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Re: The Hunter Of Lenshin (Closed)
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Carmine looks towards the mayor as he hears a festival, yes the idea could help the situation, or hurt it. If one sour apple ruins the mood, then more bad thoughts will spread. Leading to a negative emotion well spring, and causing problems. That was not Carmines worries as he thinks, there should be a bit more precaution even if to hide the fact of danger on the down low, there was nothing here that signified increases in any protection other than hiring students, and having another hunter here. There was something off, Carmine couldn't pick up on it, but it's there.

Carmine pins it in his mind as he listens in on the others who are talking, he stays silent as he feels his head ache get worst, as he keeps a poker face on. Carmine begins to run every idea that could be going on: super low stress of the situation, super high stress of the situation, misunderstanding the situation, and so on. Yet none fit right with Carmine, and when the others end Carmine gives a shrug and says, "I have no question".
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How to deal with Ismael when he loses control in 3 easy steps.

1. Talk to him normally and not as if he was a child.

A. He likes pie, so feed him pie.

2. Try to make sure he's always fed, he gets angry when he's hungry.

C. Guide him along everywhere or he will get lost.

. Don't let him do anything on his own or he will become scared then angry.

B.Give him a piggy back ride, he loves piggy back rides.

2.11. He is in an almost primal state treat him as such.

D. He will try to touch anything shiny so try to make sure he doesn't hurt himself.

@. Ismael doesn't usually remember what happens so you can do whatever you want with him.

E. Slapping him doesn't help anything, but he will accept that as a duel to slap fight.

?. He likes story's so read him one and he won't be as crazy during it.

F. Don't ever break or remove his mask or he goes berserk.

/\. Ismael will say stupid shit that won't make sense. Try to act as if it does.

I. He likes to break things so don't let him get started or he won't stop.

3. Always give him love and attention or he will become angry.