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Josef Botzenhardt (WiP)
« on: April 18, 2018, 09:14:15 PM »

    Name: Josef Botzenhardt

    Age: 17

    Species and Gender: Human Male

    Symbol:  A half circle with two stars inside and a triangle coming out of its side.

    Occupation: Second Year Beacon Student

    Appearance: Josef is Caucasian and stands about 5'9" tall and weighs around 140 lbs.  He has brown hair, and eyes that nobody can agree on whether they are green or blue.  His hair hangs about an inch above his eyes and he never brushes it.  He has a scar that circles his ring finger on his left hand.

    Josef normally wears a black or dark blue t-shirt with a bright green zip-up sweater.  His shoes are dark-grey with black laces, and he wears baggy, blue jeans.  His wears a sheath for his sickle on the right side of his hips.

    History: Josef's father, James is a farmer, and his mother, Daisey was a huntress.  He decided to become a hunter when his mother was killed by a Grimm when he was 11.  When he was 13 he cut off his finger while playing the knife game and it was reattached.

    Personality: Josef is a very social person but tends to say whatever he thinks so he doesn't have much friends aside from his main group.  He doesn't really pay attention to fine details aside from his drawings so if given a task he will complete it but it won't be very neat.  In his spare time he likes to reads, draw, listen to music, and help out on his family's farm.

    Aura and Semblance: Josef's aura is yellow-green.  His semblance increases his movement and reaction speed by 100% but also doubles the amount of energy used to move.

    Combat Behavior: 


    Name: Sierp Kosa

    Primary Weapon: Sickle with his family symbol engraved on the handle.

    History: Has been passed down for generations, it is a family heirloom.  It was given to Josef when his mother died.

    Secondary Weapon:

    Tertiary Form:

    Dust Functions:

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