Author Topic: What do your characters look like in their prime?  (Read 1120 times)

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What do your characters look like in their prime?
« on: July 13, 2018, 12:17:40 PM »
Just by the nature of the site, we're probably never going see most characters in their prime, so what do yours look like with their best weapon, best control of the aura and semblance, most experience etc.?

Malina - Malina's weapons won't change much in her prime, though Manticore will be more streamlined, sleak, and have an upgraded pin shooter at the tip to better penetrate materials. Assuming this is a Malina that came to terms with who she is and accepted that she actually is strong and not a coward, her outfit might have a bit more skin showing. It wouldn't be anything scanty, she's not the type of person, but she would be more comfortable in her own skin. Her real prime power comes from her aura and semblance. Unfortunately, she'll never become an aura master due to not dedicating enough time to it and starting without supervision but she will be able to temporarily double her aura and have extreme control of her aura, letting her mold its actual shape and move it around more freely than just sending it out in blasts. Her semblance will have a major power increase, eventually being able to push away tank rounds but her real strength comes from her ability to move her aura around. Because she can create concussive bursts from anywhere her aura is, she can remotely where ever she wants.

Aca - I don't have a great handle on what Aca will look like but I think as she improves her semblance, she'll seperate her saw slinging sword into a sword that has a secondary form to rapidly fire out smaller saw blades to let her swing them around with her semblance and cause them to hit her target as long as it's between her and her saw blades.

Zabar - Zabar will turn into something of a glass cannon, he's tough now, sure, but he won't be able to increase his aura too much over the years. What he will be able to do is learn how to focus aura into his fists and weapons in such a way to make any punch send shockwaves over the battlefield. He'll focus on hand to hand training and how to out maneuver any human enemy he faces. For Grimm, he'll make sure he can finish them in one shot our dance out of the way of their attacks.
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Re: What do your characters look like im their prime?
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2018, 01:20:05 PM »
I don't know about a lot of them just yet, but two of them are almost entirely thought out:

Janna becomes a literal walking tank. A human stug. A lesbian siege engine. Her armor gets bigger and bulkier, costing her even more speed but allowing her to use her ultimate weapon - a literal cannon/mortar mounted on her back. Her armor would lock her into place as she 'goes into siege mode', support struts coming out from her back and stabilizing her from behind. She'd also have to use her semblance to use the cannon, with aura shields againse her back, her shoulders and her feet to help deal with the massive recoil from the cannon. Even so, she'd end up taking damage - twice. Her body would slam against the shields, but the worst of it would come from the shields being slammed by her armor.

Aside from that, she'd likely get bigger shields as well as proper hand cannons on her armor. At that point her armor would essentially turn into a mech suit.

Coconut's growth is much more straightforward. Hitting puberty as late as he did, he's still got some growth spurts ahead of him. With his rigorous training, he's bound to grow larger and stronger - much, much stronger. Along with his body, something else would grow. His O.T.N.

Each year, its largest form will grow larger and a smaller form will be ditched. Eventually, you'd be looking at a weapon to surpass metal gear which would be about the size of a midway point between Guts' Golden Age sword and Dragonslayer. Coconut's semblance might not grow too much, but he just might find a better use for it.
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Re: What do your characters look like im their prime?
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2018, 02:27:33 PM »
Prism's gonna gain two inches in height, a better amount of upper-body strength, and probably another foot or so to her wingspan by the time she ends up graduating from Beacon. She'll never stop being a long-distance sniper, but in her prime she'll be consistently pulling off shots around 2000 meters - something she can barely manage now, as-is. Hawk's Eye is probably gonna get an upgrade with a silencer and a better scope that can help her calculate long-distance shots, but also gain some upgrades to help with more short-range problems - more than likely, an inbuilt grenade launcher. The truly impressive thing is how powerful her semblance is gonna be by the time she graduates, which she'll have a mostly-complete mastery over by that point - her strongest gusts of wind are gonna be hitting around 150-160 mph, and she'll be able to sustain them significantly longer than 5 seconds as well. The whirlwinds she creates are gonna be more like tornadoes, reaching well over 10 meters tall and able to cause rather devastating amounts of damage as well. Even if they aren't particularly big, the important thing is she'll be able to make them incredibly fast - packing an absolutely massive punch into a small whirlwind.

Jima's closer to graduation, and is close to approaching her prime time as a Huntress. The range of her semblance is gonna probably reach around 100 meters at max, and her toolset is gonna probably recieve a major shift as well before she graduates - moving on from the blunt impaling weaponry of Goliath to broadswords (preferably with an inbuilt chainsaw) and quite possibly shields. She'll likely expand her ability to deal ranged damage with a crossbow as well. She'll never stop working on the Grab n' Go, but the technology is definitely going to get better and more efficient - utilizing larger constructs to trap bigger Grimm, alongside some especially clever uses of Dust.

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Re: What do your characters look like in their prime?
« Reply #3 on: July 13, 2018, 10:47:16 PM »
So, I haven't had the opportunity to really feel out Aurelia's character and personality yet, so I don't really know how she'll develop, but I definitely know what Veteran Huntsman Smokey will look like.

He doesn't get any taller, but he does get bigger.  Imagine this bearded, barrel-chested, python-armed biker guy.  Now, cover him in tattoos of the biggest and baddest Grimm in Remnant.  Like, Nevermores, Deathstalkers, maybe one or two Goliaths, Geists possessing huge amounts of material, anything that might warrant a shot from the Good News.

Speaking of which, the Good News would have more specialty ammo than the standard big boom the current casing uses.  There's a bullet filled with a special mix of lightning dust that wipe out entire packs of Beowolves in one shot, and a water dust bullet designed for undersea Grimm, just to name a couple of them.

Matchstick would be upgraded from a revolver to an automatic weapon that's fed through a belt, with arguably more kick per shot than it had before.  Yes it can still fire 7 shots at once if it needs to.

Oh, that leaves his semblance.  So, he'll eventually learn how to resist the force of gravity, which means he'll have moon hops.  He'll go from being an immovable object with a big-ass gun, to an unstoppable object...with a big-ass gun.
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Re: What do your characters look like in their prime?
« Reply #4 on: July 14, 2018, 10:45:39 AM »
If they actually get there their power would probably still be weaker than the scans but...

Catalina will be able to do stunts like spamming and shifting with his semblance and do gun kata-snipe at close range. Fighting with the hammer form won't be much different aside from being more skilled and more semblance aided. He would probably be one of the leading Huntsman activists for Faunus equality.

Infrared would have her semblance cost factor reduced gradually and reflection precision increased. Reaction will load faster and get more powerful. That should make her swordfight style shifts to one far more aggressive, where she can afford to be a glass cannon without the glass and focuses on offense. She would probably be either a full-time specialist for Atlas or tries her best to go independent as a huntress.

Sheer will have his skill deficit finally fixed and is a pretty good all-rounder, and his physical stats would be so good that he can stand his own while giving away to a teammate.

Amongst incremental buffs of all the characters, the summoning cost of Fung the dragon is for sure the largest, followed by reflection cost of Infrared's semblance. When it gets to 50% or so she would be able to use them regularly providing an excellent anti-installment firepower. She would be on pretty good terms with Vale military and tends to take their or the police special forces' missions where she will ample support.
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Re: What do your characters look like in their prime?
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2018, 01:54:00 PM »
Amane will not only be able to passively erase memories of her appearance but actively manipulate them too. This can make her appearance a memetic weapon that can be used to overload somebody's mind just by looking at her. She will also be able to accurately hit every single bullet from an automatic burst with pinpoint precision at sniping ranges. Amane will also balance her weaknesses out a little more, improving her proficiency at aura techniques, hand to hand combat, and swordsmanship.

Occupation-wise, she'll be answering directly to the Council for a while on top-secret missions for reconnaissance or to retrieve things like magical relics before going independent, forming her own private organization with people loyal to her under the cover of a legitimate investment company that also operates out of numerous business fronts. However, her and her operatives will still help and be in mostly good standing with the Council.
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