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Title: Discussions at Dawn [COMPLETE]
Post by: MonsterManic on May 19, 2018, 12:41:38 PM
Her bed was empty.

It was with a tired body and mind that Jocelyn had collapsed on her bed that night, fully expecting the rest of the people (bar 1) sharing the room with her to do the same. As for the exception, she probably wouldn't be going to her own abode until around 4 or 5, working hard at something or other and displaying that tenacity and determination that Jocelyn had come to admire and love. But even so, a person had to sleep, and Prism was nothing if not a person. So it was with a sinking heart that she woke to and saw the bed opposite her empty. She reached for her scroll, and the time read 5:26.

It was way past her normal sleep schedule, and Jocelyn was determined to drag the faunus back to bed, with force if need be.

Absentmindedly picking up her first-aid kit, she tip-toed to the door and slipped out (even though she probably woke Amane simply by waking up herself), blinking her eyes to adjust to the darkness. It was times like these where she wished she had night vision like the Faunus did, or had the money to buy herself a pair of night vision goggles. Maybe Amane could help with that...

Her fruitless search brought her to the roof after ten minutes of wandering around the large campus, her progress hampered by the lack of light and the need to remain quiet lest she wake other students, or even worse the teachers. She was about to turn and head somewhere else when a glimmer of turquoise caught her eye amongst the dark grey of the floor. A closer inspection revealed the girl she was looking for...curled up in the fatal position and huddled against a wall. All previous thoughts shoved out of her mind, Jocelyn hurried over to the girl, careful not to make too much noise while running, while flipping open her pack and withdrawing a Ice Dust crystal. With an ease borne of practice she placed the crystal on Prism's arm whilst simultaneously channeling her Semblance.
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Post by: Moth on May 19, 2018, 03:07:12 PM
Prism hated falling asleep accidentally.

It'd been a nice enough night, so Prism had spent it studying outside. She'd borrowed one of the school's larger scrolls and spent the night finishing an essay on the roof, assisted by what little moonlight there was. She'd finished it up sometime around 3 am, and before returning to her room to catch a few hours of sleep, had slid in her earbuds to stargaze as she usually did for just a few more... minutes...

She'd jerked awake mid-gasp an hour later, watching the face of her father disappear down the beak of a Nevermore once again.

She'd spent the next 20 minutes gasping for breath, trying to shake off the replaying memories as she'd cowered on the roof. She hated the panic attacks, especially the ones after just waking up; going from so vulnerable to feeling you're about to die, tears streaming down the faunus' face as her heart raced. Like all panic attacks, it'd eventually subsided, but that didn't mean it was over for Prism. She'd curled into a tight ball, wings wrapping around herself in some semblance of comfort, tears still streaking down her face as she threw off the remainder of the nightmare bouncing around her skull. It wasn't an unfamiliar situation to the faunus, and she'd been prepared to stay their until dawn like she always did - until the sound of someone else jogging alongside the roof interrupted her miserable silence.

The footsteps across the rooftop were unfamiliar, alongside the touch of coolness to her arm. Prism flinches from the touch at first, but calms as that first familiar wave of reinvigoration rolls over her. She stays their for a few minutes, just taking in the feeling. Eventually, it's enough that she pokes her head out of her arms, glancing towards the person who she knew would be handling the crystal; the wet tear tracks down her face still visible in the early morning light. Her voice was still choked, but she was at least able to speak now. "H-hey, Josie."
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It took Prism an awfully long time for her to emerge from the protective shell her wings provided her, which made Jocelyn afraid; each time she did this it seemed like it was gradually starting to lose it's soothing purposes. Similar to medicine and mutations--constant doses would cause the cells to develop an immunity to the medicine, and her Semblance was basically glorified medicine.

Sliding down the wall until she sat next to Prism, she stopped the flow of her Aura and tossed the now depleted crystal away. Letting their shoulders touch as a sign of her presence, she gazed at Prism's face and her tear-stained cheeks, causing a lump in her own throat. She hated seeing Prism like this. The only comfort was that she held the tools to ease that suffering, but even that seemed to be failing. She needed another solution, one that could find the source of the problem and erase it from the world. What made her feel helpless was that she didn't know what or where it was and how she could find it.

"Another one?" Jocelyn's voice is sympathetic, filled with worry, comfort and that motherly, caring tone present in all parents. If she couldn't find another cure, she'd fight to keep this one working for as long as she could, regardless of what it cost her.
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Prism tries to offer her a grin, but it's awkward and broken; before she just gives up and lets her head tilt forwards, staring at the ground. She at least draws her wings against her back again, leaning into Jocelyn's touch - before giving up as she slides down next to her. The hummingbird faunus lets her head thump onto Jocelyn's shoulder, refusing to make eye contact, her voice slightly muffled. "Same one as always, apparently my brain's a fan of the classics." Even broken down, she's trying to be humorous - despite the fact it's dead in her current voice.

She stays there for a few more moments, before shifting to a slightly more comfortable position as she turns to look outwards. Jocelyn can at least see her face now, and despite all the grief and saddness, it's primarily tired. "Josie, you didn't need to come get me, I - I'm able to ride these things out on my own. Not saying that I don't appreciate it, but like - you should be sleeping."
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Jocelyn's heart literally clenches when Prism speaks--paired with her facial expression of exhaustion and sadness, it's enough to make her want to just hug Prism until all the bad things go away in the world. And that line about her being able to "ride things out on her own"?

Bullshit. Complete, utter bullshit.

"And so should you." Jocelyn's voice has lost some of its tenderness, replaced by an unfamiliar edge to her tone. "I still remember you saying before you didn't want to be treated as a charity case, but this doesn't count. You say you can tough it out on your own, but yet whenever it happens you're helpless for far too long. Sure, you get over it, but please, look at yourself. Do you look like you're in a good shape?" Her hand reaches for Prism's, grasping for some physical support. "You're not alone, Prism. You have me. I can't claim to understand what you've been through, but the least I can do is ease you through each attack, no matter when or where." It's a pleading tone her voice takes on now, begging for Prism to understand and accept. "Let me do this for you--let me ease your burden, even if only a little bit."
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Prism blinks as Jocelyn's voice turns rough, turning to look at her face. The hummingbird faunus has gone wide-eyed, another slight flinch as she mentions how helpless she looks, but the thing is - well, she's - she's right. She's always incapacitated during these things, left to breath and pant until she's able to control herself again. It's not exactly healthy behavior.

As Jocelyn grabs her hand to make a point, her voice turning pleading, Prism's expression returns to shock. Jocelyn's wedged herself like a thorn in Prism's side since the first panic attack, constantly checking up on her and coming to find her when she disappears late in the night - she's determined to stick around no matter what comes. No matter severe, how painful, how long, Jocelyn wantsto be there -

Prism visibly breaks.

Somewhere deep inside the little hummingbird, crumbling walls that have held up far too long finally break. Tears bead in her eyes again, a whine repressed in her throat - but instead of pulling away, Prism surges forwards, wrapping her arms around Jocelyn and burying her face in her shoulder again. Jocelyn would be able to feel her shaking, the quaking evident in the way even her feathers shake, but with the way she clings, well - she doesn't want to go anywhere.
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Despite everything she'd just said, despite the crying girl in her arms, Jocelyn smiled. Finally, finally her small bird had realised her intentions. With one hand, she reached behind Prism and rubbed her back in slow, circular motions. "I'm not going anywhere, Prism, and there's no one who can see you - cry your heart out. I'll be there for you." she whispered, leaning forward so her own head rested on Prism's shoulder, listening to her quiet sobbing, feeling her small and seemingly frail body quiver in her grasp.
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Prism stays with her face buried in Jocelyn's shoulder for a good five minutes, the shaking slowly dying down to minor tremors. She doesn't pull back, letting herself stay partially wrapped around her teammate; taking solace in the gentle embrace and the soothing repetitive motion against her back. She doesn't bother to pull back, but eventually she does manage to speak again - despite still being crowded by tears, there's a certain new edge to her voice, an underlying current of eerie calm and steely determination.

It's only ever going to get better if she tries. Jocelyn's not going to run away. "J-josie, there's s-something I kinda want to g-go over with you, but i-it's a bit serious - you okay with h-hearing that?"
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In her mind, Jocelyn knew that after the mental walls came crashing down, the hardest process for Prism would start; lancing the boil, so to speak - coercing the girl to speak her mind and drain the toxicity within her. So it was all the more surprising and admirable to Jocelyn that it was Prism who suggested that they talked - she thought she'd have to gently coax her to speak.

"For you, of course - you don't have to say it all in one sitting. One bit at a time, I'll guide you through it all." Jocelyn simply hugged Prism harder, providing the girl with physical support as well as mental. "You're so brave to be able to do this, I don't think I could have."
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Prism manages a small snort as Jocelyn calls her brave, appreciating the physical contact. The crying as abated to the point she can at least turn her head sideways so her friend can hear her better, not clinging quite as tightly but still holding on. "M-me, brave. That's something. No, I'm - I'm mostly tired. I've dealt with this bullshit long enough, I just - it's only going to ever get better if I make it better. No matter how painful. So I just want t-to try, and if it gets too bad - well, it's a start."

Curiously, Prism actually draws back - facing Jocelyn, she's still exhausted, but the determination in her voice has transferred to her face. "So just... listen, okay? I'm not sure if once I get started, it's good to stop."
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Not wanting to interrupt what could possibly be a defining moment for the both of them, Jocelyn stayed silent and nodded, the back of her mind actually mourning the loss of their physical contact-wait, no, warmth--the sun was still not up and it was cold. Yeah, that's why.
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Taking a calming breath, Prism sits back a little and trying to relax. She reaches for Jocelyn's hands, at least keeping those intertwined - a point of steady contact, to hopefully help keep her grounded. Here goes nothing.

"Those nightmares are always the same - mostly. My - my dad was a weapon's smith. He built Hawk's Eye. But being a faunus weapon smith often lead to jealously, especially when his products would end up being bought out over other hunters - so, he'd get threats. Against him, my mom, me and my sisters - it - it was stressing. It took a toll on him. On all of us." The words get harder as Prism goes along, hunching over slightly - but the steely determination in her voice manages to bite back the tears, at least for now.

"I relive it every n-night. I'm coming back through the woods at dawn. Light in the distance, I'm flying through the trees, there's fire - entire house is burning. There's feathers all over, pinkyellowred, my sister's colors, my mom's -  I just sit there and watch, he drops Hawk's Eye, he was trying to defend himself, but I look up - mouths 'run', I want to but I can't wind kicks in-"  As the story gets harder as she goes along, the audible determination starting to waver.

"I- I have to watch him - I can't sleep because - I don't sleep because I have to see it again- there's only so many times you can watch your dad get eaten by a Ne- ne- never-" She chokes on the words and stutters to a stop, the hyperventilating too strong to keep speaking.
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Jocelyn was not a faint-hearted person. Her line of duty simply did not allow such a person to be in their ranks and last long. She had seen death, carnage, people with families forcibly separated forever by the uncaring Grimm.

But as she listened to Prism's story, she realised with a sinking heart that for Prism to even be here, her heart was reinforced and lined with titanium to prevent it from shattering. She let her mind flit over the mental image of her mother, her father, her brother being murdered, ripped to bloody unrecognisable shreds, eaten like a snack, and instantly had to suppress the urge to double over. Just the thought was a punch to her gut. It was unbearable.

And Prism saw this every day.

Live. Die. Repeat. Family one second, dead the next. Repeat. Repeat. Repeatrepeatrepeat--

Prism would feel the soothing wave once more emanating from Jocelyn's hands, where another Ice Dust crystal would be clasped between both pairs of hands. However, nothing would follow as Jocelyn's face would be bowed downward in heavy silence, silent tears rolling down her cheeks to drip on their hands. If anything, though, the wave was much, much more forceful and stronger than any previous experiences, enough for Jocelyn to start feeling the recoil like a hammer whacking her skull. Still, she kept the Aura flowing, unable to speak a single word.
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With the strong wave of dust-enhanced aura, Prism freezes for a moment as the chilling feeling rolls over her, her breath catching. She holds it for a few moment, literally feeling the panic waved away - and breaths out in relief, leaning forwards to press her forehead against the bowed Jocelyn's. She stays there, just breathing in silence with her friend, mutual mourning for once what was.

It takes her a few moments to realize Jocelyn is crying as well, and Prism makes a little whining sound in the back of her throat at the sight - one hand is removed from Jocelyn's, digging through her back pocket to pull out a package of tissues. "Josie, I've - I've calmed now, don't overexert yourself, I know it hurts if you use too much at once - please, I'm, I - I-" She cuts off, unable to properly form words, before actually snorting. "Oh my god, we're both absolute messes, aren't we?"
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Removing one hand from their tear-soaked grasp to extract a tissue and wipe at her tears, Jocelyn managed, through her now splitting headache, to choke out "It might hurt, but I'd - agh - suffer through it thrice-fold for you to get one night of peaceful sleep." The degree of pain now ramping up to having a road roller dropped on her, she was forced to cease the flow of her Aura, before collapsing against the wall, still conscious. "At least my mess is worth it - you're back to your normal self." she said weakly, closing her eyes from the exhaustion.
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Prism snorts at the woman's seflessness, a soft smile on her face despite recounting the harsh events. As she moves to lean against the wall with Jocelyn, reaching for her spare hand again, the hummingbird does something different; leaning up to press a gentle kiss on her forehead, before collapsing next to her.

She's still panting. Long, dragging breaths as she stares up at the sky, focusing on breathing s she watches the morning's light start to break. It's not like her memories are just going to disappear, her PTSD just up and vanish now that someone else knows, but - there's someone else who knows now, someone who mourned with her, and who knows what she went through. She's - she's not alone anymore.

"D-do... do you know what the school offers in like, t-terms of mental health services? I think I... n-need to start seeing someone, or something."
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Jocelyn's eyes fly open, her previous exhaustion and pain all instantly pushed to the wayside.


Did Prism just - just kiss her.

Absolute silence as Jocelyn temporarily short-circuits and malfunctions - mouth dropping open but no words coming out, her eyes wider than ever before in her life, a blazing red blush erupting on her cheeks, enveloping the entirety of her face and lighting it brighter than the sun--

It felt exquisite. Divine. Heavenly.

And Dust was it the completely wrong time and place for it.
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Prism's still staring at the sky, her mind elsewhere. "Therapist, p-psychiatrist, something like that... D-dunno, need to talk to some professional, c-can probably get it provided through the school s-so I don't need to worry about it depleting my f-funds too harshly..." Her voice is still shaky, ponderous, and upon recieving no reply from Jocelyn, glances her way.

There's a few moments as she takes in Jocelyn's red face and gaping mouth. Blinking once, twice - before her own blush picks up, expression partly shy and partly bewildered. "I - uh, sorry? Was it the kiss? It w-was like - a thank you, f-felt appropriate, y'know? I didn't mean to - I'm n-not in the right mind right now, I'm sorry, I - Ah, fuckit. I'm too t-tired for this." She finishes weakly, offering little in place of explanation, facepalming with her one free hand - just, just why had she done that? It had felt easy, natural, right-

You know exactly why you did that, Prism.

Shuttup brain.
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A mixture of exhilaration and disappointment cycled rapidly through Jocelyn's head. She couldn't help hoping that there was more to it than "she was tired", but neither of them were currently in the best of mental conditions so she let it slide. Regaining control of her internal systems, she closed her mouth and let the blush fade from her face remarkably quickly.

"Don't worry about it." She waved away Prism's awkward apology, before sitting up straight against the wall. "I don't actually know any therapists in Beacon, but I think there's a teacher who could help you with your mental state of being...Ever heard of the Surgeon Sage?"
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There's a simultaneous sigh of relief and disappointment as Jocelyn lets it go, and Prism watches as the blush fades from her cheeks. It's not that she's just tired, but well- yeah. It really isn't the time to dwell on something like- that. That's something to think about later. Yeah.

There's a beat of awkward silence as Prism resists the urge to continue blurting out apologies, biting her lip to prevent a spew of words - and they're swallowed as Jocelyn continues speaking, trying to focus on what she's saying. She cocks her head at the mention of the teacher - that's a new name, entirely. "N-no, actually. Who are they?"
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"The Surgeon Sage, otherwise known to students as Dr. Budonoki Sophos, is the medical and wilderness specialist at Beacon." Jocelyn recited. "He's actually the one who taught me the trick I use on you, as well as other tidbits, so you have him to thank. Anyway, point is that he's really really wise and patient with this sorta stuff, so I was thinking maybe he could help you ease off the stress and find a way to deal with your...PTSD." She idled off near the end, unsure whether bringing it up would revive another jolt of panic, before just going for it.

"He's not a therapist, but I do really think he can help you." Leaning over to cup her hand over Prism's, she continues, "Of course, you don't have to - it's just my recommendation."
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Prism lets out a little breath at the mention of it, but that's all that happens thankfully. She smiles as Jocelyn reaches over to take her hand, intertwining their fingers with a small, sad smile - before turning away, watching the sunrise from their position against the school's wall. "It's not a bad idea, in all honesty. Frankly, I need to learn to decouple my strongest winds from my panic attacks when - well, initiation - you know." Her statement's vague as she waves her hand in the air, but it's obvious what she's referencing. "That type of thing can be mission-critical, and usually has the tendency to knock me unconscious, so- well, it's not like I can just leave you all without a leader. You three's safety is my top priority, and I don't want any problems of mine to jeopardize it." Prism looks a bit more serious now, biting her lip before turning to Jocelyn.

"Jocelyn, do you want to know what I realized shortly after our team got through that first mission, and we dragged your bodies back to the cargo ship? Kinda like, a goal for the rest of this year. Meeting your brother actually confirmed it."
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Jocelyn winces slightly at the wording. "That sounds like we had casualties - which thankfully we didn't - but please, if you don't mind, please refrain from using that sorta words so casually. It's just that medics treat that stuff really seriously, and each casualty is a blemish on their record. I've...had some too." Her expression turns to one of sadness, remembering her past experiences.

Still, that doesn't dampen her curiosity upon listening to Prism's question. "A goal? Maybe to prevent further occurrences, perhaps?"
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Prism gives her a slightly worried look, squeezing her hand in silent apology. "Sorry, it won't happen again - it's good to know not to mention that." She stays silent for a few more moments, contemplating what Jocelyn said, before offering her slightly shaky, but still present smile, before nodding in response to what she said.

"That's close - but when Setsuna was mentioned saving a teammate, well - that stuck with me. It's not exactly a secret Beacon has something of a high turnover rate. I... I want to make sure we all make to to graduation. Together, as a team still - it's a bit far-fetched, I know, but I feel like it's something we can do. I just need to make sure that... my... I don't get in the way of that." Her face turns slightly conflicted at that last sentence, staring off a bit into the distance.
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As Prism explains her goals for the team, Jocelyn's face brightens but her mood drops. She'd seen the utter lack of upper years compared to them as first years, and there could only be one reason why. And if upper years couldn't handle the threat of Grimm--people with the skills, weapons, technology and Semblances capable of levelling buildings--there would only be one eventual outcome.

But then again...the fact that there were teams in the upper years proved humanity's resilience. And while the odds were against them, the odds were almost always against them in the first place. "We'll make it, Prism." She gave her a warm smile. "Together."

A few seconds passed before she slapped her hand on her forehead. "That sounded really cheesy."
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Prism snorts a little as Jocelyn facepalms, giving her half a smile. "In your defense, it was a pretty cheesy goal on my part, and you just responded well in turn. But thank you, the comradery is... appreciated. A lot." That last part gets a proper smile out of Prism, nudging Jocelyn's shoulder with her wing. She turns away again then, expression somewhat more serious.

"Again, thanks for... listening to me. About what... happens. It's hard to hear, but you stuck it out, and I just... really appreciate that. H-hope it goes without saying to uh, maybe keep it on the down l-low for now, but, um- yeah. Now I just need to find a way to w-work around it myself." The last part is a little strained, going back to the previous topic, but Prism keeps it together for the most part - only folding in on herself a bit more, wings raising protectively out of instinct.
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"Hmm." Jocelyn watched Prism shrink up again, though not as much as before. She probably needed to change the topic before Prism relapsed - besides, that was her last Ice Dust crystal, and she wasn't having Prism go through another panic attack and not being able to help.

"Got it - Prism, cmere, will ya?" Jocelyn beckoned the girl over to her, walking away from the wall and nearer to the middle of the roof. "Since we have time before lessons, how about giving me a hand with something I'm completely and utterly useless at?" She unbuckled her med kit and dropped it to the floor, rocking back and forth on the soles of her feet. "I'm referring to a bit of hand-to-hand fighting."
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Watching as Jocelyn stood up, Prism slowly unfolded as she paced towards the middle of the roof. She blinks at the question, then blinks again - and snorts. "Y-yeah, that sounds like a good distraction. See what kinda fighting machine we can turn you into, eh?" Prism at least attempts a joke, pushing herself up off the ground before padding towards her.

"I don't promise to be the best teacher, since well - kinda self-taught and all, but I can definitely teach you how to take down a bigger opponent. Because that's like, everyone for me. Now if I remember correctly, you know... kinda nothing. So we can start with blocking and dodging, and then move onto actually punching someone?" She stands across from Jocelyn, automatically sliding into a defensive stance - subconsciously demonstrating the best way to start.
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"I think dodging's pretty simple, right? Just do what we do normally and evade attacks?" Jocelyn asks, mimicking Prism's stance, albeit noticeably more sloppy than hers. "Oh. This...feels really weird - just a heads-up, I'm genuinely useless at this, so you're really going to have to start me off on the basics." She shifted uncomfortably in her wrong defensive stance, feeling really unbalanced on her feet like the floor was a bouncy castle.
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"Holdon, hold that stance-" Prism breaks her own, circling Jocelyn and looking her over. Humming quietly to herself, she taps at Jocelyn's back foot with her ankle, signaling her to slide it out a bit more, before moving around her front to take Jocelyn's hands and place them in front of her. "It all starts with the stance. To throw a punch, you need to make sure you're not just pitched off-balance, and to take one, you need to brace yourself. Then keep your arms tucked close in to your upper body, like-" She slides back into previous stance, raising her arms brace in front of her. "So, so you can do whatever you need to with your hands. Make sense?"
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Doing what Prism motioned her to do, Jocelyn felt slightly more balanced than before, though what came next threw her for a complete loop. "Is tucking your arms close supposed to be for defending yourself?" she asked. "Or are they supposed to let me reach further? Because--ahh!" she yelped, having drawn one fist back for a punch but throwing it too far and losing her balance, stumbling forward and falling on the floor. Sheepishly grinning, she looked up at Prism, an embarrassed flush coming to her cheeks. "Can't believe I can't even throw a punch correctly."
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One moment Jocelyn's upright, the next she tries to throw a punch and overbalances. Prism hopes to the side to avoid being taken down by her friend, staring in slight amazement; before breaking out into a giggle at her statement then a full-on laugh. "I- I didn't even.. hehe... have t-time to... snrrk, ehehe..." She covers her mouth with her hand, attempting to stifle her laughter. "S-sorry, just- J-Jocelyn Antiqua, you continue to imp-press me."

She finishes her fit of laughter with a final humorous grin, taking a step forwards and bending down to offer Jocelyn her hand in getting back up. "H-hell, you could even say you're falling for me," she says, apparently still humorous enough to snort at her own joke.
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Jocelyn breaks into her own laughter, simply amazed at what she could do (or fail to do) if she tried. "I aim to please." she giggled. Though, when Prism threw a jab at her, that laughter was cut short, replaced by a indignant yelp of surprise and red face. "W-what? No, definitely not, why would you think that?" She blurted out, internally surprised at how much that jab affected her.
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There's a small snort as Jocelyn agrees with her own clumsiness, and her cute yelp alongside the flushed face actually gets another giggle. "I mean, c'mon, who can resist 100 pounds of stick and bone and 20 pounds of feathers?" Prism adds to the joke by striking a pose, stretching iridescent wings that faintly glimmer in the morning's faint light out their full length. She flexes her arms, showing off what lithe muscle she has - which is surprisingly well defined - and manages to hold the pose for all of 10 seconds.

Apparently not being able to take herself seriously, Prism snorts again before turning to Jocelyn."Nah, no worries Josie - I know we're just chill. "
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"But you're so much more than that," Jocelyn couldn't help going on. "You're kind and forgiving and thoughtful and cute and...where am I going with this?" In an instant, she's bolt upright and looking anywhere but Prism, hands behind her back. "A-anyway, should we continue? Perhaps practicing balance as well?" She had no idea what compelled her to continue speaking although it was clearly a joke, eventually attributing it to a lack of sleep.
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Prism stares in slight amazement as Jocelyn goes on about her positive attribute, a sweet lopsided grin growing on her face alongside a pretty blush. "I mean, don't let me stop you. I'm perfectly happy hearing compliments about myself, you know." The grin grows a bit wider as she stands, unable to meet the faunus' eyes - just godamn, she's so cute.

"Okay, balance - like I said, that stance was the key. Spread out your weight, don't keep it contained to one spot - one foot forwards, one foot back, arms braced in front of you like so, see?" Prism mimics the same pose as before, gesturing for Jocelyn too as well. "Don't quiet try throwing another punch yet though - let's focus on defense and balance. Once you can take care of yourself, then you can worry about attacking others."
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Once again attempting to copy Prism's stance, Jocelyn shifted her legs wider than before to assume a more steady pose on the floor, bringing her arms close to her body. Balancing on trees was a thing she did sometimes with her jump pack, so she tried a similar technique. It worked - made the stance feel a little more natural than before.

"That feels better." she commented, testing her balance by leaning first to one side, than the other, imagining herself dodging thrown punches. "Don't know if it'll hold up in battle, though."
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"Dodging punches is kinda a dance, from one side to the other - you need to keep light on your feet, ready to move at any moment. Getting grabbed can be a death sentence, especially from someone at my size." Prism explains, demonstrating the variability of the stance by starting to bounce oh her heals, switching around her front leg a coupe times before returning to mimic Jocelyn's pose. "Now, defending yourself is the place to start, and that comes primarily by blocking and intercepting punches. You don't have to catch them - just intercept and reroute their incoming arm, and let your aura take the brunt of it. So you can do it, like so-" Prism then demonstrates a couple different blocking techniques for blows coming from above, below, and to the side.
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"So think of it as dodging bullets, only they're a bit larger and slower?" Jocelyn asks, trying to copy what Prism is doing. All she accomplished was to tie her arms in weird knots and shapes. "Or are you trying to deflect the majority of the impact, knock most of the force away from your arms and body?" Okay, why was learning to defend against punches harder than memorising the body organs of a human and what treatment should be administered for what illness? For the life of her she couldn't understand how people made their living off punching things until they fainted or exploded.
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"Later of those - bullets are small, fast, and generally only travel in one direction. People are slower, heavier, and much more unpredictable. So yeah, knock the force away from your body using your arms- and, holdon-" Prism breaks her stance to approach Jocelyn, untangling her arms before gripping them at the wrists - gently guiding them to mimic the blocks she demonstrated earlier.

"If you think you can remember those, I'd like to put them to some actual use now - you can try to block my uh, 'punches'." She uses airquotes with the last words, obviously not going to actually swing at her friend.
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"You might as well go for it--no better way to learn than the hard way. Besides, Aura exists for a reason, and just because I keep giving away my own store doesn't mean I don't possess one myself." Jocelyn replied, determined to get something about this right. It would be way better to get shown up by Prism up on the roof than get the absolute stuffing beat out of her in one of those combat lessons where there were people watching and judging.

Besides, if someone disarmed her, she was literally a sitting duck. She doubted meagre training would do much to change that fact but it was better to retain some knowledge of self-defence than have zero clue on what to do apart from run. What kind of Huntress ran from a fight? Oh wait, medics did. They weren't supposed to fight. "...on second thought, do go easy on me, please?"
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Prism snorts, giving Jocelyn a bit of a cheeky grin. "Alright, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna try!" For someone so small, Prism moves fast - quickly dashing into Jocelyn's personal space, the hummingbird faunus starts the sparring match easy. Two quick jabs from the right, followed up with one from the left - aimed towards Jocelyn's chest at a pace notably slower than how'd she normally approach hand-to-hand, waiting for the medic to respond.
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Letting out a surprised "eep!" at the speed which Prism engages, Jocelyn barely has time to blink before her Aura is hit by two light impacts. The third hit comes slower, however, and is pushed to the side by her forearm, deflecting most of the kinetic energy.

"Okay then...I can tell you're already going slower than usual but can you please tone it down another notch..." Jocelyn's voice contains just the slightest hint of panic and nervousness as she slowly but steadily backs away from the girl, endeavouring to keep some distance so she could react in time.
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Prism's face is one of determination as the first two hits land, before Jocelyn manages to deflect the third - grinning happily as she deflects. "Good, good! Keep that up Josie, you've got this!" Her next two blows come in a little slower, aiming to land two with her right arm - the second one is a fairly obvious feint, aiming to follow up with a light blow aimed upwards.
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Matching Prism's first blow with her own arm, Jocelyn pushes away from her using the short amount of time they were in contact, actually dodging the upward hit for the first time. Thinking quickly to avoid further pressure being piled on her from the assault, she threw out a short and quick jab with her left arm, with no chance of overbalancing this time.
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The grin grows wider as Jocelyn catches her feint and dodges appropriately, a proud look on Prism's face as Jocelyn continues to learn. She just catches the jab from Jocelyn, deflecting with her elbow and sidestepping to the ride - if Josie's attacking, well.

It's time to take it up a notch.

Prism spins with the sidestep, bringing her leg up and around. If she aims it right, she'll catch Jocelyn's ankle, sending her flying onto the ground on her back - though Jocelyn does have the chance to dodge, Prism's response time affording her the window.
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One moment she's standing with one arm outstretched, the next she's beginning to look up at the sky as her ankle's swept out underneath her. In a moment of panic and instinctual reaction, she grabs the nearest thing to her as she falls--which just so happens to be her sparring partner. Hitting the ground without enough force to do actual harm, it nevertheless knocks some wind out of her, causing Jocelyn to just blink and breathe as she lies on the floor.
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Prism gives a small yelp as she’s grabbed while Jocelyn falls, but tries to work it to her advantage. Her leg is planted on the other side of Jocelyn as they go down - there’s a moment when they hit the rooftop where they’re nose-to-nose, chest-to-chest, before Prism pulls back a bit and sits up slightly on top of her. Wherever her hands landed, Prism follows them with her own, grabbing them by the wrists, before holding them overhead in a mock-pin that’s actually fairly easy to escape from. Shaking herself out of the stupor of falling, she grins down at the girl beneath her, cheeky with a hint of amusement in her eyes -

”And that’s why both of us need to expect surprise attacks.”
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Jocelyn didn't react as her hands were grabbed and pinned above her head.

Prism was straddling her hips, and she could feel the heady warmth of the hummingbird faunus more intimately than she had before. "Prism, you're..." she starts, before her eyes widen, taking in every visible inch of Prism's form. Her thin yet muscled arms, a testament to the amount of effort she's put into her training, travel upward to even more impressive shoulders, amplified by her additional appendages. The iridescent feathers catch the rising sun perfectly, twinkling and sparkling on her slightly flared wings, which travel down to a surprisingly delicate collarbone. That leads down to...

"Gorgeous." Jocelyn breathes, eyes raking over Prism's body. Making no attempt to break free, she simply remained stunned on the floor.
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Prism stares down at Jocelyn as her eyes obviously rake over her form, blinking as she’s checked out. Her spill of blond hair forms a halo around a sweet face, tempting lips, pretty purple eyes- all fixated on her skinny form, nearly drowning in pure want.

Josie, her friend, teammate - Jocelyn-

After a beat or two of awkward silence, Prism nearly erupts backwards - scrambling off Jocelyn, landing on her ass as she scuttles backwards to put a few feet of space between them. Prism stares her down, a heady flush covering her face, still staring wide-eyed. Too many things to say, so many things to, and Prism tries to hold her tongue, bury the voice, but the question still bubbles up, tinged with shock, confusion, and the the barest hint of hope. ”J-Josie..?
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Slowly, ever so slowly, Jocelyn's brain registers how embarrassed she is to be caught in such a compromising position, but it isn't until Prism utters her name that she has any reaction. Her face changed color so quickly it put a chameleon to shame, while her heartbeat skyrocketed past the moon. "I-it wasn't what it looked like!" she stammers to Prism in absolute denial. "C-can we just f-forget about that?"
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The words slip past Prism's lips before she properly registers them, blinking in surprise for a moment at her own bluntness. She waits a moment, taking in a breath and letting it out as a small sigh - recollecting herself and putting on her best "I'm the leader and I know what I'm doing." face. Sometimes you need to fake it 'till you make it.

"Jocelyn, I - I don't think that's something we should just slip by. I really do appreciate the compliments, they're..." She turns a bit sheepish at this, rubbing the back of her head. "They're not something I hear often, so it's - it's nice, so don't worry about it. But like - that was, well, a really... intimate stare, if that makes sense? So I just want to make sure everything's okay between us - I didn't like, cross any lines by getting too up-close and personal." The fact she manages to finish her words without her voice wavering is a small victory, chewing on her bottom lip as she looks down at the roof.
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"Uh, no?" Jocelyn responds, looking both flustered and confused. "Admittedly, I may have overdone it there but it's literally not what it looked like--it was just a spur of the moment. Why do you keep saying stuff like there's bad blood between our families or something? There's not a ancient feud I need to know about, is there?" Sitting upright, she rubs the point of her arms where they were pinned and glances at Prism's "hardcore" face in slight nervousness.
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"I don't have enough family left for there to be any feud, Jocelyn." Prism's humorless attempt at a joke is evident, before she takes another breath - sitting up and crossing her legs, trying to relax the expression on her face. "Overdoing it might be a good word, but like seriously - these compliments are coming like, all the time? You rambled for a good half a minute about how cute and thoughtful I was earlier, then the gorgeous compliment - I dunno, it's just kinda like, a lot to take in. I don't mind, trust me, just - yeah."

There's a change to Prism's face as she rubs at her wrists, a look of concern in her eyes. "I didn't like, hurt you did I? I thought my grip was light enough...."
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"Don't joke about that."

Jocelyn's face is solemn, a far cry from the two personas she was presenting moments ago. Assuming a more rigid position, she stares Prism down. "That's the reason why you feel like it's a lot, isn't it? You've had little experience of people you love giving you words like these." At this, her face softens and there's a visible smile. "That's why I'm going to make it my goal to pamper you, Prism Skylark - I'm going to make up for all the experiences you've lost, starting from now. And that includes lots of complementing, so you better get used to it."
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There's a moment as Prism blinks in slight shock, taking in Jocelyn's words, her refusal to let her joke - before the expression softens, and a small smile graces her face alongside the blush (which honestly, hasn't really gone down). "...I... I'm not- well, don't really have a proper response for that, uh, but I won't really argue against... being pampered. C-can't promise I'll g-get used to it anytime soon, th-though." She's gone a bit sheepish now, rubbing the back of her head and looking away, biting her lip as she tries to decide on something.

"Could start by... coming here, maybe?" She manages to get the words out, still somewhat read - opening her arms in invitation.

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"Ah, see? Not so hard to understand after all, is it?" Jocelyn teases, getting to her feet and walking up to Prism, before sinking into her welcoming embrace. In Prism's ear, she murmured, "The fact you couldn't muster up a response only proves my point. No-one should be lacking of mere praise, especially since they're so easy to give." She nudged the faunus's neck softly before continuing, "And I'm not doing this for show - I truly believe what I say and see those qualities in you."
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Prism buries herself in her friend's shoulder with a small noise, enjoying the body contact with the other women - closing her eyes and simply letting herself rest there. It's a quiet, careful moment, but Prism lets herself listen to Jocelyn's words, an almost-inaudible murmur of thanks on her lips. "I can't promise to believe you, at least for a little while but - I won't argue. It's a starting place. Thanks for not giving up."

There's a brief moment, before Prism relaxes even further - just kind of letting herself sag onto Jocelyn, a notable amount of tension draining from her form in the embrace as she rests her body weight against the taller woman. Her wings droop as well, stretching out a bit - letting her guard down, just enjoying the moment for what it was.
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Making a small noise of content, agreement and enjoyment Jocelyn shouldered Prism's light body weight without complaint, keeping her back straight in contrast to Prism's limp form yet providing a comforting and reliable cushion of sorts. As she did so, she watched the sun emerge from the clouds like a new-born chick hatching from an egg, before dropping her gaze back onto Prism, noting with pleasure the release of tension and the relaxing posture they assumed. "It was definitely worth waking up to find you." Jocelyn whispered.
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"...I'm glad you did, too." Her words are quiet, a little muffled by Jocelyn's shoulder - the words grateful but careful. Almost curled around Jocelyn's form, she's missing the sunrise, but doesn't seem to particularly mind - instead perfectly happy to remain cuddled against her teammate. "'re so much softer than I am."

The words slip out without meaning to, and Prism blinks at her own errant thoughts - but lets them go with a snort, staying in the embrace all the same. "I think I'll... call in sick for classes today. I haven't really slept in three days, I... think, time gets a bit blurry after awhile, and well - I need to try to catch up, even if it's just in little naps throughout the day. Besides, I still have a commission to finish if I want to afford my ammo cache this month."
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Unseen by Prism, Jocelyn pursed her lips at the mention of not sleeping for three days straight. "Go to sleep, you hard-working bird." she whispered, brushing her hand down Prism's back in a repetitive, lulling motion, guiding her to a dream where hopefully there would be no giant Grimm invading her rest.

Watching the sun rise until she felt Prism still in her arms, Jocelyn cradled the sleeping faunus in both arms and rose to her feet slowly, alone on the roof illuminated by the light and with a light breeze in her hair. She'd have some explaining to do, both to her team and their teachers about why the S of their team was in a slumber...