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Orion Noon
« on: September 11, 2016, 08:50:49 PM »

Name: Orion Noon

Age: 35, 23 Machlud, 41 AC

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol:The Symbol of Orion(as in the constellation) combined with a clock, the hands of the clock point to 3:37. Notabke location is his poncho

Occupation: Hunter, Help For Hire, Street Performer

Appearance: Orion is a man clocking in at a height of 176 cm and weighing 78 kilos. He has brown hair and brown eyes, having a short messy beard and sideburns. His skin color is beige and he has a muscular build, and rather hairy along the arms. He wears a steel rimmed black cowboy hat, a sleeveless jacket and plain beige t-shirt underneath a woolen red and yellow poncho. He also wears a scarf that is especially thick that tear gas does not go through. He wears cowboy boots with beige long pants. He wears a belt with his symbol on the buckle. He has a scar over his right eye. He often keeps his weapon in its holster. This is his combat attire.

His regular attire is something more simple. He still wears his hat and pants and belt. But he wears a fitting beige t-shirt, blue cowboy boots and his weapon is kept in its bolster.

History: Mistral, Atlas, Vacuo, Vale, this man has blood from all kingdoms. His Vacuo mother was from a family line that originated in Atlas and his father is a mix of Vale and Mistral. He took his mixed heritage proudly. His family were a group of trick shot performers. He grew up to use the slingshot and other ranged weapons. His first performance was in a small town in Vacuo, the kingdom he grew up in, it went off with a bang, literally.
  Raiders tried to use Grimm to take over the town but instead got eaten and the monster ran rampant. His family managed to hold off using their tricks but they were almost overwhelmed until a hunter came by to save them. However his sister suffered fatal wounds. As Vacuoís nearest hospital was far, she died on the way.
  They moved to Vale, unknown to Orion, his parents chose to move here because they feared Vacuo might leave him depressed with the memory of losing his sister. He still did became depressed and became distant from the family for a while, he decided to enroll into Beacon to escape the family business, taking his sisterís revolver with him. So he entered through the exam, his travels had managed to teach him more than the books and got high marks for academic while his trickshot training and near perfect aim does magic in the combat exam. He impressed the judges with his performance but some teachers were not pleased, arguing his entrance into Beacon as he does not fight, he performs. However there were teachers who sided with him. In the end he enrolled.
  His first year were met tougher than most first years. As some teachers harbored a harsh view of him, they forced him to be better and often targeted him for better results. But time and time again, he managed to pull through. Each time he gets down, he stands up stronger.
  Second year and some teachers had given up on trying to best the poor kid and instead support him into the transition from the honeymoon years of first and second year and into the tougher third and fourth years.
  Third year was his toughest, his father fell ill and the family business needed him again. He juggled school work and performance time, often burning the midnight oil for the sake of completing homework. He became dedicated to the school that once faced him with a glare and now with a happy smile. He pulled through. Four year went like a breeze, he just felt time fly by like the wind.

Personality: He speaks like a cowboy, acts like a cowboy, because he is a cowboy. Orion likes to amaze the crowd with his trickshots and still do his business of a Hunter. He never bats an eye to world issues and treats every problem like the passing breeze. But despite his cold first impression, he is a fun man who knows how to how tell a good joke and he always has things to talk about to keep the mood up. He likes to whistle and enjoys reading poetry. He hated Geography in Beacon, not because he is bad at it but because he already knows the maps by heart, he came from a travelling family. Also he hates the teacher anyway. Never touch the hat or touch his weapon. He says they have sentimental value that shall not be stained by othersí hands.
He does like drinking and often goes out of Beacon to drink. He always challenges his teammate to a drinking competition, but it always gets interrupted by their leader.
No one knows this, he actually plays the saxophone and is really good at it.

Aura and Semblance: His aura is Yellow and his Semblance is High Noon. You know when High Noon is active when suddenly it gets hot and bright light is shining from behind Orion. Orionís shots become more powerful and have a large noticeable and painful trail. The shots have a 2 meter diameter and can travel over 10km. But using High Noon forces him to remain in a fixed position and have his location shone to those everywhere and if you can't see him, you can certainly hear him, shots are almost artillery blasts. But his Semblance automatically deactivates if he runs out of bullets in his weapon. But his major weakness is that his back is exposed, he only has a 180 vision and can't turn around. This Semblance also only works with weapons that have single projectiles, meaning it does not work with shotguns, miniguns etc. He also needs to draw his weapon before he can use it. As for physical repercussions, none, he is just rooted by his Semblance. He can fire multiple shots in succession, but the Semblance automatically turn off once his weapon needs to reload. But he does not do it because the effects of pulling the hammer on his weapon can be very violent, which may do more harm to him than to his enemies. Each shot takes 10% of his Aura.

Combat Behavior:The quick witted Orion is always ready to pull off a trickshot with his weapon. He is capable of killing things at odd angles and as long as he can envision the trick performed, it will never fail, though it does if something unexpected appears. He will stay close to his enemy to make sure his bullets land and roll towards them if needed. He only uses his shotguns if they decide to get too close for comfort
He tends to say certain lines to taunt or joke. His favorite line, if it happens to be a fight that happens at 12pm. "It's High Noon..." and activate his Semblance.


Name: Sunsling

Primary Form: Sunsling is a peacemaker revolver capable of shooting dust bullets.

Dust Functions: Sunsling can shoot several types of dust bullets. Each round is 6 bullets
Kinetic: Regular bullets. 10 rounds.
Fire: Explosive contact. 1 round.
Water/Ice: Becomes sharper and freezes the holes. 1 round.
Glass: Explodes into shrapnel upon contact. 2 rounds.
Earth: Like a punch to the gut, or a stone flying at the speed of a bullet. 1 round.
Wind: You won't see it coming, the bullet flies the fast 3 rounds.


Name: The Undertakers

Primary Form: Twin single barrel shotguns with a cool silver flame design on them. Lethal at close range, not so at far range. Shoots 20 pellets per shot. Holds 6 rounds.

Secondary Form: The twin shotguns fold to reveal a shorter barrel hidden inside the gun lower than the barrel that fires the rounds. These barrels fire bombs that explode after a brief 0.5 seconds. They are smoke bombs that also happen to be laced with tear gas. He carries six bombs, each he can detonate whenever he likes.

History: These two weapons have a history with Orionís sister. Her sister used to use guns in her acts and she favored their grandfatherís revolver Sunslinger for its good accuracy. Orion took these when his sister passed away. The shotguns however were the two twin shotguns that the Raider used to attack the town before he got eaten and was used by his sister to defend against the Grimm.
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