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Aster Phoenix
« on: December 09, 2017, 01:19:44 AM »

Name: Aster Phoenix

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Hawk Faunus male.

Symbol:  An astral Phoenix rising from a regular Phoenix, surrounded by blue flames.

Occupation: Beacon Huntsman-In-Training

Appearance: Aster Phoenix is six foot four with a rather lithe build, weighing only 140 Lbs, with several burn marks across his body. Most notably, however, is the one that curls up from his neck, around his jawbone to his right ear, shaped exactly like a wing tip. His eyes are different colours, a genetic mutation called Iridis Hetrochromia. His particular mutation leaves him with his left eye blue, and his right eye a vivid red. Behind him, tucked under his clothing, he hides two enormous wings, spanning 9.5 feet in total. Two giant, encompassing blankets of soft Down, each feather a slightly different shade of red, matching his hair colour perfectly.

History: Aster grew up as the 'black sheep' of the family. Not least of which was to do with his wings. In a family of Humans, his mother was suspected of cheating on his father, despite the lack of Hawk Faunus' in their area, or the fact that she frequently denied ever being with another man. Over time, though, that label moved from being because he was born, to because he excelled. The Phoenix family was never a family of overachievers. But for Aster, high grades and ruthless efficacy were his 'average'. This then quickly turned to arrogance and pride, with a heavy dose of over confidence.

Only one thing ever eluded him during his time at Signal. His Semblance. No matter how hard he tried, he could never get it to work. Or even give himself a hint of what it was. After he reached his Fourth year, he gave up on trying to find it. Others had made it much further than he without one, so he was determined to do the same. He taught himself the basics in Dust Weaving, and ancient and outdated, yet still useful, art. At first, he considered it a waste of time. But, when you preferred Hand to Hand Combat like he did, not having to worry about being disarmed was a blessing. And the only limits set were those of your own body. Something that could be taught to accept more.

After learning the basics, he saught more advanced training elsewhere. The teachers of Signal were willing to allow him time, given his grades, and the fact that he still completed any and all coursework and had it handed in not two days after it was set. After finding and learning from the Dust Weaver, he tried his own hand, weaving a shirt with just a few lines of Fire Dust interwoven into the fabric. Not a second after putting it on and feeling it with his Aura, something inside of him changed.

His world exploded into colours, and his wings felt... Alive. For the first time in years, they felt as though they had a mind of their own. It wasn't until he looked around and saw himself on the floor that he realised what he'd done. He gave a celebratory laugh, then began to look around, taking in the world through his new eyes. Then he felt it. Agony like never before, shooting through his neck and face and right wing tip. When he looked back, it was to see his wing had caught fire. A mistake in the Fire Dust weaving that he hadn't noticed. By the time he had managed to return to his body, his face was scarred permanently. A constant reminder of his arrogance.

Personality: Aster, before his Semblance, was arrogant, cocky, head strong and proud. After, however, he changed. He rose to a higher level. He became much more forgiving, kind and compassionate. He was more willing to learn from and listen to others, and even took the time to help show others some things, instead of his previous remarks of "Figure it out yourself."

Aura and Semblance: Aster's Aura is a bloody orange colour, much like the setting sun, and his Semblance, without using Dust, takes on that very same colour. His Semblance itself is to leave his mortal body behind and see the world as it truly is, unbound by conventional laws. This my no means he understands it. But it shows him something bigger than himself. It shows him Aura, those with, those without, and those who will seek to destroy what they can never possess. He cannot interact with anything while outside his body, merely observe. When outside his body, the young man takes on the form of a ghost, looking exactly the same as he does within his body, only as a pale, weightless and intangible mass of Aura. In which case, the varying effects can had different effects, ranging from becoming a floating pillar of flames (Fire), draining the heat from the area, freezing the surroundings (Ice), being able to shoot static bolts and interfere with electronics, such as changing the channel on a TV (Lightning) and finally, being able to move things with his mind, such as toppling a bookcase, sending the books flying around a room, or even throwing a discarded sword (Gravity).

While he is still highly unskilled in the use of his Semblance, having had it for less than a year, he only capable of moving 100 metres away from his body in any direction before he starts to 'fade', losing parts of himself to maintain the connection to his body. He has no clue what will happen if he goes any further, so he doesn't dare risk it. While he is using his Semblance, he cannot move his own body, leaving his essentially defenceless. Moreover, anything that happens to his physical body also happens to his Astral Body.

Combat Behaviour: In combat, Aster takes a passive stance, awaiting his opponent to strike first, then striking in return. While he is capable of using a verity of weapons, he finds his hands, feet and wings to be more than enough for most all situations. However, in a world where anyone he fights will either be at least twice his size and five times his muscle mass, or have weaponry capable of decimating a forest, he also uses Dust Woven clothes. Given the volatility of Dust, such things are almost unheard of, though since he lacks any real weaponry, the only way to use it, aside from punching someone with a Dust crystal, would be to wear it.

He uses several forms of Dust when fighting, Fire, Ice, Wind, Gravity and Lightning being his main Dust of choice. While Fire Ice and Lightning are fairly straight forward, using them to enhance his strikes, a combination of Gravity Dust and Wind Dust allows him to, with the aid of his wings, take flight. Though flying while in combat is rather impractical, as he has not had much experience with such, he is capable of using brief bursts of Gravity and Wind Dust to allow him to soar over an enemies head to strike from behind while they're caught off guard, or to escape from an unwinnable battle.

While using his Semblance, however, his Dust Woven Clothing is used much differently. In order to leave his body, a small portion of his Aura must remain behind. This allows him to, through the connection to his body, activate his Dust, granting his Astral Projection special effects. He also takes on the form of whichever Dust he is using. A flaming, frozen, static or dark ghost with Fire, Ice, Lightning and Gravity respectfully.


Name: Dust Woven Clothing

Dust Functions: With the Dust Woven through just about any type of Clothing, Aster is capable of many feats, though most are fairly simplistic in nature. As a staple, all of his clothing has Wind and Gravity Dust woven through the back, joining with the base of his Wings to allow him brief moments of flight during combat, or the ability to gain some height. Through the front and down his arms, he generally has Fire Dust and Lightning Dust, allowing him to deliver stronger, Dust Infused strikes. His trousers mostly possess Ice and Wind Dust, to allow him to leave Icy fields or freeze his opponents, or deliver a stronger knock-back with his kicks.

History: After years of never discovering his Semblance, Aster opted to not forge a weapon of his own that would compliment his Semblance, feeling that doing such would only set him behind others who had plenty of experience with their own weaponry. Unfortunately, by that point, he was already well behind others in every aspect aside from Hand to Hand combat. While the use of knuckle dusters or such weaponry was considered, he didn't like the practical applications of such as much as he did the use of Nature's Wrath.

His history with Dust Weaving is short, but after several mistakes, and one life-changing one, he has learned to be extra careful with Dust Weaving, now never so much as considering wearing a set until he has gone over it time and time again, to the point of paranoia.  After all, just one thread out of place burned half of his face and a wing. He dreaded to imagine what would have happened if his mistake was just slightly larger.
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