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General Discussion / Ignore this
« on: June 12, 2017, 11:48:27 PM »
Just wanna see if I can figure stuff out

WiP Characters / Professor Henry Elliot Lucy Lunciar
« on: October 12, 2016, 12:59:37 AM »

Name: Henry Elliot Lucy Lunciar (His naming goes like this, his first name is his name Henry, father's name is Elliot, Lucy is his mother's followed by surname).
Alias: Professor H.E.L Lunciar, Flameheart Henry,

Age: 30, 9 Saaral 50 AC

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: None, he had one but no longer. It was a burning badge shield with a circle that looks like a wheel.

Them: AWOLNATION - Burn It Down

Occupation: Professor of Weapon Mechanics at Haven Academy/Workshop Manager

Appearance: Handsome, Blond, Glasses,Tall, Lean

History: Born in Atlas, he is one of the two sons of Elliot and Lucy, and also the only one to keep his mother's naming scheme. The Lunciars always were a natural when it came to mechanics, most Lunciars in history were major names in the mechanical industry, whether vehicles, weapons,  , Henry was no different, he was an aspiring mechanic, and became quite the natural like his brother. He wasn't the favored one however, his older brother(Sakura's father) always made better inventions and some were put into his father's, Elliot, buisness, Lunciar Corps. He did not mind, he was pursueing a different path from his brother, he wanted to become a hunter. He moved into Mistral with grandparents inorder to study in Sanctum before eventually graduating and furthering his studies in Haven. When he became a 2nd year in Haven, he got a gift from his brother for his birthday, a car, modified with Lunciar tech. Since then, Henry became a racing fan and quite the car person.

He had to stop one day however.

It was a mission, in his final year, with his teammates, they were escorting a celebrity through rumored White Fang controlled territory. They were ambushed by a large mob. While his teammates tried to push through, he had the job of keeping them away from the celebrity. One man nearly got to him, he managed to save the celebrity from the dangerous attack, but lost his left arm. They managed to reach the hospital in time, but they couldn't recover his arm, which had burnt up.

He spent a critical time in his room, his teammates often came in to check on him but it was always the same result, Henry rubbing the empty space where his arm was. Eventually they contacted the teacher and with emotional support from that teacher, he pulled through graduation, though he did not recover from depression. He spent a few years jobless, making do with just odd jobs, but the eventual death of his grandparents did not hell his depression. He moved back to Atlas to live with his brother, who now has become CEO of Lunciar Corps and is married, and also break the news about their grandparents. With help from his brother, he has fashioned a new bionic arm, which he had been working tirelessly on ever since he heard that Henry lost an arm. It worked like a regular arm. He left his brother to move back to Mistral so he could take care of his grandparents home. He eventually became a teacher in Beacon and got married. That same year was when Lunciar Corps fell, Sakura becomes lost in Vale. He continued teaching for 7 years in Weapon Mechanics in Haven, unaware.

On his 6th year of teaching, he got a message from his brother to come over to Atlas. Which he did after taking leave from Haven. He arrived at a building called Sakura Corps. And for the first time in 7 years, he talked to his brother who looked drastically different. He could see some family members he haven't had contact in a while too gather in front of a communication screen. He saw a man typing away at his scroll as the call was answered by a girl with pink hair, who resembled his sister in law. He saw her parents cry and comforted them. When the call was cut, he told them that once the Vytal Festival came around he would go and meet Sakura.

Which is why he is currently in Vale, though he only has a few days before having to go back to Mistral.

Personality: Henry was always an trouble maker. He used that intellect of his to make clever contraptions, much to the dismay of his teachers, to play pranks. He still does with a habit of pranking first years that enter his classroom. 'Keeps them on the edge like Hunters and Huntresses should!' is his explanation. He even pranks staff members. Apart from his trickster like nature, he is quite the flirt, but he does not go as far as to actually make love. He is loyal man and has yet to cheat on his wife. Henry is never serious at all, but when he does it gets... really sadistic. He loves to be fun with people, but whenever it comes to pushing it too far, he would show you hell. Not even his students are safe from the monster once he gets fed up about attitude.

He can be a bit of a jerk to Faunus, but it is usually light hearted ones that most Faunus that know him can shrug off. Half the time he does not even mean anything he says about Faunus, he finds their kind pretty cool and when flirts with female Faunus. He tends to brush off insults directed at him though, he could not be bothered.
Henry, likes to burn, both the literal sense and metaphorical sense. He is quite the pyromaniac, he likes place hot and watch fires like they are a good movie.

He enjoys his wife's embrace, sitting by the fire, long walks on beaches in the evening and showing of how much better he is than you on the road with his car. He also knows how to drive with one hand and his steering wheel is modified so that the gears are easily within reach. Also he happens to be left handed but keeps learning to do things he normally does with his right hand so he would not have to always rely on his brother and technology.

In the classroom, he is your friendly immature teacher who will show you his more demonic side once you trigger his anger. As said before he pranks his first years and new classes to keep them active and reactive. He encourages collabaration and creativity, always ready to listen out student suggestions. He personally pairs those who are better in certain areas of the subject with those that are better in other certain areas so that it would balance them out. He does not however his students simply just making the weapon without trying. He would even fight them so that they can test them out. Students do question the subjects reliability on the field, but he always explains clearly that, "Every subject taught in this academy will benefit you in the future, some may affect your path less than others because it is you after all who decides that path not this academy. Weapon Mechanics may or may not be something you would use, but being able to maintain your weapons and proper care keeps your weapons in prefect condition will show your professionalism in the Hunters' dangerous world, unless you can kill Grimm with your fists alone, your weapon shall be your companion for life.

But in honesty, Henry is a very nice man, he is always there to lend a listening ear and ready to protect what his loves at all costs, nothing shall stand in Henry's way once he sets his eyes on protection

Aura and Semblance: Henry has an Indigo Aura. His semblance he proudly names the Flames of Preserverance. FoP has a passive effect, is that when Henry is in battle, it starts to charge up slowly, the longer the battle goes, the stronger. Upon activation of FoP, indigo flames burst out from Henry and he starts to fire streams of fire in a direction he faces. The length of the stream and radius of burst depend on how long a battle goes. There won't be a stream of fire is a battle only lasts for 5 minutes.

Combat Behavior: Henry no longer fights, but is always ready to take up arms.
He learnt to use his weapon without his left hand


Name: Gate

Primary Form: A two handed 2m wide tear shield with a crimson red coloration and black highlights. It has small rockets that can send him flying forwards.

Secondary Form: The shield adapts a more aerodynamic form, the tip of the shield extends forwards to reveal the hidden blade and the curve edge comes down to become fins and the rockets become more prominent.

Dust Functions: Fire dust to power those rockets.

History: Currently now just an ornament in his manor.

His 2016 ford shelby mustang gt-h: Favorite thing in the world other than his wife

His wife

RPG Discussion / Teachers of Combat Academies
« on: September 30, 2016, 09:00:15 PM »
Up from when I first joined in the preboot(is that what v1 is called?) til now, I realize there really hasn't been any involvement regarding how Teachers would work out on the forum.

I'm rather curious how they would work out and if anyone can just make a teacher as long as subjects haven't been taken off.

Beacon Academy / Hallow There![Open 5/12(Not including me)]
« on: September 30, 2016, 03:46:38 AM »
(OOC: I am putting this thread up before Halloween or else... You know there won't be progress! I asked the community and the results were... Spoooky Scary Skeletons? Oh that means Yesh!)

Grey clouds loomed over the hunter academy known simply as Beacon. The thunder rolled in the horizon, its booming voice heard throughout Vale. Forever Falls and Emerald Forest were in a mysterious ghost quiet silence. The courtyard was empty of life, the Arena had no action and the workshop's iron doors closed. Classrooms were left to the mercy of dust and the cafeteria still unclean from the foodfight that happened the same day. Beacon could have been considered abandoned.

Cobwebs lined the corners of hallways, the eight legged arachnids slowly sucking juice of unfortunate prey. Water trickled from a water dispenser, green moss continuing its ever slow growth. Ants creep up and down in their endless string made from three part exoskeleton bodies. An odd thumping could be felt as it's onimious beat went on repeat.

Boom... Boom... Boom...

The first airship slowly docked, its engines the only sound heard. Its doors open.

Time for Halloween in Beacon, to begin.

Muhahahhahhahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha *coughs violently* Ugh... Sorry, I'll show myself out

General Discussion / Halloween anyone?
« on: September 28, 2016, 10:56:51 AM »
Beacon Halloween woohoo!

Edit:01010100 01001100 00111011 01000100 01010010 

General Discussion / Ship Shipping Ship Shipping Ship
« on: September 28, 2016, 05:13:55 AM »
Okay this is the idea.
Take one of your characters, and ship them with another character.
Official couples, married and dead people can't play, for obvious reasons.

Edit: You know what, screw your own characters, ship anyone! Even the mods! MUAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

The Vale Region / Petal Gear[Open]
« on: September 21, 2016, 05:43:41 PM »
By now, everyone should know about the workshop set up in the back of the Arena where a certain brown hair girl tries her best to fix your weapon or make it better. But now many know that she has shop outside of the Beacon Academy(open on the weekends) that does the exact thing, and much more.

Petal Gear, the one stop shop in downtown Vale to do all your fixing and making. Cars? No problem. Air Conditioner? No sweat. Very dangerous Huntier's weapon? Worth that cut in your wallet.Petal Gear has rarely failed to satisfy a customer's mechanic needs. Except that one time with the dubstep guy in flow makeup wanting a purple Lamborghini.

The owner is Sakuea Lunciar, daughter of now currently a much larger Atlantian  cooperation,  Sakura Corps, founder. She was just sitting at the counter, bored.

General Discussion / RWBY Skillz(repost)
« on: September 17, 2016, 09:13:47 AM »
Okay first of all, it suddenly disappeared off the General Discussion page, I don't know how. But I'm just gonna repost it

Okay I saw the Shitload talking about Overwatch(like duh thanks) and I thought... Why not list down your character skills(z)

To give you an idea, go take a look at Overwatch or any multiplayer game with selectable champions, heroes(never die), or goodness knows what even gods that feature their own set of skills and abilities.

As I happen to be very lazy, I even made a nice little template for you to get started. Oh feel free to add on more. Like more skills(z)

Code: [Select]

[b][u]Skill Name:[/u][/b]

[b][u]Skill Description:[/u][/b]

[b][u]How the character mainly uses it:[/u][/b]

[b][u]Any Cost(s)?:[/u][/b]


Here is an example using Sakura.

Character: Sakura Lunciar

Skill Name: Javelin Vault

Skill Description: Sakura dashes forward, then plunges the tip of her lance into the ground while pushing herself of the ground. A successful vault will send her more than 7 meters in the air.

How the character mainly uses it: As a surprise tactic or an escape, it helps her to get her rockets up close and personal

Any Cost(s)?: Unsuccessful vaults can causes sudden breaking

Development: She watched athletes do high jumps and thought why not do it herself. Soon it became a rather signature move for her.

AMA Section / Ask the LuckyStar anything
« on: September 17, 2016, 06:26:36 AM »
Sup, its me, Lucky, so apparantly AMA has even gone to the authors themselves eh? Well good thing this is a wall of text or you would hearing the weirdest mixed accent you possibly ever heard.

Really how the heck gets mistaken for a Vietnamese, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Filipino, Malaysian, American or British, for the exact same accent. Well technically I'm a half half, Chilipino, living in an island country 1 degree North of the Equator named Singapore who has a natural talent for wide vocal range.

I swear what I'm saying here should be in the, 'Introduction Section of the Forum. Anyway, I bet you are bored like halfway through this. Go on keep reading, good. Here have a sit in a beach chair and help yourself to a chocolate fountain or a bottle of whatever cooling drink you like and feel free to ask, don't worry I'm open

Approved Characters / Thurn Gassenwald
« on: September 16, 2016, 08:20:56 AM »

Name: Thurn Ganssenwald

Age: 36

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: A Fish pierced by thorny vines

Occupation: (Cherri Flora) Flower Shop Owner, Sakura's Guardian, Beacon Graduate

Appearance: urn is a tall thin man, about 170 cm and weighing in at 60 kilos, with lean muscles and tanned skin. He has a triangular head with a sharp chin and prominent cheek bones. He has black hair and it's short and spiky, combed upwards. He wears rimless glasses that cover his blue eyes. He is always wearing a blue apron over his white button shirt and grey jeans. He also wears black leather shoes. His symbol is seen on the pocket of his apron. Overall, he looks like a simple florist.
Battle Armor
  If he is forced to go back into the Hunter's business. He would wear his navy blue light armor, which consists of a simple chestplate, a single left shoulder, gauntlets and arm guards, metal boots and leg guards. He would also wear a military beret with his symbol on it. A belt is worn over the chest and hung from the right shoulder, it is lined with ammo packs placed inside the multiple casings, half of them being Water Dust bullets.

History: Born and raised in Vale, his father was a widower and for a living he fishes, so he was often out at sea. He learned lots about being a sailor from his father, from knowing the difference between the fins of sharks and dolphins to the knowledge of the stars. He gained a passion for fishing since then.
  He has been through many things, from having a fish hook stuck in his thumb to falling overboard several times due to all the fish on board. But his most memorable one change his entire perspective of his father. He fell overboard, but this time not because of fish, rather its because of a large whale. When he fell overboard, unlike other times when he fell because of fish where he stayed calm, he panicked and started flailing, attracting the attention of sharks. His father knew this was bad, so he took out his weapon, a rifle that Thurn has never seen before, and shot all the sharks dead with deadly accuracy. When he got on board, he could not stop himself from hailing his father with questions. Seeing something, his father decided to teach him on the basics of rifle shooting.
  In order to further nurture Thurn's sudden passion for combat, he sent him to Signal. Being both intelligent and combat skilled, he graduated from Signal with flying colors.
  But life in Beacon was a different story, he struggled with the intense combat training, but he preserved thanks to his team mates, who never gave up on him. He had a happy time with them. And for their graduation day, he brought them out to sea to fish. Those few hours where one of his happiest moments.
  He led a good life as a Hunter, but he always wanted something else. He found out what it was when he retired, someone to take care off. That person was Sakura Lunciar. When he came back from a mission which was to exterminate a Nevermore, he found Sakura in the streets near the port, cold and shivering. He took her in, where he listened to the story of how Sakura got here to Vale. He took pity and took care of her. He retired and started a flower shop, to help nurture Sakura's liking for flowers. He took care of her the same way his father did, with care and concern, no scoldings, just talks. He helped her adjust back to having a proper home, though he is often concern whenever Sakura leaves the house. He did many things for her, bought her books on flowers, got her spare parts to help in her projects and even went to the dangerous places to find the elusive moonflower. He did everything for her sake.
  When he heard Sakura got into Beacon, he kept singing sea shanties till she asked him to stop.

Personality: He is a happy man with a smile always on his face. He speaks in a polite fashion similar to Sakura's, but instead of the Japanese styled politeness, its more of the basic respect type. He enjoys fishing, along with shooting. He has yet to bring Sakura out fishing since he thinks that she may not like it. He is kind and a concern person, always the first person to consult with whenever you are feeling down. He was the glue that stuck his team together, and they were the ones who made him live on. He likes to sing sea shanties whenever he is out at sea. He dislikes prawns for some reason.

He does have a natural talent for spotting things people usually don't. He says its because of how fish make the finest of movements and humans to the same that show how they feel. Something he thought Sakura too

Aura and Semblance: His has a [color=#0A425E6]kingfisher blue[/color] aura and his semblance is Internal Navigation. This is how Internal Navigation works, it acts like a compass, so he never loses his bearings. Magnetics poles may disrupt Internal Navigation when near him, same goes for electric signals. It uses quite little of his aura, so he keep this up for 24 hours. It has no other use other than for finding where is North, South, East or West.

Combat Behavior: In battle, he shows no signs of that care and concern side of him. He knows whatever stands in front may kill another if he doesn't stop them now. He still knows how stop his barrage of attacks when he needs too. He is very precise, preferring to stay hidden until he can find the perfect moment to shoot Kingfisher. He isn't too take lightly in close range either, for he knows how predict movements thanks to his knowledge and sharp eyes. In the end, it's only up to cunning or sheer force to bring this man down.


Name: The Kingfisher

Primary Form: It's a kingfisher blue fishing rod that functions as a whip. Unlike other whips, the string is both strong and thin, and also very flexible. So be prepare to be cut in several places or be tied up or tripped by the string. The string is about 100 meters, the same as an average fishing line.

Secondary Form: Its secondary form is the rifle form. The Kingfisher was designed so it would function well as a gun and a fishing rod. So its designed to both have the straight handle of the fishing rod while having the curved handle of the rifle attached to it.
It undergoes no shifting of parts or anything, just shoot by pulling the trigger. But reload is different, just pull the lever at the top and it will allow the change of ammo or reload.
It has another secondary function.The lever has two uses, the first is for the gun as explained before. The second is that it works as a hook shot. Just reel the line still it reaches the tip of the fishing rod, pull the lever and it fires off like a hook shot. It would take it some time to reach some areas as it goes at pretty much the speed of a hand thrown harpoon.

Tertiary Form: The Kingfisher is just a fishing rod. Just replace the conical dart with a regular fishing hook and now it is a fishing rod!

Dust Functions: It is capable of using Water Dust bullets that freezes thing upon contact.

History: It was the very same rifle that Thurn's father used to kill all the sharks. It was passed down to him as a gift when he entered Signal, though Thurn did craft his own, he never used it. Right now, the Kingfisher hangs in the flower shop that he owns, on display for the public.

AMA Section / Feeling Lucky? AMA
« on: September 12, 2016, 02:34:25 AM »
Oh look the trend returns!

So just ask my characters anything, even ne if you want to

Approved Characters / Cidrine Laohu
« on: September 12, 2016, 02:32:58 AM »

Name: Cidrine Laohu, calls himself Cid. Name inspiration comes from the color Citrine Yellow and Lao Hu, Chinese for Tiger.

Age: 18

Species and Gender: South China Tiger Faunus Male

Symbol: A Black Tiger head with three yellow claw marks across the cheeks forming stripes.

Occupation: 2nd Year Beacon Student

Appearance: Cidrine is a young man who clocks in at 180 cm and weighs 78 kilos. His eye color is yellow and doesn't wear glasses. His mix of black and orange hair (natural is orange, black is just dye) is styled so its short and spiky, though it has a resemblance to a tiger's peculiar looking "mane".  He has a moderate build and has visible firm muscles. His skin tone is a slight tan and is pretty firm. His jawline is strong looking and his face somewhat resembling a feline head shaped. His distinguishing tiger tail, eyes and having three stripes (they are just tattoos) along his left cheek makes him quite distinctively among a crowd.

Everyday Clothing:
Cidrine wears an citrine shirt with a tiger face on it and a black jacket to go along with it. He has black jeans with citrine stripes and citrine sneakers to match. He has his claw gauntlets with him all the time.

Battle Armor:
In Battle, Cidrine wears a light armor made with light metal materials. This armor consists of, one right shoulder plate, a chest piece, leg guards, a belt and boots with claws attached. He may wear a helmet shaped like a tiger head but mostly its just that peculiar setting.

History: Cidrine was a the son of Bruce Laohu and Lee Xin Yuan, all being tiger faunus and his father a martial artist, his mother a simple housewife. Unlike other fauni(what? Any singular object ending with 'us' in plural is 'i', like octopus and octopi), they weren't supportive of the White Fang's way of getting equality. Rather they believed if they wanted equality, they have to first respect other's feelings, and not just shout out what you want. Cidrine has that mentality, so before entering combat school, he was often picked on by other faunus for being Anti Fang despite being Faunus. He would often return home, badly bruised, which he tried to cover up but nothing escapes a tiger's eye, especially a mother one. They made complaints to the principal, but she paid no heed since she didn't like the Faunus, so the bullying continued. His father decided to teach him martial arts, specifically his family tradition one, the Tiger Style. He turned out to be a natural, learning quickly within a few weeks and unlocking his aura after months of training. He used it when a big bull faunus tried to bully him, hence he gained respect from his peers since that was the main bully. His social life grew, but he still hears some people spreading bad rumors about him. He didn't bother, though sometimes they make him angry and attack them, which resulted in a scolding from his parents. He got scouted by Signal and furthered his Tiger Style Training, combining it with his weapon, the Tiger Claws, a gauntlet with claws attached shaped like a tiger's paw. His academics were horrible so he had to stop training for a while to strengthen his academics in order to graduate from Signal. He took up motorcycle riding before the exams as a way to reduce stress. He barely passed in academics, but his combat skills along with several good transcripts about him got him into Beacon. While waiting for the year to start, he spent some time on learning how to swim and training his strength, in cold places to improve endurance, eventually he does not feel the cold.

Personality:Cidrine is a headstrong young teen with lots of respect for others, even bad guys. He can be lazy thanks to his tiger side but he is often active and doing shadow boxing when idle. He is quite prideful, often hating when people hurt his pride. His favourite color is citrine golden yellow, music would be any form of rock and anything catchy and food be any meat. He dislikes books, not because he doesn't like reading rather because he feels books are just wasting his time. He would rather be scratching poles than even read a children's story. He has this habit of waking up extremely early, then going to the roof to doing martial art exercises. He openly expresses himself as a faunus, thinking of nothing about others opinions. He dislikes people who think faunus are below them, so when they offend him, like a tiger, pure ferocious assault. He has problems with rabbit fauni though, for he gets this weird urge of eating them.

Aura and Semblance:Roar: Roar does a few things, the first making aura very visible, almost solid looking. Second it reveals what some martial artists believe to be a spirit animal that defines their traits and personality, his being the tiger, in the form of a large projection around him. The last thing Roar does it gives an extra layer of protection to Cidrine, usually  0.7 meters in height and width. The way Cidrine moves affects how the animal moves, so Cidrine is often restricted to being on all fours. But this drains his aura quickly. He can keep Roar up for 5 minutes or if Roar's protection is broken, which is usually just a few good 3-5 strong fire dust explosions should break it. It pretty much blocks anything from the outside, meaning allies, weapons, environment and bullets, so he has to be careful when moving around in a team.

Combat Behavior: He moves slow, but packs a punch once he gets close. He uses his heightened senses to his advantage in combat to make up for his speed. He reacts fast, thanks to his training. He relies on ambush and sheer force, using other's advantages to his advantage. But he has a problem when it came to Dust users, he has problems when it came to such things. He has better mobility as he can climb trees, traverse rock walls and swim with ease. Roar can be useful and a nuisance, depending on the situation. If he wants to go defensive, Roar can do it for 5 minutes, but offensively he can knock people back. In teams, Roar can be a nuisance especially to those near him.


Name: Tiger Claws

Primary Form: Its primary form thats the form of claw gauntlets, the four claws being a feet long and tiger shaped. It is coloured Citrine.

Secondary Form: Its secondary form is a bit unsual, two of the claws come off a take the form of a boomerang thanks to magnetism that can be activated remotely. Cidrine can reattach them any time. The middle claws stays. Another function is where all four claws come off. Instead of becoming a boomerang, it becomes a grappling hook, the middle claw and most left claw is attached to a coil of very thin, strong rope hidden inside the claw gauntlet. It works the same as the boomerang, remotely activated magnetism.The maximum distance is 15m

Tertiary Form: In tertiary form, the claws flip up so that the sharp ends now face Cid. The sharp ends then retract into the rest of the claw, so its basically three rectangles flipped up.

History: Cidrine got this from his father, and had it renewed for first day in Signal, it also received a color change from orange to citrine. The claws flip through a simple magnetic system in the rest place for the claws while the tertiary form, it also affects the boomerangs.

Approved Characters / Kelly Green
« on: September 12, 2016, 02:32:16 AM »

Name: Kelly Green

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Tabby Cat Faunus Female

Symbol: A cat head enveloped in green flames that come out from the mouth

Occupation: 3rd year Beacon Student

Appearance: Kelly is 158 cm in height and 50 kilos in weight. Her face round and chin sharp, her mouth has sharp incisors sharper than normal human. If you look carefully, you might find she has a lack of a collarbone due to Cleidocranial Dysostosis(a sickness where one is born with no collarbone). She has sexy curves and alluring hourglass figure. She has shoulder length wavy grey hair, the color naturally obtained from being a tabby. Her 15 cm long cat ears sticks out from the top of her head. She has natural green cat eyes which are affected by light and pale white, smooth skin. She has a few scars along her right arm but are not very visible, they look just like pale lines across her skin. Her tail is a surprising 1.5 metres long.
Everyday Clothing:
Kelly wears a simple green t-shirt with her symbol on it. Her hands have black gloves that glow green in the dark since she likes glowing things. It was sewn with Wind dust infused inside that glows in the dark thanks to other sciences. She has a pair of black short shorts, held up by a black leather belt, and stockings for lower wear and black boots with special cushioning to reduce sound of footsteps to almost silent for her feet. All her clothing(including Battle Armor and School Clothing) is fireproof, since her semblance can be quite the hazard when it comes to flammable material.
School Clothing:
Kelly wears the school uniform with a few exceptions, first she only buttons the bottom two buttons on the coat, so her white button shirt is always seen. Second is that her gloves are still on. Everything else is pretty much the stays the same.
Battle Armor:
Its not what you actually call, 'armor', its more like a jumpsuit. Kelly wears a dark blue light armor that has Wind dust infused inside thanks to help from some from her mother due to her connections(she still had to use 4 months of her pay to pay for the clothes). It was made to blend into the night and darkness, and the wind dust is used as a way to escape and propel herself. She has a black scarf that wraps around her neck, covering her cat ears, nose and mouth. The boots with the special cushioning are still used. In a nutshell, she looks like a ninja.
She wears kelly green pjs with cat motifs.
History: Born in Atlas, and was diagnosed with Cleidocranial Dysostosis there too but moved to Vale at a young age to continued her studies. She went to several doctors before that but none could help so her parents gave up. She led a simple life even though she was pretty rich as her mother is a researcher specializing in dust related objects. She was a simple girl, had many friends and buddies. She liked to do an interesting trick for her friends, since she has a lack of a collarbone, she can twist her arm to crazy degrees. But in class she often had problems hearing on what the teacher is saying thanks to the disease she has, but her friends help her. She learned how to play the flute and sew from her mother during her free time while her father though was not home all the time thanks to his job as a Hunter, but he oftens brings her out on a fun trip when he returns. On one of these fun trips was a camping trip to celebrate her eighth birthday, and she stills remembers it. It was a regular morning, it was the second day and she was droopy, her parents were still sleeping and she decided to go for a little walk, well before she even started Boarbatusks came into view. She screams and it attracts both the attention of her parents and the Grimm. Her father fought bravely, even though it was a simple task to him, eventually winning. Since then, she decided to become a Hunter like her father when she becomes older thanks to the experience. Her father decided to teach her a bit before sending her to Signal, which was yoga, stealth skills and lots and lots of running. She was accepted into Signal and started her education on fighting. She was quite the student, being good in both her combat and academics. After graduating, her father decided to enroll her to Beacon, and she did get accepted. Her first team, FIRA, had to split at the end of the first year due to one of the team mates having to leave due to his parents moving to Vacuo because of work. Though they still keep in contact, Kelly still misses the times she had with them. She is now waiting for news about her new team.

Personality: She likes sleeping, a lot, and seriously a lot. You can find her napping almost anywhere, in class, in the trees or even in the arena. As to how she gets such good grades, it was thanks to what she does before going to sleep, studying. She is quite the bookworm(she even has a pair of reading glasses even though she has no sight problems), spending most of her time in the library studying or reading, usually on fish and stealth. She can be quite the loner, but isn't affected by anyone not being around. But even so, she can't resist the fact of being scratched in the ear, which reveals her adorable side. After getting an ear scratch, she becomes embarrassed and barely leaves her room after that. It takes a few days for her to get comfortable again. She has a liking for fish, more specifically yellow perch. She also has this weird attractiveness to catnip and fish oil, the latter being something she likes to lick up. If she isn't in the library, look her up in the trees, she can be seen playing her flute there or you could look inside her room, where she is sometimes sewing. Her disease has little effect on her social life, but rather has a more positive effect thanks to the things she can do little more arm flexibility.

PS: She is a lesbian

Aura and Semblance: Her Aura is Kelly Green. Her Semblance is called Bakeneko Flames. Bakeneko Flames works this way, whenever Kelly activates her semblance, green flames appear on her hands, feet and the tip of her tail, giving her this ghastly appearance. She can manipulate the flames on her hands and feets to act as rockets to increase jumping distance and height from 2m to 5m and 1.3m to 3m respectively. This also increases hand to hand abilities, as she can make them into rocket powered punches. Fire Dust turns green in her hands, but it still works the same as regular flames. She has to micromanage the flames as they can become hazardous if she doesn't keep the flames in check. Other than that, it can works as a flamethrower, a bunsen burner and a nightlight, and is no different than regular flames. Each second of usage uses 5% of her aura, so in total she can only keep Bakeneko Flames up for 20 seconds.

Combat Behavior: Fast, agile and nimble, what you would expect from a cat like her. She can easily outrun track and field runners, and still have the stamina to run for 5 km thanks to her training with her father She is more of an infiltrator than a fighter on the frontlines. She can deadly aim and deadly tricks up her sleeve, from simple knock out to squeezing into tight places. Her arsenal proves to be useful. Though she may lack durability due to lack armor protection, she makes up for it with her enhanced smell and night vision. Her hearing is affected by Cleidocranial Dysostosis as sometimes she gets hearing problems. Her eyes are sensitive to light so she can be quite dazed by flashes and her endurance can be quite low in close combat. Her weapon was made to block weapons and not punches, so a good martial artist can defeat her if they can get close. She uses her semblance as a means of escape rather than a combat ability as she is physically frail and not strong in close combat.


Name: Skia

Primary Form: It looks like an whole arm cuff bracelet(it's like a super large bracelet that covered the whole arm, just to clarify with those who don't know such a thing) with several overlapping sections. A coil of carbon fibre long thin rope is attached to it, though it can always be removed. A quiver filled with special arrows comes along with Skia, with similar coloration. Both Skia and its quiver are made of fireproof material and its not a conductor of electricity. Quiver capacity is 100 arrows.

Secondary Form: Skia is actually a bow, when unfolded by unlocking a lock that holds the thing together when in bracelet form, it becomes a Bow, the coil of thin rope is the bowstring rolled up. It has an attachable section to place either dust coats, sensors or any other attachment she has.

Tertiary Form: It turns to a metre long segment staff.
(Incase you can't imagine it...)
Spoiler: ShowHide
In order to switch it inbetween forms, you see the circles, other than the one at the end where the bowstring comes out, they act as joints that make this weapon foldable, but they only have three positions, its kinda obvious what those three positions are but I'll explain. First position is where the joints are arc(bow), second is a straight line(staff) and third is where they are parallel to each other(bracelet)

Dust Functions: It utilizes all types of known dust. Her arrows comes as two types, regular arrows and canister arrows. Regular arrows can be applied with dust coating. Canister Arrows can't be coated and have a single use, while coated arrows can simply be picked up again. She only carries five of each canister so she has more space for regular arrows.
-Fire Dust
  Fire canister arrows work like tiny rockets, exploding upon contact. Another use for Fire canister arrows is to be a signal flare. Fire Coated arrows work differently, instead of going kaboom, they set things on fire. Only Fire coated arrows can't be pick up due to being burned to ashes. Coats last about 10 arrows.
-Water Dust
  Water canister arrows freezes things they touch, or as a icy explosion of 30 cm in radius, which forms spike ice. They can also be used to put out fires by flying over them. Water coated arrows when shot become coated in ice, though it reduces speed a little, it increase the damage taken should one by pierced. Coats last 10 arrows.
-Earth Dust
  Earth canister arrows creates a metre tall tower that is 30cm wide and 10cm in length. Earth coated arrows become very strong and solid, so they are able to support weight, hence they are very useful as stairs or ladders, if she can get them to stay since they become blunt and hence not good for piercing. Coats last 10.
-Air Dust
  Air canister arrows explode into a vacuum, drawing things close to the arrow. It has a reverse effect, where instead of pulling, it pushes away any body. This can be helpful when there are dangerous gases in an area, the vacuum sucks in the gas, storing it inside. It is the only canister arrow that can still be picked up after usage but can't be shot. Wind coated arrows fly faster and instead of an arc, it goes in a straight line. Coats last 10 arrows.
-Lighting Dust
  Lighting canister arrows short circuit electronics and deliver stun shocks to targets, making them useful when infiltrating heavily secured places. Lighting coated arrows travel faster than Wind coated arrows, but are visibly noticeable so one can avoid such a fast flying arrow. Coats last 10 arrows.
-Glass Arrows
  Glass canister arrows spread sharp bits of glass all over the floor in a 1 metre radius around the arrow. Glass coated arrows are the sharpest arrow as the glass makes them pointy and dangerous. Coats last 10 arrows.
-Kinetic Arrows
  Kinetic canister arrows push people back, or buttons so she won't break anything. Kinetic coated arrows just fly faster , but less than Wind, and pack a little more punch than a regular arrow. Coats last 10 arrows.

History:Skia was the weapon she made at Signal, a simple design with simple functions. The arrows and coating were also made by her with the help from her mother, canister arrows just being a regular arrow with a replaced arrow head that holds the dust. Coats are small bottles with powder versions of the dust mixed with a bit of water so it sticks to the arrow. The additional attachments are an auto reticle assist scope, a laser pointer scope, a coater to put the Coats in and a camera. Only one attachment can be fitted in at one time. Auto Reticle acts like a crosshair that shifts and chooses the best angle for her to shoot her arrows, laser pointer works like auto reticle except without the angel judgement, works best with Lighting arrows, but reveals her location with a laser. Coater allows coats to be applied and Camera works like a camera.


Name: Reed

Primary Form: Reed looks like a bamboo flute, it even works as a flute.

Secondary Form: Reed is a long thin needle where it's so thin doesn't take up much space, hence the reason it still sounds nice. The needle can be taken out by removing the mouthpiece of the flute. The needle is made of a very hard piece of metal alloy.

Tertiary Form: It has no tertiary form.

Dust Functions: It uses no dust.

History: The flute was an instrument her mother played before her death. Kelly learned how to play such an instrument and one day the idea to make Reed popped in her mind. So she did, and Reed was used to block sword attacks, thanks to its very hard material it was often successful.

Approved Characters / Nike Fortunato
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Name: Nike Fortunato

Age: 35, 9 Frost, 41 AC

Species and Gender: Swan Faunus Female


Occupation: Huntress, Doctor, Lawyer

Appearance: Nike is 173 cm tall, weighing 62 kilos, mostly contributing to muscle weight. She has fair skin, smooth and soft. But its rough in some areas like her back from training and her childhood. Nike has long brown hair that she keeps neat and well tamed. Nike has blue eyes and a young face. She wears blue floral t-shirt and beige pencil skirt with black shoes. As she is a swan Faunus, her wings are naturally bigger than most bird Faunus, a wing span of 2 meters, but still not capable of flight. She wears this attire at casual.

Her combat attire is completely different. She wears a tiara that has a visor hidden inside which she uses to analyze the battlefield to plan out with her team. She wears golden armor(not made of real gold, its carbon fibre) that covers her vital areas like shoulders, back, chest, stomach. She wears leggings and a white skirt. She wears special shoes that the heels dig into the ground, increasing her hold on ground. She only wears those in areas that the ground is solid enough. Areas with soft ground with wears spiked boots.

Her work attire at the clinic is a lab coat over her casual attire. Her hair is tied in a bun and is held in place with pins and she wears reading glasses. Her work attire when she is doing her job as a lawyer is a black suit and pencil skirt, completed with a scarf.

History: Nike was born in Atlas, and due to the Faunus discrimination there, she lost her parents to unjust judges on a crime they did not commit. She, just 5 years old, saw with her own eyes as the murderers framed her parents and bribed the judge, who on his side did not count for the evidence the lawyer defending her parents gave. "Who would believe the words of a child?" sparked her anger. Her parents were executed.
  She lived on the streets, having lost her parents and her home. She lived off trash and garbage for days, malnutrition was eating her slowly and people just kicked her aside. She rejected help from the "goodwilled" people, she knew better than to trust the people, she could see in their eyes greed and lust. She had so much negativity pent up in her. She came to the city walls after endless wandering. Then they crumbled.
  Grimm crashed into the city, and chased after Nike. Nike did not have the energy to run, the military nearly trampled her with their machines as they tried to fight the Grimm, huge numbers. Out of the blue, she was snatched away and brought far from the sight in a flash. She fainted during the moment.
  She woke up the next day to find herself attached to tubes and several medical equipment, her skin clean and hair neatly combed. A lady was sitting next to her, fair and beautiful. She looked at her and the lady smiled back. The lady then helped remove the tubes attached and spoke in a gentle voice. Nike rejected her at first, but the warmth the lady exhibited made her give in. She could see kindness in the pale white eyes.
  Each and every day, Nike spent her days in the hospital, she soon came to be known as the Trolley Girl, because she would help the nurses push their trolleys. The lady, who's name was Gracy, was a Huntress who happens to be blind. She often visited Nike and sat with her for hours talking about her day and life. Nike was always happiest whenever Gracy visits.
  She was soon discharged but she remembered what Gracy told her in the beginning. Gracy came by in her car and Nike got on, her new family was with Gracy, in Vale.
  Gracy was a strict woman, but with a kind heart. She made sure Nike was combat capable and academically capable, all while giving her a happy life and childhood. She got her first try at using a weapon which was a toy gun that worked like a real one. She learnt critical thinking and much much more from Gracy.
  Years passed, Gracy had retired and started a clinic. Now 12, Nike was a student in Signal. Thanks to her early tuterlage, she was top student. She was admired by her juniors and even taught them a few things. Nike has exceeded teachers expectations and even Gracy. But unknownst to them, Nike still harbors her anger towards Atlas.
  She entered Beacon at 17 through the exam, passed with the best grades. She was proud, and proud she may one day take down Atlas. But something changed her.
  It was her first year, she and her team were to investigate the Emerald Forest due to recent Grimm activity, but were not to engage any Grimm unless necessary. Nike's presence however turned all Grimm hostile towards her. Her team valiantly fought them with her. They left the Emerald Forest quickly, and reported their findings.
  At night, when everyone was in their dorms, she confessed to her team about the feelings inside her. At first her team did not take it well, they blamed her for many things, including the influx of Grimm. But then they calmed down and gave Nike a group hug, they forgiven her so easily. They became stronger together, no foe was too strong for their team, Nike along discovered her Semblance after that moment, her teacher theorized because she had finally let go of what has burdened her, and hence releasing the lock holding her back.
  Final year in Beacon, she wished the day never came, her teams are going to part ways and gave each other their last goodbyes. Nike also said goodbye to Gracy, her age had caught up to her wounds and died in her bed smiling. The clinic still stands, now name "Gracious Clinic", which serves elderly, children under 5, disabled and the poor for free and it's run by Gracy's younger sister, Gaby. Upstairs of that building is Just Law Firm, owned by Gracy's still alive husband, Michelangelo. She helps her aunt and father whenever she can.

Personality: Nike has an air of justice and respect,  because that what Nike is. She upholds Justice and Respect as her moral compass. She however always gives in the her kind heart and sometimes thinks Justice does not uphold Kindness. She is benelovent. She has her downsides though. She is sensitive towards subjects like loss and family, and tends to be quite the crybaby. She has her quirky sides, she likes Tuna sandwiches and prefers to do ballet as her main art form. Also when she laughes it is those evil maniacal laughs that often ends with her choking and coughing, adding comedic relief. She is basically what a best friend would be, she is a pillar to support you in your endeavors. She does not like drinking however and often criticizes her teammates but still lets them drink. She believes firmly there is always a way, no matter how crazy or desperate it may seem. She is always willing to sacrifice herself for others. She is also quite the clean freak and always likes to be organized, she spends more time cleaning up her team dorm than actually training. But she is protective, her Faunus nature even pushes her to be that kind of person.

However, her neutrality is both her strength and weakness. Those who met her know that she always wants a peaceful conclusion, and that she is always willing to prove it. Some will be reasonable and do reach peace with her, however some see this as a chance to strike and sometimes, Nike will take the first hit. She does not even blame them, rather just stands and valiantly tries to reach peace. She had several fatal injuries from those moments, but she still stands.

Aura and Semblance: Nike's Aura is White and her Semblance is called Colors. Colors makes her glow brightly and a projection on a banner can be seen behind her and is even affected by wind. But with no wind the banner fans the sky. Allies within her vision will suddenly feel undefeatable and have their morale boosted. That is her Semblance at work. Colors boosts allies morale and gives them a confidence boost, but its real power is what it does. Colors gives her allies a defensive buff that mitigates 5% of the damage they take, for if an ally is shot while Colors is active, they won't feel as much pain but it would still hurt. However this used as a last resort as Colors can only be kept up for a minute. Colors' effects are affected by Dust powers though. Colors' has a devastating effect, if Nike were to be taken down before the duration is up or before she cancels it, her boosted allies will start to feel the opposite effect for the same duration as Colors when it was up.
Colors uses 60% of her aura for that one minute, but once that one minute is up she needs time recover her aura. Most battles end before she can use colors a second time.

Fire Dust: Colors turns red and orange, the banner now looks like a flame tongue. Allies feel like adrenaline is rushing through them.

Ice Dust: Colors turns blue and violet, the banner looks like an aurora. Allies feel calm and collected.

Wind Dust: Colors turn green. The banner becomes wispy and elegant. Allies feel free and unbounded by burden.

Combat Behavior: Nike can switch between the supportive backlines and offensive front line. In the back lines, her Semblance is most effective where she can see everyone and her style of fighting fits the frontline. Trust her to hold her own in a 1v1 battle and a free for all Grimm fight. She does not fair well with range characters, she can't reach them to fight them and closing the distance means forsaking her role, which will be worse. Nike is your trusted leader and strives to raise the morale of her allies. Her Faunus nature aside, she can be very protective of things(cargo, teammates etc).

In the front lines, she is quite the beast you can say. Her weapons make her hard to get close to and she moves surprisingly fast so she definitely can close the distance on you if you are close enough. You can say she is the Spartan on the battlefield.

But however, she is a peaceful force, unless the force against her is Grimm or not listening to reason, she will avoid conflict and instead aim for a peaceful end to the matter, she would even put down her weapons to show she is willing to make peace. She is a neutral force in the end, it is her core in a sense.


Name: Eva and Prometheus

Primary Form: Eva is a round shield with fair coverage of Nike's body, enough for her to fight in the shade. A woman's face with a brave look is on the shield face. Prometheus is a 1.5 meter long spear with a wide head that makes the total length to be 2 meters and a strong pole. Her symbol can be seen carved into the blade.

Secondary Form: Eva opens up to become a tower shield by splitting into four parts that become the edge of the shield while metal plates inside shift to become the rest of the shield and Prometheus's spear head split and flip to the side to become a sort of pickaxe head. Excellent in dragging things to bash with Eva.

Tertiary Form: Eva becomes smaller but more bulky, but leaves space for something slim to slide into it. Prometheus's pole folds and becomes short enough to hold with one hand, taking the form of a sword, she then can sheathe Prometheus into Eva, though the spear head does stick out.

Dust Functions: In order for her Semblance to be affected by dust, they first need to be loaded in her weapon. Eva surprising is where she loads the dust. Other than powering up the Semblance, it has no other uses.

History: Eva and Prometheus were Gracy's weapons of choice but passed them down to Nike after retiring. Nike had already been proficient in the spear and shield so it was a good match from the start.

Approved Characters / Aurelia Hestia
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Name: Aurelia Hestia

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Female Human

Symbol: A harp circled by two cupids

Occupation: Singer/DJ at Pink Forest and Third Year Beacon Student

Appearance: Aurelia stands at 54 and weighs 123 pounds. She has a lithe pale skinned hourglass figure with D-cup breasts and a thin waistline. Aurelia has dirty blond hair that is long enough to reach the mid section of her back. She has a sharp chin with rounded cheeks and bright brown eyes. She wears a frilled head clip that resembles a fish fin and to go along with them her earrings combined make the pisces sign. Her top wear consists of a beige turtleneck and bottom wear is a pair of tight blue jeans and red shoes.

At school she wears the uniform like it was meant to be, with the inclusion of her earrings and hair clip.

When doing her job at the Pink Forest, she wears a sleeveless black leather jacket with a white tank top that somewhat covers her large cleavage quite well. Along with that is a pair of pink headphones, a purple skirt and 1 inch high heels.

She always wears a pair of pink headphones, no matter where she goes.

History: She lived in a certain area of Atlas where it was cold and dark most of the year, but Auroras were common so there was enough lighting to see where you are walking. It was a small town with a tiny population, technology was only just lighting and water supply. Grimm rarely attacked the place as the population was too small to sufficiently feed them. If they do it's usually because of a lack of food. Luckily, her uncle has a hunter, so he often protected the area. During her time in Atlas, she studied music and sound waves under her mother, and her scientist father gave her the idea of turning soundwaves into a weapon at a young age when he figured out Grimm have sensitive hearing. When she turned 10, they moved to Vale so her father could use the more advanced tech there to continue his research of Grimm, for being in that remote place in Atlas was so he could study Grimm closely. She often miss the Auroras in the sky and even wanted to runaway to see them again. Well she longer thought of going back when she unlocked her semblance by accident.
It was a winter afternoon, Aurelia was walking through the streets dressed in winter clothing and listening to upbeat music. She discovered it was getting late and took a shortcut through an alleyway. But instead of reaching home, she got lost and instead ended up in a gang hideout. The gangsters there wanted to sell her for sexual reasons which got her very scared, so in that fear, came a light, the sound of her screaming created a large blast of her semblance which created a beautiful aurora around her that broke glass and sent the gangsters flying. This sound alerted the authorities and she was returned to her parents, who were worried sick. She explained to them what happen and then they looked at each other and nodded, confusing the young girl. They got a call with her uncle who contacted a friend of his who owns a flower shop to help the young girl in training. Turns out that the friend was an ex hunter and was happy to teach. She became friends with the girl that lived with him.
She entered Signal and with the help from her friend, made a weapon that lasted her years in Signal. She graduated with excellent academics and average combat.
She entered Beacon when her friend was in her Signal years.
During her second year in Beacon, she wanted to earn some cash of her own. She found a bar by accident, called the Pink Forest.

Personality: Aurelia is literally an upbeat girl, having a love for happy upbeat music and a bubbly personality. She had quite the beautiful voice and is not afraid to show it. Her determined attitude to do what she wants makes her either quite annoying or quite the never say never kind. Sadly all this can be taken away if she sees fish, she has a fear of fish, she thinks them slimy and disgusting, yet she is okay with snails, slugs, squid, octopi etc. She is always willing to help with Grimm based homework, but as for other subjects, if you give her cake or gumballs then she would help. She interacts well with people, able to crack a few corny puns sometimes to cheer them up.

Aura and Semblance: Her Aura is Baby Blue and her Semblance is Aurora Beat.
Aurora Beat creates visible sound waves that look like Auroras. These Auroras are not affected by magnetic waves as they are not real Auroras. The soundwaves emitted can send a small object the size of a soccer ball flying 2 meters. These Auroras can be amplified so that they can blast humans back 2 meters away. But in order to make these Aurora Beats, she needs some sort of music or sound around her. Same goes for the amplification, she needs to amplify the sound in order to amplify Aurora Beats. Aurora Beats always comes out in circle, and they travel indefinitely since its sound, so only something blocking it can stop it. She also can use these beats as a form of propulsion, launching her the same distance her opponents can get knocked back. She does this by stamping her feet. 1% of her Aura is consumed per beat, 5% if the max amplification is reached.

Combat Behavior: Her combat behaviour varies from the target. She prefers to act accordingly, stand back and observe, dodge any attack and figure out the attack pattern. She would let her teammates deal the damage while she supports them. This tactic is used when fighting Grimm in a group.
Fighting Grimm alone, she would dodge and shoot, using her semblance as movement rather than attack.
When fighting other humans in a groups, she sticks with her grimm hunting tactic in a group.
When fighting solo against humans, she uses her semblance often while picking off weaker areas of the opponent with her weapon.
But a constant style in her combat behavior is that she dances in fights.


Name: Sonic Headphones

Primary Form: A pair of pink headphones that she never ever goes anywhere without.

Secondary Form: Sonic Headphones contain tiny sonic bombs in the ear parts. The headphones are just a disguise for the holder of the pellet size sonic bombs. The actual sound comes out from small speakers, sort of like earpieces. There is a button to give her one small bomb which comes out from a hole under the headphones that closes automatically when one bomb comes out. Inside can hold 20 small bombs. But only one side contains the bombs, the other contains gumballs, strawberry in particular.
The sonic bombs simply stun Grimm for a short time or cause ear drums to hurt.

Tertiary Form: None

Dust Functions: The dust used in these tiny bombs is Wind Dust.

History: Something she and her father came up with. Using Wind Dust to create sounds shrill enough to stun Grimm for a short time.


Name: Pistol Shrimp/ Sonic Pistol

Primary Form: Sonic Pistol is a black and green pocket pistol that shoots special bullets when it hits, it creates a small sonic shrill tha can really hurt ears. The bullets can be switched to the sonic bombs but then she needs to switch the barrel to a different one. It sort of looks like shrimp.

Dust Functions: Same as the sonic bombs, wind dust create the shrill

History: She bought it from a mechanics store and her friend modified it so it would work with the sonic bullet and work with her third weapon.


Name: Delphinus Delta

Primary Form: A rifle with a 16 inch double barrel, uses 2.1 inch bullet that flies at sniper speed and its rapid fire, with a clip of 5 bullets. The bottom part barrel is also a long blade while the top barrel has flight groove and a latch with string rolled up inside. She keeps the gun in a holster most of the time.

Secondary Form: This rifle can become a crossbow rifle. By attaching Pistol Shrimp to the back of the rifle with a locking system, then adds another component which acts as the limbs. From there she attaches the strings in the latch to ends of the limb. Her bolts are made of a non magnetic metal. She carries around 30 bolts.

Tertiary Form: A sword like form. By attaching Pistol Shrimp to the underside where the trigger is using the same system, she can use Delphinus like a long kukri or sword.

Dust Functions: The bullets are all wind dust mixed with either fire or kinetic.

Pure Wind Dust: Creates a shrill only Grimm can hear that stuns them for a few seconds

Wind Fire Mix: Acts as a flare that explodes on contact with a small radius of 0.2 meters.

Wind Kinetic Mix: Make a spherical explosion that knocks back things in its 1 meter radius with sound.

History: The weapon Aurelia and her friend developed together. It took them a few prototypes, Alpha was a failure, Beta was too heavy for Aurelia, Iota was impractical and Delta was perfect.l

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