Author Topic: Third Year 2v2 bracket- Finals: Avery & Taylor vs. Vermilion & Vivian  (Read 565 times)


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Re: Third Year 2v2 bracket- Finals: Avery & Taylor vs. Vermilion & Vivian
« Reply #30 on: October 06, 2018, 09:53:05 PM »
Topazes charge failed as a Vivian stepped to the side to avoid the attack, but it did force her to drop her weapon which was a success in that front. Unfortunately for Topaz she didn’t know about the prosthetics abilities and when hit with the freezing gut punch it shocked her to her core. Topaz breath disappeared and she found a ring of ice now covered her torso in the area that Vivian hit, the ring would severely reduce her flexibility in battle if she couldn’t remove it quickly, not to mention that it weighed a good amount. Forcing a grin to her face Topaz best she could she stood up and repositioned Lithium in her hands in preparation for her next attack. But at this moment all she could was mentally prepare and catch her breath.

Aura: 46%
Semblance 100%
Arrows: 14/15
Crystals: 3/3
Fire Dust Vials: 100%
Ice Dust Vials: 100%
Electric Dust Vials: 100%
Kinetic Dust Vials: 80%(loaded)
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Re: Third Year 2v2 bracket- Finals: Avery & Taylor vs. Vermilion & Vivian
« Reply #31 on: October 08, 2018, 09:25:40 AM »
     Vermilion felt weightless for a moment, and then suddenly heavier. The sensation was unnatural and all he could think of was how this punk managed to throw him off his feet. His weapon felt heavy, his body felt heavy, almost as if there was some gravity dust in place somewhere.

     However, he saw no dust. Not a spot a speck of dust as he was thrown forward, and his mind flew back to his spears. There they were, floating in midair where he left them. And then, they were gone.

     Red aura dissipated as he called off his spears and whilst he flew, he activated his piledriver to spike into the ground, seeing as how it was already practically careening downwards in the first place, and stopped his fall then and there. Next thing he knew the scrawny punk was ramming something into his side.

     Pain flared at his side as he felt the blow land and he even expelled some of the air in his lungs as he gasped. So he grinned.

     "Looks like you got it in you after all don't you, blondie?" he groaned, pulling back the piledriver's spike as a spear formed in his hand. Planting his feet back on the ground Vermilion lifted his weapon and aimed it at his attacker, a near point blank strike as he spun and released a pilebunker strike for the scrawny one's torso.

Aura - [64%]

Attacks -[Close ranged Piledriver - 12%]
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Re: Third Year 2v2 bracket- Finals: Avery & Taylor vs. Vermilion & Vivian
« Reply #32 on: October 11, 2018, 08:14:21 AM »
”Bam!” Vivian let out a yell as Topaz took the blow square in the middle of her body. Normally she wouldn’t get so excited over a single hit, but this one had put her right where she needed to be. A stunned enemy standing within arms reach was one of the best advantages Vivian could have, as far as she knew. The massive ice attack had made her own arm a little stiffer than usual, but thankfully, she had two!

The faunus moved in again, using her good arm to swiftly follow up with a hook aimed at the girl’s head [-5% aura]. Trying to keep up the offensive before Topaz could collect herself and retaliate, she didn’t hesitate to attack again. Vivian lifted her right leg, opposite foot turning to the side and digging into the ground. Her knee extended out as she spun, driving her shin towards her opponent’s ribs in a rising, side-angled kick [-4% aura].
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Re: Third Year 2v2 bracket- Finals: Avery & Taylor vs. Vermilion & Vivian
« Reply #33 on: October 18, 2018, 11:12:40 AM »
Avery didn't expect Vermilion to catch his fall with his weapon, though if was still comparing him to his sparring partner, maybe he should have. Though his mind caught Vermilion's counterattack in time, his body was lagging having put all of Avery's weight into his attack.

Avery took the attack to his chest. The impact of the blow was dampened by his semblance though at the cost of additional fatigue. He stumbled back a couple steps, but having caught wind of the attack beforehand, was able to recover from it quickly. Avery raised back his weapon, and as he sent it jabbing forward[1], he also re-extended the spear to its original length. At the same time, he deactivated his semblance in hopes that the sudden liberation of his hand would cause Vermilion to hesitate, even if just for a moment.

[1] – 8%

Aura: 67%    61% ( 6%)
Fatigue: 39%    51% ( 12%)

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