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Alice Kasshoku/Schwarz (Now on cloud 9)
« on: September 12, 2016, 09:33:24 AM »

Name: Alice Kasshoku(maiden)/Schwarz(married)

Age: 38

Species and Gender: Female, cat Faunus

Symbol: Two brown ring blades cutting through a Beowolf’s scull

Occupation: (Vale primary) Active Huntress, part time mercenary 

Appearance: An average sized woman standing five foot, seven inches and weighing in at 130 lbs. Her skin is a tanned brown with freckles dotting her face and arms, she has shoulder length brown hair with a pair of furry cat ears poking out. She has very defined facial features such as, almond shaped eyes with her gold iris slitted like a cat, her jaw line comes to a rounded point and her mouth almost always has a smile. She wears a tie dye corset with shoulder sleeves and a skirt connected to it and a 3 foot tail swaying out behind her, she wears a pair of black gloves that have a thin chainmail lining to them, she also wears leather pants that fit and move more like stockings also having that chainmail lining to them, and finally for shoes she wears a pair of reddish-brown, thigh high heels with a pointed toe. On her back right behind her shoulders is a double holster for her weapons, and when she smiles you can see that her teeth are sharper than normal.

History: For as long as Alice can remember, she had wanted to be a huntress from listening to all the tales her father had told her over the years. She spent years perfecting her talent with her mother’s prefered weapon the ring blade, but there was only so much that her parents could teach her so she went to Signal for her allotted time and graduated to Beacon.

Her time there blew by until the day she met her husband on a mission, he was a military man and she found herself drawn in by his charms and soon they found that she was pregnant and they got married. Alice talked with her parents and they helped support her as she had their first child Sonya, not even a year later she found that she was once again pregnant with her second child and much the same process with her parents and soon she was the proud mother of her son Rabe.

She eventually graduated from Beacon and became a full fledged huntress, but even then felt a little bogged down so she went on some missions that took her away for months at a time which cause a lot of stress for her until one of her “buddies” introduced her to drugs which she thought were great for stress.

Although she didn’t realize the side effects that the missions were having on her relationship with her family over time, until she came home one day and found herself crying at how much she had missed in both Rabe’s and Sonya’s life, the most shocking of those was when she found out that Rabe had been wounded by Grimm and was now limping around for life, so she stayed for a few months before realizing that she was once again pregnant with her third child which meant she wasn’t going anywhere for a while.

During her time off she took Rabe and Sonya to go see her parents and tell them the news… again, but regardless they were happy for her and happy they got to see their grandchildren at the same time although she figured that her husband brought them over sometimes. When she got back to the house she thought about her life and was pleased with the exception of missing out on her children's lives. Not that much longer afterwards Alice had her third child Anita.

But unfortunately for Alice, she had to be pulled away on assignment that as the client said “required her way of doing things”, and before she realized it she was missing out on more and more stuff in her children’s lives, at this point she was trying to get away from work so she could spend more time with her children, so she bought a small apartment in Vale where she had heard Sonya and Anita had decided to go to school.

Personality: Alice is a free spirit with a temper to boot, ever since she had kids she became a very family oriented person making sure that all of her free time is devoted to her kids and husband, even though she only has a few of those moments in between one job and another. She tends to get extremely aggressive whenever someone threatens her family, as a side note she likes to be high as much as possible to reduce her stress but will try and cut it down around her family.

Aura and Semblance: Color: Brown
Weapon link: Alice’s semblance allows her to move her weapons in any direction as long as it is within 50 feet of her at an aura cost of 5% per minute. A direct line of sight helps with control over her weapons but is not required if she knows the terrain.

Combat Behavior: Alice is one of those fighters that is actually kinda creepy when fighting up close since the whole time she would be laughing or talking, when she is up close she is unpredictable slashing from a different angle every time, although you get her at a range and she gets more predictable using Zip as a knockout shot and Rend as a kill shot, she also uses Rend as a stepping point to get to high places.


Name: Zip and Rend

Primary Form: Two ring blades that are four feet in diameter with one grip for her hands, the both blades have needle sized holes all throughout them to allow dust abilities but not so bad as to ruin the integrity of the blade. Her left handed blade (Zip) is green and has a slightly duller blade allowing her to bounce it off a wall or two to hit her target, her right handed blade (Rend) is red and also a lot sharper, allowing for more cutting power.

Dust Functions: In the event that Alice actually need to both Zip and Rend are fitted with slots for three dust crystals.

Fire:When activated a colored flame (depending on the color of the weapon) envelopes the entire blade and burns on contact.

Wind:When activated there seems to be an invisible barrier when in actuality it's a high force wind blowing from the blade, when swung the wind seems to get stronger allowing her to push someone back with a buffer of wind.

Gravity(Zip only):This is only used when Alice needs to knockout a running target, she activates the crystal making the weapon lighter and throws it with more power than before.

Glass(Rend only):When this is being used Alice is clearing or distracting a room, cause she has exactly three seconds before the weapon starts shooting out needle sized shards of glass

History: Alice learned the art in using the ring blade from her mother but developed her own style by adding a second ring blade and swinging them in intricate designs, she actually used them to make art as the blades made interesting patterns in wood.
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