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The Vale Region / Re: [CLOSED]Pecking Order
« Last post by Walter on Today at 03:16:01 AM »
Tiber found the woman putting his knifes back on his rig like that a bit odd - the oddity of it seemed to take him out of it enough for the following swipe for his gun by surprise. Tiber cursed himself for not keeping his gun in place with his semblance, but was done was done. As soon as she took hold of the gun, the boy pulled out a knife and took a defensive stance.

It appeared, however, that his worry was misplaced. The woman instead put a bullet in the target's head no problem, making him... Well, he wasn't exactly ecstatic to see the ease with which she had accomplished this.

After a moment of consideration to boy relaxed his stance and put the knife back in its place. He looked to the woman and gave a nod. Not much harm could come from actually learning to shoot before heading off to Beacon. These here were stationary targets, and grimm were not - if he had trouble here, he'd be shit outta luck and jolly well fucked in the field.
Character Creation / Re: +1'd Characters
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on March 17, 2019, 05:55:25 AM »
Character Creation / Re: Bordeaux Page Alderson
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on March 17, 2019, 05:54:44 AM »
Sure why not and another trap. +1.
’..cieved. We’’ The radio sparked back, all the work Taylor had done to try to improve the reception didn’t seem to be having much impact. ’’ As possibly uplighting the message the radio tried to deliver was it was nothing compared to the increasing horror of the loud rents into the metal finally reached their climax as the Kotick managed to breach the hull of their little escape pod and water started to fill the lift raft. For now, the gaps weren’t large enough for the Grimm to slip through but it wouldn’t take long until there where. In their terrain, the Grimm would be even more of a danger but even if DALT would overcome the demon killer whales the life raft was well and truly sinking by now and there was little aura and years of huntsman training could do against drowning.

The incoming water did have some benefit, however, well benefit might be giving it too much credit, but the constant splashing of water on to Dorian was enough to wake the poor lad up. The world had gone from bad to worse for the poor boy and now he was trapped in his worst nightmare, drowning in dark, icy waters surrounded by strangers. Still, his training was drilled in enough that he wouldn’t go down without a fight and Dorian raised his assault rifle to fire a burst of dust ammunition at the coming Kotick. He even had the presence of mind to ensure he wouldn’t use any of the dust types which would be screwed over by the water resulting in a flurry of kinetic blasts. It was hard to miss something trying to get in through the only windows you have to fire from but regardless two Kotick were blast to pieces under the fire. More came however only more incensed by the deaths of their fellows. The pirate Cordell on the other hand was trying a different approach as she was trying to use her communicator to call back to somewhere but it was rather easy to infer from the pirates even louder and harsher than normal language that she was having trouble getting through.

WiP Characters / Arcano Blar Baldwin
« Last post by DEXES on March 17, 2019, 03:51:42 AM »

Name: Arcano Blar Baldwin

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Peacock Faunus, Male

Symbol: An abstract dream catcher with a black eye in its middle

Occupation: First year Beacon Student


Arcano is a 5'5" tall young man, weighing approximately 143 Ibs. He has Black and curly hair that is kept relatively short and fades into a strong tone of turquoise at the tips. His eyes are held in a similar turquoise-greenish tone and have a rather bright, luminous effect.

Around his neck is a dark blue neckerchief with two short tails that stick out on both sides. He wears a thin black coat that reaches to his waist and has his symbol emblazoned on its back. The coat itself is worn open over a long,  turquoise-greenish shirt. There are two separate belts fastened around his waist, that have multiple, smaller pouches attached to it. On his hands and arms, he wears turquoise, arm-length gauntlets, which are pulled over the sleeves of the coat. He wears black trousers and black boots with a turquoise pattern. The boots are different in length, the right one reaches almost the knee. His hair, as well as his gauntlets and shoes, are decorated with bluish feathers.

As a Faunus, he also has an animal trait, which in his case is a long peacock tail. Like the ones of a real peacock, the length of the tail is about 4,5" and therefore drags on the ground behind him. His tail unfolds in a fan-like manner in a variety of situations, mainly by a strong presence of emotions like excitement, joy, anger or fear.


-Als Baby ausgesetzt
-Faunus Familie mit Bienen Tochter nahm ihn auf
-Zogen von Atlas nach Vale
-Arcanos Mutter war eine Huntress, er will auch eine werden


Arcano is a rather shy and jumpy person. If you meet him for the first time, you might think that the job of a huntsman is straight up inappropriate for him. However, if you take the time to get to know him you will see that he is a caring and loving person with a burning desire to reach his goals.

Overall, Arcano is a very calm person who can keep a cool head even in heated situations. He will be scared, but he manages to overplay that fear with determination and when he feels like he has reached his end, he asks himself what made him go that far. He has a goal to reach. And he will reach it, no matter the cost. Since Arcano had to endure a lot of unfairness in his life, he has developed a strong sense of justice and will jump, even against his better judgment, into any kind of situation to help straighten things up again. He has little faith in himself, but the more he can stand up for others and encouraging them to fulfill their goals.

He never gets angry. He is very emotional, but this comes to show more in other emotions as in joy or sadness. On the other hand, he also has a strong aversion to fighting. He understands that you can't be a Huntsman without fighting, but he sees the fighting he does mainly as a way to defend. He would never enter a fight if there is another way to resolve the conflict. Well, that goes for everything except Grimm, which he, like most of humanity, sees as beings that must be destroyed at all costs.

Arcano had to struggle a lot with Abandonment issues in the past and has a general fear of humans. Nothing extreme, but he keeps away from them out of instinct. He has some problems with social interaction and it takes a while for him to trust someone. As soon as he befriends someone, he sticks to them and tries desperately to keep the friendship alive, which can often end up in the exact opposite.

Aura and Semblance:

Arcanos aura has a turquoise-green (#40E0D0) color.

His semblance, which he has dubbed "Shadow Dive", allows him to hide in his own shadow and to walk around the area almost invisible.

For that, he needs his own shadow and a generally dark or shady place. How dark it is is irrelevant, as long as there is a hint of darkness, he can use his semblance. He then covers himself with his own shadow, which lets him disappear into the darkness around him. How much of his body is shrouded in shadow is entirely up to him, but everything that is shrouded won't be visible to him either. This is especially a problem for his eyes. With the shadows in front of them, he can't see anything, which is why he always leaves this spot free. This is also the biggest hint to recognize him in this form, as his eyes have a very striking and bright color. On the other hand, it is noteworthy to again mention that he can't use his semblance when there is no shadow around him. It doesn't work if the only source of a shadow is himself since he is then shrouded in said shadow, but there is no darkness to match it. His Shadow form also immediately breaks if he steps out of the shadows. He can move freely without worrying about his form, however, the shadow shell may break when Arcano loses focus. He doesn't have to concentrate all the time on the hull to keep it upright, however, he was a certain focus on it. If this focus is broken by some unexpected event, the shadow falls away immediately.

The form offers Arcano no extra protection against attacks of any kind and also doesn't dampen the noises he makes. In addition to himself, he can wrap other objects in a shadow too, but this only works when said object is in direct contact with him, as soon as this contact ends the shadow will disappear. He unlocked his semblance when he hid away from bullies in a dark alley. His panic gained the upper hand and unknowingly awakened his semblance.

Combat Behavior:

Arcano doesn't like fighting, at least not against humans or Faunus. He will do it, but not without first trying to find a more peaceful way out. In the battles himself, he keeps a cool head and attacks with thought-out and precise attacks. He tries to find possible weaknesses of his opponents and uses those weaknesses against them. Even if it doesn't look like it, Arcano is mainly active in melee combat and has surprising power and perseverance for his stature, with which he can hold his own more than enough. He is agile and fast, attacks with many consecutive attacks. This implies that he uses up a lot of stamina, and it also occasionally leaves him inattentive between attacks, as he takes a breath.

Arcano has the most problems in ranged combat. Not only does he have no long-range weapon, but he also has problems fighting enemies that are ranged-specialized. He has a perfect vision in the dark and his senses as Faunus are already a bit better than those of a normal human being, but he otherwise has rather bad eyesight and often recognizes enemies long-ranged attacks too late. On the other hand, Arcano has some problems with his focus while fighting. He can easily concentrate on one or more opponents at a time, but once he has done that, his concentration remains on those opponents, which keeps him inattentive for any unexpected attacks.


Name: Cobweb

Primary Form:

The gauntlets on his arms are each equipped with two individual blades. Both are normally retracted and hardly recognizable for the naked eye. The first blade is a side blade, which is mainly used to inflict minor cuts when rushing by. The second blade is placed exactly over the back of his hand and is used as a normal dagger for piercing and slitting. Both of the blades are relatively long, but that doesn't change the fact that you have to get very close to the enemy to use them.

Also attached to the gauntlets, slightly further back than the dagger blade is, is a spool with wire threads. The threads are very thin and almost invisible, but they are also very robust and, above all, sharp. The spool is connected to small metal caps on his fingers. Arcano can shoot from each of his hands 5 each of these threads. The threads are mainly used for building traps during a fight, but they can also be used directly in combat. The threads are very sharp, definitely sharp enough to hurt someone, but not sharp enough to cause great damage or to break any solid objects. However, they can be used to squeeze a person, or grim inside, causing damage. Since the threads are very solid they don't tear by themselves, but they can be cut through easily by a blade. The firing range of the threads doesn't have a long reach, a maximum of 12", but after they are attached, they can be extended as long as he has wire left in his spool. They stick to an object or person until they are naturally severed. Since the threads are automatically retractable, Arcano can use them for extra movability or can use it to reach higher platforms. Since the spools have only very limited thread on them, they are connected with another, larger spool that is attached to his waist.

To his two belts are multiple extra spools attached, which can be changed if necessary.

Dust Functions:

While the blades of Cobweb have no modifications, the wire threads of the weapon can use almost any type of Dust. The Dust will be activated after the threads have left the metal cap on Arcano's finger. The thread itself carries no damage from the dust, but the thread must be changed with each new Dust-usage. You can also do a lot of combos with the help of Dust.

History: Self-made when he was 16
The Vale Region / Re: At the mountains Summit
« Last post by DEXES on March 17, 2019, 03:23:20 AM »
Dawn watched the movements of the miners with narrowed eyes. A warning shot to their feet may be enough to make them shrink back and consider their idea of an attack, but that would also reveal her presence. They didn't seem to have noticed her yet, and the longer she could use that to her advantage the better. Nonetheless, she held up her arm, with Phoenix Flame still aimed at their opponents. First, it was on the group of miners, but then she shifted her focus to the drill and the person inside. She could certainly incapacitate it. Everything would have to be perfectly timed for that though. And what to do after? Who knows how the miners would react to her destroying their machine. With a quick glance to the side, she reassured herself that Dragon's breath was loaded with the right kind of dust. It was risky but possible. She only needs to wait for the right moment. As belligerent as the workers looked, none of them had attacked yet, it would be a mistake for them to make the first move. The four workers were all armed, this shouldn't be a problem for Toast and Revya though. It would surprise her if it was. With this said, she continued to focus on the drill.
Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« Last post by DEXES on March 17, 2019, 02:49:08 AM »
"Well, we have more than enough of that, right guys?" Kisha asked the group. After all, it was not like they had any obligations today, so time shouldn't be a big deal. As she waited, more or less, for an answer, she started to scoop the cards together and place them in a stack. The game was nice and fun, but she wasn't sure if her teammates enjoyed it as much as she did.
The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« Last post by NotSurprised on March 17, 2019, 12:49:33 AM »
Iron gives an intense gaze at the arcade on their right. In fact it was so intense that it seemed like he was tempted to bring it up for the day. However, it softens as Iron decides to keep his leader’s interest in mind. Looking back, Iron realizes that his leader had been watching him when he was staring at the arcade. His face quickly reddens as he coughs into his fist to regain composure. Killing any sign of embarrassment, Iron returns to a more blank expression.

”You’ve stated that you needed clothes? I suppose we can begin there, perhaps picking up some items myself.” In contrast to the more expressive side of Iron shown before, his voice is now much more monotone, almost as if he was trying to divert attention away from his little situation. Plus, it’s not like he’s lying either, since Iron had been looking towards investing in more clothes for formal and combat reasons.
The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« Last post by Metroidhunter on March 16, 2019, 02:00:06 PM »
Isabelle shrugged as she peered around the building, then taking a quick glance at her scroll before stuffing it back into her pocket. ”I don’t know if she’s here yet. I’ll tell her to meet us somewhere in a little bit. In the meantime...” the faunus looked back up at the taller male, returning his curious look. ”Where should we go first?”

The vast mall stretched out for as far as she could see, small shops and well-known retailers lining the long, massive corridor that they stood in. The populated crowd that moved through the place gave Isabelle the slightest bit of nerves, but from the looks of it, she didn’t know any of these people. ’Good.’ A ways down, there were two particularly large sections on either side of them that would draw her gaze. On the right, a dimly-lit yet spacious room with tall glass windows, game cabinets lining the walls and neon signs advertising the coolest new arcade attractions. Her eyes quickly passed over it, her interest rapidly declining. And then on the left, one of the big department store chains, likely carrying every piece of trendy clothing in Vale. Isabelle didn’t have much of a taste for fashion, but it was certainly more practical to shop there rather than playing video games. Of course, there was also the food court on the far end of the path, though they would have to travel past a number of stores to get there anyway. While she was leaning towards starting with that clothing store, she had asked Iron first. The girl looked back up at him once more, awaiting his recommendation.
Character Creation / Bordeaux Page Alderson
« Last post by Golden Koi on March 15, 2019, 09:37:48 PM »

Name: Bordeaux Page Alderson

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Male, Human

Symbol: A red crystal symbol with a red teardrop within.

Occupation: Beacon Student, (Former) Intern/Nurse

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 135 pounds

Appearance: Despite being male, Bordeaux looks very feminine, though he embraces it, surprisingly.

He has pale clear skin that seems to shine naturally, and sky blue eyes that glimmer in the light. He has a heart-shaped face, with a button nose, and lips that are on the fence for thin, and full, usually in a straight line. He still has a bit of baby fat in his cheeks, so it seems soft and a bit cuddly, and he has shoulder-length wavy light blue hair, soft and silky and usually a tiny bit tangled.

Bordeaux wears dressy casual clothing. Khaki pants, a denim or flannel vest over a collared red shirt, and black loafers. He prefers dark colors as opposed to light, since using his Semblance will often stain his clothes, and he'd rather hide the stains whenever he can.

Bordeaux is more of a support-type fighter, and mostly hangs back from the frontlines. Despite this, he stays physically fit, and is rather slim, with a mostly lithe frame, the only exception being his perky butt. (No regrets.)

History: Born in Vale to a first responder and a retired Huntress turned nurse practitioner, Bordeaux was the child of two of Vale's medical practitioners, and after some time, it showed. His parents taught him everything they knew on their profession. Sanguine knew how to patch a wound, what to do to stem a bullet wound, how to create a makeshift splint out of a few sticks and a ribbon. Every basic to advanced medical technique his parents knew, they taught Bordeaux. They hoped that it would inspire him, push him to go for a career that would save others.

And he did pick such a career.

Just not the one they expected.

Instead of a medical career, like the path they hoped he would choose, Bordeaux instead pushed to become a Hunter. Despite his parents' protests, he claimed that it would save lives the way both he and they wanted to. He pushed that he would help wounded Hunters to survive the Grimm, and if all else failed, he could always just retire like his mother. Finally giving in to his reasons, the two signed him up for Signal Academy, where he trained for three years to be a Huntsman while keeping his own medical skills sharp and ready.

His mother having previously unlocked his Aura a few days before he began studying to fight the Grimm, Bordeaux entered Signal Academy armed with a plethora of medical knowledge that eventually leaked into his own fighting style. His combat skills...honestly not that great, he excelled in classes on medical skills, and was acknowledged as one of the best students in the course.

In his third year at Signal, Bordeaux forged his weapon, a whip that doubled as a garrote, and could shift into a rifle similar to that of the real world M1 Garand. With recommendations from his teachers due to his exceptional medical skills, Sanguine applied for Beacon, enrolled a month being having applied. In addition to that, He began usingvarious Dust canisters to alter the battlefield to his advantage. With a push of his Aura, he could create a wildfire, freeze the ground over, create gravity fields that disoriented an enemy, and more.

Before he actually began attending Beacon, however, he got a job as an intern in the Vale General Hospital, helping with patients in the ER, and occasionally tending to those in the ICU after a while. Because of this, his medical skills are far better than they used to be. Unfortunately, he quit his job when he had to go to Beacon, but whenever he has time, he visits the hospital and volunteers there.

Personality: Bordeaux is, first and foremost, loyal. He believes that it doesn't if they're your family or not, if they bully you, manipulate you, try to abuse you for their own personal gains, you should associate yourself with them. He believes in the motto "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb", and will often encourage his friends to stand for themselves. He is a bit socially awkward, but generally extroverted and very friendly. However, he's also prideful and a bit of a narcissist, and likes when people compliment his looks. He's also impulsive, and will charge into a situation if he felt that his friends were in danger of any kind.

Aura and Semblance: Bordeaux's aura is maroon red, and is above average, capable of healing moderate to slightly severe wounds, with a tiny bit of help keeping the wounds closed, and acting as a semi-strong barrier against oncoming attacks.

His Semblance is Blood Bond. With it, Bordeaux can use his own blood, Blood Type O and free of any diseases, by the way to temporarily heal another person's wounds and act as a sort of band-aid, possibly prolonging their lives for a while so help can arrive and save them. The lost blood regenerates at a minute per cup of blood used, and his limit is 1.5 pints of blood, so  maximum three minutes need to replenish his lost blood.

The downside is that seeing as he's, you know, using his own blood to heal others, it'll leave him extremely weak and possibly anemic for the time he needs to replenish his own blood. He'll essentially be a sitting duck with a sign that says "Free meal here!" in a fight. Also, there's no guarantee the transfusion will work, depending on how severe the wound is. The transfusion only occurs for those that Bordeaux considers an ally, so enemies will not be healed should they be wounded.

Combat Behavior: Bordeaux is a support-type fighter, his Semblance not suited for combat. He's more the team medic, though he is more than capable of holding his own against enemies. Despite this, he's not good with hand-to-hand combat, and would lose in a fist fight. He also fights via medical knowledge, using knowledge of weak areas and pressure points in a pinch. However, this makes him somewhat predictable, and a more attentive opponent can eventually turn his own tactics against him.


Name: Flourish

Primary Form: A 9 foot long red whip with a rifle stock for a hilt. It's mainly used to keep enemies away from him, or occasionally disarm them. However, he can also use the whip to throw people off via wrapping it around their limbs and pulling, or using the whip like a garrote if he's in a pinch.

Secondary Form: A rifle similar to the real-life M1 Garand. The rifle stock folds in, the whip immediately straightens out and stiffens, a loading chamber is revealed near the stock, and the tip of the whip opens up to reveal a rifle barrel.

Dust Functions: Outside of firing Fire Dust rifle rounds, it has no Dust functions whatsoever.

History: The weapon Bordeaux built in his third year of Signal. Over the course of a year, Flourish has been enhanced and repaired over and over until perfected by Sanguine. It can store up to twenty Dust rounds per magazine


Name: Dust Array v 1.3, or 'Blight'

Primary Form: A belt of various filled canisters of Dust, ranging from Fire to Energy to Gravity. Each canister is a one-use item and must be refilled upon usage, and each canister has a different effect depending on what Dust remains inside.

Secondary Form: None

Dust Functions: 'Blight' functions wholly on the types of Dust are currently stored within the five canisters. Each canister can only contain one type of Dust, and effects vary. Bordeaux favors Fire, Lightning, Ice, Gravity, and Steam Dust. however.

History: A secondary weapon made from a simple leather belt with five leather bands to hold the canisters, the five canisters themselves, and whatever Dust Bordeaux had on him. Initially called Dust Array v1.3, due to what Bordeaux was still trying to enhance, he eventually just named it 'Blight', deeming the previous name to be a bothersome mouthful.

(As per Monty Oum's color rule, bordeaux is a french for maroon, and maroon is a shade of red. RIP, Monty Oum.))
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