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The Vale Region / Re: Illumination and Concealment [Open, Limited 3/5]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on Today at 02:41:29 AM »
"Hmm, so you don't recognize him?  I was wondering if he was a regular," Lucas mused.  Well, that mostly confirms Lucas's suspicions of the flamboyantly dressed patron, assuming his conversation partner comes to The Dish often.  He catches the would-be hustler glancing at the bar every once in a while, as if he's waiting for something to happen.  What in the world are you up to? he thinks to himself as he finishes off the last of his drink.  He briefly debates waving the guy over but ultimately decides against it.  He's not particularly concerned with the well-being of his fellow patrons' wallets, and if they fall for fancy-pants's schemes, that's on them.

Besides, it looks like an interesting development is taking place right next to him.  Lucas catches the pink-haired man's expression sour as he types a message on his phone.  It's subtle, and it looks like he's trying to hide it, but it doesn't slip past Lucas's keen eyes.  Curious, Lucas sets down his glass and takes a shot in the dark, "Lemme guess, your 'date' cancelled on you?"  He did say he was waiting on someone, but whether it was an actual date or something else remains to be seen, though.

...Actually, has Lucas even asked his name?
The Vale Region / Re: Illumination and Concealment [Open, Limited 3/5]
« Last post by TheKaru on Today at 01:18:07 AM »
Gram looked over at where Calen was now sitting and shrugged. "I don't know, honestly. He doesn't blend in but sticks out enough to captivate the... mood of this place. I'd rather have a nice and calm evening though...", the young man replied and sighed. Too many people, too much attention, maybe this night wasn't exactly the best for striking this deal and his reserves weren't as low as usual. With a swift movement, Gram pulled out his scroll and shot Lucas a quick social smile before starting to type something on his scroll, a bit of a stressed expression creeping onto his face. After sending a short message, he returned his attention back to the man in the turtleneck, though his mind was definitely somewhere else, calculating how to get his supplies restocked now. This was definitely too dangerous tonight.
Beacon Academy / Re: Sensory Shenanigans [Closed]
« Last post by Glow on Today at 12:18:27 AM »
The fox faunus took a second to breathe, before looking down at her hands, making sure her aura had handled the backlash properly. Her usually-hidden fox ears popped back up, swivelling around slightly, before Samantha remembered where she was and quickly pushed them back down against her hair as they were before, hiding them under the hood.

"Ah, uh, yea- there we go! Amplification of sound into a... kind of kinetic... sound wave? Half and half?" She explained, slightly sheepishly over her own lack of knowledge of the active portion of her semblance. "Blocks my, uh, sonar while using, but useful to make things all quiet!". Wasn't like people hadn't seen the Vytal Tournament; it was generally common knowledge what it did now, so no harm in explaining a bit.

"It's- well, not much, but it's mine, y'know? So, uh- does that, that help?" She questioned a little shyly, tilting her head.
Beacon Academy / Re: An extra set of features[closed]
« Last post by ReaperJoe on May 24, 2019, 10:00:15 PM »
"Ah-" Clara starts as she picks up another tag, examining it along with the previous tag in her other hand.  "Well, this isn't the most elegant solution, but," she pauses to place one tag on top of the other, before picking them up and mock-placing the combination on her chest, "If you combine two of them, you can attach it like so, and then--" she lets one of the two fall to the ground while keeping the other one held in place with her hand, "--have it setup so the bottom half detaches and falls to the ground automatically.  That way, if they pull on each other, you'll get the desired effect of pulling them towards the ground."

She bends down to pick up the dropped tag and hands them back to Akel.  "Like I said, that's kind of a jury-rigged solution, but I can help you build a working prototype within the hour, and I'm sure using two of those things will yield a stronger force than just one.  If nothing else, you can use it as a proof-of-concept," she says encouragingly.
The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
« Last post by ReaperJoe on May 24, 2019, 09:21:21 PM »
With the Beringel impaled on her lance, there's nothing it could do to avoid the onslaught of the dust pouring into it.  Its demise is only a matter of time at this point.  However, so long as it persists, it's free to do as much damage as it pleases.  And since one of Aurelia's hands is busy holding up the lance while the other is holding the shield keeping the beast's maw at bay, the cavalier is likewise unable to stop the Grimm's attack.

Despite being impaled, electrocuted, and boiled from the inside all at the same time, to the point that it is literally vomiting dust onto her semblance, the Beringel tries to mash Aurelia's head into paste with its meaty hands.  Despite the situation, she can't help but admire the creature's resilience.  That being said, she isn't going to let it have its way for much longer if she can help it.

With what vision she has left, she looks for something to ram her opponent into and crush it once and for all, and spies a particularly thick tree.  Noble Steed, in accordance with its summoner's whim, charges toward it at full speed, seemingly unaffected by its slowly shattering form.  As it grows ever closer, Aurelia braces for an impact her prey can't possibly see coming and rears back her shield just as the Beringel rears its head back for another attempted bite.  At the last second, Noble Steed swerves hard to slow itself down while preserving as much momentum as possible for the attack.

What follows are X collisions:  the first is the lance tip against the tree, which results in splinters going flying as Dusk impales the tree like a hot knife going through butter.  The second is the Beringel's back against the tree, which causes its limbs to jerk back as inertia catches up to it.  The third collision is the the Beringel's head against the tree.  At the speed it was going, if it had a skull it would crack under the force of the impact.  Unfortunately for it, the Grimm's head faces another collision.  This time its Aurelia's shield flying into the Beringel's face, as she returns the favor and tries to crush its head between Dawn and the tree.

Finally, there's the last collision:  Due to Noble Steed's own momentum, it and Aurelia also collide into the tree.  Aurelia (and Noble Steed) was braced for it, as it was part of the plan, but nevertheless the knight slams into the bark, causing a bit of damage to return to both her and her semblance.  It was a small price to pay to finish off the Grimm, but it had to be paid, nonetheless.

Combat Data:
Aurelia: 70% (10% from Beringel, 5% additional from ramming tree)
Noble Steed: 7% (6% from Beringel, 2% additional from ramming tree)
Note:  Noble Steed looks like a sculpture about to fall apart, multiple cracks with light shining through

Rifle Rounds: 9/10
Fire Dust: 12/20
Lightning Dust: 11/20
Ice Dust: 20/20

Attack Log:  Ramming the Beringel into a tree and crushing its head between a literal rock (her shield) and a hard place (the tree)
Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on May 24, 2019, 07:56:13 AM »
'We'll see.' Calen responded as he slowly swam his way over to Kisha in a slow but deliberate breaststroke, never submerging his head. What Kisha said was partially correct, Calen did slightly warm up as he started to move but it wasn't enough to be called anything close to warm. Still, Calen had always found something strangely pleasant about being cold; it was calming, it sharpened his senses and kept him focused on the present. 'Perhaps we should have a bit of a cook-off, see who can make the spiciest curry which people are actually willing to eat.' Calen remarked wistfully as he thought to the hot meal to come. Spicy food had always been one of those things that Calen was initially ambivalent to but has become rather experienced in since coming to Beacon as a way to ensure other people don't eat his food.

'My father would always use teas whenever we got sick. Chamomile tea for fevers, Echinacea tea for colds, Peppermint tea for stomach aches and so on. At the time I thought it was normal but since coming to Beacon I have thrown myself completely into modern medicine, even get that common cold vaccine which seems to help as long as I don't jump into cold water.' Calen joked as he reached Kisha and started swimming in wide arcs around his classmate. As much as he was whining the water wasn't actually that cold and Calen was almost enjoying the swim. 'So do you cook spicy food often? Have to confess most of my team aren't that into significant spice so I don't get many opportunities to try it out.' Calen asks watching the shoreline as the last of the light starts to fade away. 
AMA Section / Re: Rabid Fansboys and Girls - How do your characters cope?
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on May 24, 2019, 05:54:27 AM »
So as has been pretty well established Calen is a bit of a dick but he is also very good at pretending he isn't. As such the flamboyant swordsman already with a few hunts under his belt would have probably gathered a reasonable following. Calen probably takes huge advantage of the parasocial relationships that form from celebrity and fan encouraging certain life decisions which although could definitely be the right way forward are still quite risky and all while keeping up the facade of someone who just wants to help. Just like most of his negative tendances Calen doesn't consider these actions evil, although they definitely are, he simply thinks he is teaching people a valuable lesson on trusting authority figures who don't have any real qualifications obviously ignoring that such a lesson could be taught without causing them pain.

Saffron has a lot of issues when interacting with her fans. As a Faunus in Atlas, she does actually have quite a large group of devoted Faunus fans who are amazed to see one of their own climb to the ranks she has as well as a few humans but who cares about them. The only issue is that because of a few extremely negative experiences concerning people pretending to be fans to humiliate her Saffron has been very slow to entertain the idea of doing any live meetups again. Even online Saffron knows that at least a couple of the messages she gets are from people trying to make a fool out of her but she has become savvier and by interacted though trusted gatekeepers she keeps the humiliations to a minimum while still providing advice online.

Ramalia hasn't really done anything to get fans. (I haven't been bothered to put her into anything.)
Calen used to play the piano quite a bit with his family and as such, the instrument brings back a lot of bad memories for him. And as not-piano isn't a music genre Calen's prefered is probably folk. As a dancer both professionally and as a combat style Calen spends a lot of time around music and only really finds it possible to relax around the music he doesn't have to deal with in two most hectic parts of his life. Calen also has a soft spot for stories of ancient heroes even if he does little to give that impression.

Saffron is a musician first and for most and if she even needs to de-stress herself out she always falls back on her most treasured instrument, the twelve-string acoustic guitar. Saffron will often find herself somewhere cold and lonely, not hard in Atlas and play to her fingers are numb just to resent her mind. Finding the precise but relatively simple movements of guitar playing allows her to focus as she goes through various acoustic covers of pop songs.

Ramalia's only exposure to music before coming to Shade was the throat singing of her tribe, a rather corse harmony of voices supposed to mimic to ways of the desert(it is definitely as annoying to others as the desert is). Unlike Saffron, Ramalia can't really do this on her own and instead sits in silence, one of the few times Ramalia is silent, and plays back choruses her tribe and she once sang together before they cast her out.
The Vale Region / Re: Adventure in the Wilderness [Closed]
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on May 24, 2019, 05:30:43 AM »
'I'll manage but thank you for your concern. As I'm sure you know sight is not the only sense one fights by and although I would prefer some light whether from the moon and stars or the setting or rising sun I can adapt.' Calen responded gesturing to the part of his head which if he was wearing Akel's headset the ears would be. Teasing aside Calen was in a good mood as Akel started picking at the provided food Calen pulled out a bottle of chilled water and took a few sips before continuing. Well with that sorted I've got a few things I need to put some things in order before going away for a couple of days, feel free to stick around if you like to eat as the others won't be back for a bit and I'll meet you back in the lecture hall for taking off. Feel free to call me on your scroll if you have any questions though.' Calen continued as he put the bottle of water back in the fridge and making his way out of the room. 'Remember no nerves, throws off my groove. Kisses' Calen finished with mock seriousness and overt coyness as he walked out of the room, not even looking back on their impact on Akel. Calen didn't actually have a huge amount of things he needed to get done, or anything really for that matter but it was important for Calen that he be perceived as a very busy and time conscious person, it made it easier to blow them off later.

True to his word Calen just made it back to the lecture hall as the students where pilling out to get into the airship to take them to field put aside for this exercise.  It wasn't any larger than any other airship Akel or Calen had been on before but most of the luxuries and the standing room had been taken up by even more large, heavy and uncomfortable chairs. It was rather clear that this is or at least was a military transport. Calen clucked his tongue disatisfied repeatedly as the reality of their fight became apparent and the gaunt boy was clearly not impressed. Being sat next to each other Calen turned to Akel and asked. 'So nightfall is probably in a couple of hours or do you want to try to wait for the morning, that way we get a nights rest and we can hit them while they are waking up?' Calen asked with a slight smile on his lips, despite all his complaining about the flight he was still obviously very excited for the mission itself, it looked like fun.

Calen looked like he was going to open his mouth again before a loud argument broke out further down in the airship but as everyone else was talking in hushed tones as to not be overheard the loud booming curses echoed all around the ship.
'What did you say about me, I could break you both into two pieces with one hand.' One voice cried out
'Please you can't find your way to the classroom without asking you won't be able to find your target let alone avoid the ones chasing you. A second voice sounded in response.
'A forest is totally different from a school, it's just the corridors they turn me around. At least I'm not a cowardly Caster hiding behind dust because I can't fight my own battles.' the first voice responded getting angrier and angrier.
'What did you say about Casters? A new voice sounded from further up the plane.
'That you are cowards and you are going to blow away all your power in the first couple of minutes and then you are just going to whine the rest of the time.' Another new voice responded close to Akel and Calen.

The exchange continued but it quickly devolved to insult throwing and the teacher didn't seem to have any desire to put a stop to it. Calen didn't join in but he was clearly following along as best he could and the threads of shouting matches got increasingly confusing as more people did, at one point it seemed like half the plane was yelling at each other and the other half was just kind of stunned at peoples outbursts. Calen turned back over the Akel and had to half yell to be heard over the commotion, smiling as he did so. 'I think this is going to be really really fun.' Luckily Akel and Calen were near a window and could easily see the terrain around them, they were flying out into the Forever Fall forest, a popular location for missions like this as it was close enough to civilisation for most major Grimm threats to keep away while far enough from civilisation so that the students don't accidentally break anything too important.
Beacon Academy / Re: An extra set of features[closed]
« Last post by EdgeyReyes on May 24, 2019, 03:40:57 AM »
Akel raised an eyebrow at Clara and tapped the large cylinder with many of the Gravity Tags on it "You mean like these?" Akel asked, before smiling and sliding the cylinder over to Clara "What do you have planned?" the bat faunus questioned, curious as to what her fellow student had in mind.
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