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Why do you want to win the Vytal Festival?

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Characters from all walks of life are soon going toe-to-toe in the upcoming Vytal Festival. The event is nothing to sneeze at, featuring the best and brightest out of the upcoming generation of hunters and huntresses. So, why does your character want to win the Vytal Festival? What's motivating them to beat up (or let themselves get beat up by) their peers on international television? The fame, the glory, the fangirls... or something else?

Even if your character isn't a student - why are they entering, and what are they attempting to prove?

Dr. Gustave:
I want to win so people will think the tourney is rigged twice In a row Malina wants to win because winning a huntsman bracket tourney would be something incrediy impressive since there's no real standard level of experience, Aca wants to win because RWND has to do something meaningful on the site I guess.

Despite not competing this year because I wanted to use a different character Gray wants to win to make up for the embarrassment of last tournament where he was knocked out in the first round and barely touched his opponent.

Sandy doesn’t necessarily want to win as much as see how far he can go. Winning would be even better though.

Ceramites is looking to test himself against other huntsman and shake off the rust a bit.

So, Smokey's primary purpose for entering the Vytal Festival is not for the sake of competition. I mean, winning the tournament would be great, but he primarily wants to demonstrate his-- shall we say-- unique skill-set to the world.  He's hoping to get a prime opportunity to show the power of the Good News in order to attract Big Game jobs with high price tags.  That being said, he'll still be looking to win.  He won't be whipping out his big gun unless he's given a very good reason to.

Aurelia, on the other hand, is in it mostly for the sake of competition, pride, and prestige.  If she can win, especially starting without her semblance active, it'll be a huge high point of her career.  That being said, she has an ulterior motive.  If she wins, she hopes that will be enough to convince her foster family to let her see her adopted sister more often.

Catalina wants to win and go on to fight Zabar Aga, who beat Nathan Eau in the finale of the last tournament, who in turn beat Cat in the quarterfinals, for Nathan. To quote Nathan:

--- Quote from: nathan67003 ---In context, in-character? Not really.
OOC? One of the runner-ups to the runner-up wants to more or less take revenge (to some extent) for the runner-up. Already, we're nearing anime levels of comedic plot convolutions.

--- End quote ---
Infared wants to show how a some tropes can be used without being exploited, while exploiting other's attempts.
Siu wants to win the tournament because she wants to prove her cooked up anti- melee strats works even on a huntsman's level.


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