Author Topic: First Year 2v2 bracket- Semifinals: Shiroe & Reginald vs. Setsuna & Calen  (Read 805 times)


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Re: First Year 2v2 bracket- Semifinals: Shiroe & Reginald vs. Setsuna & Calen
« Reply #15 on: November 23, 2018, 05:44:32 AM »
Calen only grinned at Reginaldís first response. It was clear that getting under his opponentís skin would be a lot easier than in some of his previous fights. The cloak was a clever move, it not only weakened Calenís attack but it also made it almost impossible to dodge the coming jab. Calen may be better suited to fighting on the ice than most but that didnít mean that he was confident moving sideways blindfolded when his ankle being a couple degrees off would send him crashing down. Even more so than Reginald Calen was feeling the impacts of the cold, his own emaciated form and sickness meant that if he would go down on to the ice he would be slow to get back up if he could at all.

Reginaldís cape move was so clever in fact that Calen decided he would return the favour at one point, keeping the cape loose in his left hand the gaunt boy shifted his weapon into itís sword form, impaling it into the ice for a quick turn without losing too much speed and continued back for another attack. The glaive would still be the optimal weapon in this situation, its longer reach and power would be even more impactful in an environment without stable footing but the sword would make using the cape easier, and Calen wanted to use the cape. Although it would appear attacking wasnít going to be on cards just yet as Reginald continued to lay down on the ice. Approaching slowly Calen extending his sword back into its glaive form be still held the blade side and offered the handle to Reginald to help him to his feet.

íIím sure you are a terror to behold but letís make sure your fit enough to show me. Youíll catch your death laying on the ice like that.í Calen responded, having to rush out the last few words before a coughing fit took him for a few moments. Both hands full Calen turned his face into his sword side shoulder to minimise his contagion spreading. It was a genuine offer of assistance, for Calen having a good fight was more important than winning anyway and of course who could really challenge a sickly stick-thin swordsman? No one obviously, at least that is what Calen thought. But that didnít mean Calen was just going to take a counter attack if his offer was refused and the gaunt boy was ready to dash away at a moments notice.

Although he couldnít see him by the sound of it appeared like his teammate, Setsuna had engaged Shiroe. By the sound of it using his semblance to do it. Calen let out a hissing sound, it would not have been his strategy but his leader did have a habit of being a little too direct. Spending a little time feeling out your opponent, finding out what they are capable of before revealing your true power would be Calenís tactic, doubly so with such a crushing drawback as Setsunaís. Still, that meant Calen and Setsuna would have to finish this fight quickly before it effectively becomes a 2v1. Only after Reginald was on his feet obviously.

Combat Data

Aura: 75%(Reginaldís bayonet stab)
Semblance 90%
Status: Sick, -1% to damage

Attacks: No attacks
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