, carefully planned movements to try and get her to waste her energy and tire her out. She'd to avoid using dust and her semblance then but now-

Her hand shot into her pouch, fingers running along raised symbols on corks until she found what she was looking for. She popped the cap open and let the dust be absorbed into her aura, top charge it.

She brought her weapon arm up, flicking a switch and transforming it into its spear form to strike and Janus at the same time as Manticore shot around in a jab from the opposite side, a pincer strike. He'd have to move back, forward, or up and with that in mind she unleashed her semblance once more. Carefully portioned and segmented spikes of aura shot out from her in a vertical line from floor to straight above her, each a foot wide at their base and each charged with electricity.

[Aura: Fuck if I know because he didn't post/100]
[Semblance spikes: 15% + 5%]
[Weapon feint: 2%]
[Manticore feint: 5%]
The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on July 17, 2019, 11:55:25 PM »
Rose was clearly annoyed at Aurelia's refusal and muttered something under her breath about young people and how they don't respect the old ways. She almost immediately turns around to head back to her caravan but stops when she hears Aurelia ask a question, with a long drawn out-breath turns her head to respond, to Rose Aurelia may have shirked her responsibilities as a guest but that doesn't mean Rose could shirked her responsibilities as a host. 'We were having our Tribesmeet, a gathering of all the caravans to discuss things that affect all of us, important that shouldn't be discussed through communicators. There were... arguments... disagreements... emotions rose. Next thing we know the blighters are there in numbers we had never seen before, held them back for a night but we knew we wouldn't survive another.' Rose began, physically sagging as if the retelling of the story leeched her energy away. A younger man came out of the crowd and unfolded a chair for Rose to sit in. She did so in a huff as if to imply she didn't need the assistance at all.

'I don't know which caravan tried to make a break for it first but I don't blame them. Not only because I think anyone of use would have done the same if we had thought about it first but they didn't get very far but they did create a gap so us coming after had more of a chance. It didn't take long for the blighters to catch up with us but thanks to a few recent upgrades we got at the start of the tribesmeet we got out. But like I said the roads have gotten more dangerous since then, so tell us where you are going? Perhaps it is on our way and these lands have seen enough blood for a while. Rose finishes with another heavy sign, there is a distinct aspect to the exhaustion which Rose is experiencing which Aurelia and Cerulean quickly recognize, her aura is completely drained.

There is no response from Sam at least for the moment.
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I still think this was a really silly idea because now I basically can't post. So it's just the second half of my above post.

As Calen advanced his approach was barred by a huge torrent of air as the full force of Reginald’s semblance was flung at him. Most of the already slowly dissipating fog was blown away clearly revealing all fighters the the crowd. Calen didn’t move. Reginald wouldn’t catch him off guard again so soon as Calen activated his semblance to remain perfectly still for a few moments and sending more arcs of green light into the air. Breathing hard, that stunt had cost him but it had been worth it. Reginald was on his knees and Calen was almost free to do whatever he wanted to the out of his depth marksman.

For now, that was pain. A trio of heavy downward strikes meant to split open any last defences Reginald might have left before Calen will truly get to work. Although it wasn’t immediately obvious to outsiders Calen had lost even his small desire to win beyond his pride and instead was completely subsumed by the desire to make Reginald pay for denying him, for betraying his trust, for disrespecting him. Most of his elegant movements remained but Calen was clearly showing no regard for his or anyone's safety, a deadly strategy for both fighters as now Calen would take everything Reginald had head on to prove his own overwhelming strength against his opponent. Although it’s success was far from certain.

Combat Date

Aura: 68%
Semblance: 80% Two charges to mostly negate the effects of Reginald’s semblance on himself
Status: Still sick, 1% to damage

Attacks: Trio of overhead attacks at Reginald: 18% total
There was a sea. A massive ocean, stretching as far as the eye could see. Deep, black waves under a cold night sky. The horizon was distant, strangely invisible. The shattered moon hung in the sky, dully glimmering, though it wasn’t the only source of light.

There was a ship. It burned. It screamed.

Janus blinked. The change was nearly imperceptible. Almost as difficult to follow as what came next.

Before the announcements finished, before the plank had fully extended, before the match had truly began, he blurred into movement. The pair of metallic Knights behind him didn’t just crumple to the ground, either. As if hurled by some massive force, they’d been flung back, driving into the arena walls. The mercenary’s semblance was unrelated, all appearances to the contrary. The most perceptive in the stands could pick up his actions, though, anyone at home was out of luck. The spear had whirled, slamming into the two drones, catching them with a Herculean level of force. The tiled ground shattered as he left the entryway, sending a smattering of ceramic shards back down the hallway, embedding into the walls, ceilings, and floor.

The Jet Knight. The Butcher. Star Cutter. Keelbreaker. Hullripper. Murderer. Madman.

He advanced. He aggressed. His Aura seemed to crackle, then bleed, as its hue darkened ever so slightly.  He shot across the arena, impossibly fast. The plank splintered behind him, the firmly built deck strained from the pressure flowing over it. Over the collective gasps from the crowd, the staccato bursts of debris impacts, the loud roar from the vortex of his Semblance, a howl could be heard. Born of rage and anger and hate, the man, once a pinnacle of Atlesian might, of Huntsman skill, split the air with a keening roar. His foresight was gone. All his planning, gone. The restraint, the professionalism, gone. He didn't hear the soulless, mindless chatter from the Tyrant anymore. There was little more than a beast. A cyclone of fury, of chaos, of despair.

They want madness? Give it to them.

The spear flashed, a rapid blow from the bladed end slicing at the womans head.

They want war? GIVE THEM WAR!

His body was turning even as the initial blow closed, following up with another from below, a strike from the haft; a launcher, to send her skyward. The massive blast of thrust, aimed downward, splintered the deck of the ship, slewing the whole thing sideways, just as the cameras caught up.
Everywhere Else / Re: Conflicting Ideals [CLOSED]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on July 17, 2019, 01:49:06 PM »
Lucas quietly approached the docks only after double-checking his equipment.  It's been some time since his last excursion, mostly due to the need to resupply, but that also meant that he was well-rested and ready to go.

The mission he was assigned to this time seemed relatively mundane:  it was a simple, routine patrol designed to cull Grimm and bandit populations.  Quite frankly, it looked like something a team a first years could handle on their own.  Yet, not only were they sending him, but another fourth year was assigned as well, along with two first years.  Were they expecting some sort of trouble?  Unlikely, otherwise they wouldn't send any first years, or even students period.  Were there simply not enough hands on deck?  Also doubtful, there should be a surplus of over-eager students looking to find some "action".  Could it be he's only there to act as a mentor?  This is a relatively routine mission...

Taking a look at the mission briefing once again, Lucas scanned through the assigned personnel.  He didn't recognize the two first years, but he did recognize his fellow senior, Arian Reaper.  Lucas had never worked with him, or even had a conversation with him, for that matter.  However, Reaper has a peculiar trait of always wearing a mask, and that makes him stick out, which is pretty much the only reason Lucas knows anything about him in the first place.

"You'd think they'd have pre-set team doing this sort of thing," he muses quietly as he makes his way to the awaiting bullhead.  Looking up, he's somewhat surprised to see the masked visage of Arian already there, waiting.  Might as well get to know him while I have the chance, he thinks to himself, and moves over to his counterpart.  "You're Arian, right?  I'm Lucas Meridiem.  'Looks like we'll be working together."
Everywhere Else / Re: Movie Night [Closed]
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Toast was currently very proud of himself at the moment.  Not only had he successfully dodged an attack, he did a back flip while dodging and even got in a one-liner!  Bonus points, he did it in front of two cute girls!  Nice!  Now he just needs to wait for the applause and...wait, where's the applause?

Glancing over at Diana and Helena, he saw their expressions and inwardly winced.  Looks like he hasn't impressed them at all.  Even his "opponent" didn't seem particularly enthusiastic, though at least he wasn't taking more swings.  That's a plus, right?

"Heh, not even a witty retort, huh?  Tough crowd," Toast says with an awkward chuckle, before trying to offer a compromise.  "Tell ya' what, I kinda need this hand to eat popcorn, so I'll put mine away if you stow yours, sound good?"
Beacon Academy / Re: Blind Not-Date [CLOSED]
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Bleh. Height joke. He’s not that short is he? Noir knows that he’s above average in terms of height, so that really shouldn’t hurt. Though, to be fair, he is short compared to his team. I guess that does make me short… Doesn’t it? He didn’t know what to feel about that. After all, it’s merely a statement of facts, though it still hurt nonetheless. Not only that, but it could be one of those jokes Lyssa always makes, so how should he deal with this? Noir was so unsure that he could only give the most bland and awkward response.


Realizing how downhill Noir went, he should just use work to unawkward the whole situation (for him anyways). With a smoothie of a consistent texture, Noir quickly put it into a cup for Lyssa’s consumption, all with nervous laughter towards the joke and Lyssa’s response. ”Of course, of course! Haha... “ The nervous laughter fades away as he just stands there awkwardly now with the cup extended towards Lyssa.

Shoot, Noir doesn’t know what to do from here. What do they talk about? What can he even say? Internally, he’s sweating bullets. Externally… Well, he does still seem nervous but not to the extent of internal screaming.
Everywhere Else / Conflicting Ideals [CLOSED]
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If one was to survey Haven’s dock at the current moment, it seems rather desolate and lonely with a singular bullhead currently waiting for its occupants to make their way over. Compared to the bustling weekends where students are coming in and out to make daily excursions, there’s only a singular fourth year tiredly waiting with the bullhead. Said fourth year also happens to be letting out constant tired sighs as they rub their eyes under the mask. After all, Arian is allowed to make constant expeditions and he just came back from his most recent one. A sound of disgust rises from within him as he ponders about his current status. He can’t let his exhaustion hinder him, so he’ll have to account for it in other ways.

Moreover, Arian has just been tasked to essentially mentor his juniors alongside a fellow peer that he’s not all too familiar with. He’s not too sure as to why him of all people out of the members in his team, but he’ll have to make do. I suppose I can take the time to become familiar with the ones that’ll become my colleagues in the future. It’ll be difficult, but perhaps it’ll be a nice test for all of them to grow stronger in the end.

As Arian thinks about this, he also goes over what their mission will be. As far as he knows, it’ll be one of the daily patrols between villages in order to clear out local supply routes of any grimm and bandits. Doing this would secure the safety of the villages and transfer of goods for the next group of huntsmen. Any other information he really didn’t care for all too much.
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