Author Topic: Across the SALTy sea (Main Thread)(Closed but message if you want in)  (Read 6202 times)


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Re: Across the SALTy sea (Main Thread)(Closed but message if you want in)
« Reply #60 on: January 05, 2019, 11:54:07 PM »
Avery squirmed with anxiety as the encircling Grimm brushed up against the pod, afraid that their time was limited. However, with every minute that passed by, he became more at ease. It was safer that way anyway given their attraction to negative he could. Aurum swinging around his wet boots weren’t helping in that regard, though.

Suddenly, something flicked on within the pop and a message started to come through. Unfortunately, the storm was still ongoing and the message was broken. He turned toward Dorian, unfortunately still unconscious, before turning to Topaz.

Do you think you can fix the signal?
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Re: Across the SALTy sea (Main Thread)(Closed but message if you want in)
« Reply #61 on: February 09, 2019, 01:21:10 AM »
Topaz almost wished that she kept the hoody on as Aurums foot juice sprayed around the cramped cabin adding to the negative atmosphere inside. All in all, not great, all this just cause of some stupid prank. Plus they were now directionless as Dorian had slipped into a rough unconsciousness and the other team was….somewhere. Oh and they had a pirate on board now too, all stuck together inside the Koticks equivalent of a food can. All this was fuel to the fire of Topaz’s internally panic ultimately all stemming from her feeling of uselessness. She couldn’t do anything on the big ship. Now she couldn’t go anything in the small ship. But it was the radio coming to life and streaming a broken confirmation code that reminded Topaz that not all is lost, and maybe it would be a good idea to start using the pod as more than a shield against the Grimm. At the request of Avery(was he the leader now?) she sprung into action flipping switches and tuning dials on the pods dashboard bringing more of systems whirring to life.
”Someone please strap in Dorian and make sure he doesn’t die.” She said before punching the pods throttle to its maximum position and turning towards the land mass. While the pod violently shook about from the added movement Topaz did her best to boost their radios strength to transmit a message back through the storm, the confirmation code was close enough after all. ”Alpha, Romeo, er, Theta?” Topaz tried to remember the rest of the confirmation code but was fairly pre-occupied with swearing around the school of aquatic death licorice that swam just outside. ”Whatever! This is team DALT from Atlas requesting immediate assistance! Our boat has gone down and we are in the middle of a swarm of Grim including a-“ She was forced paused for a second to swerve the pod around another Grim just barely scraping it which caused another violent jostle. Man this was hard.”Look if anyone is there please send help!” She yelled with into the microphone, hoping that whatever was around to transmit the message could also receive their call.
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Re: Across the SALTy sea (Main Thread)(Closed but message if you want in)
« Reply #62 on: March 03, 2019, 09:00:55 PM »
     The ship was sinking, grimm were trying to kill them, Dorian was out cold, which was actually a good thing, so Aurum did what any sensible Huntsman in training would do. Nap.

     Well what could he do? Even as awesome as he was he couldn't exactly use dozens of speed bubbles to get them out. For one, he was exhausted from his previous splurge of power, and for another, he just didn't feel like taking a dip in ice cold waters surrounded by evil licorice. He'd have liked to talk to the pirate by she didn't have a parrot, which was a big minus in his book.

    Aurum snored as the pod got jostled them around but took a groggy moment to say, "Stupid evil licorice." Before going back to sleep. If Dorian was getting a pass to sleep so should he. He'd need his energy considering he didn't have anything to snack on while waiting. Listening to Avery drone on might help but the rocking felt almost pleasant. Like some evil cradle that was going to drown and rip them apart any second now. Pleasant.

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Re: Across the SALTy sea (Main Thread)(Closed but message if you want in)
« Reply #63 on: March 17, 2019, 05:53:52 AM »
’..cieved. We’’ The radio sparked back, all the work Taylor had done to try to improve the reception didn’t seem to be having much impact. ’’ As possibly uplighting the message the radio tried to deliver was it was nothing compared to the increasing horror of the loud rents into the metal finally reached their climax as the Kotick managed to breach the hull of their little escape pod and water started to fill the lift raft. For now, the gaps weren’t large enough for the Grimm to slip through but it wouldn’t take long until there where. In their terrain, the Grimm would be even more of a danger but even if DALT would overcome the demon killer whales the life raft was well and truly sinking by now and there was little aura and years of huntsman training could do against drowning.

The incoming water did have some benefit, however, well benefit might be giving it too much credit, but the constant splashing of water on to Dorian was enough to wake the poor lad up. The world had gone from bad to worse for the poor boy and now he was trapped in his worst nightmare, drowning in dark, icy waters surrounded by strangers. Still, his training was drilled in enough that he wouldn’t go down without a fight and Dorian raised his assault rifle to fire a burst of dust ammunition at the coming Kotick. He even had the presence of mind to ensure he wouldn’t use any of the dust types which would be screwed over by the water resulting in a flurry of kinetic blasts. It was hard to miss something trying to get in through the only windows you have to fire from but regardless two Kotick were blast to pieces under the fire. More came however only more incensed by the deaths of their fellows. The pirate Cordell on the other hand was trying a different approach as she was trying to use her communicator to call back to somewhere but it was rather easy to infer from the pirates even louder and harsher than normal language that she was having trouble getting through.

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