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« on: August 02, 2018, 09:45:41 AM »
[Beacon Academy], [First Year]
NameKin Sakana

Species, Gender: Male Fish Faunus, Golden Koi Variant

Background: So basically, he's a guy. Who almost everyone thinks is a girl. And no matter how many times he says otherwise, they don't believe. RIP his self-esteem. Also, he graduated from Signal and got scouted for a modelling agency. And his most notable feat is that, at 13 years old, he climbed up a massive cliff with the full force of a waterfall bearing down on him.

Personality: Kind and generous, often helping people with their problems. A bit extroverted, but generally keeps to himself and stays alone. Generally open-minded and mentally flexible with a lot of things, so he doesn't care about most trivial things like someone's dark secrets or similar stuff. Don't talk about his appearance, or he will throw you into a meat grinder and feed your corpse as burgers to people.

Combat:Mid-to-long range fighter, uses a naginata/nine-sectioned whip/bayoneted hunting rifle. Fights pragmatically, or, as other people call it, 'dirty', willing to use any and every advantage he has over his enemies. Shies away from close combat, but will fight up close if he has to. Wastes no movements, quickly going in, killing the Grimm, and moving on.

((Used the template because I'm a socially anxious fuckup who kept thinking my OP wouldn't be good enough somehow.))
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The Golden 'Princess': Kin Sakana, Beacon First Year, Team INKK

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