Author Topic: [Event] 1st Year Grand Finale: Nathan V Zabar [Closed]  (Read 9029 times)

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Re: [Event] 1st Year Grand Finale: Nathan V Zabar [Open]
« Reply #45 on: August 27, 2017, 02:00:37 AM »

Zabar watched the ball explode down below him as he began to fall back toward the arena below. The brilliant light that shot out as the ball slammed against metal filled the arena briefly and the shockwave knocked Zabar backward as he fell further.

A ringing filled Zabar's ears as he fell, only broken by the sound of a sickening thud as Zabar landed directly on his back. Pain shot through him, through his head, his chest, his legs. He clenched his teeth and lifted his head toward the direction of the explosion, toward the direction of where Nathan was. He raised right arm up slowly, straining against the weight of the gauntlet, and opened his palm, ready to strike with one last ditch effort.

The arm fell with a loud clang when Zabar quickly glanced at the aura gauges set up around the arena. 4% to 29%. He let out a long held breath and dropped his head back down against the cold metal. A smile crept along his lips as a feint laugh escaped them. "Half above red... but no energy to move... not sure if Dustin'll be proud or... angry..." He spoke in labored breaths quietly so that none but himself could hear him. He took one last look at the sun high above the stadium before closing his eyes and finally getting a well deserved rest.

A great silence followed the explosion and as the smoke cleared and Nathan was seen falling down off of the side of the arena with Zabar landing directly in the center of the circle, and the aura gauges adjusted, a cheer louder than any before in the year's tournament bracket erupted onto the scene. Celebratory ribbons and confetti fell down from the stands, drinks were toasted, names were cursed, bet money was taken and given, but most of all Vulco's voice boomed. 
The crackle of the loudspeaker could be heard throughout the arena as it switched on. "AND THERRRRRRRRRRRRE WE HAVE IT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! THE DEFINITIVE WINNER OF THE FORTIETH BIANNUAL VYTAL TOURNAMENT, FIRST YEAR BRACKET! THE VACUAN TAKES IT! THE ONLY VACUAN TAKES IT! A SAD DAY FOR VALE, BUT FOR THOSE HOME IN THE SANDY WASTELAND, A GREAT F ҉   ҉ KING DAY!" As his voiced filled the stadium, the arena below leveled itself out, returning to the plain flat circle it had started as, and began lowering back toward the ground floor where medical staff waited patiently.

Far below, just as Nathan was about to slam headfirst into the ground and snap his neck in two, a deep blue aura surrounded the boy and his descent began to gradually slow down. From up in the stands, surrounded by cheering and confetti, Fleetwood gave Graviton a side eye as he took a break from the celebration and focused his semblance into one fine point down below.

[Aura: 29%]
[Fall Damage: -10%]
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Re: [Event] 1st Year Grand Finale: Nathan V Zabar [Open]
« Reply #46 on: August 27, 2017, 03:05:33 AM »
Catalina felt as if he lost most of his strength and fell-sat down as the humongous fireball exploded and instantly dropped Nathan to red and out of arena. He covered his face with a tearless expression. For all his equality/equity talk and what not, he still identified himself as a Beacon student and wanted one of them to win. But no, I guess Zabar is just that good... Why, for all Nathan had to go through he still can't win the tournament... And now the entire internet will rub it in... it's terrible. He must be being gutted right now. Catalina squeaked, moaned, whatever- a small no out of his mouth. He don't know what to do now. Train, and challenge Zabar to a title match? Just spend some time to feel bad for Nathan? Or-
He noticed he had a harder time breathing. He knows why this is happening. He tries to take a very deep breath and calmed himself down. It's not enough, he can still feel the air being squeezed out from his lungs and through his narrowed trachea. He started to fall to his knees, his hands on neck.
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Re: [Event] 1st Year Grand Finale: Nathan V Zabar [Open]
« Reply #47 on: August 27, 2017, 04:15:31 PM »
As Nathan fell, distracted big time by the stupidly large amount of pain coursing through his right forearm, he attempted to right himself into a position where Ergia could slow him down a bit. Just as he was about 2 meters off the floor and about to fire the thruster to the side in an attempt to save himself, his vision was filled with a deep blue hue, the aura of sorts surrounding the hand he still had in his line of sight. Almost immediately after, he felt himself gently decelerate, coming to a smooth stop on the floor.

As soon as the blue vanished, medical stuff surrounded him, checking him for any injuries. Somebody yelled to get the cool water, whilst another person shoved a flashlight's beam into his right eye. Taking a sitting position half-aided by some hands behind his back, he let out a surprised yell as his right arm started being rinsed with what was, undoubtedly, the cool water mentioned beforehand.

Somebody he'd never seen in his entire life kneeled down from the left and began talking. "Seems like you got a second-degree, partial burn on top of your right forearm. We're flushing it right now to stop the spread of the damage, but you'll probably have it wrapped in bandages for 2-3 weeks. It should heal fine by then.

Apart from that, you were damn lucky you landed the way you did. I don't know who or what did that - Vulco never mentioned that there was such a safety system - but if they hadn't, I'm not quite sure if we'd bother treating your burn."
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